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the 2008 edition of the Spatex -

The Premier European Magazine for Professionals in the Pool & Spa IndustryLE JUSTE LIEN SPECIAL UK 20085TH YEAR OF TRADINGWe are looking forward toour fi fth year of trading in2008 with great optimismand enthusiasm...Peter Evans - Page 6NEW MANAGEMENTwe have set up a very targetedand organised teamso as to launch our promotionplan...Sylvia Monfort - Page 6UV DISINFECTIONAt the other end of thescale, for larger public poolsin the UK, UV disinfectioncontinues to be the...Ahmad Arafa - Page 6GOOD ORDER BOOKI am reasonably optimisticthat the market will bebuoyant. Nobody do a raindance this year please...Steve Martin - Page 6Special United-Kingdom 2008EUROSPAPOOLNEWS.COM is published by IMC(International Media Communication)264, av Janvier Passero - F-06210 MandelieuTel. +33 (0)493 681 021Fax. +33 (0)493 681 707contact@eurospapoolnews.comLtd Company with a capital of 152,449 EurosRCS Cannes B 414 683 953 00031APE 221 E - TVA FR02414683953Publisher: Loïc Biagini - Manager: Vanina BiaginiChief Editor: Stephen DelanyEditor: Marie-Anne DuverneAdvertising: Marie Lalanne, Caroline ManciniDesigned by: Jean-Michel PebrePrinted by: Zimmermann (France)Contents © 2008 IMCReproduction in whole or part of this publicationwithout the publisher’s written permission is a breach ofCopyright - The publishers cannot take responsability forsubsequent changes to product specifications.Welcome to the 2008 edition of the Spatex Specialfrom EurospapoolnewsThe UK pool and spa industry has rather been underthe cosh recently… Just eighteen months ago,hosepipe bans and drought orders were at the topof everyone’s minds as much of the UK swelteredin some of the hottest temperatures and driestconditions we’d ever seen. And we can’t be surethere won’t still be water restrictions either.Yet just a few months later, one of the wettestand coolest summers on record gave us the oppositeproblem – too much water and too little sun.Certainly, the UK trade suffered as a result, and avery early Easter in 2008 (remember, it’s less thaneight weeks away from now, and Easter traditionallykicks off the UK season) isn’t likely to helpmuch if the weather doesn’t improve markedly.On top of that, we’re in the middle of a harsh creditcrunch, huge increases in household debt, andever more dire predictions about the fate of theUK economy in 2008 and 2009 on the back of apossible slump in the housing market.But in an effort to escape the increasingly unpredictableBritish climate, people shouldn’t makePool Safety LawThe French experienceReminder ofkey features of the lawThe law dated 3 rd January 2003 concerning the safetyof pools focuses on the obligation of safety ofhome and private group pools in France from 1stJanuary 2004 onwards.The impact of this law lies in its retrospective nature:any new open-air pool that is partially orcompletely in-ground must have a recognised protectionsystem. However, this law also applies topools that are already installed.The following are exempt from this new law: indoorpools, public pools as described in the law of1951 and above-ground pools.the mistake of turning their backs on the UK forholidays or leisure for the lure of ‘greener grass’on the other side of the Channel or even furtherafield. France, too, had one of its worst summersin modern times in 2007, with far more rain thannormal – even as far south as Toulouse, wherewall-to-wall sunshine is usually almost guaranteedfor most of June to September…By the looks of it, we’re all just going to have toget used to greater extremes of climate. The pooland spa sector will need to be ever more creativein promoting domestic swimming pools and hottubs as accessible to the masses as well as being agreat way to relax and get away from the stressesof modern life – perhaps offering ways to accommodatethe weather, rather than being governedby it.Which is why this year’s Spatex trade show is asimportant as ever. The entire UK pool and spatrade needs to ensure it pulls together, tryingout new ideas and products to woo customers intough times. There’s a host of new suppliers andproducts at this year’s exhibition, just waiting tohelp give installers and retail outlets the edge andmaintain their profitability against an apparentlygloomy economic backdrop.If the industry doesn’t fight to maintain and evenincrease its share of people’s disposable income,you can be sure there will be other sectors outthere that will.Stephen DelanyChief Editor of EuroSpaPoolNews.comIt is the owner whois responsible for thesafety of their pool and who can choose from fourtypes of standardised protection systems:- Barriers,- Safety covers (automatic shutters, pool coverswith bars, pool covers extending over the coping,mobile pool bases, nets)- Pool alarms (perimeter or immersion)- Pool shelters.Next Page 4TitreMichele BridleThis year’s show has so muchto offer the visitor, from thevast array of exhibition standsto the extensive workshop anddemo programme. Not only dowe have 7 new topics, but thereis also a live demonstration on pool site safetyon Sunday. Over the last few years, we have seenvisitors choosing to stay more than one day atthe show and I fully expect this trend to increase.The volume of business done at last year’s showwas strong and our exhibitors are really pullingthe stops out to impress the visitor with their productsand services.Mr President,What do you expectabout 2008?He was installed as president of theBritish Swimming Pool Federation(BSPF) at the trade association’s annualmeeting last September. Eurospapoolnewscaught up with him inhis busy schedule to get his thoughts on how the UKpool and spa industry has fared over the past year orso, the prospects for 2008, and the vision he has forthe BSPF.Eurospapoolnews: How would you describe lastyear for the UK industry?JA: In a word, ‘challenging’. On the one hand, itallowed the industry to breathe a sigh of relief fornot having to suffer draconian drought orders, yeton the other the industry witnessed a decline insales after suffering the wettest summer on record.Almost every sector was affected, as pool buildersstruggled with appalling site conditions, and thosewho own pools or spas had scant opportunity toenjoy them.Jamie Adams,president of the BSPFTurn to page 6 /

POOL & SPA INDUSTRY NEWS 3International SwimmingFederation partnersAstralpoolAstralpool is to supply the main pools for the 9thFINA World 25m Swimming Championships, to beheld in Manchester from 9 to 13 April 2008.The Spanish multinational company will installtwo temporary pools (a 25 x 25 x 2m competitionpool and a 25 x 15 x 2m warm-up pool) containingtwo million litres of water. The installation will beusing state-of-the-art Skypool technology consistingof independent hot galvanised steel panels.Bowman expandsheat-exchanger rangeA new addition to the Bowman range is a heatexchanger incorporating an integrated end cover,which accommodates a solvent weld connectiondirect to the pool water flow pipework. Europeanand British Standard fittings are available, withan integrated thermostat pocket provided asstandard. Bowman is an ISO9001:2000 certifiedmanufacturer of heat exchangers for marine, industrialand commercial applications, and exportsmore than 60% of its production. The companysays that it has developed an extensive range ofstandard designs, because experience has shownthat there is rarely a need for purpose-built PoolEgypt will host Egypt Pool, the 4th internationalexhibition for the swimming pool industries.scheduled for March 1-3, theevent will take place in Cairo.Eng. Essam Marwan & Mr AdelAbd El-Ghany, the organizersfor the exhibition, said theyexpect to attract roughly15,000 attendees to theshow’s 8,000 square metres ofexhibition space at the Cairointernational Convention.Online pool primerfrom NSPFThe new Pool Operator Primer online trainingcourse is designed to give the basics of pool careto people around the world who are responsiblefor public pools or spas. Launched by the NSPF(National Swimming Pool Foundation) at www.Starline forms UKsubsidiaryThe Starline Group, Dutch manufacturer of poolproducts such as the Roldeck cover, Modular andMonobloc, have announced the formation ofStarline Pools & Equipment UK Ltd to distributethe company’s range of one-piece pools into theUK. Darren Brown, formerly with Certikin, hasbeen appointed as the UK sales director. “Starlinehave a very successful European distribution model,which we will be following in the UK market,”said Darren, “and we are looking to work closelywith our dealers to grow a strong partnership andleading market position over the coming years.”, theonline primer is claimedto be useful for peoplewho work in retail, asservice engineers and asprofessionals working ata public pool/spa facility.Starline Group sales and marketing manager Martijnvan der Zande commented: “Our strength inmarketing our product to the end customer bringsa fresh approach to the UK pool industry, and wewill be working closely with Darren in strengtheningour dealer network.”Martijn van der / info@starline.infowww.astralpooluk.comSolar-Ripp choosesProcopi UKGerman solar heating specialist Solar-Ripp is todistribute its products solely through Procopi UK,the new Kent-based distributor. The company’snew Modul system is claimed to be tailored to therequirements of the pool trade, and enables fivedifferent modules to be combined to the requiredsize. Solar-Ripp also now offers a pool water temperaturecalculation tool called TCAS. Using hourlyweather data from 7700 measuring stationsaround the world, the TCAS simulation tool takesaccount of factors such as ground radiation, outsidetemperature, relative humidity, wind speedand local precipitation.www.solarripp.comwww.aquathermeg.comUS International pool expovisitor numbers upPreliminary visitor numbers for the US InternationalPool & Spa Expo held in Dallas in Novemberindicate an increase of 3% over the 2005 event.Attendees came from 66 countries around theworld, as well as from all 50 states in the USA,and 768 companies exhibited – with 167 makingtheir debut or returning after several years’ absence.The 2008 event is scheduled to be held atthe Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas,Nevada, on 18-20 November.INTERBASS 2008, inMoscowThe 4th international Interbass exhibition willtake place in the Crocus exhibition centre in Moscowon 20-23 March 2008.This specialised exhibition of equipment and accessoriesfor aqua parks, baths, swimming pools,saunas and spas is the only one of its kind in Russia.The MVK International Exhibition Company, theorganiser (with the assistance of the RussianAqua Parks Association and Swimming Pools Association),says that the exhibition has increasedin size every year since it was launched, and hasbeen the main showcase for the latest developments,technologies and products in the sector.www.interbass.ruwww.poolandspaexpo.comRoof collapse atStirling poolThe public pool at the Rainbow Slides leisurecentre in Stirling, Scotland, has been closed indefinitelyafter part of the roof collapsed whilethe pool was being used in mid-December. Noonewas injured in the incident, in which metalslats fell from the roof into the water at the pool’sshallow end. Reports say that when repairwork was last carried out on the building in 2002,councillors agreed to spend £61,000 on essentialrepair work, describing the pool as “past its sellbydate”. It was constructed in 1975.

4NEWSREPORTbyWJoëlle PULINXProcopi UK goes liveThe UK pool and spa products sector has just acquiredanother new player with the formation ofProcopi UK. Founded by Paul Jeffries, Tim Harrisand David Dahl - who between them have a combined70 years’ experience in the industry - ProcopiUK aims to offer a wide range of productsfrom the Procopi Group as well as other brands inEurope. Products include filters, polymer pool panels,fibreglass Roman ends, spas, slatted covers,solar-powered reels, summer and winter covers,pumps, pool fittings, solar heating systems, electricautomatic cleaners, heat pumps, electric heaters,LED replacement bulbs, UV sterilisers andsalt-water chlorinators, test kits and reagents,and copings and stone paving. The company saysit will hold stock of many of these products at itsnew warehouse in Marden, pool closesA public swimming pool in Cardiff is to close tomake way for a dedicated judo facility. The SportsCouncil for Wales (SCW) made the decision toclose the Sophia Gardens pool in the light of theimminent opening of 25m and 50m pools at CardiffBay’s International Sports Village.‘Mechanical ladder’ andpre-filter win BarcelonaawardsThe Waterlift mechanical ladder from Spanishcompany Metalast was the winner of the innovationcategory at the recent Barcelona pool show.Distributed by Astralpool, the Waterlift is designedto help people with reduced mobility to getinto and out of swimming pools. It was selectedfor its simple operation, ergonomics, safety andease of use.Meanwhile, the MultiCyclone pre-filter from WatercoEurope won the award for sustainability. Theproduct works a bit like the Dyson cyclone vacuumcleaner by using centrifugal force to spin largerparticles to the cylinder casing where they fall tothe collection tank. Waterco says the MultiCycloneworks with all filters, and also extends operatinglife while saving water through less frequent backwashing.The MultiCyclone is now being distributedin the UK by several companies.www.salonpiscina.comWelsh pool wins closurereprieveHarlech swimming pool in Wales could remainopen until September this year, after GwyneddCouncil granted it a reprieve. In early December,following a review of all Gwynedd’s leisure facilities,the council said that the public pool wouldclose in April as it had “reached the end of itslife”. Councillors have recommended that thepool should stay open in order to identify possibleopportunities to work with private developers.General Representative of the FPP(The French Swimming-Pool Federation)The pool-manufacturer must submit a technicalnote about pool-safety to his client: the manufactureror installer must submit technicalnote to the project owner latest by the date ofreceipt of pool. This note indicates the characteristics,conditions of functioning and maintenanceof safety device. It also informs the projectowner about the risks of drowning, generalpreventive measures that must be taken andrecommendations of use of security device.Review ofimplementation of law1°) Accidentology trendsTaken as a whole, the accident rate was alreadyvery low before the law.Taking into consideration the increase in numberof pools, one would have thought that accidentrate would follow a proportional progression.We can congratulate ourselves for the factthat it is not the case and in 2007, accident ratehas further decreased to a level below the onethat was described in 2002 i.e. just before thelaw came into force.Number of childrenyoungers than 5 whodied in private poolsYearIn addition, we have always said that a bad protectionsystem was worse than the absence ofa system because one tends to pay less attentionwhen a protection system is in place.Protection systems that do not comply withnorms do not ensure a sufficiently high level ofsafety. For example, the decree does not giveany specification about height for barriers orautomatic reactivation for alarms…Therefore, the manufacturers, who are moreserious and responsible than others, have investedin the manufacturing process and intests conducted by independent laboratoriesin order to ensure that their products complywith the norms.In addition, some have even gone further and havechosen to invest in NF brand of pool equipments.Their products do not just comply with thenorms but also ensure a higher quality that hasbeen tested in laboratory and a guarantee ofcorrect installation by a professional trained bythe manufacturer.A correct-practices reference guide is in the pilotstage at Afnor (French Standards Association)and will be published in the beginning of 2008.As far as effectiveness is concerned, correctinstallation of a protection system is one ofthe critical factors. Safety is not ensured by asystem that complies with the norms but hasnot been installed correctly: e.g., a barrier thatis not correctly sealed, straps of cover that arenot correctly integrated with the decks.In conclusion: accident rate depends on many factorsbut weather is one of the major factors becauseit decides whether one goes out for a swim or not.Most of the accidents occur when one is swimming,Number ofprivate poolsRatio32 2000 708 000 0,004523 2001 773 000 0,002914 2002 854 000 0,001625 2003 928 000 0,002617 2004 1 056 000 0,002621 2006 1 248 000 0,0016Reminder: the law was published in January2003 and came into force in January 2004.2°) Ownership of safety equipments for pools89.4% for submerged pools and 28.4% for above-groundpools (not subject to obligations ofthe law) are fitted with safety equipments.Fitting-out of pools according to type of systemsin 2007 (source: research by DECRYPTISfor FPP)Including everything and considering multipleownerships:- a safety barrier (supple or rigid):- an alarm: 54.2 %- a cover: 32.9%- a shelter: 8.3%3°) Professionals’ point of viewWe had already written, before the law cameinto force, that increased vigilance of the adultsand early training of swimming were major factorsthat could reduce the number of accidents.therefore when parents must supervise, and wherethe protection systems are transgressed.No system and no law can replace adult supervision.However, «Institut de la veille sanitaire»(Health supervision institute) has noted thatexisting protection systems are effective to acertain extent when it comes to avoiding somedrownings that occur in situations other thanwhen one is swimming.A combination of supervision and use of standardisedprotection system can help in furtherreducing the number of accidents, as far as it ispossible to do so.The merit of law lies in the fact that it remindsthe pool owners about the necessity of supervisingtheir children, prevention campaigns arean essential element of consumer education.Caution! Half the accidents occurred in theabove-ground pools that are not subject to legalobligations and parents do not think thatchildren can reach them on their own.Opt for folding ladders and/ or remove themeans of access! / contact@propiscines.frTo receive our regular free email newslettercovering news and developmentson the European pool and spa scene, visit our website atwww.eurospapoolnews.comand click on the “Newsletter subscribe” panel

VIEWFROM THE TOPThere’s no doubting it’s been a tough year or more for the UK pool trade. Last year, wewere anticipating the effect of the expansion of the European Union to include Bulgariaand Romania – but that was before a soaking wet summer put the dampeners on thebusiness… Here, a selection of senior members of the UK pool and spa trade give ustheir views on the challenging year ahead.Jamie Adams, president of the BSPF continued from Page 1Peter Evans, managing director of Pollet Pool Group UKLast year started reallywell, with somegood early sun thatresulted in increasedsales in the first partof the year and astrong indication of asolid 2007. The onsetof the wet weatherin the spring and thesubsequent washoutthat represented ourPeter Evanssummer had the effectcloser to homethat three of our staff here at Pollet were floodedout of their homes, with one still waiting to return!It was certainly a miserable time for many, andfrom a business viewpoint our sales of abovegroundpools dwindled overnight from a torrentto a trickle.There was a definite ecological aspect to 2007,with escalating sales of heat pumps, pool coversand the like. A continued expansion of the integrationof outdoor pools into more substantial landscapingprojects pushed our Caraterra stoneworksales to a more than satisfactory level.It is interesting to see how these days new poolowners seem to pay far more attention to detailin their project, and what would once have beena perfectly acceptable outdoor pool often now becomespart of a far bigger outdoor leisure area.As far as 2007 was concerned, it was anothergood year for Degrémont Technologies – Triogenglobally and in the UK. As far as our domesticmarket is concerned, there is clearly a continuedincrease in the awareness of swimming pool usersof the health issues connected with swimmingpool water. We base that perception particularlyon the increase in sales of Triogen Compact Ozonesystems at home and overseas. The fact that wehave seen this growth at that end of the marketwe think is due not only to our systems, but also tothe increased health awareness of bathers. At theother end of the scale, for larger public pools inthe UK, UV disinfection continues to be the favouredchoice. Strangely, this goes somewhat againstthe trend in the rest of Europe and further afield,where interest in ozone disinfection appears to bevery much on the increase.Of course, we at Degrémont Technologies – Triogenare happy to see this increase in water qualityawareness, irrespective of whether the customerchoice is ozone or UV. We are in the fortunate positionof being probably the only major companyThe ecological theme is fast becoming an integratedpart of a large number of the new enquirieswe receive, and I’m sure this is much thesame for all pool equipment distributors in theUK. I believe it has been a year of mixed fortunes,with many pool builders remaining hard atit throughout, but sadly also some have goneout of business. The retail side was particularlydifficult, and rain often stopped play on chemicalsales and pool accessories.It was also a tough year in the spa market, asthere are more and more suppliers chasing astatic (or falling?) market. US suppliers are havinga hard time in their home market, and thishas acted as a trigger for them to start searchingbeyond their own domain for sales. The demiseof Hydrospa as one of the largest spa suppliersin the world is an indicator as to just how muchof a downturn there has been.On a very positive note we have many superbnew products coming into the UK marketplace,giving all concerned the opportunity to expandtheir portfolios and offer end-users some of themost innovative and ecologically advanced pooland spa options available. For that reason, Ibelieve that 2008 will be a positive year for ourindustry as a whole.At Pollet we look back at 2007 as another excellentyear, and are looking forward to our fifthyear of trading in 2008 with great optimismand enthusiasm.Ahmad Arafa, sales and marketing director for Triogen – Degrémont TechnologiesSteve Martin, director, Paramount PoolsI am receiving quitea mixed review fromthe trade in generalon how businesshas performed over2007, and whattheir expectationsare for 2008.Many in theconstruction side ofthe business (highendvalue) haveSteve Martinseemed to fare wellthroughout theyear, despite the weather, and have a good orderbook for 2008. There was a lot of moneygenerated in the City last year, and this has definitelyfiltered through. Our safety cover sales- again, high-value items - have beencontinued from Page 1continued from Page 1in the field that canoffer both technologiesas well as acombination of thetwo.As far as the prospectsfor 2008 areconcerned, theforecast generalcredit squeeze inthe post-industrialeconomies doesAhmad Arafanot bode particularlywell. However,as a company, we are somewhat reassured byour increasing presence in some of the highgrowth-ratemarkets in the developing economiesoverseas. We are not attending Spatex thisyear due to commitments at other internationalshows (particularly Dubai and Lyon). We do,however, wish the organisers and participantsevery success: we are sure that the show will bejust as vibrant as it has been in recent years.continued from Page 1a testament to this, as sales did not diminish butactually grew!In contrast to this, retail sales such as pool accessories,refurbishment, toys, above-groundpools, etc. have seen sales drop dramatically.With the ‘early buy’ offers that distributors nowoffer prior to the season for bulk order, this hasleft some retailers with excessive stock.However, had we had a normal June/July weatherscenario, I am sure that my commentswould have been different. Along with someof the new products that are coming onto themarket, and providing the economy can stabilisefor 2008, I am reasonably optimistic that themarket will be buoyant. Nobody do a rain dancethis year please…Eurospapoolnews: What will bethe challenges in 2008?JA: Misguidedly, pools and spas areoften viewed as a luxury for the ‘wealthy’minority who squander huge volumesof water at the expense of thenon-pool-owning majority. This seems to be theview of the government, and unless the industryspeaks up and defends businesses and livelihoods,we are all vulnerable to having punitive measurestaken against us. I am determined that the BSPFwill continue to work to ensure that governmenttakes a more balanced view on the extent of our involvementin water usage and the minimal amountwe ‘waste’, which is negligible when compared withthe billions of litres lost by the water industry itselfthrough poorly maintained supply pipes.Eurospapoolnews: Can the industry associationdo anything to convince government?JA: We know that government is looking at greaterwater restrictions on domestic swimmingpools, and I believe it will only be a matter oftime before the politicians turn their attentionto other aspects. Therefore our industry must actfirst and take on the responsibility of looking forways of reducing the perceived impact pools andspas have on the environment to influence governmentpolicies. As the umbrella organisation,and being one removed from the coal-face, theBSPF is able to address these and other similar issueson behalf of our trade associations, and ourvoice should and will be heard again and again.The BSPF and the associate bodies will fight ourindustry’s corner all the way.Eurospapoolnews: What sort of issues shouldthe industry consider?JA: Whether or not you subscribe to the theoryof ‘global warming’, it has become a major internationalissue and one that will affect us allin the future. We are all being encouraged toreduce our personal ‘carbon footprint’, and theindustry must look for ways of helping our customersreduce energy use connected with maintainingpools and spas. We are already talking tothe Carbon Trust to see how we can work withthem, for example, and this kind of activity willbe expanded. Similarly, the Waste of Electronicand Electrical Equipment Directive, or WEEE as itis better known, is now in place and will have animpact on our businesses.Eurospapoolnews: Is there a role for BSPF andthe other associations?JA: My answers to the last three questions shouldsend a resounding ‘yes’, as I see our role as ensuringthat any new regulations are implemented insuch a way as not to become too onerous for ourmembers. We should be helping BSPF membersto understand new legislation quickly and fully, sothey can get on with running their businesses andnot be weighed down by admin and bureaucracy.ESPN: How strong is your membership?JA: The current membership stands at a fairlyhealthy 335, but I believe that as an associationwe need to do more to prove the value of membershipto those who have yet to join. Equally, itis essential that each member understands theimportance of becoming more involved.For too many companies, gaining membership toSPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association)or BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association)is simply a case of ensuring compliance tothe requirements of the relevant organisation, andthen using the valuable logo on vehicles, letterheadsJamie Adamsand advertising. Before you accuse meof being critical of the many hard-workingpeople in our industry, to an extentI can understand their position, as historicallywe have not always been particularlyclear in communicating with ourmembers, or setting out our stall in a manner that iseither compelling or appealing.Eurospapoolnews: So how are you planning tochange things?JA: We have a number of diligent member companiessupported by a strong and committed coreof people who ensure that members are offeredvalue for money. The simple facts are that if wewant to retain members and encourage them tobe more involved, while also looking to developsustainable growth in new membership, then wemust start to raise our game. Part of giving realvalue comes through regular and authoritativecommunication. We have the resources in placeto ensure that when members need to be madeaware of issues that affect them – particularlywith regards to new legislation – that the informationis provided clearly and in a timeframe tocause minimum disruption to their businesses.Eurospapoolnews: What other incentives areavailable for members?JA: First, I want to make it clear that our overridingaim is to make the circumstances suchthat eligible companies cannot afford not to bea member of the BSPF.The implementation of SPATAshield – our bondand warranty scheme backed by NSure insurancebrokers – together with the provision of preferentialconsumer finance through Hitachi Financeare two real incentives, not to mention the hugelysuccessful Dangerous Goods Awareness Coursesrun at the federation offices in Andover. Theseare just the start, and I believe that to continueto satisfy current members whilst encouragingmore companies to join, we must look to developthe range of products we have on offer.One option we are considering is to work withthe Swimming Teachers Association – one of theworld’s leading aquatic training and accreditationbodies – to offer members a range of certifiedcourses covering the specifics of the pool andspa industry through to various levels of nationalbusiness qualifications, all aimed at raising theprofessionalism and quality of our people, and inturn the quality of service provided to our prospectivepool and spa owners in the future.Eurospapoolnews: All previous BSPF presidentshave had a theme for their year in office. Whatis yours?JA: I am going to break with tradition, as I feelthat there is much to do in nurturing and developingwhat we already have without looking tofind some new dragon to slay. To that end, myyear in office will be spent focusing on workingwithin the federation and with our associationsto develop our position, so that we are clearlyidentified as an authoritative and proficient organisation.For our members, we must becomea key partner in the growth and development oftheir businesses.Tackling legislation, engaging with other tradeassociations to our mutual advantage, togetherwith offering a choice of tangible benefits combinedwith clear and regular communication, areall part of ensuring that we offer the best in qualityand service to existing members, while havingthose not yet involved questioning how their businessescan really afford not to be members.Interviews byStephen Delanyfor

NEWS 7Since January 2008, Sylvia MONFORT, GeneralManager Europe of SCP Europe, took over themanagement and leadership of England with regardsto its managerial structure:Ian Pratt, directeur Ventes et Marketing,Richard Rigden operational Director, interne matters,purchasing and logistic manager Directeurand Dash Ganeson for the finances and administrativepart.David Mathers, taking hindsight as a Vice-chairmanfor an ambassador role and more advisorymissions.For SCP UK, Spatex 2007 was excellent with anincreased attendance, contracts, and sales thattook place on site, for a very high amount, especiallyas far as spas were concerned.«For 2008 edition, we have set up a very targetedand organised team so as to launch our promotionplan and prepare our partnership with someof our bigger European partners with whom wewill develop a medium and long term marketstrategy. We will meet both our older partners aswell some new partners for England.»From the left to the right, David Mathers, Sylvia Monfort, Ian Pratt, Rich PolizzottoSylvia Monfort continued from Page 1«Year 2007 was characterisedby very badweather conditions.In spite of excellentstrategic choices, anda very good start atthe beginning of theseason, bad weatherproved to be a hurdlein terms of achievingour objectives. As theseason had startedSylvia Montforton a strong note, inorder to cover the demandwe had made plans, as the pool-manufacturershad over-stocked, and we could not makeup for it in the last quarter».« Reorganisation that we start to set up takes inaccount the existing implementation, alliancesand Norcal’s notoriety before 1998 but countsalso on the innovation force and the service,strong points of Group SCP to propose new alternativeson this market.Spatex should help us demonstrate that SCPUK will offer, once again, new alternatives tothe market. We are going to stop using earliersuccess for revitalizing the brand imageand offering packages and exclusive deals.It will be a showcase for us and an occasionto meet some of our major clients. This willhelp us work on targeted partnerships andpresent some new products that have not yetbeen shown in our English catalogue such assome automatic covers Abriblue, new heatpumps HeatPro Hayward, along with offersfor services and equipments while insistingparticularly on service, proximity and innovationconcepts rather in service and maintenancemarket.»Grant funds research intoaquatic exercise for diabetessufferersThe National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)in the USA has awarded a $50,000 grant to fundresearch into the benefits of aquatic exercise forsufferers of Type-2 diabetes. Figures suggest that22 million Americans suffer from the disease, andDr Guy Hornsby of the West Virginia School ofMedicine will be studying the psychological andphysiological effects of land- versus water-basedexercise for patients with the condition. Almostall previous studies have reportedly focused onland-based exercise, but most diabetic patientsare obese, and water exercise is ideal for reducingstress on joints. The study will be carried outamong two groups of 16 patients in the 18-65 agegroup.www.nspf.orgNSPF reportspreliminary results fromhot tub studyThe US National Swimming Pool Foundation(NSPF) has reported the preliminary results of thetwo-year study it funded into hot tub immersion.Presented at the World Aquatic Health Conferencein Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, the first year ofthe study indicates that warm-water immersionseems to have a significant effect on the nervoussystem. Research programme director Dr BruceBecker of Washington State University believesit “very likely” that these nervous system effectshave positive health-related implications.www.nspf.orgAppointment forPentairPentair Water EMEA announcedon the 17th ofOctober, 2007 in Barcelona,the appointment of JérômePEDRETTI as Vice Presidentof the Pentair Pool BusinessUnit, effective October 1,2007. Mr. Pedretti’s primaryfocus will be to grow thePool business, by strengtheningthe partnerships with key distributors andOEMs in Western Europe, while pursuing moreaggressive growth in emerging markets. Jérômejoined Pentair in July 2005 as Strategic MarketingDirector and then expanded his role to lead EmergingMarkets, Mergers and Acquisitions.www.pentairpool.comNew website forDalesaunaSauna and steam-room specialist Dalesauna haslaunched a new website under the strapline‘well being, well designed, well looked after’. Thesite features a pool and spa watertroubleshootingsection onits

Spatex Splash!Spatex 08 features more than 120 exhibitors showing products across the entire pool and spa spectrum.Those who think there’s not much new to see at the UK industry’s only specialist pool and spa show should think again… Almost a third of the exhibitors are newcomers,and stand space was sold out well before the end of 2007.Here is our preview of all the exhibitors as at 14 January 2008, with detailed information on many of the new products and services on show.Fast and handyPolaris 380 consists of 3 fountains that giveit a strong suction and fast cleaning capacityfor a perfect cleaning of all private swimmingpools up to the largest sizes. It has a compact coverso as to make it easy to move. It is very lightand provides an optimum cover and completecleaning of the bottom and the inner walls of thepool. A belt-driven transmission system increasesits speed. Lastly, it comes with with a bag withintegrated mounting brackets for simple and fastinstallation and maintenance.Secure your enclosurewith a single clickAbrisud, a leading European manufacturer ofswimming pool enclosures with its full range ofmodels (classic removable, semi-retractable,motorized, telescopic – low and standing-heightversions), has come out with a new typeof fastening system: The Quick Set. Thisnew type of fastening lets you secure yourpool enclosure in place with a simple click.Thus, the steps required to fasten one’s enclosureare considerably simplified: No moretedious bolts to secure! You can secure theenclosure easily and quickly. The Quick Set fasteningis said to offer the same security asfor the usual bolt system. Wind loadresistance tests have been met,and the fixing complies withthe NF P 90-307 standard.ScubaLovibond has launched the Scuba electronic pooltester for domestic pool owners. The fully waterproofScuba tests the hygiene parameters ofpool water using photometry, and the results areshown on the digital display. The standard Scubatests for free and total chlorine, pH and cyanuricacid stabiliser, while the Scuba + version also testsbromine and alkalinity. They both come completelyready for use, and include a pack of quickdissolvingreagent tablets. The Scuba and Scuba+ electronic pool testers have several claimedadvantages, including high accuracy, portability,watertightness, quick-dissolving reagent tablets,and light weight.Debut for Heatstar pairHeating and dehumidification specialist Heatstarhas unveiled a pair of new models for 2008. ThePegasus 200 dehumidifier is a floor-mounted unitfilling the gap between the existing Pegasus 100model and the larger Orion. Meanwhile the Geminifeatures the latest fan technology, designedto enable the fan to take up less space yet / clientele@abrisud.frgreater efficiency. Heatstar will be sharing a standwith its distributor, Astral (UK), at / info@heatstar.comwww.tintometer.dewww.zodiac-poolcare.comSpatex ExhibitorsAbbey World of LeisureStand U223Pool accessories, including swim aids, pool toys,goggles, flippers, large fun floats, etc.www.abbeypools.comAlbion Chemicals, Stand U159Extensive range of pool chemicals for pools, Stand U202Ionic pool water pools – especially useful on renovationand refurbishment sites. Alkorplan can beinstalled in any swimming pool irrespective ofshape or size: rectangular, oval, kidney, circular,trapezoidal, or even completely irregular.Aquaflex will be welcoming customers to theAlkorplan Bar throughout the three days of 4 SeasonsStand U165Full range of pool Pharos, Stand U114Products from the existing SP200 range of underwaterlights will be on show. Following thesuccess of both the SP200 and SP200FF, AquaPharos will this year be launching a new LED lightto the range.www.aquapharos.netAqua Warehouse, Stand U215Online supplier of spas and hot Water SystemsStand U189The company will be introducing its new patentedcorner skimmer which is designed to raisethe level of water in the pool, and claimed togive the aesthetic look of an overflow pool withthe construction costs of a conventional pool.Also to be shown are the new design of nozzleswhich feature much-increased flows and (UK), Stand L149Automatic pool covers for indoor and, Stand U231Pool water treatment Water ProductsStand U102Extensive range of pool and spa chemicals.www.archchemicals.comArqualand, Stand L153Telescopic pool buildings for all-year-round useof the, Stand U101The company will be presenting theAbrisud Grand standing-height low-levelenclosure, which looks to offer additionalversatility and usability comparedwith standard low-level designs. Also ondisplay will be the Alkorplan heavy-dutylining system for both commercial and

9Beachcomber Hot TubsSCP offers a wide range of models in the BeachcomberHot Tubs range, which it distributes exclusivelyin the UK.Each tub has contoured sculpted seating designedto provide maximum comfort, deep footwells forcomplete immersion, interchangeable Water-Ports for customised massages through the jets,Enviroskirt cabinetry and high-tech controls designedfor easyuse. The overallaim is to providean energyefficientproduct,excellenthydrotherapyand maximumcomfort for theuser.At Spatex, visitorscan seethe new Protectwo-level steps.Tissue mosaicsfor fibreglass poolsMosaic Images has developed a range of novelproducts designed specifically to make fibreglasspools look spectacular. They can be applied bothat the manufacturing and relining stage. The innovativetissue mosaics replicate the full colour anddetail of real mosaics while being as durable as thefibreglass pool itself. Already showing internationalpromise, Mosaic Images solutions have beensuccessfully applied on premium manufacturesCompass Pools in Europe. Mosaic Images come ina stunning range of 16 tile band designs and 6 wallor floor motifs up to 1.2 metres in diameter.www.scpuk.comSpatex ExhibitorsArtesian Spas, Stand U117The newly remodelled Island range featuringeight different spas – each with two jetted variants– will be on display. Also featured is thenew Platinum range incorporating the company’sDirectflow facility with remote ‘variableflow control’. Artesian claims a major efficiencybenefit with this feature, which can halve theelectric current a spa draws when the pump isin UK, Stand U141Brand-new products at Astral’s stand will includethe new Columbia pump and the Atlas filter,along with successful products from 2007 suchas LED lights and the Easykleen. Astral expectsto welcome more than 400 visitors to its standduring the three days of the show.www.astralpooluk.comAtmospheric ZoneStand L139Fibre-optic and LED lighting, Stand U194Process control systems for pool, U221Low-level pool enclosure for in-ground Haythorne (Delifol)Stand U168The Delifol heavy-duty pool liningsystem will feature two new mosaicpatterns for 2008 – a vibrantblue and a Mediterranean terracottaprint for the whole pool orjust as a tileband. Since the lastSpatex, the company has lined anew 52m deck-level pool at Keflavikin Iceland, and the 91 x 31mopen-air lido at Tooting in SouthLondon. Barry Haythorne will besharing its stand with Westfront,the company behind the stainless-steel Magnapool.Technicians from the steel pool fabricatorsand the lining manufacturer will be on the standto answer questions from show visitors.Biolab UK,Stand U196The company willbe unveiling its newlarge merchandisingstands, which are designed to enhance thedisplay of water-treatment products in dealershowrooms. It will also be displaying its rangeof dosing systems including the latest AnalytController, PoolManager and Pool Relax.www.biolabuk.comBosta UK, Stand L100Valves and fittings for pool applications.www.bevo.comBowman, Stand U110The company will be showing its new heat exchanger,incorporating an integrated end coveraccommodating a solvent weld connection directto the pool water flow Swimming PoolFederation (BSPF),Stand L144Federation of UK trade International, Stand U151Distributor of pool and spa products, includingspas, saunas, water treatment products, abovegroundpools and filter SpecialtyDistributors, Stand L177Pool toys and accessories.www.csdonline.bizwww.mosaic-images.euCalorex,Stand L125Exhibiting as part ofthe Certikin stand, Calorexis launching the29 range of pool heatpumps, claimed to offer acoefficient of performance of up to 5:1– in other words they can provide five units ofenergy for every one paid for while also reducingcarbon emissions. The 29 range incorporatesa titanium heat exchanger with a five-yearguarantee. Precast TanksStand L158One-piece concrete water

10NEW PRODUCTSThe Q-Spa Paris DeluxeAmong the well-organized range of models JMJTrading proposes you the spabath that matches your lifestyleperfectly. Every Q-spa has beendesigned to offer optimum enjoyment,each and every day.The Deluxe Version contains 7seats, 76 jets and 10 airjets. Itincludes also a fully integratedstereo system; FM/AM radiowith MP3plug-in, four pop upspeakers, base speaker and awooden Spa step (2 steps), to gowith the colour of the cabinet.The Deluxe version exists alsowith extra options: light therapywith 16 x small LED lights abovewater,(1 x large LED light underneaththe water) & stereo system with MP3 plugin,pop-up speakers and bass speaker.Dimensions (L x W x H): 274 x 233 x 97,5 / info@jmjtrading.nlExcellence Range RTMFiltersProcopi presents the Excellencerange: state-of-the-art RTMlaminated polyester filter.The new resin injection processis a major innovation inthe production of very highperformance filters. Moreover,the completely industrialisedproduction unit, basedin Rennes, France, ensuresthat the filters that are manufacturedare of an impeccableand consistent quality. Easy to assemble,perfectly smooth and easyto maintain internal andexternal surfaces, big upperopening of cover and widetransparent porthole, andbig lower evacuation witha big diameter for an easydraining, high speed strumand aesthetic appearanceof the foundation are someof the strong points of / marketing@procopi.comCovrex ® : new versionCovrex says its swimming pool cover has becomevery popular with pool professionals since itslaunch at Barcelona in 2001. At the 2007 Barcelonashow, Covrex announced an improved versionof the cover, claiming an increase of 27% in itsinsulation properties, while maintaining a surprisinglysmall winding diameter – 50cm for a 13mlong pool. The company says its cover meets theFrench NF P90-308 / www.lpw.beSpatex ExhibitorsCatalina Spas, Stand U169The Catalina stand atSpatex sees the launch ofa brand-new spa collection,along with what thecompany describes as an“innovative new gazebo”.The new spa collection isthe entry-level Euro Sparange, for which Catalinahas exclusive distribution rights throughout theUK and Europe. With a price point starting at£2500, yet said to feature the company’s usualhigh quality and performance, the aim is to eradicatethe public perception that spas are tooexpensive.In Catalina’s own range, a new dual-lounger modelwill be featured.Meanwhile to combat the UK’s unpredictableweather, the Covana spa cover is electronicallyoperated, and helps users enjoy the hydrotherapybenefits of their spa all year InternationalStands L115 & L138Among the newproducts featuredon the Certikinstand will bethe new EndlessSummer telescopicenclosuredesigns, pumpsand filters, the Dolphin pool cleaner, the Swim-Fresh chemical range, the Caldera Spas, andthe award-winning MultiCyclone centrifugalwater filtration, Stand U156Pool and spa Pool ControlsStand L118Water-treatment products.Corinthian FinishesStand U150Internal pool finishes.Covrex, Stand L195Pool covers.www.covrex.comCranbourne StoneStand L136Stone and coping feeders to treat water50 to 2500m 3With a low installation cost and low cost of maintenance,HTH tablets are claimed to be an economicalsolution. hth Easiflo tablets are stabiliser-free(cyanuric acid) and a spray to extract the chlorinefrom the tablets minimizes the amount of waterused. Easy to install and recharge, it requires smallspace in the plant room. hth Easiflo feeder & tabletsoffer safer handling of chemicals (no liquidchemicals, no manual water filling). The feederfully automated providing chlorine on demandand the unique form of hth Easiflo tablets alsominimises the risk of mixing with other chemicalproducts (e.g. high risk of liquid chemicals - hydrochloricand sulphuric acids).www.archwaterproducts.euDel, Stand L104Safety wall and covers for above-ground pools.www.delbrece.frDoughboy UK, Stand L141Doughboy above-ground pools, maintenanceequipment, and cover rollers for above-groundand in-ground StandU140The company will bedisplaying its range ofunder-coping and overcopingautomatic safetycovers, including for vanishing-edgepools.Dynasty Spas, Stand U195The new Ecosmart seriesof hot tubs will be shownby Dynasty. The company’sPerimeter Heatshield has insulationendorsed by EnergyStar, and claims to have thehighest R-value per inchof any spa available in theworld – exceeding the figureof other spas by up to seven times.www.dynastyspas.comEdecci, Stand U185Elecro EngineeringStand U104A new range of heat pumps willbe on display. Available in 12, 15,19 and 29kW certified outputs,each model features a CopelandScroll Compressor and a lowspeedfan for quiet operation.All units come with a three-yearparts and labour guarantee.Elecro has recently relocated tonew, larger premises to enable it to hold Spas, Stand L198Three new spas and a swimspa will be on displayat the Elite Spas stand, and the company is alsohighlighting the fact that dealer opportunitiesare available for thenorth of the UK. ExistingElite dealers willbe on hand to discussopportunities withprospective dealers.

Aurora Wave fromFonteyn SpasFonteyn Spas has launched a new model in itsWave series. Calledthe Aurora, theproduct offers ergonomicallyshapedseating for sevenpeople, and featuresthe company’s speciallydesigned WaveSeat – designed toprovide a deep massagefor the back.The hot tub offersair injection, ozonetreatedwater andLED lighting.Cascade in-ground systemSCP says that it has sold 8600 pools using theCascade in-ground panel system. Using polymerpanels, Cascade pools are claimed to providemaximum strength and rigidity. The Cascade poolpackage combines aluminium Caslok fixing orstone coping with Performance step units. TheAquagenie skimmer is claimed to remove floatingdebris much faster than other skimmers, and alsoautomatically provides a controlled dosage ofchlorine to the pool water. A lifetime panel warrantyis included.www.fonteynspas.comZodiac’s G4The G4 pool cleaner from Zodiac is designed forlong-lasting efficient operation and offers the followingbenefits:• The diaphragm, exclusive to Zodiac, is claimedto suck up all types of debris efficiently• The automatic valve continually controls thesuction rate to suit the filtration rate of an individualpool• A leaf trap is included• The product comes with a winter hose storagebag.www.scpuk.comPontoon’s CaymanAt the Barcelona internationalpool showin October, Pontoonconducted the worldwidelaunch of its Caymanautomatic poolcleaner. Designedin-house, the productcombines a new filteringmechanism withwhat the companysays is its renownedreliability – based onmodels already / info@pontoon.frSpatex ExhibitorsEmco, Stand U176Pool overflow gratings and poolside BV, Stand U212Infra-red saunas and heaters.www.emmelkampbv.nlEndless Pools, Stand U235Swimming exercise machines.www.endlesspools.comEpco, Stand U181ABS/uPVC pipework systems.www.epco-plastics.comESG Pool VentilationStand U116Full pool-hall ventilation systems for commercialapplications, including dehumidification,heating and fresh air. (UK), Stand L140Water analysis and dosing, Stand U206Specialists in sludge treatment, dewatering anddrying. www.euroby.comEurospapoolnews.comStand U152Online and printed publications for the Europeanpool and spa sectors.www.eurospapoolnews.comFairlocks Pool ProductsStand L162Making its debut atthe Fairlocks standis the 2.2m squarefully tiled Profilemosaic spa, whichcomes completewith all fixtures andfittings and is readyfor installation indoorsor out.Also on display will be the new high-efficiencylow-cost ‘Heatinverter’ heat pumps. Incorporatinginverter technology, the company says theyare a first in the UK pool market, and offer COPfigures which are 15-20% higher than conventionalunits.As UK partners of Ocea Automatic Covers in theUK and Ireland, Fairlocks is introducing the newgreen-tinted solar slat, claimed to be a good environmentalchoice when covering a pool. Eachcover is custom-made, and is recognised as asafety cover by the French AFNOR Leisure, Stand U208At Freedom Leisure,the emphasisis on encouragingdealers totake advantageof the company’sshowroommodel discountprogramme forgazebos. It is also offering a new clear cedar spastep for under £50, enabling dealers to offer itas a giveaway where needed to clinch the

12StarlineMonoblockThe Starline Monoblock is manufacturedfrom a solid sandwichconstruction of vinylester.This is claimed to makes it especiallystrong, stable, durableand easy to maintain. Starlinedelivers the pool completelypre-assembled to the customer’slocation and installation is extremely quickand efficient. The pools are supplied in varioussizes, from compact to very spacious. Customerscan opt for an integrated Roldeck, Romana orCarré stairs and choose either white or sky blue.All Monoblock swimming pools are fitted with achild safety ledge that supports the Starline Roldeckalong the ledge of the swimming / mz@starline.infoSpatex ExhibitorsGolden CoastStands L107 & L109Once again takingthe largest standat Spatex, GoldenCoast is showinga number of newproducts for thefirst time in theUK. Among thehighlights are a “greatly enhanced” 2008 MarquisSpas hot tubs range, the first UK demonstrationof the Waterco MultiCyclone centrifugal filter,and the first showing of the PoolOptix intrudersurveillance system for pools and leisure centres.The stand will host four models from MarquisSpas, displaying features such as integral internaland external lighting, a built-in home-cinema entertainmentsystem, and a new external cabinetdesign and colour (cedar, driftwood and the newmocha). There is also the option for different tongue-and-groovepatterning, combining both horizontaland vertical sections. The ‘Constellation’lighting system has underwater colour-changingLED lights built into the interior of the spa to give aconstantly changing colour wash to the water. Theseare synchronised with similar external lights oneach side of the cabinet, making the spa a featurein its own right – wherever its location. A range ofsaunas from the Tylö range will also be on display,along with an Elysee 4F steam room.www.goldenc.comGrando UK, Stand L116Pool covers.www.buckinghampools.comH2O Fun, Stand U186Online retailer of pools, spas, pool and spa accessories,chemicals and, Stand L114Hanovia will be showing its SwimPure UV treatmentsystem. Optimised using computationalfluid dynamics (CFD) modelling software toensure better UV distribution and better performance,its in-line design also reduces installationcosts. Experts will also be on hand at thestand to provide technical expertise and answerUV-related questions.www.hanovia.comHeatsaver, Stand U154Liquid pool cover for commercial and domesticpool applications., Stand U141Two brand new products will be shown at theHeatstar stand (shared with Astral UK, the company’sdistributor). The Pegasus 200 dehumidiferis larger than the existing 100 model, and is floormounted.And introducing a new brand name tothe Heatstar fold is the Gemini, which features thelatest fan technology enabling the fan itself to takeup less space while offering greater efficiency.www.heatstar.comHeritage Pools, Stand U106A first-time exhibitor in its own right, HeritagePools believes there is agrowing demand amongnon-trade visitors toSpatex to be able to see a supplier that offersa complete design-and-build service as opposedto individual components. Heritage will have detailsof a number of completed projects on display;visitors will be able to see them displayedon a large screen complete with every aspectof their construction methods. The companywill also be promoting its Premier Gunite arm,which uses the shotcrete wet concrete systemfor sprayed concrete pool walls and UK, Stand U188Spa parts and accessories.Innotec Supplies (UK)Stand U180Adhesives and other fixing materials.www.innotecworld.comInstitute of Swimming PoolEngineers (ISPE), Stand L172Technical training institute for the UK swimmingpool, Stand L130Stainless-steel pools for commercial applications.www.invarmex.comITS Europe, Stand U158The waterproof eXact EZ meterfrom ITS is designed to give fastwater chemistry results for bothresidential and commercial poolswithout having to take a water sampleto a pool shop. The instrument tests for19 parameters, and uses test strips containingthe exact quantity of reagents required.www.sensafe.comJak Water SystemsStand U160The Melpool pool-care and Pool Power rangescan be seen for the first time on the JAK WaterSystems stand. Melpool is intended specificallyfor distribution via specialist pool shops, andapplies to indoor and outdoor private pools,with disinfection, pH and alkalinity control, flocculants,algae control, stabilisers, winter preparationand equipment all catered for. The PoolPower range has been designed for sale throughother outlets, and focuses on smaller temporaryseasonal pools. LeisureStand U198Portable spas, deck-level spas and pool stepunits. Spas DistributionStand U199Spas and hot tubs from the LA Spas

NEW PRODUCTS 13Centrifugal waterfiltrationHighlight of the Waterco stand is the MultiCyclonecentrifugal filter, featured by other companies andwinner of the sustainability award at the 2007Barcelona pool show. Waterco says the product isideal as a pre-filter and will extend the life of anyexisting filter – including sand, diatomaceous earthor cartridge filters. It will filter out 80% of the incomingsediment before it enters the main filtrationsystem. The end result is thatthe filter is said to requireless cleaning, and saves water,money and / info@waterco.euZodiac’s PowerpacThe PSA-Zodiac group is launching Powerpac 3, anew model in the Powerpac range. With a powerof 11kW, it is designed for heating swimming poolsof between 40 and 75m 3 .The range now consists of three models: Powerpac1, 6.6kW; Powerpac 2, 7.8kW; Powerpac 3:11kW. One of its major advantages is a claimedCOP of 5 thanks to the incorporation of a new PSAcondenser that uses R410A refrigerant.AspidAstralPool widens its rangeof automatic floor cleanersby launching the Aspid, anaspiration (suction) floorcleaner, easy to install andto use. It stands out for itsinnovative design and attractiveprice. It incorporatesa matt. It is articulated, which allows it to beeasily moved around. In addition, it incorporatesa deflecting ring which, when correctly fitted intothe piping, avoids obstruction.www.astralpool.comWider range of thatchedgazebos from LapaThe Lapa Company, a specialist in thatched gazebos,has launched a new oval model to maximise internalspace while maintaining the product’s aesthetic appeal,according to the company. Five sizes are on offer,and flexible design enables the company can offermultiple entrances or configurations. A full rangeof complementary accessories is available, and thetimber for the gazebos is from Forestry StewardshipCouncil (FSC) approved for small spacesMagiline has expanded its product range with theMAGIsmile, a compact pool that is designed forsmall spaces. The new range includes pools thatcan be 5-7.66m in length and 3-3.66m in width– ideal for where space is at a premium. A 2-in-1 module combines a counter-current swim unitand a high-performance patented filtration unit.A selector switch is claimed to make it easy togo from one to the other. Options include a heatpump, integrated safety cover and above-groundcover.www.magiline / contact@magiline.frSolar heatingThe German solar heating specialists, Solar-Ripp®,are co-ordinating their sales inBritain through wholesalers«Procopi UK Ltd» in Marden(Kent).There will be, from 2008, thenew Modul system, which willbe tailor-made to the requirementsof the swimming pooltrade. As few as five differentmodules can be combined toCleaning kitHach Company, which makes the AquaChek Pool& Spa Test Strips, has launched a Dealer StarterKit for its new TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader.Designed to create a convenient all-in-one packfor pool and spa retailers, the Dealer Starter Kitincludes six TruTest Digital Test Strip Readers,six blister-carded bottles of TruTest Pool & SpaTest Strips, a point-of-sale display and a ‘ceilingdangler’ packaged in a single box. Directions areavailable in 15 languages.www.aquachek.comsystems of the required size. As a new service,Solar-Ripp® also offers a pool water temperaturecalculation tool called TCAS.The hourly weather data from7,700 measuring stations provideparameters like global radiation,outside temperature,relative humidity, wind speedand local / / www.solarripp.comSpatex ExhibitorsLeisure Time Spa, Stand L187Consumer-packed spa care UK, Stand L174Spatex sees the launch of Leisurerite UK’s latestspa model, the Venetian. This was launched inAustralasia in the middle of 2007,and its success has resultedin it being includedin the UK range. Itis available in twoformats, the Deluxeand the Entertainer,and seats 6/7 peoplewith two recliners. With a24-hour circulation pump andtwo boost pumps, it is controlledby a Balboa GL2000 system. The Venetianis also equipped with ozone, aromatherapy andan air blower. In addition, the Entertainer versioncomes with a CD/radio, two waterfalls, stainlesssteeljets and an LED light Pool FenceStand U186Pool safety fences.www.piscine-barriere.comLovibond, Stand L122Water testing systems.www.tintometer.comLuxury Living (UK Distribution),Stand U217Hot tubs, saunas, gazebos, garden houses, swimmingpools and garden furniture.www.luxurylivingproducts.comMarine AV, Stand U174Waterproof stereos, iPod interfaces, speakers andtelevisions for swimming pools, spas, bathrooms,saunas and general outdoor use; plus iPod casesthat float and are fully waterproof to a depth of3m.www.marine-audio.comMaster Spas EuropeStand L184Extensive range of hot tubs, with prices from£7000 to £15, (UK), Stand U146Pool dehumidifiers.www.meaco.comMenerga, Stand L154Pool hall heating, dehumidification and, Stand L179Alternative to scuba diving equipment for, Stand U184Insurance, Stand L124Swimming pool covers.www.oase.beOCEA, Stand L146Automatic pool covers.www.ocea.beOriginal Style, Stand U170UK ceramic tile manufacturer.www.originalstyle.comPacemaker Wells, Stand U109Marble pool, Stand L102Testing equipment for pool and spa water.www.palintest.comParagon Pool ServicesStand U200Aqua Gard automatic safety covers and Aqua Topautomatic slatted Pools, Stand L101Increasing its stand size this year, Paramount Poolsis exhibiting a number of new products for 2008.A major highlight is expected to be a new Jacuzzifiltration pump that offers a two-year unconditionalwarranty – even if the pump runs dry. In fact,Paramount intends to display a pump ‘runningdry’ at the show! An indoor heat pump will alsobe shown, which director Steve Martin says is anindustry first, and will help alleviate complaintsfrom neighbours about noisy equipment.Also being shown is a new solar heating systemcalled Poolsolar, which Steve says is easy to install– even for the Tiles, Stand U172Distributor for wall and floor UK, Stand L147Above-ground pools and Extruders, Stand U103Anti-slip matting for poolside and changing UK, Stand U130Distributor of swimming pools and spas, and afull range of related products and accessories.www.plasticapools.comPollet Pool Group, Stand L192Green is the colour for Pollet at this year’s Spatex.First up is the IntelliFlo pump – claimed to be themost advanced and innovative around, reducingenergy consumption by 90% and reckoned todeliver the longest service life of any pump in itsclass. IntelliFlo monitors and controls its operationand senses and adjusts to changing demandsand pool conditions. Another new addition is theMultiCyclone pre-filtration system, winner of thesustainability award at the Barcelona pool show.Meanwhile, Heat Perfector heat pumps use ambientair temperature to heat the pool at a lowercost and are said to be 500% more effective thanconventional electric heaters.Pollet is also including the Fairlocks Vac Head inits 2008 line up.www.ppgeurope.comPool & Spa EnclosuresStand U201Enclosures for pools and spas.www.poolandspaenclosures.comPool & Spa MagazinesStand L142Trade and consumer magazines for the UK pooland spa

14NEW PRODUCTSDigitally-controlledplastic electric heatersPahlén have developed a new series of electricheaters made of plastic with digital control,where the desired pool temperature can easilybe set and the current pool temperature is shownin an LED display. In addition to an overheatingprotection and a flow switch, the heater has abuilt-in contactor, that simplifies the connectionof the heater. The heating element is made of titaniumand the casing of the heater is made ofglassfibre-reinforced polypropylene. The electricheaters are available with outputs of 3, 6, 9, 12and 15kW, and are supplied with union couplingsfor connection to 50mm diameter / info@pahlen.se4Seasons covers upConforming to the NF P90-308 standard, Aquaguardis a soft pool cover made by Technics &Applications that slides on lateral tracks fittedon the pool surround – or below the coping for amore discrete solution. The company claims veryfast operation for the cover – 30 seconds for an8 x 4m pool – and there is an automatic safetylock-out facility. The cover can be built into a drypit, and is suitable for non-standard pool shapesWaterlift lauches the firstwaterlift for everybodyThe launching and commercialisation of the AP-Signature Waterlift represents a reinvention ofthe current systems used for getting into a swimmingpool, and it combines elements of both theconventional ladder, and the complex access systemsfor handicapped people. By combining thebest of both, it is the perfect solution for gettinginto and out of a swimming pool without any effort,both for people with limited mobility as wellas for any user. The company has designed waterliftusing the best technology which makes it easyto use and integrate with the pool surroundings,so as to reduce its visual impact.www.aquatop.bewww.astralpool.comsuch as kidney or oval. The cover winds on to asmall-diameter reel that enables you to install itSpatex ExhibitorsPool Cover InternationalStand L148Pool and spa enclosures in a wide range of, Stand L132Swimming pool safety covers and slatted covers.www.poollock.comPool Pebbles/SofikitisPool-Stone, Stand U213Available under theSwimming Pool-Beadlabel, Pebble Beadis an Australian productthat is hailed asa “major advance inpool finishing technology”.Combiningsmall beads of silica and glass, it is said to providea stunning shimmering effect to the poolwater, particularly in sunlight. The product isavailable in a range of colours. The company hasa team of experienced applicators and is happyto provide a quotation to pool, Stand U113Rubberised pool surround Blue, Stand U139Water analysis and maintenance UK, Stand L106Being a launch venture and seen for the firsttime at Spatex, Procopi UK is featuring a numberof new products across the pool and spa spectrum.Listed highlights include the Procopi PolymerPool system in 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5m heights,designed for rapid assembly; pool fittings incolours such as light blue, dark blue, Caribbeangreen, beige, black and grey to match either theautomatic cover or liner; Mojito hot tub range;Climexel heat pumps; and the Star Vac II electricpool Fluid Controls UKStand L150UV and ozone water treatment systems, electrochlorinationsystems, dosing pumps and tanks,and chemical ChemicalsStand U120Wide range of chemicals for pools and, Stand U229On display at the Riochem stand is the TinyLabhandheld water-testing instrument, which canbe used for all standard testing parameters. Itcan also read chlorine levels up to 50ppm.www.riochem.comRiomay Solar HeatingStand U164Riomay will be showing details of a “groundbreaking”hybrid energy installation combiningsolar thermal technology with ground sourceheating. Thought to be the first commercialinstallation of its kind in the UK, the project isexpected to lead to a number of other innovativeschemes.www.riomay.comSafety Cover SalesStand L145A working example of the Save-T 3 cover will beshown, incorporating the Big Red motor thatwas introduced in 2007. On the stand will alsobe examples of the new track available for 2008.A qualified safety cover engineer will be manningthe stand to discuss any installation queriesor forthcoming projects with Surfaces, Stand L175Safety surfaces for pool surrounds.SCP (UK), Stand L178Distributor of swimming pools and spas, and allassociated products and accessories.www.scppool.comSCS/EEG, Stand U190Seko, Stand U133Chemical dosing pumps.www.seko.comSenlac Stone, Stand U163Stone copings and pool Stone, Stand U163Stone copings and pool Water TechnologiesStand L110Stranco equipment and systems for monitoring,dosing and controlling pool UK, Stand U204Portable hot, Stand L126As stated in the News section, Solar-Ripp will bedistributing its solar heatingproducts through thenew Procopi UK during2008. The new Modulsystem available from thisyear enables installers tocombine different modulesin order to create systems of the requiredsize.www.solarripp.comSolupiscinas, Stand U225Swimming pool heat pumps.www.solupiscinas.comSplash Spas, Stand L185New products and services from Splash Spasinclude the M-Spa, an inflatable spa with fourmassage jets, availability in two colours, and a recommendedretail price of less than £1000. Alsobeing shown is the ecoONE enzyme-based spa watercleaning and sanitising kit with three months’worth of products included.The company isalso announcing a newonline spa chemicalsand accessories mail orderwebsite for dealersto buy a complete rangeof spa products includingfilters, chemicals, cover-lifters, replacementcovers, toys and lights – all with no minimum, Stand U193Above-ground splasher pools.www.splasherpools.comSprayed Concrete ServicesStand U131Sprayed concrete pool shells, pool finishes andstretch ’M High, Stand

DIARYDirt Devil RobotFor the 2008 season, GLI is offering the Dirt DevilCatalyst robot pool cleaner exclusively in Europe.The Catalyst analyses the pool and is reckoned tobe able to clean it completely in three hours. It hasa cleaning rate of 16m 3 /hr and comes with foambrushes suitable for all surfaces, including liner,tiles and polyester shell. The bag, which can filterdown to 5 microns, is claimed to be able to suckup algae. The cable is 15m long, and the Catalystweighs 9.5kg. A two-year guarantee is offered.rmjinternational@wanadoo.frDealer starter kitRMJ International offers a kit that includes a robotand a supporting vacuum-cleaner for this season2008. The PoolSprint cleans a 60 m² pool in threehours. Equipped with a 17 m floating electric-cable,2 very low voltage motors(driving and filtration)without carbon under gyrohousings (24 VDC) for a weightof 8 kgs only, the PoolSprintpresents itself as themost compact and easy touse robot. Its suction power(16m 3 /h) and Dacron filterbag (2 microns) helps in retaining95% of impurities ofthe pool. It combines withthe vacuum cleaner PoolBroom that works withbatteries and adapts to all the telescopic poles. Itis perfect to spot clean the pool, steps and evenyour pool automatic cover tank.www.aquachek.comCobra cleans upfor AquatronAquatron has developed a chlorine generator designedto be installed inside the company’s roboticpool cleaners. Called COBRA (chlorine on-boardremote activation), the system manufactureschlorine directly in theswimming pool while the cleaneris in operation. Aquatron saysthat Cobra is more cost-effectivethan traditionalin-line chlorinatorsinstalled in the circulatingpipework of apool, because it workseven if the pump andfiltration system are / www.aquatron.usHere is Eurospapoolnews’ definitive list ofall the key UK and European pool and spaevents you should have inyour diaries for 2008EGYPT POOL 2008from 01/03/2008 to 03/03/2008 - CAIROinfo@aquathermeg.comwww.aquathermeg.comPROFESSIONAL SPA - UKfrom 02/03/2008 to 04/03/2008 - 2008 - Turkeyfrom 06/03/2008 to 09/03/2008 - ISTANBULinterteks@interteks.comwww.interteks.comPOOL SALON 2008 - Russiafrom 11/03/2008 to 14/03/2008 - MOSCOWaqua-therm@msi-fairs.comwww.poolsalon.infoSpatex ExhibitorsSplasherpools, Stand U193Above-ground splasher pools.www.splasherpools.comSprayed Concrete ServicesStand U131Sprayed concrete pool shells, pool finishes andstretch ’M High, Stand U144www.stackmhigh.comSuntrap Systems, Stand U143The Aqua Spa Lift designed for above-ground poolsand spas will be displayed for the first time inthe UK on the Suntrap Systems stand. Manuallyoperated and battery-assisted, the Spa Lift is certifiedfor a person up to 181kg in weight, and willclear a wall 102cm high. The company will also beshowing the manual EZ Pool Lift for commercialand home installation. Finally comes the AquaPortable Pro Lift, which is fully automatic and isoperated by waterproof remote control to lowerthe disabled user steadily into the pool. This unitalso has a lifting capacity of 181kg. Also on showis the Suitmate swimwear dryer, designed to remove95% of water from a swimsuit in less thanten seconds, without using any Pool NewsStand U123Monthly magazine for the UK pool and spa Lining SolutionsStand U188Technical Lining Solutions will be exhibiting theFlag pool membrane for the first time at Spatex08. This enables them to offer an on-site weldedliner service by Flag-trained technicians. Themembrane can be welded to any shape of swimmingpool – both commercial and domestic – andcomes in a wide range of colours and Mosaic CompanyStand U115Wide range of mosaic tiles for pool and spa, Stand U111A new range of heatpumps has joined theThermalec portfolio ofswimming pool and spaheating products. Rangingin power from 4.5to 60kW, they are saidto be suitable for poolsof 20 to 150m 3 . Thecompany says its heatpump is built to thesame high standardsthat characterise its pool heater WaterChemistry, Stand U122Chemical controllers, UV systems and chemicaldosing for pools and, Stand U107The one-piece composite self-cleaning pool fromCompass – claimed to be the only self-cleaningpool in the UK – will be shown at the Unipoolsstand. New for 2008 from Unipools is an evenmore comprehensive range of repair productsfor pipework and pools as well as pressure-testingand leak tracing equipment, and crack andskimmer repair systems for concrete pools. Asusual, a range of impactful product demos willtake place on the stand.www.unipools.comWaterco Europe, Stand L170Highlight of the Waterco stand is the MultiCyclonecentrifugal filter...Read our article on page 13www.waterco.euWatertronics EnvironmentalServices, Stand U147Chemical treatment, lighting, and pool and spacontrols.Waxman CeramicsStand U183Distributor of tiles and mosaic, Stand L166Coping stones, paving, balustrades and Romancolumns.www.weser.frZodiac Pool Care EuropeStand L135The PSA heating and dehumidification systemswill be on the Zodiac stand, along with Baracudaand Polaris automatic swimming pool cleaners,Clearwater automatic water treatment systemsand the new-look pH perfect. www.zodiac.comIf you are launching brand-new products orservices at Spatex, and they have not been featuredabove, please email details to, and we will do our bestto include them in our online post-Spatex reviewon the website.INTERBASS 2008 - Russiafrom 20/03/2008 to 23/03/2008 - MOSCOWiny@mvk.ruwww.interbass.ruMEPOOL - U.A.E.from 14/04/2008 to 16/04/2008 - 2008 - Spainfrom 16/04/2008 to 19/04/2008 - MALAGAinfo@fycma.comwww.jardinova.esGARDENERS’ WORLD LIVE - UKfrom 11/06/2008 to 15/06/2008 - BIRMINGHAMwww.gleebirmingham.comSPASH POOL AND SPA TRADESHOW - Australiafrom 30/07/2008 to 31/07/2008 - GOLD - UKfrom 21/09/2008 to 23/09/2008 - BIRMINGHAMglee@emap.comwww.gleebirmingham.comLIW - UKfrom 23/09/2008 to 25/09/2008 - 2008 - Germanyfrom 15/10/2008 to 18/10/2008 - STUTTGARTfrank.roeder@messe-stuttgart.dewww.interbad.dePISCINE 2008 - FranceAQUALIE - WELLGREENfrom 18/11/2008 to 21/11/2008 - LYONpiscine2006@sepelcom.comwww.piscine-expo.comINTERNATIONAL POOL, SPA,PATIO EXPO - USAfrom 18/11/2008 to 20/11/2008 - LAS VEGAShelp@poolandspaexpo.comwww.poolandspaexpo.comSPLASH 2008 - Quebecfrom 20/11/2008 to 21/11/2008 - cannot take responsibility for theaccuracy of the information in this Diary. Visitors areurged to check all details of exhibitions with therespective organisers in case event dates have beenaltered or an event postponed/cancelled.

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