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Bibliographische und dokumentarische Hinweise - Zeitschrift für ...

March'IBibliographische und dokumentarische HinweiseVOLKERRECHTAnitliche Ver6ffentlichungenVereinte NationenDocuments'Administrative service: An international administrative service, memorandum by theSecretary Genera-I., E/3017, June 10, 1957, 11 S. & App.Administrative Tribunal: Proposal to amend art. 9 of the Statute of the United NationsAdministrative Tribunal, report of the Secretary General, A/3629, August 8, 1957,8 S. [Betrifft Beschriinkung von EntscUdigungszalilungen -nach Entlassung]. idemSth report of the,Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions,A/3684, September 26 ,1957, 2 S. & Ann.Admission of new members: Report of the Special Political' Committee,. A/3712, October22, 1957, 4 S. [Zulassung,von Viet-Nam und Koreanischer Republik].Aggression: Question of defining aggression, report of the 1956 Special Committee, nportof the 6th Committee, A/3756, November 27, 1957, 12 S.Algeria: The question of Algeria, report of the Ist Committee, A/3772, December 7,1957,3 S.Arbitral procedure: Report concerning the Draft Convention c-a Arbitr4l Procedureadopted by the Commission at its 5th session by Georges Scelle, A/CN. 4/109, April 24,1957, 37 S. [Mit Text, des'Abkommen,s].Asia and the Far East: Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, annual report;-February 15, 1956 28j 1957, E/2959, E/CN. 11/454, May 8, 1957, 68 S.*) In dieser Abteilung wird auf eine unter sachlichen Gesichtspunkten getroffene Auswahlvon Neuerscheinungen hingewiesen, die im Jnstitut'vorhanden, sind. Besprechungder hier angezeigren Ver6ffentlichung bleibt vorbehalten. Auch 4ics6 Abteilung. wirddurch die Bandregister nach Sachgebieten aufgeschlossen.© 1957/58 Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht

CommentsCertainStudyBibliographicalGuideYearbookTheThe-I846 Literiturarbitrary arrest, detention and exile, progress report of the Committee, E/CN. 4/763,January 17, 1958, 13 S. & Ann. -1-111. of, discrimination in the matter ofreligious rights and practices, draft report by A. Krishnaswami, E/CN. 4/Sub. 2/L. 423,November 15, 1957, 78 S. & App.International Atomic Energy Agency-, Draft Relationship Agreement between the United.Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency, report of the Advisory Committeeon the Peaceful Uses of Atomic-Energy, A/3620, July 23, 1957, 12 S. Reportof the International Atomic Energy Agency, covering the period up to 31 October1957, A/3747, November 22, 1957, 10 S.International Court of justice: Election of five members of -the International Court ofjustice, curricula vitae of candidates nominated by the national groups, A/3671,S/3889, September 20, 1957, 26 S.International criminal jurisdiction: Note by the Secretary General, A/364?, August 28,1957, 4 S.. idem report of the 6th Committee A/3771, December 6, 1957, S.International Law Commission: Report of the International Law Commission coveringthe work of its 9th session, 23. 4-28,.. 6. 1957, A/3623, 15 S. 12 th Sess.Suppl. 9). [EntWt den Entwurf fiber diplornatischen Verkehr und -Immunitaten].idem report of the kh Committee, A/3768, December 6, 1957, 5 S.-of theInternational Law Commission, 1956, Vol. II, A/CN. 4/SER. A/1956/Add. 1, 302 S.(Sales No. 1956. V. 3, Vol. 11). idem 1957, Vol. 1, A/CN., 4/S-ER. A/1957, VIII,232 S. (Sales No. 1957. V. 5, Vol. I).Korea- Unified Command report on the United Nations Command statement in theMilitary Armistice Commission on ?i June, 1957, A/3631, August 13, 1957, 6 S.,Report of the United Nations Commission for.the Unification and Rehabilitation,of,Korea, A/3672, 12 S. (GAOR 12th Sess. Suppl. 13).Latin America: Economic Commission for Latin America, annual report, May 15, 1956 -May 29, 1957, E/2998, E/CN. 12/451, May 1957, 61 S. (ESCOR 24th Sess.-Suppl. 8).Law of the sea: Memorandum concerning historic bays by the Secretariat, (PreparatoryDocument No. 1),.A/CONF. 13/1, September 20, 1957, 110 S. Scientific cOnsiderationsrelating to the continental shelf, memorandum by"the UNESCO Secretariat(Preparatory Document No. 2), A/CONF. 13/2,. September 50, 1W2 20 & maps'The economic and scientific basis of. the principle 'of abstention by R. vIan Cleve(Preparatory Document No. 3),- A/CONF. 13/3, October 4, 19572 46 -S. Lawof the air and the articles concerning the law of the sea adopted by the InternationalLaw Commission at its 8th session by E. Wpin (Preparatory Document, No. 4),A/CONF. 13/4, October 4, 1957, 30 S. - Comments by Government on the articlesconcerning the law of the sea'adopted by the International Law Commission at its8th session (Preparatory Document No. 5), A/CONF. 13/5, October, 23, 1957, 98 S.& Add. -1. on the:articles concerning the law of the sea adopted by theInternational Law Commission at its,8th session by the Secretariat of the InternationalCivil Aviation Organization,, A/CONF.-13/31, January 24, 1958, 8 S. refationbetween the articles concerning the law of the sea adopted by the International LawCommission at its 8th session and. international, agreements, dealing with the suppression of the slave trade by the Secretariav (Preparatory Document No. 7),,A/CONF.13/7, October 29, 1957, 13 S. Memorandum of pollution of the sea by Oil by theSecretariat (Preparatory Document:Nov. 8), A/CONF. 13/9j October 29, 1957, 8 S.Memorandum concerning the method bf and procedures of the Conference by-the Secretariat, A/CONF. W11, November-5, 1957, 12 S. to instrumentsaffecting the legal status of straits by the Secretariat (Preparatory Document No 11))-A/CONF. 13/14, November 12, 1957 % S. guide to the law of thesea by the Secretariat (Preparatory Document No. 14), A/CONI 13/17, November 21,-1957, 56 S. legal aspects concerningt the delimitation of the territorial'waters of archipelagos by J. Evensen (Preparatory Document No. 15), A/CONF.© 1957/58 Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht

idemidemidemidemidemidemGuideListReportSummariesThePreliminaryReview-idemidemBibliographischc und dokumentarisch6 Hinweise1.847-13/18, November 29, 1,957, 38 S. to decisions of international. tribunals relatingto the law of the sea:by the Secretariat (Preparatory DocumentNo. 17), A/CONF.-13/22, December 17, 1957, 16 S. in chronological, order. of international agreementsrelating to fisheries and other questions affecting the utilization and conservationof the resources of the sea by the Secretariat (Preparatory Document No. 18),A/CONF. 13/23, December 17, 1957, 43 S.Narcotics. Commission on narcotic drugs, report on the 12th session, A 4.731. 5. 1957,E/3010, E/CN. 7/333, June 19, 1957, 106 S.-& Ann. I-VI. proposed Single Conventionon narcotic drugs, lst to 6th 'report of the Drafting Committee, E/CN. 7/L.-166 & Add. 1-5, May 27/29, 1957. to the Economic and Social Council onthe work of the Permanent Central Opium Board in 1957, E/OB/13, November 1957,83 S. (Sales No. 1957.. XI. 3).New Guinea: Question of West Jrian (W-est New Guinea), report of the Ist Committee,A/3757 November 27, 1957, 3 S.Non-self-governing territories: Report of theCommittee on Information from,Non-Self--Governing Territories, A/3647, 27 S. (GAOR 12th Sess. Suppl. 15). Internationalcollaboration for economic, social,and educational advancement, note by the Secretariat,'A/AC.35/L. 246, June 27, 1957, 26 S. - of information, transmittedto-the Secretary General during 1955: ST/TRI/SER. A/12, November 1956, VI, 541 S.(SalesNo. 1957. VI B. -1). during 1956: Central African Territories, ST/TRI/B.1956/1, September 28, 1957, IV, 39 S. and Addendum, ST/TRI/B. 1956/l/Add. 1, October18, 1957, 111, 15 S. -East African Territories, ST/TRI/B. 1956/2, July 15,1957, IV, 61 S.- Indian Ocean Territories, ST/TRI/B. 1956/4 July 31, 1957,IV, 49 S.-West African Territories, ST/TRI/B. 1956/5, April 15,.1957, IV,79 S.- Caribbean and Western Atlantic Territories, ST/TRI/B. 1956/6, July 1,-1957, IV, 131 S. Pacific Territories, ST/TRI/B. 1956/8, June 11, 1957, IV,105 &Offences against the peace: Draft code of offences against the peace and security ofmankind, note by the Secretary General, A/3650 August 28, 1957, 4 S.reportof the 6th Committee, A/3770, December 6, 1957, 4 S.Organization; Scale of assessments for the apportionment of the expenses of the UnitedNations, report of the 5th Committee, A/3698, October 11, 1957, 18 S.-reportof the 5th Committee, A/3798, December 13,1957, 9 S. [Enthilt die Beitragsquotennach Zulassung der neuen Mitglieder].,Pacific Islands: Report of the Trusteeship Council to the Security Council on the TrustTerritory of the Pacific Islands from August 15, 1956 to July 12, 1957, S/3852, July17, 1957, 52 S.Palestine refugees: Annual report of the Director of the United Nations Relief and WorksAgency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, 1. 7. 1956-30. 6. 1957, A/3686, 50 S.(GAOR 12th Sess. Suppl. 14).Prisoners of war: Report of the Ad Hoc Commission on Prisoners of War on the. workof its 7th session, A/AC. 46/21, September 19, 1957, 20 S. & Ann.Refugees: Report of the United Nations High Commissioner 'for Refugees (May 1956-May 1957), A/3585/Rev. 1, 64 S. (GAOR 12 th Sess. -Suppl. 11). of thearrangements for the Office of theUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,report of the 3rd Committee, A/3737, November 18, 1957, 15 S.-reporton the survey of the non-settled refugee population in various countries, transmitted0by the High Commissioner, A/AC. 79/87, October 9, 1957, VII, 25 S. & tables I-X. -UNREF progress report as of 30 september 1957, submitted by the High Commissioner,A/AC. 79/92, November 22, 1957, Ill S. & Ann.Road traffic: European Agreement on Road Markings, done at Geneva on 13 December1957, E/ECE/303, E/FCE/TRANS/501, 7 S.© 1957/58 Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht

QuestionidemInformationReport.- idethSummary-idemidemidemReport848 LiteraturSecurity Council: Report of the Security Council to the General Assembly covering theperiod from July 16, 1956 to July 15, 1957, A/3648, 83 S.,,,(GAOR 12th Sess. Suppl. 2).Decisions taken ''and. resolutions adopted by the Security Council, during. the year1957, S/INF/12, January 141 1958, 10 S. -statement by the 'SecretaryGeneral on matters of which the Security Council. is zeited and on the stage reachedin their consideration, S/3890, September 24, 1957, 82Self-determination: Recommandations concerning international respect for the right ofpeoples and nations to self-determination, report of the, 3rd Committee, A13775, December9, 1957, 8 S.Somaliland: Question of the frontier betweew the trust territory of Somaliland under1Italian administration and Ethiopia, report, of the Ethiopian governmerit_ A/3 753;November 27, 1957, 16 S. & Ann. & of the Italian government,A/3754, November 27, 1957, 17 S. & map. report of the 4t4 Committee, A/3796,December 13, 1957, 5 S. -of the United Nations Advisory Council for theTrust Territory of Somaliland under Italian administration covering the period fromApril 1, 1956 to March 31, 1957, T/1311, April 22, 1,957, 122 S. & Ann. I-V.South Africa: The question of race conflict in South Africa resulting from the policiesof apartheid of the government of the" Union of South Africa, report of the SpecialPolitical Committee, A/3722, November 7,, 1957, 3 S. Treatment of people of Indianorigin in the Union of South Africa,repoft of the Special Political Committee, A/3,732,,November 14, 1957, 3 S.South West Africa: Report of the Committee on South West Africa, A/3626, 43 S. (GAOR-12th Sess. Suppl. 12). special report,, A/3625,, 8 S. (GAOR 12th Sess. Suppl.-12 A). of South West Africai report of the 4th Committee, A/3701, October17, 1957, 19 S. and documentation in respect of the Territory-of South West Africa, submitted by the Secretary General, A/AC, 73/L. 10. August 19)1957, 263 S. [Sekretariatsbericht an Stelle des jihrlicheA Treuhinderberichts].Suez Canal:- Clearance of the Suez Canal, report of the Secretary, General, A/3719, November1, 1957, 14 S.Sugar: United Nations Sugar, Conference, 1956, summary of 'Proceeding E/CONF. 22/7,,May 15, M7, V, 74 S. (Sales No. 1957. 11. D. 2)-. [Berkht iiber die 1. Simung (NewYork: 21. 5-20. 6. 1956) und die 2. Sitzung (Genf : 4. 10-2. 11. 1956) nebst Text desProtokolls vom 1. 12.1956].Technical Assistance: International technical as,sistance in non-self-governing territories,report by the Secretariat, A/AC. 35/L.,247, July 3, 1957, 45 & & Ann. I-V. Annualreport of the Technical, Assistance Board for 1556, E/2965, E/TAC/REP/97, May 19,57,VII, 126 S. (ESCOR 24th Sess. Suppl. 5).'Togoland: Ithe future of Togoland under French administtation, special report of the',Trusteeship Council, A/3676, September 24, 1957, 3-S. & Ann. I-III. note bythe Secretary General, A/3677, September 25,' 1957, 163 S. &: 1, 11 & map.idew report of the 4th Committee, A/3751, November,25, 1957, 1 1 S. -ofthe United Nationsi, Commission on Togoland, under' French administration, V1336,August 1, 1957, 163 S. & Add. 1-2.Treaties: Handbook of final clauses, prepared by the Treaty Section of the Office ofLegal Affairs, ST/LEG/6, August 5, 1957; VI, 179 Si [Ergirizung und 10berarbeitungder fr6heren Ausgabe, ST/LEG/1, August .28, 1951, IX, 231 S.].Trust territories: United. Nations Visiting Mission to, Trust Territories in East Africa,1957, report on, the trust territory of Somaliland under Italian administration; T/1344,December 4, 1957, 79 S. & Annexes, map. idem report on the trust ter'itory r ofTanganyika, T/1345, December 6, 4957, 1810 S. & -Ann. I-V, map. report onthe trust territory of Ruanda-Urundi, T/1346, December 6,- 1957, 106 S. & Ann. I-IV,map.© 1957/58 Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht

Resolutions,.23rdidern,7th1956.24tliidem20thBibliographische und dokumentarische HinweiseI849Trusteeship Council: Report from August, 15, 1956 to. July, 12, 1957, A/3595, 221 S,(GAOR'12th Sess.Suppl.4).-idem report of the 4th Committee, A/3739, December 10,1957, 24 S. -19th. session, 14. 3-15. 5. 1957, T/1319, May 1957,, 24 S..TCOR 19th Sess. Suppl. 1.).;.- idem, 20th session, 20. 5-12. 7. 1957, T/1335, August-1957, 27 S. (TCOR 20th, Sess. Suppl. 1). 7th special session, 12-20. 9. 1957,V1341, September 1957, 2 S.,(TCOR 7th Spec. Sess, Suppl. 1).Underdeveloped countries: Economic development of underdeveloped countries, reportof the 2nd Committee' A/3782, December 13, 1957, 18 S.United Nations: Annual report of the Secretary General on the work of the organization,16. 6. 1956-15. 6. 1957, A/3594, 139 S. (GAOR 12th-Sess. Suppl. 1). iritroduction,.A/3594/Add.1,7 S. (GAOR 12th Sess. Suppl. 1 A).Universal Postal Union: Report of the Universal Postal Union on the work during 1,956,E/2953, February 28, 1957, 101 S.Women: Constitutions, electoral laws and other legal instruments relating to politicalrights'of women, memorandum by the Secretary General, A/3627, August 7, 1957,,18 S.- Report of the 11th session of the Commission on the Status of Women 18. 3.-5. 4. 1957, E/2968, E/CN. 6/313, May 1957, 36 S. (ESCOR _24th Sess. Suppl. 3).-Nationality of married women, memorandum by the Secretary Generall E/CN. 6/1254/Add. 4, January 20 1958, 9 S. [NaditrHge zu der Ver6ffentlichung uberangehi3rigkeit verheirate.ter Frauen (Sales No. 1955. IV. 1)]. Consent to marriageand age of marriage, report by the Secretary General, E/CN. 6/317, January 201:058,19 S. &Ann.Official RecordsGeneral Assembly. 11th. sess., 1956/57, suppl. 17, 17A. 12th sess., summary recordsof meetings, suppl. 1-17.Security Council. 10th year (1955). Suppl. October-December 1955. 11th year (1956).Suppl. January-March, uly-September, October-December 1956. Special supp1. 1, 2.Economic and Social Council. 23rd sess., 1957, suppl. 1-4. -sess., 1957, supol. 1-8.Trusteeship Council. 19th sess.,-1957,,summary records of meetings, suppl. 1. sess.,1957, summary records of -meetings, suppl. 1. spec. sess., 1957, suppl. 1.-Disarmament Commission. 1955. Meetings 47-49. Meetings 50-56.Z'z'Suppl. January-December 1956.PublicationsDemographic yearbook 1956. 8th issue. New York: 1956. VII, 744 S. (Sales No. 1956.XIII. 5).Disarmament and the United Nations. New York. 1957. 30 S. (Sales No. 1957. 1. 31).Economic developments in Africa, 1955-1956. New York: 1957. VII, 97 S. (SalesNo. 1957. 11. C. 3). [Doc.] E/2984, ST/ECA/46.Economic developments in the Middle East, 1955-1956. New York: 1957. VIII, 135 S.(Sales No. 1957. H. C. 2). [Doc.] E/2983, ST/ECA/45.Index to proceedings of the Economic and Social Council, 22na Sess., 9. 7-9. 8. 1956, and22nd Sess. (resumed), 17-21. 12. 1956. New York: 1957. VIII, 32 S. (Sales No. 1957.1. 8). [Doc.] ST/LIB/SER. B/E. 13.-Sess., 16. 4-7.5. 1957. New York: 1957.VIII, 12 S. (Sales No. 1957. 1. 16). [Doc.] ST/LIB/SER. B/E. 14.Index to proceedings of the Trusteeship Council, 6th Spec. Sess., 10. 12. 1956-31. 1. 1957,and 19th Sess., 14.3-15. 5. 1957. New York: 1957. V, 17 S. (Sales No. 1957. 1. 19).[Doc.] ST/LIB/SER. B/T. 14.Non-self-governing territories, summaries of information transmitted to the SecretaryGeneral during 1955. New York: 1957. VI, 541 S. (Sales No. 1,957, VI. B. 1). [Doc.]ST/TRI/SER. A/12.© 1957/58 Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht

Summary850 LiteraturRepertoire of the practice of the Security Council, Suppi..1952-1955. New York: 1957.X, 180 S. (Sales No. 1957. VII. 1). [Doc.] ST/PSCA/1/Add. 1. rRepertory of practice of United Nations organs, table of contents and: subjectex, toVols. I-V. NewIYork: 1957. VIII, 316 S. (Sales No. 1955. V. 2, Index).Reports of international arbitral awards, Vol. VII. New York: o. J. XI, 404 S. (SalesNo. 1956. V. 5).Rules of procedure of the General Assembly. New York: 1957. XI, 45 S. (Sales No. 1957.1. 24). [Doc.] A/3660.World economic survey 1956. New York: 1957. XI, V1 S. (Sales, No. 1957. Il. C. 1).[Doc.] E/2982, ST/ECA/44.Yearbook on Human Rights for 1954. New York: 1957. XVII, 478 S. (Sales No. 1957.XIV. 1).Yearbook of the International Law Commission 1956. Vol. II: 'Documents of the 8thsession, 23. 4-4. 7 1956. New York: 1957. 111, 3,03 S. (Sales No. 1-956. V. 3, Vol. II).[Doc.] A/CN. 4/SER. A/1956/Add. 1- 7 idem 1957.,Vol. I: Summary records of.the9th session, 23. 4-28. 6,1957, New York: 1957. Vill, 232 S. (Sales No. 1957. V. 5,Vol. 1). [Doc.) A/CN. 4/SER. A/1957.Yearbook of international trade statistics 195,6. New York: 1957. Vol. 1, 629 S., Vol. II,155 S. (Sales No. 1W. XVII. 6, Vol. I, II). [Doc.] ST/STAT/SER. G/7.Yearbook of the United Nations 1956..New York: 1957. X, 586 S. (Sales No. 1957. 1. 1).Internationaler Geriotsbof[Folio No 32]. Affaire du droit de passage sur territoire indien (Portugal c. Inde). Arrat:26. 11. 196 7. (Numiro de vente 17 1). Ordonnance: 10. 2. 195 8...(No d. v. 18 1).[Folio No 33]. Affaire relative la tutelle d'une Mineure (Pays-Bas c. SuMe), Ordonnance:19. 8. 1957. (No d, v. 166).[Folio No 34]. Affaire de l'Interhandel (Suisse c. Etats-Unis, d'Am6rique). Ordonnances:24. 10. 1957 (mesures conservatoires), 24. 10. 1957, 15. 1.1958. (No d. v. 16% 170, 177),[Folio No 35]. Affaire relative l'incident a6tien c. Bulgarie). Ordonnances: 26.. 11.1957, 27. 1. 195 8. (No d. v. 172, 178).[Folio No 36]. Affaire relative i Fincident a6rien (Etats-Unis, d'Arri6rique c. Bulgarie).Ordonnances:' 26. 11. 19572 27.1. 1958. (No d. v. 173,179).[Folio No 37]. Affaire relative A lincident airien (Royaume-Uni c. Bulgarie). Ordonnances:26. 11. 1957s 27. 1. 1958. (No d. v. 174, 180).[Folio No 38.]. Affaire relative la souverajnet6 sur certaines parcelles frontalieres (Belgiquec. Pays-Bas). Ordonnancez 12. 12. 1957. (No d. v. 175).Internationale ArbeitsorganisationAnnuaire des statistiques du travail 1957. 17-c 6d. Gen6ve 1957, XVIII 535 S.Conseil d'Administration. Proc Session: 13Z juin 195§Introduction I'Etude du Travail., Gen 1957, XV2 3,74 S.International Bank for. Reconstruction, and DevelopmentMeeting of the Board of Governors, summaryproceedings XII 1951.The World Bank, Policies and Operations. Washington D. C. 1957, 139 S.Proceed-International MonetaryFAnnual Report of the Executive Director for the fiscal year-11956/57.ings of the 12th Annual Meeting ofthe Board of Governors, 1957.© 1957/58 Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht

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