Advanced Analytics with Excel and Data Mining Using SQL Server ...
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Advanced Analytics with Excel and Data Mining Using SQL Server ...•••


ExploresYour DataFindsPatternsPerformsPredictions


SeekProfitableCustomersCorrectData DuringETLUnderstandCustomerNeedsDetect andPreventFraudPredictiveAnalysisAnticipateCustomerChurnBuildEffectiveMarketingCampaignsPredictSales &Inventory

Mining ProcessTraining dataMining ModelData to bepredictedDM EngineMining ModelMining ModelWithpredictions


•• Segmentation• classificationregression• Anomaly detection•


AgeOutlier/Anomaly DetectionMaleFemaleSonDaughterParent







AlgorithmDecision TreesAssociationRulesClusteringNaïve BayesSequenceClusteringTime SeriesNeural NetsLinearRegressionLogisticRegressionDescriptionFinds the odds of an outcome based on values in a training setIdentifies relationships between casesClassifies cases into distinctive groups based on any attribute setsClearly shows the differences in a particular variable for various data elementsGroups or clusters data based on a sequence of previous eventsAnalyzes and forecasts time-based data combining the powerof ARTXP (developedby Microsoft Research) for short-term predictionswith ARIMA (in SQL 2008) forlong-term accuracy.Seeks to uncover non-intuitive relationships in dataDetermines the relationship between columns in order to predict an outcomeDetermines the relationship between columns in order to evaluate the probabilitythat a column will contain a specific state

AssociationRulesClusteringDecisionTreesLinearRegressionLogisticRegressionNaïve BayesNeural NetsSequenceClusteringTime Series


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