Research in Freshwater Ecosystems

Research in Freshwater Ecosystems

Research in Freshwater Ecosystems

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Rivers: Some UnderlyingPrinciples

Hurricane Katrina Track

Katrina--the Perfect Storm

Stream Health is Interdisciplinary

Stream Health is Interdisciplinary

Katrina Radar Loop

Storm Surge Over 17’ Levees

Levee Collapse

New Orleans Flooded

New Orleans Flood Extent

Long Beach Mississippi- ~25 ft stormsurge

Waveland Mississippi Storm Surge

Looking For Loved Ones

A New Orleans Look

Hurricane Wilma Oct 19, 200526.05 inches

A New Day??

Stream Health is Interdisciplinary

River Continuum Concept

Rivers and the Physical World

Organism Interactions + Energy Flow

Characterizing thePhysical Environment

Some River Physical Parameters• Discharge• Sediment Load• Sediment Grain Size• Flood Plain and Delta• Meanders and Oxbows• Channel, Banks, Natural Levees• Riffles, Pools, Pond, Run• Cut Bank, Point Bar, Sand bar•

The Path to the Sea

A Nice Flood Plain

The Great Flood..

Some World Rivers..

The Top 10......

Top 10 by Discharge

More Discharge +Sediment Loads

Rivers Are DynamicOver the Last 10,000 years.......

Nile River Delta

Ganges River Delta

Amazon River Floods

The Miami Valley and Four-MileCreek Watershed

Acton LakeHarkers RunFour Mile CreekBachelor PreserveOxford

Acton Lake Dam

Four Mile at Hwy 73Four Mile CreekHarkers RunHwy 73Water Treatment Plant


Comparisons Reference/Stressed Sites

Where have All the Trees Gone? LongTime Passing...........

Aquatic Danger-Zones

Species Declines.......A Multi-Spectral Blitz

Colorado River Experiments

We Should Cut Down More Trees??......

What Tools Do We Use toDetermine StreamHealth?

Fish Assemblage Quality

Indicator Species: Some Fish Only Found in HealthyWaters

Bio-Metrics:How Do We Know When a Habitat Sucks?

Stream Fish + Biodiversity

Putting It Together

Stream Health is Interdisciplinary

A Potpourri of Interaction

A Tangled Web....

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