American Owned American Ingenuity - Sargent and Greenleaf
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American Owned American Ingenuity - Sargent and Greenleaf

Trust | Reliability | Quality | Innovation2740BGSA ApprovedHigh–Security Lock© 2014 Sargent & Greenleaf, Inc.Rev. 6/18/ | 1-800-826-7652

GSA Approved | Easy Installation | Instant Power | Spy-Proof ®“Finally, there’s an alternative to the foreign-ownedcompetitor’s locks. Bravo, S&G. Bravo!”For nearly two decades, facilities security officers (FSOs)had been limited to only one GSA approved, high-securitycombination lock that met the stringent lock mandates ofFederal Specification FF-L-2740. But today, thanks to a team ofinnovative American engineers, there’s a choice. The Sargent& Greenleaf Model 2740B has passed all the rigorous testsspelled out in Federal Specification FF-L-2740B, and has beenplaced on the Federal Qualified Products List (QPL), havingbeen deemed appropriate for safes, security files, vault doors,and similar items; and intended for the protection of nationalsecurity information.By eliminating the need for cables outside the safe, the S&G2740B represents a significant step forward in both innovationand security. Engineered and manufactured to meet thehighest security standards of the U.S. Government, the S&G2740B provides instant, reliable power up, replacing theantiquated power source used in the competitor’s locks. Andbecause the S&G 2740B is powered by common lithium powercells, with a projected life of 10+ years, you simply replacethe batteries to extend the lock’s life, rather than replace theentire mechanism. S&G will even provide the batteries forfree. The result is both enhanced long-term security and lowercost of ownership.2740B

S&G 2740B | Classic Design—Cutting Edge TechnologySargent & Greenleaf has set the bar for quality,value and technical innovation for over 150 years.A domestic provider for domestic security. Located in Nicholasville, Kentucky,Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G), a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, has beenprotecting the assets of banks, businesses and governments since 1857. As anAmerican owned company, we take great pride assisting U.S. Governmentagencies, the military, and their contractors in their efforts to protect classifiedmaterials and maintain the highest level of domestic security. The S&G 2740Bhas been designed to deliver the performance security officers demand.• Meets Federal SpecificationFF-L-2740B• Five year warranty —the longest inthe industry• GSA approved for use on new andexisting GSA containers• Easier installation: fewer parts, nodelicate ribbon cables• Enhanced security: the 2740Bdesign eliminates electronicsoutside the container• High reliability: precision motorand drivetrain technology• Easy read: high contrast, brightwhite laser-etched dial numbermarkings• Instant power up: no need to dialmultiple times to power• Extra long-life power celltechnology, with a projectedbattery life of 10+ years• Spy-Proof ® dial: deliversoperator-only visibility• Rugged construction: lockwithstands 600 pounds of end andside load force• Around-the-clock emergencytechnical support: 1 (866) 799-0081Feature-for-feature, the S&G 2740B blends classic design and cutting edgetechnology to deliver outstanding performance!S&G Model 2740BCompetitor’s LockPower SourceBattery-powered, using commonly-available,long-lasting batteriesSelf-powered with energy diminishingsuper-cap componentsPower Generation Powers up instantly Requires multiple dial turns to power upReplacement Replace only batteries Replace lock cover or entire lock systemInstallationSimple:No external cables requiredDifficult:Requires delicate ribbon cables to run fromoutside the container to lock inside containerCompany Ownership American owned Foreign – not American ownershipDisplayEasy-to-read, high contrast, laser-etched Polarized LCD screennumerals and index marksWarning System100 low battery indications, plusavailable battery backup to power lockProvides no warning prior tosuper-cap failureWarranty Five year warranty Two year warrantyService Backed by S&G 24/7 live service support Refer to that manufacturer’s websiteSpecification Qualification Style 2 meeting Fed Spec FF-L-2740B Style 1 meeting Fed Spec FF-L-2740BGSA NSN 5340-01-613-2080 Refer to that manufacturer’s websiteDLA NSN 5340-01-628-4750 Refer to that manufacturer’s website

Trust | Reliability | Quality | Innovation2740BGSA ApprovedHigh–Security Lock© 2014 Stanley Security Solutions, Inc.

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