Personnel Check-List for Food Premises Managers
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Personnel Check-List for Food Premises Managers

Personnel Check-List for Food PremisesManagersAs a supervisor/manager, it is your responsibility to ensure thatpersonnel under your direction undertake their food handling tasks in acompetent and responsible manner. This is important in ensuring ahigh standard of food hygiene and preventing incidences of foodpoisoning.100% recycledaustralian made paperThe following check-list is to help you monitor your staff and thereby take appropriate correctivemeasures as may be necessary. It is suggested to observe each employee and check-off theirpresentation and behaviour on the list below:1. Body Cleanlinessa. Is the employee free of body odours?b. Does the employee have a well-groomed appearance?c. Are the employee’s fingernails short and clean?d. Is the employee’s hair tied back & clean?2. Uniforms/Clothinga. Is the employee’s clothing clean?b. Is the employee wearing accessories which could contaminate the food? i.e. rings,jewellery.c. Is the employee wearing protective clothing (apron \ coat) to prevent street clothescontacting food appliances?3. Personal Habitsa. Observe the employee’s hand habitsDoes he/she persistently: scratch or finger pimples or other skin irritations? touch mouth, nose or ears (earrings)? rub hands through hair?b. Does the employee cough or sneeze into hands:web >> >> 4727 9000

c. Does the employee smoke in unauthorised areas (Preparation, kitchen or storageareas)?d. Does the employee use a wipe-down rag, apron or tea-towel for wiping hands orface?4. HandwashingDoes the employee wash hands at the proper facility (handwash basin): before commencing work? after visiting the toilet? after coughing or sneezing? after handling one food item and before proceeding to the next? after handling refuse? after a cleaning operation? after smoking (in a permitted area)?5. Healtha. Does the employee have any infected cuts, boils or burns?b. Is the employee suffering from a respiratory infection?c. Is the employee suffering from any other contagious illness of which you areaware?d. Is the employee ill? Should they be permitted to handle food?6. Food Handlinga. Does the employee unduly handle food items with the hands, without usingappropriate utensils?b. Does the food handler handle crockery, cutlery and other utensils and containers,correctly?c. Does the food handler use disposable gloves correctly?7. Other ObservationsWhere problems occur, discuss them with the employee. It may simply mean drawing the matterto the staff member’s attention - or it may require a training programme. Obviously, if theemployee is unco-operative, more drastic action may be required. The risks are too high to allowinappropriate personal hygiene or food handling to continue.2

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