CTI Conference ISO 26262 Japan - Kugler Maag Cie

CTI Conference ISO 26262 Japan - Kugler Maag Cie

CTI Conference ISO 26262 Japan - Kugler Maag Cie

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2 ISO 26262 ConferenceBe a part of the ISO 26262expert communityThe safety standard ISO 26262 (Road Vehicles – Functional Safety), whichapplies to safety-related electrical and electronic systems in motor vehicles,has been published in November 2011. Now vehicles can only be put on themarket if their safety-related systems have been developed and manufacturedin accordance with ISO 26262. Those members involved in drawing upthe standard already apply draft versions of ISO 26262 to some degree. Thefollowing countries participate in the ISO: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany,Italy, Japan, Sweden, the UK and the USA.The standard is relevant worldwide.ISO 26262 consists of ten sections covering the following themes:1. Vocabulary2. Management of functional safety3. Concept phase4. Product development: system level5. Product development: hardware level6. Product development: software level7. Production, operation and decommissioning8. Supporting processes9. ASIL and safety-oriented analyses10. GuidelineISO 26262 leaves plenty of room for interpretation and the conference will providean opportunity for delegates to present and compare their own interpretationsand concepts in the company of like-minded experts.Target audienceThis conference is directed at a worldwide audienceof board members, technical directors, senior managers,project heads and safety managers from theautomobile and automotive parts industries as wellas those in the electrical engineering and electronicssectors who are involved in automobile electronicmanufacturing.The target group will work in the following areas:• Electrics and electronics• Mechatronics• Research and (pre-)development• Engineering and design• Technology• Purchasing and procurement• Sales and marketing• After-market services• System integration and automotive technology• Application and system development• Functional safety• Quality• Legal and complianceThe conference will also be of interest to:• Development service providers• Hardware and software providers• System suppliers• Engineering service providers• Industry-oriented research establishments• Testing and certification bodiesOur themes at a glance:Legal AspectsHardware and MetricsSoftware, Tools and MethodsGeneral ApplicationSystem and ArchitectureProcessesIntroduction, OverviewMedia partner:Phone: +49 (0) 2 11.96 86 – 35 12 · Fax: +49 (0) 2 11.96 86 – 40 40 · www.car-training-institute.com/iso26262-japan

Programme Conference Musterprojekt ISO 26262 312 reasons to justify your conference feeAs attendee of the CTI ISO 26262 in Tokyo you will:1 expand your own ISO 26262 knowledge and networkand maintain and deepen existing business contacts.2 make personal contact with ISO 26262 experts andinternational decision-makers from countries such asJapan, USA, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Austria.3 gain the tools to do your job better, for example, learn howISO 26262 may be implemented into your component.4 learn from models of company good practice, such as Nissan,TRW, Bosch and Continental.5 discuss your own issues with ISO 26262 experts.6 find out the strengths and weaknesses of your current ISO 26262policies by getting to know the models of other producers.7 learn what works and what does not by hearing howcompanies deal with ISO 26262.8 reduce your risk by making your own assessment of ISO 26262.9 plan ahead, by joining the presentations and discussing them.• 10 prepare for the worst, by planning ahead for legal aspects of ISO 26262.11 gain insights into others‘ practices by networking with yourpeers and joining the discussion after every session for whichtime has been allocated in the program.12 increase your Return on Investment by saving your organisation moneyand time – get your ISO 26262 policies and practices right the first time.Points of contactConcept and contentLeonie HarmalSenior Conference ManagerPhone: +49 (0) 211.96 86 – 3882leonie.harmal@car-training-institute.comOrganisationMichéle ReiherConference CoordinatorPhone: +49 (0) 211.96 86 – 3512michele.reiher@car-training-institute.comAdvisory board:ChairmanProf Dr Dr h.c. Manfred Broy,Chair Software & Systems Engineering,Department of Informatics,Technical University of Munich, GermanyMarketing and media partnershipsAntje WeirussMarketing.ManagerPhone: +49 (0) 211.96 86 – 3513antje.weiruss@car-training-institute.comJürgen Sauler,Bosch Corporation,Diesel Gasoline Systems, JapanJoseph D. Miller,Chief Engineer Systems Safety,TRW Automotive, USAShuhei Yamashita,Functional Safety Expert,Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, JapanSponsoring and exhibitionsThe conference will give you an opportunityto present your company, and its products orservices, to an exclusive gathering of potentialclients. For further information on sponsoringand exhibition opportunities and target-groupidentification please contact:Tobias SchalamonSenior Sales ManagerPhone:+49 (0) 211.96 86 – 37 14Fax +49 (0) 211.96 86 – 4714tobias.schalamon@car-training-institute.comPhone: +49 (0) 2 11.96 86 – 35 12 · Fax: +49 (0) 2 11.96 86 – 40 40 · www.car-training-institute.com/iso26262-japan

4 ISO 26262 Introduction DayChairman of the CTI conference:Prof Dr Dr h.c. Manfred Broy,Chair Software & Systems Engineering, Department ofInformatics, Technical University of Munich, GermanyIntroduction Day27 November 201210.00Registration and handout of documentation,opening of the ISO 26262 Expo10.30Welcome address by the chairman and theorganizer, Car Training InstituteIntroduction10.45Concept, Basics and Content of ISO 26262• Identified challenges to the introductionand implementation of ISO 26262• “Lessons learned” (do’s and don’ts)in the application of ISO 26262• Parallel implementation of ISO 26262and other standards• Questions that ISO 26262 has still not addressedDr David Ward, Head of Functional Safety,MIRA Limited, Great BritainGeneral Application11.45ISO 26262 Concept Phase Implementation/Installation within an OEMShuhei Yamashita, Functional Safety Expert,Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, Japan12.15 Questions and answers12.30 LunchOverview2.00How to apply ISO 26262 to integrated Circuits:Theory and Practice• Tailoring the ISO 26262 lifecycle forintegrated circuits (ISO 26262-10 Annex A)• Fault models, failure rates, failure modesand dependent failures of integrated circuits• How to link integrated circuit level andsystem level safety analyses• Examples of safety architectures forASIL-capable integrated circuitsDr Riccardo Mariani, Chief Technology Officer,YOGITECH SPA, Italy3.30 Questions and answers3.45 Coffee break in the ISO 26262 ExpoGeneral Application4.15Practical Experiences in applying the“Concept Phase” of ISO 26262• Why the “item definition” is a key activityto successfully executing the concept phase• How to perform hazard analysis and riskassessment efficiently and consistently• How to define the functional safety conceptfor the item, including the “warning anddegradation concept“• How to deal with more complex “items”that incorporate multiple electronic systemsDr David Ward4.45Overall Protection of MechatronicSystems via ‘Functional Safety’ (E/E)• and ‘Special Features’ (mechanics)• Protection of E/E components• Protection of mechanical components• Concept for an integrated approach• Project depictionChristoph Maier, Produkt- und Qualitätsmanagement,Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik undAutomatisierung (IPA), Germany5.15Understanding ISO 26262 for PracticalImplementations in the Japanese Market• From view of a certification body of functionalsafety providing ISO 26262/61508 serviceswith experiences of Functional Safetyassessment/certification• Key points to understand ISO 26262for practical implementationMasahiko Takeichi, Functional Safety ServiceGroup Manager, DNV Business Assurance KK, Japan5.45 Questions and answers6.00 End of Introduction DayPhone: +49 (0) 2 11.96 86 – 35 12 · Fax: +49 (0) 2 11.96 86 – 40 40 · www.car-training-institute.com/iso26262-japan

Exhibitors• From the “Performance Level“ to astrategic approachAlexander Dobry, Manager Engineering Processesand Methods, Knorr-Bremse Systeme für NutzfahrzeugeGmbH, GermanyAbsInt provides tools for validation, verification and certificationof safety-critical software. Key products are the aiT Worst-caseExecution Time Analyzer for obtaining timing guarantees, Stack-Analyzer for proving the absence of stack overflows, and theAstrée analyzer for proving the absence of runtime errors. All toolscan be qualified according to contemporary safety standards.3.00 Questions and answers3.15 Coffee break in the ISO 26262 ExpoAbsInt GmbH, Science Park 1, 66123 Saarbruecken, Germanywww.absint.comSoftware, Tools and Methods3.45Schedule Design to guarantee Freedom of Interferencein mixed Criticality Systems according to ISO 26262• What are the ISO 26262 requirements forreal time automotive systems?• What is freedom-from-interferenceaccording to ISO 26262?• How to build a safe and certifiable schedule• How to guarantee safety and efficiencyHiroshi Fukutomi, Advanced Data Controls Corp, JapanAPIS Informationstechnologien GmbH is the leader in thefield of software tools for FMEA, Risk Analysis and FunctionalSafety. Important OEM and automotive suppliers trust in thissoftware tool for more than 20 years. They are using APIS IQ-FMEA PRO or APIS IQ-RM PRO to support their process of theISO 26262. If you want to know more ask our experts at thebooth or visit: http://iq.apis.de/cti20124.15Consistent Application of Safety AnalysisMethods using SysML Architecture Models• Significant reduction of the work-effort for thesafety analyses in round-trip engineering• Consistency and traceability among the differentwork products required by ISO 26262:4&5• Tight coupling of system and HW design due tousage of SysML as architecture language• Seamless transition between design activities usingRhapsody or EnterpriseArchitect, requirementsusing DOORS and functional safety activities usingmedina analyzeDr Eckhardt Holz, ikv++ technologies ag, GermanyAPIS Informationstechnologien GmbH, Wolfenbuetteler Strasse 31b,38102 Braunschweig, Germany, www.apis.deDNV Business Assurance is a world leading certification body,and is fully-owned by DNV, an independent foundation establishedin 1864. As part of the DNV Group, we belong to anetwork of more than 10,000 employees working from 300offices around the world with more than 70,000 certificatesissued worldwide.4.45Successful Implementation of a Productive SoftwareSystem for Functional Safety Management at a TierOne Supplier (Continental)• Overview of given situation at Conti(already existing FMEA but no Functional Safety tool)• Interfaces of FMEA and FuSa• Raceability of FMEA, FTA and FuSa• A way to support engineers working on the sameproject located in different placesJürgen Eilers, APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH, Germany5.15 Questions and answers5.30 End of CTI conferenceDNV Business Assurance, Japan, Sannnomiya Chuo Bldg.,9th Floor, 4-2-20, Goko-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Japan, www.dnv.jpWe are a German-based consulting company with many yearsof experience in process improvement and customers in Japan,Korea, Europe, and USA. Within automotive we provide expertadvice, assessments, and training especially for AutomotiveSPICE®, and ISO 26262. Your company will achieve measurableimprovements in development time, quality, and costs and fulfillAutomotive SPICE and ISO 26262 (up to ASIL D) requirements.Visit our Functional Safety Engineers training, with TÜV certificate,at Nagoya or Tokyo: http://jp.kuglermaag.com/trainings/KUGLER MAAG CIE GmbH, Leibnizstrasse 11, 70806 Kornwestheim,Germany, http://jp.kuglermaag.com

[Code -Nummer]CTI ConferenceISO 26262 JapanNew international standard for the developmentof safety-related automotive systems[A substitute may attend in your place at no additional cost. The fee covers full conference documentation.]Please fill in and fax it to: +49(0)2 11.9686–4040I/we wish to attendConference and Introduction Day, 27 until 29 November 2012 at a cost of 290000 YEN per personIntroduction Day, 27 November 2012 at a cost of 120000 YEN per personConference, 28 and 29 November 2012 at a cost of 230000 YEN per person[P2300298M013][P2300298M100][P2300298M023]Discount formultiple bookingSecond 30%Third and more50%Early registration discount until 14 September 2012Conference and Introduction Day, 27 until 29 November 2012 at a cost of 240000 YEN per personIntroduction Day, 27 November 2012 at a cost of 110000 YEN per personConference, 28 and 29 November 2012 at a cost of 180000 YEN per personI need Translation into JapaneseI need translation into Korean1st DelegateNameJob title/DivisionPhoneFaxEmailBirth date(DDMMYYYY)CompanyAdress2nd DelegateNameJob title/DivisionPhoneFaxEmailBirth date(DDMMYYYY)30% DISCOUNT3rd DelegateNameJob title/DivisionBirth date(DDMMYYYY)EUROFORUM Deutschland SE may contact me about various products and services offered by it as well as by companies of the Group and co-operation partners: Email:No Fax: Yes NoPhoneFaxEmail[P2300298M013][P2300298M100][P2300298M023]50% DISCOUNTYesConditions of participationThe attendance fee (plus VAT) per person, which includes conferencedocumentation, lunches, tea/coffee and evening dinner, is payableon receipt of the invoice. Once your registration has been receivedyou will be sent a confirmation slip. Registrations can be cancelled (inwriting please) free of charge up to 14 days before the event. Whena cancellation is made within 14 days of the conference date, halfthe participation fee will be reimbursed. In the event of cancellationon the day of the conference, or failure to attend, the full fee will bepayable. The registered delegate may of course send a substitute atno additional cost. The organisers reserve the right to amend theprogramme of events if necessary.Data protectionCTI is a division of EUROFORUM Deutschland SE. We use the datacollected in connection with your order and use of our servicesand products within the applicable legal limits for the purpose ofperforming our services, and to provide you with informationby post and e-mail about further offers by us, companies of ourGroup or co-operation partners, which are similar to the servicesof which you availed yourself previously. If, during the use of thedata, it is transmitted to countries lacking an adequate level ofdata protection, we will create sufficient guarantees to protectthe data. Furthermore, we will use your data if you have givenus your consent to do so. You may object to the use of your datafor advertising purposes or to being contacted by email or fax atany time by contacting EUROFORUM Deutschland SE, Postfach 1112 34, 40512 Düsseldorf, Germany. Our customer services (Phone:+49 (0)211.9686– 33 33) shall be pleased to accept requests forchanges.Conference Venue and Accommodation27 until 29 November 2012Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel1-9 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture,279-0031; JapanPhone: (81 47) 3 55 55 55BusinessDate, SignaturePlease fill-in, if invoice address differs from delegates adressNameDivisionContact personIn the conference hotel, there is a limited allocation of roomsavailable at a reduced price. Please arrange the room reservationdirectly with the hotel quoting the reference “CTI conference”.Payment by credit card is of course possible!Just register and you will receive a link with all the relevantreservation data.Use the link and make your credit card payment in an easyand secure way.AddressNumber of employees at the site: less than 20 21–50 51–100 101–250 251–500 501–1,000 1,001–5,000 more than 5,000Registration and informationby fax: +49 (0) 211.96 86–4040by phone: +49 (0) 211.96 86–35 12 [Michéle Reiher]switchboard: +49 (0) 211.96 86–30 00by mail:by email:Internet:CTI, Euroforum Deutschland SEP.O. Box 11 12 34, 40512 Duesseldorf, Germanyregistration@car-training-institute.comwww.car-training-institute.com/iso26262-japan

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