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Contributory League Match Official AppointmentsAugust 2009IT Issues – Move to Wembley StadiumThe FA Group are relocating at new office accommodation over the weekend 1/2 August andduring this time all the IT facilities of the organisation will be transferred. This will undoubtedlymean an interruption in service. Consequently, no e-mails acknowledging appointments orclosing dates will be actioned over the weekend. Please be patient, as we clear the backlog ofe-mails next week.Move to Wembley – Contact with Referees DepartmentThe new address for all hard copy mail is: Referees Department, Wembley Stadium,PO Box 1966, London SW1P 9EQ.E-mail addresses remain unchanged.The new telephone number for Wembley is 0844 980 8200, followed by the extensionbelow. There are no direct dial lines at Wembley.Existing Referee Department extension numbers will be retained for all staff and itwill be possible for external callers to directly dial by dialling the main numberfollowed by a # and then the individual extension number. The new numbers are nowactive alongside the existing numbers. From Monday 3 August, callers to the currentdirect dial numbers will receive a recorded message informing them of the newnumber. The # extension numbers are:Peter Elsworth - 4643Chris Wildey - 4637Seni Majekodunmi - 4519Toby Murrill - 4792Andrew King - 4875Alex O’Brien - 4897Joint Travel ProvisionsIt is the responsibility of the appointed Match Referee to make arrangements for joint travelwith the other Officials and for her / him to establish the most cost effective way for all threeOfficials to travel (Manual of Guidance - page 10 refers). All Officials are reminded that jointtravel on Saturdays and Bank Holidays is non-negotiable. Any Match Officials who wish towithdraw from the arrangements on these days will be unable to make an expenses claim.Changes to Personal Contact DetailsPlease note that all changes of contact details should now be sent directly by email, and not sent to the Appointments Officers.Contributory League BulletinIt is possible to search the bulletin for a specific Match Official or Club by following thesesteps:1. Click on Edit on the toolbar across the top of the page.2. Select Search3. Entering the name of the Club or Match Official you require, and clicking Search.4. The instances where that name appears in the bulletin will be listed on the right handside on the page. These can be instantly accessed by clicking on them.1

Match Officials CommunicationReferees are reminded of their responsibilities with regard to pre-match contact with theircolleagues irrespective of whether travel arrangements need discussion or not. TheReferee must ensure that contact is made with his / her Assistants well before the scheduleddate of the game - a courtesy call to ensure no mishaps on match days.2

Football Conference NorthSaturday 8 th August 2009AFC Telford United vBlyth Spartans AFCCorby Town FC vHarrogate Town FCDroylsden FC vIlkeston Town FCEastwood Town FC vNorthwich VictoriaFarsley Celtic FC vAlfreton Town FCHyde United FC vStafford Rangers FCRedditch United FC vStalybridge Celtic FCSolihull Moors FC vFleetwood Town FCSouthport FC vGloucester City FCVauxhall Motors FC vGainsborough Trinity FCWorkington FC vHinckley United FCMonday 10 th August 2009Hinckley United FC vDroylsden FCTuesday 11 th August 2009Alfreton Town FC vSolihull Moors FCBlyth Spartans AFC vSouthport FCFleetwood Town FC vHyde United FCGainsborough Trinity FC vWorkington FCGloucester City FC vEastwood Town FCHarrogate Town FC vVauxhall Motors FCM S PerryM B Hancock & M J StewardM ChesterC Blake & J P JohnsonP A BrabinW J King & C I ThomsonR P NewmanM Charnock & S RoystonD LawrenceC V Simpson & R TarbattR WoottonE S Hock & N MundayM HowesD Bullen & M ScrivenO YatesM G Myatt & J Simpson (SY10)M DuncanJ Morgan (WN2) & P SimmJ E JohnsonG Dinsmore & M HanleyP T KettlewellM E Doherty & N Smith (FY4)S J BarrowG Kissane & S A Richardson (NG17)S LedgerJ Oldfield & P TomesJ HuntG McLelland & G MundellP DunnM P Evans & P MahonJ HermuziJ D F Abey & D SullivanC E HusbandP E Stowe & P TylerS M StockbridgeI Quinn & M Ryan3

Ilkeston Town FC vRedditch United FCNorthwich Victoria vFarsley Celtic FCStafford Rangers FC vCorby Town FCStalybridge Celtic FC vAFC Telford UnitedSaturday 15 th August 2009Alfreton Town FC vVauxhall Motors FCBlyth Spartans AFC vRedditch United FCFleetwood Town FC vAFC Telford UnitedGainsborough Trinity FC vDroylsden FCGloucester City FC vFarsley Celtic FCHarrogate Town FC vEastwood Town FCHinckley United FC vHyde United FCIlkeston Town FC vSouthport FCNorthwich Victoria vSolihull Moors FCStafford Rangers FC vWorkington FCStalybridge Celtic FC vCorby Town FCMonday 17 th August 2009Droylsden FC vNorthwich VictoriaHyde United FC vGainsborough Trinity FCTuesday 18 th August 2009AFC Telford United vHinckley United FCEastwood Town FC vAlfreton Town FCR P NewmanD Carratt & C A UnwinG P JohnsonI Dixon & A WorthingtonJ M LawG Hubbard & M Pearson (DY3)P GoochR Sherwood & C WhitakerD I StorrieS C Mercer & I D SmellieG Hart (DL1)G Fyvie & I PattonI EdwardsR A Denton & S J Taylor (LA2)D P PlowrightR J Tinsley & S WardM E WeaverD Hill & B NyatangaS Smith (DL2)S V Barber & S P PorterN HobbisI Bate & M HomerG S StrettonC Barraclough & M R SwiftS J CopelandA D Bradshaw & R Goodwin-DaveyP P DaviesT Light & G WilcoxM BellL Watson & A J WinnardM J DentonC Duckworth & S EaglesJ WhiteleyM Connell & M D DwyerA M GarrattM Foden & L P MartinA M NewboldA Hull & N Mason4

Farsley Celtic FC vBlyth Spartans AFCRedditch United FC vStafford Rangers FCSolihull Moors FC vGloucester City FCSouthport FC vStalybridge Celtic FCVauxhall Motors FC vFleetwood Town FCWorkington FC vHarrogate Town FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Alfreton Town FC vSouthport FCBlyth Spartans AFC vCorby Town FCFleetwood Town FC vEastwood Town FCGainsborough Trinity FC vAFC Telford UnitedGloucester City FC vDroylsden FCHarrogate Town FC vSolihull Moors FCHinckley United FC vVauxhall Motors FCIlkeston Town FC vHyde United FCNorthwich Victoria vRedditch United FCStafford Rangers FC vFarsley Celtic FCStalybridge Celtic FC vWorkington FCSaturday 29 th August 2009AFC Telford United vIlkeston Town FCCorby Town FC vGloucester City FCM McGrathP J Ballantyne & A MarshallM C DexterM Johnson & D A StylesD GrattonM Barlow & D FernyhoughR J JonesM J Cunliffe & P GibbonsJ L MadineN J Badger & G RiceB TonerP B Duckworth & A ParkinsonR AtkinM D Hardman & P SporneB GordonD Chapman & K McKitterickR BartlettC Isherwood & D McNamaraD J H EnglandP Booth & P SaundersP J HobdayS Sharpe & R ThomasA H GreenwoodL W H Smith & A Wood (YO12)D P MeesonA Fox & J GloverM CoyM Carr & S E WhittakerP GrahamP Howard (L31) & I HussinW D SmallwoodT Harty & A KhalfeS A OldhamN J Croft & R H HolmesS DurbinL Sinclair & S G SwallowG C LawS Garner & T Knight (NG2)5

Droylsden FC vFleetwood Town FCEastwood Town FC vHinckley United FCFarsley Celtic FC vGainsborough Trinity FCHyde United FC vBlyth Spartans AFCRedditch United FC vAlfreton Town FCSolihull Moors FC vStalybridge Celtic FCSouthport FC vHarrogate Town FCVauxhall Motors FC vStafford Rangers FCWorkington FC vNorthwich VictoriaMonday 31 st August 2009Alfreton Town FC vCorby Town FCBlyth Spartans AFC vDroylsden FCFleetwood Town FC vWorkington FCGainsborough Trinity FC vEastwood Town FCGloucester City FC vAFC Telford UnitedHarrogate Town FC vHyde United FCHinckley United FC vRedditch United FCIlkeston Town FC vFarsley Celtic FCNorthwich Victoria vSouthport FCStafford Rangers FC vSolihull Moors FCStalybridge Celtic FC vVauxhall Motors FCA W PownallJ M Hayes & J WhartonD K BentonA R Pashley & L SnoddenG BeswickC Dean & D ToorN GreenhalghM Ashall & R W SkeathA P BarneyR Dadley & K M HathrellJ A SheffieldJ Clark & R PriceM AckermanA Gear & D UnderwoodD J RobertsM A P Hughes & S RuddP HodskinsonV P Baldwin & G DaviesI A DudleyD P Hunt & H KaraivanovS ClaytonA Duffy & J R HarrisonP R MarsdenA Bennett & M A P HughesC AkersS Purkiss & A T SewardN RadfordA Baker (HR7) & A DennisC KavanaghM Ashworth & M G O'NeillN Smith (S42)T Knight (NG2) & S Smith (S42)C GrundyM Gilvarry & P TomesS P BennettR Crawford & K LawtonR L JohnsonI Hurdle & S G SwallowJ R TyasN A Gibbons & P Maxson6

Football Conference SouthSaturday 8 th August 2009Bishop's Stortford FC vNewport County FCChelmsford City FC vBath City FCDorchester Town FC vSt Albans City FCEastleigh FC vBraintree Town FCHampton & Richmond Borough FC vBasingstoke Town FCHavant & Waterlooville FC vThurrock FCLewes FC vWeymouth FCMaidenhead United FC vDover Athletic FCWelling United FC vWokingWeston Super Mare FC vStaines Town FCWorcester City FC vBromley FCTuesday 11 th August 2009Basingstoke Town FC vWeston Super Mare FCBath City FC vMaidenhead United FCBraintree Town FC vLewes FCBromley FC vHavant & Waterlooville FCDover Athletic FC vBishop's Stortford FCSt Albans City FC vWorcester City FCStaines Town FC vDorchester Town FCT PowerI Jempeji & M SennettA S ParkerM Potkins & J C C MitchellA J NewellS D Oakey & R CockleE I SmithD A Jones & R HailstoneJ BusbyV Torre & R Cox (OX15)O SaliyD Potter & B T FurneauxS J D DalyB Zbirka & S GriffithsC J LymerI Douglas & R V SmithP A ForresterM T Cook & J A Pope (CM7)L SwabeyS Berner & M A LongA CogginsA J Fricker & A Baker (HR7)T MasonD Sotimirin & L Pinto NunesA BromleyA W Ricketts & M A LongT PowerI Jempeji & A MawbyC T BreakspearD A Jones & M P WebbS J D DalyR Hailstone & S GriffithsI J RathboneR Moss & A R PiggottA QuelchM Sennett & B T Furneaux7

Thurrock FC vWelling United FCWeymouth FC vEastleigh FCWoking vChelmsford City FCWednesday 12 th August 2009Newport County FC vHampton & Richmond Borough FCSaturday 15 th August 2009Basingstoke Town FC vChelmsford City FCBath City FC vWelling United FCBraintree Town FC vMaidenhead United FCBromley FC vHampton & Richmond Borough FCDover Athletic FC vDorchester Town FCNewport County FC vLewes FCSt Albans City FC vEastleigh FCStaines Town FC vHavant & Waterlooville FCThurrock FC vWeston Super Mare FCWeymouth FC vBishop's Stortford FCWoking vWorcester City FCMonday 17 th August 2009Chelmsford City FC vDover Athletic FCHavant & Waterlooville FC vBath City FCWorcester City FC vBasingstoke Town FCTuesday 18 th August 2009Bishop's Stortford FC vStaines Town FCJ W Scott (MK18)S M Connor & M J CotteeB R HuxtableC Mann & S M PaulT J RobinsonT P Hatt & B ZbirkaM PottageJ Walton & R V SmithA GillettA R Piggott & D LeachA A LaverJ J Fortescue & C HubbardI J RathboneM Shaw & R MossC BrookM J Cottee & S M ConnorW LindenP T Burton & I D Kitchen (KT16)B R HuxtableS M Paul & A J FrickerA QuelchL Pinto Nunes & I JempejiJ W Scott (MK18)V D Penfold & G ViccarsI J CrouchK L Theobald & A P SnellB KnightP R Buckeridge & J LisherC T BreakspearP O'Hare & S Smith (OX4)M GeorgeM J Cottee & I FissendenC BrookG J Collins & R HailstoneD EatonA W Ricketts & S D OakeyA S ParkerM T Cook & J A Pope (CM7)8

Dorchester Town FC vNewport County FCEastleigh FC vBromley FCHampton & Richmond Borough FC vBraintree Town FCMaidenhead United FC vWeymouth FCWelling United FC vSt Albans City FCWeston Super Mare FC vWokingSaturday 22 nd August 2009Basingstoke Town FC vMaidenhead United FCBath City FC vHampton & Richmond Borough FCBraintree Town FC vHavant & Waterlooville FCBromley FC vDorchester Town FCDover Athletic FC vWeston Super Mare FCNewport County FC vChelmsford City FCSt Albans City FC vLewes FCStaines Town FC vWelling United FCThurrock FC vEastleigh FCWeymouth FC vWorcester City FCWoking vBishop's Stortford FCFriday 28 th AugustWeston Super Mare FC vWeymouth FCSaturday 29 th August 2009Bishop's Stortford FC vSt Albans City FCC J MillerQ Iskander & A J QuinA FieldingI Douglas & R Cox (OX15)L M CollinsI D Kitchen (KT16) & V D PenfoldJ BusbyP O'Hare & A R PiggottM J FoleyK Welsh & M SennettS C KnappR Cockle & A J FrickerT J RobinsonK P Horrigan & P R BuckeridgeA J NewellE Hunt & R CockleM GeorgeM J Cottee & J C C MitchellL VenamoreM Potkins & S J EssexR A HydeM T Cook & J A Pope (CM7)M RussellS D Oakey & A RaggettN A HairD Sotimirin & D PotterA GillettP O'Hare & D LeachG R YoungA D Aylott & R MossC J LymerI D Kitchen (KT16) & V D PenfoldA CogginsE Moore & K M HowickC J MillerR V Smith & A J QuinT MasonS Finnigan & G D Ions9

Chelmsford City FC vBromley FCDorchester Town FC vBath City FCEastleigh FC vDover Athletic FCHampton & Richmond Borough FC vThurrock FCHavant & Waterlooville FC vBasingstoke Town FCLewes FC vWokingMaidenhead United FC vNewport County FCWelling United FC vBraintree Town FCWorcester City FC vStaines Town FCMonday 31 st August 2009Basingstoke Town FC vDorchester Town FCBath City FC vWorcester City FCBraintree Town FC vChelmsford City FCBromley FC vLewes FCDover Athletic FC vWelling United FCNewport County FC vWeston Super Mare FCSt Albans City FC vHampton & Richmond Borough FCStaines Town FC vMaidenhead United FCThurrock FC vBishop's Stortford FCWeymouth FC vHavant & Waterlooville FCG MugeG L Weston & N EvansR T AtkinS M Paul & C MannN A LuggB T Furneaux & A MawbyS J PhippsM P Webb & D A JonesI ParsonsL J Rendell & S GriffithsM J FoleyI Fissenden & K WelshP A ForresterG J Collins & E MooreD K RockT P Hatt & A WilliamsA FieldingR Cox (OX15) & K R NorrisE I SmithG J Collins & R HailstoneS C KnappA Raggett & J WaltonI J CrouchA P Snell & K L TheobaldP HarrisP T Burton & T P HattL VenamoreG D Ions & S FinniganD EatonB Durie & A W RickettsP A ForresterA D Aylott & G ViccarsL M CollinsD Sotimirin & L Pinto NunesN A LuggK Welsh & I FissendenM PottageJ J Fortescue & C Hubbard10

Woking vEastleigh FCB KnightV D Penfold & I D Kitchen (KT16)11

Eastern Counties League, Premier LeagueSaturday 8 th August 2009Ely City FC vNeedham Market FCHarwich & Parkeston FC vNewmarket Town FCHaverhill Rovers FC vDereham Town FCHiston Reserves vLeiston FCKings Lynn Reserves vDebenham LC FCKirkley & Pakefield vWivenhoe Town FCNorwich United FC vFelixstowe & Walton United FCWalsham Le Willows FC vCambridge Regional College FCWisbech Town FC vStanway Rovers FCWoodbridge Town FC vMildenhall Town FCWroxham FC vHadleigh United FCTuesday 11 th August 2009Dereham Town FC vEly City FCFelixstowe & Walton United FC vHarwich & Parkeston FCHadleigh United FC vDebenham LC FCMildenhall Town FC vWroxham FCNeedham Market FC vStanway Rovers FCNewmarket Town FC vNorwich United FCWivenhoe Town FC vHaverhill Rovers FCG D SpragueA Da Costa & N JordisonM W PattersonJ Gibbons & D J HaynesB C O'SullivanP Day & P A McveyW HardieM Shaw & I WilsonD GearyN Springall & M J TimminsD M StobbartD J Foreman & M D BurroughsJ TurnerM Taylor (PE30) & N KennedyJ Kelly (NR12)S B Nunn & G HainesS G ArtisJ Chapman (NR5) & P R GoldsmithT RamseyD J Czyzewicz & D TregaskesG SandellD M Myhill & E ReidD GearyP Burnham & R PaceD M StobbartM D Burroughs & D J ForemanN CooperA J Dale & J C C MitchellS G ArtisN Howes & D A RobinsonA TyneM J Coxall & D PinderS M PawleyT McCreadie & N PhillipsM W PattersonJ Gibbons & D J Haynes12

Wednesday 12 th August 2009Cambridge Regional College FC vWisbech Town FCKings Lynn Reserves vHiston ReservesKirkley & Pakefield vWoodbridge Town FCLeiston FC vWalsham Le Willows FCS P BeckD Aylott & R EndacottM BlackledgeA S Wilson & S F GrayG SandellJ Chapman (NR5) & P E Smith (NR20)L BettsE Reid & N SpringallSaturday 15 th August 2009Cambridge Regional College FC vKings Lynn ReservesDebenham LC FC vHiston ReservesTuesday 18 th August 2009Ely City FC vNewmarket Town FCHadleigh United FC vHaverhill Rovers FCHarwich & Parkeston FC vNeedham Market FCNorwich United FC vDereham Town FCWisbech Town FC vMildenhall Town FCWednesday 19 th August 2009Histon Reserves vCambridge Regional College FCStanway Rovers FC vFelixstowe & Walton United FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Cambridge Regional College FC vNorwich United FCDereham Town FC vHarwich & Parkeston FCEly City FC vKirkley & PakefieldFelixstowe & Walton United FC vHiston ReservesHadleigh United FC vWalsham Le Willows FCJ TurnerD Pinder & S SpencerG SandellM Kurudere & R PaceJ W MarinM E Wilson (CB5) & J BurridgeC FitchK L Theobald & C A SumnerJ M HaytoP J Wilson & D TregaskesJ Kelly (NR12)M J Timmins & G HainesN A Smith (PE10)A Rayner & S F GrayN CooperJ Gibbons & R ChapmanA CrysellA Pope & C PullenC J FrancisA Da Costa & N JordisonS MealeN Howes & D M MyhillW HardieG G Wilson (PE19) & R PalmerJ Kelly (NR12)P Burnham & E ReidD M StobbartM D Burroughs & M J Coxall13

Kings Lynn Reserves vHaverhill Rovers FCLeiston FC vNeedham Market FCMildenhall Town FC vStanway Rovers FCNewmarket Town FC vWroxham FCWisbech Town FC vWoodbridge Town FCWivenhoe Town FC vDebenham LC FCTuesday 25 th August 2009Debenham LC FC vHadleigh United FCDereham Town FC vWalsham Le Willows FCHaverhill Rovers FC vMildenhall Town FCNeedham Market FC vWivenhoe Town FCNorwich United FC vLeiston FCWroxham FC vKirkley & PakefieldWednesday 26 th August 2009Cambridge Regional College FC vNewmarket Town FCHiston Reserves vEly City FCKings Lynn Reserves vWisbech Town FCStanway Rovers FC vWoodbridge Town FCSaturday 29 th August 2009Debenham LC FC vEly City FCFelixstowe & Walton United FC vCambridge Regional College FCNorwich United FC vKings Lynn ReservesN A Smith (PE10)P Goodacre & J ThoroldD GearyM Kurudere & R PaceB C O'SullivanP A Dobbs & P DayJ SteelC Holmes & T HancockS M PawleyT McCreadie & N PhillipsJ M HaytoA P Snell & C FountainJ Kelly (NR12)P E Smith (NR20) & D A RobinsonG S HamblingM Kurudere & C J SteeleG D SpragueC Warn & J BurridgeJ W MarinP Howard (CB7) & M HolmesA TyneP Burnham & J Chapman (NR5)J TurnerM P McIntyre (PE33) & M Taylor (PE30)W HardieR Palmer & M ShawN A HairP A Mcvey & A M TitmanC ReeveG G Wilson (PE19) & A BentM BlackledgeA Langsdon & N DlaminiA TyneM D Burroughs & D J ForemanM W PattersonS J Essex & C AllanJ W MarinS C Symonds & J Wynne14

Isthmian League, Premier DivisionSaturday 15 th August 2009Ashford Town (Middx) FC vKingstonian FCAveley FC vCray Wanderers FCBillericay Town FC vWealdstone FCBognor Regis Town FC vHendon FCBoreham Wood FC vHastings United FCDartford FC vHorsham FCHarrow Borough FC vCanvey Island FCMaidstone United FC vCarshalton Athletic FCSutton United FC vMargateTonbridge Angels FC vAFC Hornchurch FCTooting & Mitcham United FC vWaltham Abbey FCMonday 17 th August 2009Kingstonian FC vHarrow Borough FCTuesday 18 th August 2009AFC Hornchurch FC vBoreham Wood FCCanvey Island FC vAshford Town (Middx) FCCarshalton Athletic FC vBognor Regis Town FCCray Wanderers FC vTonbridge Angels FCHastings United FC vAveley FCHendon FC vBillericay Town FCA FieldK P Bushnell & R PartlettW G NorcottE Ako & J PickfordS P RuberyS J Essex & C A SumnerH W LennardM Tasker & J R SlaneyR G JamesS Anscomb & R TrinderN D WestM I Smith (SS13) & J Stanley (SS13)A CogginsB Zbirka & I SkullM T McCoyD L Eaton & M D ThompsonP A KellyN Wallace & D MachnikI F BentleyG D Mays & D PotterL M CollinsM Geoghegan & R ChatfieldM D RowleyJ A Costelloe & B V O'TooleA OldershawS Moore & B SavageA DegnarainW Harvey & O RoguezC T BreakspearS J Malczewski & D Richardson (KT18)R D SmithJ Ryan & R P WellsL VenamoreL Crowhurst & S R RootsD S MargettsL Walshe & I Jempeji15

Horsham FC vSutton United FCMargate vDartford FCWaltham Abbey FC vMaidstone United FCWealdstone FC vTooting & Mitcham United FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009AFC Hornchurch FC vTooting & Mitcham United FCCanvey Island FC vBognor Regis Town FCCarshalton Athletic FC vAshford Town (Middx) FCHastings United FC vDartford FCHendon FC vSutton United FCHorsham FC vHarrow Borough FCKingstonian FC vAveley FCMargate vBoreham Wood FCWaltham Abbey FC vTonbridge Angels FCWealdstone FC vMaidstone United FCSunday 23 rd August 2009Cray Wanderers FC vBillericay Town FCMonday 24 th August 2009Aveley FC vMargateTuesday 25 th August 2009Ashford Town (Middx) FC vHendon FCBillericay Town FC vWaltham Abbey FCBognor Regis Town FC vHastings United FCC BrookS Griffiths & D LyonsG S CroftG D Ions & S FinniganR JayeT Yovkov & S P DavidsonI J RathboneS Barry (NN4) & S MillarD BlundenT Burman & J MaceyC FitchA J Dale & C PearseG S CroftC Hatzidakis & G D MaysP A KellyR W Baker (ME15) & M TaskerA DegnarainM S Barnes & R J HowesS P ButlerP T Burton & C MallowsD D BushellS J Malczewski & A J Roberts (KT6)S P RuberyL Wood (RM8) & M QuinnT PowerA Farrelly & R SimonP A ForresterJ G Latham & O RoguezN D WestM I Smith (SS13) & S MooreD S MargettsT S Brooks & T KingA GillettP O'Hare & V TorreB C HoldernessL Wood (RM8) & A YahiaouiD Cook (PO12)M Lucie & C Nzenga16

Boreham Wood FC vWealdstone FCDartford FC vKingstonian FCHarrow Borough FC vCarshalton Athletic FCMaidstone United FC vAFC Hornchurch FCSutton United FC vCanvey Island FCTonbridge Angels FC vHorsham FCTooting & Mitcham United FC vCray Wanderers FCSaturday 29 th August 2009Ashford Town (Middx) FC vBoreham Wood FCAveley FC vCarshalton Athletic FCBillericay Town FC vTonbridge Angels FCBognor Regis Town FC vWaltham Abbey FCCray Wanderers FC vHastings United FCDartford FC vWealdstone FCHarrow Borough FC vMargateHendon FC vKingstonian FCHorsham FC vCanvey Island FCMaidstone United FC vTooting & Mitcham United FCSutton United FC vAFC Hornchurch FCMonday 31 st August 2009AFC Hornchurch FC vDartford FCG R YoungD Aylott & W J FrenchC BrookS Kay & I FissendenA DegnarainP M Smith (N11) & M S BarnesI J CrouchK Stone (CT12) & A BakalarzL M CollinsM L Taylor (GU34) & I Thomson (GU35)L VenamoreA Colwell & M D ThompsonT PowerM Engelbretson & I SkullS MaynardJ Balcombe & J A HollierD BlundenM Lehane & J MaceyC FitchC Pearse & S J GillmanP LavelleC Miles & J LisherR A HydeA Yahiaoui & N GroteS P ButlerR Ayling & K Stone (CT12)A FieldC W Evans & A MirzaW G NorcottQ Pearsall & S P DavidsonW LindenM Engelbretson & R SimonC PhillipsM W Ford & S PotterC T BreakspearJ Ryan & D G SheldrakeA S ParkerJ Pickford & S Tate17

Boreham Wood FC vBillericay Town FCCanvey Island FC vMaidstone United FCCarshalton Athletic FC vKingstonian FCHastings United FC vHorsham FCHendon FC vAveley FCMargate vCray Wanderers FCTonbridge Angels FC vAshford Town (Middx) FCTooting & Mitcham United FC vBognor Regis Town FCWaltham Abbey FC vHarrow Borough FCWealdstone FC vSutton United FCS J D DalyA Mirza & B V O'TooleN D WestJ A Pope (CM7) & A PopeR D SmithA Williams & D G SheldrakeH W LennardB Erguven & R Ellis (RH15)G MugeM Sage & J WynneM J FoleyR Ayling & G Bryant (CT21)P A KellyR W Baker (ME15) & S KayW LindenL Walshe & J A CostelloeD D BushellR J Howes & J PanconiM D RowleyJ N Sayer & B MurdochIsthmian League, Division One NorthSaturday 15 th August 2009Brentwood Town FC vEnfield Town FCCheshunt FC vRomford FCConcord Rangers FC vWare FCHarlow Town FC vGreat Wakering Rovers FCIlford FC vHeybridge Swifts FCLeyton FC vEast Thurrock United FCMaldon Town FC vWaltham Forest FCNorthwood FC vVCD Athletic FCRedbridge FC vWingate & Finchley FCB C HoldernessR Kipikasa & G MaskellB C O'SullivanW Harvey & P AnjosS FranklinS Tate & C A RichardsonM BlackledgeC Pullen & B SavageJ M HaytoL Wood (RM8) & N GroteT RamseyT S Brooks & E AndrewsA S ParkerJ Pope (SS5) & S MooreG ConnollyB Murdoch & S BorhamA OldershawT King & P J Shanahan18

Thamesmead Town FC vLowestoft Town FCTilbury FC vPotters Bar Town FCTuesday 18 th August 2009East Thurrock United FC vBrentwood Town FCEnfield Town FC vIlford FCGreat Wakering Rovers FC vMaldon Town FCHeybridge Swifts FC vHarlow Town FCLowestoft Town FC vConcord Rangers FCPotters Bar Town FC vRedbridge FCRomford FC vThamesmead Town FCVCD Athletic FC vTilbury FCWare FC vLeyton FCWingate & Finchley FC vCheshunt FCWednesday 19 th August 2009Waltham Forest FC vNorthwood FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009East Thurrock United FC vRedbridge FCEnfield Town FC vTilbury FCGreat Wakering Rovers FC vCheshunt FCHeybridge Swifts FC vLeyton FCLowestoft Town FC vIlford FCPotters Bar Town FC vHarlow Town FCS P ButlerC Hatzidakis & M ChoiM A TweedP M Smith (N11) & A DaviesS FranklinM I Smith (SS13) & J D MassonJ HillierJ G Latham & C V UjuN D WestJ Pickford & N A PavittT RamseyD J Czyzewicz & J GarwoodA TyneA J Dale & J C C MitchellD D BushellM S Barnes & A AnastasiouD BuckC Wood & D HarnettN WildeR W Baker (ME15) & J RidoutR A MackayM Wilson (SG 8) & D LawsonG ConnollyA Moisey & C R G BoylesT DonnellanS Anscomb & D A KightS LeafQ Pearsall & L LungarellaC J O'DonnellR Trinder & D A KightA CrysellP J Wilson & A PopeN CooperC Newman & J DownsM W PattersonJ Gibbons & S J GillmanA S ParkerS Tate & C A Richardson19

Romford FC vNorthwood FCVCD Athletic FC vConcord Rangers FCWaltham Forest FC vBrentwood Town FCWare FC vMaldon Town FCWingate & Finchley FC vThamesmead Town FCTuesday 25 th August 2009Brentwood Town FC vVCD Athletic FCCheshunt FC vLowestoft Town FCConcord Rangers FC vHeybridge Swifts FCHarlow Town FC vWingate & Finchley FCLeyton FC vGreat Wakering Rovers FCMaldon Town FC vRomford FCNorthwood FC vWare FCRedbridge FC vEnfield Town FCThamesmead Town FC vPotters Bar Town FCTilbury FC vWaltham Forest FCWednesday 26 th August 2009Ilford FC vEast Thurrock United FCMonday 31 st August 2009Cheshunt FC vRedbridge FCGreat Wakering Rovers FC vWaltham Forest FCHarlow Town FC vConcord Rangers FCR JayeS P Davidson & G StarrD SpainL Crowhurst & S R RootsJ HillierL Walshe & J RichardsonS J D DalyI Skull & S WoodisonJ M Mellor (HP2)P Wideson & K BaileyW G NorcottS M Connor & B SavageO SaliyD Pike & D Richardson (EN1)T GoddardM Quinn & P J ShanahanA CrysellM I Smith (SS13) & D TregaskesS LeafR J Howes & A DaviesM W PattersonD J Haynes & S J GillmanD K RockG G Gray & W HendersonM A TweedN Grote & G K BellinghamC PhillipsS Potter & P P CrichlowN R Baker (DA16)J Macey & J MacleodT MasonT Burman & P GorvettD K RockG G Gray & W HendersonR A HydeJ Stanley (SS13) & G MaskellJ M HaytoW Harvey & R Smith20

Heybridge Swifts FC vEast Thurrock United FCIlford FC vMaldon Town FCLeyton FC vLowestoft Town FCNorthwood FC vThamesmead Town FCPotters Bar Town FC vWare FCRomford FC vWingate & Finchley FCTilbury FC vBrentwood Town FCVCD Athletic FC vEnfield Town FCB C HoldernessA Yahiaoui & E AkoR JayeP M Smith (N11) & L LungarellaM A TweedL Marshallsay & C V UjuS ReaC W Evans & B KebarJ HillierT Yovkov & E AndrewsS FranklinJ D Masson & S MooreA OldershawG L Weston & T S BrooksC PhillipsR P Wells & L ReadIsthmian League, Division One SouthSaturday 15 th August 2009Corinthian Casuals FC vChipstead FCCroydon Athletic FC vAshford Town FCFolkestone Invicta FC vDulwich Hamlet FCGodalming Town FC vChatham Town FCHorsham YMCA FC vWalton & Hersham FCLeatherhead FC vWorthing FCMerstham FC vMetropolitan Police FCRamsgate FC vFleet Town FCSittingbourne FC vWhyteleafe FCWalton Casuals FC vEastbourne Town FCSunday 16 th August 2009Burgess Hill Town FC vWhitstable Town FCC HicksD Richardson (KT18) & W IngramN R Baker (DA16)T Burman & A KingM O'KeefeR W Baker (ME15) & L DavisG S CroftB Erguven & K RobertsG KaneC Mallows & C CoxD SpainJ Harding & R Ellis (RH15)P B WrightR P Wells & C DoddA MeadK Welsh & O JacksonN WildeI Fissenden & E AmirJ O'BrienR Simon & S PodasdnyT J RobinsonD Lyons & S Green21

Tuesday 18 th August 2009Chatham Town FC vBurgess Hill Town FCChipstead FC vSittingbourne FCDulwich Hamlet FC vGodalming Town FCFleet Town FC vLeatherhead FCMetropolitan Police FC vHorsham YMCA FCWalton & Hersham FC vCorinthian Casuals FCWhitstable Town FC vCroydon Athletic FCWhyteleafe FC vRamsgate FCWorthing FC vWalton Casuals FCWednesday 19 th August 2009Ashford Town FC vMerstham FCEastbourne Town FC vFolkestone Invicta FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Ashford Town FC vGodalming Town FCChatham Town FC vHorsham YMCA FCChipstead FC vBurgess Hill Town FCDulwich Hamlet FC vLeatherhead FCEastbourne Town FC vCorinthian Casuals FCFleet Town FC vFolkestone Invicta FCMetropolitan Police FC vCroydon Athletic FCWalton & Hersham FC vRamsgate FCP A KellyK Stone (CT12) & E AmirP B WrightN Wallace & D MachnikN R Baker (DA16)J Macey & P ZuffaS A ScottM L Taylor (GU34) & A P ConnorC HicksR Chatfield & E SantosC J LymerJ A Hollier & M P WalshA MeadM Lehane & A FrancisA K NeilC Mallows & R Ellis (RH15)D Cook (PO12)A N Massey & R BellA K NeilM W Ford & S PotterG KaneM D Thompson & B ErguvenN WildeS Kay & O JacksonA K NeilN Brown & D MachnikS A ScottI Thomson (GU35) & J TaafeC HicksJ Ryan & W IngramN R Baker (DA16)R Joss & N DunnB KnightC Nzenga & S P ThorneM EvaB Lynch & P W ConnP J GeorgiouE Walker & H Achegenui22

Whitstable Town FC vMerstham FCWhyteleafe FC vWalton Casuals FCWorthing FC vSittingbourne FCMonday 24 th August 2009Sittingbourne FC vAshford Town FCWalton Casuals FC vMetropolitan Police FCTuesday 25 th August 2009Burgess Hill Town FC vWalton & Hersham FCCorinthian Casuals FC vFleet Town FCCroydon Athletic FC vChatham Town FCFolkestone Invicta FC vWhitstable Town FCGodalming Town FC vWhyteleafe FCHorsham YMCA FC vDulwich Hamlet FCLeatherhead FC vEastbourne Town FCMerstham FC vWorthing FCRamsgate FC vChipstead FCMonday 31 st August 2009Ashford Town FC vWhitstable Town FCBurgess Hill Town FC vFolkestone Invicta FCChipstead FC vWalton Casuals FCCorinthian Casuals FC vRamsgate FCDulwich Hamlet FC vWhyteleafe FCD BuckK Stone (CT12) & M MarshG KaneA Colwell & M MilliganR D SmithA Moody & B A SmallD BlundenC Wood & M LehaneR AllumM W Ford & W DavisH W LennardJ Pike & M TaskerM EvaM Geoghegan & M KellyP B WrightC Hatzidakis & A OkochaP HarrisJ R Slaney & J RidoutS A ScottA Morley & C NorthR D SmithJ Flynn (RH10) & M ParsonsM T McCoyD Lyons & N WallaceN A LuggA J Roberts (KT6) & D DoddS P ButlerR Joss & M GravesM O'KeefeA Bakalarz & F CollinsN WildeM Parsons & C CoxG S CroftS R Roots & L CrowhurstR AllumG D Mays & M HaydenD BuckC Wood & L Dyson23

Eastbourne Town FC vSittingbourne FCFleet Town FC vMerstham FCGodalming Town FC vLeatherhead FCHorsham YMCA FC vCroydon Athletic FCWalton & Hersham FC vWorthing FCD SpainL J Rendell & J R SlaneyD M GregoryW Thomas & C Smith (SO15)M EvaJ Paterson & M CarmichaelP J GeorgiouE Walker & D PotterJ O'BrienR Chatfield & G Read24

Northern Counties East, Premier DivisionSaturday 8 th August 2009Arnold Town FC vParkgate FCBridlington Town FC vPickering Town FCBrodsworth MW vHallam FCLincoln Moorlands Railway vDinnington Town FCLiversedge FC vHall Road Rangers FCMaltby Main FC vLong Eaton United FCNostell MW FC vScarborough Athletic FCRainworth MW FC vWinterton Rangers FCShirebrook Town FC vArmthorpe Welfare FCThackley FC vSelby Town FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Arnold Town FC vSelby Town FCBridlington Town FC vThackley FCBrodsworth MW vArmthorpe Welfare FCDinnington Town FC vWinterton Rangers FCLincoln Moorlands Railway vScarborough Athletic FCLiversedge FC vParkgate FCMaltby Main FC vHall Road Rangers FCNostell MW FC vHallam FCT HollidgeK Allen & S GarnerN W GuestB Cass & P A Cook (DN35)M BellM Birkett & M K SeniorS M HutchinsonJ Bateman & R TownsendC KavanaghD Costello & A HussainC AkersK Frampton & S PurkissD K BentonT Bramall & D ReevesS J MeredithA R Green & G WinwrightK D G LawsonC Hume & A ParkC DuvalK Sarsfield & J WhalleyN Smith (S42)K Marchant & L SnoddenG FreerP M Cook (YO32) & J SucheckiM ParkerA Brailey & R CritchleyS Richardson (NG19)A Padgett & C PadgettJ HermuziK Guise & M TinsleyD S MidgleyD Brannick & R WildJ R Price (BD5)M Brownsett & N KellettD MusgraveP Andrews & A Brown25

Rainworth MW FC vLong Eaton United FCShirebrook Town FC vPickering Town FCSaturday 29 th August 2009Armthorpe Welfare FC vMaltby Main FCDinnington Town FC vBridlington Town FCHall Road Rangers FC vNostell MW FCLiversedge FC vPickering Town FCLong Eaton United FC vLincoln Moorlands RailwayParkgate FC vBrodsworth MWRainworth MW FC vHallam FCScarborough Athletic FC vWinterton Rangers FCSelby Town FC vShirebrook Town FCThackley FC vArnold Town FCMonday 31 st August 2009Armthorpe Welfare FC vLiversedge FCArnold Town FC vPickering Town FCDinnington Town FC vThackley FCHall Road Rangers FC vBrodsworth MWLong Eaton United FC vNostell MW FCMaltby Main FC vHallam FCParkgate FC vShirebrook Town FCP BookerM Edwards (S2) & J OldfieldM WalshD Guest & S HawkinsJ WatersU Ahmed & R SherwoodM LeslieB L Polkey & S WattsG FreerG Marr & D WhatlingM RawcliffeR Darfi & J VallanceC GrundyD Nutting & D TraceyG S HockC Hainsworth & J IllingworthR W MartinJ Douglas & J HykeM McGrathA D Cherry & G SteadP A Cook (HU5)C A Hitchcock & A LewisA R TankardJ Blower & N MasonS LedgerP Saunders & A J WinnardG MellorP Astle & P Brown (DE7)A Wood (NG19)P Dixon & D WebbS J MeredithJ Hyke & M R SwiftM T JonesA Dallison & G KissaneS Richardson (NG19)J Dixon & C LangtonA McIntyreP J Clarke & P Vardy26

Scarborough Athletic FC vRainworth MW FCSelby Town FC vBridlington Town FCWinterton Rangers FC vLincoln Moorlands RailwayG FreerA M Butler & N HuntD MusgraveD Parkinson & S WadeP A Cook (HU5)B Cass & D Cook (DN35)27

Northern League, Division OneSaturday 8 th August 2009Bedlington Terriers FC vHorden CW FCBillingham Town FC vBishop Auckland FCDunston UTS FC vNorton & Stockton Ancients FCEsh Winning FC vRyton FCNewcastle Benfield vAshington FCPenrith AFC vMorpeth Town FCShildon FC vBillingham Synthonia FCSouth Shields FC vChester-Le-Street Town FCTow Law Town FC vSpennymoor Town FCWest Auckland Town FC vWest Allotment Celtic FCWhitley Bay FC vConsett FCTuesday 11 th August 2009Ashington FC vMorpeth Town FCChester-Le-Street Town FC vRyton FCEsh Winning FC vBishop Auckland FCHorden CW FC vNorton & Stockton Ancients FCSpennymoor Town FC vConsett FCTow Law Town FC vWest Allotment Celtic FCWest Auckland Town FC vPenrith AFCWhitley Bay FC vDunston UTS FCD A McCallumG Hopper & B ProctorS ClaytonS Hudson & S WatsonD SwainstonD Hulme & D RathbandS Smith (DL2)S Bulmer & N PattersonI TurnerM Hobson & I PattonT PinderL Doughty & M A Green (PR3)P StalkerR Brine & A MarchJ BuglassD Burn & D WylamD R MarkhamG Humphrey & S WilliamsonG LiddleG Dryden & M KnowlesJ HuntP Newhouse & M RyanP Brown (NE5)M Green (NE3) & G McMullanG BeswickM Burke & T PhillipsD R MarkhamM Andrews & R J DraperW BroadbentD Burn & M Pearson (NE1)B GordonS Sugden & D ToorP K ThompsonS Bulmer & I LowtherN J SharpA Duffy & J MarrP KeoghP A Baird & T Young28

Wednesday 12 th August 2009Bedlington Terriers FC vBillingham Town FCBillingham Synthonia FC vNewcastle BenfieldSouth Shields FC vShildon FCTuesday 18 th August 2009Billingham Town FC vNewcastle BenfieldBishop Auckland FC vAshington FCDunston UTS FC vWest Auckland Town FCEsh Winning FC vWhitley Bay FCMorpeth Town FC vHorden CW FCPenrith AFC vBillingham Synthonia FCRyton FC vSpennymoor Town FCWednesday 19 th August 2009Consett FC vTow Law Town FCNorton & Stockton Ancients FC vChester-Le-Street Town FCShildon FC vBedlington Terriers FCWest Allotment Celtic FC vSouth Shields FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Bedlington Terriers FC vMorpeth Town FCBillingham Synthonia FC vBishop Auckland FCDunston UTS FC vConsett FCEsh Winning FC vWest Allotment Celtic FCJ TraynorM Edwards (NE10) & K McKitterickE D MartinR Dunn & G MuirD A McCallumC Dean & N PattersonM DiciccoI Austick & G ToddG LiddleG Dryden & A MarchD R MarkhamC Hetherington & D WylamD SwainstonM Hobson & P YatesP KeoghD Hulme & S E WhittakerJ P CorkhillR A Denton & D GillonS ClaytonP Newhouse & S WatsonP Brown (NE5)M Bunting & R J DraperT PeartB P Ballantyne & M CottinghamG BeswickG Humphrey & I QuinnW BroadbentG Hopper & B ProctorJ BuglassD Burn & P OsgoodJ HuntJ Chapman (TS29) & G FyvieW BroadbentS Cavanagh (NE61) & P SweeneyP Brown (NE5)A Miller & T Phillips29

Newcastle Benfield vNorton & Stockton Ancients FCPenrith AFC vRyton FCSouth Shields FC vAshington FCSpennymoor Town FC vChester-Le-Street Town FCTow Law Town FC vHorden CW FCWest Auckland Town FC vBillingham Town FCWhitley Bay FC vShildon FCTuesday 25 th August 2009Chester-Le-Street Town FC vMorpeth Town FCHorden CW FC vAshington FCPenrith AFC vBillingham Town FCSpennymoor Town FC vNorton & Stockton Ancients FCTow Law Town FC vRyton FCWest Auckland Town FC vEsh Winning FCWhitley Bay FC vBishop Auckland FCWednesday 26 th August 2009Bedlington Terriers FC vWest Allotment Celtic FCBillingham Synthonia FC vDunston UTS FCNewcastle Benfield vShildon FCSouth Shields FC vConsett FCMonday 31 st August 2009Ashington FC vBedlington Terriers FCJ TraynorK Thompson & D ToorA YoungN Smith (FY4) & S J Taylor (LA2)P KeoghP A Baird & M BurkeK RaineM Bunting & I LowtherG Hart (DL1)G Mundell & S SugdenT S RogersG McLelland & A PowlesS M StockbridgeM Edwards (NE10) & M Pearson (NE1)P K ThompsonC Dean & N PattersonD R MarkhamD Chapman & E HewardA BackhouseR Halliday & K MulraineM CoyC Keightley & G ToddC H H BackhouseM Green (NE3) & P OsgoodJ TraynorS Hudson & P NewhouseJ BuglassD Burn & D RathbandK RaineG Fyvie & S WatsonI TurnerM Hobson & P YatesB GordonC Hetherington & D HulmeT S RogersG McMullan & S WilliamsonS M StockbridgeM Carr & T Young30

Chester-Le-Street Town FC vTow Law Town FCConsett FC vEsh Winning FCHorden CW FC vSouth Shields FCMorpeth Town FC vNewcastle BenfieldNorton & Stockton Ancients FC vPenrith AFCSpennymoor Town FC vBishop Auckland FCWest Auckland Town FC vShildon FCM CoyS Cavanagh (NE61) & M Pearson (NE1)J BuglassM Edwards (NE10) & S E WhittakerB GordonR Brine & A PowlesD A McCallumT Phillips & P SweeneyG LiddleR J Draper & G MundellN J SharpA Miller & M RyanJ HuntM Andrews & J Chapman (TS29)31

Northern Premier League, Premier DivisionSaturday 15 th August 2009Buxton FC vBradford (Park Avenue) FCDurham City FC vAshton United FCFC United of Manchester vBoston UnitedFrickley Athletic FC vBurscough FCGuiseley AFC vMatlock Town FCHucknall Town FC vOssett Town FCKendal Town FC vWorksop Town FCKings Lynn FC vStocksbridge Park Steels FCNantwich Town FC vWhitby Town FCNorth Ferriby United FC vMarine FCMonday 17 th August 2009Ashton United FC vKendal Town FCBradford (Park Avenue) FC vFC United of ManchesterTuesday 18 th August 2009Burscough FC vHucknall Town FCMarine FC vBuxton FCMatlock Town FC vKings Lynn FCOssett Town FC vFrickley Athletic FCRetford United FC vNorth Ferriby United FCStocksbridge Park Steels FC vDurham City FCP GrahamP Adamson & M RickardS M StockbridgeS Cavanagh (NE61) & G McMullanK J MattocksV P Baldwin & C I ThomsonR W MartinJ F Connolly & S T HolroydM CoyP J Ballantyne & C V SimpsonP I ThompsonP J Clarke & R ReesB TonerD Gillon & N A WalkerI A DudleyS Beswick & A R GreenS P BennettS Mather & S ParkerG S HockP M Hartley & R TarbattI D KneeE S Hock & P McDeanS LedgerD Guest & S RoystonM R ThorleyJ M Hayes & S R MycockA ClaytonR Andrew & T LightA R TankardS Abbott & S A Richardson (NG17)M A PowellS Berry & J BoucherN Smith (S42)A R Pashley & R J TinsleyA R HolmesG Mellor (LS13) & I Johnston32

Wednesday 19 th August 2009Whitby Town FC vGuiseley AFCWorksop Town FC vNantwich Town FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Ashton United FC vGuiseley AFCBoston United vKendal Town FCBradford (Park Avenue) FC vHucknall Town FCBurscough FC vKings Lynn FCMarine FC vDurham City FCMatlock Town FC vNorth Ferriby United FCRetford United FC vFC United of ManchesterStocksbridge Park Steels FC vNantwich Town FCWhitby Town FC vFrickley Athletic FCSunday 23 rd August 2009Worksop Town FC vBuxton FCTuesday 25 th August 2009Buxton FC vStocksbridge Park Steels FCDurham City FC vRetford United FCFrickley Athletic FC vBoston UnitedGuiseley AFC vOssett Town FCHucknall Town FC vMatlock Town FCKendal Town FC vBradford (Park Avenue) FCKings Lynn FC vWorksop Town FCP StalkerD M O'Leary & A Wood (YO12)G MellorD Henfrey & T StorerG EtchellsN J Badger & S EaglesM T JonesH Rowbotham & R TownsendB McGillN A Gibbons & I MuncasterN S DaviesM J Cunliffe & G HughesA D HutchinsonW E Gresty & S MohanC Ward (S81)D Bradshaw & C A UnwinD LawrenceH Cutmore & P TomesJ WhiteleyJ Cunningham & P McDeanN J SharpB P Ballantyne & N M HowlettD NaylorD Crowe & G A LoadesP NorrisS Eckley & N SmithamD A McCallumP A Baird & M SaltersM McGrathA D Cherry & W M PharaohA R HolmesJ Key & A MurphyA M NewboldS Garner & J P JohnsonG Hart (DL1)J R Harrison & W RenwickG S StrettonC Blake & T Kemsley33

Nantwich Town FC vBurscough FCNorth Ferriby United FC vWhitby Town FCWednesday 26 th August 2009FC United of Manchester vMarine FCSaturday 29 th August 2009Buxton FC vRetford United FCDurham City FC vMatlock Town FCFC United of Manchester vBurscough FCFrickley Athletic FC vWorksop Town FCGuiseley AFC vBoston UnitedHucknall Town FC vAshton United FCKendal Town FC vMarine FCKings Lynn FC vWhitby Town FCNantwich Town FC vOssett Town FCNorth Ferriby United FC vStocksbridge Park Steels FCMonday 31 st August 2009Ashton United FC vBuxton FCBoston United vHucknall Town FCBradford (Park Avenue) FC vNorth Ferriby United FCBurscough FC vDurham City FCMarine FC vGuiseley AFCMatlock Town FC vNantwich Town FCK HaywardM Barlow & K LawtonA H GreenwoodP J Ballantyne & C V SimpsonM J DentonP Booth & S T HolroydR P NewmanJ D F Abey & A Smith (S11)M DiciccoW Renwick & P YatesI E GittinsM Bonage & M CornsM GriffithsP Booth & L WatsonT PeartA Marshall & M KnowlesG S StrettonR O'Mahony & R G RobertsonD SwainstonG Dryden & B A LawM ChesterM Hopton & P J KingM DuncanS Clarke & M J SherwinD R StreetJ Key & S RidleyK W HaycockC Morris & E J SimmsS R M Procter-GreenJ Douglas & S WardD J H EnglandW Cooper & A Smith (S11)P P DaviesT Thomas & M WharmbyG HiltonD Adamson & P SimmM BellM Charnock & M K Senior34

Ossett Town FC vFC United of ManchesterRetford United FC vKings Lynn FCStocksbridge Park Steels FC vFrickley Athletic FCWhitby Town FC vKendal Town FCS D RowntreeA Godson & L TowseP I ThompsonK Marchant & L SnoddenC Ward (S81)M D Hardman & C PadgettE D MartinJ Marr & I PattonNorthern Premier League, Division One NorthSaturday 15 th August 2009AFC Fylde vRadcliffe Borough FCChorley FC vWakefield FCColwyn Bay FC vFC Halifax TownCurzon Ashton FC vHarrogate Railway FCGarforth Town FC vMossley AFCLancaster City FC vPrescot Cables FCOssett Albion FC vBamber Bridge FCRossendale United FC vLeigh GenesisSkelmersdale United FC vWoodley Sports FCTrafford FC vSalford City FCWarrington Town FC vClitheroe FCMonday 17 th August 2009Harrogate Railway FC vRossendale United FCWakefield FC vSkelmersdale United FCTuesday 18 th August 2009Bamber Bridge FC vGarforth Town FCP HodskinsonM E Doherty & D McNamaraR AckersS Eagles & J WhalleyM DuncanR Abson & M J SherwinJ L MadineN Barnard & D RogersJ R Price (BD5)M Cottingham & G MarrC BuxtonM Bradley & P Evans (BB12)D MusgraveN Hunt & S WadeB K CroppA Lavery & W SlingerN S DaviesI Bishop & D HitchellP DunnD Brannick & P WilcoxG EtchellsS Mulhall & A WorthingtonA H GreenwoodS P Cooper & D WhatlingD LawrenceS Ridley & S StevensonN GreenhalghD Costello & S Mather35

Clitheroe FC vChorley FCFC Halifax Town vWarrington Town FCMossley AFC vColwyn Bay FCPrescot Cables FC vTrafford FCRadcliffe Borough FC vOssett Albion FCSalford City FC vLancaster City FCWoodley Sports FC vAFC FyldeWednesday 19 th August 2009Leigh Genesis vCurzon Ashton FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Bamber Bridge FC vWarrington Town FCClitheroe FC vSkelmersdale United FCFC Halifax Town vTrafford FCHarrogate Railway FC vAFC FyldeLeigh Genesis vGarforth Town FCMossley AFC vLancaster City FCPrescot Cables FC vOssett Albion FCRadcliffe Borough FC vChorley FCSalford City FC vCurzon Ashton FCWakefield FC vColwyn Bay FCWoodley Sports FC vRossendale United FCB McGillM Corns & P Evans (BB12)M AckermanK Butler & I D SmellieP A BrabinR H Holmes & S L Jones (BL6)P GoochM Ashall & N UsherM SalisburyV Evans & J WhalleyI BonneyP Broadbent & S EckleyD S MidgleyA Broadley & N ProctorG P JohnsonG Jones & K SarsfieldA W PownallG Dinsmore & M HanleyG I ChapmanM Saville & C WhitakerC BuxtonP B Duckworth & W J KingC KavanaghM Ashworth & C HynesJ MainwaringA Jason & S OsiadaczP L AndersonP Maxson & P J RobinsonP A BrabinC Behn & A EastwoodI D KneeD Lamport & G ScottP DermottP Adamson & D FormbyM A PowellS Berry & A BowenD McDonaldJ M Hayes & J Vallance36

Monday 24 th August 2009Curzon Ashton FC vBamber Bridge FCTuesday 25 th August 2009AFC Fylde vMossley AFCChorley FC vFC Halifax TownColwyn Bay FC vPrescot Cables FCGarforth Town FC vClitheroe FCLancaster City FC vLeigh GenesisOssett Albion FC vWoodley Sports FCRossendale United FC vRadcliffe Borough FCSkelmersdale United FC vSalford City FCTrafford FC vHarrogate Railway FCWarrington Town FC vWakefield FCMonday 31 st August 2009Bamber Bridge FC vLancaster City FCClitheroe FC vAFC FyldeFC Halifax Town vGarforth Town FCHarrogate Railway FC vOssett Albion FCLeigh Genesis vWarrington Town FCMossley AFC vChorley FCPrescot Cables FC vSkelmersdale United FCRadcliffe Borough FC vColwyn Bay FCS DurbinA S Cawtherley & J T WilsonI SiddallN J Croft & D FisherG T StottS Parker & J VallanceA D HutchinsonW E Gresty & S MulhallW E GrunnillP Andrews & D ParkinsonM SalisburyW J King & R W SkeathR W MartinS Berry & E J SimmsI E GittinsN J Cox & A GearR M PollockM Ashall & K HoughtonI EdwardsC Duckworth & I HussinJ E JohnsonA Butler & P NurseS A OldhamP Mahon & D RogersP T KettlewellR A Denton & R PattersonD I StorrieA Bowen & J CunninghamT PeartE S Hock & I JohnstonM A AstleyJ Perselli & S R MycockT MasseyC D Ahme & P WilcoxA C NewellM A Green (PR3) & S RuddK J MattocksK Sarsfield & W Slinger37

Salford City FC vRossendale United FCWakefield FC vCurzon Ashton FCWoodley Sports FC vTrafford FCM DuncanP Gibbons & J LedshamM A WhiteP M Hartley & R TarbattM J ParryC G Brown & M P EvansNorthern Premier League, Division One SouthSaturday 15 th August 2009Belper Town FC vWillenhall Town FCCammell Laird FC vBrigg Town FCGoole AFC vCarlton Town FCLeek Town FC vLoughborough Dynamo FCLincoln United FC vChasetown FCMarket Drayton Town vGrantham Town FCQuorn FC vKidsgrove Athletic FCRushall Olympic FC vGlapwell FCSheffield FC vStamford AFCShepshed Dynamo FC vMickleover Sports FCSpalding United FC vWitton Albion FCTuesday 18 th August 2009Brigg Town FC vSpalding United FCCarlton Town FC vQuorn FCChasetown FC vShepshed Dynamo FCGlapwell FC vBelper Town FCM GriffithsD Guest & C A UnwinG HiltonS Clarke & M P EvansG I ChapmanK Butler & T HewittN DayP Brown (DE7) & T StorerM T JonesS Stevenson & C C Ward (HU20)D GrattonB J Robinson & P StubbsR PattersonL Brindley & P DixonS J WilliamsC Allen (B31) & L RashidS J CookK Guise & P VardyR Ellis (CV4)B Boyle & R DadleyN W GuestD Cook (DN35) & G SartainP A Cook (HU5)C A Hitchcock & C C Ward (HU20)S J MeredithA Park & S SwainM A BinghamM Giblin & S J LaneC Ward (S81)P Dixon & P Vardy38

Grantham Town FC vGoole AFCKidsgrove Athletic FC vSheffield FCLoughborough Dynamo FC vMarket Drayton TownStamford AFC vLincoln United FCWillenhall Town FC vLeek Town FCWitton Albion FC vRushall Olympic FCWednesday 19 th August 2009Mickleover Sports FC vCammell Laird FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Brigg Town FC vShepshed Dynamo FCCarlton Town FC vCammell Laird FCChasetown FC vQuorn FCGlapwell FC vMarket Drayton TownGrantham Town FC vSheffield FCKidsgrove Athletic FC vSpalding United FCLeek Town FC vMickleover Sports FCLoughborough Dynamo FC vLincoln United FCStamford AFC vRushall Olympic FCWillenhall Town FC vGoole AFCWitton Albion FC vBelper Town FCI A DudleyJ Bateman & G KissaneA MooreL Barnett & J WhartonP R UptonK Andrews & A StickleyR J EarlM Gupta & R G RobertsonM J WilkesD Humphreys & C TrottP DunnI Dixon & M J SherwinD NaylorA Dallison & H RowbothamK W HaycockJ Collinson & M D DwyerG MellorD Henfrey & J NortonS M PlaneM Foden & J D WalkerM ChesterP J King & J StanleyM LeslieS Ayres & C BanksM J WilkesM Billingham & P L HardistyMs S GarrattA P Legg & K WiddettP MatonS L Rolfe & C M Ward (CV2)C J MarshallJ Brooks & R DesmondM GrandaR Gould & T D SharrattD J RobertsM Rickard & V RossiTuesday 25 th August 2009Belper Town FC vGrantham Town FCD K BentonR Carlisle & D Reeves39

Cammell Laird FC vLoughborough Dynamo FCGoole AFC vStamford AFCLeek Town FC vBrigg Town FCLincoln United FC vKidsgrove Athletic FCMarket Drayton Town vWitton Albion FCQuorn FC vWillenhall Town FCRushall Olympic FC vMickleover Sports FCSheffield FC vChasetown FCShepshed Dynamo FC vGlapwell FCSpalding United FC vCarlton Town FCMonday 31 st August 2009Brigg Town FC vLincoln United FCCarlton Town FC vSheffield FCChasetown FC vRushall Olympic FCGlapwell FC vGoole AFCGrantham Town FC vSpalding United FCKidsgrove Athletic FC vCammell Laird FCLoughborough Dynamo FC vShepshed Dynamo FCMickleover Sports FC vBelper Town FCStamford AFC vQuorn FCR AckersM Hanley & P Howard (L31)A McIntyreA Brailey & M A GrahamW D SmallwoodD Morris & N ProctorS Richardson (NG19)J Dixon & R A JacksonM GrandaD Critchlow & L SinclairM T JonesD Bourne & B L PolkeyJ D S MayhewI Bate & A GlazzardP I ThompsonA Broadley & S R ThomsonP MatonC Gee & S L RolfeS R M Procter-GreenM Hopton & G WinwrightW E GrunnillS V Barber & S P CooperM C DexterW Pare & S A WilloughbyN HobbisS K Checketts & M HomerA R ParkerA R Pashley & M TurtonD NaylorS Abbott & S A Richardson (NG17)M R ThorleyS Cundall & R Goodwin-DaveyG C LawC Banks & G A LoadesD P MeesonA Sarginson & R WatsonA HarveyA R Green & T Sharrock40

Willenhall Town FC vMarket Drayton TownWitton Albion FC vLeek Town FCJ D S MayhewS J Lane & L P MartinJ L MadineN J Badger & G Dinsmore41

North West Counties, Premier DivisionSaturday 8 th August 2009Abbey Hey FC vSt Helens Town FCBacup Borough FC vSquires Gate FCBootle FC vSilsden AFCCongleton Town FC vAtherton LR FCFormby FC vNew Mills FCGlossop North End FC vAshton Athletic FCMaine Road FC vNelson FCNewcastle Town FC vRamsbottom United FCPadiham FC vAlsager Town FCRuncorn Linnets FC vFlixton FCWinsford United FC vColne FCMonday 10 th August 2009New Mills FC vRuncorn Linnets FCTuesday 11 th August 2009Alsager Town FC vCongleton Town FCAshton Athletic FC vWinsford United FCAtherton LR FC vMaine Road FCRamsbottom United FC vGlossop North End FCSquires Gate FC vFormby FCSt Helens Town FC vBootle FCM SalisburyD Fisher & A ParkinsonP L AndersonS Cundall & S ParkerA ClaytonC Behn & C G BrownR L JohnsonC D Ahme & J FernsD McDonaldP Evans (BB12) & J PayneD S StrainS Eckley & J T WilsonN S DaviesR Abson & W E GrestyM AckermanN Smitham & A WorthingtonD I StorrieM G O'Neill & S D Taylor (LS29)C RushtonR Crawford & D CritchlowN DayD Fernyhough & A J MappersonM A AstleyJ M Hayes & T ThomasJ HullP Adamson & P J RobinsonI SiddallA Jason & P WilcoxR M PollockS Clarke & P Walker (L23)C BuxtonM Corns & V RossiP HodskinsonV P Baldwin & R W SkeathM R ThorleyS R Mycock & M Rickard42

Wednesday 12 th August 2009Colne FC vBacup Borough FCFlixton FC vNewcastle Town FCNelson FC vAbbey Hey FCSilsden AFC vPadiham FCTuesday 18 th August 2009Abbey Hey FC vBacup Borough FCBootle FC vFormby FCCongleton Town FC vNew Mills FCMaine Road FC vFlixton FCNewcastle Town FC vWinsford United FCSquires Gate FC vRamsbottom United FCSt Helens Town FC vAshton Athletic FCS A OldhamP Evans (BB12) & A GearS L MasseyS Mather & I MuncasterG I ChapmanA Bowen & G ScottN GreenhalghP B Duckworth & W SlingerS DurbinD Channon & P MaxsonS J CopelandD Hitchell & G HughesB LambS Cundall & J VallanceJ MainwaringC D Ahme & J T WilsonP L AndersonR Darfi & G WilcoxS LucasG Davies & L DoughtyJ E JohnsonA Eastwood & J Morgan (WN2)Wednesday 19 th August 2009Glossop North End FC vAtherton LR FCPadiham FC vColne FCRuncorn Linnets FC vAlsager Town FCSilsden AFC vNelson FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Alsager Town FC vAbbey Hey FCAtherton LR FC vPadiham FCBootle FC vGlossop North End FCJ HullK Marchant & R ReesB K CroppN Smith (FY4) & D UnderwoodA W PownallN Barnard & D RogersG S HockJ Collinson & M SavilleG P JohnsonA Broadley & S MulhallI EdwardsA Butler & J OwenB TonerJ Ledsham & B J Robinson43

Colne FC vSt Helens Town FCNelson FC vRuncorn Linnets FCNew Mills FC vBacup Borough FCNewcastle Town FC vMaine Road FCRamsbottom United FC vFlixton FCSquires Gate FC vCongleton Town FCWinsford United FC vFormby FCMonday 24 th August 2009New Mills FC vAbbey Hey FCTuesday 25 th August 2009Alsager Town FC vBootle FCAshton Athletic FC vCongleton Town FCAtherton LR FC vSilsden AFCFormby FC vRuncorn Linnets FCSt Helens Town FC vNewcastle Town FCWinsford United FC vGlossop North End FCWednesday 26 th August 2009Bacup Borough FC vRamsbottom United FCColne FC vMaine Road FCFlixton FC vPadiham FCNelson FC vSquires Gate FCC DuvalD Bennett & A ClearieS LucasD Adamson & N UsherJ HullR Andrew & L BarnettM D'AguilarN Proctor & S R ThomsonB K CroppM A Green (PR3) & G JonesT PinderA Bennett & S L Jones (BL6)P P DaviesJ Eadon & D MorrisM WalshK Frampton & S Smith (S42)S EaglandS Ireland & P J ReadeG EtchellsL Doughty & D McNamaraM RawcliffeA Hussain & R WildP R MarsdenM E Doherty & A ParkinsonJ HullD Channon & R Goodwin-DaveyN S DaviesI Bishop & S W Jones (CH63)B McGillC Isherwood & S RuddM A PowellC Hainsworth & J HalleyD S StrainS Mohan & P StubbsP DermottJ Payne & C I Thomson44

Southern League, Premier DivisionSaturday 15 th August 2009Banbury United FC vStourbridge FCBedford Town FC vTruro City FCChippenham Town FC vNuneaton TownClevedon Town FC vDidcot Town FCEvesham United FC vBrackley Town FCFarnborough vLeamington FCHalesowen Town FC vHemel Hempstead Town FCHednesford Town FC vTiverton Town FCMerthyr Tydfil FC vBashley FCOxford City FC vCambridge City FCSwindon Supermarine FC vRugby Town FCMonday 17 th August 2009Cambridge City FC vBanbury United FCTuesday 18 th August 2009Bashley FC vSwindon Supermarine FCBrackley Town FC vFarnboroughDidcot Town FC vChippenham Town FCHemel Hempstead Town FC vOxford City FCLeamington FC vEvesham United FCNuneaton Town vHalesowen Town FCP B RedmondS Jack & S T TobinS P FeerickN Phillips & T McCreadieM PottageI J Harley & K WilliamsA M TurnerP Lister & Q IskanderP J HobdayS P Taylor (B17) & C TrottS A ScottW Thomas & S GrahamA R ParkerP Astle & D HenfreyK HaywardM Barlow & K LawtonK L MorrisA Berrow & B DurieT PowerB J Doherty & D JarrettS J D DalyG Barter & C WelshS MealeD A Robinson & D M MyhillI ParsonsC Hubbard & P KnightP MatonS Smith (OX4) & D BurnsA QuelchJ Balcombe & G PoynterS MaynardA D Aylott & G ViccarsA P BarneyD Crowe & R O'MahonyT HollidgeS Ayres & M Smith (LE9)45

Rugby Town FC vBedford Town FCStourbridge FC vHednesford Town FCTruro City FC vMerthyr Tydfil FCWednesday 19 th August 2009Tiverton Town FC vClevedon Town FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Bashley FC vClevedon Town FCBrackley Town FC vHalesowen Town FCCambridge City FC vSwindon Supermarine FCDidcot Town FC vHednesford Town FCHemel Hempstead Town FC vMerthyr Tydfil FCLeamington FC vBanbury United FCNuneaton Town vOxford City FCRugby Town FC vChippenham Town FCStourbridge FC vBedford Town FCTiverton Town FC vEvesham United FCTruro City FC vFarnboroughTuesday 25 th August 2009Banbury United FC vBashley FCBedford Town FC vLeamington FCChippenham Town FC vHemel Hempstead Town FCClevedon Town FC vStourbridge FCS M HutchinsonT Knight (NG2) & C LangtonJ M LawJ Clark & A KhalfeR T AtkinD Goard & S NuteB R HuxtableA Cloak & M CurtisJ W Scott (MK18)M D Parfect & L SenavirathnaI J RathboneK M Hathrell & R PettipherS P FeerickM Taylor (PE30) & D PinderC E HusbandK P Bushnell & S Smith (OX4)R G JamesS Anscomb & C CampbellG C LawM Johnson & J W KingD P PlowrightH Karaivanov & A T SewardS J CookP Dixon & T StorerS P BennettN Faunch & P J ReadeP L ReesA W Ricketts & L J M HoskinM H WhaleyA J Quin & S M PaulS J PhippsD Leach & R PartlettC J KnowlesG Colby & M WardellM RussellM Halford & J HooperL SwabeyD W T Brown & A P Tinkler46

Evesham United FC vNuneaton TownHednesford Town FC vBrackley Town FCMerthyr Tydfil FC vTiverton Town FCOxford City FC vRugby Town FCWednesday 26 th August 2009Farnborough vDidcot Town FCHalesowen Town FC vCambridge City FCSwindon Supermarine FC vTruro City FCSaturday 29 th August 2009Banbury United FC vOxford City FCBashley FC vEvesham United FCCambridge City FC vNuneaton TownClevedon Town FC vFarnboroughDidcot Town FC vStourbridge FCHalesowen Town FC vSwindon Supermarine FCHednesford Town FC vTruro City FCA J HortonP Hill & D KuzmanovicO YatesR Abson & S G SwallowS C KnappA Raggett & R CockleA L MatthewsT Blanch & S GlydeW BullS J Finch & N WilliamsN RadfordJ T Harris & B NyatangaP L ReesD McEllin & J WaltonD EatonM K Powell & M E ChidleyC J LymerM L Taylor (GU34) & I Thomson (GU35)A SannerudeP R Goldsmith & P E Smith (NR20)K L MorrisA Baker (HR7) & S D OakeyA CogginsK M Howick & J FarriesC E HusbandT I Curtis & G WalkerD GrattonD Hill & M J SwinscoeHemel Hempstead Town FC vR A MackayBrackley Town FC A M Crawford & M Wilson (SG 8)Leamington FC vChippenham Town FCMerthyr Tydfil FC vBedford Town FCTiverton Town FC vRugby Town FCMonday 31 st August 2009Bedford Town FC vHemel Hempstead Town FCT HollidgeM Connolly & I C RaynorP L ReesW J Mortimer & E HuntM H WhaleyW T Pearce & I LoaderG S HamblingP Burnham & M Kurudere47

Brackley Town FC vCambridge City FCChippenham Town FC vClevedon Town FCEvesham United FC vMerthyr Tydfil FCFarnborough vBashley FCNuneaton Town vHednesford Town FCOxford City FC vDidcot Town FCRugby Town FC vLeamington FCStourbridge FC vHalesowen Town FCSwindon Supermarine FC vBanbury United FCTruro City FC vTiverton Town FCS P BeckM Wardell & M GospelA L MatthewsS T Cook & M K PowellM S PerryA P Legg & J D WalkerA A LaverD Gordon & S P ThorneS J BarrowN Pratt & T D SharrattC J KnowlesW Chalmers & S Barry (NN4)M E MurphyM B Hancock & P L HardistyM HowesM Pearson (DY3) & S SharpeW BullM Taylor (SO45) & S SaundersA M TurnerA Salter & A C Foster (PO16)Southern League, Division One MidlandsSaturday 15 th August 2009Atherstone Town FC vBury Town FCBarton Rovers FC vStourport Swifts FCBeaconsfield SYCOB FC vWoodford United FCBiggleswade Town FC vAylesbury United FCBromsgrove Rovers FC vChesham United FCBurnham FC vArlesey Town FCHitchin Town FC vMarlow FCLeighton Town FC vRomulus FCRothwell Town FC vAFC SudburyA P BarneyR Desmond & C HammondC J O'DonnellW Chalmers & D AventT DonnellanG Kinnear & S MillarC ReeveW J French & C WarnA J HortonS Ireland & A KhalfeD Cook (PO12)I Thomson (GU35) & S HawkesR A MackayM Wilson (SG 8) & D LawsonG R RussellW Bright & E ClarkM LeslieA Parker & S A Willoughby48

Soham Town Rangers FC vBedworth United FCSutton Coldfield Town FC vSlough Town FCTuesday 18 th August 2009AFC Sudbury vHitchin Town FCArlesey Town FC vSoham Town Rangers FCBedworth United FC vBromsgrove Rovers FCBury Town FC vBiggleswade Town FCChesham United FC vBarton Rovers FCMarlow FC vBeaconsfield SYCOB FCRomulus FC vAtherstone Town FCSlough Town FC vBurnham FCStourport Swifts FC vSutton Coldfield Town FCWoodford United FC vLeighton Town FCWednesday 19 th August 2009Aylesbury United FC vRothwell Town FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009AFC Sudbury vBeaconsfield SYCOB FCArlesey Town FC vAtherstone Town FCAylesbury United FC vSoham Town Rangers FCBedworth United FC vBurnham FCBury Town FC vSutton Coldfield Town FCChesham United FC vLeighton Town FCG S HamblingN Springall & M J TimminsJ A SheffieldD Cheosiaua & R WatsonC J FrancisM Potkins & D J HaynesR C HodgesC Campbell & R EndacottC J MarsdenM Fletcher & A HowsonA SannerudeE Reid & M J CoxallD TomkinsV Torre & R HeyP B RedmondS Jack & B JamesJ G Scott (B79)N Faunch & R GouldL ForresterR Trinder & J PanconiR Lovegrove MBET Harty & C TaylorM E MurphyP Bliss & J GloverP A ForresterP Wideson & A C HyneS FranklinG Maskell & N A PavittC ReeveM Shaw & A BentT DonnellanD Aylott & P NemethS Brown (B98)K Allen & W PareL BettsN Springall & M J TimminsL ForresterJ Wynne & J Panconi49

Marlow FC vBromsgrove Rovers FCRomulus FC vRothwell Town FCSlough Town FC vBarton Rovers FCStourport Swifts FC vBiggleswade Town FCWoodford United FC vHitchin Town FCMonday 24 th August 2009Beaconsfield SYCOB FC vChesham United FCSutton Coldfield Town FC vBedworth United FCTuesday 25 th August 2009Atherstone Town FC vStourport Swifts FCBarton Rovers FC vMarlow FCBiggleswade Town FC vWoodford United FCBromsgrove Rovers FC vRomulus FCBurnham FC vAylesbury United FCHitchin Town FC vBury Town FCLeighton Town FC vSlough Town FCRothwell Town FC vArlesey Town FCSoham Town Rangers FC vAFC SudburyR C HodgesG Viccars & W J FrenchC RushtonK Lawlor & R PriceA FieldI Lowe & A C HyneP R UptonC Gee & S HillR H SmithS K Checketts & A GlazzardC J O'DonnellS Anscomb & D A KightM A BinghamK Andrews & M BillinghamR J EarlD Bullen & J NortonN A Smith (PE10)P Goodacre & J ThoroldC J FrancisA Da Costa & M E Wilson (CB5)R H SmithC Hanna & D HillG R RussellB J Doherty & J M Smith (NN9)J SteelC Holmes & T HancockR G JamesC Campbell & R EndacottM C DexterS Beswick & T SharrockA SannerudeA Rayner & S SpencerSouthern League, Division One South & WestSaturday 15 th August 2009Andover FC vAFC TottonBedfont Green vMangotsfield United FCP NicholasC M Hopkins & M D ParfectJ M Mellor (HP2)R Hey & V Torre50

Bishops Cleeve FC vBracknell Town FCBridgwater Town FC vThatcham Town FCCinderford Town FC vWindsor & Eton FCFrome Town FC vAbingdon United FCGosport Borough FC vTaunton Town FCHungerford Town FC vVT FCPaulton Rovers FC vCirencester Town FCUxbridge FC vNorth Leigh FCYate Town FC vAFC HayesTuesday 18 th August 2009Abingdon United FC vBedfont GreenAFC Hayes vHungerford Town FCAFC Totton vFrome Town FCBracknell Town FC vUxbridge FCCirencester Town FC vBishops Cleeve FCMangotsfield United FC vBridgwater Town FCNorth Leigh FC vCinderford Town FCTaunton Town FC vPaulton Rovers FCThatcham Town FC vYate Town FCVT FC vGosport Borough FCWindsor & Eton FC vAndover FCMs S GarrattM Billingham & S K CheckettsA TranterM Hunter & N IddiolsM J WilkesM E Chidley & C Smith (HR2)D JaceckoP Humphrey & N SykesI KavanaghM Ronan & M GaddS MaynardG Poynter & J A HollierP LavelleC Miles & A J DawkinsI ParsonsR Burton & C BurtonA L MatthewsD McEllin & J GordonP LavelleL Senavirathna & N WilliamsC WicksB Murdoch & A FoxM DerrienD Berry & A DineS ReaM Engelbretson & A HickmanA CogginsR Partlett & K P BushnellA BirdA P Hunt & M NiemirskiC J WilliamsI Lowe & E MooreR J CorpM Lawrence & R AbramsK KirkbrideI Skull & M OakesD TreleavenN Iddiols & N NorrisD JaceckoR Simon & A Farrelly51

Saturday 22 nd August 2009Abingdon United FC vPaulton Rovers FCAFC Hayes vCinderford Town FCAFC Totton vBridgwater Town FCBracknell Town FC vGosport Borough FCCirencester Town FC vHungerford Town FCMangotsfield United FC vFrome Town FCNorth Leigh FC vAndover FCTaunton Town FC vUxbridge FCThatcham Town FC vBedfont GreenVT FC vBishops Cleeve FCWindsor & Eton FC vYate Town FCMonday 24 th August 2009Gosport Borough FC vWindsor & Eton FCPaulton Rovers FC vMangotsfield United FCTuesday 25 th August 2009Andover FC vAFC HayesBedfont Green vBracknell Town FCBridgwater Town FC vCirencester Town FCCinderford Town FC vTaunton Town FCHungerford Town FC vAFC TottonUxbridge FC vVT FCA FieldingJ Farries & C KiddP B RedmondS Jack & B JamesD TreleavenG Barter & M YeatsK KirkbrideB V O'Toole & S FarrellI RobinsonP Humphrey & M NiemirskiR C HulmeI J Harley & J DanielsM A BinghamR Partlett & O DoltonJ McCafferyD Goard & S NuteI KavanaghA Beavis & R BurtonR TaylorR Magrath & J RakeM A TweedP M Smith (N11) & E AndrewsP LavelleK Petrov & S A JohnsonS AnnisT Burley & J StroutS MaynardA Moisey & C ReadettC WicksM Sarah & B KebarR J CorpP Lister & C R PinkA ShilstonM K Powell & M TudorS ReaA Mirza & S WoodisonJ M Mellor (HP2)P Wideson & R Hey52

Yate Town FC vNorth Leigh FCWednesday 26 th August 2009Bishops Cleeve FC vAbingdon United FCFrome Town FC vThatcham Town FCM T RushtonG Barter & N NorrisP B RedmondD Burns & K M HowickM H WhaleyA J Quin & D HardingSouthern League Championship MatchSaturday 1 st August 2009Corby Town FC vAtherstone Town FCM C DexterS A Richardson (NG17) & H Rowbotham53

Western League, Premier DivisionSaturday 8 th August 2009Bideford FC vBishop Sutton FCBitton AFC vBarnstaple Town FCBristol Manor Farm FC vCalne Town FCDawlish Town FC vBrislington FCHallen FC vCorsham Town FCIlfracombe Town FC vLongwell Green Sports_Larkhall Athletic FC vSherborne Town FCMelksham Town FC vRadstock Town FCStreet FC vWilland Rovers FCWelton Rovers FC vWellington FCTuesday 11 th August 2009Barnstaple Town FC vWellington FCBrislington FC vBristol Manor Farm FCLongwell Green Sports_ vHallen FCRadstock Town FC vBitton AFCWednesday 12 th August 2009Bishop Sutton FC vWelton Rovers FCCalne Town FC vLarkhall Athletic FCCorsham Town FC vMelksham Town FCSherborne Town FC vStreet FCA J HopkinsL Dudman & S NuteA L MatthewsD J Rees & E BishopR C HulmeK Williams & J BishopC Ward (S81)I Loader & D ThompsonR J CorpP Collyer & J DanielsM J CairnsA Smith (TA6) & R AbramsD JaceckoS T Tobin & M NiemirskiD TomkinsS Smith (OX4) & O DoltonR TaylorS F Barclay & D PelkaA TranterI C Timms & J RakeJ McCafferyP F Wellington & M AultT WoodS Glyde & J MizziP L ReesD Ricketts & A D HunterR TaylorM Lawrence & R LawrenceD Bryant (BS24)L J M Hoskin & J HadfieldC WadeP Gilbert & I BardsleyD JaceckoP Humphrey & A P HuntA TranterP Knight & R Magrath54

Willand Rovers FC vIlfracombe Town FCMonday 17 th August 2009Melksham Town FC vBitton AFCTuesday 18 th August 2009Bristol Manor Farm FC vLongwell Green Sports_Street FC vRadstock Town FCWelton Rovers FC vCalne Town FCWednesday 19 th August 2009Hallen FC vBrislington FCLarkhall Athletic FC vBishop Sutton FCSaturday 22 nd August 2009Barnstaple Town FC vLarkhall Athletic FCBishop Sutton FC vWellington FCBitton AFC vBideford FCBrislington FC vIlfracombe Town FCCalne Town FC vDawlish Town FCCorsham Town FC vStreet FCLongwell Green Sports_ vMelksham Town FCRadstock Town FC vHallen FCSherborne Town FC vWelton Rovers FCWilland Rovers FC vBristol Manor Farm FCTuesday 25 th August 2009Bideford FC vWilland Rovers FCR T AtkinA P Tinkler & D W T BrownC WadeK P Horrigan & P ByfieldM PottageI J Harley & N SykesR GillardD C Milton & A GibbonsR TaylorS F Barclay & D PelkaN P BrimmingC M Young & J GordonR C HulmeM Veater & K WilliamsS AnnisT Burley & I RobertsD EatonM E Chidley & L SheridanK L MorrisA Baker (HR7) & D SallisD Bryant (BS24)M Halford & J HooperA TranterD Gillespie & D HowardC WadeB J Cobb & G M J ParsonsN P BrimmingW J Mortimer & D McEllinM DerrienM A Long & D PelkaC J MillerM Edworthy & J HaywoodA J HopkinsA Cloak & L CousinsC J MillerD Goard & C Stevens55

Bristol Manor Farm FC vWelton Rovers FCDawlish Town FC vWellington FCSaturday 29 th August 2009Bitton AFC vRadstock Town FCBrislington FC vBideford FCCalne Town FC vMelksham Town FCCorsham Town FC vDawlish Town FCHallen FC vLarkhall Athletic FCIlfracombe Town FC vBarnstaple Town FCLongwell Green Sports_ vWilland Rovers FCStreet FC vSherborne Town FCWelton Rovers FC vBishop Sutton FCN P BrimmingW J Mortimer & J MadarasA M TurnerQ Iskander & A A FullamI RobinsonK I Barnett & S T TobinA J NewellD Ricketts & A D HunterC WicksB Murdoch & S LeeD Bryant (BS24)J Hadfield & L J M HoskinA L MatthewsA Berrow & S T CookA M TurnerG Harris & M KearneyA ShilstonD J Rees & A PhillipsA J HopkinsP Lister & I IgnatM PottageP Collyer & J Bishop56

Premier League Academy U18Saturday 22 nd August 2009Barnsley FC (U18) vPortsmouth FC (U18)Birmingham City FC (U18) vSheffield Wednesday FC (U18)Blackburn Rovers FC (U18) vChelsea FC (U18)Bristol City FC (U18) vCrewe Alexandra FC (U18)Cardiff City FC (U18) vManchester City FC (U18)Charlton Athletic FC (U18) vBolton Wanderers FC (U18)Crystal Palace FC (U18) vDerby County FC (U18)Everton FC (U18) vWest Ham United FC (U18)Fulham FC (U18) vLiverpool FC (U18)Huddersfield Town FC (U18) vCoventry City FC (U18)Ipswich Town FC (U18) vWest Bromwich Albion FC (U18)Leeds United FC (U18) vNorwich City FC (U18)Leicester City FC (U18) vSunderland AFC (U18)Manchester United FC (U18) vSouthampton FC (U18)Middlesbrough FC (U18) vTottenham Hotspur FC (U18)Newcastle United FC (U18) vAston Villa FC (U18)Nottingham Forest FC (U18) vWatford FC (U18)Sheffield United FC (U18) vArsenal FC (U18)Stoke City FC (U18) vMilton Keynes Dons (U18)D K BentonJ A SheffieldA MooreD RickettsTo be appointed by FAWM O'KeefeA BakalarzN DayD A JonesC GrundyK L TheobaldM McGrathA Wood (NG19)O YatesP K ThompsonE D MartinJ G Scott (B79)G S HockS Eagland57

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (U18) vReading FC (U18)Friday 28 th August 2009Milton Keynes Dons (U18) vHuddersfield Town FC (U18)Saturday 29 th August 2009Arsenal FC (U18) vLeeds United FC (U18)Aston Villa FC (U18) vMiddlesbrough FC (U18)Bolton Wanderers FC (U18) vBirmingham City FC (U18)Chelsea FC (U18) vNottingham Forest FC (U18)Coventry City FC (U18) vEverton FC (U18)Crewe Alexandra FC (U18) vCardiff City FC (U18)Derby County FC (U18) vIpswich Town FC (U18)Liverpool FC (U18) vLeicester City FC (U18)Manchester City FC (U18) vCrystal Palace FC (U18)Norwich City FC (U18) vBarnsley FC (U18)Portsmouth FC (U18) vSheffield United FC (U18)Reading FC (U18) vBlackburn Rovers FC (U18)Sheffield Wednesday FC (U18) vBristol City FC (U18)Southampton FC (U18) vWolverhampton Wanderers FC (U18)Sunderland AFC (U18) vFulham FC (U18)Tottenham Hotspur FC (U18) vManchester United FC (U18)Watford FC (U18) vNewcastle United FC (U18)R Lovegrove MBEJ M Mellor (HP2)J HillierS Brown (B98)R AckersA GillettS J WilliamsM D'AguilarR Ellis (CV4)R J JonesI BonneyG SandellC WadeM EvaC DuvalS A ScottT S RogersT DonnellanL Forrester58

West Bromwich Albion FC (U18) vCharlton Athletic FC (U18)West Ham United FC (U18) vStoke City FC (U18)R PattersonS Franklin59

Football League Youth Alliance U18- North & Midlands EastSaturday 15 th August 2009Bradford City (U18) vChesterfield FC (U18)Darlington FC (U18) vHull City FC (U18)Doncaster Rovers FC (U18) vBurton Albion (U18)Grimsby Town FC (U18) vNotts County FC (U18)Hartlepool United FC (U18) vMansfield Town FC (U18)Rotherham United FC (U18) vLincoln City FC (U18)York City FC (U18) vScunthorpe United FC (U18)Saturday 22 nd August 2009Burton Albion (U18) vBradford City (U18)Chesterfield FC (U18) vHartlepool United FC (U18)Hull City FC (U18) vGrimsby Town FC (U18)Lincoln City FC (U18) vYork City FC (U18)Mansfield Town FC (U18) vDarlington FC (U18)Notts County FC (U18) vDoncaster Rovers FC (U18)Scunthorpe United FC (U18) vRotherham United FC (U18)Saturday 29 th August 2009Bradford City (U18) vLincoln City FC (U18)Darlington FC (U18) vNotts County FC (U18)Doncaster Rovers FC (U18) vChesterfield FC (U18)Grimsby Town FC (U18) vScunthorpe United FC (U18)C DuvalM RyanD S MidgleyD NuttingS ClaytonM D DwyerL W H SmithK HaywardN Walker (S66)K D G LawsonN W GuestD CarrattM BellP A Cook (HU5)P BookerA BackhouseM ParkerA McIntyre60

Hartlepool United FC (U18) vBurton Albion (U18)Rotherham United FC (U18) vMansfield Town FC (U18)York City FC (U18) vHull City FC (U18)S D RowntreeA Wood (NG19)R WoottonFootball League Youth Alliance U18- North & Midlands WestSaturday 15 th August 2009Blackpool FC (U18) vTranmere Rovers FC (U18)Carlisle United (U18) vRochdale FC (U18)Chester City FC (U18) vWalsall FC (U18)Morecambe (U18) vBurnley FC (U18)Oldham Athletic FC (U18) vAccrington Stanley (U18)Port Vale FC (U18) vWigan Athletic FC (U18)Preston North End FC (U18) vBury FC (U18)Shrewsbury Town FC (U18) vWrexham FC (U18)Stockport County FC (U18) vMacclesfield Town FC (U18)Saturday 22 nd August 2009Accrington Stanley (U18) vPreston North End FC (U18)Burnley FC (U18) vBlackpool FC (U18)Bury FC (U18) vRochdale FC (U18)Carlisle United (U18) vOldham Athletic FC (U18)Macclesfield Town FC (U18) vChester City FC (U18)Tranmere Rovers FC (U18) vPort Vale FC (U18)Walsall FC (U18) vJ HullB A LawW D SmallwoodP A BrabinA W PownallM GrandaJ E JohnsonA D HutchinsonM CornsP DunnI E GittinsM AckermanJ P CorkhillR Goodwin-DaveyM J ParryM J Steward61

Shrewsbury Town FC (U18)Wigan Athletic FC (U18) vMorecambe (U18)Wrexham FC (U18) vStockport County FC (U18)Saturday 29 th August 2009Blackpool FC (U18) vAccrington Stanley (U18)Morecambe (U18) vBury FC (U18)Oldham Athletic FC (U18) vWrexham FC (U18)Preston North End FC (U18) vCarlisle United (U18)Rochdale FC (U18) vBurnley FC (U18)Shrewsbury Town FC (U18) vPort Vale FC (U18)Stockport County FC (U18) vChester City FC (U18)Tranmere Rovers FC (U18) vMacclesfield Town FC (U18)Walsall FC (U18) vWigan Athletic FC (U18)G DaviesJ L MadineP T KettlewellR H HolmesM R ThorleyG EtchellsB LambMs S GarrattS J CopelandD S StrainJ M LawFootball League Youth Alliance U18- South East ConferenceSaturday 15 th August 2009Brighton & Hove Albion FC (U18) vSouthend United FC (U18)Colchester United FC (U18) vGillingham FC (U18)Dagenham & Redbridge (U18) vMillwall (U18)Leyton Orient FC (U18) vAldershot Town (U18)Northampton Town FC (U18) vBrentford FC (U18)Peterborough United (U18) vLuton Town FC (U18)Wycombe Wanderers FC (U18) vBarnet (U18)L J RendellJ Kelly (NR12)J A Pope (CM7)J DownsC J FrancisA TyneD A Kight62

Aldershot Town (U18) vDagenham & Redbridge (U18)J PatersonSaturday 22 nd August 2009Brentford FC (U18) vPeterborough United (U18)Gillingham FC (U18) vBrighton & Hove Albion FC (U18)Millwall (U18) vColchester United FC (U18)Northampton Town FC (U18) vBarnet (U18)Queens Park Rangers FC (U18) vWycombe Wanderers FC (U18)Southend United FC (U18) vLeyton Orient FC (U18)Saturday 29 th August 2009Aldershot Town (U18) vMillwall (U18)Brentford FC (U18) vBarnet (U18)Brighton & Hove Albion FC (U18) vColchester United FC (U18)Gillingham FC (U18) vSouthend United FC (U18)Leyton Orient FC (U18) vDagenham & Redbridge (U18)Luton Town FC (U18) vQueens Park Rangers FC (U18)Wycombe Wanderers FC (U18) vNorthampton Town FC (U18)B T FurneauxG D IonsM LehaneS Barry (NN4)C W EvansG L WestonC HicksR D SmithR AllumA OldershawT RamseyR G JamesR C HodgesFootball League Youth Alliance U18- South West ConferenceSaturday 15 th August 2009AFC Bournemouth (U18) vTorquay United FC (U18)Bristol Rovers FC (U18) vSwindon Town FC (U18)Exeter City FC (U18) vSwansea City (U18)Hereford United FC (U18) vYeovil Town FC (U18)B J CobbJ HooperW T PearceS D Oakey63

Saturday 22 nd August 2009Oxford United FC (U18) vBristol Rovers FC (U18)Plymouth Argyle FC (U18) vAFC Bournemouth (U18)Swansea City (U18) vHereford United FC (U18)Torquay United FC (U18) vCheltenham Town FC (U18)Yeovil Town FC (U18) vExeter City FC (U18)Saturday 29 th August 2009AFC Bournemouth (U18) vOxford United FC (U18)Bristol Rovers FC (U18) vYeovil Town FC (U18)Cheltenham Town FC (U18) vSwansea City (U18)Exeter City FC (U18) vTorquay United FC (U18)Hereford United FC (U18) vSwindon Town FC (U18)D TomkinsL DudmanTo be appointed by FAWI LoaderA J FrickerR TaylorB R HuxtableJ D S MayhewS AnnisM J Wilkes64