BOOKING TERMS - Turismo Torino
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BOOKING TERMS - Turismo Torino

BOOKING TERMS1. BookingThe booking terms below apply to reservations made by Internet reservation is considered definite at the moment of receiving a confirmation via e-mail, faxor delivered by hand from the staff of Turismo Torino e Provincia (if personally booking at theoffices). This confirmation will show details of your stay and the booking reference. Guests areasked to state their expected arrival time either to the staff at Turismo Torino e Provincia whenmaking the reservation or directly to the accommodation establishment. If no such notice isreceived from the guest, the reservation will be held open until 6pm on the scheduled dayof arrival.N.B.: Some of the accommodation facilities do not have the possibility of receiving guests atnight. Please check first if you intend arriving overnight.These conditions are valid from 1st July 2011.2. RatesUnless otherwise stated, the prices shown are in Euros, inclusive of taxes, and have beenprovided by the accommodation facilities associated with the booking service and which,therefore, are liable for their correctness and truth.3. Confirmation/GuaranteeTo guarantee the booking, Turismo Torino e Provincia will ask for the following details of yourcredit card: type of card, cardholder name, number, expiry date and Card Security number(cvv). This information will be used purely to guarantee the booking. The rooms will be paid forby the guest directly at the accommodation establishment booked on the day of arrival ordeparture. In order to guarantee the reservation at bed & breakfast that doesn’t’ not acceptcredit card, the payment must be substituted by sending a wire transfer from a bank for theamount of the first night’s stay. The guest must send this wire transfer within 24 hours ofmaking the booking, or within 48 hours for bookings made on weekends/public holidays, andmust cover the amount for each room booked. The guest must also send a copy of the wiretransfer via fax or e-mail to the bed & breakfast booked. The booking voucher will show theIBAN and BIC number for which account to make the wire transfer payable to.If the guest cancels the booking during the 48 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date, or doesnot arrive by 6pm of that day (as referred to in point 1 of this document), the next day anamount will be charged to the guest’s credit card equalling the total cost (100%) of the firstnight’s stay in each room booked or the amount paid by wire transfer will be retained (only forbed & breakfast establishments).

4. Cancellation – No showA. Booking confirmed at least 48 hours in advance of the arrival date. In cases of cancelling thebooking, the guest must inform Turismo Torino e Provincia. The latest time for cancellingwithout incurring a cancellation charge is 2 days (48 hours) before the scheduled arrival time atthe accommodation booked (N.B. the arrival time is set at 12 noon on the scheduled arrivalday).The cancellation must be done directly on the Internet and clicking on “Cancel yourbooking”.B. Last minute booking (made within the 48 hours before the arrival date). For cancellations, anautomatic charge is made on the guest’s credit card amounting to the total cost (100%) of thefirst night’s stay for each room booked or the amount received by wire transfer (for bed &breakfast establishments) will be retained.C. No show. If the guest does not cancel in the ways described in point A above and does notarrive at the accommodation booked, the terms stated at point B above will be applied i.e. acharge will be made on the guest’s credit card for the total cost (100%) of the first night’s stayfor each room booked or the amount received by wire transfer (for bed & breakfastestablishments) will be retained.5. Changing your bookingChanges to a booking made using this service must be done via the Internet at and clicking on “Cancel yourbooking”.6. OverbookingIf, when the guest arrives, the room(s) booked is/are not available, the manager of theaccommodation establishment will do the following: reschedule the guest at the same terms booked (type of room, services and number ofnights) in another accommodation establishment of similar type which has the same orhigher classification, at the same price shown in the booking voucher, organise the guest’s transfer to the new accommodation establishment in the manager’sown vehicle or paying for a taxi.7. Classifying of the accommodation facilitiesThe accommodation establishment associated with this service have the required permits and allthe legal requisites for taking paying guests.8. Privacy and protection of dataIn accordance with Section 10 of Italian Law no. 196/2003, Turismo Torino e Provincia statesthat: customer data will be used for the purpose of booking a stay at the accommodationestablishment associated with this service, customer data will be processed manually, electronically and/or communicatedelectronically by the staff of Turismo Torino e Provincia and by the Managers andReception staff at the associated accommodation establishment, customer data will not be disclosed to third parties and will not be generally divulged,

customer data will be used by Turismo Torino e Provincia as part of its promotionalactivities, by any form of communication (for example, by post, e-mail, text messages,and possibly other means), the data of users and their credit card data are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL)technology which ensures security in collecting and usage of such data, registered customers are responsible for the security of their passwords and theirpersonal information, in some circumstances, if demanded by Court, government bodies or the judiciary forces,Turismo Torino e Provincia must disclose the personal data of its users, the Data Controller is Turismo Torino e Provincia, Via Maria Vittoria 19 - 10123 Torino; customers are protected and can exercise all rights set forth in Section 7 of LegislativeDecree 196/03.9. ClaimsIn case of claims against an accommodation establishment booked, customers must send writtennotification to Turismo Torino e Provincia Via Maria Vittoria 19 10123 Torino, fax (+39)011.883426 e-mail within 10 days after the end of their stay.

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