Filter media Ti 69 - MAHLE Industry - Filtration
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Filter media Ti 69 - MAHLE Industry - Filtration

Filter mediaTi 69Polyester fleece, oil and water-repellent1. FeaturesTi 69 is a specially optimised polyester (PET) filter media offeringimproved filtration efficiency in combination with high airpermeability. Its excellent cleaning properties are the outcome of anoil and water-repellent finishing.The media owes its remarkable stability to the thermoplasticsolidification process. No binders are used - which is why Ti 69 isalso ideal for many applications in the food processing industry.CharacteristicsOil and water-repellent finishingHigh mechanical strengthSmooth surfaceExcellent cleaning probertiesrResistant to a large number of chemicalsThermoplastic bound, no binding agentCompliance with the requirements of DIN EN 60335-2-69Worldwide distribution

2. Technical dataTypeMediaMediathickness[mm]Weight[g/m²]Airpermeability[m³/m²h]max. operatingtemperature[°C]Test certificates/dust classesTi 69Polyester fleece (PET)with "lotus effect"0.76 285635at ∆p 200 Pa130 (permanent)150 (peaks)DIN EN 60335-2-69"M"Technical data is subject to change without notice!3. Filtration efficiencyFiltration effciency: > 98 %at 5 µm.Test conditionsInflow velocity:3.36 m/minMass concentration:200 mg/m³Test dust: Dolomit DRB 20(Rock flour)x = Particle size [µm]y = Filtration efficiency η [%]These values may vary depending on the nature of the dust, the composition of the gas and the cartridge design.4. Chemical resistance/mechanical propertiesChemicalresistance Very good Good LimitedMechanicalproperties Very good Good LimitedWaterSurface qualityx(smoothness)xHydrolysis x Stability xAcids x Abrasion resistance xAlkalis x Cleanability (jet pulse) xSolvents x Washability xThese properties are of a purely qualitative valuation and depending on the nature of the dust, the composition of the gas and the operatingconditions.5. DesignPlease contact us for detailed technical information, any open questions and for general expert advice. Completion of the relevant questionnairewould facilitate in the coordination of all the important parameters.Comprehensive documentation on our product range, cleaning units and cartridges can be provided.LEERLEERLEERMAHLE Industriefiltration GmbHSchleifbachweg 45D-74613 ÖhringenPhone +49 7941 67-0Fax +49 7941 67-23429industrialfiltration@mahle.comwww.mahle-industry.com70342023.12/2013Filter media Ti 69 2

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