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Centre for the Promotionof Imports fromdeveloping countries

CBI:THE expertin exportfromdevelopingcountriesFor four decades the CBI has contributed tosustainable economic growth in developingcountries. Over the years we’ve successfullyimplemented programmes all over theworld; we’re known from Vietnam toTanzania to Colombia. And we’re proud tosupport sectors as diverse as agriculture,consumer, industrial products and services.Pascal Lamy, Director–General of theWTO recently stated the assistance offeredby the CBI are of great importance toentrepreneurs in developing countries.Together with our network partners wehave worked hard to accomplish this.Many European importers have alsobenefitted from our work and have forgedsustainable business relationships throughour teaming up with local business supportorganisations.closely together with our partners, the CBIprovides tailor-made services for all of ourcountries and sectors.After reading this, I hope you’d like to learnmore about what we can do together.Drop in or visit our website (www.cbi.eu).We are looking forward to doing businesswith you!Hans Klunder, Managing Director CBIYou may ask yourself how does the CBIknow what makes exporters’ clocks tick?Based on field information and working

From the field‘The CBI made us,’ says Venus Gensonwho founded the Venus Group ofCompanies in the Philippines.‘We had no access to Europe until theCBI provided it for us, helping us tounderstand the markets and takingus to trade fairs. An essential part ofbusiness is meeting other peoplewho are willing to share theirknowledge, experience and networkwith you. The CBI’s training andmarket-entry support changed theshape of our business. We hadalready developed a solid export basein the USA, however, it was access tothe European markets that gave usour real break. Now 40% of ourexports go to Europe, 40% to the USAand the remaining 20% are regional.’4 | CBI

The CBI canassist youBusiness Support OrganisationsIn your efforts to assist your clients andmembers to develop and promotetheir exports, your BSO will inevitablyencounter questions such as how tocomply with European market accessrequirements, how to keep up with thelatest prices and trends, or how to spotnew market opportunities? The CBIprogrammes support you in playing aproactive role in the export value system.We advise and coach you to compile andimplement strategic and operationalbusiness plans, and to evaluate yourperformance in order to continuouslyimprove your services.From the fieldThe CBI and ITPC for Ho Chi Min Cityjoined forces in 2005. The intensivecooperation brought threedisciplines together; Increasinglocal export expertise, creating aweb-based market informationportal and strategically improvingthe business support infrastructure.The outcome of the cooperation isthat ITPC’s clients satisfaction hasrisen because of the improvedconsultancy, training and marketinformation services from the BSO.Together we draw-up a made-to-measureassistance package, evaluate your and yourclients’ needs, growth prospects and EUmarket opportunities while keeping an eyeon potential impediments, and findingsolutions for them.www.cbi.eu/supportersCBI | 5

From the field‘The biggest boost the CBI has given us is the exposure it provided,’says Dr. Stefan Metzker, director of PrionTex, a South African firmthat specialises in medical textiles. Founded in 2001 with just twoemployees, the firm now employs more than 100. ‘Our participationin trade fairs gave us an ideal opportunity to see and learn about theEuropean market, and to interact with customers and competitors.The CBI gave us the platform we needed to be launched in Europe,’says Dr. Metzker. In the five years since the company joined the CBIprogramme, its turnover has risen from around € 150,000 to morethan € 2 million.Policy makers......in developing countriesAs a policy maker in a developing country,you work on cultivating a favourablebusiness climate that improves andpromotes exports. But how can you gaininsight in the opportunities and accessrequirements of the European market?The CBI offers an advice package to helpyou gain these insights. We have a clearperception of the European market changesand via or with our local BSO partnerswe stimulate your policy support so youare able to respond to these changes andoptimally exploit all chances....in EuropeEuropean policy makers are constantlysearching for ways to research and improvethe global outcome of their trade policies.You may come across questions like; Whatis the global and regional economic effectof trade policy changes; What is the impactof legislation on exporters in developingcountries? Aimed specifically at policymakers in Europe, the CBI has developeda Policy Intelligence service. It deliverspractical, tailored information from thefield, giving you insight into the impact oftrade policies and legislation to exportersin developing countries. It provides inputfor policy dialogues from a developingcountry’s perspective.In close cooperation we can determinehow the CBI can assist you, a policy makerin a developing country or Europe.www.cbi.eu6 | CBI

ExportersIn your ambition to successfully export yourproduct or service to Europe, you will comeacross questions such as how do I findthe right buyer? Does my product meet EUmarket requirements and is it in line withthe latest European trends?The CBI offers you a helping hand. All ourprogrammes are aimed at boostingthe competitiveness of your business onthe European markets. Whether thatmeans coaching you to enhance theprofessionalisation of your businessoperations or assisting you when takingpart in an international/regional trade fair.Our experts are keen to share their marketknowledge, product knowledge and buyers’network.www.cbi.eu/suppliersImportersThe need to find high-quality products atcompetitive prices is more importantthan ever. Outsourcing or buying fromdeveloping countries can cut costs andstrengthen your market position. But inwhich country should you look for asuitable partner and do their products meetthe required standards?Fact is, the CBI or one of its partnerorganisations has probably already foundthe partner you are looking for. A partnerthat complies with strict European rulesand regulations. Many European companieshave already established sustainablerelationships with suppliers in developingcountries with the assistance of the CBI.www.cbi.eu/buyersCBI | 7

CBI productsand servicesTailor-madeThe CBI is active in a number of disciplines:Export Coaching, Institutional Development,Input for Policy Makers, Market Intelligenceand Human Resource Development.These disciplines, in various sectors, can beapplied in a tailored and integrated mannerto a country’s needs. This way the productsreinforce each other in practice so thewhole is more than the sum of its parts.An overview of CBI products andservices:1. Strategic conferenceThe strategic conference or round-tablediscussion aims to identify and discuss(sector-specific) challenges at countryor regional level, allowing the relevantstakeholders in international tradeto achieve better coordination andcooperation in the value chain.Results:• A strategic approach to challengesdiscussed and the continuation orestablishment of the network or taskforce;• Agreements and plan of actionfor improved services to promoteinternational trade;• Division of roles and tasks amongststakeholders;• Commitment to a collective approachand the trajectory2. Institutional development for BusinessSupport OrganisationsThese modules are aimed at BSOs to assistthem in strengthening their role in theexport value system:• BSO diagnosis and Intervention Design• BSOD Export Intelligence• BSOD Export Development and ExportPromotion3. Export coaching for exporting SMEsThese six modules are designed to helpexporters compete on European markets:• Business Audit and Action Plan• Business Development• Export Capacity Building• (Voluntary) Certification• Market Entry Regional• Market Entry EU4. Market IntelligenceExporters, BSOs, importers and policymakers will find the answers to all theirquestions in the Market IntelligenceModules:• Market Intelligence• Tailored Intelligence• Export Intelligence• Policy Intelligence• Market Access Requirements8 | CBI

5. Human Resource DevelopmentOur Human Resource Developmentmodules are aimed at creating knowledgeand developing skills for exporters andBSOs staff members:• Online training courses• Training courses in the EU• Training courses in the CBI target countryThe courses are related to the five stages ofthe export process:• Preparing your organisation• Doing market research• Creating strategy• Product development• Marketing and promotionInterested?Feel free to contact us for detailedinformation on our products and services atcbi@cbi.euwww.cbi.euFrom the fieldAnders Klang, director of Sweden’sMästerljus Klang AB is always on thelookout for new potential indeveloping countries. At the CBIpavilion during the PaperworldTrade Fair in Frankfurt, he met asupplier with whom he is delighted.‘It was easy to get straight tobusiness,’ says Klang, who has sinceplaced several orders for children’scolouring books. ‘We are doinggood business. The quality is goodand consistent and delivery on time,’says Klang, who now has suppliersin several developing countries.CBI | 9

Let’s dobusinessHas your company got what it takes tocompete on the tough European market?Try the export-readiness checker on ourwebsite: www.cbi.eu/exportreadyFor importers, there is an online companydatabase available that lists all of oursuccessful businesses by sector and country.Find your future business partner at:www.cbi.eu/companydatabaseAt the CBI’s website, you will also finddetailed information on all our countries,programmes and services. You can identifythe name and contact details of theCBI’s expert relevant to your needs andquestions.After reading this you must be interestedto find out how the CBI can assist youand how we can work together! You arewelcome to visit the CBI in The Hague orvisit our website. Among the links youare sure to find something to your liking.The CBI website offers surveys, publications,a market intelligence database withhundreds of documents and many otheruseful links: www.cbi.eu/marketinfoAs a BSO or policy maker, it’s likely that youwant to find out what we can do for you.With one click you can gain insight into theservices we could offer your exporters.www.cbi.eu/supportersVisiting addressCBIPrinses Beatrixlaan 22595 AL The HagueThe NetherlandsPostal addressCBIP.O. Box 931442509 AC The HagueThe NetherlandsPhone: +31 (0)88 60 24300Fax: +31 (0)88 60 24301Email: cbi@cbi.euWeb: www.cbi.eu

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