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TERMS & CONDITIONSThe interested tour persons/contractors must be capable of providingvehicles of their own on the following terms & conditions -1. The make, model and version of the vehicles should be specifiedseparately and the model of the vehicles should preferably be of the model of 2009or later and they must bear white number plate. All the Vehicles must have validpermit to run in the territory of Maharashtra particularly Mumbai, Navi Mumbai,Thane, Pune & Raigad districts. The type of vehicles should be (i) Ford Fiesta,Honda City, Maruti SX4, Hyundai Verna or equivalent vehicles in case of staff cars,(ii) Manza, Logan, Ford Ikon or equivalent vehicles in case of Mid-sized Vehicles and(iii) Tavera, Scorpio or equivalent vehicles in case of SUVs.2. The successful bidder shall have to provide the desired number ofvehicles. However, in case the successful bidder expresses his inability to supplythe total number of vehicles required, the option shall be given to the next lowestbidder to supply remaining number of vehicles at the lowest quoted rates (L1).3. The bidder must have past experience of providing vehicles on hire toat least one government organization/PSU/a prominent private sector company.Preference shall be given to contractors who have provided satisfactory service tothe Income-tax Department, Thane/ Pune/ Nasik/ Mumbai before.4. The vehicle shall be at the disposal of the Income-tax Department,Thane for all the days of the month and the rate should be quoted for at least 1500km per month with a provision to carry forward the unused kms to the next monthtill the validity of the contract.5. Contracted hire charges include monthly charges of driver, repairs andmaintenance of vehicles, insurance, petrol/diesel, oil, parking, toll and also any otherH:\Letter to DIT(Systems) vehicle tender.lwp

incidental expenses in running and maintenance of cars/vehicles. Periodic servicingof the vehicles is mandatory and cost to be borne by contractor.6. In the case of any accident or any other contingency, any claim arisingout of it shall be borne by the persons/contractors only and no claim whatsoevershall be borne by the Income-tax Department, Thane.7. The vehicle shall be kept neat and clean and in perfect runningcondition and should be provided with basic amenities, neat and clean seat coversand curtains as these are to be used by the Senior Officers of the Income-taxDepartment. Parking of vehicles must be as per requirements of the controllingofficer.8. If the vehicle is out of order, the persons/contractors shall provide asubstitute vehicle immediately. In case, vehicle does not report on time/does notreport at all, the Department will have a right to hire any other vehicle from themarket and the additional cost incurred by the Department will be borne by thepersons/contractors.9. Payment shall be made by the Income-tax Department, Thane after theend of every month on the presentation of the bill within a reasonable time. However,no interest is payable on delayed payment.10. The driver running the vehicles should have valid driving license andthe vehicle should be registered with the concerned authorities of Central/State Govt.A certificate to this effect should be provided. The drivers of the vehicle providedmust have a minimum experience of 3 years and their antecedents should beverified by a police authorities, at the instance of the contractor.11. The contract between the Department and the Transport Operators canbe terminated with a notice period of one month by the either side.H:\Letter to DIT(Systems) vehicle tender.lwp

12. A penalty of Rs.1,500/- per day per vehicle may be levied, if anyvehicle fails to meet the terms and conditions prescribed herein on any day ofoperation. However, in case of frequent violations of the terms & conditions, thecontract can be cancelled forthwith at the risk and cost of persons/contractors.13. The drivers must observe all the etiquette and protocol whileperforming the duty. He must be neatly dressed, should wear proper uniform andmust carry a mobile phone in working condition, for which, no separate paymentshall be made by the Department.14. The persons/contractors and driver shall be bound to carry out theinstructions of the Department as well as of the Officers assigned to the vehicle. Thevehicle should not be used by the contractor or driver for any other organization orindividual either during day or night during the entire contract period.15. A daily record indicating time and mileage for each vehicle shall bemaintained separately in a log book.16. Dedicated Vehicles and drivers must be provided and changes will beallowed only in exceptional circumstances. The vehicle must be made available atany time of any day as desired by the Officer concerned.17. In case of non-compliance of the above terms and conditions ofcontract, a penalty may be levied on the basis of certificate signed by the ControllingOfficer. The Penalty for some of the defaults are as under:S No Nature of Default Penalty1. Late reporting by one hour Rs. 200/- per day2. Non-reporting Rs. 1,500/- per day3. Refusal of duties Rs. 1,500/- per day4. Changes of Drivers without prior intimation Rs. 500/- per instance.H:\Letter to DIT(Systems) vehicle tender.lwp

18. The Chief Commissioner of income-tax, Thane reserves the right toaccept or reject any or all quotations without assigning any reasons.19. Earnest Money Deposit (Refundable if bid is not successful) ofRs.20,000/- per car/vehicle in the form of Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque in favour ofZonal Accounts Officer, CBDT, Pune payable at SBI, Treasury Branch, Pune is to besubmitted at the time of submitting the tender in a separate envelope bearing thename of the bidder and marked 'Security deposit'. Bids without the earnest moneydeposit shall be treated as void and will not be considered for opening.20. Bids once submitted shall not allowed to be withdrawn and any defaultafter acceptance of bid shall be deemed to be non-compliance of terms of contractand would be liable to forfeiture of security deposit and penalty levied as the casemay be. The successful bidders shall provide details of all vehicles within 10 days ofbid opening date and also present himself for signing the agreement as and whencalled for. Further, the cars/vehicles are to be provided for duty w.e.f. 01.04.2010.21. In the event of the award of the tender & prior to execution of thecontract, the contractor shall be required to submit copies of the RegistrationCertificate and comprehensive Insurance Policies of the cars/vehicles being offeredfor hire & particulars with photograph of the drivers dedicated to each vehicle. Heshall also be required to produce the vehicles in the Income-tax office, Thane for thephysical verification/inspection.22. This contract will be effective for duration of 24 month from 01-04-2010unless terminated earlier as per clause No. 11 & 12 mentioned above. The contractmay be renewed for a further period of 12 months as mutually agreed upon, subjectto satisfactory performance of the persons/contractors which will be reviewed afterevery 12 months i.e. on annual basis.H:\Letter to DIT(Systems) vehicle tender.lwp

Other Information to be supplied for Technical bid:The interested parties are requested to provide the followinginformation along with the quotations:-1. Name and address of the persons/contractors.2. Nature of business.3. Income Tax assessment particulars, Ward & PAN.4. Details of each category of vehicles like- make, model, version, reg. no. etcalong with proof of ownership.Category:(i) Staff CarsType of VehiclesFord Fiesta, Honda City, Maruti SX4,Hyundai Verna or equivalent vehicles(ii) Mid-sized VehiclesManza, Logan, Ford Ikonor equivalent vehicles(iii) SUVsTavera, Scorpioor equivalent vehicles5. If all the vehicles not owned are to be pressed in service, contract with theowners placing the vehicles at the disposal of the bidder may be furnished;6. Turnover during the past three years.7. Details of hiring of vehicles done in the past:-7.1 Names and addresses of the parties to whom vehicles were given onhire;7.2 Period for which the vehicles were hired out;7.3 Number of vehicles given on hire.H:\Letter to DIT(Systems) vehicle tender.lwp

FINANCIAL BIDThe rate per car/vehicle should be specified (exclusive of Service Tax) for 1500 kms. & 300hours on monthly basis (reckoned from time of reporting to the time of release). Chargesfor additional hours after 300 hours and additional distance beyond 1500 km per monthshould also be specified. The hourly rates should also be specified in case vehicles isrequired on Sunday (Kilometers on Sunday will be included in monthly scheme of 1500kms).Payment of minimum charges agreed upon shall be made every month onper car/vehicle basis provided that the contract does not commence/end in thebeginning/end of a month payment of minimum monthly charges will be made onproportionate basis.Payment shall also be made on monthly basis on the actual usage of thevehicles by the Department over and above the minimum charges agreed upon.The unused kilometers (kms) of a month can be carried forward to thesubsequent months. The unused Kms would mean the difference between agreed kms i.e.1500 kms run in a month and actual kms run by one or more car/vehicle of the operator if theactual kms run by a car/vehicle is individually less than agreed kms.The quotation should be sent in sealed covers super-scribed as QUOTATIONFOR HIRING OF VEHICLES and should reach the office of the Chief Commissioner ofIncome Tax, Thane, First Floor, Vardaan Building, MIDC, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane onor before 12/03/2010 by 1.00 P.M.. The quotation will be opened on the same day at 4.00P.M. in the presence of persons/contractors or their representative who wish to be present inthe Conference Hall of the same building.Sd/-( V.K.SINGH )Income-tax Officer (HQrs)(Tech)for Chief Commissioner of Income-tax,ThaneH:\Letter to DIT(Systems) vehicle tender.lwp

(Financial Bid)HIRING OF VEHICLES IN THANERATE QUOTATION1 Name, address and telephone No. :of the Tenderer2 Permanent Account No. (PAN) :3 Name and address of the:Proprietor / Partners / Directors andtheir PAN4 Rate Chart per vehicle(Exclusive of Service Tax):Sl.NoDescription1 For 1,500 Kms. and 300 Hours permonth2 For every extra Kilometer beyond1500 Kms (per month)3 For every extra hour beyond 300 hours(per month)4 Extra charge for Sunday on hourlybasis (Kilometers will be included inmonthly scheme of 1,500 Kms)5 Number of Vehicles offeredRates(Rs.) for each make, model& version of Ford Fiesta, HondaCity, SX4, Verna, Manza, Ikon,Tavera, Scorpio or equivalentvehicles(For each kind of vehicle, rate quotation may be shown in separate column)5 Details of Demand Draft / Banker’sCheque / Cash receipts ofRs.. 1,000/- towards tenderdocument:Name and Signature of theAuthorised SignatoryH:\Letter to DIT(Systems) vehicle tender.lwp

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