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lightS up - Townsville City Council

cityinformationFrom the MayorCouncil will cap off a big year of events with theannual Carols by Candlelight and New Year’s Evecelebrations at Reid Park. We are praying for greatweather, as it was really disappointing to misscarols last year due to a storm just hours beforethe event. Reid Park is proving to be a terrificevent precinct, with good parking, plenty of spaceand ease of access.Reflecting on 2011 there was much to celebrate.The opening of Flinders Street, representing abright new city heart, was a great event. Anotherhighlight was welcoming hundredsof Nashos for the 60th Anniversaryof National Service in September.The accolades for this event have poured in fromacross the country.The year is not over yet and there is still a bigpush to continue road works across the city. Ourcrews have been working hard to do as much workas possible in time for the next big wet.In the year ahead, the local governmentelection will be held in March and will see our cityvote in divisions. Please stay up-to-date oncouncil’s website for the latest divisionalboundaries, and make sure you are familiar withyour local candidates.Finally, on behalf ofTownsville City Council, I wishyou and your family a safe andhappy festive season. I will bekeeping cool with my familyover Christmas and lookforward to welcoming in a newyear of opportunity.Les Tyrell OAMMayorSPOTLIGHTon TownsvilleAre you new to Townsville?Townsville is growing rapidly and newresidents are welcomed to the city eachweek. Council offers a range of informationfor new residents.For more information about Townsvillevisit the council website or drop in to theCommunity Information Centre in theNorthtown complex, Flinders Street.Council would also like to welcomedefence personnel and their families whoare relocating to Townsville early next yearwith the 3RAR.Sports complex completeA team effort from Townsville City Counciland the federal and state governments hasresulted in the completion of $25.86 millionof works at the Murray Sports Complex.Top-level basketball, netball, badminton,futsal and volleyball will be just some of thesports regularly played at the Townsville RSLStadium, while community clubs includingcricket, AFL, BMX, darts, pony club, cycling,netball and rugby league have benefitedfrom the refurbishment of grounds,clubhouses and infrastructure within theprecinct.The grass roots level of all sports in thisarea will reap the rewards of this wellplanned sporting precinct and Townsvillewill continue to attract regional, nationaland international tournaments.Keep updated by joining us onfacebook and twitter!Christmas shoppingwith a differenceLooking for unique giftsthis Christmas? Don’t forgetabout the boutique stores inFlinders Street, for everythingfrom homewares, to fashion and sportsgoods. With a range this big, you’re sure tofind something for those who are hard tobuy for.2010/2011 Annual ReportThe 2010/2011 Annual Report:Foundations for the Future was adopted bycouncil in November. The report detailscouncil’s performance for the past financialyear in delivering the vision outlined in theCorporate Plan 2009-2014 and provides aninsight into council operations and itscommitment to serving the needs of thecommunity.For more information go your Councillorscr david crisafullideputy mayorE 07 4727 9203 M 0419 197 947cr ray gartrellE 07 4727 9216 M 0447 185 772cr jenny laneE 07 4789 1388 M 0417 726 699cr brian hewettE 07 4773 1754 M 0410 328 382cr dale lastE 07 4727 9215 M 0400 046 400cr natalie marrE 07 4723 6439 M 0438 891 129cr deanne bellE 07 4773 1431 M 0418 730 813cr jenny hillE 07 4779 9033 M 0418 886 992cr tony parsonsE 07 4755 2053 M 0419 642 265cr suzanne blomE 07 4751 8203 M 0427 300 364cr trevor robertsE 0488 426 074cr vern veitchE 07 4772 6998 M 0418 729 4962 townsville city council city update >> december 2011

ourcityourfutureaussie awardsrecognise effortsIn true blue Aussie spirit, council iscalling for nominations for the 2012Australia Day Awards.Do you know someone who has made anoutstanding contribution to the community over thepast 12 months? Then nominate them in one of thefollowing categories:» Citizen of the Year Award» Young Citizen of the Year Award» Community Event of the Year Award» Senior Sports Award» Junior Sports Award» Sports Administrator Award» Cultural Award» Achievement Awardnominations close >>monday 9 january 2012For more information and category details, orto nominate someone for an award, flood studies underwayCouncil has released the first four in a series of flood studies toprovide a guide for the city’s development under its new planningscheme.The studies will include the Ross River Dam Catchment, North Ward,Little Bohle River and Upper Bohle Plains Flood Studies. These reports,part of the City Wide Flood Constraints Project, are based on the latestflood modelling techniques.Mayor, Cr Les Tyrell, said the studies would provide council with themost accurate picture of what could be expected in extreme weatherevents.“Townsville is positioned on a flood plain so it is important that thisplanning is conducted to provide the council and the community withthe most up-to-date modelling on which to base future planning andflood mitigation,” he said.“The studies will not increase the risk of flooding for people living inexisting properties near catchments.”Council has been considering a recommendation to increase the floodplanning level from the current one-in-50-year event to a one-in-100-yearflood in the new City Plan.The 100-year flood level is the recommended benchmark of the stategovernment and has already been adopted by a number of councils.The studies will determine the new flood planning levels in the newCity Plan, to ensure future development will not create floodingproblems or impact on neighbouring areas.The draft flood studies can be viewed on the council’s website or at the council’s Customer Service Centresat Walker Street and Thuringowa Drive.New boating precinct for cityTownsville boaties willhave a brand new facility toenjoy as Townsville CityCouncil continues itscommitment to long-termboating facilityimprovements.“The precinct will include a16-lane boat ramp facility with fourfloating walkways, pontoon and upto 360 car and trailer parking bays,”Cr Lane said.“Council is currently collatingfeedback provided by thecommunity during the consultationperiod, which will inform the designof the park.”The design is expected to befinalised in mid 2012 with thedevelopment to be carried out inthree stages over five years. Thepark is a joint project betweencouncil and the state government.With the outdoor lifestyleenjoyed in Townsville, locals havepreviously raised concerns aboutthe demand on boating facilities.Council has commenced designfor the development of a $25million recreational boating park inRailway Estate.The facility will be located on thebanks of the Ross River betweenFifth and Seventh Avenues.Lifestyle and CommunityDevelopment Committee chair, CrJenny Lane, said the park wouldenhance the vacant land adjacentGoondi Creek and Fifth Avenue.4 townsville city council city update >> december 2011

getnetworkingand stay up-to-dateDon’t get caught out - keepup-to-date with the latest wetseason information from TownsvilleCity Council via social media. Followour pages on Facebook and Twitter!Townsville DisasterInformation@ TCC_NEWSRain increasespollution riskDid you know rubbish that iswashed down stormwater drainsduring rain can cause drasticenvironmental problems for the city?Rubbish and sediment can build up andblock drains, causing flooding and costingcouncil and the community significant moneyto clear them.Pollutants such as oils, insecticides, litter,cigarette butts, soil and gravel that are washedinto drains can also end up in the rivers andocean, polluting the environment and harmingmarine and wildlife. Before the wet season,ensure you clear your property of debris,rubbish and building materials that could washinto the drainage system. It is everyone’sresponsibility and pollution is illegal.Don't get sickthese holidaysWith the extreme summer heat inTownsville, it doesn’t take long for food togo off if it is left out of the fridge. Don’t put adampener on your Christmas by coming downwith food poisoning. Store food in the fridge orfreezer as soon as it has stopped steaming andthrow away any food that has been out of thefridge for more than four hours. Don’t overcrowdyour fridge and store drinks in an esky tomake room in the fridge for food. Left-oversshould only be kept for a couple of days andshould only be reheated once. Enjoy thefestivities of the Christmas season, but stayfood safe!you may need to evacuate your homethis cyclone season >>Townsville and othercities along the coast areat risk of storm tides inthe event of a cyclone.Council has produced the Storm TideEvacuation Guide to help residents preparefor evacuation in the event of a storm tide.The publication details storm tide evacuationzones and procedures to help residentsbetter prepare for potential natural disasters.The city has been divided into four zones– red, orange, yellow and blue. Residentsliving in the affected areas have received, bypost, a copy of the guide and two stickersindicating the zone where they reside.The storm tide maps were prepared basedon guidelines recently released by the stategovernment to ensure uniformity for stormtide inundation zones for all coastal councilsin the wake of last summer’s floods andcyclones.Townsville Local Disaster ManagementGroup deputy chairman, Cr Dale Last, said ahighlight of the guide is the quick reference,colour coded maps that allow residents toSchool Holiday FunWant to try the latest hip-hop moves, makeyour own Christmas cards, learn the secretsof cartoon masters or just chill out with friends andwatch a movie under the stars?Then get into council’s SchoolHoliday Program! Grab yourHot Pocket All Ages Guide toSummer full of activities,vouchers and entertainmentfor three to 25-year-olds. more information.Proudly brough to you by Townsville CityCouncil and Department of Communities[ all ages ]determine if they are at risk of storm tideinundation.“The booklet also provides an explanationof storm tides and cyclone events, emergencycontact details, an evacuation checklist,items to include in an emergency kit and localradio station information,” he said.“It is important for the community to beaware of the risks and make priorpreparations to improve their resilience tosuch events.”The Storm Tide Evacuation Guide can bedownloaded from a disaster, authorities will evacuateresidents by zones ONLY, not streets orsuburbs. This year be prepared, know yourevacuation zones.YELLOWEVACUATION ZONEYOUR PROPERTY IS IN THEYELLOW EVACUATION ZONE.Your property may be at risk fromstorm tide flooding, during cyclones.Identify your evacuation route to yourpre-determined safer location.During a cyclone event tune intowarnings, authorities will advisewhich zones need to evacuate.For further information on evacuationvisit ZONEYOUR PROPERTY IS IN THERED EVACUATION ZONE.Your property may be at risk fromstorm tide flooding, during cyclones.Identify your evacuation route to yourpre-determined safer location.During a cyclone event tune intowarnings, authorities will advisewhichzones need to evacuate.For further information on evacuationvisit't let your shedturn into a missileIn the event of a cyclone, the average gardenshed can be turned into a flying missile. Protectyour family and your neighbours by ensuring yourshed complies with regulations by obtaining apermit. Even small, store bought sheds require apermit. If you don’t already have a permit, arrangeone now before a cyclone hits by contacting aBuilding Certifier (listed in the YellowPages).townsville city council city update >> december 2011 5

councilhighlightsBe safe in the sunthis summerThe great outdoors is the place to be this summer!Whether you’re cooling off in the Riverway lagoons,enjoying a cold drink on The Strand or soaking in theMaggie Island bays, remember to be sun safe andfollow these Sunsafety tips:» wear a hat – wide brim is best!» apply 30+ SPF sunscreen» wear sunglasses» if possible, wear a long sleeved shirt and pants» wear a swim shirt» take an umbrella» use a pop-up shade tent, and» drink plenty of water.Remember, it only takes six minutes to burn and youcan still burn in the shade. UV rays are extreme inTownsville all year round – avoid the sun particularlybetween the hours of 10am and 3pm and have a greatsummer in tropical Townsville! The Sunsafety programis a joint partnership program between council andSuncorp.New location to fill sandbagsIn the event of an approachingcyclone or disaster, residents areable to access free sand forsandbags from council. Sand willnow be available from LOU LITSTERPARK rather than the previouslocation at Green Street. You mustbring your own shovels and bags tofill and please do not take sand frombeaches.prevent denguethis summerWith the increase of rain duringthe summer months comes theincrease of mosquito breeding inTownsville. Mossies can meanmore than just an irritating bite,which can cause skin infections– more seriously, they cantransmit deadly diseases.Each year, Townsvilleexperiences Dengue Fever casesand many people become unwell.However, hundreds of localsdon’t have to spend summer sickin bed because Dengue Fever ispreventable.It is up to the community towork together and clear theirproperties of breeding areas.Remember, Dengue mossiesbreed in containers such as birdbaths, roof guttering, toys, boatsand palm fronds – so throw itemsaway or store them in a drylocation.Look after your family and be agood neighbour – don’t becomplacent about Dengue Fever.What's in your emergency kit?With the prediction of anotheractive cyclone season, it isimportant for residents to have anemergency kit prepared early. Ifyou haven’t got an emergency kit,now it is time to put one together.If you lose access to power andrunning water or if you’re stuck inyour home or have to evacuate, anemergency kit is vital to help youand your family be self-sufficientfor at least three days. Here is abasic checklist of MUST HAVEitems for your emergency kit.A battery-operated radio is vital equipmentfor your cyclone kit to stay up-to-date withconditions and alerts.Emergency KitPrescription medicationFor a full list visit townsville city council city update >> december 2011

councilreportWould you survivefor 3 days?Lessons learntfrom Cyclone YasiLiving in tropicalTownsville comes withthe responsibility to beprepared for disasterevents, such ascyclones. While youcan’t control a disaster,or stop it fromhappening, you can takecontrol over how youwill respond. CycloneYasi provided manyimportant lessons andproves that you shouldnever becomecomplacent. Ensure youdon’t get caught out atthe last minute.What we learnt fromYasi:1. You must prepare anemergency kit to last atleast three days.Include the basicsurvival needs of yourfamily. Keep it in asturdy, easy to carry bagor waterproof storagebox and stored in a safe,accesible place. Checkand update your kiteach year.2. Make an emergencyplan. Take into accountyour pets, neighboursand any elderly ordisabled people whomay need yourassistance. Ensureeveryone in your familyis aware of your plan.3. What is your plan B?Many people got caughtout during Cyclone Yasias they had to evacuatetheir home. Determinewhat your plan B is inthe event of anevacuation. Where willyou go? What route willyou take?4. Think about yourpower supply. After Yasisome areas lost powerfor up to 10 days. Ensureyou have sufficient gasfor cooking and sparebatteries for torches andlights. Some landlinephones need power towork so consider gettinga spare phone thatdoesn’t require power.You should alsoconserve power on yourcomputers and mobilephones – they may beyour only means ofcommunication.5. Water supply may beaffected. Water waslimited or unavailable forup to five days in someareas after Yasi. Look atways to conserve waterand ensure you havesufficient drinking water.Fill up your bath orbuckets.6. Have a plan for yourbusiness as well as yourfamily. Consider trading,staff requirements andstock levels.7. Access to homes andbusinesses may be cut.This was the case forseveral days after Yasidue to debris and/or theflooding of roads andfootpaths and you maybe trapped in your homefor several days. Stocklevels in shops may alsobe affected due to roadclosures. Fill up your carwith petrol and makesure you have access tocash as ATMs may alsobe unavailable.8. If disaster strikes,stay calm. Tune in toweather warnings,emergency alerts andsafety messages andfollow the directions ofauthorities.Take disasterpreparation seriously, itcould save your life. Fordetailed informationand advice on cyclonepreparation, visitcouncil’s website.prepare your homefor cyclone seasonTo help protect your home and loved ones during cyclones,take steps to keep your property in good condition. Don’tleave it to the last minute; factors such as corrosion, rottentimber, termite attack or loose fixings can weaken your homeand make it more at risk of cyclone damage.remember to >>» Repair corrosion, particularly inside the roof.» Replace rotten and termite-infected timber.» Secure and tighten fixings and tie-down bolts on your roof.» Ensure outdoor objects, such as air-conditioningequipment, antennas and swimming pool equipment, areproperly fixed.» Clean gutters and downpipes.» Trim trees and overhanging branches.» Find out how to turn off mains power for gas, water andelectricity.» Secure loose items such as garden furniture, tools and toys.» Purchase emergency supplies such as masking tape,tarpaulins, sandbags and water containers.For a comprehensive checklist on how to prepare yourhome, please city council city update >> december 2011 7

councilreportStay afloat this wet season!Townsville is built on anatural flood plain andis prone to localisedflooding during thewet season.Although council carries outextensive flood mitigation works toreduce the impact of flooding, it isimpossible to flood-proof the city.According to the QueenslandDepartment of Community Safety,between 2005 and 2010, Townsvillerecordedthe second highest rate of swiftwater incidents in the state.Don’t risk your safety this wetseason and always act responsiblynear flood waters. Remember:>> don’t swim in or drink from floodwaters – they may becontaminated>> keep children and animals awayfrom stormwater drains – drainscan quickly turn into dangerousplaces during the wet season,even if it’s not raining>> don’t drive across flooded creeksor rivers – you don’t know howfast the water is flowing or theCouncil Christmas closuresThe following services will beclosed from 3pm, Friday 23December 2011 and will reopen at8.30am on Tuesday 3 January 2012:» Customer Service – WalkerStreet and Thuringowa Drive» Tony Ireland Stadium» Townsville RSL Stadium- please contact Genesis gymfor Christmas operating hours.» Townsville Civic Theatre - openfor shows as advertised.» Riverway Arts Centre - open forshows as advertised.» Early Years Information Service» Vincent Family SupportWaste Services - landfills andtransfer stations will be closed onSunday 25 December 2011.CityLibraries - all branches willclose at 3pm Friday 23 December2011 and will reopen on Tuesday 3January 2012. Except Aitkenvalebranch which will be open:» Wednesday 28 to Friday 30December, 9am – 5pm>> Saturday 31 December,10am – 2pmPerc Tucker Regional Gallery- closed Thursday 22 December2011 to Thursday 5 January 2012.Pinnacles Gallery - closed Sunday25 December to Tuesday 27December 2011 and Monday 2January 2012.condition of the road/bridgeunderneath>> slow down and put your lights onwhen driving in the rain – it takestwice as long for your car to stopin the wet, and>> never open a manhole or enter astormwater drainage channel –apart from being illegal, you arejeopardising your own safety andothers.Individuals are responsible fortheir own safety; don’t risk your lifeand others by acting carelesslyduring flood events.didyou know?It only takes 60centimetres of swift flowingwater to wash away a vehicle?Don’t risk your life bycrossing flooded roads orrivers, turn aroundand go back!Tobruk Memorial Pool, KokodaMemorial Pool, Long TanMemorial Pool and NorthernBeaches Leisure Centre - closedSunday 25 December. Visitcouncil's website for openinghours as they are varied duringthis time.Strand Water Park - will remainopen with lifeguards on duty,10am – 8pm daily.Riverway Lagoons - will remainopen with lifeguards on duty,8am – 9pm daily (New Years Eveuntil 1am).Worinda Occasional Child CareCentre - closed Monday 19December 2011 to Friday 20January 2012.handycontactsin case of adisaster >>Townsville City DisasterInformation@ TCC_News1300 878 001Bureau of MeteorologyFor latest weather (Fire, Police, Ambulance)Department of EducationSchool of Main RoadRoad conditions and closures.1300 130 595 - for 24-hourstate-wide road HealthHealth advice and information.13 HEALTH (13 432 584)RACQRoad closures and flood and storm assistanceincluding rising water, damagedhouses or fallen trees onbuildings.132 500Tune in to localradio stations fornews updates andinformation.8 townsville city council city update >> december 2011

connectedcommunityCouncil WorksParkway on timeWorks to improve the Mount LowParkway are progressing well andare expected to be completed ontime in early 2012.The improvements to the 4.2kmsection of the parkway includerealigning and adding sealedshoulders to the road between theBruce Highway and Lionel TurnerDrive. Associated works have alsoincluded upgrading residentdriveways and improving drainfacilities adjacent the roadway.Council and the construction teamwould like to thank local residentsand motorists for their ongoingpatience and support throughoutthe project, which has assisted inkeeping the delivery of the projecton time.For updates, andsearch ‘Mount Low ParkwayImprovement Project.’Australia Day CelebrationsAustralia Day is a day forfamily, a day for friends and,most importantly, a day forcelebrating our nation andthe terrific achievements ofour community.Townsville’s 2012 Australia Daycelebration will offer free funactivities for the whole family atRiverway including the Walters IGAAussie Day Fun Run, free Aussiebreakfast (for the first 500participants), Australia Day Awards,Citizenship and Welcoming Babiesceremonies.The fun run and breakfast havebeen supported for several years bythe Walters IGA Group and is one ofthe highlights of the Australia Daycelebrations. Walters IGA is a longstanding partner of council'sTogether Townsville program. Terryand Annette Walters’ commitment totheir community is reflective of theinitiatives they support such as theWalters IGA Aussie Day Fun Run andbreakfast, Welcoming BabiesCeremony, Heritage Day andTownsville Bulletin Carols byCandlelight.Information on the Australia Daycelebration will be available closer toAustralia Day on council’s website.myth busterMyth"Council takes too long to fixpotholes in the wet season andthey are never fixed properly."BustedPatching pot holes during thewet season is only a temporarymeasure – it can be a bit liketrying to paint your roof in therain. With the amount ofmoisture build up in the roadpavement during the wetseason, it is difficult to ensurethe patching mix will adhere tothe existing road pavement. Theearlier council gets to a potholeduring the wet season, thebetter chance it has of stayingfixed.Community help in reporting potholes as soon as they appearwill assist council to schedulerepair works as early aspossible, and limit furtherdamage to the road structure.Pot holes can be reported viacouncil’s website, by textmessage to048 TELL TCC (048 8355 822) orphone 1300 878 001.Fancy Dress winner from the 2011 Walters IGAAussie Day Fun Run with Terry and Annette Walterstogether townsville is council’s incoming sponsorship program that engages thecorporate and community sector to sponsor council initiatives that benefit our city.Initiatives sponsored under the program range from community events toinfrastructure projects. To find out more about the program visit council’s website.Support the program that supports our city!1 of 4 $500 Tony Irelandprize packs!Grab your codeword and enter online.Including:• Full vehicle detail (thorough clean,polish and wax both inside and out)valued at $300.• A $200 gift voucher for use at anyof the Tony Ireland Townsvillegroup of companies (includingHolden, HSV, Land Rover, Volvo,Jaguar merchandise andaccessories for a new or usedvehicle deposit, vehicle servicingor paint, tools and equipment fromTony Ireland Russco.Codeword: Tony IrelandFor full terms and conditions visit council’swebsite at Detailing does not include bodywork, painting, mechanical or upholsteryrepair.Competition closes 16 December 2011.townsville city council city update >> december 2011 9

goinggreenSUSTAINABILITYSAVE ENERGY THIS SUMMERYou can save money and reduce your impacton the environment by following these handyenergy saving tips.Cooling your home» Keep your air conditioner on 25°C duringsummer. A change of 1°C cooler means a costincrease of 10 per cent!» Shade windows with blinds, shade sails andtrees.» Maximise on natural cooling by opening doorsand windows on cooler days.» Regularly clean or replace your air conditionerfilter.Fridges» Check your fridge seals by placing a piece ofpaper between the seal and the fridge door. Ifthe paper slides out easily, your sealsprobably need replacing.» Defrost your freezer regularly. When ice buildsup, your freezer uses more electricity.Power that stands by doing nothingStandby power contributes to around 11 percent of Australian residential electricity use.Switching the power off at the wall when not inuse can reduce your energy bill by up to $100annually.» Switch your hot water system off if you goaway.» Buy a ‘switched’ power board so you can turnoff individual appliances when not in use.» Switch televisions off at the wall instead ofusing the remote. The little red light means itis still consuming power.Swimming pool pumpsSwimming pool pumps can significantlyincrease the cost of your electricity bill insummer.» Switch your pool pump to run on tariffelectricity. This greatly reduces your poolrunning costs.» Consider switching to an energy efficient poolpump.» Stick to running your pool pump for only sixhours a day.For more energy saving ideas, CouncilTownsville City CouncilPO Box 1268Townsville QLD 48101300 878 001 from 8am to Walker Street, Townsville City86 Thuringowa Drive, Thuringowa CentralOperating hours 8.30am – 5pmMonday to FridayCouncil Meetings>> 9am Thursday 15 December>> 9am Tuesday 24 January>> 9am Tuesday 28 FebruaryStanding Committee Meetings>> Infrastructure Committee9am Tuesday 6 December9am Tuesday 14 February>> Commercial Business Committee11am Tuesday 6 December11am Tuesday 14 February>> Planning and Economic Development Committee9am Wednesday 7 December9am Wednesday 15 February>> Lifestyle and Community Development Committee9am Thursday 8 December9am Thursday 16 February>> Community Safety and Health Committee11am Thursday 8 December11am Thursday 16 February>> Environment and Sustainability Committee1pm Thursday 8 December1pm Thursday 16 February>> Corporate Governance Committee9.30am Tuesday 13 December9.30am Tuesday 21 FebruaryNew year not celebrated by petsIn true New Year's Eve fashion,the city will bring in 2012 with acelebration and fireworksdisplay.Don’t turn the event into a sad occasion withthe loss of your pet.Fireworks can be a cause of great distress forthe family pet and responsible pet owners shouldtake steps to ensure their pets are safe,comfortable and secure during fireworks displays.Dogs may be particularly afraid of fireworks,but a fear of them can also affect cats, birds andother pets.The most common problem during New Year'sEve celebrations is animals running away orinjuring themselves out of fear. A few precautionscan help lessen the distress to your pet.>> Take them for a walk and feed them a solidmeal prior to the fireworks display, this mayhelp reduce anxiety.>> Encourage calm behaviour by distracting them.>> Remain cheerful and in control to demonstratethat nothing is wrong.>> Ensure all pets are securely tied up or keptinside the house or yard. Block potential exitsand provide toys or other distractions.>> Make sure your dog or cat is registered and canbe identified in the event of an escape. A tagwith your phone number can mean a fasterreturn if your pet becomes lost.Don’t spend the new year searching for your lostpet, prepare yourself ahead of time. Ensure yourpet is registered with council and microchippedand keep them safe this festive season.Similarly, thunderstorms can be a cause ofstress to animals, so prepare yourself now.thinking of a puppy or kitten as agift this christmas?Remember>> Pets are a long-term commitment.>> Pets cost money for vaccinations,desexing, food, worming, registration andmircrochipping.>> Pets need lots of love and attention.>> Most pets, particularly dogs, requireobedience training and daily exercise.>> Pets need an adequate and secure outdoorarea to play.While pets bring lots of enjoyment to peopleslives they are a big responsibility.10 townsville city council city update >> december 2011

artscultureNational Year ofReading 2012Whether you’re an occasionalbrowser or an avid bookworm, it istime to get ready for the NationalYear of Reading 2012.The National Year of Reading2012 encourages people fromacross Australia to discover, andrediscover, the magic of books.CityLibraries, along with otherAustralian libraries andassociations, will link all the greatthings already happening aroundbooks, reading and literacy,and give them an extra boost.There will be something foreveryone, from childrenlearning to read, to keen readersfinding new sources ofinspiration.The National Year of Reading2012 is about supporting readinginitiatives while respecting the oraltradition of storytelling.Throughout the year,CityLibraries will showcase someexciting projects, inspirationalprograms and a variety of eventsand activities.The official launch of NationalYear of Reading 2012 will be onTuesday 14 February.A full list of programs, eventsand activities will be availableonline to the launch date and in theDecember edition of Learn DiscoverConnect – available at branches,online or by free subscription.The latest edition of LearnDiscover Connect e-magazine isnow available online at council’swebsite.Follow CityLibraries on twitter@TownsvilleLib to stayup-to-date with librarynews.Desert CountryIn BedMASSIVE EXHIBITIONVISITS PINNACLESIn BedRon MueckA Queensland Art Gallery TravellingExhibitionPinnacles Gallery >>19 Nov 2011 – 8 Jan 2012In recognition of the incrediblepopularity of Ron Mueck’s In Bed(2005), the sculpture will travel toseveral regional Queenslandvenues including Pinnacles Gallery,Riverway.The works of Australian-born,London-based sculptor RonMueck are some of the mostwidely acclaimed andidentifiable pieces in theinternational contemporary artarena. Mueck's work In Bed is amesmerizing, larger-than-life,hyper-realistic sculpture of a womanlying in bed and is the singularfeature of the exhibition.Queensland Art Gallery Director,Tony Ellwood, said the sculpture InBed is one of Mueck’s largest andmost engaging works. It elicitsstrong feelings of empathy, despiteits overwhelming scale (over sixmetres in length), and invitesaudiences to reflect on thepsychology of everyday situations.DESERT ARTISTS ON SHOWAT PERC TUCKERDesert CountryAn Art Gallery of South AustraliaTravelling ExhibitionPerc Tucker Regional Gallery >>18 Nov 2011 – 29 Jan 2012The artists of the exhibition, DesertCountry, all come from the desertregions of Australia. Among the 95artists, 16 different language groupsare represented. This means that notonly are 16 different languagesspoken but each one of these groupshas different beliefs and customsthat have been handed down invarious rituals, ceremonies and artforms through the generations.The stories have been referred toas 'Dreaming' stories, but inAboriginal culture they are known asthe Tjukurrpa, and in the eastKimberley as the Ngarrangkarni.Whichever word is used to describethe art pieces in Desert Country, theexhibition reveals how lives remainlinked by the ancestral creationstories, which have travelled inthought, spirit and through ceremonyover many thousands of years. Thepaintings on display in DesertCountry are direct translations ofthese creation stories.looking for a uniquechristmas gift idea? gotthat one person who ishard to buy for?Then the Townsville Civic Theatre hasyou covered! Tickets are on sale nowfor the 2012 Theatre Season. Book apackage early to get the best seats inthe house! There’s a show to suiteveryone's taste including music,drama, opera, and dance.To book call the Ticketshop on4727 9797 or online city council city update >> december 2011 11

januaryPublic ExposurePinnacles Gallery9 – 29 JanAustralia DayRiverwayThur 26 Jan, 6.45am – 4pmfebruaryGo figure!: XstrataChildren’s ExhibitionWith Simon Gilby’s TheSyndicatePerc Tucker Regional Gallery3 Feb - 8 AprMachinimaPinnacles Gallery4 Feb – 1 AprNational Serviceman’sDayRowes Bay MemorialTues 14 Feb, 9am – 11ammarchContemporaryMiniatures: fromQueensland Art GalleryPerc Tucker Regional Gallery2 Mar – 29 AprTownsville Arts AwardsTownsville Civic TheatreFri 2 Mar, 6pmFOOAP WorkshopsTownsville Civic Theatre – C22 – 4 MarThe Gruffalo’s ChildTownsville Civic TheatreMon 5 Mar, 6.30pmTues 6 Mar, 10am and 12pmShaolin Kung-FuTownsville Civic TheatreTues 13 and Wed 14 MarToad Day OutThuringowa SoundshellSun 25 Mar, 8.30am – 12pmaprilTownsville Young ArtistAwards 2012Perc Tucker Regional Gallery13 – 29 AprNational Youth Week13 – 22 AprSessions at C2: Jane RutterTownsville Civic Theatre – C2Fri 20 Apr, 8pmAnzac Day ServicesAnzac Park Cenotaph andThuringowa CenotaphWed 25 AprSessions at C2: KatieNoonanTownsville Civic Theatre – C2Sat 28 Apr, 8pmmayMay Month of LearningCitylibraries1 – 31 MayBattle of the Coral SeaAnzac ParkThurs 3 May, 6amXstrata Percival PortraitAward: delivered by IASPerc Tucker Regional Gallery4 May – 1 JulTom BurlinsonTownsville Civic TheatreFri 4 May, 8pmTourism ExpoStrand ParkFri 4 May, 5pm – 9pmFestival of One-Act PlaysTownsville Civic TheatreSat 5 and Sun 6 MayMelbourne InternationalComedy RoadshowTownsville Civic TheatreFri 11 and Sat 12 May, 8pmHeritage DayWest End Cemetery ParkSun 13 May, 11am – 3pmBugalugs Bum ThiefTownsville Civic TheatreTues 15 and Wed 16 MayNamatjiraTownsville Civic TheatreWed 23 May, 8pmBiddiesTownsville Civic TheatreFri 25 and Sat 26 May, 8pmjuneEco Fiesta and SmartLifestyle ExpoQueens GardensSat 2 and Sun 3 Jun,10am – 4pmInternational Digital ArtProjects New MediaExhibitionPinnacles Gallery9 Jun – 15 JulJames and the GiantPeachTownsville Civic TheatreTues 12 Jun, 6.30 pmWed 13 Jun, 10am and 1pmSyncopationRiverway Arts CentreWed 20 and Thur 21 Jun, 8pmWinter School HolidayProgramVarious locations23 Jun – 8 JulLet the SunshineTownsville Civic TheatreTues 26 and Wed 27 Jun,8pmTaikOz – Shifting SandsTownsville Civic TheatreFri 29 and Sat 30 JunjulySuper Welcome toTownsvilleStrand ParkThur 5 JulyPerspectives: JonCattapan and eX deMediciFrom Australian War MemorialPerc Tucker Regional Gallery6 Jul – 2 SepMcDonalds Dance ExpoStrand ParkFri 6 JulLee HarndenPerc Tucker Regional Gallery6 – 22 JulCloudland – QueenslandBalletTownsville Civic TheatreWed 11 Jul, 8pmiBunyipRiverway Arts CentreMon 16 and Tues 17 JulUrban Legacy (AlisonMcDonald)Pinnacles Gallery21 Jul – 26 AugRhythms of Light: DiBrescianiPerc Tucker Regional Gallery27 Jul - 26 AugThe School for Wives –The Bell ShakespeareCompanyRiverway Arts CentreTues 31 Jul, 8pmaugustSeniors Picnic in the ParkSherriff ParkWed 22 Aug, 9am – 2pmMe and My ShadowRiverway Arts CentreWed 15 Aug, 6.30pmThur 16 and Fri 17 Aug,9.30am and 12.30 pmThe Mikado – OperaQueenslandTownsville Civic TheatreThur 16 Aug, 8pmVietnam Veterans DayAnzac Park, Heroes WalkSat 18 Aug, 5pmWinner of the SydneyInternational PianoCompetitionTownsville Civic Theatre – C2Sat 18 Aug, 8pmSeniors Music Day onMagnetic IslandAlma Bay ParkSun 26 Aug, 12.30 – 3.30pm57th Townsville ArtAwardsTownsville Art SocietyPerc Tucker Regional Gallery31 Aug - 16 SepseptemberCreative Generations andArt NowPinnacles Gallery1 – 30 SepCabaret at C2: CaravanBurlesqueTownsville Civic Theatre – C2Wed 5 Sep, 8pmHappy Birthday PeterRabbitTownsville Civic TheatreSat 8 Sep, 6.30pmMon 10 Sep, 10am and 12pmG.W. Bot: The LongPaddockA Goulburn Regional ArtGallery Touring ExhibitionPerc Tucker Regional Gallery21 Sep - 4 NovPioneers PartyTownsville RSL StadiumSat 29 Sep, 12pm – 2pmoctoberThe FloodRiverway Arts CentreSat 6 Oct, 8pmImpressed (Press North)Pinnacles Gallery6 Oct – 11 NovnovemberTAFE Visual ArtsPerc Tucker Regional Gallery1 – 17 NovTourism ExpoStrand ParkFri 2 Nov, 5pm – 9pmCyclone SundayStrand ParkSun 4 NovNQ Potters’ 40th BirthdayExhibitionPerc Tucker Regional Gallery9 – 25 NovShoot from the Hip(Plastic Camera Comp)Pinnacles Gallery10 Nov – 20 Jan 2013Remembrance DayServicesAnzac Park Cenotaph andThuringowa CenotaphSun 11 NovThresholds: MargaretWilsonPerc Tucker Regional Gallery23 Nov – 17 Feb 2013JCU School of CreativeArts Graduate ExhibitionPerc Tucker Regional Gallery30 Nov – 10 DecdecemberTownsville Bulletin Carolsby CandlelightReid ParkSun 2 Dec, 6pm – 9pmTAFE Aboriginal and TorresStrait Islander Cultural ArtsPerc Tucker Regional Gallery14 Dec – 27 Jan 2013Summer School HolidayProgramVarious locations, Townsville15 Dec – 27 Jan 2013New Years EveCelebrationsReid ParkMon 31 Dec, 7pm – 1am

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