Strategy and Technology for Intelligent Mobility

Strategy and Technology for Intelligent Mobility

Strategy and Technology for Intelligent Mobility

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Strategy and Technology forIntelligent MobilityDr. Jamie C. HsuProfessor, Management and EngineeringLawrence Technological UniversityFormer Executive Director, GM Global Technology Management8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao1

Strategic Intentand Specific BenefitsCurrent IndustryGovernment PolicyTechnology BaseRoads andInfrastructuresIntelligent VehicleProgram & PolicyValue to CurrentIndustryNewly CreatedIndustry & MarketBenefits to SocietyRoad Safety, Energy,Traffic flow,..Value to ConsumersConvenience, Safety, Safety,8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao2

Major IssuesStrategic‣ Changing trends in mobility and automobiles‣ Consistent government policy‣ Growing established and new competitorsBusiness• Viable short and long term commercial plan• Gain and risk sharing of collaborators• Finding global upstream and downstream partnersTechnical• Establishing unique technical competence• Knowledgeable system integrators• Transferability of 3C technology to 4C8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao3

Intelligent Mobility PlanAnticipate & CreateReachSense & RespondCreate theFutureMake & SellProfitableTransitionThrive inthePresentCurrent Productand InvestmentNextGenerationFutureGenerationsTime8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao4

Technology Features PerformanceVEHICLE PERFORMANCESafety PerformanceComfortDrive Quality Fuel EconomyEmissionConnectivityEntertainmentElectric DriveDisplacementon DemandRemotestartBy-wiresteer &brakeAWD4WSFEATURESStabiliTrakAdaptiveCruiseControlAdaptiveAirbagAdaptiveFrontLightingNightVisionOnStarSoftwareArchitectureFlex RayFuel CellElect. Arch.Control Architecture TelematicsENABLING TECHNOLOGIESHuman VehicleInterfaceSmart Sensor8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao5

Business Model & Value CreationValueCreationIntelMicrosoftDellTechnologyDesignEngineeringManufacturingAssemblySaleService8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao6

8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao7

Strategic QuestionsIntegrated Planning• What is the long-term and fundamental impact?• Will it change the way we design and build vehicles?• Will this force our competition to play our game?• Can we afford not to do this?Business Questions• How soon will this impact the market / product?• Who are our business partners? Their needs?• Can we afford to do this?• How could we create value for the customers?Technical Questions• What are the “show starters” and how to generate them?• What are the “show stoppers” and how to remove them?• Who are our technical partners?• How do we validate and transfer the technology?8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao8

StrategySWOT of Intelligent MobilityCurrent StrengthFuture OpportunityCurrent WeaknessFuture Threat8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao9

BusinessOEM vs. Supplier Engineering CapabilitySystemRequirementsFunctionalRequirementsAcceptanceTestArchitecture DesignSystem TestLow Level DesignIntegration TestCompany CapabilityCodingUnit Test8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao10

Technical8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao11

Master Road Mapto create I.P., Vehicle capability, & RevenueInnovativeComponents& TechnologyDevelopingComponents& TechnologyValidatedComponents& TechnologyI. P.BuildingBlockVehiclesVirtualIntegrationVehiclesConceptShowVehiclesEngineering.Demo.VehiclesVehiclesIntegrationCapabilityDesign & Eng.of of ProvenNewTechnologyProductsPrototypeComponent& SubsystemCommercialProducts& Services$ $ $ $ $8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao12

From Plan to ActionIntelligent Mobility Initiative #1:WhyWhatHowWhoWhenWhy is this important and how will it impact the strategic keysuccess measures ?What are the key concepts, new ideas, and contents of thisinitiative ? Show starters and show stoppers ?How will this be done ? Specific action and resource plan,methodology, tools, and collaborationWho will lead and who are the RASIC people (responsible,approve, support, informed, consulted)Dates for milestones, progress reviews, communication,feedback, implementation, and assessment8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao13

Technology Map– From Development to CommercializationTech. Dev.1 st Tier Supplier2 nd TierOEMGen I Gen II Gen IIITimeComponentProduct introductionSystem1 st CarApplication2 nd CarApplicationCompetition1 stCompetitor2 ndCompetitor8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao14

Managing for SuccessAccountability, Collaboration, Inter-dependenceLeader /OrganizationOrg. AOrg. BOrg. COrg. DOrg. EProg. . I John Doe/ Org. CHC$HC$HC$HC$HC$Prog. . II Joe Blow/ Org. EHC$HC$HC$HC$HC$Prog. . III Jill Irving/ Org. AHC$HC$HC$HC$HC$Prog. . IV David Cell/ Org. BHC$HC$HC$HC$HC$8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao15

電 子 在 智 慧 汽 車 上 的 應 用Automotive Electronics Application趙 克 強 博 士Dr. Marcus Chao8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao 16

機 械 + 電 子 控 制智 慧 機 械汽 車 + 電 子安 全 (safety)駕 駛 功 (functionality)節 能 (energy)舒 適 與 方 便 (convenience)環 保 (environment)通 訊 (communication)娛 樂 (entertainment)8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao17

電 子 電 氣 系 統 與 汽 車 功 能SystemFunctionSafetyCommunicationEntertainmentComfortElectronics &Control SystemElectrical & SignalDistributionSystemFore & BackWarningAir BagTelematicsNavigationCable/ConnectorIntegrated CenterDVD/GamesAudioSmart SeatClimateControlWireless SystemRemoteKeyless EntryAlarmBlue ToothSatellitePower DoorEngine StartMicro-ElectroElectro-MechanicalSystem (MEMS)Sensor/ActuatorMotor/Switch8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao18

Integrated SafetyCollision warning, lanedeparture warning, side alert,and back-up aidActive night visionOccupant protection systemsDistracted and drowsy driveralertsDrowsy driver alertSmart cruise controlLane departure warning8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus ChaoCocoon of Safety19

Integrated Media SystemsOn StarSystemNavigation8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus ChaoCommercialvehicle management20

電 子 零 件 設 計 + 製 造系 統 開 發臺 灣 的 優 勢Integrated CircuitComputerLCDMEMSService系 統 開 發Control + AlgorismMobile CommunicationMobile EntertainmentSensors + ActuatorsRoad Service8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao22

如 何 着 手 開 發 汽 車 電 子How to develop auto electronics applications瞭 解 在 汽 車 應 用 上 的 規 範 (specification)市 場 調 查 與 客 戶 咨 詢 (market research)Bench Marking競 爭 產 品 的 解 體 分 析 (tear-down analysis)產 品 開 發 (product development)價 格 分 析 (cost analysis)測 試 與 認 證 (testing)客 戶 認 可 (system validation)8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao23

Thank You8-15-2005 SRB Dr. Jamie C. Hsu / Dr. Marcus Chao24

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