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Inform 73.pdf - Catholic Diocese of Christchurch

A Gracious Invitationare invited by Bishop Barry Jones to join the Church throughout theworld in giving thanks for the gift of Lourdes.St Bernadette was so impressed by how gentle and polite thisbeautiful Lady was. She asked Bernadette: “Would you be so kindas to come here to this grotto for the next fifteen days?” This yearMary’s invitation comes to us in this form: Would you be so kindas to come to the Cathedral to honour Mary on two occasions,Sunday, 17th August at 2.30 p.m. and Sunday, 7th December at 2.30p.m. Come to put your needs before her and to give thanks for hergracious presence and favours at Lourdes.Lourdes Celebration150 years ago, Our Lady appeared to St Bernadette near the littletown of Lourdes in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Today it is thecentre of a great shrine where more than a million pilgrims go eachyear. Those who come in a spirit of faith and trust in God receive,though Mary’s intercession, many blessings -- some receive physicalhealing, but all can find peace of mind and healing of soul. Over theyears many New Zealanders have experienced this. This year weAs well, take part in the evening devotions that will be held inthe various regions of the Pastoral Council. These will begin at theCarmelite Monastery, 52 Halswell Road on Wednesday, 8th Octoberat 7 p.m. They will form a novena of devotions leading up to theDay of the Sick on 7th December. Don’t forget the Holy Father hasgranted a plenary indulgence to those who take part in this year’scelebrations of Mary’s apparitions at Lourdes.On the occasion of the celebrations it is worth remembering thatGod chooses his own times and places and occasions for themiraculous, but his power shines forth most frequently where hisMother is honoured and venerated.Year of St PaulOn 28 th June PopeBenedict will inauguratethe Year of St Paul to beheld throughout theuniversal Church. This willcommemorate the 2000 thyear since the birth of St.Paul. He has said: “TheApostle of the Gentiles,who dedicated himselfto the spreading of thegood news to all peoples,spent himself for theunity and harmony of allChristians. May he guideus and protect us in thisbimillenary celebrationhelping us to advancein the humble search forthe full unity of all themembers of the mysticalbody of Christ.”Here in the ChristchurchDiocese, this year will beSt Paulcentred on St Paul’s church,Dallington. Bishop BarryJones will inaugurate the Pauline Year at the 10a.m. Choral Mass onSunday 28 June at St Paul’s church.During the year there will be a number of Public Lectures on variousaspects of St. Paul’s life and ministry. The speakers will include:Fr. Kevin Waldie S.M. Professor of Sacred Scripture at Good ShepherdCollege, Auckland; Bishop Basil Meeking D.D. former staff memberof the Christian Unity Secretariat, Rome; Monsignor John Broadbent,church historian and Professor John Simpson, former head ofthe School of Art, University of Canterbury. The lectures will beadvertised throughout the Diocese and will be held at St Paul’sChurch foyer, 31 Gayhurst Rd, Dallington.All enquiries to Fr M. O’Malley, 389-5225Galilee ExperienceThis is an annual event of a three day live-in weekend giving theopportunity for people to focus on vocation to the priesthoodand religious life. It is a chance for men and women to pray, toreflect and discern, to listen to God and seek help in finding outwhere God may be calling, so that the person finds happinessin life.These days consist of time for a variety of prayer experiencesand talks on Theology of Call, Scripture and the Contemplativeand Religious Life. Guest speakers share on their personalcall and ministry. There are various areas of practical pastoralexperiences, such as journeying with people who are sick,elderly, disabled and refugees. A night on the street withDrugArm is also an amazing time.Galilee Experience 2008 is to be held from 6pm Thursday 28 thAugust to Sunday 31 st August at 1.30 pm. If you are interestedplease contact Sister Rayleen Dwyer or Fr. Rick Loughnan.The Beatitudes CommunityRetreat PossibilitiesThe Communitywelcomes groupsand individuals forretreat days, groupoutings and daysof recollectionin a peacefuland prayerfulenvironment just 40minutes out of thecity. Facilities areavailable for individual live-in retreats and times of rest. ContactSr Clare on (03)314 8837 or 021 024 69766,Beatitudes Catholic Community - 67 Leithfield Road, Leithfield.3

Around the ParishesSt. Ita’a Parish, RakaiaCWL Prayer DayOn Tuesday 15 th April, Rakaia CWL andinvited guests from Leeston, Ashburton, andMethven CWL, had a most enlightening dayled by the team from Rosary House,Sr. Anna Clarke and Sr Mary Glesson RSM.Sr Marie Rita from Rakaia began the daywith refreshments and we watched a videoon Prayer in her Convent, followed by aLiturgy of the Word with Holy Communion.A fabulous lunch was provided by the Rakaiamembers. “Thomas Merton” was the subjectof the afternoon’s presentation and time ofReflection.Before afternoon tea, a Surprise Auction washeld, with $300 being raised for a MissionStation.Thank you Rakaia CWL for a wonderfulday……………………. from all of us.Sacred Heart Parish,AddingtonMany things have been happening atSacred Heart this year.In January Fr Paddy retired from his positionas our Parish Priest. Happily he is still livingnearby and is enjoying being an activeparishioner of Sacred Heart. Until our newPriests arrive from the Philippines, he iscelebrating the daily Mass for us. Fr PeterEwart SM was appointed Administrator ofthe Parish for the present.Our Parish Hall affectionately rememberedfor the “Spencer Street” dances and so manymemorable Parish functions was burntdown by an arsonist on Tuesday 29 April. Wenow await assessment as to whether or notit can be repaired or needs replacement. Weshare with you Fr. Paddy’s reflection on thissad event.“I woke at 5am on Tuesday morning andturned on the radio to hear the news when Isaw flashing lights at my windows followedby a banging on my door. I opened the doorto be greeted by a fireman who told me toget my gear on because there had been afire in the hall. It had started at 3am. Sadlythe hall suffered considerable damage, thesecond fire in its history.At 7am a fireman asked me to open theChurch and to my deep sorrow it wasclouded in smoke and we found two small4fires had been started, destroying theLectern covers and some of the carpet byOur Lady’s statue. Later I found the littlestatue in the grotto had been broken offand would need to be replaced for thefourth time. In no time help came fromvarious quarters and the firemen andpolice were wonderful.The constant remark of the people hasbeen the joy that the Church which is sodear to our hearts had little damage, andin time the hall would return to us betterthan ever.Although it will cause inconvenience for atime, we need to thank God for it will giveus opportunities to work together to putall things to right”Fr Paddy’s Golden Jubilee of PriesthoodThis is also the Golden Jubilee Year forFr Paddy, so if you would like to join himfor this occasion, mark your calendarsnow for Saturday 19 July and watch yourParish newsletters for further details. Youwill be warmly welcome.Christ The King Parish,BurnsideGolden Jubilee of Marriage of twocouples from the Parish on the same day.Bob and Marie Mercer were married on12 th April 1958 at Sacred Heart Church ,Timaru.Bob and Marie MercerJohn and Kath Noble were married on 12 thApril 1958 at St Teresa’s Church, Riccarton,Christchurch.John and Kath NobleDarfieldCWL special dayFor the celebration of St Patrick’s day2008, the Catholic Women’s League ofBurnside Parish gathered at the church carpark to board a bus for Darfield. On theways lots of fun was enjoyed by all, witheveryone receiving a shamrock name tag,the telling of Irish jokes, Irish riddles andgeneral hilarity, as can only be enjoyedwhen a bus load of friends head off for aday in the country.Friends from Darfield welcomed us,having decorated the hall with banners,balloons and shamrocks. Everyone hadtaken a plate of food for a shared lunch soit turned into a banquet. We sang hymnsin the church including ‘Hail Glorious St.Patrick’, then walked over to the cemeteryto view gravestones of many relationsand friends. After that we all sang veryheartily to a Kareoke DVD lent by Brigidfrom Darfield. All too soon we climbedinto the bus for our journey home, a littlemore subdued after a wonderful day.We really did have so much fun andperhaps will do likewise next year..Noreen Fahey CWLSt. Paul’s Parish, DalingtonCatholic Women’s LeagueDallington Catholic Women’s Leaguecelebrated its 40th birthday on 25 March2008. Mass was concelebrated at St Paul’sby Father O’Malley and Father Cahill. Atthe Mass Father O’Malley presented uswith $1,000 for our Mission Station atSumi on the Island of Rotuma.A luncheon followed at All SeasonsRestaurant. The original members presentstood around the table as Mrs NormaMusson, first Treasurer, and Mrs JoanScott, President, cut the cake. Letters andcards from our Diocesan Chaplain, FatherMorrison, and well-wishers were read.Father B Goulding, original Chaplain, wasunable to attend but his letter explaining

the setting up of the League in Dallingtonwas well received. During the course of themeal the loyalty and dedication of somelong serving members was recognizedas nine members were presented with40 year badges and nine with 25 yearbadges.At the Diocesan Conference of CatholicWomen’s League, Mary Caldwell was madea Diocesan Life Member in recognition ofher many years of service to the League.Mary has held positions of responsibilityat Diocesan and National level, and hasrepresented Catholic Women’s Leagueon National Council of Women, ChurchWomen United Aotearoa-New ZealandNational Committee, Home & Familyand Pan Pacific South East Asia Women’sAssociation. We are delighted that Mary’syears of Faith and Service have beenrewarded. Congratulations Mary.St Joseph’s Parish, TemukaThe Sisters of St Joseph recentlygathered in Temuka to farewellSr Colleen Story RSJ. (centre of photo).After 21 years in South Canterbury,Sr Colleen is moving to Whakatane.She has served in Temuka, Mackenzieand Pleasant Point Parishes as well as inthe Waitaki Valley.In recent years she has offered SpiritualDirection and Spirituality Daysthroughout South Canterbury.St Patrick’s Parish, KaiapoiYouth GroupA new youth group has started in theParish – thanks to a group of enthusiasticpeople like Colin and Sarah Hancock,Chris Paterson, and Rachel and FrankMalone. Recently the youth visited theBeatitudes Community in Leithfield andon the way home, took part in a teambuilding exercise at the Obstacle Courseat Ashworth.Our Lady of Perpetual HelpParish, St Albans andSt Matthew’s Parish, BryndwrThe Easter Vigil celebrated at StMatthew’s Parish, Bryndwr, was aspecial occasion for both parishes as tennew members, four from Our Lady ofPerpetual Help and six from St Matthews,were welcomed into the Church.These two parishes had combined to runa successful RCIA programme in 2007 –2008 which had culminated in three adultBaptisms and seven other people beingwelcomed into the Catholic Church.During the Pre-catechumenate, beginningon 27 th June 2007, there were nine sessionsof inquiry, concluding with a session ofdiscernment and decision, which thenled into the Catechumenate. This involvedseventeen Wednesday evening sessions,as well as the Breaking Open of the Wordduring the Sunday Masses - no lightcommitment for both the participants andteam. Following the Rite of Election in theCathedral of the Blessed Sacrament on the17 th February, there were four sessions onthe theology underlying the Sacramentsthey were preparing for.The Easter Vigil, the high point of theprogramme, was a time of celebrationand rejoicing for those welcomed intothe Church and for their families andsponsors, and also for the two parishes asa whole, especially for the team memberswho had journeyed with the group overthe months.A “New Catholics” programme of eightweeks, the Mystagogy, has been arrangedto consolidate the instructions receivedand also to provide the companionshipneeded as the new Catholics(neophytes) are absorbed into the parishcommunities.St Mary’s Parish,ChristchurchIn an article in the March edition of Informregarding the St Mary’s Parish,Mrs Jennifer Audeau was given theincorrect name. Inform is sorry about themistake. 5

Catholic Women’s League DiocesanConferenceThe Diocesan Conference of Catholic Women’s League Christchurchwas held at Riccarton Park on April 5th & 6thThe theme was Martha and MaryOpening Mass at Our Lady of Victories Church, Sockburn, wascelebrated by Bishop Barry Jones, Concelebrants were Frs. PaulShanahan, D.Nolan and Diocesan Chaplain Fr.John Morrison.Guest speaker Rev. Lynda Patterson, an Anglican Priest, gave us apowerful input on our theme. Father Paul Shanahan from PontificalMission Societies spoke of the use made of donations given to St.Peterthe Apostle collection. Sue Angus told us of her experiences teachingEnglish as a volunteer in Thailand. One remit was passed requestingthe Government to reduce the GST content on basic food items.The Garment of LovePeb Simmons, who recently wrote a feature article for Inform, and who is awell known spiritual writer and speaker, has recently published a new bookentitled ‘The Garment of Love.’ Many Inform readers will be interested inknowing of this publication.Celebrate LoveFifteen couples gathered atSt Gregory’s Parish Centre inBishopdale over the weekendof 1 st and 2 nd March to grow inintimacy and to explore practicalways of living a passionate andjoy-filled marriage.Drawing on insights from PopeJohn II’s Theology of the Bodyand guided by presentationsand personal examples froman Australian couple and aChristchurch couple, Theresaand Russell Madden, the coupleswere able to privately reflect onhow the material related to thempersonally through the use ofinventories and questionnairesand then to explore the topicwith their spouse.Celebrate Love was co-written byAustralians, Francine and ByronPirola. It combines the latest inCatholic Church teaching onmarriage with the opportunityfor couples to reflect on how thisteaching is relevant to their dailylived experience.For each couple the experiencewas unique. For some, thediscussion of their uniquevalues and expressions of lovewas a profound experience. Forothers, discovering the roots oftheir attitudes to marriage andsexuality was a revelation theywill treasure forever.Another Celebrate Love seminaris planned for Christchurch laterin the year.Cathedral “treasures” to be on displayThe Diocesan Archives Group has organised another Archives Day, thistime with the theme of “Treasures of the Cathedral”.The day, will be held on Sunday June 15, starting at 1pm. All peoplewith an interest in any aspect of the history of the Church in Westland,Canterbury and the Chatham Islands is invited to attend. Meet inside theCathedral, on the side nearest the presbytery, before 1pm. Afternoontea will be served in Cathedral House at the conclusion.The emphasis will be on items in the Cathedral, especially items notnormally on display, rather than the building itself. The word “treasure”refers more to items with some historical significance rather than itemswith any monetary value. We will be looking at selected items fromthe archives, the collection of reliquaries and items such as specialvestments and sacred vessels from the sacristies.The Christchurch Diocesan Archives Group is a very informal group ofpeople interested in any aspect of the history of the Catholic Church inthe Christchurch Diocese. Some members of the archives group workon a voluntary basis, cataloguing and correctly storing material in thearchives, especially the extensive collection of photographs. Otherproject work is underway, such as a project to obtain information aboutall the churches in the Diocese, past and present.The group’s emphasis is on the history of the Diocese as a whole, ratherthan on particular parishes, schools, religious orders or institutions.People interested in becoming members can join by emailing MichaelHanrahan at or phoning Merle Conaghan onChristchurch (03) 358 8758.Tindall FoundationThe Diocesan Welfare Council has funding available again this year,sourced from the Tindall Foundation, for disbursement to organisationswithin the Christchurch Diocese.The Council now invites applications from organisations and groupssupporting families and social services.Application forms can be obtained from Cathedral House - Telephone366 – 9869. Please note that only one application form will be neededthis year.Applications must be received by 31 August 2008.World Apostolic Congress on Mercy(WACOM)Rome April 2-6 2008In April I travelled to Rome, as a delegate for the Diocese, with mydaughter Anna-Marie (11), to attend the Congress on Divine Mercy heldin St John Lateran Cathedral. The Congress began with the anniversaryMass of the death of John Paul II in St Peter’s Square presided overby Pope Benedict. This was a truly memorable occasion and wasfollowed by three full days of prayer, Mass, and lectures by manynotable Cardinals, among whom was Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna,the Congress President. Delegates came from all five continents,numbering several thousand, and it was especially inspiring to see theresponse of the Church in Asia and Africa to the Divine Mercy message.Quote for this EditionThe Church Choir‘Be sure your life does not contradict your words. Sing with yourvoices, hearts lips and lives.... Now it is your unquestioned desireto sing to him whom you love, but you ask me how to sing hispraises.You have heard the words : Sing to the Lord a new song, and youwish to know what praises to sing. The answer is: his praise is inthe assembly of the saints; it is in the singers themselves. If youdesire to praise him, then live what you express. Live good livesand you yourselves will be his praise.’From a sermon by St. AugustineThis was particularly brought to the fore by the powerful, and attimes, numbing testimony of Immaculee Ilibagiza, a survivor of theRwandan genocide.Cardinal Schonborns said…….”The greatest school of Divine Mercyis Jesus Himself. That’s what we have learned this week. Jesus isMercy”.Pat Barrett7

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