Kokkola in Your Pocket 2013

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Kokkola in Your Pocket 2013

Kokkola in Your Pocket 2013KOKKOLAKARLEBY

2ContentsGeneral Information 3Population 6Housing and Construction 11Economic Development 14City Administration 17City Economy 19Commercial Enterprises 20Social and Health Services 23Pre-school childcare 26Education 27Culture 31Youth Services 35Sports and Leisure 37Other 40

General InformationHistoryThe city of Kokkola was founded by Gustavus Adolphus ofSweden in 1620. The municipality of Kaarlela was consolidatedwith Kokkola in 1977. In the beginning of 2009, the municipalitiesof Kälviä, Lohtaja and Ullava were consolidated withthe city of Kokkola. Kokkola is the administrative, economic andcultural provincial capital of Central Ostrobothnia.The Finnish name of the city, Kokkola, is allegedly derivedfrom the name Kokkolahti. Kokkolahti was the name of a bayextending inland from the sea all the way up to Kirkonmäki.The story tells that eagles (kokko) used to sit on big rocks in thebay. In old documents the city is called Karlabi, from which theSwedish name of the city, Karleby, is derived.LocationThe city of Kokkola is located in Central Ostrobothnia, on thecoast of the Gulf of Bothnia.Kokkola is an interjection of three highways (VT): VT 8(Oulu - Turku), VT 13 (Kokkola - Jyväskylä - Lappeenranta)and VT 28 (Kokkola - Kajaani).3

4The main railway of the country travels through Kokkola.The train journey to Helsinki takes about four hours.Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport is about 20 km from the centreof Kokkola.Distances from Kokkola to other citiesHelsinki483 kmJyväskylä242 kmKajaani247 kmOulu198 kmPietarsaari36 kmRovaniemi405 kmSeinäjoki141 kmTampere302 kmVaasa121 kmAreaTotal area 2,731 km 2- land area 1,444 km²- inland water area 42 km²- sea area 1,245 km²

Population at turn of the year 2012/2013total %Population 46,773- men 23,002 49.2- women 23,771 50.8Finnish speaking 39,416 84.3Swedish speaking 6,263 13.4Other languages 1,094 2.3Foreign nationals 990 2.1Age distribution of the population at turn of the year2012/2013age men women total %0–6 2,217 2,060 4,277 9.27–14 2,288 2,192 4,480 9.615–24 2,980 2,966 5,946 12.725–64 11,809 11,628 23,437 50.165–74 2,323 2,541 4,864 10.475–79 623 878 1,501 3.280–84 476 754 1,230 2.685+ 286 752 1,038 2.2total 23,002 23,771 46,773 100.0 7

8Population changes 2012- live-born children 586- deaths 398- natural increase of population 188- in-migration from other municipalities 1,447- out-migration to other municipalities 1,539- immigration 154- emigration 66- total change in population +188- population 46,773

Population forecastPopulation in 2013 and forecast until 203050 00045 00040 00035 00030 00025 00020 00015 00010 0005 00002013 2015 2020 2025 20300–14-years 15–64-years over 64-years2013 2015 2020 2025 20300–14-yrs 8,757 9,093 9,519 9,628 9,62615–64-yrs 29,383 29,074 29,000 29,501 29,907Over 64-yrs 8,633 9,715 10,947 11,766 12,491Total 46,773 47,882 49,466 50,895 52,0249

Educational level 2011%Population of over 15 years of age 37,869 100.0No post-comprehensive qualifications 12,739 33.6Population with educational qualification 25,130 66.4Intermediate level 15,739 41.5College degree 3,874 10.3Bachelor’s degree 3,406 9.0Master’s degree 1,987 5.3Graduate school 124 0.310

Housing and ConstructionHousing in Kokkola consists mostly of one-family houses andowner-occupied flats. Kokkola is also rather sparsely populatedcompared to the Finnish average. Land for building housesin Kokkola is always available.Recently completed houses by house type(incl. consolidated municipalities)average average1996- 2001-2000 2005 2009 2010 2011 2012All housetypes 172 185 116 238 402 309Detachedhouses 88 130 83 110 180 136Semi-detachedhouses 15 22 15 27 35 69Apartmentbuildings 67 33 9 101 187 104Otherbuildings 2 0 9 0 0 111

Housing according to house type in 2011%Total 22,287 100.0- detached houses 12,326 55.3- row and linked houses 2,417 10.8- apartment buildings 6,909 31.1- other buildings 635 2.812

Buildings according to purpose of use in 2011numberTotal number of residentialbuildings 14,237- detached houses 11,489- row and linked houses 511- apartment buildings 425Commercial buildings 317Office buildings 87Transport buildings 397Health care buildings 72Assembly buildings 107Educational buildings 70Industrial buildings 431Storage buildings 245Other buildings 86Summer houses 2,216Total number of buildings 16,45313

14Economic DevelopmentThe industrial structure of Kokkola is varied. The economic lifeis based on international large-scale industry. The central positionis held by chemical industry and applied chemical industries.Kokkola is also a notable centre for business and education.With the municipal mergers, the importance of agricultural industryhas increased. In 2012, Kokkola was the biggest producer ofmilk in the country.Population according to primary occupation in 2011Whole population 46,585Workforce 21,631Employed 19,682Unemployed 1,949Persons not in workforce 24,9540-14 years 8,716Students 3,723Military and non-military service personnel 143Pensioners 11,097Other persons not in workforce 1,275

Workplaces in Kokkola by industry 2010Total in all fields 20,619Agriculture, forestry and fishing 847Mining; Electricity, gas and energy supply; Water supply,waste and sewage treatment 313Manufacturing 3,060Construction 1,288Wholesale and retail trade; Transport and storage;Hotels and restaurants 4,509Information and communication 534Finance and insurance 278Real estate activities 109Professional, scientific and technical activities;Administrative and support service activities 1,743Public administration and defence; Compulsory socialsecurity; Education; Human health and social workactivities 6,848Other service activities 904Unknown field of industry 186In 2012, the unemployment rate (including the laid-off) ofKokkola fluctuated between 7.8 % and 9.6 %, with the averageof 8.8 %.15

Major employersstaffThe city of Kokkola ca 3,700Kiuru, The Intermunicipal district of specializedmedical care and primary social and healt servicesof Central Ostrobothnia ca 1,900- Central Ostrobothnia central hospital ca 1,300Boliden Kokkola Oy ca 540Freeport Copalt Oy ca 410KPO group ca 420Halpa-Halli ca 300CABB Oy ca 18016

City AdministrationCity council51 councillors, chairman Stefan Anderson (The SwedishPeople’s Party)councillorsThe Centre Party of Finland 14The Finnish Social Democratic Party 10Christian Democrats 5Swedish People’s Party in Finland 6National Coalition Party 7Left Alliance 2Finnish Traditional Party 5The Green League of Finland 2City governmentChairman Veikko Laitila (The Centre Party)Power relations: The Centre Party 3, The Finnish SocialDemocratic Party 2, Christian Democrats 1, National CoalitionParty 2, The Swedish People’s Party 1, Left Alliance 1, TrueFinns 1Mayor Antti Isotalus17

18Boards and committees- City Board´s Personnel Affairs Section- Town Structure Board- Central Election Committee- City Board´s Concern and Town Development Department- Board of Teaching and Education- Committee of Culture and Youth- Physical Education Committee- Rural Committee- Rescue Committee- Board of Construction and Environment- Board of Social Affairs and Health- Board of Appeals- Committee of Environmental Health- Council’s Election Committee- Energy Board- Port Committee- Työplus (occupational health) Committee- Water Utility Committee

City EconomyBudget 2013Functional expenditures 430.3 million €Investments 48.3 million €Tax revenue 169.8 million €State interests 76.1 million €Annual coverage 12.2 million €Loan portfolio January 1st 2013- without enterprises 4,076 €/inhabitant- with enterprises 4,980 €/inhabitantTaxation 2013Income tax rate 2013 20,50Estimated tax revenue (1,000 €):Municipal tax 144,551Community tax 13,757Real estate tax 11,522Total 169,83019

Electrical network customers 21,794District heating customers 2,809Electric energy sales to end-usersTransmission of electricityDistrict heating sale333 GWh428 GWh304 GWhPublic utility Port of Kokkola 2012The Port of Kokkola specializes in efficient service of bulk andparcelled transportation for the local industry as well as that ofNorthern, Central and Eastern Finland and Russia.Pier length2,270 mRoute depth13 mAll-weather terminal (AWT)Rail Wagon Tippler Terminal (RWTT)Ships visiting the port 612Import2,299,979 tonsExport5,118,168 tonsTotal traffic7,418,147 tons21

22The share of transit traffic is 2,2 million tons. The most significantimported articles are ores, concentrates, mineral oils,chalkstone and liquid bulk. The most significant exported articlesare ores, concentrates, products from transit traffic andchemical industry and zinc.Public utility Kokkolan Vesi 2012Kokkolan Vesi provides the city’s inhabitants with water supply,sewerage and drainage within its territory. Clean watersupply is managed privately in some of the consolidated municipalities.Charged amount of water 2,314,000 m 3Water consumption166 litres perinhabitant per dayCharged amount of sewage 1,878,000 m 3Length of water system483 kmLength of sewer network433 kmCost of water in 2013 1.30 € per m 3Cost of sewage in 2013 2.00 € per m 3

Social and Health ServicesFrom 2009, the social and health services organization comprisesof health services, social welfare for the elderly and thedisabled and early childhood education. The city of Kokkola isalso in charge of social and health services in Kruunupyy.Services for the elderlyplaces (in 2012)Rest homes (1) 59Treatment centres (2), institutional care 51Sheltered homes (7) 227Sheltered care, outsourcing service 169(Kokkola 225, Kronoby 44)Home care (households/visits) 1,155/307,998- Kokkola 990/255,869- Kronoby 165/52,130Services for the disabledservice users (in 2012)Day activity centres for the intellectuallydisabled (3) 10123

Residential units (3), places 48Psychiatric rehabilitation support, places 6Open employment and supported employment 37Social work(in 2012)Social guidance unit 5Income support unit 6.5Social workers / social instructors 14.5/9.5Home help service for familieswith children 7Child welfare family work 5.5Child welfare officers 2Child welfare facilities (2), places 12Family guidance clinic, visits 1,764Health care centre(in 2012)Doctors 32.5Hospital beds 90Treatment days 55,37124

- Health center 36,236- Sandbacka, Kronoby 11,734- Teerijärvi, Kronoby 7,401Home care visits 208,846Maternity clinic, visits 1,764A-clinic, visits 1,810Central Ostrobothnian municipal federation forspecial health care and basic services, KiuruFrom 2009, the hospital district has been in charge of thecounty’s special health care services as well as the basichealth care services and social services for the Jokilaaksoco-operation district.(in 2012)total Kokkola’s shareSpecial fields 12Specialist doctors 128Hospital beds 225Treatment days 58,802 33,433Home care visits 122,004 70,854(Jyta not included)25

26Early childhood educationThe early childhood education in Kokkola provides day careand pre-primary education in both family day care and publicnurseries. Day care can be organized as municipal day care,an outsourcing service or private day care. Allowances paidby Kela (Child Home Care Allowance, Municipal supplement(Kokkola-tuki) and Private Day Care Allowance) and playgroundactivities are a part of the early childhood education inKokkola.children (in 2012)Public nurseries (22) 1,479Preschool 596Outsourced and private nurseries 209- outsourced nurseries (3)- private nurseries (1)- private group family day care (3)Public family day care 342- family day care 194- group family day care 148Child home care allowance (KELA) 70

EducationBasic education and upper secondary schoolCity of Kokkola’s educational administration is responsiblefor basic and upper secondary education as well as the liberaladult education of the Kokkola area adult education centre.Basic education has been divided into five Finnish-speakingand one Swedish-speaking area. There are 25 Finnishspeakingand eight Swedish-speaking basic schools. The cityhas three Finnish-speaking and one Swedish-speaking uppersecondary school as well as a upper secondary schoolfor adults. The city offers also vocational upper secondary educationtogether with the Federation for Vocational Education.studentsBasic education in Finnish 4,208Basic education in Swedish 844Upper secondary school in Finnishand upper secondary school for adults 676Upper secondary school in Swedish 175The Kokkola University Consortium ChydeniusThe Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius is one of the27

28six university consortiums in Finland that gather the universitiesregional functions. The univiersities of Jyväskylä, Ouluand Vaasa University of Technology co-operates in the KokkolaUniversity Consortium.Fields of education and research include- education- applied chemistry- data processing- social sciences- economic sciences- health sciencesThe education at the university concortium is planned foradults.studentsBasic degree students 326Graduate students 43Open university 3,222Supplementary education 965

Centria University of Applied SciencesCentria offers degree programmes in five different fields anda total of 20 degree programmes. Centria has campuses inKokkola, Pietarsaari and Ylivieska.Total number of students 3 421of which study in Kokkola 1 818- Technology 560- Business 575- Welfare and culture 683Vocational schoolsThe Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia arrangesvocational training in Finnish in six different units in Kokkolaand elsewhere in the county. There are eight different fieldsof vocational education and training. The number of studentsin vocational upper secondary education and training is about2780. The annual number of students is about 4100 includingadult education and training.29

30The Federation of Education in CentralOstrobothnia, units in KokkolastudentsKokkola Commercial Institute 470Kokkola Technical College 1,080Kokkola Institute of Social Services and Health Care 515Keski-Pohjanmaan Opisto 180Central Ostrobothnia Adult Education Institute 495Optima samkommun (Pietarsaari)Other schoolsstudentsCentral Ostrobothnia Conservatory- basic education 1,280- vocational education 50The Nordic Art SchoolKokkola Folk High School (incl. art schoolfor children and young) 9,180Central Ostrobothnia Summer University 2,565

CultureThe city’s cultural activity aims to offer its inhabitants variedpossibilities to create and consume culture. Lively and versatilecultural activity brings the inhabitants closer to the area andtheir home city. High quality cultural services and different kindsof activities improve the inhabitants’ quality of life and promotesociability as well as increase the vitality and attractiveness ofthe city.Art and culture establishments in KokkolaKokkola hosts both city-maintained and private culture and artestablishments.Central Ostrobothnia Chamber Orchestra 2012- 82 performances, 70 in Kokkola- total number of listeners 17,470, in Kokkola 13,034- concerts broadcasted on radio in Finland 2, Germany 1- first performances 8- 2 published record31

Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory 2012- basic musical training for 1,280 children and young- vocational musical training for 50 studentsKokkola City Theatre 2012- 7 premieres and several visiting performances- a total of 179 performances with the combined attendanceof 15,890K.H. Renlund Museum – Central Ostrobothniaprovincial museum 2012- 39,112 visitors- Roosi yard and Museum block- Roosi house, K.H. Renlund’s donated collection and VeikkoVionoja’s art collection- Leo Torppa’s photography collection, salt storeroom- Art brut, the Dallmeier collection, pedagogium- The Lassander bourgeois house- Exhibition hall, changing exhibitions- The home of Fredrik and Anna Drake33

- Other museums: Nature collection Kieppi in the Museumblock; regional archives; regional museums of Kaarlela, Öja,Kälviä and Lohtaja; the sealing museum of Tankari Island;fishing museums of Långö (Öja) and Ohtakari; fire museumin Ventus; Toivonen peasant museum; Lucina Hagmann’sbirthplace; “martta”-home in Kälviä and the Vionoja foundation’sArt Vionoja in Ullava.Kokkola city library – provincial library 2012- main library and branch libraries: Koivuhaka, Kälviä, Lohtajaand Ullava- mobile library and hospital library- Anders internet libraryNumber of visitors 517,573Internet visits 237,489Loans 820,914Lenders 18,160Loans per inhabitant 17,634

Organizational activities and eventsThe city allocates 80-90 grants every year for different kindsof cultural organizations, leisure groups, projects and individualcultural actors. The total amount of grants allocated in 2013was 205,000 euro.The city organizes cultural events by itself, in co-operationwith others and by supporting private organizers.Youth ServicesThe city youth work policy includes: educational guidance;providing premises and possibilities for activities; informationand consultation services; supporting youth clubs and associations;arranging sport, cultural, international and interculturalactivities for the young; supporting the employment of theyoung and participation and listening.35

- Youth activity centre Hansa and six other service unitsacross the city- School of stage arts- different kinds of grants- eventsIn Kokkola, the young are also served by Youth centre Villa Elba36

Sports and LeisureThe primary goal of the sport services is to promote healthand wellbeing and to develop business activity in the form ofsports. The inhabitants of Kokkola are offered equal possibilitiesfor sports and lifelong activities. In keeping with the Finnishlaw, the city creates conditions for activities by maintaininga wide network of sports establishments.The city’s sports establishmentsSwimming centre VesiVeijari: 217,082 visitors in 2012Ice rink: 3,230 hours of use in 2011Kippari-Hall: football hall, 2,581 hours of use in 2012Heated artificial turf: 1,924 hours of use in 2012Kälviä leisure hall: 1,366 hours of use in 2012Lohtaja multi-purpose hall Maininki: 1,359 hours of usein 2012Hollihaka sports hall: 2,139 hours of use in 2012Kokkolan Urheilutalo: sports halls and gym37

Outdoor sports areas20 skiing tracks, total length 150 km15 ice rinks and one artificial ice arena120 km of walkwaysLocal sports areas26 greens17 tennis courts5 public beaches and about 10 small beaches10 outdoor tracks and nature trails, total length 200 km22 lighted skiing tracks and running tracks, total length 60 km5 athletics fieldsOrganizational ActivitiesThere are about 90 active sports clubs in Kokkola. Additionallymany other organizations and associations offer athletic activities.The city supports them with grants for coaching childrenand young people under the age of 18 years, for differentsports related projects and for maintaining sports facilities.The total sum allocated as grants was 175 000 euro in 2013.39

OtherTraffic lanesThe Kokkola city area has- streets and roads 276 km- walkways 113 km- private roads 550 kmTourism (in 2012)Lodging-houses 8- rooms 408Days in accommodation 112,156- Finns 100,268- foreigners 11,888Utilization rate of rooms 46.9 %Twin cities of KokkolaKokkola has 15 twin cities.HärnösandMörbylångaUllånger40 KristiansundSwedenSwedenSwedenNorway

AveroyFredericiaMarijampoleFitchburgSudburyHatvanBoldogRatingenFushunJärva-JaaniAmblaNorwayDenmarkLithuaniaUSACanadaHungaryHungaryGermanyChinaEstoniaEstoniaSome public services in Kokkola- Social Insurance Institution, Kokkola office- Employment and Economic Development, Kokkola office- Centre for Economic Development, Transport andthe Environment of Southern Ostrobothnia, regional area ofresponsibility for environment and natural resources,Kokkola office- Ostrobothnia District Survey Office, Kokkola office- Centre for Economic Development, Transport andthe Environment for Ostrobothnia (ELY Centre), 41

42Employment, Entrepreneurship and Competence Unit andRural Development and Energy Unit, Kokkola office- Kokkola Customs office- Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), Western Finland office- Population Register Centre, Kokkola office- ProAgria Central Ostrobothnia- Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce, Kokkola office- The Association of Enterprises in Central Ostrobothnia- Central Ostrobothnian union- Technology Centre Ketek Oy- CENTRIA research and development- Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Ltd- The Competence Centre of the Kokkola region in ChemistryKokkola designated official speciesA designated official species is one that is typical to the natureof the area and related to the city’s history or is otherwise representativeof the city. The following species were chosen bypoll: Siberian flying squirrel, whitefish, buckthorn and whitetailedeagle.

CITY OF KOKKOLAP.O. Box 4367101 KokkolaCity HallKauppatori 5Tel. (+3586) 8289 111kokkola@kokkola.fiwww.kokkola.fiFront cover image: Boathouses by the city´s passageBack cover image: Ohtakari fishing village43


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