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Foreword5World2000 How many web surfers are there in China? Was the mobile penetration rate in Europeclearly superior to America's at the end of 2000? Are digital TV developments takingplace primarily on the cable or satellite platform? These are but a few of the pertinentquestions which are now uppermost in our thoughts, whether we are involved in theelectronic communications field or merely curious about the singular significance thatthese sectors hold in this day and age. Questions whose answers often requirefastidious research. DigiWorld's primary merit resides in its offer of a thoughtfulgathering of reference data which are both reliable and coherent, as well as beingindispensable to understanding the great raft of headline news. The IDATEFoundation's members also demand that this annual publication provide them with acommented presentation of the state of reigning trends, in addition to critical analysisof emerging concepts.For all these reasons, we have given our full support to this pioneer initiative instigatedby IDATE's team of consultants. We are well aware of the difficulties which the taskentails, as well as the developments which may be included in future editions. The shiphas been launched, now, and I am certain that the annual publication of DigiWorld willundoubtedly constitute a high point of the IDATE Foundation's activities, as well asbeing a fine reflection of the all the members' will to promote open debate on themassive stakes inherent in the digital industry.Jean-François Leprince-RinguetPresident of the IDATE Foundation Steering Committee (*)(*) The IDATE Foundation's member corporations are: Alcatel, Axa, Bouygues Telecom, Canal+, Cap Gemini, Cegetel, DeutscheTelekom, EDF-GDF, Ericsson, Eutelsat, Firstmark, France Telecom, France Television, IBM, Lucent Technologies, MarocTelecom, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, Part’Com, PSA, Sema, Siemens, Siris, Telecom Developpement, Telecom Italia, Telefónica.© IDATE

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