Baxi Specification Brochure.pdf - BHL.co.uk

Baxi Specification Brochure.pdf - BHL.co.uk

Baxi Specification Brochure.pdf - BHL.co.uk

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E<strong>co</strong>gen micro <strong>co</strong>mbinedheat and power035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 1 14/04/2010 11:06

Introduction to <strong>Baxi</strong>Innovators in heating technologyFor over 150 years <strong>Baxi</strong> has led the way with new andpioneering heating solutions.Today, our dedication to innovation is greater than ever as we look to new ways to heathomes and businesses; ways that will use low carbon sources of energy and protect theplanet for future generations.We are <strong>co</strong>mmitted to delivering sustainable solutions that minimise energy usage,cut carbon emissions and deliver maximum value for you and your customers.We offer a <strong>co</strong>mprehensive range of heating solutions that can be tailored to suit yourneeds, including:• High efficiency boilers• Solar energy• Ground source heat pumps• Air source heat pumps• micro-CHP technology• Biomass solutions• Vented and unvented cylinders• Flue gas heat re<strong>co</strong>very systemsOur latest addition is the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen micro-CHP– an innovative wall mounted micro <strong>co</strong>mbinedheat and power appliance that offers significantcarbon and <strong>co</strong>st savings.2035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 2 14/04/2010 11:06

What is micro-CHP?The home heating industry isready for change. Are you?<strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen heralds the most significant change in the home heatingindustry since the <strong>co</strong>ndensing boiler. That’s because it is the firstwall-hung, <strong>co</strong>mmercially available domestic micro <strong>co</strong>mbined heat andpower (micro-CHP) appliance.Combined heat and power (CHP) is the process ofgenerating both useful heat and electrical powerfrom a single source.Large scale CHP, suitable for <strong>co</strong>mmercialapplications, has been available for many years.Domestic micro-CHP is a new technology,generating electricity for use in the home whilstproviding heating and hot water.With homes ac<strong>co</strong>unting for 27% of the UK’stotal carbon emissions, the Government is keento cut household emissions by 80% by 2050.The Government has acknowledged this byintroducing a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) for microgenerationinstallations generating electricity.A+ efficiencyWith the forth<strong>co</strong>ming revision to the BuildingRegulations bringing about a step change inminimum boiler efficiency, the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen offersthe next level of efficiency over a SEDBUK Band Aboiler.<strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen offers greater efficiency than the<strong>co</strong>mbination of a SEDBUK Band A boiler for heatand power from an electricity supplier. That'sbecause, unlike a power station, the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>genmakes use of the excess heat from electricalgeneration to provide central heating and hotwater. In addition, <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen generates electricitylocally, eliminating transmission losses. <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>genalso generates electricity at times of peak demandso it is more likely to be used on-site, maximisingcarbon and <strong>co</strong>st savings.Energy efficiency <strong>co</strong>mparisonCENTRAL GENERATION ENERGY EFFICIENCY35%efficiency81% overallefficiency88%efficiency*electricityheatgasLOCAL GENERATION ENERGY EFFICIENCY85% overallefficiencyelectricityBand Aboiler*Based on 91% winter efficiency (SEDBUK)and 75% summer efficiencyheatBAXIECOGENgas3035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 3 14/04/2010 11:06

What is micro-CHP?The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>co</strong>mplies with current legislationand provides significant carbon benefits, helpingboth the new build and public sector to meet therequirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes.The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen is officially classed as amicrogeneration technology so householders canbenefit from financial assistance such as the Feed-inTariff, helping to tackle fuel poverty.The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen is a logical, practical and familiaralternative to a regular boiler, offering some uniquebenefits:• Does not rely on building orientation orweather <strong>co</strong>nditions to generate electricity• Generates electricity at times of peakelectrical demand in the home• Maximises greener and cheaper on-site use,helping to alleviate fuel poverty• Reduces reliance on grid electricity• No planning permission required• Reduces carbon emissions4035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 4 14/04/2010 11:06

How does it work?The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen is a micro <strong>co</strong>mbined heat and power (micro-CHP)appliance for the provision of central heating, hot water andelectricity. Designed to be a practical alternative to a standarddomestic boiler, the basic principles for heat generation are thesame as a regular heat only boiler. The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen can be used onstandard S and Y plan open-vented or sealed systems.Stirling engineHeat exchanger re<strong>co</strong>versexcess heat and <strong>co</strong>nverts itinto useful heat for the systemFlue gasexcess heatHELIUMGas inletPreheated returnHeating circuit returnMAGNETAC SupplyAC SupplyEngine <strong>co</strong>ilsElectrical generationFor electricity generation, the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen uses afree piston Stirling engine. This engine is heatedby burning gas. The helium working fluid expandsand <strong>co</strong>ntracts to move a piston up and down. Thispiston travels between a <strong>co</strong>pper <strong>co</strong>il, generatingup to 1kW of electricity at 50Hz single phase.Electrical <strong>co</strong>nnectionThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen uses a single cable <strong>co</strong>nnectionfor its own electricity <strong>co</strong>nsumption and fordistribution of generated electricity - one three<strong>co</strong>re cable provides a two way supply. There isno additional wiring required for electrical outputand the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen can be <strong>co</strong>nnected to theexisting domestic electricity circuit.5035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 5 14/04/2010 11:06

How does it work?Combined heat and electricityThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen generates electricity only whenthere is a demand for central heating or hotwater. Daily trends for heating and electricitydemand are well synchronised, maximisingelectrical production at times of peak electricityuse in the home.The electrical output also follows the typical dailydomestic electrical base load (0.2kW – 0.9kW) .These characteristics result in maximum on-siteuse of electricity generated. This offers additionalcarbon and running <strong>co</strong>st saving benefits (see Page7 for more information).Typical household electricity demand and heating periods1.41.21Demand (kW) demandHeatingperiod(up to1kW elec)00.00 04.00 08.00 12.00 16.00 20.00 00.00TimeHeating period(up to 1kW elec)Smart operationThe operating sequence of the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen ismore sophisticated than a regular boiler. At startup, a regular boiler will operate at the maximumheat output and then progressively reduce theoutput to match the heat demand. <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gendoes the opposite.<strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>co</strong>nstantly monitors the systemtemperatures and, if required, the supplementarywill also operate but at minimum output (6kWStirling engine plus 4kW supplementary = 10kW).If the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen determines additional heat isrequired, the supplementary will operate up tomaximum output (6kW Stirling engine plus 18kWsupplementary =24kw).At start up, the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen will allow onlythe Stirling engine to operate (3.5kW to 6kW).6035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 6 14/04/2010 11:06

How does it work?This gives opportunity for the Stirling enginealone to fulfill low heat demands, or keeps thesupplementary heating to a minimum (if required),to maximise electrical generation.A range of accessories is available to provideroom, outdoor and hot water load <strong>co</strong>mpensationfor optimum efficiency and <strong>co</strong>mfort. See page 11for more information.Relationship between heat and electrical output1.2Relationship Between Thermal and Electrical OutputElectrical Output kWhe10.80.60.4Supplementary0.200Engine1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24Total Heat Output kWhtEnergy flow7035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 7 14/04/2010 11:06

Features and benefitsElectric benefitsElectricity generation - on site electricity generation displacescentrally generated electricity from the gridLocal electricity generation:Fuel bills reduced by up to £600*Carbon emissions reducedby up to 40% †Local electricity use:Fuel bills reduced by up to £600*Carbon emissions reducedby up to 40% †Heat led generation - electricity is generated when there is demandfor heating or hot waterExcess heat from the electrical generation process is re<strong>co</strong>vered andused for heatingWide electrical output modulating range (5:1) - (0.2kW to 1kW)adjusts the electrical output ac<strong>co</strong>rding to the heating demandwithout switching on and offMore electricity generated due to reduced on / off cycling of thegenerator, even when the heat demand is lowDaily trends for heating and electrical demands are well synchronizedtherefore electricity production is maximisedElectrical output is designed to meet the typical daily electrical baseload (0.2 to 0.9kW)Simple grid <strong>co</strong>nnectionand notification:Reduced installation <strong>co</strong>stsGrid <strong>co</strong>nnection hardware / software <strong>co</strong>mplies with EngineeringRe<strong>co</strong>mmendation G83/1Simple District Network Operator (DNO) notification usingsupplied formEnergy meter displaying electricity power and generationBuilt in automatic grid <strong>co</strong>nnection hardware / software - no externalautomatic grid <strong>co</strong>nnection device requiredSimple installation:Reduced installation <strong>co</strong>stsLess disruptionSingle cable <strong>co</strong>nnection - one three <strong>co</strong>re cable provides two waysupply of electricityNo additional wiring for electrical outputCan be <strong>co</strong>nnected to existing domestic electricity circuitStirling engine is sealed - burner is a separate <strong>co</strong>mponent so noadditional <strong>co</strong>mpetencies are required - only <strong>Baxi</strong> product trainingNo servicing <strong>co</strong>stsMaintenance free generator (Stirling engine) - no servicing requiredapart from the supplementary boiler sectionGeneral benefitsIntelligent operation:Fuel bills reduced by up to £600*Carbon emissions reducedby up to 40% †Operating sequence gives opportunity for the Stirling engine aloneto fulfil low heat demands, generating more electricityFirst modulates the supplementary from low to higher output,allowing the engine to make more electricity8* See page 18 † See page 17035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 8 14/04/2010 11:06

Features and benefitsHeat benefitsHigh efficiency:Fuel bills reduced by up to £600*Carbon emissions reducedby up to 40% †Better overall energy efficiency than regular boiler and powerfrom an electricity supplierWide heat output modulating range (7:1) - adjusts the boiler power(heat output) ac<strong>co</strong>rding to the heating demand without switching onand offMore heat efficient due to reduced on / off cycling of the boiler,even when the heat demand is lowEasy to specify:Suitable for a wide range ofproperties and applicationsAble to adjust output to match wide range of property heat loadrequirementsAble to adjust output to match <strong>co</strong>ntrasting hot water and centralheating demandsBuilt in frost protection to prevent frost damage of boiler ingarages, utilities etc.Versatile fluing options including horizontal, vertical, teles<strong>co</strong>picPlume deflector option to reduced nuisance from plumeSimple installation:Reduced installation <strong>co</strong>stsLess disruptionTop hydraulic <strong>co</strong>nnections allow direct <strong>co</strong>nnection to <strong>co</strong>mmonupward pipingNo stand off kit required or additional upward pipingCompatible with standard Multifit flue <strong>co</strong>mponents forfamiliar installationLower maintenance <strong>co</strong>sts7 day pump exercise - prevents seizing of the pump if notfrequently used7 day valve exercise (if <strong>Baxi</strong> <strong>co</strong>ntrols used) - prevents seizing of thevalve(s) if not frequently usedLess downtime and service visitsReduced customer <strong>co</strong>mplaintsWhite backlit display visible in dimly lit and dark <strong>co</strong>nditionsLarge text LCD - full text descriptions with fewer symbolsService due display at selectable intervals (including phone number)Dedicated LPG model - suitable for off gas gridEasy to specify:Suitable for a wide range ofproperties and applicationsIntegrated intelligent wiring centre - replaces a <strong>co</strong>nventional wiringcentre and <strong>co</strong>ntrols 230V valvesAllows use of <strong>Baxi</strong> dedicated time and temperature <strong>co</strong>ntrols with<strong>co</strong>nventional S/W/Y plan systemsWater splash and spray resistant (IP44) - can be fitted in bath andshower roomsSimple installation:Reduced installation <strong>co</strong>stsDedicated LPG model so no field <strong>co</strong>nversion or set upExpanded polypropylene (EPP) packaging - reusable if returned to<strong>Baxi</strong> (also better for the environment)9035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 9 14/04/2010 11:06

Controls10035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 10 14/04/2010 11:06

ControlsA range of dedicated <strong>co</strong>ntrols accessories is available for usewith the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen, providing room, outdoor and hot waterload <strong>co</strong>mpensation for enhanced <strong>co</strong>mfort, efficiency andelectrical generation.What is load <strong>co</strong>mpensation?Think about a traditional on/off room thermostat.It sends a signal to the boiler to switch on.The boiler is then operated at the manualflow temperature setting (eg 80°C). This roomthermostat switches the boiler on and off tomatch the heat output to the demand.<strong>Baxi</strong> <strong>co</strong>ntrols are more intelligent. They sendtemperature information to the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen(settings and actuals). The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen canthen automatically reduce the flow temperaturesetting. Instead of turning on and off, the <strong>Baxi</strong>E<strong>co</strong>gen remains on, matching the heat output tothe demand, whilst generating electricity.Load <strong>co</strong>mpensationEliminates on/off operation -increases thermal and electrical efficiencyand maximises electrical productionAdjusts to lower flow temperatureskeeping the boiler in <strong>co</strong>ndensingmode (increasing efficiency)on/off room thermostatmodulating room thermostat80˚Coff off off50˚CononFlow temp20˚C10˚CoffonoffonoffRoom tempInitially bring the actual roomtemperature to the required roomtemperature without overshootSubsequently maintains therequired room temperaturewithout fluctuationTimeLoad <strong>co</strong>mpensation offers 2% towards the dwelling emissions rating(DER) improvement for new build.11035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 11 14/04/2010 11:06

Controls<strong>Baxi</strong> <strong>co</strong>ntrols supplied with boilerThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>co</strong>ntrols are removable andin<strong>co</strong>rporate a programmable room thermostat.If removed, a wired wall holder is required(available separately). The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen internalwiring centre must be used for all 230V system<strong>co</strong>mponents. This enables intelligent <strong>co</strong>ntrolof the S/W/Y plan system including room load<strong>co</strong>mpensation.Standard <strong>co</strong>ntrolsIf the removable <strong>co</strong>ntrols are left on the appliance(as supplied), the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen can be <strong>co</strong>nnectedto S/W/Y plan systems like any other heat onlyboiler. The only requirement is that the systempump must always be wired back to the <strong>Baxi</strong>E<strong>co</strong>gen.Wall holder accessory• Low voltage so wiring Part P exempt• Simple and discreet small two <strong>co</strong>re wiring• Wires are reversible as polarity not applicable• Supplied with 5 LED boiler plug in forbasic status indicationSales <strong>co</strong>de: 720025501Wired use of removable <strong>co</strong>ntrol in room (supplied with the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen - plugged in)Suppliedplugged in Boiler• 7 day programmer• Two channels (CH & HW)• Room load <strong>co</strong>mpensation• Quick use menu• Energy meter• Boiler <strong>co</strong>nfiguration12035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 12 14/04/2010 11:06

ControlsSensor accessoriesAlso available are a <strong>Baxi</strong> outdoor sensor forweather <strong>co</strong>mpensation and a <strong>Baxi</strong> cylinder sensorfor hot water load <strong>co</strong>mpensation (only for use withMegaflo HE cylinders). These sensors can onlybe used in <strong>co</strong>njunction with the removable room<strong>co</strong>ntrol, to provide additional load <strong>co</strong>mpensation.Multizone accessory<strong>Baxi</strong> <strong>co</strong>ntrols can also <strong>co</strong>ntrol two zones.The removable programmable room thermostatmust be used for the first zone and the optionalwall holder is required for this.An optional additional programmable roomthermostat is required for the se<strong>co</strong>nd zone.Outdoor sensor accessory• Enables weather <strong>co</strong>mpensation• Low voltage wiring is Part P exempt• Simple and discreet small two <strong>co</strong>re wiring• Wires are reversible as polarity is notapplicable• Configured usingremovable <strong>co</strong>ntrolSales <strong>co</strong>de: 720103001Sales <strong>co</strong>de: 720026401If <strong>Baxi</strong> <strong>co</strong>ntrols are used, the internal wiringcentre must be used for all 230V system<strong>co</strong>mponents. This enables intelligent <strong>co</strong>ntrol ofthe multizone system (inc hot water).Cylinder sensor accessory• Replaces on /off cylinder thermostat• For Megaflo HE cylinders only• Low voltage wiring is Part P exempt• Simple and discreet small two <strong>co</strong>re wiring• Wires are reversible as polarity is not applicableSales <strong>co</strong>de: 720027001Controls <strong>co</strong>mbinationsControlE<strong>co</strong>genProgrammable roomthermostat (1st zone)Outdoor sensorCylinder sensorProgrammable roomthermostat (2nd zone)AccessoryPlug in 5 LED display &wall cradle (wired)Outdoor sensor kit(wired)Cylinder sensor kit(wired)Programmable roomthermostat & wallcradle (wired)Sales <strong>co</strong>de 720025501 720103001 720027001 720026401✔Single zoneMultizone✔✔✔ ✔ ✔✔ ✔ ✔✔ ✔ ✔ ✔✔ ✔ ✔✔ ✔ ✔ ✔✔ ✔ ✔ ✔✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔13035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 13 14/04/2010 11:06

ControlsFeatures and benefitsProgrammable room thermostat (1st zone)plug in 5 LED display and wall cradle - wiredReduced customer <strong>co</strong>mplaintsWhite backlit display visible in dimly lit and dark <strong>co</strong>nditionsLarge text LCD with full text descriptions and few symbolsCommon operating modes are familiar to householderEasy menu - daily settings and adjustments can be madevia easy menuMain menu lock - tamper proof main menuService due display at selectable intervals (including phone number)Calendar (auto summer / winter time adjustment) - no need to resetthe time twice each yearCentral heating advance - when activated in timed mode only,central heating is switched on for remaining off time and thenautomatically returns to the time programRooms heated during off times when occupancy unplanned, withoutneed to change operating mode before and afterEasy to manage and user friendlyHot water boost - one time heating of hot water to desiredtemperatureHot water heated during off times when occupancy unplanned,without need to change operating mode before or afterHoliday function - house is warm upon returnFrost protection function to provide room frost protectionPrevents frost damage of heating system, building and <strong>co</strong>ntentsIntelligent operation:Fuel bills reduced by up to £600*Carbon emissions reducedby up to 40% †Flow temperature modulation (CH) - adjusts boiler flow temp (heatoutput) depending on the difference between the actual room tempand the temp settingMore efficient due to reduced on / off cycling of the boilerMore efficient as boiler is operated in <strong>co</strong>ndensing mode for longerWill maintain required room temperature without fluctuationMeeting householder needs:More <strong>co</strong>mfortableRoom temperature reduced setting - minimum room temperaturecan be set for off timesRooms do not be<strong>co</strong>me <strong>co</strong>ld at night (or when occupied in off times)Optimum start - when activated in timed mode only, central heating isswitched on during off time to ensure desired room temperatureat the start of on timeDesired room temperature is available exactly when required14* See page 18 † See page 17035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 14 14/04/2010 11:06

ControlsOutdoor sensoroutdoor sensor kit - wiredIntelligent operation:Fuel bills reduced by up to £600*Carbon emissions reducedby up to 40% †Enables weather <strong>co</strong>mpensationAdditional flow temperature modulation (CH) - adjusts boiler flowtemp (heat output) depending on the difference between the actualroom temp, the room temp setting and the outdoor tempMore efficient due to reduced on / off cycling of the boilerMore efficient as boiler is operated in <strong>co</strong>ndensing mode for longerCylinder sensorcylinder sensor kit - wiredIntelligent operation:Fuel bills reduced by up to £600*Carbon emissions reducedby up to 40% †Enables hot water load <strong>co</strong>mpensationAdditional flow temperature modulation (CH) - adjusts boilerflow temp (heat output) depending on the difference between theactual hot water temp and the hot water temp settingMore efficient due to reduced on / off cycling of the boilerMore efficient as boiler is operated in <strong>co</strong>ndensing mode for longerMeeting householder needs:More <strong>co</strong>mfortableHot water temperature can be adjusted from the living space(eg for seasonal adjustment)Programmable room thermostat (2nd zone)programmable room thermostat and wall cradle - wiredSimple installation:Reduced installation <strong>co</strong>stsLess disruptionMultiple channels for <strong>co</strong>ntrolling two central heating zones andhot water (CH1, CH2 & HW)Integrated intelligent wiring centre - replaces a <strong>co</strong>nventionalwiring centre and <strong>co</strong>ntrols multizone 230V valves* See page 18 † See page 1715035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 15 14/04/2010 11:06

ApplicationSitingThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen must be mounted on a wall thatis able to accept the weight of the appliance whenfull of water. Consideration must be given to safelifting of the boiler from floor to wall, includingmanoeuvring over worktops. <strong>Baxi</strong> re<strong>co</strong>mmendscarrying out a site survey.System wiring (<strong>Baxi</strong> <strong>co</strong>ntrols)230V system <strong>co</strong>ntrols must be wired back tothe boiler when the removable <strong>co</strong>ntrol is used(replaces standard wiring centre). The pump mustalways be wired back to the boiler, even when<strong>Baxi</strong> <strong>co</strong>ntrols are not used.System and flueS planMainsSupplyENLThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen is suitable for use on openvented and sealed systems. A system bypassPumpFused8ENLis required providing 10l/min for open ventedsystems and 7l/min for sealed systems. The <strong>Baxi</strong>E<strong>co</strong>gen is <strong>co</strong>mpatible with standard Multifit GroupA and N flue accessories.IsolateIsolate2 Port ValveCHI2 Port ValveDHWCHI (on)CH2 (on)DHW (on)DHW (off)Valve NValve EThe design heat loss must not exceed 23kW if anMCS registered installation is required for thepurpose of financial assistance such as a Feed-inTariff.Outdoor sensorCylinder sensorOut DoorSensor (In)Out DoorSensor (Out)TankSensor (In)TankSensor (Out)Back 1Light (+12v)Ground(0V)2Electrical <strong>co</strong>nnectionThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen is supplied with built in G83/1<strong>co</strong>mpliantDedicatedgrid <strong>co</strong>nnectioncircuithardware (see page 7).Dedicated circuitMainServiceFuse16A Circuit Breaker(2 Pole RCD)Supplier’sElectrical BillingMeterConsumerUnit13A BS1363Switch Fused Spur(securable)E<strong>co</strong>genApplianceY planWall CradleMainServiceFuseExisiting Final CircuitPumpMainsSupply3 PortMid Position ValveSocket(s)16A Circuit Breaker(2 Pole RCD)Fused8Supplier’sVIElectrical BillingMeterData 3Signal (+V)ENLENLCHI (on)ConsumerCH2 (on)UnitDHW (on)DHW (off)Valve NValve EE<strong>co</strong>genAppliance13A BS1363Switch Fused Spur(securable)DNO’sWiringCustomer’sWiringDNO’sWiringOutdoor sensorCustomer’sWiringOut DoorSensor (In)Out DoorSensor (Out)3ed SpurMainServiceFuseExisiting Final CircuitExisting final circuit16A Circuit Breaker(2 Pole RCD)Socket(s)13A BS1363Switch Fused Spur(securable)Cylinder sensorWall CradleTankSensor (In)TankSensor (Out)Back 1Light (+12v)Ground 2(0V)Data 3Signal (+V)Supplier’sElectrical BillingMeterConsumerUnitE<strong>co</strong>genApplianceOther options:-• W plan• Multizone – Two <strong>Baxi</strong> <strong>co</strong>ntrols can be wired16DNO’sWiringCustomer’sWiringback to the wiring centre on the boiler.035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 16 14/04/2010 11:06

LegislationCompliance with 2006 BuildingRegulationsThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen is fully <strong>co</strong>mpliant with the2006 Building Regulations that requires carbonemissions no greater than a regular Band B boiler.The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen has lower carbon emissions thana regular Band A boiler.0.8 tonnes carbon saving vs Band A BoilerE<strong>co</strong>genBand A BoilervsHPER gives an indication of carbon emissionsof the heating plant in a specific dwelling and isgiven in kg CO 2 per kWh. Because the E<strong>co</strong>genis heat led, the HPER is for each kWh of heatgenerated, but the carbon value is for both heatand electric generation (as the electricity is aby-product).There are different HPERs for different plant sizeratios (PSR). The requirement set for micro-CHPin the 2010 Building Regulations is a maximumHPER of 0.230 (based on default 1.5 plant sizeratio).plant sizeratio =maximumappliance outputdesign heat lossof the property3.3 tonnes carbon saving vs Band G BoilerE<strong>co</strong>genBand G BoilervsCompliance with 2010 BuildingRegulationsNew Building Regulations will outline specificrequirements for micro-CHP. These requirementsare based on the heating plant emissions rate(HPER) for the appliance in a particular property.SAP & CSHThere is a section of SAP dedicated formicro-CHP known as ‘appendix N’. SAPAppendix N cross references performance datafrom the SEDBUK database. Performance dataappears in a dedicated micro-CHP section ofthe SEDBUK database. The performance datais given in the Nominal Performance Data tableon page 23.The performance data is given for 4 nominalplant size ratios (0.5, 1.0, 1.5 & 4.0). SAPcalculates the plant size ratio based on the SAPheat loss <strong>co</strong>-efficient. SAP then works out theexact performance data between the nominalplant size ratios.Footnote:Based on a plant size ratio of 1.5 Primary energy factor of 1.55 for gas and 2.8 for electricity, SEDBUK 91% efficient Band Aheat only boiler, carbon factor of 0.194 for gas and 0.422 for electric.17035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 17 14/04/2010 11:06

LegislationSAP exampleWe have taken a 1960’s 4 bed semi detached property as an example to <strong>co</strong>mpare the SAPbenefit of retrofitting a <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>genFloor Area: 101m² over two storeysSingle bathroomTypical 1960’s fabric values and air leakage ratesCalculation 1Based upon a SEDBUK Band G boiler at SAP default of 65% efficiency. Old <strong>co</strong>ntrols(programmer but no thermostat or TRV’s)DER = 85.63 kg CO 2 /m² /yr (8482 kg/yr)SAP = 37 (Band F)EI = 32 (Band F)Calculation 2Based upon a SEDBUK Band B boiler at SAP default of 86% efficiency. Modern Part L<strong>co</strong>mpliant <strong>co</strong>ntrols (programmer, room stat & TRV’s)DER = 58.64 kg CO 2 /m² /yr (5593 kg/yr)SAP = 55 (Band D)EI = 50 (Band E)Calculation 3Based upon a SEDBUK Band A boiler at SAP default of 90% efficiency. Modern Part L<strong>co</strong>mpliant <strong>co</strong>ntrols (programmer, room stat & TRV’s)DER = 56.59 kg CO 2 /m² /yr (5367 kg/yr)SAP = 57 (Band E)EI = 51 (Band E)Calculation 4<strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen with load <strong>co</strong>mpensation. Modern Part L <strong>co</strong>mpliant <strong>co</strong>ntrols (<strong>Baxi</strong> programmeableroom stat & TRV’s) PSR = 2.86DER = 46.02 kg CO 2 /m² /yr (4685 kg/yr)SAP = 65 (Band D)EI = 57 (Band D)DER Improvementover Band G = 44.8%DER Improvementover Band B = 21.5%DER Improvementover Band A = 12.7%18035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 18 14/04/2010 11:06

Feed-in TariffFeed-in Tariff (FIT)The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) is a financial support schemeintroduced by the Government from April 2010 toen<strong>co</strong>urage the uptake of small-scale microgenerationtechnologies that generate electricity, such as <strong>Baxi</strong>E<strong>co</strong>gen.FIT will <strong>co</strong>nsist of two parts, a generation tariff andan export tariff:• Generation tariff - the energy supplier will makea fixed payment to the householder of 10p forevery kWh of electricity they generate• Export tariff - the energy supplier will make afixed payment to the householder of 3p for everykWh of electricity exported back to the electricitygridFIT will be paid over a minimum period of 10 years fromthe date the installation is first registered.The biggest benefit to the householder is that theycan use the electricity they generate on-site tooffset some of the electricity they would otherwisehave to buy from their energy supplier, thereforereducing their electricity bill. The more electricitythat is used on site, the lower the running <strong>co</strong>stsand payback.Microgeneration Certification Scheme(MCS) – requirement for FITQualification for the Feed-in Tariff and otherfinancial assistance requires the use of MCScertified product and installation. MCS isdesigned to reassure <strong>co</strong>nsumers that the productand installation will meet minimum standards andachieve manufacturer’s claims (e.g. performance).The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen is an MCS certified product.For more information on how to be<strong>co</strong>me an MCScertified installer or where to find one, please visitwww.microgenerationcertification.org<strong>Baxi</strong> offers a training <strong>co</strong>urse that is re<strong>co</strong>gnised byBRE as providing the skills specific to <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>genfor MCS installer certification, in addition tostandard plumbing and electrical <strong>co</strong>mpetencies.Running <strong>co</strong>st and paybackThis following example of fuel <strong>co</strong>sts and payback is for a typical property. Note that the fuel <strong>co</strong>sts and payback will vary depending on the five variables below.Energy (kWh) Cost / saving (£)Band G Heating Fuel <strong>co</strong>st £1,290Band D Heating Fuel <strong>co</strong>st £1,119Band A Heating Fuel <strong>co</strong>st £919HeatingHeat generated for heating 20015 £938Heat generated for auxiliary 58 £7Heat generated for electricity 2242 £88E<strong>co</strong>genElectricity Electricity generated -2242 -£224(with FIT) Electricity used onsite -1345 -£170Electricity exported -897 -£27Total Fuel <strong>co</strong>st £612Payback of incremental capital <strong>co</strong>st over Band A alternativeE<strong>co</strong>genWith FITIncremental capital <strong>co</strong>st £3,000Payback8.6 yearsAssumptions:Variables:Generation tariff: 10p/kWh e Gas price (p/kWh) 3.9Export tariff: 3p/kWh e Electricity price (p/kWh) 12.7Electric fire auxiliary heating Incremental installed <strong>co</strong>st (£) 3000Maintenance <strong>co</strong>st identical to Band A Electricity export (%) 40Dwelling heat loss (kW) 8.8The performance is difficult to predict with certainty due to variable patterns of use determined by householder settings, outdoor temperatures etc. This directly affects heat and electricitydemand and production. The estimates are based upon the best available information, but are given as guidance only and should not be <strong>co</strong>nsidered as a guarantee.19035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 19 14/04/2010 11:06

MeteringExisting metersAs long as the householder notifies the electricitysupplier that a <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen micro-CHP productis <strong>co</strong>nnected to the electricity grid, the existingstandard or variable electricity meter can be used.The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen cannot be used on a pre-paymentelectricity meter.The electricity supplier chosen for the Feed-inTariff will advise if export and generation metersare required for the relevant parts of the tariff.Some electricity suppliers will estimate (deem) theelectricity generated and proportion exported, andreward on this basis.New metersThe householder will not be charged for any meterchanges required for the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen. Typically,either a separate export and generation meter or a<strong>co</strong>mbined meter can be fitted.An export meter accurately measures the electricityexported and can be fitted near to, and in serieswith, the import meter. Both meters must not beable to operate in reverse (see Fig.A). A <strong>co</strong>mbinedmeter measures and displays import and exportseparately (see Fig.B).In addition, a separate generation meter can befitted. Alternatively, the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen has a built inenergy meter that can be used to measure the totalelectricity generated.Fig.A Separate import and export meterFig.B Combined import and export meterE<strong>co</strong>genGeneration meterE<strong>co</strong>genGeneration meterONMETERONMETEROFFOFFCustomerCustomerONConsumer unitONConsumer unitSupply terminalsOFFSupply terminalsOFFMeteringEquipmentImport meterExport meterIsolatingswitchMeteringEquipmentCombined meterwith separateimport and exportdisplayIsolatingswitchMETERMETERMETERCUTOUTKeyMetering Equipment BoundariesPhase ConductorsNeutral ConductorsCUTOUTDistribution systemKeyMetering Equipment BoundariesPhase ConductorsNeutral ConductorsDistribution system20035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 20 14/04/2010 11:06

NotificationsGas SafeThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen should be registered with Gas Safein the same way as a standard boiler.A Building Regulations certificate will then be issuedto the <strong>co</strong>nsumer in the normal way.District Network Operator (DNO)The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen installation must <strong>co</strong>mplywith Engineering Re<strong>co</strong>mmendation G83/1(Re<strong>co</strong>mmendations for the <strong>co</strong>nnection of smallscaleembedded generators (up to 16A per phase)in parallel with public low voltage distributionnetworks).The only thing left to do is to <strong>co</strong>mplete and send theInstallation and Commissioning Form to the relevantDNO, provided in the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen InstallationInstructions. <strong>Baxi</strong> re<strong>co</strong>mmends that the installer<strong>co</strong>mpletes and sends this form on behalf of the<strong>co</strong>nsumer.For a list of DNOs and their <strong>co</strong>ntact details, pleasevisit www.energynetworks.orgElectricity supplierThe <strong>co</strong>nsumer must notify their electricity supplierthat the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen micro-CHP microgenerationproduct has been <strong>co</strong>nnected to the grid.The <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen in<strong>co</strong>rporates the necessarygrid <strong>co</strong>nnection hardware for <strong>co</strong>mpliance withEngineering Re<strong>co</strong>mmendation G83/1.21035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 21 14/04/2010 11:06

<strong>Specification</strong>Gas type Mains Gas LPGE<strong>co</strong>gen 24/1.0Sales <strong>co</strong>de 5122477E<strong>co</strong>gen 24/1.0 LPGSales <strong>co</strong>de 720048301Heat performanceCombined heat input max kW 25.3 24.9Combined heat output max (non-<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 24 24Combined heat output max (<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 25.9 25.9Engine max heat input (net) kW 7.7 7.7Engine min heat input (net) kW 3.7 3.7Supplementary max heat input (net) kW 16.9 16.9Supplementary min heat input (net) kW 3.6 3.6Engine max heat output (non-<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 6 5.9Engine max heat output (<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 6.4 6.4Engine min heat output (non-<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 3.2 3.1Engine min heat output (<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 3.4 3.4Supplementary max heat output (non-<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 18 17.9Supplementary max heat output (<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 19 19Supplementary min heat output (non-<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 3.4 3.4Supplementary min heat output (<strong>co</strong>ndensing) kW 3.8 3.8Electrical performanceElectric output max kW 1 1Electric output min kW 0.3 0.3ConnectionsGas mm 15 15Flow mm 22 22Return mm 22 22Condensate drain mm 21.5 21.5Power V (Hz) 230 (50) 230 (50)Operating <strong>co</strong>nditionsMax operating current Amps 4.5 4.5External fuse rating Amps 13 13Circuit breaker rating (2 pole) Amps 16 16Noise pressure level (1m) dB(A)

<strong>Specification</strong>Gas type Mains Gas LPGE<strong>co</strong>gen 24/1.0Sales <strong>co</strong>de 5122477E<strong>co</strong>gen 24/1.0 LPGSales <strong>co</strong>de 720048301Max water pressure bar 3 3Min water pressure bar 0.2 0.2Suitable for sealed systems Yes YesCompartment ventilation required No NoIntegral frost protection Yes YesPump overrun required Yes YesPump exercise (weekly) Yes YesSystem bypass (sealed system) l/min 7 7System bypass (open-vented) l/min 10 10VolumetricsHeight mm 920 920Width mm 426 426Depth mm 425 425Weight empty kg 115 115Min clearance front mm 5* 5*Min clearance left side mm 5 5Min clearance right side mm 60 60Min clerance top (from top of boiler)** mm 200 200Min clearance bottom mm 200 200Flue systemConcentric horizontal max (60 /100) m 5 5Concentric vertical max (60 /100) m 5 5Twin pipe vertical max (80 / 80) m 10 1093˚ bend equivalent length (60 /100) m 1 1135˚ bend equivalent length (60 /100) m 0.5 0.591.5˚ bend equivalent length (80) m 0.5 0.5135˚ bend equivalent length (80) m 0.25 0.25AccessoriesZone valve exercise (weekly) Yes YesProgrammable room thermostat Removable RemovableIntegral wiring <strong>co</strong>ntrol V 230 231Cylinder sensor Optional Optional*5mm for removable door, 450mm to a fixed front/door**If horizontal flue turret, 300mm required23035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 23 14/04/2010 11:06

<strong>Specification</strong>Nominal performance data (using APM)Intermediate ratingsDesign heat loss kW 48 24 16 6PSRHPERPlant size ratio (PSR) PSR 0.5 1 1.5 4Annual heat generated for space heating kWh 45868.5 33903.9 24510.9 9234.6Annual heat generated for water heating kWh 3003.7 3003.7 3003.7 3003.7Annual auxiliary heat requirement kWh 28008.4 3034.5 114.7 0Heat efficiency in the heating season % gross 83.6 83.9 83.1 73.1Heat efficiency in the summer season % gross 49.2 49.2 49.2 49.2Electricity <strong>co</strong>nsumed in the heating season kWh e -2259.8 -2274.6 -2252.8 -1940.4Electricity <strong>co</strong>nsumed in the summer season kWh e -142.9 -142.9 -142.9 -142.9Heating plant emission rate (HPER) kgCO 2/kWh h 0.295 0.231 0.201 0.201Based on typical twice daily heating periods (bimodal)The performance is difficult to predict with certainty due to variable patterns of use determined byhouseholder settings, outdoor temperatures etc. This directly affects heat and electricity demand andproduction. The estimates are based upon the best available information, but are given as guidance onlyand should not be <strong>co</strong>nsidered as a guarantee.0.5 0.2950.6 0.2820.7 0.2690.8 0.2560.9 0.2431 0.2311.1 0.2251.2 0.2191.3 0.2131.4 0.2071.5 to 4 0.2015mm Min450mm60mm MinClearances300mm Min1. A flat vertical area is required for the installation ofthe boiler.2. These dimensions include the necessary clearancesaround the boiler for case removal, spanner access andair movement. Additional clearances may be required950mmfor the passage of pipes around local obstructions suchas joists running parallel to the front face of the boiler.3. Ensure that there is adequate clearance for anylifting equipment.200mm MinAt Least 1.5°450mm MinFor ServicingPurposes5mm Min426mm24Fig. 10In Operation035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 24 14/04/2010 11:06

Flue OptionsGROUP A Concentric Horizontal Flue System 60/100mm diameterKey Item Description <strong>Specification</strong>ODDimensionsMultifitSales CodeStandard Horizontal Teles<strong>co</strong>pic Flue inc Elbow 315mm - 500mm 60 / 100mm 5118069Standard Horizontal Flue inc Elbow 685mm 60 / 100mm 5118489Not illustrated Teles<strong>co</strong>pic Internal Flue Kit 100mm 5119654Flue Extension 1000mm 100mm 5111074Flue Bend 93 degree 100mm 5111075Flue Bend (Pair) 135 degree 100mm 5111085Flue Bend 135 degree 100mm 5111076Not illustrated Flue Internal Fixing Kit / Wall Liner 100mm 5111067Not illustrated Pipe Support Painted white 100mm 5111080Not illustrated Flue Terminal Deflector 60mm 5111068NOTE: The 3 degree fall back on <strong>co</strong>ncentric flues can be reduced to 1.5 degree providing the flue system is adequately clamped in ac<strong>co</strong>rdance withthe installation instructions.GROUP A Concentric Vertical Flue System 60 / 100mm diameterKey Item Description <strong>Specification</strong>ODDimensionsMultifitSales CodeVertical Flue Terminal 100mm 5118576Flue Extension 1000mm 100mm 5111074Flue Bend (Pair) 135 degree 100mm 5111085Flue Bend 93 degree 100mm 5111075Not illustrated Pipe Support Painted White 100mm 5111080Pitched Roof Flashing 25 / 50 degree 125mm 5122151Flat Roof Flashing 125mm 246144Not illustrated Roof Cover Plate 125mm 246143GROUP N Twin Flue System 80 / 80mm diameterKey Item Description <strong>Specification</strong>ODDimensionsMultifitSales CodeTwin Pipe Flue Horizontal Terminal Kit 80mm 5120172Vertical Flue Terminal 125mm 5111078Twin to Concentric Adaptor 80/80 - 80/125 80 /125mm 5111084Twin Pipe Flue Adaptor (Boiler) 80 / 80mm 720089801Twin Pipe Extension (Pair inc Brackets) 1000mm 80mm 5111087Twin Pipe Flue Bend (Pair) 90 degree 80mm 5111072Twin Pipe Flue Bend (2 Pair) 135 degree 80mm 5111086Not illustrated Twin Pipe Support (Pair) Painted white 80mm 5111081Pitched Roof Flashing 25 / 50 degree 125mm 5122151Not illustrated Flat Roof Flashing 125mm 246144Not illustrated Roof Cover Plate 100mm 246143Flue terminal positions as per BS 5440-1: 200825035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 25 14/04/2010 11:06

SupportCustomer training<strong>Baxi</strong> offers a one day <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen training <strong>co</strong>urse(BPEC certified) <strong>co</strong>vering theory, systems, product,application, installation and <strong>co</strong>mmissioning. This<strong>co</strong>urse is re<strong>co</strong>gnised by the BRE as providing theskills specific to E<strong>co</strong>gen for MCS, in addition tostandard plumbing and electrical requirements.<strong>Baxi</strong> also offers a <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen appreciation <strong>co</strong>urse.Please <strong>co</strong>ntact <strong>Baxi</strong> training on 0845 600 7402 forfurther details.Design serviceOur NewDesign team offers a dedicated service fordevelopers, architects, local authorities and housingassociations. We can tailor CAD designs and offeradvice in SAP and Code for Sustainable Homes.We’ll do all the calculations for you, no matter how<strong>co</strong>mplex they may be. We’ll provide full details ofall the options available and we’ll work with you todeliver the most practical, <strong>co</strong>st-effective solutions.We’ll even train your <strong>co</strong>ntractors to ensure theinstallation runs as smoothly as possible.With a dedicated team of experts working onyour behalf, to meet the requirements for CodeLevels 3 and 4, the Building Regulations and SAPcalculations, you are assured of layouts, which<strong>co</strong>mply fully with legislative requirements.All designs are fully indemnified and custom madeto suit each individual development. Our projectdatabase <strong>co</strong>ntains more than 40,000 house typedesigns and has already been tried and tested bysome of the largest housing developers in the UK.WarrantyThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen has a two year parts andlabour warranty.The warranty is subject to:1) Registration of the product with heateam3) Installation by an installer who has successfully<strong>co</strong>mpleted the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen training <strong>co</strong>urse4) Completion of a suitable <strong>co</strong>mmissioningdocument, which must be left on site for thehouseholder (Benchmark)5) Where access may be required for specialistlifting equipment during an engineer visit,additional provision should be made by thehouseholder to protect work surfaces, kitchenunits and appliances. heateam will not be liablefor damage to kitchen fittings or appliances inthe immediate vicinity of the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>genappliance.6) Use of a suitable dirt separator and /or use ofa magnetic cleaning device is required on allapplicationsFull terms and <strong>co</strong>nditions apply, <strong>co</strong>ntact heateamfor details.Set up and checkheateam offers a set up and check service followinginstallation of the product and filling of the heatingcircuit by the installer. The service includesadjustment of parameters and handover to thehouseholder to ensure <strong>co</strong>rrect operation andoptimum efficiency. This service is chargeable andcan be arranged, via the telephone, directly withheateam. Simply call: 0844 871 1568. heateamcan normally set up and check within 7 days of therequest.Technical supportOur team of expert technical advisers is readilyavailable. Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm / Sat 8.30am to2pm.Contact the team on 0844 871 1568.We offer advice on location, electrical supply,system design and <strong>co</strong>ntrols selection.2) An annual service26035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 26 14/04/2010 11:06

Frequently Asked QuestionsQ Where can the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen be fitted?AThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen must be mounted on a wall that is able to accept the weight of the appliance when full of water.Consideration must be given to safe lifting of the boiler from floor to wall, including manoeuvring over worktops.<strong>Baxi</strong> re<strong>co</strong>mmends carrying out a site survey.Q How noisy is the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen?AThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen noise pressure level is less than 46dB at a distance greater than 1m directly in front of the appliance, in linewith a <strong>co</strong>nventional boiler.Q What are the maintenance requirements for the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen?AThe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen should be serviced once a year by a <strong>co</strong>mpetent engineer (eg Gas Safe registered engineer who has undertakenthe <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen training <strong>co</strong>urse). The Stirling engine is sealed for life and so servicing and repair is similar to a <strong>co</strong>nventionalboiler.Q Is planning permission required?ANo. Planning permission is not required for the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen.Q Does the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>co</strong>mply with Building Regulations Part L?AYes. The 2006 Building Regulations require no worse than regular Band B boiler carbon emissions. E<strong>co</strong>gen has lower carbonemissions than a regular Band A boiler. 5.3 tonnes of carbon per annum (E<strong>co</strong>gen) vs 6.1 tonnes of carbon per annum(Band A boiler).Q What is the heating plant emission rate (HPER)?AUnlike regular boilers, the carbon credentials of the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen are not given in terms of a seasonal efficiency (ie SEDBUK).Instead, a Heating Plant Emission Rate (HPER) is given for the appliance in a particular property.The HPER gives an indication of carbon emissions of the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen in a specific property and is given in kg CO 2 per kWh.Because the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen is heat led (generates electricity only when there is a demand for heat), the HPER is given for each kWhof heat generated, but the carbon value is for both heat and electric generation.Q Does the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen need registering like a normal boiler?AYes. The installer registers the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen installation with Gas Safe in the same way as a standard boiler. A BuildingRegulations certificate will then be issued to the householder in the normal way, to go with the Benchmark Certificate.Q How is the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen treated within SAP?AThere is a section of SAP dedicated for micro-CHP known as ‘appendix N’. SAP Appendix N cross references the performancedata from the SEDBUK database. Performance data appears in a dedicated micro-CHP section of the SEDBUK database.Q What is the SAP benefit of <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen?A For most new build houses, using the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen can assist in achieving CSH level 3.Q Does the electricity supplier need to be notified when a <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen has been installed?AYes, the homeowner should <strong>co</strong>ntact their electricity supplier to inform them that the <strong>Baxi</strong> E<strong>co</strong>gen micro-CHP microgenerationproduct has been <strong>co</strong>nnected to the grid.visitwww.baxigroupspecification.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>uk</strong>27035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 27 14/04/2010 11:06

Contact usFor all enquiries, please call0844 871 1525Open Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pmSaturdays & Bank Holidays, 8.30am - 2pmWe are closed on Christmas Day & New Year’s DayPlease note calls may be monitored or re<strong>co</strong>rded.This <strong>Brochure</strong> is printed on paper sourced from well managedforests, <strong>co</strong>ntrolled sources. This <strong>Brochure</strong> is printed usingvegetable based inks. Please recycle this <strong>Brochure</strong> when youhave finished with it.Cert no. SGS-COC-003585<strong>Baxi</strong>, A <strong>Baxi</strong> Group CompanyBrooks House, Coventry Road, Warwick CV34 4LLwww.baxigroupspecification.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>uk</strong><strong>Baxi</strong> policy is one of <strong>co</strong>ntinual improvement and development. The right to changespecification and appearance without prior notice is reserved. The reproduction of<strong>co</strong>lours is as accurate as photographic and printing processes allow.The <strong>co</strong>nsumer’s statutory rights are not affected. e&oeB/E<strong>co</strong>gen/spec/APR10/V1 FCN 379548-00035888 <strong>Baxi</strong>_E<strong>co</strong>gen <strong>Brochure</strong> v2.indd 28 14/04/2010 11:06

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