Deploying IPv6 Services over Fixed and Mobile Networks
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Deploying IPv6 Services over Fixed and Mobile Networks

Product OverviewGateway6• IPv6 service delivery platform forfixed and wireless networks• Deploy IPv6 services over IPv4network• Provide interoperability betweenIPv6 – IPv4 – IPv6 networksDongle6• Plug ‘n’ play IPv6 CPE• Plug into Ethernet port anywherein the LAN to get IPv6P2P6 ( Peer-to-Peer6) Platform• Platform to deploy P2P services• Works in IPv6 networks or in IPv4networks with Gateway6Gateway6Dongle6© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 5

Gateway6 SolutionDescription• An IPv6 service deliveryplatform• Extends IPv6 from the core tothe edge of the network (lastmile or last hop)• Provides interoperabilitybetween IPv6 & IPv4 hosts,networks and servicesValue Proposition• Enables IPv6 services to workover IPv4 networksUSP• The only IPv6 service deliveryplatform sold todayConsists of 3 parts:1. Client2. Transitionmechanisms3. ServerIPv4IPv6© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 6

Gateway61U Internet appliance2 x 1GbE interfacesSupports up to 50,000 tunnelsIPv6 in IPv4 tunnelingIPv4 in IPv6 tunneling (DSTM)NAT traversalRADIUS supportIPv6 permanent (or temporary) addressesNode and network mobilityIPv6 prefix delegationAuthentication, Authorization &Accounting (AAA)Automatically update DNS informationMonitoring© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 7

Gateway6 ClientSmall footprint – uses v6 resources already in OSBSD licensed. Source code and OPENWRT port availableDeployed in three ways:1. Software download for computer• Is available on Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP, Linux,FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, OS X, VxWorks2. Dongle6 - “Plug ‘n’ play” hardware device• Plug anywhere in network to provision IPv6 to LAN3. Ported to various CPE devices© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 8

Gateway6 Transition MechanismsTunneling• Tunneling protocol is used to establish tunnel betweenclient and Gateway6 server• Utilizes the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP), DSTM, L2TP(prototype) and others soonTranslation• IPv4 -> IPv6 & IPv6 -> IPv4 proxy functionality• IPv6 -> IPv4 & IPv6 -> IPv4 translation functionality© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 9

Dongle6Plug ‘n’ play IPv6 CPEDongle6 eliminates client softwareProvisions IPv6 over L2 networkCan be installed by userCost effective way to upgrade exiting CPE deployments to IPv6IPv4network+oror=IPv4 & IPv6network© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 10

P2P6 Platform OverviewOpens a new class of services for the Operator to sell• Broadband fixed• 3G mobileAll services are plug ‘n’ play -user can installPlatform supports the deployment of IPv6 P2P service over IPv4Provides secure access to the home from anywhere on theinternet• Access home services with any computer or mobile device using IPv4• Works with both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled home servers/devicesEnabled services:• P2P Camera• Home Access• Home Website• Big Big Mail• P2P Filesharing• P2P Streaming• Remote Support© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 11

Peer to Peer (P2P6) ServicesIPv4 InternetCamerasPhonesNATIPv4Home devicesand sensorsHomeNetwork(IPv4 or v6)File serverMedia serverWeb serverIPv6 Internethttp://cam1.gateway6.hexago.comUser = camuser; Password = secret© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 12

Gateway6 Applications – FixedIPv6 services platform using tunneling over IPv4• Start small and add more Gateway6s step by step as traffic growswithout requiring any client changesProvides IPv6 access to users outside of IPv6 networkIPv4 support in an IPv6 only environment through DSTMTSPv4v6 HomenetworkEdge routerIPv4 NetworkDual-stack corev4v6 HomenetworkEdge routerIPv6 Access Network© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 13

Gateway6 Applications – MobileIPv6 over IPv4 to start IPv6 3G/IMS services todayIPv6 roaming in IPv4 networksVarious solutions to access IPv4 services in IPv6 networkIPv4 GSM/GPRSTSPIPv6 IMS domainRoamingnetwork withoutIPv6 supportTSPDSTMIPv6 GSM/GPRSLegacy Ipv4services© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 14

Gateway6 Applications – FMCProvide a scalable platform for home access servicesAccessing IPv6 IMS domain from wireline/wirelessnetworksIPv4 – IPv6 IMS interoperability – in progressIPv6 GSM/GPRSIPv6IMS domainHomenetworkIPv4 Wirelinenetwork© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 15

Booth DemonstrationsDemonstrating: Gateway6, Dongle6 and P2P6Gateway6IPv6 CameraIPv6streamingserverIPv6 webserverIPv6IPv6HomeIPv6Private IPv4NATIPv4AccessTSP tunnelIPv4InternetTSP tunnelIPv4 file sharingserver (with P2P6client)Home Networkin CanadaIPv4IPv4IPv4 PowerControl DeviceIPv4 / IPv6Dongle6PCIPv6 ChinaSummitIPv4PhonePCIPv4IPv4 / IPv6NATIPv4 / IPv6Dongle6IPv6IPv6 Camera(with Gateway6client)© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL 16

Thank you.hexago.cnTel: (86) 10-6510-2099Fax: (86) 10-6518-6097go6.netApril 2007© HEXAGO 2007 - CONFIDENTIAL17

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