HACH/TROJAN presentation

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HACH/TROJAN presentation

Water Investments:An EU success storyToon StreppelMichael KaczorBrussels, March 26 th 2013Sustainability for Sustainable Growth

Toon StreppelGlobal Business UnitDirector WorkflowSolutions‣ Introduction to HACH LANGE and TROJAN‣ Broad Range of Solutions for the whole water cycle‣ Wastewater treatment optimization video3

HACH LANGE and TROJAN Cover Water Analysis andTreatment for Municipal, Industrial and ResidentialCore markets:Waste WaterDrinking WaterIndustrial WaterAll water processes are in need of:‣Treatment‣ Process control‣ Monitoring and‣ Regulatory reporting solutions

Go local‣ Subsidiaries in 25 EU countries‣ Sales & service engineers acrossEurope‣ All products and documentationavailable in more than 20 locallanguages‣ Local technical expertise in locallanguage‣ Knowledge of local legislation5


Broad range of solutions for the whole water cycleTROJAN WATER TREATMENTAPPLICATIONS‣Water disinfection with UV Lamps‣Sludge optimization via Electrical PulseGenerators‣Waste water pre-treatment optimization viaMoving Belt Filtration7

Michael KaczorVP of Global ProjectsBusiness‣ Our basis of success‣ Research & Development efforts‣ The HACH LANGE Environment Centre‣ Investing in people‣ Why invest in water? The economic, social and environmental case‣ The challenge for the European Union

Our basis of success‣ Market presence across the European Unionwith 6 manufacturing facilities and employeeson the ground in 25 countries‣ Sales & service engineers across Europe‣ Providing analytical systems to control waterquality and allow customers to demonstratecompliance with EU environmental law‣ Most waste water products developed andproduced in EU and exported globally‣ Highly qualified staff skilled throughout Europe• Sales, marketing, R&D, manufacturing,service, customer support, …• Chemists, Engineers, Biologists, Physicists,PhDs, MBAs, …

R&D effortsHighlights from a tradition of achievement and innovation‣ 1930s - First photometer for water analysis‣ 1970s - First Cuvette tests - easy lab testing of several 100 parameters‣ 1980s - First open channel wastewater disinfection (UV)‣ 2000s - New optical oxygen sensor (LDO technology)‣ 2010s - Optimization solutions for Nutrients removal and SludgemanagementA focus on the future – HACH LANGE is focused upon developing newbreakthrough technologies focused on ease of use, green technology, costsavingsUnderpinning our success - Job creation depends on commercial growth.EU funding in water treatment and management systems significantlyimpacts our growth, as well as Europe’s water quality

The HACH LANGE environment centre‣ Founded in 1988‣ 350 tones of used chemicals forrecycling every year‣ Nominated in the top 3 for the category:“Germany’s most sustainable products andservices”‣ Awarded for strong “environmentalapproach” of cuvette test recycling system11

Investing in people‣ Investing in new sensor technologies and solutions drive an ongoing need forhighly skilled employees; hiring and investing in the engineering and technologypioneers of the future‣ Ongoing development of existing staff by extensive training & qualificationprograms‣ New markets lead to new job opportunities with new hiring criteria:In Central and Eastern Europe: More than 20 fold growth in last 8 years‣ High staff retention rate (over 95%)

Why invest in water?The Economic Case‣ Lower costs and improved competitiveness‣ Development of new and innovative water related technologies‣ Keeping and sustaining jobs in EuropeThe Social Case‣ Improvement in quality of life and public health‣ Increased employment opportunities‣ Greater public awareness of water quality and scarcityThe Environmental Case‣ Ensuring treated waste water meets all environmental regulations beforereturning to water cycle‣ Cutting down on excessive chemical use‣ Boosting energy efficiency

The challenge for theEuropean Union‣ Europe is facing considerable economic challenges.‣ Solutions to these problems exist on a European level. But they requirefunding and political commitment.‣ EU Parliament can leverage the Cohesion Fund to expand investment inwater infrastructure, water quality and efficiency projects that will result inmore jobs, cleaner water, and improved quality of life.14

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