PROJECT - OneSteel

PROJECT - OneSteel

PROJECT - OneSteel


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PROJECT 5SOLUTIONSProject:Leura Bypass,Blue Mountains500PLUS REIDBAR forms backbone ofreinforced soil wall on Leura BypassThe largest single civil constructionapplication of OneSteel Reinforcing’scontinuously threaded, steel reinforcingbar and coupler system, 500PLUSREIDBAR, is underway in the BlueMountains, near Sydney.More than 1,500 of 32mm diameter500PLUS REIDBAR steel reinforcing bars,measuring up to 10m in length are beinginstalled as soil nails to stabilise the softsandstone cuttings, which are up to12m deep.R E I N F O R C I N G S O L U T I O N S500PLUS REIDBAR500PLUS REIDBAR is acontinuously threaded, steelreinforcing bar and couplersystem, which can be cut andjoined at any point, greatlyimproving steelfixing flexibility.The rugged threads areresistant to damage andpermit rapid coupling on site.500PLUS REIDBAR is availablein most rebar diameters: 12,16, 20, 25 & 32mm, with anextensive range of couplersand construction accessoriessuch as nuts, threaded inserts,foot plates, grout sleeves andnailing plates, enabling the500PLUS REIDBAR system tobe used in a wide variety ofapplications.The 500PLUS REIDBAR system is beingused by contractor Barclay Mowlem tostabilise several hundred metres of softsandstone cuttings on the Leura Bypassproject.The project, part of the NSW Roadsand Traffic Authority’s Great WesternHighway Upgrade program, involveswidening the existing two lane highwaybetween Willow Park Avenue, andKings Road, Leura, to a four lanedivided highway.A key feature of the project is theconstruction of a bridge structurecomprising a 137m long underpass forthe highway passing under the LeuraMall and extension of the existingpedestrian bridge.The bridge is being built using the topdown construction process.Overall, Barclay Mowlem will beexcavating close to 100,000m 3 ofmaterial during the project, with aroundhalf of it being reused as fill on site.Excavation takes place between a seriesof bored reinforced concrete piles, withthe 500PLUS REIDBAR soil nails beinginstalled progressively in line withearthworks.To ensure each 500PLUS REIDBAR soilnail is correctly located within the drilledhole, the soil nails are preassembledwith centraliser tubes and a grout tuberunning the full length of the bar.Once inserted in the drilled hole, 40Mpacementitious grout is pumped into the® 500PLUS REIDBAR is a Registered TradeMark used exclusively by ONESTEEL.

PROJECT 5SOLUTIONSProject:Leura Bypass,Blue MountainsR E I N F O R C I N G S O L U T I O N SAPPLICATIONS• Staged construction• Wall to floor connections• Wall to wall connections• Column to wall connections• Beam to slab connections• Slab penetrations• Starter bars• Shear reinforcing• Tilt-up/precast concrete• Refurbishment andrectification works• Wind bracing• Hold/tie down bolts• Ground stabilisation• Rock bolting• Soil anchoring.HEAD OFFICELocked Bag 3050,Artarmon NSW 1570Tel: (02) 8424 9800Fax: (02) 9966 0702www.reinforcing.com® 500PLUS REIDBAR is a Registered TradeMark used exclusively by ONESTEEL.hole via the grout tube, and the openingto the hole is packed with high strengthcement slurry to seal it.The sandstone walls are conventionallyreinforced, with large steel transferplates and nuts being used to tie the soilanchors to the wall reinforcement.The steel reinforcement is then shotcretedto a depth of around 300mm,completing the reinforced soil walls.Commenting on the use of the 500PLUSREIDBAR system, Barclay Mowlem’sProject Engineer, Karl Erdmanis, said hehad been very impressed with thesimplicity and functionality of the500PLUS REIDBAR system.“It’s a really easy product for our subcontractorsto handle. The rugged threadon the bar means we never have anyproblems with screwing the nuts for theload transfer plates into place.“All of the componentry is delivered asrequired, and OneSteel Reinforcing’sproject engineer has given us excellentsupport.”The upgrading of the Great WesternHighway between Leura and Katoombawill have a number of major benefits forboth the local community and motorists,including:• improved traffic flow as a result of theunderpass at Leura Mall• reduced travel time within the regionand to Sydney• improved intersections with the localroad network• preservation of significant local,natural and cultural landmarks.© OSR??? 01/05

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