Lab: Name Bubble Gum Sugar Mass Date

Lab: Name Bubble Gum Sugar Mass Date

Lab: Name Bubble Gum Sugar Mass Date

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<strong>Lab</strong>:<strong>Bubble</strong> <strong>Gum</strong> <strong>Sugar</strong> <strong>Mass</strong><strong>Name</strong><strong>Date</strong>Question:What percent of the mass of a piece of bubble gum is sugar?Research: <strong>Gum</strong> has been in use by people around the world from thousands of years in various forms andflavors. It has been recorded by archaeologists that men and women thousands of year ago, chewed gum in theform of tree resin lumps, they enjoyed doing so.Chewing gum was first sold commercially in 1848 when the Curtis brothers, residents of Maine,experimented on spruce tree resin and made a sticky, rubbery material which they tried and chewed. Theyfound that interesting to chew it and thought that it could make money for them. This was the first time in historywhen the chewing gum was sold commercially. Two years after their successful experiment with the spruce treeresin, which they converted into gum, they started with their first major gum manufacturing plant. They alsoadded flavor to the gum and introduced paraffin in it to give extra soft and rubbery feel. The plant was named"Curtis Chewing <strong>Gum</strong> Factory".Most of gum’s mass is sugar. <strong>Sugar</strong> dissolves readily in water, and about equally well in saliva.Most of the flavor in gum is due to the sugar, which dissolves in saliva and is swallowed, never to be tastedagain. You may have also noticed that the size of a wad of gum decreases considerably in the first 10 or 15minutes of chewing. This change in volume is due to that same loss of sugar. In the case of sugarless gum, thesweetener used is typically a synthetic compound known as sorbitol, which may be listed as "sugar alcohol" onthe nutrition label. It occurs in about the same proportion as does sugar in regular gum.Hypothesis:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Materials:Procedure:1 piece of bubble gum, balance, calculator1. Find the mass of your bubble gum while it is still in the wrapper. Measure to thenearest 0.1 g. Do not discard the wrapper. Record your data in the Table 1,unchewed mass.2. Chew the gum for exactly 10 minutes. By this time it should have little or no flavorleft.3. Put the gum back in the wrapper. Find the mass of the chewed gum. Measure to thenearest 0.1 g. Record your data in Table 1.4. Determine the amount of mass lost due to chewing. Record your data in Table 1.5. Calculate the percentage of mass lost. Record your data in Table 1.6. Place the data for two other students into Table 1.7. Calculate the averages in Table 1.Data:Table 1Your Data<strong>Mass</strong> ofunchewed gum(g)<strong>Mass</strong> of chewedgum (g)<strong>Mass</strong> loss afterchewing (g)<strong>Mass</strong> of sugar ingum (g)Percentage ofmass lossStudent #2Student #3Student #4Average

Analysis:1. Create a bar graph illustrating your data.2. Be sure to include a title, label the X and Y axis, and use the space on the graph wisely.Conclusion:1. How did your percentage compare with your average?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. List two explanations for percentage differences in the class results.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. How will the weight losses compare in sugared gum versus sugarless gum?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. Which of these types of gum would lose the most mass? Fruit flavored, cinnamon flavored, or mintflavored? Explain your answer.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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