RECK slurry annular channel and Slalom System - Landbruksteknikk
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RECK slurry annular channel and Slalom System - Landbruksteknikk

RECK electric mixer forfix installationCharacteristics of a RECK electric mixer:Electric mixer BLIZZARD (order code: ETR)with seal frame (order code: TR-RAE)and rigid mixer rod prop (order code:TR-RFS)Advantages:• Fixation, adjustment, actuationand electrics of the mixer are situatedoutside of the aggressive slurry• Star-triangle-reverse safety switchto reverse direction of rotation for pullingand pushing operation• V2A stainless steel version on demand• PTO drive on electric mixer to doubleperformance of agitation• In series pulling or pushing propelleravailableElectric mixer stationaryDouble frame mixer with surface crust propeller (order code: ETR-D)For annular channels and Slalom Systems with a depth of more than2.5 m we recommend a double frame mixer with a height adjustablesurface crust propeller. The second, higher situated surface crustpropeller works directly in the surface crust and destroys it immediatelyat the beginning of the mixing. The lower Slalom-pushing propeller stirsthe loose pieces consistently into the flow of the slurry, so that thechannels contrary to the flow of the slurry, are freed and the surfacecrust is dissolved.PTO drive on electric mixer for double performance of agitation(order code: ETR-ZWA)For electric mixers a PTO drive basically is recommended. Throughthe use of the 1,000 rpm PTO drive of the tractor, the performanceof agitation can be doubled. Especially in springtime, when the slurryis of extremely high viscosity, or when the annular channel or SlalomSystem wasn't mixed for a longer period, one can revert to theadditional tractor performance.V-belt reductionA robust v-belt drive (3 - 6 v-belts, according to the motor power)transmits the power of the electric motor to the mixer shaft.Thereby emerges the optimal revolution speed of approx. 460 rpm.This causes a low noise level and low-wear. The v-belts don't haveto be removed, if you mix with the tractor with the PTO drive onelectric mixer. You can use the PTO drive of the tractor, withoutremoving the v-belts.Control for automatic interval timerThe device has the advantage that you can control the dailyagitating period via an interval timer.4

Slalom System: reasonable accessoriesInstallation sketchInstallation dimensions according to the specifications of the manufacturer: Call us. Tel.: +49 (0) 73 74 - 18 83external wallexternal wallpressure wallfixed framepressure wallslide railconcrete coneAccessories (available in galvanized or stainless steel version)Seal frame squared for one-tubemixer (order code: TR-RAE or JR-RAE)Circular seal frame for one-tube mixer(order code: TR-RAER or JR-RAER)Seal frame for double frame mixer(order code: TR-RAD or JR-RAD)Seal frame removable for one-tube mixer(order-code: TR-RAE-AB or JR-RAE-AB)Fixed frame for bricking at right angle to theslide rails (order code: TR-RM)Fixed frame for encasing in concrete/fixedframe for rawplugging (order code: TR-REM)Mixer rod prop, rigid(order code: TR-RFS or JR-RFS)Mixer rod prop, height adjustable(order code: TR-RFH or JR-RFH)Mixer rod prop, extendable(order code: TR-RFA or JR-RFA)Reverse transmission (retrofittable)(order code:TR-RL or JR-RL)High efficiency shredderwith counter-cutter(order code: TRE-SWE)Hight efficiency propeller,pushing (order code: d)Hight efficiency propeller,pulling (order code: z)Screw propeller(order code: TR-SP)5

Quality from the market leaderThe company RECK orientates itself towards theagricultural needs and constantly develops practicaland economic solutions. The RECK slurry mixerscombine intelligent technology and robustmanufacturing with simple handling. We alsoconsider individual customer requirements.We guarantee the best quality at a fair cost/performance ratio.12345Latest information and innovations you will find at:www.reck-agrartec.comPlease contact us: Phone +49 (0) 73 74 - 18 83Your specialist for Slurry Mixers, Slurry Slalom Systems, Slatted Floor Mixers and Grass Silage Spreaders - in closecollaboration with your local specialist dealer. We would be pleased to send you leaflets about our other products.Are you interested in a demonstration or do you have questionsconcerning the choice of the correct RECK slurry mixer?Do not hesitate to contact us or the local RECK dealer.Mixer for coveredslurry pitsElectric mixer for openslurry pits and slurrylagoonsSlurry mixer for openslurry pits and slurrylagoonsSlatted floor Mixer forpigstieSlurry Mixer reinforced, foropen slurry pits andslurry lagoonsSlatted floor Mixer forcowshedsAdvisers with agricultural and technical know-how would bepleased to help you to choose the slurry mixer, which best suitsfor your constructional requirements.The Frame Extension is usedfor tanks up to 3 mabove groundGrass Silage Spreader forSilage clampRECK-Technik GmbH & Co. KGReckstrasse 1-5D-88422 BetzenweilerPhone +49 (0) 73 74 -1883Fax +49 (0) 73 74 -1813contact@reck-agrartec.comGB 254/W210a 09.10 kurA. We reserve changes which servethe technical progress. Reprint, also in parts forbidden!

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