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Maja with husband,EDM Rob Starner.Maja with her parents, Jozef and Eugenia Baluczynski.Maja with her first promoted ERVP, Angie at 4 a.m. and I kept on sleeping; when he had to go to work and I gotto go to the gym; when I got to go on our children’s field trips and schoolevents, and he had to go to work; when I got to go to the Mexican Rivieracourtesy of Arbonne, and he had to go to work; when I got that beautifulMercedes-Benz and he got to drive me around in it!I love looking back on my win-loss columns. What did I give up? What didI get? Well, I used to jog to combat stress; now I jog to clear my mind andlisten to motivational tapes. I used to put on pantihose, heels and a suit, thensit in traffic all the way to the office. Now, my trip to the office takes about30 seconds, and I often show up in my pajamas. I used to bribe a friend toaccompany my children on field trips, now I am there with my children atschool events. I used to frantically search for babysitters when school was notin session, now I take those days off and enjoy my kids. I used to have myboss tell me when to work and with whom, now I work when and with whomI choose. Now, I schedule business meetings and vacations around my familypriorities. Now my vacations are paid for by Arbonne! And my car? Itraded my company car for a Mercedes-Benz, and this one is in my name!Get it? For all who do, I offer some of my sagest advice about our business.First, follow the Arbonne business-building system consistently and persistently.The secret to your success is consistent, persistent activity! Do not letfear of failure hold you back. Realize that if you do nothing, you havealready failed.Second, speak words of passion, not poison. Passion arises from deep convictionand steadfast hope. When you have a deep conviction that our pure,safe, beneficial products truly offer people a healthier life, and you have aconfident expectation that our generous compensation plan truly offers peoplea better lifestyle, your passion will help others “get it.”Words of poison arise from insecurity and jealousy, so give credit wherecredit is due. Always speak well of your upline. They brought this gift to youand blazed the trail. They may not be everything you want them to be, butresist the misguided temptation to blame them for your lack of activity.success strategy:Remember, what you sow, you will also reap. And you certainly do not wantto have a team of people who do nothing but complain and blame you fortheir inactivity. Speak well of your SuccessLine. Encouragement is nourishing;ridicule is life threatening. Speaking with passion will help others get it;speaking with poison will make others want to get you.Third, think in entrepreneurial time. In the beginning, you likely will work alot of hours you will not get paid for, but down the road you likely will bepaid handsomely for a lot of hours you do not work. So, be patient. Workdiligently and be patient. And, by all means, do not quit before payday!Fourth, sacrifice short-term pleasures for a potentially long-term improvementin your financial future. Be willing to reschedule a few things, miss yourfavorite television show, golf tee time, party, or watching a game.Finally, model servant leadership. Leaders are successful only to the extentthe individuals they sponsor become personally successful in building teamsof their own. Those who catch the vision of making others successful ultimatelyfind success for themselves. This is why the top of Arbonne’s “corporatemountain” is not a pointy peak, selfishly guarded by a solitary mogulwho overpowered all competitors; it is, on the contrary, an ever-expandingplateau filled with people doing everything in their power to help more peopleshare the view. And what a view it is!Now, there is one thing you will not find in Arbonne: A self-made successstory. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to our entire Arbonne family, includingthe Executive Team, Home Office staff, and my SuccessLine. Below are someindividuals who deserve special mention:To ERVP Angie Wiley: Thank you for being tenderhearted toward peopleand tenacious about this opportunity. I am so honored to have you as myfriend and business partner.continued ...Maja with RVPRebekah Hay.Persistent effort properlyapplied will build your“character and your career.”

RVP Shelley Wehner, ERVP Angie Wiley, RVP Jean Taylor and EAM Marla McKan.To RVP Shelley Wehner: Having three children in diapers and living on avery limited income, you have shown us that the people who think they cannotafford the time or money for the Arbonne opportunity are precisely thosewho can’t afford not to do this business!To RVP Rebekah Hay: At age 21, you have a mind-boggling future! You areon track to be one of the youngest NVPs in the history of Arbonne.To RVP Jean Taylor: Your hard work and determination helped you build anamazing team quickly. When you told me, “I will be an RVP if I have to standon street corners to do it,” you meant it!To soon-to-be Mercedes-Benz drivers, AMs, Christina McGough, TeresaHicks, Gay Lynn Robinson, Lori Eye, Erin Leonarduzzi, Marla McKan, JudiHay, Deanna Viebrock, Crystal Richardson, Jill Peterson, Susan Gibson,Theresa Hughlett, Amanda Wehner, Amanda Henson, Sandra Peters,Debbie Garrison and Kathy Foresee: You understand the meaning of residualincome. Focus on what you want to achieve, adopt a no-matter-what attitudeand you will be in your Mercedes-Benz before you know it!To all DMs and Consultants: You are the heart and soul of this organization.I am so glad you see the vision of what Arbonne can do for youand your families. I pray you will be as blessed as I have been on thisjourney. Congratulations!To all of you who purchase our pure, safe, beneficial products out of concernfor your family’s health and wellness: Thank you. You are Arbonne’s“raison d’être.”To my friend and sponsor, ENVP Linda Loveless, my “merchant of hope”:Your success erased all doubt I could achieve my wildest dreams. Thank youagain for flying my parents from Poland for my Mercedes-Benz car presentation.It was the most awesome surprise of my life!Maja with members of the team at NTC 2006 St. Louis.The Maja Starner Nation at ENVP Valerie Edward’s training in Paola, Kansas.To my parents: Thank you for instilling in me a strong work ethic and a beliefI can do anything with hard work and God’s strength. By helping countlesspeople, even when you did not have enough for yourselves, you taught me itis more blessed to give than to receive.To my mother-in-law, Carmella Starner: Thank you for being our constanthelp. You have liberally and unselfishly given us emotional, financial, domesticand spiritual support. We simply could not have done it without you.To my precious, dearly-loved children and the greatest joys in my life, Kali andKaleb: Thank you for your love and laughter. I hope you now see that smallsacrifices pay off in big ways! Being willing to delay gratification will makeyou successful in whatever you decide to do in your life.To my love, my friend and my business partner — my husband, Rob: When itcomes to interpersonal relationships, you “wrote the book.” Thank you foradding relationship cement to our Arbonne team and for using your “gift forgadgetry” to help our team with everything from powerful presentations to picture-takingto purchasing petunias for recognitions (sorry, “roses” does notbegin with the letter “p!”)Finally, I want to thank God, from Whom all blessings flow. I am thankful forHis love, forgiveness and a fountain of blessings that never runs dry.Properly understood, the watchword, “Great things come from small beginnings”encourages persistence, even when progress is negligible. But themotto might also suggest that great things spring automatically, indeed almostmagically, from small beginnings. Although this is a “consummation devoutlyto be wished,” it is nothing more than a pipedream. In the real world, greatthings come from small beginnings, if we do not allow the inevitable obstaclesto blind us to the success that will come from properly-applied, persistenteffort. Unwavering persistence increases your potential to grow your businessto sequoia size; but fixating on the fantasy that your business will flourish withoutwork almost certainly will wither it at the roots. The gift of Arbonne is aseed. It is up to you to water it!Maja with members of her Nation.The in this story reflect the actual of an are only, and may be atypical.NEW EXECUTIVE NATIONAL NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.VICE PRESIDENTEYE ON ARBONNE | OCTOBER 2006

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