december - Grand Encampment, Knights Templar
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december - Grand Encampment, Knights Templar

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VOLUME LVIII DECEMBER 2012 NUMBER 12Published monthly as an official publication of theGrand Encampment of Knights Templarof the United States of America.ContentsDavid Dixon GoodwinGrand MasterGrand Master’s MessageGrand Master David Dixon Goodwin................ 4Report on the Grand Encampment New Year’sResolutions for 2012Grand Master David Dixon Goodwin................ 5Knights Templar Cross of Honor Recipients.... 10Christmas!Reverend Sir Knight Donald Kerr.................... 12Saluting Our Grand Commanders.................. 13Sir Knight T. Michael “Mike” Fegan,South Central Department Commander......... 22The Liverpool Masonic Rebellionand the Grand Lodge of WiganDr. David Harrison......................................... 23Christmas Toast to the Grand Master............. 28Social Media: A Commandery DilemmaSir Knight Michael Blair................................. 302013 Easter Observances............................... 32FeaturesPrelate’s Chapel ..........................................................6A Chat With The Managing Editor...............................8The Knights Templar Eye Foundation..................16, 26Letters to the Editor...................................................17Grand Commandery Supplement..............................18In Memoriam.............................................................31Beauceant News........................................................33Knights at the Bookshelf............................................34Jeffrey N. NelsonGrand Generalissimo and Publisher3112 Tyler ParkwayBismarck, ND 58503-0192Address changes or correctionsand all membership activityincluding deaths should be reportedto the Recorder of thelocal Commandery. Please donot report them to the editor.John L. PalmerManaging EditorPost Office Box 566Nolensville, TN 37135-0566Phone: (615) 283-8477Fax: (615) 283-8476E-mail: ktmagazine@comcast.netMagazine materials and correspondenceto the editor should be sent in electronicform to the managing editor whosecontact information is shown above.Materials and correspondence concerningthe Grand Commandery state supplementsshould be sent to the respectivesupplement editor.Lawrence E. TuckerGrand RecorderGrand Encampment Office5909 West Loop South, Suite 495Bellaire, TX 77401-2402Phone: (713) 349-8700Fax: (713) 349-8710E-mail: larry@gektusa.orgCover photo of the Madonna withChild in a church in Seville, Spaintaken by the editor.Grand Encampment Web Site: http://www.knightstemplar.orgknight templar3

Grand Master’s MessageIt is hard to believe that 2012 isquickly coming to a close. The airis cold, the trees are bare, andour fall series of Department Conferencesare history.We are very pleased with the conferences.They have been well attended by the officersof the Grand Commanderies as well asby many Sir Knights. We believe that muchvaluable information has been shared thatwill result in improvements in our Commanderies.We have also had the opportunity toshare ideas and concerns with our GrandCommandery officers. This provides a greatforum for communication in both directions.We look forward to resuming the conferencesin the spring.As December is here, our thoughts naturallyturn toward Christmas. The Christmas season brings us to the love of family andfriends as well as a time of sharing gifts, just as was done by the Magi with Jesus.This time of good cheer should be enjoyed by all, but we must remember why wecelebrate the season to begin with. As Christians we must believe that Christ cameto save us from sin, display God’s character to us, and show us the way to God andto eternal life. This is the message of Christmas that we must share, preserve, andtransmit to our successors.We urge you to read the message of the Right Eminent Grand Prelate, the “Toastto the Grand Master” from the Committee on Religious Activities, and my responsefor some additional views of the Christmas holidays.We encourage each Commandery to participate in a Templar Christmas Observanceand hope that as many Sir Knights and their families as possible share the joyof the season together.The officers and ladies of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar join with mylady, Marci, and me in wishing you a Blessed and Merry Christmas!Courteously,David Dixon Goodwin, GCT4Grand Masterdecember 2012

Report on the Grand Encampment New Year’s Resolutions for 2012In the January 2012 magazine, Grand Master Koon listed the “New Year’s Resolutionsfor 2012.” I am pleased to make the following report:Make Templary the most prestigious order that one may petition. This resolutionhas become the vision of our order along with our theme of “Chivalry, Christianity,Templary….a way of life.” By practicing what we preach, by sharing Christian brotherhoodand true caring for our Sir Knights, and by including our faith and our familiesin our activities, we are confident that we are well on the road to achieving this goal.Continue expanding this prestigious order. At the 65 th Triennial Conclave we grantedcharters for the Grand Commanderies of Hawaii, Panama, and Croatia. We alsochartered three subordinate Commanderies in Brazil that had been operating underdispensation. We are meeting this goal.Execute the 65 th Triennial Conclave in a prestigious manner. Anyone who attendedthe Triennial Conclave will agree that Grand Master Koon achieved this goal. The sessionwas well organized, well run, enjoyable, and very successful. We congratulateGrand Master Koon and the 65 th Triennial Committee for a job well done.Membership stabilization during the 66 th triennium. The department conferences thisseason have provided good information on membership as well as the more importantskills of leadership. We will have to wait for the outcome, but we are greatly encouraged.Increase the visibility of the order. Again, our conferences have included importantinformation on public relations, community service, charities, and visibility withinand without the fraternity. We believe that we are on the right track for success.Improve the quality of the ritualistic work. Our conferences always include someinformation on ritual. We believe that good ritual makes a good first impressionupon our new Sir Knights. We believe that the ritual is the glue that binds us togetheras Christian Masonic Brothers. We believe that the ritual tells exactly who we areas Christian Freemasons. As we travel around the jurisdictions we find that our SirKnights believe in ritual and are working diligently to make it better all the time.As 2012 comes to a close and as the 65 th triennium has already closed, the officersof the Grand Encampment are pleased with the progress that has been made.It is not a “my” program but has always been an “our” program. Yes, we will makechanges as necessary, but our basic vision and goals will not change. We will onlystrive harder to find new ways to be successful.We invite you to see our new set of New Year’s resolutions in the January magazine.Courteously,David Dixon Goodwin, GCTGrand MasterThe future is ours! We must seize the moment!Every Christian Mason should be a Knight Templar.knight templar5

Prelate’sChapelbyRev. William D. Hartman, Right Eminent GrandPrelate of the Grand EncampmentIO SATURNALIA! So Romans greetedeach other two millennia ago. They celebratedthe Feast of Saturnalia (honoring the ancientRoman god, Saturn), which originally began onDecember 17 th and lasted for a week. It correspondedwith the time of the winter solsticeand involved partying, a holiday time of feasting,and gift giving.MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today we follow the pattern of ancient Rome with aholiday celebration of the birth of Jesus. While there is no confirmed date for Jesus’birth, ancient Christian scholars linked it with the winter solstice also, and with thegrowth of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, Jesus’ birthday was centeredon December 25 th . Because of the calendar modifications from the Julian to theGregorian, dates were “jumped.” Many of the Eastern Churches followed the Juliancalendar, which is thirteen days different from the newer Gregorian one (which wefollow today). Over the world in our day, Christmas is celebrated at different times.To me, it is not the date that is important. It is the gift that was given. While theancient Romans, like the modern Christians, practiced gift giving, we do so as a remembranceand a like celebration of the one gift given to us by God - the gift of HisSon. “For God so loved (us) that He gave His only-begotten Son ...,” who was borninto our world, lived, and died as we do, so that the price of sin would be paid, and inHis resurrection from the dead, so that we would be redeemed to live forever in ourFather’s house. Jesus said, “Because I live, you too shall live.” It was the gift of ourHeavenly Father, “wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger,” that bringslight into our darkness, life into our death, and eternal life in our Father’s house.“How silently, how silently the wondrous gift is given.So God imparts to human hearts the blessings of his heaven.No ear may hear his coming, but in this world of sin,Where meek souls will receive him still,The dear Christ enters in.” - Phillips Brooks -6 december 2012

We publish letters and articles from a variety of sources and points of view.The opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect the opinionsor policy of the Grand Encampment, the Knight Templar magazine, orthe Editorial Review Board.Subscriptions to the KnightTemplar magazine are availablefrom the Grand Encampment officeat a rate of $15.00 per year.Individual issues in quantitiesof less than 10 can be obtainedfor $1.50 each from the office ofthe managing editor if available.Inquire via e-mail to the managingeditor for quantities inexcess of 10. Some past issuesare archived on our web site. templar7

A Chat With The Managing EditorIw as once on the forefront of a technological revolution. It was the one beforethe internet. The second computer I ever used, I built. I tell you this becauseI don’t see myself as a Luddite. If you don’t know what a Luddite is, then youmay be one. Sir Knight Blair’s article on page thirty set me to thinking. Technologychanges the way we act. When I began my work life at the phone company in 1973,I talked on the phone a lot. I had hundreds of telephone numbers memorized. Mostof the people I knew in the work force were “phone friends” whom I had never metface to face.When we introduced e-mail, all that changed. My primary means of communicationis now e-mail, and talking on the phone feels like a waste of time to me. I don’twant it to feel that way. It just happened. Luckily, it didn’t diminish the time I spendface to face with other people. I still go to church, go to lodge, and even dine out andhave a cigar with my friends from time to time, although the government won’t letme do both at the same time anymore.Some of my Masonic friends are young guys, and this brings me finally to thepoint. These are good guys, nice young men with their heads screwed on right, andI like them. The problem is that all this fiddling around with their smart phonesthat they do when we are together interferes with my communication with them.It’s interesting how a communications device can impede communications. I guessthat whoever is on the other end of the pager is much more interesting than I am,and I am certainly not one to demand someone’s full attention, at least not on asocial occasion.I am sure that all this texting, tweeting, Facebooking, and Linkedining is really thewave of the future. I just hope it doesn’t become the only way we communicate. Istill really enjoy looking someone in the eye when I am listening to them.P.S. If you really want to contact me - use e-mail, or better yet, let’s go somewherewhere we can have a good cigar.P.P.S. Merry Christmas from John, Glenda, and Precious the cat.John L. PalmerManaging Editor8 december 2012

.knight templarknight templarTO ORDERCall toll-free at 1-800-426-5225 or35visit 5 9

MINNESOTAZeb Joseph DudekDamascus No. 1MISSISSIPPIWilliam Richard WoodAmory No. 36MISSOURIMatthew Lee QuesenberryPalestine No. 17MONTANAHap E. PiperCyrene No. 10NEBRASKALawrence L. MorrisMt. Nebo No. 11NEVADARoss W. PriceE.C. Peterson No. 8NEW JERSEYRichard Allen HammillTrinity No. 17NEW MEXICOJohn WolfRio Hondo No. 6NEW YORKDouglas Sigfried HarrisonTonawanda No. 78NORTH CAROLINACharles E. PontonPlantagenet No. 1NORTH DAKOTARaymond M. HornungAuvergne No. 2knight templarOHIOBenny Morris MoxleySteubenville No. 11Hamilton No. 41Ronald Edward McGonigalPalestine No. 33Bobby G. GeorgeHamilton No. 41OKLAHOMAJames Nicholas RossiCapital Hill No. 53OREGONRalph G. WintersColumbia No. 26PENNSYLVANIAGene C. BowerReading No. 9Gerald David WagnerBaldwin II No. 22PHILIPPINESRodel Riezl S. ReyesRajah No. 20ROMANIAGheorghe Popescu-MehedintiMircea Cel Bātrán No. 2SOUTH CAROLINAGeorge Barry Newberry, Jr.Delphi No. 8SOUTH DAKOTAShawn Jacob SmithSchrader No. 9TENNESSEELeonard Bruce Paslay, Jr.Park Avenue No. 31TEXASCarl Eugene StarkeyKenedy No. 61John Albert KleinfelderMelrose No. 109Buford John YoungSouthside No. 83UTAHJason Allan MitchellUtah No. 1VERMONTNicholas David RubyKillington No. 6VIRGINIABenjamin Franklin HillPortsmouth No. 5WASHINGTONMichael Duane HollandCataract No. 3WEST VIRGINIACharles Ray “Sam” KrafftSt. John’s No. 8Harold Eugene VitalieWheeling No. 1WISCONSINMark K. NelsonJanesville No. 2WYOMINGPeter M. LindahlImmanuel No. 311

Christmas!ByReverend Sir Knight Donald KerrFamilies prepare for Christmasin many different ways.One family of whom I’veheard uses large plywoodletters that are illuminatedby lights on the roof oftheir house. The letters spell, “NOEL.”As it often happens in the rush of things,time was running out in trying to get thesign up on the roof. Near to the last day,the father was sure he would get thejob done. It was a cold and blustery day,and the plywood letters were big andawkward. Fighting the wind and tryingto get the letters in place, the father upon the roof yelled down, “All right, it’sready. Turn on the lights.” Everyone wasexcited and ran out to see the lights onthe roof. Surprise! Instead of the lettersspelling “NOEL,” the lights on the roofspelled, “LEON.”What a shock after all that work! Suddenly“NOEL” became “LEON.” It’s easyat Christmas to get things mixed up.We know what Christmas is supposedto mean, but it’s easy to become embroiledwith ribbons and tinsel and lightsand presents so that at times we forgetthat Christmas means pure love andhope and cheer and peace and goodwill.We need this season of activity, andwe enjoy it. This is a time when we needto hear the angels sing and to reflect onGod’s love for us. Christmas tells us thatthe Savior of the world has been bornin Jesus Christ. All of us at times getdepressed. Christmas comes to lift ourspirits out of the doldrums and to set usbefore the wonder of that eternal mystery.That’s why we sing, “Noel! Noel!the Lord is with us.”So, may it be a merry Christmas toone and all and also a happy Hanukkah!The Reverend Sir Knight Donald C. Kerr, amember of Beauseant Commandery No. 8,Baltimore, MD, is Pastor-emeritus of theRoland Park Presbyterian Church in Baltimore.He resides at 700 John Ringling Boulevard,Apt. E202, Sarasota, FL 34236-1586.12 december 2012

SalutingOur Grand CommandersCongratulations are extended from our Most Eminent Grand Master, David Dixon Goodwin, and thegrand officers of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America to the newlyelected Grand Commanders of the Grand Commanderies under their jurisdiction.The Grand Commanders, whose pictures appear on these pages, will be the guiding hands on the tillerof the ship of Templary, navigating their vessel faithfully through the uncharted waters ahead.Ronald L. Thomas Lee Seagondollar Robert C Richards Tom LilesALABAMA ALASKA ARIZONAARKANSASBud RamseyCALIFORNIADavid L. ReynoldsCOLORADOCharles D. O’NeillCONNECTICUTBojan SoberCROATIAJohn D. HiottDELEWARETeko A. FolyA. J. LaRoseJohnie M. GarmonDISTRICT OF COLUMBIA FLORIDA GEORGIAAnthony G. SuchIDAHOWilliam E. JegenILLINOISBobby J. RobertsINDIANAGreg AndersonIOWAknight templar13

Gilberto BonaccorsoITALYW. Ronald McKenzieKANSASBobby CrittendonKENTUCKYWilliam J. MollereLOUISIANABrian MessingMAINEFred SpicerMARYLANDVincent J. FaraciMASS/R ICortland C. RuleMICHIGANClifford H. IsleyMINNESOTAWilliam “Billy Joe” SmithMISSISSIPPIRichard L. MansfieldMISSOURIRoger E. CathelMONTANADonald E. RifeNEBRASKAPaul E. LunsfordNEVADAJohn S. GeasNEW HAMPSHIREDouglas R. PolicastroNEW JERSEYDanny R. CallowayNEW MEXICODonald J. BerryNEW YORKJoel Alexander Black, Jr.NORTH CAROLINAEd Samuelson, Jr.NORTH DAKOTA14 december 2012

Richard J. BradyOHIOMark CritchfieldOKLAHOMAStanley C. MillerOREGONWilmer E. HallPENNSYLVANIARomeo S. MusngiPHILIPPINESOlívio DiasPORTUGALDoug AmyxSOUTH CAROLINAGeorge E. BauderSOUTH DAKOTAJames E. HarberTENNESSEEH. David Moore Dean D. ReinTEXASUTAHDouglas K. BoardmanVERMONTWilliam Thomas HargroveVIRGINIAPeter L. DawsonWASHINGTONGregory H. DotsonWEST VIRGINIADavid R. SchreierWISCONSINMark D. WellsWYOMINGNo photos were received from thejurisdictions of Hawaii, Panama,Romania, or Togo.knight templar15

Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.1033 Long Prairie Road, Suite 5Flower Mound, TX 75022-4230Phone (214) 888-0220Fax (214) 888-0230.We are just a few weeks away fromChristmas; our homes are filled with thesounds and joys this most holy of seasonsbrings. You sense it in the air, see it on thefaces of those you meet, and feel it in theembrace of friends and loved ones. Thereis something profoundly different thatseems to be rekindled in our hearts, and the world becomes, if only for a short period,a much kinder and better place. We prepare to celebrate the birth of the ChristChild; some two thousand years ago, hope was given to man.This hope sustains us even today. We see it measured in our faith, in the hope wehave for our children, and in our expectations of the future. Have you consideredthat you and I can be the source of hope for others who are less fortunate than us?Each of us, according to our own ability, has it within us to impact the lives of others.We should never underestimate the power of a simple act of kindness.I would like to ask you to consider doing something special this Christmas. OnChristmas morning would you take just a moment to think about our charity andsend in a small donation in honor of the Child of Bethlehem? Why on Christmasmorning? Well, simply put, that is when we received the greatest gift ever given toman and what better time for us as Knights Templar to give to others. In a futurearticle I will share with you the results of this special appeal. Would you on yourcheck reference the Child of Bethlehem so we will know to include your donation inour count?It is my hope you and your families have the most joyous Christmas ever, thatyour homes are filled with Love, and that the Mercy of God is showered upon you inall His abundance. This Christmas morning, as I am sitting in my chair with my dog,Bear, lying at my feet writing my check for the Knight Templar Eye Foundation, I praythat you will join me in this simple act of kindness and provide hope to others.Terry L. Plemons, KGC16 december 2012

Dear Editor,Letters to the EditorThat is an inspiring sermon by ReverendSir Knight Frederick A. Shade in theMarch 2012 issue. The last paragraphcites Isaiah 49:2 concerning “a swordissuing or held in the mouth.” That remindedme of an allegorical emblemused by Albert Pike in an obscure textof his, the Sepher ha-Sallam. In that volume,which can be found on the web,three versions of the image which is attachedare given. This one is the most lucid,and I am sending it as corroborationfor Reverend Sir Knight Shade’s theme ofarmor, literal and figurative.The different appendant bodies, includingBlue Lodge, are all related andspring from a common source.Sincerely,Brian R. HigginsI found the recent review of the bookCommercial Providence: The Secret Destinyof the American Empire, authoredby Patrick Mendis and reviewed by SirKnight Douglas M. Rowe to be an intriguingstudy; so much so that I haveasked our local library to find a copy forme if possible. I suspect this will proveto be rather an obscure title, and if SirKnight Rowe’s review is anywhere nearaccurate, I would not likely consider it aworthwhile investment. However I am abit puzzled by the Sir Knight’s objectionto a repeated reference to AlexanderHamilton as the First Secretary of theTreasury inasmuch as Hamilton was thefirst person to fill that post. It may bethe word “First” should not have beencapitalized, thus suggesting there was aSecond, Third, or Fourth Secretary, etc.Respectfully,Sir Knight Leonard D. GarneauBrother John;knight templarSorry I am a little late in my responseregarding the February 2012 issue ofyour letters about “Were the SymbolicLodges ever Christian in nature?” AlbertMackey’s Encyclopedia talks aboutMasons in the past have always tried toChristianize our Blue Lodge Masonry. Iremember the first time my sister visiteda lodge, she remarked that we must beChristian because we had the Holy Bibleon the altar.In Jeremy Cross’ 1859 Masonic ChartContinued on page 20.17

General SupplementThe space on these two pages is provided by the Knight Templar magazineto be used by the Grand Commanderies to communicate with the individualSir Knights in their jurisdictions on a monthly basis. From timeto time and for various reasons, we fail to receive any material from theeditor of the state supplement for a given month. When this happens,we take the opportunity to offer you the information below. – The Ed.Gibraltar guarding the Mediterranean Sea.Photo by the editor.18 december 2012

Morocco also guarding the MediterraneanSea. Photo by the editor.knight templar19

Continued from page, page 41, in the Master’s Degree Iquote, “Then let us imitate the Christianin his virtuous and amiable conduct…”The 1875 J. Miller “Our Father Lord’sPrayer” poster with all the Masonic symbols,a figure of Charity is missing, but ifyou look under the all seeing eye, thereis a picture of the good Samaritan.Ronayne’s Handbook of Freemasonry(1943) page 50 states, “Now all this beingthe case, is it not strangely inconsistentand even wicked on the part of theMasonic Fraternity to exclude from theirmembership…” He goes on to explainthat Masonry should be made known toall and writes everything about it in detail.A past master of my Lodge told meonce, “Jack, some Masons are so persnicketyand contrary to everything Masonryteaches us.”Jack N. Barricklo, PCSir Knight Jack,For all those who would “expose” ortry to expose Freemasonry, I would suggestthat it is like casting pearls beforeswine. You can’t read yourself into becominga Freemason, and a dues carddoesn’t make you one. Becoming aFreemason is experiential in nature, andthere are no shortcuts. That’s why somanyof our members never really getthere, including those who would try to“expose” us.The Ed.Letters to the EditorSir Knight Russell Howell, Jr. lamentsthat “my fellow Sir Knights are complainingabout ‘too much Christianity’” in letterssent to the Editor of our magazine.He does so after acknowledging that hethoroughly enjoys the magazine, “especiallythose showing the antiquities ofour order.”While the “antiquities of our order”only go back to the 1700s, it is true thatour order is based upon a religious orderof the Roman Catholic Church at atime when the Roman or Latin Churchwas the Church in the West. Our philosophicalpredecessors were, of course,monks who had taken the usual vows ofa Catholic religious order. [The websiteof the Grand Encampment describes theKnight Templar as “layman,” which is totallyfalse].Sir Knight Howell departs from the pathwhen he describes “our order” as an “obviouslyChristian organization,” however. First,there are three chivalric orders, which havebeen controlled by the Grand Encampmentsince the 19 th century. The Grand Encampmentis not itself “an order.” “Knight Templar”is actually a grade controlled by theGrand Encampment.The Grand Encampment of KnightsTemplar of the United States of Americaitself is not a “Christian organization.”It is a Masonic organization. Itis unique as a Masonic organization inthat it is uniformed.The Grand Encampment website assertsthat an applicant for membershipmust profess a belief in the “ChristianReligion.” That is problematic. There isno such thing as a “Christian Religion,”any more than there is a single Muslim20 december 2012

eligion or a single Buddhist or a singleJewish “religion.” There is Christianity,Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism, each ofwhich has followers who observe differentpractices and enjoy a divergent theologicalviewpoint.The problem that many of us havewith Knight Templar Magazine is thatmagazine does not reflect the very diversenature of the community of Christians.Even the Grand Encampmentwebsite acknowledges that “The KnightsTemplar is a Christian-oriented fraternalorganization.” That does not mean Coptic,Eastern, Orthodox, Roman, or Protestant,Christian-oriented.The voices within Knight Templarywhich would have us “sharpen ourswords” appear to believe in a “smalltent” Christianity. Those voices have beenon the ascendancy in recent years. In myview, that is contrary to the best interestsof our Christian-oriented Masonic organization.It is also not Christian, which is a“large tent” religion. As to all that swordsharpening, I wonder what the Prince ofPeace would say about that?Respectfully,Sir Knight Joseph F. Connolly, IIWe received this feedback from theweb site stating that he liked the storiesabout uniforms and regalia but we shouldimprove in our honesty and integrity:“I know it’s been a long time sincethe unpleasantness with the Catholicchurch, but don’t you think it’s abouttime to come clean and admit thatmaybe some of your Knights were aknight templarbit “OFF” and maybe did a few nastythings with a sheep or two???? I’mnot suggesting they were ALL bad butyou know how one bad apple ruins therest... after all these years I think youcould at least think about it....hummmnnwhat say you???”David L. MeissnerDavid,First, I need to point out that there is noevidence of a direct connection betweenthe ancient Knights Templar and the modernMasonic Order of Knights Templarother than perhaps a shared set of espousedvalues. We aspire to take the goodexamples of those who have gone beforeus and avoid repeating any shortcomingsthey might have had.I can see no benefit to us in trying to rakeup evidence of wrongdoing on the part ofour heroes from the past. There seems tobe a modern trend where people are tryingto seek out and emphasize the faults of ourforefathers such as Washington, Lincoln,Jefferson, and Franklin rather than to studywhat good they did and how miraculousit was that these heroes actually built thecivilization we now enjoy. Sometimes I findthat people tend to “project” their own moralityonto their perceptions of others.Concerning the trials of the Templars,we have endeavored to quote the factsand the testimony, good and bad, whilealso pointing out the fact that these menwere tortured for months and even yearsbefore some of their testimony was received.Whatever the truth of the matteris, it seems unlikely that after 700 yearswe will ever be able to prove it one wayor another.The Ed.21

Meet Our New Department CommandersSir Knight T. Michael “Mike” FeganRight Eminent South Central Department Commander 2012-2014T. Michael “Mike” Fegan wasborn February 9, 1949, theson of Thomas B. and PatriciaEisenhower Fegan, into a telephonepioneering family that has lived andworked in Kansas for three generations.He was raised in Junction City,a small northeast Kansas town onthe threshold of historic Fort Riley.He began his Masonic career inCentral Chapter, Order of DeMolay,served as Master of Union LodgeNo. 7 A.F. & A.M. in Junction Cityin 1991 and as Most WorshipfulGrand Master of Ancient Free andAccepted Masons of Kansas in 1998.Mike received his 33 o in the ScottishRite in 1995 and served as PersonalRepresentative to the SoverignGrand Inspector General of the SupremeCouncil in Kansas. He is alsoa member of Chapter No. 17, RoyalArch Masons; Council No. 22, RoyalPhoto by John P. Westerveltand Select Masters; Commandery No. 43, Knights Templar; and Kansas Council No. 53,Knight Masons. He served as Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Kansasin 2007 and as Grand Master of the Grand Council of Kansas in 2012.Mike served as Potentate of Isis Shrine of Salina in 2004. Additionally, Mike is amember of Melita Chapter No. 116, Order of the Eastern Star; a Senior DeMolay; anactive member of the DeMolay Legion of Honor; a Chevalier; a Lifetime member ofthe DeMolay Alumni Association; and a member of the Philalethes Society and theScottish Rite Research Society. Mike became Sovereign Master of the Allied MasonicDegrees in 2004. Mike was also inducted into the Royal Order of Scotland in 1999.Mike serves as the Intendent General for the Division of Kansas for the Red Cross ofConstantine and as Grand Governor for the State of Kansas for the York Rite SovereignCollege of North America.Sir Knight T. Michael Fegan was appointed Department Commander of the SouthCentral Department by Sir Knight David Dixon Goodwin, Most Eminent Grand Master,at the 65 th Triennial Conclave of the Grand Encampment on August 15, 2012, inAlexandria, Virginia.22 december 2012

The Liverpool Masonic Rebellionand the Grand Lodge of WiganThe second in a series of articlesByDr. David Harrisonknight templarMichael Alexander Gage:Tailor and Masonic RebelThe thirty-four brethren who signedthe document were subsequently suspendedby the United Grand Lodge, andGage’s Lodge No. 31 was erased, an actionthat mirrored the erasing of LodgeNo. 53b in 1807. This action createdfurther isolation for the suspended rebelsas they were not allowed to visit anyother lodges, ultimately providing greaterbonding between them and giving themfurther cause to complain about the “tyranny”of the United Grand Lodge. Thedissent spread rapidly through Liverpoolas certain lodges began to support theirfellow brethren. The Liverpool based SeaCaptain’s Lodge No. 140 threatened toseparate itself entirely from the UnitedGrand Lodge if Lodge No. 31 was not reinstated,and by the middle of 1822, anincreased number of sixty-five brethrenfrom Liverpool and Wigan were recordedas being suspended.Gage’s Lodge No. 31 had been the“senior” lodge among the “Antient”lodges in Liverpool, having the oldestwarrant and therefore having the positionto settle the disputes that occurredwithin other “Antient” lodges within thetown. The lodge had been called LodgeNo. 20 before the union, but had beensubsequently renumbered, and in doingso, had lost some of its local prestige.This renumbering was obviously asore point for the lodge as they revertedback to No. 20 on the creation of therebel Grand Lodge in 1823. The warrantfor Lodge No. 20 had been purchasedby a number of brethren from the AncientUnion Lodge shortly after it wasfounded in 1792, and with the originalwarrant dating from 1753, Lodge No. 20became the oldest “Antient” lodge operatingin Liverpool, outdating and thusdisplacing the local St. George’s Lodge,which, despite being founded in 1786,had a warrant which dated from 1755. 18St. George’s Lodge became extremelyaggressive in its attitude toward the rebels,particularly against the conduct ofGage and Lodge No. 31, and when lookingat the membership makeup of theSt. George’s Lodge, a greater number oflocal gentlemen are evident whereas inLodge No. 31, the membership makeuphad a greater number of tradesmensuch as Gage who was a tailor. Therewas a clear issue of class within the dispute,and this may explain the anger feltby Gage - a man with aspirations.On the 2 nd of December, 1822, a meetingwas held at the Lodge of HarmonyNo. 385 at the Magpie and Stump on KeyStreet in Liverpool. The Lodge of Harmony,like the Ancient Union Lodge, hadbelonged to the “Antient” Grand Lodgebefore the union in 1813. This heatedmeeting had visitors from The Merchant,Mariners, and Ancient Union Lodges, alllocal Liverpool lodges which had certain23

members involved in the rebellion. Themeeting revealed a lodge in crisis as theWorshipful Master and Wardens wereappointed during an emergency meetingand not elected or installed as theyusually were. The result of this particulargathering was the wish by all the memberspresent to write a letter to the UnitedGrand Lodge declaring the presentstate of the Lodge of Harmony. It seemsthat the lodge decided against the rebellionand kept their distance, deciding togive their support to the United GrandLodge of England. Despite this show ofloyalty, the Worshipful Master at thetime of the meeting was suspended in1824 for twelve months and anotherbrother for seven years for what is describedas “unmasonic conduct.”On the 5 th of March, 1823, the UnitedGrand Lodge finally expelled twenty-sixbrethren, stating that the rebels had:“been found guilty of various acts ofinsubordination against the authority ofthe Grand Lodge, and having been summonedto show cause why they shouldnot therefore be expelled from the Craft;have not sent any sufficient apology fortheir late misconduct.”Their rebellious activities were describedas an “insult” by the United GrandLodge, and the brethren, having “violatedthe laws of the Craft,” were ostracized. 19Gage and his followers were now free toproceed with their master-plan – to resurrectthe “Antient” Grand Lodge. Theplan was certainly to go national and tospread the influence of the rebel GrandLodge, and it was declared that thecauses which led to the reestablishmentof the “Antient” Grand Lodge were to beadvertised in four of the London Papers, apublic declaration which would be guaranteedto reach the eyes of the leaders ofthe United Grand Lodge.Gage took on the role of DeputyGrand Master while George WoodcockEsquire was duly elected as the GrandMaster of the Rebel Grand Lodge. Woodcockwas a prominent member of theBarnsley based Friendly Lodge No. 557and fully supported the “Antient landmarksof Freemasonry.” He was in correspondencewith Gage and Lodge No.31 in Liverpool from early 1823, Woodcockwriting an eight part resolutionwhich outlined the “sorrow and regretat these severe measures which the G.Lodge has thought it proper to exercisetoward twenty-six respectable membersof the Society.” 20 Woodcock struck up along-distance friendship with Gage, withthe new Grand Master seeking advicefrom him on numerous occasions in regardto the administration of the RebelGrand Lodge. The correspondence continuedbetween them until Gage distancedhimself from Freemasonry. Ina letter to Woodcock dated June 1828,Gage declined meeting Woodcock andthe brethren of the Barnsley lodge inManchester and also declined an invitationby Woodcock to spend Christmas atBarnsley. Gage also outlined in the letterhow he had been putting Masonrybefore business for too long and that hemust now start devoting himself to theinhabitants of Liverpool and concentrateon his “plan of Liverpool.” 21The new Grand Master was listed asa gentleman in the minutes of his lodgemeetings, but he worked as a bank managerfor a fellow member of the lodge,John Staniforth Beckett – a member of alocal banking family. Despite this, Woodcockappears to have been in control of24 december 2012

the lodge and certainly engineered thelodge joining the rebellion, a decisionthat split his lodge in two, mirroring theincident which had occurred at the Lodgeof Friendship in Oldham. Woodcock certainlyshared the same spirit as his fellowrebels in Liverpool and Wigan thoughevents were to dampen the fire of revolt.The new Grand Lodge soon ran intotrouble; at a meeting of the Grand Lodgeheld at the Cross Keys in Wigan on the23 rd of June, 1824, the ex-Grand SecretaryJohn Eden was:“forever expelled…in consequenceof his having embezzled the funds of theGrand Lodge for his contempt of summonsesand other unmasonic conduct.” 22Eden had been a member of Gage’slodge, and this would have been a personalblow to the leader and would havecreated difficulties for the financial statusin the early days of the rebel GrandLodge. Part of the Grand Secretary’s jobwould have been to assist in looking afterfunds, and Eden had certainly abusedthe trust that had been placed in him.The returns paid to the Grand Secretaryfrom certain lodges under the sway ofthe new rebel Grand Lodge, such as theBarnsley lodge, had not been passed onto the Grand Treasurer, Eden fraudulentlyusing the funds. It seems that thisincident had certainly shaken the fledglingrebel Grand Lodge, affecting thebrethren deeply, some of whom becamequickly disenchanted.During the same year, James Broadhurstturned his back on the rebellion andconformed. Along with a number of otherrebels, Broadhurst presented an apologyto the United Grand Lodge which broughtthem back into the fold. He immediatelyknight templarrejoined the Merchants Lodge, but hispayments ceased in 1826, the experienceof the rebellion and the subsequent fallout perhaps affecting the camaraderie ofthe lodge. Out of the original rebels representingthe Ancient Union Lodge, onlyThomas Berry remained to become anactive member of what would becomethe Grand Lodge of Wigan, Berry havingattended the first meeting of the rebelGrand Lodge at the Shakespeare Tavernin 1823 and having served as Secretary inthe March meeting of 1825.George Woodcock’s Barnsley Lodge becamealarmed at the financial irregularitiesoccurring in the administration of therebel Grand Lodge and formally separatedthemselves from their Lancashire brethrenin 1827, Woodcock going on to resignhis office as Grand Master. 23 The Barnsleylodge – being the only Yorkshire lodgein support of the rebellion – thus styledthemselves as “The Yorkshire Lodge of AncientMasons,” and Woodcock continuedto lead his lodge in isolation until his deathin 1842. 24 Gage seemed to have slowly distancedhimself from the rebels, and it wasas if the Liverpool brethren became disillusioned,the energy of the rebels quicklyebbing away.End Notes18St. George’s Lodge of Harmony No.32 had been No. 25c, changing to No.38 in 1814. It was renumbered againto No. 35 in 1832 and changed to itspresent number in 1863. See Lane’sMasonic Records 1717-1894 online: [accessed 25 th of January, 2010]19Beesley, Wigan Grand Lodge,pp.16-19.20Will Read, “The Spurious Lodge25

and Chapter at Barnsley”, in AQC, Vol. 90,(Abingdon: Burgess & Son, 1978), pp.1-36, on p.10.21Ibid., p.26 and p.31.22Beesley, Wigan Grand Lodge, pp.46-47.23Read, AQC, Vol. 90, pp. 16-17.24Ibid., p.23.Dr. David Harrison is a history lecturer, havingcompleted his Ph.D. on the history ofFreemasonry in 2008 at the University ofLiverpool. The thesis was published by LewisMasonic titled The Genesis of Freemasonryand is available at all good book outlets. Theauthor can be contacted via the Lewis Masonicwebsite: Templar Eye Foundation GrantsWords of Appreciation from RecipientsThank you to the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.!I am pleased to acknowledge the Knights Templar Eye Foundation’s generous grantof $60,000 to Children’s Hospital Boston in support of Dr. Gena Heidary’s research project,“Non-invasive Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure in Papilledema Patients.”With your support, Dr. Heidary will study a new and safer way to monitor intracranialpressure in children with Papilledema, a condition that can severely damagethe optic nerve and lead to permanent vision loss. This research has the potential tolead to the development of a non-invasive tool that will allow for the early diagnosisand treatment of Papilledema in young patients.On behalf of Children’s Hospital Boston, I extend my deepest thanks to the KnightsTemplar Eye Foundation whose generosity makes this important work possible.Sincerely, James Mandell, M.D.Children’s Hospital Boston, MassachusettsKnights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.1033 Long Prairie RoadSuite 5Flower Mound, TX 75022-4230Phone (214) 888-0220Fax (214) 888-0230Note: For more Information on the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc. PediatricOphthalmology Grant programs go to our web site: december 2012

Thank you to the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as one of the $60,0002012 – 2013 Starter Grant recipients from the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.I am a protein biochemist with an emphasis in the deep molecular biology of retinaldegeneration diseases, mainly Leber Congenital Amaurosis type 1 (LCA1). My plan is topursue my career as a tenure track faculty member of the cell biology department ofOklahoma University Health Science Center, so I can have a broader opportunity to makea difference in society by doing good and honest science. You have no idea how muchthis grant means to me. Thanks to you, I am one step closer to my dream, which is findinga solution for this debilitating disease which affects many children all around the world.By awarding me the Knights Templar Eye Foundation Grant, you have lightened myresearch financial burden which allows me to expand more on the most important aspectof this disease. I promise you that you will be proud of the decision you made andproud of me as well and that I will do all my best to use this money to make a difference.Thank you so much again and God bless everyone at the Knights Templar EyeFoundation, Inc.Sincerely ,Seifollah Azadi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of ResearchCell Biology Department, Oklahoma University Health Science CenterTo the Sir Knights who support the Knights Templar Eye Foundation;Thank you so much for your support of Dr. Brinda Muthusamy’s research at the WilmerEye Institute. Your grant of $60,000 will help to serve our primary mission of contributingto ophthalmic knowledge and reducing suffering from blindness and vision loss.Every day our faculty is diligently working on better ways to treat and hopefullycure the many eye diseases that affect our patients. This takes great effort, not onlybecause of the scientific complexity of eye diseases, but also the lack of secure financialresources to complete this work. With the stressed economy and dwindling NIHgrant funding, our researchers struggle to find funding to pursue their theories thatcould one day cure eye diseases that affect millions all over the world.With your support, the Wilmer Eye Institute has an advantage; your willingnessto contribute to their efforts makes it easier for our researchers to make importantdiscoveries. Without generous donors like you, we would be standing still in theface of blindness in premature infants or of vision loss in patients with age-relatedmacular degeneration. Fortunately millions have benefited from the great stridesWilmer has taken, and we hope to continue to help patients who are fighting to keeptheir sight.We are grateful for your generosity and hope that you will take great pride in theimportant difference that your gift makes.Sincerely,Peter J. McDonnell, M.D.Director and William Holland Wilmer Professor of OphthalmologyWilmer Ophthalmological Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicineknight templar Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Maryland27

THE APARTMENTS OF THE GRAND PRELATEandTHE RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES COMMITTEEYear of our Lord 2012To all Valiant and Magnanimous Knights of the Temple, wheresoever dispersed throughout Christendom ~Salutations and Knightly Greetings:A TOAST TO THE GRAND MASTERCHRISTMAS 2012There is a well-known story about President and Past Grand Master of Masons in Missouri, Harry S. Truman.When he was president, he had a desk sign stating “The Buck Stops Here,” as he considered his leadershipposition in our country and the free world. He put great stock in the importance of both his decisions(pro-active) and his responses (re-active) to issues and problems brought to him.Within our order, the decisions and reactions that come to the Grand Master, although on an (obviously)smaller scale, in many respects function in a similar manner. Your leadership “sets the tone” for how wefunction, not only at the national level, but how we work together at all levels of Templary. We talk aboutbeing “at war” against dishonesty, hypocrisy, and alienation among Christians or among Christians andpeople of other religions. All of this is to be considered as we carry the banner for the Prince of Peace. Our,and your, primary obligations are to Him. How you lead is critical.Grand Master, we affirm you as a man of FAITH who lives that faith rather than simply declaring it. Thatgives us HOPE as we follow your example, being encouraged by it to live and work to serve for Christ’svictory and reconciliation among peoples. We have been often misled by the King James Version of theBible that makes CHARITY simply good works. Properly translated, the Greek word “agape” means thelove of God which includes good works but is much more encompassing. It means living in all aspects ofour lives the “agape” as shown in the life of our Savior.As you lead us in this Christmas season, let us remember how important it was THAT Jesus came to us,rather than losing perspective as we retell the stories of HOW he came.A toast to you, Most Eminent Grand Master David Dixon Goodwin, as you lead us into these comingChristian Years.In His name,Sir Knight and Reverend William D. Hartman, Grand PrelateThe Committee on Religious ActivitiesSir Knight and Reverend James R. Herrington, P.G.C., ChairmanSir Knight and Reverend Timothy M. Taylor, Sr., P.G.C.Sir Knight and Reverend Bruce Bellmore, P.G.C.28 december 2012

GRAND MASTER’S RESPONSETo the Right Eminent Grand Prelate, the Committee on Religious Activities, and to allSir Knights wheresoever dispersed!Knightly Greetings!I extend my sincere thanks to the Committee on Religious Activities and the RightEminent Grand Prelate for their thoughtful and inspiring toast this year.Their lesson regarding leadership will inspire me to lead this fine Christian Masonicorder with renewed passion and vigor. I promise to lead our Fraternity to new andgreater heights keeping our values close to my heart.Their thread of Faith, Hope, and Charity throughout the message reminds each of usof those cardinal virtues that we have sworn to protect and by which we should liveour lives.Their admonition to us to remember how important it is THAT Jesus came to us ratherthan HOW He came to us holds the key to our faith. We must remember that Jesuscame to save mankind from sin, to reveal God’s character to us, and to show us theway to God and to everlasting life. If we live our lives with this in mind, each of us,the Masonic order of Knights Templar, and our Christian faith shall be successful.The officers of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar and their ladies join withmy lady, Marci, and me in wishing each of you and your families a most Blessed andMerry Christmas!Courteously,David Dixon Goodwin, GCTGrand MasterThe foregoing toast to the Most Eminent Grand Master and his response thereto are transmitted to youwith the request that you extend an invitation through the proper offices to all Sir Knights within yourjurisdiction to join in the sentiments thus conveyed at some convenient hour, on or near the birthday ofChrist, commonly called Christmas Day, December twenty-fifth, in the Year of Grace 2012.knight templar29

Social Media:A Commandery DilemmaBySir Knight Michael BlairWe live in some truly amazingtimes. Social media is transformingcommunications in waysthat were unimaginable just a couple ofdecades ago. We often read about theaccelerating pace of innovation, but nowhereis this more pronounced than inthe world of communications.With the onset of the Internet andthe birth of social media sites, we inMasonry have a number of challengesbefore us. How can we engage thesenew media types? Should we love orhate them? Can they play a role in ourorganization? How can we use the socialplatform to improve our fraternity,membership, and communication? Allthese are great questions and shouldbe openly discussed.Can you image back in the early 1900s,how would you have communicatedwith your members, perhaps by a letteror even a telegram? The telephone wasintroduced, and it changed the way peoplecommunicated. Can you imagine thediscussions that must have taken placein thousands of lodges around the worldwhen someone suggested that we calland tell people that we were having ameeting? Let us not forget email; do youremember the concerns about emailing?We have seen amazing times in Masonryand in the Commandery. Change isnot only a concern, it is an inevitable factof the times we live in. I propose that weembrace the change and never be afraidof the light. The average United Statesinternet user spends thirty-two hoursonline every month. The average Facebookuser spends an average of sevenand three quarters hours per month onFacebook; scary or exciting potential?Yes, it is easier to turn a blind eye to thereality that younger Masons and Knightsuse these daily, but we are not a fraternityfor the weak of heart or spirit; weare the shapers and molders of the clayof man, so pick up this new working tooland engage yourself with it.The average Facebook user has onehundred thirty friends. Just think aboutthis. Have you shown the light of Masonryto all your friends? Seventy-sevenpercent of Facebook users interact withbrands and groups using the site. As wemove forward, we will be able to communicatemore easily with the larger audienceof our craft. Twitter has more thanone hundred million users and Facebookhas over nine hundred one million.First, let us take a second and definewhat social media is and is not. Socialmedia is communication between likemindedpeople in an online space. Thisis a good generalization of what socialmedia is and how it allows people tocommunicate, discuss, and learn abouta specific topic. Social media is not asales platform as it applies to Commanderyand Masonry. It is not a networkingtool to cheapen the fraternity ordiminish us in any way. With sixty-two30 december 2012

percent of adults worldwide now usingsocial media, it really is a way to communicatemore, quicker, and easier witheveryone. Yes, someone could join yourgroup that is not a Mason or Sir Knight,but is that really a bad thing? If we offersomething they want to know moreabout, is that not what brought us to thealtar of Freemasonry? Yes, it does makeus more public and available to anyone,but again, so what! Our ideals, history,teaching, and fellowship are what we offer,and it is good and true.Social media and your Commandery isnot only the main idea of this article, it isthe future of how we will communicatewith our members. The fact that most ofus are carrying a smartphone with accessto a number of social media platforms isa great opportunity to improve our communicationnot only with our Sir Knightsbut with any Sir Knight that might want toknow about your asylum’s activities.The lesson we can learn from socialmedia is that people want to share, collaborate,and engage with other SirKnights using this new media. Social mediais where many younger Sir Knightsare turning to get the latest information,so I implore you all to be open tothe possibility that if membership is ourproblem, maybe we should look at howwe communicate and engage our members.Social media is not just for Farm-Ville anymore.Editor’s NoteFor you vintage Sir Knights like me,FarmVille is a farming simulation socialnetwork game invented in 2009 andwas once the most popular game onFacebook. I had to look it up. Where?- on the internet of course. The Ed.End Notes1. Source: Adage.com2. Source: Knight Michael Blair, KCT is Commanderof Fort Bend CommanderyNo. 74 in Texas and can be reached Lynn SanburgColoradoGrand Commander 1986Born: April 3, 1928Died: September 16, 2012Thomas Brandt AndersonUtahGrand Commander 1976Born: November 23, 1940Died: September 27, 2012Stephen LutzNew JerseyGrand Commander 2002Born: January 27, 1939Died: October 9, 2012knight templar31

GRAND ENCAMPMENTEASTER OBSERVANCESMARCH 31, 2013The officers of the Grand Encampmentare proud to announcethree Easter observances for 201383 rd Annual East Coast ObservanceGeorge Washington Masonic MemorialAlexandria, Virginia3 rd Annual West Coast ObservanceShrine AuditoriumLos Angeles, California1 st Annual Mid-America ObservanceWorld War I MemorialKansas City, MissouriFull details of all observances will be published in theJanuary 2013 Knight Templar Magazine32 december 2012

(Mrs. Joe) LeiLani Cortez was installed as the 93 rd Supreme Worthy President ofthe Supreme Assembly, Social Order of the Beauceant in the ballroom of the RadissonHotel – Fossil Creek, Ft. Worth, Texas on September 28, 2012. Eighteen electedand appointed Supreme Officers were installed with her. (Mrs. W. Joe) Katie Ryland,PSWP, served as installing officer.Pictured front row from left to right are : Mrs. Joseph Bongiovi, Fredericksburg No. 266, Virginia/KingsportNo. 244, Tennessee, Supreme Marshal; Mrs. Richard D. Brown, Wichita No. 8, Kansas/StillwaterNo. 124 Oklahoma, Supreme Recorder; Mrs. Leslie Loomis, Elizabethtown No. 265, Pennsylvania, SupremeSecond Vice President; Mrs. John A. Brogan, San Antonio No. 159, Texas, Supreme Most WorthyOracle; Mrs. Joe Cortez, Phoenix No. 213, Arizona, Supreme Worthy President; Mrs. T. Michael Fegan,Salina No. 229/Wichita No. 8, Kansas, Supreme First Vice President; Mrs. Thomas R. Derby, Santa AnaNo. 61/San Bernardino No. 200, California, Supreme Preceptress; Mrs. Darryl R. Burt, Melrose No. 204,Texas, Supreme Treasurer; and Mrs. Joe Blair, Dallas No. 63, Texas, Supreme Assistant Marshal.Pictured back row from left to right are: Mrs. Robert Gannaway, Santa Ana No. 61/San Bernardino No. 200,California, Supreme Chaplain; Mrs. Michael Sutton, Pocatello No. 120, Idaho, Supreme Director of Music;Mrs. John S. Smedile, Tampa No. 208, Florida, Supreme Historian; Mrs. Lawrence Smith, FredericksburgNo. 266, Virginia, Supreme Courier; Mrs. James Hoover, Phoenix No. 213, Arizona, Supreme StandardBearer; Mrs. Jerry Evans, Las Vegas No. 207, Nevada, Supreme Color Bearer; Mrs. F. Wayne Bowman, PhoenixNo. 213, Arizona, Supreme Mistress of the Wardrobe; Mrs. Bruce Ewald, Los Angeles No. 42, California,Supreme Daughter of the Household; Mrs. Robert C. Coe, Santa Ana No. 61/Los Angeles No. 42, California,Supreme Inner Guard; and Mrs. J. Barney Lusk, Mobile No. 231, Alabama, Supreme Outer Guard.Eight Sir Knights representing Arizona, California, and Texas served as honorguard for the retiring march.Pictured from left to right flanking Mrs. Cortez are: Sir Knight Larry Whitfield, Texas; Sir Knight Hobie Henderson,Texas; Sir Knight W. Joe Ryland, California; Sir Knight Robert Richards, REGC, Arizona; Sir Knight Joe Cortez, REPGC,Arizona; Sir Knight James Robinson, Arizona; Sir Knight Bruce Ewald, California; and Sir Knight Mike Lewis, Arizona.knight templar33

Knightsat the BookshelfBySir KnightGeorge L. Marshall, Jr., PGC, KCTSworn in Secret: Freemasonry and the Knights Templar by Sanford Holst, April 2012,Santorini Books, Los Angeles, CA, ISBN: 978-0-9833279-3-6.Having previously read and enjoyed Sir Knight Holst’s Phoenician Secrets:Exploring the Ancient Mediterranean, I was quite happy to be able to reviewthis book. Sir Knight Holst is a noted historian and scholar as wellas being a Freemason. He has a style of writing that, unlike most history book authors,is vivid and keeps your attention without being in the least encumbered withdry pedantry. He answers the question: What were Masons doing in the formativeearly years of the Craft and why were they doing it?He takes us from the construction of the pyramids to the role of the Phoeniciansin trade and shipping throughout the Mediterranean area and the interaction ofthis seafaring people with the societies (Egyptian, Minoan, and Greek) then existingin the Levant. He next explores the role of Hiram of Tyre in assisting Solomon inthe construction of the first Temple and continues with a discussion of the RomanEmpire and its occupation of Judea. He presents the evidence for a series of secretpassageways or chambers under the Temple Mount.After briefly reviewing the spread of Islam throughout the Mediterranean area,he arrives at a discussion of the Templars and the Crusades and how they mayhave been aided by Lebanese Christians. These latter, being the descendants of theancient Phoenicians, may also have been used by the Templarsand Crusaders to build the walls and defenses neededby the western Christians in Outremer to withstand the attacksand sieges of the Islamic forces. He is careful to pointout the three distinct groups of Templars and their duties.He also goes on to describe in detail the persecution of theTemplars in 14 th Century Europe and how many of themmay have found safe havens or places of refuge to escapethe oppression of the order.A nice discussion of Masonry, both operative and speculative,in Scotland and England during the 14 th through the17 th centuries then follows as the author offers existing the-34 december 2012

ories as well as his own opinions asto how the Knights Templar whoevaded the wrath of kings wereable to make the transition to Freemasonryand how they may haveinfluenced the development of theCraft prior to the formation of thePremier Grand Lodge in 1717.Much of what Bro. Holst presentscan be found in other books,both Masonic and non-Masonic.What is particularly refreshing isthe clarity of his presentation ofhistorical data and details and theway he challenges you to thinkabout events and symbols in waysthat may not have been evident toyou in the past.In summary: A well-writtenand nicely illustrated book, easyto read, well-researched, andhighly recommended.knight templar35

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