Oscillating - Hunter Fan

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Oscillating - Hunter Fan

OscillatingStand FanOwner’s ManualEnglishModel90405Form# 44827-0120100127©2010 Hunter Fan Co.

IntroductionThank you for choosing the Hunter Oscillating StandFan. This manual gives you complete instructions forassembling and using your fan. Here are some thefeatures you will enjoy with your fan:33An attractive design that enhances any decor33A powerful motor for maximum air flow33Three speeds to adjust your comfort level33All metal construction33Parts of this fan, including the blades and the grill,have been treated with Hunter’s Dust Armor Protection,making them less likely to attract dust and dirt.Safety and WarningsTo reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, DO NOT usethis fan with any solid-state speed control device.When using electrical appliances, basic precautionsshould always be taken to reduce the risk of fire, electricshock and personal injury:Read all instructions before using this fan.1. Improper installation may result in the risk of fire,electric shock or personal injury.2. To prevent the risk of fire and electric shock, DONOT use the unit near windows. Rain and moisturemay create an electrical hazard.3. The power plug must be removed from the powersocket when not in use, before cleaning, servicing,maintenance and before moving to another location.4. DO NOT put fan in a damp place or where humidityis high-such as a bathroom.5. The fan should be placed on a flat, stable surface ortabletop to avoid overturning.6. Use fan only for intended use, as described in thisinstruction manual.7. To protect against electrical shock, DO NOT immerseunit, plug or cord in water or spray with liquids.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 344827-01 20100127

8. Close supervision is necessary when any applianceis used by or near children.9. NEVER insert fingers, pencils or any other objectsthrough the grill when the fan is running.10. DO NOT operate any appliance with a damagedcord or plug, after the appliance malfunctions or hasbeen dropped or damaged in any manner.11. To disconnect, grip plug and pull from wall outlet.NEVER yank on cord.12. ALWAYS use on a dry surface.13. This product is intended for household use only andnot for commercial or industrial use.14. DO NOT operate fan in the presence of explosiveand/or flammable fumes.15. DO NOT place fan or any parts near an open flame,cooking or any other heating appliances.16. DO NOT use near curtains, plants, windowtreatments, etc.17. This appliance has a grounded three-prong plugand is suitable for grounded receptacle use only.An adapter is available for connecting three-bladegrounding-type plugs to two-slot receptacles. Theadapter must be properly grounded. DO NOTattempt to defeat the purpose of this safely feature.18. The rubber ring on this product may interact withwood and cause damage to furniture. Do not placeon fine wood furniture.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 444827-01 20100127

GroundingThis appliance is for household use only and may be pluggedinto any 120-volt AC electrical outlet (ordinary household current).DO NOT use any other type of outlet.GroundedPlugWarningThis unit is suitable for grounded receptacle use only.Grounding PinGrounded OutletBox CoverThe power cord has a grounded plug as shown in Figure 1, andmust be used with an electrical outlet that can accommodatethe grounding pin. If your electrical outlet can not accommodatethe grounding pin, then you must purchase and installone of the two types of adapters shown in Figure 2. NOTE: Theadapters ARE NOT supplied with this fan. Read, follow, and savethe instructions that are included with the adapter you choose.Do not use an adapter if your electrical outlet can accommodatethe grounding pin. \LINE CORD SAFETY TIPS1. NEVER pull or yank on the cord or the appliance.2. To insert plug, grasp it firmly and guide it into the outlet.3. To disconnect the appliance, grasp the plug and remove itfrom the outlet.4. Before each use, inspect the line cord for cuts and/orabrasion marks. If any are found, the appliance should beserviced and the line cord replaced. Please return it to ourService Department or to an authorized service representative.5. NEVER wrap the cord tightly around the appliance, as thiscould place undue stress on the cord where it enters the applianceand could cause it to fray and break.6. DO NOT operate appliance if the line cord shows any damage,if the appliance works intermittently or stops workingentirely.AdapterGroundingMeansMetalScrewGrounded OutletBox CoverFigure 1.Figure 2.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 544827-01 20100127

UnpackingAs you unpack the fan, save the carton and packingmaterials in case you want to move or ship the unit in thefuture. Carefully remove all items from the box.NOTE: It is best to have someone hold the box whileyou lift the fan and the protective packaging out of thecarton. Make sure all shipping materials are removedfrom fan before operating.(2) Base Cover(1) Base WeightBase Assembly Figure 3.1. Insert the Weight(1) into the Base Cover(2). Figure 3.(3) TelescopePole2. Insert the base of the Telescoping Pole(3) into the topof the Base Cover(2) and attach to the Base Weight(1)by turning clockwise on the Screw(4) in the center ofthe Base Weight(1). Figure 4.3. Turn the Base on it’s side and turn the handle of theScrew(4) on the bottom of the Weight until secure.Figure 3.4. Tip the Base back upright. Figure 5.(4) Screw(4) Screw(2) Base CoverFigure 4.Figure 5.Figure 6.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 644827-01 20100127

Motor Assembly1. Grasp the Telescope Pole firmly and twist theAdjustment Knob Counter Clockwise to loosen.Figure 7.2. Raise the Inner Pole and tighten the Adjustment Knobby twisting Clockwise until secure.3. Remove the Motor Knob(7), Motor Bolt(6), and TiltAdjustment Knob(8). Loosen the screw above theMotor Knob(7).4. Set the Motor(5) on top of the Pole(3), Figure 8.,and Secure using the Motor Bolt(6) and Knob(7).Retighten the screw above the motor knob in the slotto secure motor. Figure 9.Note: The Motor Bolt has a square cut on the inside of thehead, ensure this fits securely into the square hole in thePole. Do not overtighten the Motor Knob, as this couldmake it difficult to tilt the motor later.After securing the motor(5), Screw in the Tilt AdjustmentKnob(8) securely. Figure 10. This Knob allows you toadjust the fans angle.(5) MotorScrew(7) MotorKnobFigure 7.(8) TiltAdjustmentKnob(6) MotorBolt(3) Telescope PoleFigure 8.(7) MotorKnob(6) MotorBoltFigure 9.(8) Tilt AdjustmentKnobFigure 10.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 744827-01 20100127

Grill Assembly1. Place the back grill against the motor housing(5),Figure 11., and line up the 4 tabs on the back of thegrill(9) to the 4 screws holes on the front of the motor.Handle(9) Back GrillCaution: Make sure the Handle on the back of the BackGrill is facing up.2. Attach the Back Grill(9) to the Motor(5) using the 4Grill Mount Screws. Figure 12.Note:1 screw will have a star washer on it, for groundingpurposes. The other 3 screws will not have a washer.3. Loosen the Screw on the back of the Fan Blade(10),13a., and slide the Fan Blade onto the post on theMotor(5). Figure 13.4. Tighten the Screw on the Blade(10( to secure it to theMotor(5). Figure 14.Caution: Ensure when tightening the screw on the backof the fan blade, you tighten it on the flat part of the post.(5) MotorScrew Holes13a.Figure 11.Figure 12.(10) Fan Blade(5) MotorFigure 13.Figure 14.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 844827-01 20100127

OperationOff / Speed SelectionTo turn the fan on and off / control the speed. Turn thespeed knob on the top of the motor to the porper setting.Figure 19.OffLowMediumHighOscillationTo allow the fan to oscillate, push the Knob beside the fanspeed control down. Pull up on the knob if oscillation isnot desired. Figure 20.Figure 19.AdjustmentTo adjust the angle the fan is blowing.1. Loosen the adjustment knob under the Fan Motor2. Adjust the fan to the angle desired and retighten theknob to secure the fan at that angle. Figure 21.Figure 20.When adjusting the height of the fan, always grip thepole above the adjustment knob firmly to prevent thetelescoping pole from collapsing.Figure 21.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 1044827-01 20100127

MaintenanceThis fan is permanently lubricated and will not requireadditional lubrication (oil) for the life of the fan.This fan requires little maintenance and containsno user serviceable parts. DO NOT try to fixit yourself. Contact qualified service personnelif servicing is needed.Before cleaning, turn fan off and unplug from electricaloutlet. Wipe off excess dust with a lintfree cloth. To ensureadequate air circulation to the motor, keep vents located atthe rear of the motor housing free from dust accumulation.A vacuum cleaner hose can be used to clean these vents.DO NOT immerse the fan in water or any other liquid.CLEANING THE GRILL AND BLADE:1. Turn the fan off and unplug from the electrical outlet.2. Disassemble the grills by Loosening the screw holdingthe grill ring and remove it from the grills.3. Two tabs hold the Front Grill and Back Grill together.Pull the Front Grill forn the back.4. The blade may be removed by loosening the screwholding it in place. Grills and blades may be cleanedwith mild soap and water only after they have beenremoved from the motor housing.5. Use a dry or slightly damp lint free cloth to cleanthe fan. Do not use a furniture polish or any othercleaners that leave any residue, as they will damagethe protective Dust Armor.33Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe the remainingfan parts.33DO NOT allow water or any other liquid to get intothe motor housing or base.33Reassemble the fan after blades and grills have driedcompletely.33DO NOT plug the fan into an electrical outlet until ithas been fully reassembled.©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 1144827-01 20100127

1. Problem33Fan will not oscillate.Solution33Push down on the knob on top of motor housing toactivate oscillation.2. Problem33Can not adjust the angle of the fan.Solution33Loosen the adjustment knob, tilt the fan, then retightenadjustment knob.Technical SupportIf you have any additional questions or problems withyour Hunter Portable Fan, please call:USA: 1-888-830-1326Canada: 1-866-268-1936Hours of operation are from 7:00 am to 7:00 pmMonday - Friday and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday,Central Time. You may also contact us over the Internet atwww.hunterfan.com.WarrantyThe Hunter Fan Company makes the following limitedwarranty to the user or consumer purchaser of this HunterPortable fan:If your Hunter Portable Fan motor fails at any time withinfive years after the date of sale to you due to a defect inmaterial or workmanship, labor to repair the defect willbe provided free of charge at our nearest service centeror our Service Department in Memphis, Tennessee. Youwill be responsible for labor costs after this one-yearperiod. The foregoing limited warranty applies only tothe motor itself, and does not apply to electronic controlssuch as remote controls, remote control receivers ortransmitters used in conjunction with the motor. Theseelectronic control items are included in the one yearlimited warranty below.WarrantyIf any part of your Hunter Portable Fan other than themotor fails at any time with five year after the date of©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 1244827-01 20100127

sale to you due to a defect in material or workmanship,we will repair or, at our option, replace the defectivepart free of charge for parts and labor performed at ournearest service center or at our Service Department inMemphis, Tennessee.WarrantyIF THE USER OR CONSUMER PURCHASER CEASES TOOWN THE FAN, THIS WARRANTY AND ANY IMPLIEDWARRANTY WHICH THEN REMAINS IN EFFECT,INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIEDWARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR APARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE VOIDED. NO WARRANTY,EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTYOF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE, IS MADE IN RESPECT TO THE GLASS GLOBESOR LIGHT BULBS OR THE FINISH ON ANY METALPORTION OF THE FAN. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEUOF ALL OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTIES. THE DURATIONOF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING, BUTNOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OFMERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE, IN RESPECT TO ANY HUNTER FAN MOTOROR OTHER FAN PART, IS EXPRESSLY LIMITED TO THEPERIOD OF THE EXPRESS WARRANTY SET FORTHABOVE FOR SUCH MOTORS AND OTHER PARTS.This warranty is voided if your Hunter Fan is notpurchased and used in the USA.This warranty excludes and does not cover defects,malfunctions or failures of any Hunter Portable fanwhich were caused by repairs by persons not authorizedby us, use of parts or accessories not authorized byus, mishandling, improper installation, modifications,or damage to the Hunter Portable fan while in yourpossession, or unreasonable use, including failure toprovide reasonable and necessary maintenance.To obtain servicing, contact the nearest Hunter authorizedservice center or the Hunter Fan Company ServiceDepartment, 7130 Goodlett Farms Pkwy. Suite 400,Memphis, Tennessee 38016. Please contact us beforeshipping your fan to us. If we authorize you to ship it tous, you will be responsible for all insurance and freightor other transportation charges to our factory servicecenter. We will return your Hunter Fan freight prepaid.Your portable fan should be properly packed to avoiddamage in transit since we will not be responsible for©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 1344827-01 20100127

any such damage. Proof of purchase is required whenrequesting warranty service. The purchaser must presentsales receipt or other document that establishes proof ofpurchase.WarrantyIN NO EVENT SHALL HUNTER FAN COMPANY BELIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTALDAMAGES.SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ONHOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY LASTS ORTHE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTALOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES SO THE ABOVELIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.THE WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTSAND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICHVARY FROM STATE TO STATE.ProductsFan Company7130 Goodlett Farms Pkwy., Suite 400Memphis, Tennessee 38016To learn more about HunterFan Company products,please see our Web page at:www.hunterfan.comPrinted in china and Taiwan©2010 Hunter Fan Co. 1444827-01 20100127

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