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Signature Products - My Laureate

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Laureate MBAThe Laureate Masters in BusinessAdministration is much more than youraverage business degree. The LMBAdevelops an entrepreneurialmindset while enhancingstrategic thinking, focusing onachieving personal social impact,and creating a plan for personal andprofessional development.Besides integrating a stakeholder approachto problem solving and business decision-making, italso appreciates the challenges and opportunities ofglobalization, including the need to enhance globalcommunication skills and cultural awareness. The LMBAis customizable and it is offered in Spanish, English andPortuguese, with the option of implementing dualdegreeprograms with other LIU institutions.LIU institutions currently offering the Laureate MBAChile: Universidad Andrés Bello / IEDEPeru: Universidad Peruana de Ciencias AplicadasHonduras: Universidad Tecnológica CentroamericanaLaureateEntrepreneurshipOffered in multiple languages andin both online and face-to-faceformats, this product focusesnot just on venture creation,but also on entrepreneurialaction in general, includingopportunity identification,intrapreneurship, socialentrepreneurship and self-directedcareer development.As a product built for applied practice, it offers participantsthe immediate use of skills acquired through theprogram’s components The primary product offeringsinclude for-credit sequenced courses and a series ofshort skill-oriented workshops focused in criticalareas such as making a pitch, negotiating andovercoming adversity.Laureate is proud to offer its network universities a line ofcustomized educational products aimed at expandingand enriching their academic program offerings, as wellas supporting the skill development, career advancementand competitive advantage of all Laureatestudents.Signature Products are developed by specializedinternational teams made up of leading experts in theirfields and are backed by current and extensive globalmarket and educational research. Established with themost cutting-edge tools to facilitate learning in the 21stcentury, these highly-flexible programs can be adoptedand deployed by any Laureate institution in online,on-campus or hybrid formats.LaureatePresentation SkillsIn a recent Laureate marketresearch study, oralpresentation skills were cited asthe primary attribute sought byemployers from a variety of fields.The highly-specialized Presentation Skillsoffering differentiates Laureate InternationalUniversities by providing students, faculty, and staffmembers with skills that are valued greatly bycompanies worldwide. Innovative and flexible, thishighly-engaging content is offered in multiplelanguages and delivery methods to support globalonline and on-campus needs.For more information contact:Carmen Méndez, PhD, PELaureate Network Products & Servicescarmen.mendez@laureate.net

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