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Reliable solutions powering the Oil & Gas industry - Schneider Electric

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Table of contentsMaking energy safe and reliable worldwide Page 4EcoStruxure Active Energy Management architecture Page 5Reliable solutions for the Oil & Gas industry Pages 6 to 7Energy management solutions for large Oil & Gas operations:> Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS)> Electrical houses for offshore and onshore solutions> Integrated security solutionsMidstream:> Pipeline management solutionUpstream:> Onshore: digital oil field production solution> Offshore: seabed electrical distribution solutionPages 8 to 13Pages 14 to 15Pages 16 to 19Services to improve and optimize your installation Pages 20 to 21Global Oil & Gas engineering capabilities Pages 22 to 233

Making energy safeand reliable worldwideTrusted solutions customized to meetthe demands of your ever-evolving worldAs global energy demands grow and environmental and safety regulationsincreasingly impact electro-intensive industries, energy-efficient Oil & Gasoperations are playing a key role in the world’s future energy mix. All Oil & Gasplayers face not only the global resource but also ever-present challenges,from raw material prices to the rising cost of energy and a decreasing numberof skilled employees.But now, with conventional reserves depleting, upstream operations face aneven bigger task: increasing recovery rates, exploring new frontiers, and takingrisks in harsh environments, all of which require ingenious and bold energymanagement solutions to sustain efficient and safe operations.Constantly improving your performanceIn Oil & Gas, as in all electro-intensive industries, savings made throughefficient energy operations balance out up-front investments in the long term.Only with a constant goal of increasing the quality and the continuity of yourelectricity supply and your production’s performance can operations reachtheir full potential and ensure safety and regulatory compliance.Schneider Electric: The Global Specialist in Energy Management TM has therenowned industry experience and focus on innovation to help you achieveyour performance potential. That’s why we can partner with you to offercustom-engineered solutions with proven technology, ensuring optimizedlevels of availability and efficiency while protecting your processes andoperations at every stage.75%The percentage ofthe world’s energythat will still beprovided by fossilfuels in 2030.Best-in-class products, solutions, and servicesSchneider Electric offers pre-tested architected solutions built onbest-in-class products and services, including the industry-leading productlines of Gutor TM and Pelco TM . No one is better able to ensure optimized energymanagement through:> Guaranteed continuity of service> Improved processes and performance> Optimized power quality and operational costs> Increased equipment life4

il & Gas industryperformance44PipelinemanagementComplete pipelinemanagement solutionthat helps increase safety,enhance reliability,and increase operationalperformance andprofitability.565EnergyManagement andControl Systems(EMCS)Complete powerdistribution solutionsfor large Oil & Gassites (refineries,petrochemical, andLNG plants) based onIEC 61850 standards.6Integratedsecurity solutionsSupported by an openbut secure telecombackbone, withhigh-performanceCCTV and efficientaccess control.7

Proven energy managementfor large electricalinfrastructuresEnhance reliability and availability withour Energy Management and Control Systems8

Energy management solutions for large Oil & Gas operationsEnergy Management andControl Systems (EMCS)Due to the physical size of operations and often extreme conditions, the Oil & Gas industryis challenged daily with maintaining energy reliability and availability.This is especially true if you’re operating a large site and when subject to variablecaptive generation, grid connectivity, and fluctuating electrical requirements dependingon complex processes.Improve your system performanceOur Energy Management and Control System, PACiS TM , is deployedin more than 800 operational installations around the world, and is builtwith a 100 per cent tested and validated architecture featuring a reliable,fully redundant network, including:> Full IEC 61850 protocol compliance and simultaneous supportfor Modbus TCP> Electrical network protection, control and monitoringwith Sepam TM , MiCOM TM , and TeSys ranges> Steam and power generation integration and energybalance management> Legacy device integration as well as additional intelligentelectronic devices> Best-in-class medium and low voltage switchgear, plus distributiontransformers to configure the system with proven reliability> Factory acceptance tests simulate operationsup to 5%The reduction in commissioningtime possible thanks to ourintensive simulation testing.More available energyto power your operationsThis high-performance solution reduces both power outagesand downtime, with energy reporting capabilities to help you improveproduction — using less energy.Additionally, you’ll enable:> Improved continuity of service with complete energy monitoring> Streamlined decision-making thanks to online simulation> Enhanced energy quality to ensure a longer life for equipmentand assets9

Electrical house:Cost-effective,secured powerfor large sites inany environmentCompact, modular electrical houseis the fastest way to ensure uptimeand safety10

Energy management solutions for large Oil & Gas operationsElectrical houses for offshoreand onshore solutionsOffshore platforms, FPSO, refineries, or petrochemical plants are the last place you’d want anunplanned shutdown due to loss of power or equipment failure. Not only could it bring productionto a halt, but it could also compromise personnel safety and result in heavy profit losses.Building a turnkey power solution to fitperformance and safety requirementsSchneider Electric has the skills and tools to offer tailor-made electricalhouses to fit your specific needs. From feed and conception toinstallation and commissioning, our engineering teams have the specialistdesign tools to ensure the best fit for your electrical architecture needs.Customizable, pre-fabricated and pre-tested, these complete andmodular packages comply with market-leading constructor requirementsand include:> All the necessary switchgear, from MV and LV distributionto control equipment> Motor control centres, variable speed drives, intelligent relaysand energy meters, and dry transformers> Batteries, UPS, and complete HVAC, fire and lighting equipmentup to 20%The space you can save witha Schneider Electric solution.up to 15%The reduction in delivery timepossible with our electrical houseFaster delivery, maximum reliabilityBy leveraging limited footprint and restricted topside space issues,our electrical house solution can also guarantee the shortest delivery timeof a fool-proof package. Once on site you can completely manageyour electrical house’s supply to your site’s operations as well as itsavailability and power quality. Optimized maintenance schedulesand expenditure will follow.And, you’ll also gain:> Simple upgrades, increased scalability,and reduced maintenance costs> Security of people and assets for operationsin high-risk environments11

Enhance safety and securityfor people and plantEnd-to-end solutions, from monitoringand access control to intrusion detection12

Energy management solutions for large Oil & Gas operationsIntegrated securitysolutionsOil & Gas sites represent several safety and security challenges — beginning with preventingequipment damage, theft, leakage, and intrusions, and avoiding emergency shutdowns. At thesame time, you also have to ensure safety for employees in terms of operational hazards, fire andgas protection, and process risk containment. Add to this escalating threat of terrorism, and thesecurity solutions you need must cover a broad spectrum of risk.Improving the efficiency ofsecurity processesOur comprehensive solution is a one-stop-shop for your security needs,covering plant and non-plant buildings, industrial processes and industryspecificneeds, such as offshore operations telecom backbone, including:> High-performance CCTV, with explosion-proof and thermal cameras> Video monitoring, motion detection, and intrusion access control> Hazardous area monitoring with infrared cameras for safetyand securityCompletepeace of mindwith centralized security andan integrated safety system.Complete information managementSupported by an open but secure telecom backbone, our integratedsecurity solution offers access to third-party technology partners toroll out complete communication networks. Best-in-class equipmentfrom TAC TM and Pelco together with end-to-end engineering ensuresa right-sized system that will meet your needs, reduce life cycle costs,and lower your total cost of ownership. This integrated solution helpsyour site reach its full security potential, providing:> A proactive system to keep your plant safe and secure> Reduced risk to people and assets in case of poor operationsor external acts> Minimized interruptions to oil and gas deliveries as wellas production13

Ensure safe, reliable,and efficient pipelineoperationsSolutions for pipeline and energy management14

MidstreamPipeline managementsolutionAmid increasing demand, higher energy costs, potential security threats, and both regulatory andenvironmental pressures, the primary concern of pipeline operators remains the same: Ensure safeand reliable pipeline operations 24/7, all while improving asset integrity and operational efficiency.An integrated, open, end-to-end solutionOur reliable midstream solutions are tested, validated, and designed tomanage your energy costs as well as your remote assets.This proven architecture includes:> Energy management and efficiency> Pipeline SCADA with advanced pipeline management applications> Telecommunications and integral security and safety> Station power, control, and safety> Process and energy monitoring and measurement350Oil & Gas specialists globally2,500Service and project engineers3Global engineering centresImprove your performancesWith our innovative energy management solutions, you can start realizingreduced transportation costs by operating your pipeline in the mostenergy- and cost-efficient way. And, our advanced pipeline applicationsincluding accurate leak detection enable you to operate safely.Additionally, you’ll enable:> Improved pipeline management, safety, and reliability> Seamless integration of your power, process, and securitymanagement systems> Reduced project risk and total installation cost by partnering withSchneider Electric15

Optimized onshoreproduction and efficiencyImprove oil field productionwith optimized power management16

UpstreamOnshore: Digital oil fieldproduction solutionOnshore production is a key element in the upstream mix and extending recovery gains on activereserves takes the pressure off exploring and exploiting new sites. Yet, optimizing existing fields andincreasing their recovery rates — without increasing production costs — remains a major challenge.More than just oil productionOptimizing your energy management will make your oil field as efficientas possible, by reducing electrical and mechanical stress on machinery,and anticipating production problems. Schneider Electric solutioncombines four complementary offers:> Well pump optimization, providing control and protection forartificial lift equipment, pumpjacks, roadpumps, and motors> Process automation, including advanced remote control andmonitoring (RTUs) and SCADA data acquisition to streamlineprocesses, reduce maintenance, and limit risks to personnel> Electrical distribution, increasing energy availability with integratedpower quality analysis and protection schemes> Safety and security management, using data and video remotemonitoring, leakage detection, overflow levels, overheating as wellas access and intrusion protectionup to 30%The improvement in energyefficiency possible for onshoreinstallations.up to 70%fewer mechanical failures withour digital oil field solution.Improved oil fields at lower costsWith these integrated, scalable solutions, reduced operational expensesand optimized oil field production are finally possible. Additionally,with the help of our proven industry experience, you’ll enable:> Up to 30% improved energy efficiency for onshore installation> Increased continuity and quality of electrical power supply> Improved site safety and security, reducing downtime> Reduced maintenance with up to 70% fewer mechanical failuresIn fact, field management costs are often twofold. But, by ensuring thatthe installed equipment functions both continuously and for as long aspossible, well outputs are increased and the overall profitability of the oilfield is enhanced.17

Proven, reliable seabedelectrical distributionExtended availability for long tie-backand deep water applications18

UpstreamOffshore: Seabed electricaldistribution solutionBy transferring topside platform installations to the seabed, Oil & Gas operations can move intodeeper waters and harsher environments, including arctic conditions, and still stay remotelyconnected to surface power generation.Powering the processes and ensuringsecure operationsOur subsea energy management solution uses a flexible, modular, andextendable architecture that is well-proven and tested, with its associatedrisks fully analysed. This helps limit maintenance interventions, securingyour upstream operations with support from both active redundancy andcondition monitoring.And now, with a suite of services to guide your project from designto operation, Schneider Electric can help you transform even marginal sitesinto profitable, high-yield assets, enabling:> Up to 30% increased recovery by enabling compression/boosting flowat well heads thanks to increased deep-sea pressure> Optimal availability and reliability through a fault-tolerant powerdistribution network> Reduced operational expenses through maintenance-free designand unattended process infrastructure> Capital expense savings by reducing or eliminating costlytopside installationsup to 40%The operating cost reductionpossible with our subseasolutions.up to 30%The potential increase in flow andrecovery with Schneider Electricsolution.Improve your productivitywith a compact designOur subsea solution is focused on providing your subsea processing sitewith the required power distribution, from surface to seabed.And, as The Global Specialist in Energy Management for oil & gas,marine, submarine and other restricted-space environments, SchneiderElectric will help extend recovery from existing oil and gas reservoirs,as well as gain access to new sites up to 3000 m deep and more than100 km from shore.With our complete, type-tested electrical distribution solution,we can improve any site’s installation and productivity through ourcompact and modular design, customized to meet your needs.19

Services to improve andoptimize your installationEnsure a safe, reliable, and efficient energy supplyOptimizing capital expenses, minimizing downtime, reducing maintenancecosts — these needs are common to every Oil & Gas installation. And insuch an energy-intensive industry, it’s no wonder that energy managementonly grows in importance with each passing year.With our suite of services and extensive electrical expertise, you can nowachieve your efficiency goals, all while reducing CO 2emissions, ensuringregulatory compliance, and increasing your team’s competencies. Youcan even improve your installation itself with our four-part installationimprovement plan (MP4) that includes critical safety issues.Peace of mind throughoutthe installation life cycleFrom installation to operation, maintenance, upgrades andend-of-life issues, our installed base services draw on ourexperience as an energy specialist, so you can focus onyour core business.Our installed base services include:More than50%The extension of switchgearlifetime that’s possible with ourECOFIT TM service.End-of-life issuesincluding SF6recovery andtechnical trainingInstallationassessmentincluding consulting,technical training,and MP4Asset managementprogramwith recurrent contractsModernisationfor replacement,upgrades, andECOFIT retrofitsOn-demandmaintenancefeaturing repair, spareparts, and diagnosis20

Advanced servicesfor energymanagementMeasureEnergy audit& measurementWhen it comes to sustaining efficiency over time— and ensuring optimized energy costs — it’scritical to take an active approach in measuringand monitoring your usage. Only then can youmaintain, and even improve, those savings inthe long-term.Our advanced services and energy efficiencysolutions include:> EnergySTEP efficiency consulting, to give youcustomized energy-saving solutions with theirestimated ROI> Hosted Managed Services with on-sitemonitoring> On-site proactive system maintenance,support and improvementPassive energy efficiencyFix the basicsActive energy efficiencyOptimize throughautomation ®ulationContinuous Improvement Approach based on the DMAIC principles(Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control)Monitor,maintain, improve21

Global and local Oil & Gasengineering capabilitiesBest-in-class solutions and services close to you worldwideGlobal Oil & Gas centresGlobal solutionsengineering centresLocal engineering andservices centresSpecialised engineering units(SCADA group, Gutor, Automation)Global Oil & Gas CentresGlobal SolutionEngineering CentresLocal Engineeringand Services CentresSpecialised EngineeringUnits (SCADA group,Gutor, Automation)AfricaAsia/Pacific > Djakarta, Indonesia > Beijing, China> Gurgaon, India> Abidjan, Ivory Coast> Alger, Algeria> Cairo, Egypt> Johannesburg, South Africa> Beijing, China> Seoul, South Korea> Sydney, Australia> Singapore, Singapore> Shanghai, ChinaEurope > Stafford, UK > Grenoble, France > Barcelona, Spain> Milan, Italy> Moscow, Russia> Samara, RussiaLatin AmericaMiddle East> Buenos Aires, Argentina> Caracas, Venezuela> Lima, Peru> Mexico City, Mexico> Santiago de Chile, Chile> Rio de Janeiro, Brazil> Beirut, Lebanon> Dubai, United Arab Emirates> Izmir, Turkey> Riyadh, Saudi Arabia> Brisbane, Australia> Newcastle, Australia> New Delhi, India> Perth, Australia> Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia> Shanghai, China> Sydney, Australia> Tokyo, Japan> Victoria, Australia> Coventry, England> Lattes, France> Leiden, The Netherlands> Luton, England> Moscow, Russia> Wettingen, Switzerland> Mexico City, Mexico> Rio de Janeiro, Brazil> Sao Paulo, Brazil> Dubai, United Arab Emirates> Al Khobar, Saudi ArabiaUSA/Canada > Houston, USA > Nashville, USA > Calgary, Canada > Calgary, Canada> Denver, USA> Houston, USA> Kanata, Canada> West Kingston, USA22

Schneider Electric works with your local business toensure a customized, high-performance solution thatcan manage your energy and maximize production.23

Learn more about our Oil & Gas solutions!Download our FREE ‘Impact of Subsea Processing Power Distribution’White Paper today!> Visit and enter key code: f823vMake the most of your energy SMSchneider Electric Industries SASHead Office35 rue Joseph Monier92506 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex- FranceTel.: +33 (0)1 41 20 70©2011 Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. Schneider Electric, The global specialist in energy management, Gutor, Pelco, ECOFIT, EcoStruxure, ActiveEnergy Management Architecture from Power Plant to Plug, PACiS, Sepam, MiCOM, TeSys, TAC, and Make the most of your energy are trademarks ownedby Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Design: Global Marketing,Communications Strategy and Design 998-4383_GMA-GB.

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