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EXECUTIVESUMMARYThe Texas A&M Athletics District Plan is a long term visionfocusing on the needs of the student athletes, and theenhanced experience for all Aggie fans, donors, alumniand students. Texas A&M Athletics significantly contributesto the aesthetics and national prominence of Texas A&M.The district plan vision and athletic programs supports thevision of the department.The athletic facilities of Texas A&M are divided into 2distinct campuses on either side of Welborn Dr. and therailroad tracks: Kyle field, Netum Steed, Davis PlayerDevelopment and Bright on the East Side: Soccer,Softball, Track and Field, Baseball, Tennis, Basketball,Volleyball, Swimming and Diving on the west side. Amajor goal of this district Plan is to provide a better senseof community among the various athletic departments.The district plan will strive to provide a connectionamong these facilities using planning, architectural andlandscaping principles set forth in The Overall CampusMaster Plan of 2004. A primary consideration in thisdistrict plan is the level of centralization in the layout offacilities, that is, whether student athletes use facilitiesat their specific event venue, or facilities in a morecentralized location facility. The latter offers opportunitiesfor more efficient facility use between sports, promotesinternal camaraderie with staff, coaches and athletes,better communication, and cohesive branding.The district plan for the facilities captures the best assetswhile addressing aging facilities, temporary facilities andspace shortage. It takes a focused effort and a significantbudget to maintain facilities while addressing programdemand and needs. There is a growing urgency to providequality athlete training facilities, academic supportand competitive venues. A district plan offers the bestopportunity to make educated decisions on the long termgrowth of facilities.Key design challenges are to balance program needs,parking requirements, site constraints and budget. Manyuniversities face similar challenges of balancing programneeds with budget. However, Texas A&M has additionalchallenges with the uniqueness of their location in a Texaslandscape, and especially for the west athletic campus,in a relatively unlandscaped setting. The following is asummary of site issues unique to Texas A&M to consider:• Circulation – pedestrian and vehicular• Parking requirements - number of stalls to remainthe same• Connection to campus• Connection to George Bush Dr.• Definition of public open space• Definition of athletic village• Consistent graphic design branding• Local environment landscape strategy• Shade devices• Video Board requirements• Utility requirements• TelecommunicationsBelow is the list of District Plan Program Items beingconsidered in order of priority.1) Netum Steed Replacement Building2A) New Softball stadium (Aggie Softball complex)a. Indoor Batting Cages & Multipurpose indoorFacility2B) New Track and Field Stadium (Anderson Track & FieldComplex)2C) Modifications South of Kyle Fielda. Future Plaza Building & New Indoor Track VideoBoardc. George Bush Entry Drived. 100 Parking Spaces3) Expanded Academics4) Maintenance Facility Improvements and Expansion5) Swimming and Diving6) New Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Facility7) Renovated West Campus Training Room8) Enhanced Soccer Stadium9) Reed Arena Improvements10) New Volleyball Arena11) Multi-Purpose Field12) Baseball Stadium Improvements(Half Practice Field)A significant consideration in the district planningprocess is the proposed renovations to Kyle Field.These renovations will in all likelihood relocate programspace from Kyle Field, thus require replacement in therenovated Kyle Field or elsewhere. Security Command,personnel within the 12th Man areas, G. Rollie White, andthe Letterman’s Association, are all planned within theKyle Field renovation, but may be located elsewhere ifnecessary or appropriate.Also relocated from adjacent to Kyle Field is the programspace in Netum Steed. This program is currently beingconsidered in a new building adjacent to the soccerstadium.Another consideration is the relocation of Recreation Fieldsand facilities. Options currently considered would requirethe future relocation of some recreational fields andfacilities. A development that may impact their locationis the availability of the land south of George Bush Drive(immediately south of the current recreational facilities).This land is used for grazing by Animal Science. It couldbe used for Recreational Fields through an agreementbetween AgriLife, Student Affairs and Athletics, which hasbeen approved by the President.RECOMMENDATIONSThe recommendations of the District Plan are shown in thisreport in a 3 phase implementation plan. The first phaseincludes the building replacing Netum Steed, and thesubsequent phases indicating all future facilities.Because the existing architectural vocabulary is so diverse,it is recommended that visual unity is created within theground plane and the building’s relationship to the street.These would be created by the following:1) Building Set-back: Buildings should engage anddefine the streets, quadrangles and courtyards of theDistrict. The alignment of their facades should be relativeto other buildings and outdoor spaces.2) Sidewalk Placement: Sidewalks should be placedalong streets with a relationship set by adjacent walks andthose located directly accross the street. Trees should beplaced in a grass strip adjacent to curb.3) Paving Materials: Brick, concrete pavers, and scoredconcrete should be used in patterns to relate to adjacentspaces, approaches from other areas of the campus, andthe patterning that is found throughout campus.4) Landscape improvements in the Athletics District shallmeet the standards defined in the Campus Master Planand Landscape Guidelines and Checklist for LandscapeProjects.5) The ground plane should address benches andvegetation. Benches should tie into the other areas ofcampus to create an overall cohesion throughout campus.6) A standardized pedestrian light pole in the AthleticsDistrict shall meet the standards defined in the CampusMaster Plan and Campus Site Furnishings and HardscapeStandards.7) A standardized way finding signage system in theAthletics District shall meet the standards defined in theCampus Master Plan and Campus Site Furnishings andHardscape Standards.SUMMARY AND SCHEDULEOF PROCESSThe district plan process involved many user groups,coaches, athletics staff and university representatives. Allof the athletic facilities strive to be integrated into theoverall athletic village fabric, however, not all facilities werespecifically addressed.It is anticipated that this district plan may take years toimplement. It may never be realized in its entirety, andits order and content of implemetation may change.While district plan items are ordered by priority, their trueschedule of implementation will be dictated largely byfunding sources.THE DISTRICT PLANTexas A&M has had many successes with a history fullof tradition and pride. The district plan encapsulatestradition, student athlete needs, University assets, modernday Division I standards, the campus Master plan and thevision of the athletic department. The district plan is a toolthat will assist the University in continuing to provide thebest atmosphere for success well into the future.2


DISTRICT PLANPROGRAMITEMS(PRIORITIZED)1) NETUM STEEDREPLACEMENT BUILDINGa. Existing Facility Description: Netum Steedprovides strength and conditioning to the majorityof sports. Swimming/ diving, soccer, softball,track and field, golf, and volleyball all use NetumSteed. It has a gross square footage of 27,300s.f., which includes 16700 s.f. of strength andconditioning, a 3000 s.f. mezzanine which holdsa nutrition center and cardio equipment, as wellas the 4200 s.f. Huffines Institute (research)b. Proposed modifications: If Netum Steed wererelocated with the district plan, some or all of thissquare footage would need to be replaced.2A) SOFTBALL STADIUM(AGGIE SOFTBALL COMPLEX)a. Existing Facility Description: The existing softballstadium is directly adjacent to soccer, and sharesa concourse with it. The existing softball buildingbehind the grandstand at homeplate was builtin 2003. The Stadium was built in 1994. Its fielddimensions are short by NCAA standards. Althoughthe foul lines (190’) and center field (220’)dimensions are adequate, the power alleys areseveral feet short (approx. 205’). A second adjacentbuilding houses additional coaching staff, as well assoccer and equine staff.b. Proposed modifications: See attached SoftballStadium Program for new stadium. No existingitems are intended to remain. Relocation isrequired to achieve field geometry, capacityrequirements, indoor batting cages andmultipurpose indoor facility.2B) TRACK AND FIELD(ANDERSON TRACK AND FIELDCOMPLEX)a. Existing Facility Description: The existing trackstadium opened in 1986 and is directly adjacentto soccer, and softball. The existing track buildingwas built in 2003 and is integral with the WestCampus Player Development building. It housescoaches, coach’s lockers and student lockers.The locker room is inadequate for the 120 trackathletes that use it.b. Proposed modifications: See attached TrackStadium Program for new stadium. No existingitems are intended to remain, other than thepossible reuse of the existing track as practiceand competition throwing events, if the newstadium is placed adjacent to it.2C) MODIFICATIONS SOUTH OFKYLE FIELDa. Plaza Building – A building for future athleticdepartment program needs has been locatedon the southwest corner of The Bright Complex,symmetrically mirroring the Davis PlayerDevelopment building. It is intended to enclosea formal drop-off and landscaping, centered onBright and Kyle.b. George Bush Drive entrance – A new experienceof Aggie Athletics would be provided by a newceremonial entry from George Bush Dr. northtoward Kyle Field and The Bright Complex. Itwould display Aggie Athletics as a community ofpersons, departments and sports. Modified andadditional parking would be provided as well asnew landscaping, benches, lighting, and possiblymonuments.c. New Indoor Track Video Board – with theconstruction on the Plaza Building, access tothe indoor track with the existing movable videoboard will be precluded. A new replacementboard is required.d. New Video Boards at other facilities – Theexisting movable video board has outlivedits useful life. It may be possible to place itpermanently in one of the facilities requiring4

new video boards (in lieu of their current use ofthe movable one) including, but not limited to:Softball, Soccer, Track, Baseball, and tennis3) EXPANDED ACADEMICSi. Existing Facility Description: The Nye AcademicCenter is housed in the 2rd floor of The BrightFootball complex. It provides academicassistance to all student athletes. Its facilitiesare adequate, but additional individual studyspace is desired.ii. Proposed modifications – If the Player Loungewere removed from Bright, this 4500 s.f.area would be adequate to accommodateAcademics. If compliance moves, thisadditional space would supplement academicsas well.4) MAINTENANCE FACILITYIMPROVEMENTS ANDEXPANSIONi. Existing Facility Description: The existinggrounds crew maintenance building and yardis west of the tennis complex and recreationalfields. It houses most equipment for Athleticfield maintenance. Additional equipmentstorage is at Kyle Field, Baseball, and theSoftball/Track/ Soccer complex. Additionalspace is desired.ii. Proposed modifications – A new 4800 s.f.building to house additional storage, office,and vehicle maintenance is desired. Thisprogram space is shown at the existingmaintenance facility or Kyle Field.5) SWIMMING/DIVINGa. Existing Facility Description: The swimming anddiving team practice and compete in the StudentRec Center Natatorium. Coaches, assistantcoaches, and the director of operations haveoffices in Reed Arena, but share temporaryoffice facilities at the rec center. The teams havededicated lockers and storage at the rec center.A classroom is used for team meetings, but onlyaccomodates a single team. Storage and drylandareas are inadequate.b. Proposed modifications:i. New 400 s.f. of additional poolside storage.ii. New training room - approx. 200 s.f.iii. New dryland area, 3 times the size of existingiv. New entry brandingv. New dedicated classroom to accommodate allteams, and be used for lounge and recruitingvi. New space for student helper6) NEW INDOOR AND OUTDOORTENNIS FACILITYa. New Indoor Practice Facility – located adjacentto competition courtsi. 6 new indoor courtsii. Approx. 105,000 gross square feetiii. end court and midcourt seatingiv. Includes classrooms, Hall-of-Fame, Suites,offices, Concessions, and Toiletsb. Existing competition court repairs, addedshading, improved video boards, new lightingi. The existing courts were built on a landfilland have experienced localized settlement.Perimeter drainage was installed to minimizethis settlement with some, but not completesuccess. Coaches have suggested overtoppingthe courts, which would involve pouring a newslab on top of the existing courts. Fences andnets could be raised in sheathes.ii. Existing end court seating has no shade.Canopies similar to the canopies at midcourtseating could be installed.iii. Existing videoboards do not allow viewing ofall scores from all locations. The large portablevideoboard currently used will be discontinued.Provide permanent videoboards in each groupof 3 courts (4 total)iv. Lighting levels should be verified and lightsrelamped if requiredc. New Clay Courts – 6 new clay courts, fences, netsand lighting north of, and abutting the north sideof 18 rec sports courts.7) RENOVATED WEST CAMPUSTRAINING ROOMi. Existing Facility Description: The West CampusTraining Room is connected to the trackbuilding and located adjacent to track, soccer,and softball. It was constructed in 2003 andserves primarily swimming, track and field,soccer and softball. It is of adequate size forits function and in adequate condition. TheTraining portion of this building (not includingtrack) is approx. 6600 gross s.f..ii. Proposed modifications: The introduction ofthe Multi-purpose Field would necessitatemodifying the footprint of this building.8) ENHANCED SOCCER STADIUMa. Existing Facility Description: The existing soccerstadium is functioning and liked. It is locatedadjacent to softball and track. The field isexcellent. The Stadium shares a concourse withsoftball. The soccer offices, lockers and meetingroom are in 2 buildings to the south (built 2003and 2010). A platform above the west grandstandexists, and voids have been left in the concourseto receive columns which will support a roofplanned over them. A building built in 2010 in theSW corner of the stadium houses toilets. Storageand locker room size is inadequate. The teamlounge is used as a team meeting room, thuscompromising its use as a place for students to5

elax. Offices are in 2 separate buildings.b. Proposed modifications:i. The Soccer building shall be increased in size by3000 gross s.f. to provide improved locker roomsize, meeting space, 3 times as much storage,and a more generous entry.ii. New Entry plaza with new toilets, concessionsand ticketing should be provided: 4000 grossadditional s.f.iii. 2 Elevators for access to press box on east, andaccess to grandstand party deck on westiv. Entry plaza and ticketingv. New Interior Suites (2 suites with 12 seats for1200 gross s.f.)vi. Improved west elevated deck including roof,drink rail and amenitiesvii. Roof for East seating9) REED ARENA IMPROVEMENTSi. Existing Facility Description: The 13,000seat Reed Arena opened in 1998. It hostsmen’s and women’s basketball, as well asvolleyball. In 2009 Cox-McFerrin Center forAggie Basketball was added onto Reed Arenaand contains basketball practice facilities,lockers, and coaches offices for both teams.Volleyball practice facilities, lockers, andcoaches offices are in the lower level of Reed.Athletic Administration offices are on the 3rdlevel of the NE side of the arena. The 2nd levelof the NE side of the arena houses severalmeeting rooms. The administrative offices maymove closer to Kyle Field in its renovation,thus freeing this space in Reed as potentialrentable premium space (as it previouslywas) layout of these meeting rooms could beimproved. Pregame functions for basketball areon the practice volleyball court.b. Proposed modifications –i. Improve Concourse design, branding, graphics,and amenities, including toilets removed duringthe incorporation of Cox-McFerrin, toiletsto bring the facility to code, and additionalconcessions and retail.1. Toilets Exist: M 50, W 51; Toilets required M64 W 122 ( Approx. 5000 gross s.f.)2. Concessions Exist: 35 POS; Required 52(Approx. 2000 gross s.f.)ii. New Entry, plaza and lawn will house someof the items in i. above and provide a moreceremonial front door to the arena. Theimplementation of the District Plan will informwhich entry or entries should be modified.iii. Provide adequate Wheelchair locations: Exist-20 WCs; 76 WCs would be required for amajor renovation. An additional 8 WCs wouldserve immediate needs.iv. The relocation of the administrative officeswould free space for a premium multi-purposespace with views to the field. Inclusion ofpremium seating at endcourt and the top ofthe upper bowl would not be recommended.Modifications to the 2nd level for more flexiblespace should be provided.v. For volleyball, renovate existing locker facilitiesfor a more uniform appearance, provideadditional storage, and provide a multipurposeroom for meeting and meals. Improveacoustics to adjacent strength training.(Approx. 4000 gross s.f)10) NEW VOLLEYBALL ARENAA 4500 seat volleyball dedicated arena would bedesirable to provide a more intimate setting, a strongrecruiting tool, and an improved practice facility.This could be an addition to the existing arena forefficiency of amenities.11) MULTI-PURPOSE FIELDA new multi-purpose field which could providepractice turf for soccer, softball, or any of the otheradjacent sports.12) BASEBALL STADIUMIMPROVEMENTS(HALF PRACTICE FIELD)i. Existing Facility Description: The existingballpark was completely renovated and openedin 2012. It is a traditional brick masonry/limestone aesthetic that is generally emulatedand desired by other programs.ii. Proposed modifications - A new all turf practiceinfield adjacent to the stadium6

SOFTBALLClassification 1: Spectator FacilitiesSpace TypeSpectator SeatingSuitesRestroomsRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Commentsa. Stadium Chair type seating (19" min. width on 33" treads) 2,500 5.5 13,750b. Suite seating (21" min. width on 36" treads) 84 7.5 630 6 Suites with 12 seats eachc. Club seating (21" min. width on 36" treads) 200 7.5 1,500d. Berm and Standing Room Only 1,300 9.0 11,700Sub-Total - Spectator Seating 1 360 30,080a. VIP Suite 6 340 2,040b. Club Lounge 1 4000 4000 Use 20 sf/ club patron to include bar, entry and storageSub-Total - Suites 1 200Public restroom facilities will be provided based on an assumedratio of 50:50 male-female attendance. The following rations arebased on a 3500 person seat count.Facilities for Fixed seat Public, 500 berm, Suite and Club patronsa. Men's: 8 w.c. + 15 urinals + 9 lavs 23 55 1,265 * 1 per 40 for the first 1500 and 1 per 60 for the remainderexceeding 1500.** 1 per 75 for the first 1500 and 1 per 120 for the remainderexceeding 1500.*** In each toilet, urinals shall not be substitued for more than67% of the required water closets.b. Women's: 43 w.c. + 12 lavs 43 55 2,365c. Family toilet 1 60 60Sub-Total Spectator Facilities (Net Area) 36,180Classification 2: Food And Retail FacilitiesSpace TypeConcessionsRetail Sales FacilitiesRoom DescriptionFive linear feet of counter space is allowed per point-of-sale, with20' depth to accommodate storage in each stand.a. Permanent Concession stands are based on a ratio of 1:300spectatorsRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Comments10 100 1,000 based on 3000 spectatorsSub-Total - Concessions 1,000a. A permanent retail stand for sale of souvenirs, team memorabiliaand novelty items.1 200 200First Aid, Guest Services b. Security and First Aid with toilet 1 250 250Sub-Total - Retail Sales Facilities 250Sub-Total Food and Retail Facilities (Net Area) 1,2507

Classification 3: Team FacilitiesSpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF CommentsThe softball locker room will be used for both practice and game-days.Storage 36 35 1,260Home Team Locker Room b. Catcher Lockers - (6) 36" lockers, 30" deep 6 38 228c. 10 showers + 4 w.c. + 4 lavs 16 40 640Sub-Total - Home Team Locker Room 2,128The coaches locker rooms include the following spaces:Home Team Coaches' Lockersa. Coaches' lockers - (5) 30" lockers 10 50 500 doubled for separate male and female lockersb. 2 showers + 2 w.c. + 2 lavs 8 40 320Sub-Total - Coaches Lockers 820Officials' LockersThe officials locker rooms include the following spaces:a. Officials 2 200 400b. Unisex toilet w/shower 2 100 200Sub-Total - Officials' Lockers 600The visiting locker rooms include the following spaces:Visiting Team Lockersa. General meeting space 1 725 725b. 2 showers + 2 w.c. + 2 lavs 2 40 80Sub-Total - Coaches Lockers 805a. Indoor cages 3 1,600 4,800Indoor Batting Cagesb. Field Storage 1 400 400Sub-Total - Indoor Batting Cages 5,200a. Team meeting / multi-purpose 1 600 600Team Meeting/ Lounge Room b. Team lounge area 1 750 750Sub-Total - Team Meeting Room 1,350a. Training 1 800 800 Includes Storage and HydrotherarpyMiscellaneousb. Equipment Room 1 450 450c. Strength and Conditioning 1 1,500 1,500 Includes Storage and OfficeSub-Total - Miscellaneous 2,750Sub-Total Team Facilities (Net Area) 13,653SOFTBALL8

SOFTBALLClassification 4: Administrative OfficesRecommended ProgramSpace TypeRoom DescriptionUnits SF Total NSF Commentsa. Box Office. Number of Ticket Windows: (2) 2 75 150b. Ticket Office and Storage 1 150 150c. Workroom/Kitchen 1 120 120d. Reception 1 500 500Officese. Conference 1 300 300f. Head Coach's Offices 1 200 200g. Assistant Coaches' Office 5 120 600h. Grad. Student Office 1 100 100Sub-Total - Offices 2,120Sub-Total Administrative Offices (Net Area) 2,120Classification 5: Media FacilitiesSpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF CommentsPress a. Writing Press Area 8 50 370Facilitiesb. PA/scoreboard operator booth 2 50 100Sub-Total - Press Facilities 470Broadcast a. TV Booths 1 100 100b. Radio broadcast Booth 1 100 100Facilitiesc. Camera Bay 1 80 80Sub-Total - Broadcast Facilities 280Sub-Total Media Facilities (Net Area) 750Classification 6: Operations SupportSpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF CommentsJanitoriala. Distributed Janitor Closets 2 50 100Sub-Total - Janitorial 100a. Mechanical Room 1 200 200 Renovate existing space.M/E/Pb. Electrical Room 1 200Sub-Total - M/E/P 200Sub-Total Operations Support (Net Area) 3009

Classification 7: CirculationSpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF CommentsLobbies a. Elevator Lobby 1 200 200Concourses b. Concourse 4,000 3.5 14,000Vertical c. Number of 4500 lb. Passenger/Service Elevators: 1 112 112Circulationd. Number of Stairwells: in net-to-gross factor 2 160 320e. Ramps: ________ 2 500 1,000Sub-Total Circulation (Net Area) 15,632Classification 8: Event FacilitiesSpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Commentsa. Batting Cages 2 1,680 3,360 exteriorb. Pitcher's Bullpens 4 0 0Sub-Total Event Facilities (Net Area) 3,360SummaryUnits SF Total NSF CommentsSub-Total Part 1: Spectator Facilities - Seating 30,080Sub-Total Part 1: Spectator Facilities - Suites 200Sub-Total Part 1: Spectator Facilities - Restrooms 60Sub-Total Part 2: Food And Retail Facilities 1,250Sub-Total Part 3: Team Facilities 13,653Sub-Total Part 4: Administration 2,120Sub-Total Part 5: Media Facilities 750Sub-Total Part 6: Operations Support 300Sub-Total Part 7: Circulation 15,632Sub-Total Part 8: Event Facilities 3,360Net Total 72,495Net-To-Gross Multiplier (15%) 7,250Gross Total 79,745SOFTBALL10

TRACK & FIELD STADIUMClassification 1: Spectator FacilitiesSpace TypeSpectator SeatingSpace TypePublic RestroomsGuest ServicesRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsSelf-Rising Fixed Chair seating (19" min. width on 33" treads) 6,000 5.5 33,000Sub-Total - Spectator Seating 6,000 33,000 33,000a. CommandPublic restroom facilities will be provided based on an assumedratio of 50:50 male-female attendance. The following rations arebased on a 6000 person seat count.Recommended ProgramUnits 720 Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) Commentsa. Men's: 11 w.c. + 22 urinals + 15 lavs (1:200) 33 50 1,650d. K9 1 100 100e. Toilet 63 55 3,465f. Briefing 33 800 26,400h. Copier/ Storage 2 200 4001 360.0 * 1 per 40 for the first 1500 and 1 per 60for the remainder exceeding 1500.** 1 per 75 for the first 1500 and 1 per120 for the remainder exceeding 1500.*** In each toilet, urinals shall not besubstitued for more than 67% of therequired water closets.Sub-Total - Public Restrooms 32,015 36,817First Aid Room 1 250 250Guest Services 1 150 150Sub-Total - Guest Services 400 460Sub-Total (Net Area) 65,415 70,277Classification 2: Food Service & Retail FacilitiesSpace TypeConcession StandsRetail SalesRoom DescriptionConcession Stands will be distributed at regular intervals on theConcourse(s). Five linear feet of counter space is allowed per pointof-sale,with 20' depth to accommodate storage in each stand.Recommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsConcession stands are based on a ratio of 1:300 for 6,000 spectators 20 100 2,000Concession Storage 1 200 200Sub-Total - Concession Stands 2,200 2,530Novelty Stand 1 250 250Sub-Total - Retail Sales 250 288Sub-Total (Net Area) 2,450 2,81811

Classification 3: Home Team FacilitiesSpace TypeHome Team FacilityEquipment RoomAthletic Training/ Strength andConditioningSpace TypeOfficials/ Visiting Team Area/Weigh-In/ Drug Testing/ ClerkingRoom DescriptionEntry 1 250 250Recommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsMen's Track Locker Room 60 18 1,080Storage 1 500 500Women's Track Locker Room 60 18 1,080Women's Track Showers / Drying / Toilets 1 500 500Athletes Lounge1 600 600 Shared by men's and women's, 120 peopleon retractable platform loose chair seating.Sofas, chairs. May be multi-function onevent day used as meet room or mediaroom depending on final location.Sub-Total - Home Team Facility 4,010 4,612Equipment 1 500 500Small Laundry Room 1 200 200 2 commercial washers and dryersJanitor's Closet 1 40 40Sub-Total - Equipment 740 851Training Room 1 2,200 2,200 includes Hydrotherapy and storageTrainer's Office 1 150 150Asst. Trainer's Office 1 120 120Exam Room 1 220 220Toilet for exam room 1 80 80 opens to exam roomWeight Room 1 10,000 10,000Weight Trainer's Office 1 150 150Cooler room 1 200 200Toilet 2 80 160Laundry room 1 200 200Sub-Total - Athletic Training 13,480 15,502Room DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsVisiting Team Area 0 400 0 Future - Per proposed designOfficials Lockers -changing only 2 200 400Officials Lounge 1 200 200 adjacent to lockersOfficials Toilets 2 65 130 1 w.c.; 1 lav in eachOfficials Storage 1 200 200 adjacent to lockersDrug-testing 1 400 400 Includes ToiletWeigh in 1 400 400Clerking 1 500 500 exterior, partially covered area to accommodate100 athletes adjacent to warm-up areaSub-Total - Officials 2,230 2,565Sub-Total (Net Area) 20,460 23,529TRACK & FIELD STADIUM12

TRACK & FIELD STADIUMClassification 4: Media FacilitiesSpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsMedia and Press BoxMedia/Press Support in theStadiumWorking Press/ SID 5 45 225 in pressbox above grandstandScoreboard Operator / PA Announcer 2 65 130 in pressbox above grandstand, slidingwindow between PA and timersPrimary and Backup timer, Meet Mgr., 2 others 5 65 325 in pressbox above grandstand; includesequip. spaceCamera Platforms 1 60 60 exterior, or in pressboxRestrooms 1 65 65Elevator 1 80 80Sub-Total - Press Box 885 1,018Mix Zone 1 400 400 exterior space adjacent to trackMedia Room 30 12 360 space for 30Camera Locations 2 100 200Sub-Total - Media / Press Support 960 1,104Sub-Total (Net Area) 1,845 2,122Classification 5: Administration/ Team Offices FacilitiesSpace TypeRoom DescriptionTicketing Ticketing 3 40 120Recommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsSub-Total - Ticketing 120 138Team Offices Entry/ Hall of Fame 1 300 300Head Coaches office 1 250 250Satellite Coaches offices 8 150 1,200Copy Room / kitchen 1 100 100Female Coaches lockers / showers / toilets 1 400 400 4 lockers: 2 shower, 2 W.C., 2 lav.Male Coaches lockers / showers / toilets 1 400 400 8 lockers: 2 shower, 1 W.C., 1 urinal 2 lav.Meeting room 2 400 800Sub-Total - Ticket Office 3,450 3,968Sub-Total (Net Area) 3,570 4,10613

Classification 6: Service & Operations FacilitiesSpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsStaging/ Marshalling Area 1 500 500 exterior spaceDock/StagingTrash Compactors 1 1,000 1,000Sub-Total - Dock/Staging 1,500 1,725Track Equipment 1 1,000 1,000Pit Storage 1 1,000 1,000StorageTiming Storage 1 150 150General Storage 1 1,000 1,000Maintenance equipment 1 500 500Sub-Total - Storage 3,650 4,198Mechanical Room 1 1,000 1,000Main Electrical Room 1 200 200Emergency Generator Room 1 200 200 exterior if requiredElectrical Closets 1 100 100MEPMain Tele/data Room 1 100 100Tele/data Closets 1 50 50Water Service/ Sprinkler Valve Room 1 150 150Elevator Equipment Room(s) 2 100 200Fire Command Center 1 50 50Sub-Total - Mep 2,050 2,358Distributed Janitor Closets 2 50 100JanitorialCentral Custodial Room 1 150 150Sub-Total - Janitorial 250 288Sub-Total (Net Area) 7,450 8,568TRACK & FIELD STADIUM14

TRACK & FIELD STADIUMClassification 7: CirculationSpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsConcourseConcourse 6,000 3.5 21,000Sub-Total - Concourse 21,000 21,000 no net to gross mult.Stairs 3 2,000 6,000Vertical CirculationPassenger Elevators 1 120 120Sub-Total - Vertical Circulation 6,120 7,038Sub-Total (Net Area) 27,120 28,038Classification 8: Site RequirementsSpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsTV Network Trucks 2 2,000 4,000 20' x 80' plus circulationTV Truck ParkingSatellite Trucks 2 275 550 6'-6" x 20' plus circulationSub-Total - Tv Truck Parking 4,550 4,550Sub-Total (Net Area) 4,550 4,550SummarySpace TypeRoom DescriptionRecommended ProgramUnits SF Total NSF Total GSF (*1.15) CommentsSub-Total Classification 1: Spectator Facilities 65,415 70,277Sub-Total Classification 2: Food Service & Retail Facilities 2,450 2,818Sub-Total Classification 3: Team Facilities 20,460 23,529Sub-Total Classification 4: Media Facilities 1,845 2,122Sub-Total Classification 5: Administrative Facilities 3,570 4,106Sub-Total Classification 6: Service & Operations Facilities 7,450 8,568Sub-Total Classification 7: Circulation 27,120 28,038Total Net Square Footage (NSF) 128,310+ Net-To-Gross Multiplier (15%) 11,147Total Gross Square Footage (GSF) 139,457 139,457Sub-Total Classification 8: Site Requirements 4,550 4,55015


TEXAS A&MCAMPUSCAMPUS FACTS+/- 1,832 AcresOver 15 million square feet of built space16


TEXAS A&MATHLETICFACILITIESOFF CAMPUSGolf (Traditions Golf Course)Equestrian & Cross Country** New facilities under constructionEAST ATHLETIC CAMPUSFootballIndoor TrackAthletic Training/AcademicsWEST ATHLETIC CAMPUSSoccerBasketballBaseballSoftballTennisTrack & FieldVolleyballSwimming & Diving18



EXISTINGCORE CAMPUSATHLETICFACILITIES1. Kyle Field2. Bright Football Complex / Davis Player Development3. Netum Steed Laboratory4. Coolidge Grass Practice Fields5. McFerrin Athletic Center - Indoor Football6. Gilliam Indoor Track Stadium8. Aggie Softball Complex9. Natatorium10. Anderson Track & Field Complex11. Ellis Field - Aggie Soccer12. Reed Arena/The Cox-McFerrin Center13. George Mitchell Tennis Center7. Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park22

INTRAMURALINFLUENCESON ATHLETICS1. Student Recreation Center2. Natatorium3. Penberthy Recreation Sports Complex• 4 Artificial Playing Fields• 5 Natural Grass Playing Fields• 3 Softball Fields• Recreation Building4. Read/G. Rollie White Annex5. Student Tennis Center23



8. New West Quad and Wellborn RoadThe intent is to increase the connectivity between the east andwest parts of the campus by incorporating the new underpassesat Jones Street and West Lamar Street, to provide structured openspace for West Campus by developing the area between the Heepand Kleberg buildings and the railroad, and to reduce the perceiveddistance between the west and east parts of the campus.It is also a desire to provide an enhanced presence to the campusfrom Wellborn Road.CAMPUSMASTER PLANINFLUENCESRecommendations include developing Wellborn Road as a seam,or a boulevard, rather than a divider, and extending the civicstructure westward across Wellborn Road by providing a majornew quadrangle for the west part of campus. Buildings to thenorth of the Jones underpass and the south of the West Lamarunderpass should address the lowest level of the underpass andalign to define Wellborn Road and the new West Quad. Futurebuildings to be developed between the Jones and West LamarOld underpasses Main Pedestrian should Connection be aligned to address each underpass. Thebuildings should be configured so that their long dimensionRedefinition of Wellborn Road as a Boulevarddefines the western edge of the new quadrangle and screens theHeep and Kleberg buildings. Vertical elements are appropriate atthe corners adjacent to Old Main Drive, to imply a gateway to thewest and extend the central axis of the campus.NEW 1 WELLBORN ROAD - BOULEVARD2Image from Texas A&M University ----Campus Master Plan26


TEXAS A&MATHLETICSDISTRICTPLAN• Moderate Approach to Program Organization• Acknowledges two Separate Districts:- East District- West District• Create a Front Door For Athletics in theEast District Core• Rearrange Athletic Program to Create aWest Athletics Core28


TEXAS A&MATHLETICSDISTRICTPLANPHASE 1 PROGRAM1. Netum Steed Replacement BuildingDISPLACED PROGRAMA. Intramural Field Relocation Area30


TEXAS A&MATHLETICSDISTRICTPLANPHASE 2 PROGRAM1. Netum Steed Replacement Building2A. Renovated Softball Stadium• Indoor batting cages/Multipurpose Indoor FacilityDISPLACED PROGRAMA. Intramural Field Relocation AreaB. Intramural Field Relocation Area (South of Bush Dr.)2B. New Track & Field Stadium w/ Existing Trackto Remain2C. Modifications South of Kyle Field• Future Building and Indoor Track Video Board• George Bush Entry Drive - “Athletics Front Door”• 100 Parking Spaces3. Expanded Academics4. Maintenance Facility Improvements and Expansion32


TEXAS A&MATHLETICSDISTRICTPLANPHASE 3 PROGRAM1. Netum Steed Replacement Building2A. Renovated Softball Stadium• Indoor batting cages/Multipurpose Indoor Facility2B. New Track & Field Stadium w/ Existing Trackto Remain2C. Modifications South of Kyle Field• Future Building and Indoor Track Video Board• George Bush Entry Drive - “Athletics Front Door”• 100 Parking SpacesDISPLACED PROGRAMA. Intramural Field Relocation AreaB. Intramural Field Relocation Area (South of Bush Dr.)C. Intramural Field Relocation AreaD. +/- 250 Parking Spaces South of Blue Bell ParkE. +/- 400 Spaces South of Reed Arena** Adding 1,000 Structured Parking Spaces Westof Kyle Field3. Expanded Academics4. Maintenance Facility Improvements and Expansion5. Swimming/Diving6. New Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Facility7. Renovated West Campus Training Room8. Enhanced Soccer Stadium9. Reed Arena Improvements10. New Volleyball Arena11. Multi-Purpose Field12. Baseball Stadium Improvements (Half Practice Field)34


TEXAS A&MATHLETICSDISTRICTPLANPHASE 3 - WEST ENLARGEMENT1. Netum Steed Replacement Building2A. New Softball Stadium w/ Indoor batting cages andMultipurpose indoor facility2B. New Track & Field Stadium2C. Existing Track to Remain as Warm-Up Area3. New Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Facility4. Renovated West Campus Training Room5. Enhanced Soccer Stadium6. Reed Arena Improvements7. New Volleyball Arena8. Multi-Purpose Field9. Outdoor Training Area10. Central Athletic Promenade36


TEXAS A&MATHLETICSDISTRICTPLANPHASE 3 - EAST ENLARGEMENT1. Existing Bright Football Complex2. Existing Davis Player Development3. Future Building and New Track Indoor Video Board4. New Centralized Courtyard5. New Vehicular Drop-off6. Existing Football Practice Fields7. Modified Sled Field8. New George Bush Entry Drive - “Athletics Front Door”9. New Parking Lots for Foundation Building(Replace Existing Spaces)10. New Athletics Parking Lot (+/- 100 Spaces)38


TEXAS A&MATHLETICSDISTRICTPLANDEMOLITION PLAN1. G. Rollie White2. Netum Steed3. Softball Stadium4. Intramural Fields5. Mitchell Tennis Center40






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