Dec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 1
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Dec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 1

Dec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 1

2 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012

QqnotesDec. 8-21, 2012 Vol 27 No 16arts. entertainment. news. this issuePaige Braddock, Rosendo Brown,Matt Comer, Chris Fitzsimon, JonHoppel, Charlene Lichtenstein,Lainey Millen, David Stout, DanielStroupe, Cecelia Thompson, Trinityfront pageGraphic Design by Lainey MillenPhoto Credit: Deposit Photoinsidenews & features5 HRC ranks cities on LGBT equality6 News Notes: Regional Briefsa&e / life&style10 Playing the field10 Winter excursions in North Carolina11 Crisp English style for winter12 Holiday recipies stir inspiration15 20 Questions16 Out in the Stars18 Out on the map20 Tell Trinity22 Community resources22 Fabulance22 Jane’s World23 Q events calendaropinions & views4 Editor’s Note4 Guest Commentary14 QPoll101112Material in qnotes is copyrighted by Pride Publishing & Typesetting © 2012 and may not be reproduced in any mannerwithout written consent of the editor or publisher. Advertisers assume full responsibility — and therefore, all liability —for securing reprint permission for copyrighted text, photographs and illustrations or trademarks published in their ads.The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers, writers, cartoonists we publish is neither inferred nor implied. Theappearance of names or photographs does not indicate the subject’s sexual orientation. qnotes nor its publisher assumesliability for typographical error or omission, beyond offering to run a correction. Official editorial positions are expressed instaff editorials and editorial notations and are determined by editorial staff. The opinions of contributing writers and guestcolumnists do not necessarily represent the opinions of qnotes or its staff. qnotes accepts unsolicited editorial, but cannottake responsibility for its return. Editor reserves the right to accept and reject material as well as edit for clarity, brevity.Pride Publishing & Typesetting, Inc.P.O. Box 221841, Charlotte, NC 28222ph 704.531.9988 fx 704.531.1361Publisher: Jim YarbroughSales: x207 adsales@goqnotes.comNat’l Sales: Rivendell Media212.242.6863Editor: Matt Comerx202 editor@goqnotes.comAssoc. Ed.: David Stouteditor2@goqnotes.comProduction: Lainey Millenx205 production@goqnotes.comPrinted on recycled local news partner ofThe Charlotte ObserverDec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 3

their proposed anti-LGBT state constitutionalamendment was passed by voters 61-39percent. Fitzgerald and her motley crew ofhaters, like an eerie, insidious underworld versionof Santa and his merry elves, crept theirmisinformation, division, prejudice and fearinto nearly every North Carolina home.Speaker Thom Tillis — Launched intopower by his focus on more moderate issueslike job growth and the economy, RepublicanNorth Carolina Speaker of the House ThomTillis kowtowed to the Republican Party’sfar-right-wing zealots and bent over backwardto please their desires for discrimination andprejudice. What’s more, he did it knowing itwas wrong and ultimately doomed to failure.In March, he told students at North CarolinaState University that if the amendmentpassed, it would “be repealed in 20 years.”For a man charged with faithfully serving thestate’s people in government and for protecteditor’snoteby Matt Comermatt@goqnotes.comNaughty and Nice 2012I’ve got my fine parchment paper, myinkwell filled with the finest purple ink and myfancy feather quill pen all ready to go. Yes, itis time for this year’s Naughty and Nice list,recounting the heroes, villains and foes of2012. As soon as we’re done, we’ll ship it offexpress to the North Pole, in time, no doubt,to lobby jolly old St. Nick for the appropriategifts these folks deserve. Lumps of coals orsugarplums, each of the people and groupson our Naughty and Nice list this year havereaped what they have sown.NaughtyN.C. Values Coalition — Led by noneother than perennial hate-group lobbyistTami Fitzgerald, the N.C. Values Coalitionsuccessfully did what more than a decade ofbumbling right-wing haters couldn’t, relyingon the 2010 Republican takeover of the state’slegislature to accomplish it. Ultimately, in May,ing and defending the Constitution of NorthCarolina, it’s shameful that Tillis showedexactly how little he understands aboutgoverning, about what a constitution actuallyis and what should or shouldn’t be includedin one. Can you hear it, Thom, beckoning fromages past? “Prudence, indeed, will dictatethat governments long established should notbe changed for light and transient causes.”NiceCoalition to Protect all N.C. Familiesand Equality North Carolina — Though thecampaign to defeat Amendment One wasultimately lost, LGBT North Carolinians havea slew of hard-working, committed and passionatepeople to thank this year. Coalitionand Equality North Carolina staffers, alongwith hundreds of passionate progressiveallies and volunteers, joined hand-in-handto stand up against bigotry. Their defenseswere admirable and have resulted in a farmore well-networked movement for equalityfor all in the Tar Heel State. Progressives ofall stripes came together to work side-byside.Now, after the amendment, these sameprogressives are still standing strong, unitedin their common cause of justice. A newmovement is taking hold in our great state.As North Carolina NAACP President, Rev. J. Barber, II, has said, “We must havea 21st century fusion politics where we standtogether not sometimes but all the time.” Icouldn’t agree more.Pride Charlotte — As summer faded, theemotional amendment campaign of the springin rearview, Charlotte’s LGBT communitybanded together in a show of force for thewhole nation and world to see. Just one weekbefore the start of the Democratic NationalConvention, organizers of this year’s PrideCharlotte Festival successfully submitted thefacts of our strength, fortitude, perseveranceand diversity to a candid world. I was amongthose organizers and volunteers who putso many hours, sweat, blood and tears intothis year’s festival. I have met no other morecommitted and passionate people, some farmore deserving of praise and recognition thanme. Their commitment to raising the visibilityand recognition of the LGBT communityhere paid off in unexpected and innumerableways. George Washington once describedCharlotte as “a trifling place,” but, oh, howthings change in two centuries! No one cannow doubt the size, resiliency and influenceof our local LGBT community, as the QueenCity received a community-wide celebrationof LGBT Pride fit for its size and stature on theEast Coast. : :guest commentaryby Chris Fitzsimon :: N.C. Policy WatchN.C. GOP still catering to the extreme RightFolks looking for signs that rationalbehavior and common sense might be slowlycreeping back into the national political discussionmust be at least a little encouragedthese days.Noted Republican leaders in Washingtonand beyond are raising long overdue questionsabout the wisdom of the absurd no-taxpledge demanded of all conservatives by antigovernmentzealot Grover Norquist that hashelped paralyze meaningful budget discussionsfor years in Congress.A bipartisan group focusing on addressingthe national debt is now holding eventscross the country and in North Carolinawhere former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt andformer Republican Gov. Jim Holshouser arethe headliners.And President Barak Obama and congressionalleaders are now negotiating an alternativeto the looming fiscal cliff.None of this means partisan gridlock isover and there is plenty to worry about in thedetails of debt reduction plans and any fiscalcliff solution if one ultimately emerges.But at least there is a glimmer of hope thatthe absolute intransigence of Republicansin Washington has softened and they seemwilling to reject the most extreme factions oftheir party.Sadly, none of that seems to be happeningin North Carolina. Things here seem beheaded in the opposite direction.Greensboro’s News & Record reports thatHouse Speaker Thom Tillis seemed to suggestrecently on his Facebook page that he is opento the idea of nullification, the idea that statescan refuse to obey federal law by declaringfederal actions unconstitutional.That is a favorite position of the Tea Partyand the states’ rights crowd, and as The News& Record’s Travis Fain reminds us, it was usedby states refusing to abide by school desegregationdecisions by the federal courts.Tillis asks readers of his Facebook Pageif they would be interested in a “Town Hall onoptions for fighting the Federal Government’sencroachment of state’s rights.”That question came after Tillis raisedthe states’ rights issue in connection withthe Affordable Care Act, saying,“With 30republican Governors and 27 GOP-controlledState legislatures, we have never been betterpositioned to assert State’s rights.”And it’s not just Tillis. The speaker at theDec. 6 meeting of the Charlotte MecklenburgRepublican Women’s club was right-wing talkshow host and author Jason Lewis, perhapsbest known for advocating for making it easierfor states to secede from the Union.The latest online poll from the Pope CivitasInstitute asks readers if they think secessionis a legitimate course of action for state governmentand if they would support it.A majority of folks who responded saythey would indeed support secession.Maybe you can’t glean too much fromfolks who respond to online polls but you cancertainly learn a lot about the folks who runthem, based on the questions asked.The folks at Civitas apparently believe secessionis worth discussing and despite theirfar-right views the group is well connectedwith Republican leaders. Tillis’ own chief ofstaff used to work at Civitas.Some national Republicans may havedecided that hanging out on the far-rightfringe doesn’t help their political party or thecountry, but the folks running the show inNorth Carolina apparently do not agree ordon’t care.Further to the extreme right we go. : :— Chris Fitzsimon is the executive directorat N.C. Policy Watch,!These rates only cover a portion of our true cost,however, our goal is to serve our communityMailed 1st class from Charlotte, NC, in sealed envelope.Subscription Rates: ☐ 1 yr - 26 issues = $48 ☐ 1/2 yr - 13 issues = $34Mail to: P.O. Box 221841, Charlotte, NC 28222______________________________________________________name: ______________________________________________________address: ______________________________________________________city: ______________________________________________________state: zip:______________________________________________________credit card – check one: ☐ mastercard ☐ visa ☐ discover ☐ american express______________________________________________________card #:exp. date:signature:4 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012

news notes:carolinas. nation. world.compiled by Lainey Millen | David Stout | Matt ComerLearn how to say ‘no’CHARLOTTE — A multi-location event revolving around the critically-acclaimed “Bully”documentary film will be held in the Queen City in January through Joined In Education and theJewish Federation of Greater Charlotte. It is being sponsored by The Leon Levine Foundation,the Duke Energy Foundation, the Gorelick Foundation and others.On Jan. 15, join director Lee Hirsch (pictured) and view cuts from the director’s chairat Knight Theatre, 430 S. Tryon St., at 7:30 p.m. A dessert reception will follow. Ticketsare $45/person. A pre-reception will precede theevening’s program at 6 p.m. Cost to attend is $250/person, $360/couple.The following day is chocked full of events allday long at the Levine Jewish Community Center atShalom Park, 5007 Providence Rd.At 9:30 a.m., internationally-recognized authorBarbara Coloroso (pictured) will deliver a keynoteaddress, “Creating an environment of caring athome & at school.” This is suitable for parents ofchildren of all ages.Parents and teachers can choose between“What do I need to know about cyber bullying” and“When is bullying really bullying, or is this just normalkid behavior?” workshops being presented at 11 a.m.Another workshop, “The preschool dilemma — at home & at school,” begins at 1:30 p.m.followed by another keynote, “Change in the Classroom,” at 3:15 p.m.The day ends with a choice of three workshops at 4:15 p.m.: “Middle school madness;”“High school conversations that lead to change;” and “The Responsive Classroom — Bullyproofingyour classroom.”Sessions are open to parents, teachers, administrators, counselors and communitymembers. Cost is $75 for the morning or afternoon sessions or $125 for the entire day. Lunchcan be purchased onsite.To purchase tickets or for more information, email or— L.M.CharlotteNuns to hit Blumenthal stageCHARLOTTE — Out on the Town (OOTT),the LGBT theater social group availablethrough the North Carolina BlumenthalPerforming Arts Center’s Duke EnergyBroadway Lights Series, has announcedthat it will host an exclusive pre-show partyin the lounge at Ovens Auditorium, 2700 E.Independence Blvd., before the performanceof “Sister Act” on Jan. 10.The party is slated from 6-7:30 p.m., withthe show following at 7:30 p.m.Members of OOTT can obtain a $20discount on ticket prices on PL1 (rear orchestra)and PL2 (mezzanine) at this specialperformance. They are available throughBlumenthal with promotional code “SISTER9”only. Visit to obtain seats.Over the next several months, the clubwill attend other special performances justfor members. They include: “Fela,” Feb. 25,pre-show party, location TBD; “AmericanIdiot,” March 8, post-show party, locationTBD; “Wicked,” March 14, pre-show partyat Ovens; “Traces,” May 9, post-show party,location TBD; “War Horse,” May 30, pre-showparty, location TBD; and “Catch Me If YouCan,” June 7, post-show party, location TBD.For more information on OOTT, send name,email address and address to— L.M.HRC seeks equality leadersCHARLOTTE — The Human Rights CampaignNorth Carolina Gala has announced that it isaccepting scholarship nominations for its Feb. 23gala at the Charlotte Convention Center.Individuals and organizations will be recognizedfor their work in furthering LGBT civilrights progress during the festivities.Deadline for consideration is Dec. 31.In others news, tickets are now on sale.Organizers expect more than 1,300 to attendthe black-tie fundraiser. Corporate sponsorsinclude: Bank of America, presentingsponsor; Duke Medicine; CISCO; Blue CrossBlue Shield; Compass Group; Chris ConnellyDefense; and Northwest Family Physicians.For applications, tickets or more information,visit— L.M.TriangleCenter seeks new stafferRALEIGH — The LGBT Center of Raleighannounced on Dec. 3 that it will begin searchingfor an individual to fill a new staff position.The center will hire an executive assistant towork with Executive Director James Miller.The position is part-time, with the possibility offull-time expansion in coming months.The new position will assist with dutiesranging from development and marketing supportto volunteer recruitment and education.Other duties will include administrative andclerical work, research and writing, assistingwith executive director meeting and conferenceschedules, volunteer management,office management and other areas.Applicants should show strong administrativewriting skills, reporting skills, schedulingskills, Microsoft Office skills and organizationand time management. A four-year degree inmarketing, communications or policy administrationis preferred, along with comfort relations, Spanish fluency andknowledge of QuickBooks or SalesForce.Interested applicants should send adetailed resume, cover letter and brief writingsample by email to or by mail to: Attn: Human Resources,LGBT Center of Raleigh, 411 Hillsborough St.,Raleigh, NC, 27603. The application deadline isDec. 31, 2012. See a more in-depth job listingat— M.C.Holidays bring funRALEIGH — The LGBT Center of Raleigh,411 Hillsborough St., has a host of activities tofill the festive season ahead.On Dec. 9, put on those dancing shoesand head out to The Bar, 711 Rigsbee Ave., 3-7p.m., for a holiday t-dance. A $5 contribution issuggested at the door with proceeds going tothe center.The Gay & Gray crew are holding theirholiday potluck on Dec. 15, 5-9 p.m., at thecenter. Enjoy the camaraderie along with liveentertainment. This event is being held in conjunctionwith Primetimers and Silver Roses.For more information or to attend, email LesGeller at a place to hang out on Christmasday? Then head out to the center for theiropen house from Noon-6 p.m. on Dec. 25.Hang out and enjoy the fellowship.On Dec. 28, 6:30-8:30 p.m., the center willhold “Embracing Uncontrolled Love,” anaffirming faith forum. Join with leaders fromthe community at this forum to energize faithto act for the common good in practical ways.Joining in this event is especially significantnow when anti-LGBT hate based religiousrhetoric threatens LGBT lives and well being.For more information on these or other programsor events, visit— L.M.Author releases bookRALEIGH — Gay Christian Networkfounder and executive director Justin Lee recentlypublished his book, “Torn, Rescuing theGospel from the Gays vs.Christians Debate.”This piece tells the 15-year story of the writerto “understand both sides of the gay debate —from bullied teens to ministry leader scandals,from churches to gay bars — and, ultimately, tofind a way to bring us back together.”see News Notes on 86 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012

News Notescontinued from page 6His discoveries are chronicled, especiallythe ones that shocked his foundation, aswell as the heartbreaking ones as well. Heexplored and examined how to make the situationright amidst the controversy.“Torn” rips at the fabric of divisivenessand offers both sides a way to approach thisfrom an honest, realistic and compassionateperspective.Published by Jericho Books, it is availablethrough book dealers and online in paper andelectronic formats.To purchase “Torn,” visit other news, the organization is stillaccepting reservations for its “Oasis” conferencebeing held Jan. 10-13, 2013 in Phoenix,Ariz. Visit to learn more.— L.M.Petition set for GSARALEIGH — Jenna Travis, a student atLeRoy Martin GT Magnet Middle School,started a petition online to help bring a gaystraightalliance (GSA) to her campus.It seems that she and her friends tried toget the school to allow the formation of theGSA previously to which her grade’s counselorcommented, “it would lead to inappropriateconversations about sex,” and turned therequest down.As of press time she had over 200 signaturesand was planning on reaching out to aschool administrator again.qnotes will follow up in a subsequentissue once we have found out the outcome ofthe petition and request.To view the petition’s language,— L.M.RegionalQueers trek across U.S.ATLANTA — North Carolina photographerKeith Bailey has launched his cross-countryjourney “Queer Across America,” with thepilot shooting taking place in Augusta, Ga., asqnotes hits the streets on Dec. 8. The threedayfilming will be followed by other filmingsin Atlanta before Christmas and then up toCharlotte, N.C., in January, reports.A group of highly diverse gay men “visitsee next page uBackstageGlitzy, glamour, furs, feathers and fantasies galorePlaza MidwoodMarketplaceBackstage is located at 2005 Central Ave. New to Plaza-Midwood by way of Asheville’s LexingtonAve., Backstage is a tribute to the performing arts through vintage glam apparel, collectibles, accessoriesand antiques. “To die for” floor-length sequined, beaded gowns, embellished tailcoats and elegant top hats areamong owner J.B. Craycraft’s original designs.Every decade of the 20th century is represented in the store. This includes authentic pieces from the Titanic era,the Roaring ’20s, 1930s formalwear and smoking jackets, 1940s WWII military uniforms, 1950s varsity jackets and poodleshirts, 1960s “Dating Game” sports jackets, 1970s disco and 1980s over-the-top glam.Glittering vintage rhinestone jewelry (“they don’t make ‘em like they usta”) and unique, original necklaces, bracelets, rings andear wear abound in the large ceiling-to-floor lighted case. Don’t forget to ask for the vintage and retro eyeglass frames.Shaving mugs and brushes, straight razors and mustache cups with soaps fill the antique bow-glass curio. Flasks, naughty whiskeyjugs, martini shakers, hand-carved exotic pipes next to the absinthe spoons, pocket watches, cuff links, cigarette holders and cigarette casesshine out from the tall corner curio cabinet.Unique to Backstage — “Everything is for sale, everything is for rent and we have a 30-day layaway,” says J.B. “You don’t have to spend a fortune tostep out in suave, vintage style.”Backstage is a must-see, opulent eye-full of outrageous theatrical drama, fun and frolic.It is open Wednesday-Sunday, Noon to 6-7 p.m. and by appointment on Monday-Tuesday. Call 704-376-4300 for more information.Charlotte8 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012 and decidedly un-gay sites, attend events,do charity work, and educate themselves andothers about gay life in America.”Among the members of the troupe areBailey (bear, Gastonia, N.C.), Quinton Link(twink, Lincolnton, N.C.), Bethann Phetamine(drag, Charlotte, N.C.), Charlie Harding andpartner Scotty Rage (adult porn and performancepersonalities, Atlanta, Ga.), ChandlerBearden (AIDS activist, Atlanta, Ga.), MattColunga (body builder, Atlanta, Ga.) and JoshLesser (a Reconstructionist rabbi and formerstudent rabbi at Charlotte’s Havurat Tikvahcongregation, Atlanta, Ga.).The eclectic group will also travel to NewOrleans, La., Cleveland, Ohio, Phoenix, Ariz.,New York, N.Y., and Las Vegas, Nev. Dependingon the shows success, it may also ventureoutside the U.S., continuing its exploration.Contributions are being accepted onlineto fund the project at To learn more, visit— L.M.National‘Ex-gay’ agency sued for fraudNEW YORK, N.Y. — The Southern PovertyLaw Center, joined by the law firms of ClearyGottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP and LiteDePalma Greenberg, LLC, filed a lawsuit Nov.27 against Jews Offering New Alternatives forHealing (JONAH), its founder, Arthur Goldberg(pictured) and a counselor, Alan Downing,for peddling conversion therapy services,a dangerous and discredited practice thatfraudulently claims toconvert people fromgay to straight.The lawsuit, filed inthe Superior Court ofNew Jersey, chargesthat the defendantsviolated New Jersey’sConsumer Fraud Actthrough fraudulent and deceptive claims thattheir counseling services could cure customersof being gay. These fraudulent and deceptiveclaims include so-called scientific methodsinvented by Joseph Nicolosi, founder of theNational Association of Research and Therapyof Homosexuality (NARTH), the leading secularorganization promoting conversion therapy.The lawsuit is the first of its kind to directlysue a conversion therapy provider for fraudulentpractices. It describes how the plaintiffs— four young men, three of whom are NewYork residents, and two of their parents —were lured into JONAH’s services throughdeceptive commercial practices.— D.S.Text to raise AIDS memorial fundsSAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — People fromaround the world commemorated World AIDSDay on Dec. 1. The National AIDS Memorialand AT&T marked the day with the launch ofa major month-long campaign to help raiseawareness and funding for programs thatsupport the nation’s AIDS memorial.Through a text-to-donate campaign called“A Time For Hope; A Time for Healing,” AT&Tis making it possible for any mobile subscriberregardless of carrier to text the word “HEAL”to 501501 to make a $10 charitable donation tothe National AIDS Memorial.All donations to the text-to-donate campaignwill support the National AIDS Memorialyear-round mission to honor and pay tributeto those who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS;continue to create and maintain a permanentmemorial grove located in San Francisco as aplace for healing; and expand youth awarenessand scholarship programs to inspire the nextgeneration of leaders to help find a cure for thepandemic, now in its 30th year.— D.S.West Point wedding makes historyWEST POINT, N.Y. — Army Veteran andOutServe-SLDN Board member Brenda S.“Sue” Fulton married her longtime girlfriendPenelope Dara Gnesin on Dec. 1 in the firstsame-sex ceremony held at West Point CadetChapel. Fulton, a member of the first WestPoint class to include women in 1980, nowserves as a presidential appointee to its Boardof Visitors. She is also the executive directorof Knights Out, an organization of LGBT WestPoint graduates and allies.“West Point holds special significance toboth me and Penny,” said Fulton “From thetime I was a cadet, what West Point standsfor — integrity, leadership, selfless service —have been my touchstones. When Penny andI worked on ending ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ wekept coming back to the core value of integrity,and that’s what made a difference. To beable to legalize our union here, especially atthe Cadet Chapel, is really important to us.”— D.S.GlobalDeadly anti-gay bill set to advanceKAMPALA, Uganda — Any day now,conservative lawmakers in the UgandanParliament are expected to vote on the socalled“Kill the Gays” bill that would makebeing LGBT a crime punishable by life imprisonmentand even death. Further, the currentversion of the bill would send parents, teachersand landlords to jail if they fail to reportchildren, students and renters who are gay.Because the measure is supported by thespeaker of Parliament, global human rightsobservers say the only way it can be stoppedis through international pressure on Uganda’sPresident Yoweri Museveni to veto the bill.Opponents of the measure in the U.S.have blasted anti-gay, right-wing leaders TonyPerkins, president of the Family ResearchCouncil, and Bryan Fischer, head of theAmerican Family Association, for praising thebill as a stand for traditional Christian valueswhile ignoring the grievous sentences itwould impose.— D.S.Dec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 9

SPORTSPlaying the fieldMatch-ups from across the Carolinas:An end to season playby Jon Hoppel :: qnotes contributorSeason’s greetings from your qnotes sports staff! Wehope everyone enjoys their time with friends and familythis December, even if it’s to wait out the Mayan apocalypsehunkered down in a bunker somewhere. For thosethrowing caution into the wind and ignoring the prophecies,here is what went down this past November in theCharlotte sports scene.D-E-F-E-N-S-E! Was the cry on the field between the Charlotte Royalsand the Nashville Grizzlies as the Royals tried to hold back Grizzlies’Jimmy Arredondo.RugbyThe Charlotte Royals entered the month of Novemberundefeated, with three home games left in their season.The first match was Nov. 3rd versus the Nashville Grizzlies,a rematch from earlier in the season in which the Royalssqueaked out a 25-15 victory on the road. However, onthis day, there would be no doubt who would win thegame from the opening whistle. Charlotte jumped out toearly lead with two quick scores from Danny Wadsworthand David June in the first 10 minutes. From there, theRoyals never looked back, getting a 0-40 lead at halftime.Nashville was never able to get any offensive flow goingdue to Charlotte’s swarming defense led by JT Wentz andGarrett Jordan from the forward positions. The secondwas more of a grind, with the Royals stepping off thepeddle some with their substantial lead, but finished thecontest strong, earning a well-deserved 0-67 win over agood, although undermanned Grizzlies team.Box Score: David June (20 pts.), Danny Wadsworth (17pts.), Arthur Milne (10 pts.), Jon Hoppel (10 pts.), CodyWebb (5 pts.), Garrett Jordan (5 pts.)Men of the Match: Arthur Milne, David JuneTo wrap up their season, the Royals hosted a mini-tournamentbetween themselves, Guilford College and TableRock Rugby Club (TRRC) on Nov. 17th. Charlotte was lookingto go undefeated for the first time ever in their team’shistory. First they took on the young and quick GuilfordCollege team, a team they were looking to overpower withsize and experience.This game ended up being a battle to the veryend, with the Royals hanging on to a 0-7 lead with 10minutes to play. But a couple of costly turnovers intheir end lead to two scores for Guilford and the Royals10 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012were unable to overcome them. The game ended 10-7in favor of Guilford, ending Charlotte’s hopes of anunblemished record.Next, Guilford College took on TRRC, an experiencedand talented side from Morganton, N.C. The game gotaway from Guilford early, clearly showing fatigue fromthe very physical match against Charlotte. TRRC woneasily over the young squad, 40-0,barely allowing Guilford to crossmidfield.The tournament’s finale pittedCharlotte versus TRRC in a clashbetween two teams who know eachother well, with the Royals tryingto earn their first victory over thewell-balanced and experiencedsquad. But, despite their best efforts,Charlotte was unable to stop TRRC’sback line at any point during the gameand watched them run roughshodthrough their defense, scoring easilyand often. The victory for TRRC wasnever in doubt, winning with a finaltally of 63-0.Despite these two losses, theRoyals had a very successful season,finishing with a winning record andachieving a greater participation thanever before. Ending the season theway they did, fighting and playing harddespite being unable to pull out victories,should definitely give the teammore focus and outline things they canapprove on before next season, whichthey hope will be even better!SoftballThe Carolina Softball Association finished their seasonon Nov. 18th with their end of the season tournament. Fourteams competed for the championship in the one-dayevent held at Veterans Park. Game 1 pitted the secondand third seeded teams against each other, who finishedthe season with identical 5-4 records. However, the gamewasn’t nearly as close as those records would lead you tobelieve. Team Stan (3 seed) got out to a big lead early overthe Carolina Jackets (2 seed) and kept it rolling through all7 innings, winning with a margin of 30-8.The second game, and by far the most entertainingone of the day, had Team Hoppie (4 seed) taking on TeamPossum (1 seed). These two teams had polar oppositeseasons, with team Hoppie going 1-8 and Team Possumwinning the regular season with a record of 7-2. But,that didn’t stop the underdog team Hoppie from givingthe top seed all they could handle from inning one. TeamPossum was able to chip away at the 12-run deficit theyfaced. And, after a couple late inning errors by the otherteam, they were able to steal the win, 12-15.In the final, team Stan was unable to keep their hotbats going, only able to tally 11 runs against the favored1 seed. Propelled by the powerful hitting of AndrewMckenna and basehitting of Katie Gies, Team Possumgot early runs on the scoreboard. And, with JohnRukavina holding down the outfield with stellar play,team Stan never could mount a rally, losing 11-17. CSAwould like to thank everyone who came out and playedand cheered on the league this season. For informationon when the spring season will start, check theirwebsite at inNorth CarolinaClose-to-home holiday eventsand winter ski travelby Matt Comer :: matt@goqnotes.comThe Gate House at BiltmorePhoto Credit: anoldent via Flickr. Licensed Creative Commons.Winter is on its way. With it comes the expected cold weatherand the doldrums of bleak, gray skies. Kids look forward to snowand days out of school. Grown-ups look toward breaking the monotonyof the coldest, darkest part of the year. Whether you’re awinter lover or the I-can’t-wait-until-spring-and-summer-returnskind of person, there’s plenty to keep you occupied this season.Holiday outingsIf you’re in the mood to brighten up your day with some holidaycheer before December ends, check out these great events anddestinations:‘The Nutcracker’ the University of North Carolina School of the Art’s annualproduction of “The Nutcracker” at downtown Winston-Salem’sStevens Center on Dec. 9-16.A Tryon Palace ChristmasNew the sights and sounds of an 18th century Christmas in therebuilt royal governor’s mansion and the first state legislative buildingin North Carolina’s first state capital, New Bern. Activities havebeen running since Nov. 23 and continue through Jan. 5, includingconcerts, tours, storytelling, a masquerade ball and a Twelfth Nightparty on Jan. 5.National Gingerbread House Competition and DisplayAshevillegroveparkinn.com1-800-438-0050, ext. 1281This national competition brings contestants from across the country.Their architectural, gingerbread masterpieces have been ondisplay since Nov. 20. The display runs through Jan. 2. Held at theGrove Park Inn Resort and Spa. Free and open to the public.see Holiday on 19

Crisp English Style for WinterToasty warm with the sense of a cheery ol’ Charlotte is presenting “The Foreigner” from Jan. 25 - Feb. 10. The play revolves around a couple of Englishmen,Charlie Baker and Staff Sgt. Froggy LeSueur visiting a fishing lodge in Georgia. This comedy is full of intrigue as Charlie wantsto just be left alone, so they feign that he does not know a word of English. He has to keep up the ruse as he hears the secretsand gossip of the local townsfolk in this classic comedy by Larry Shue.“The Foreigner” was the inspiration for a winter wardrobe of English-inspired looks for the holiday season. British style istrademarked with slim cuts, skinny pants and checked patterns. Military-inspired details are a classic winter staple of epaulets,double breasted jackets, chest pockets and heavy wools.A very special thanks to Fidel Montoya and Keith Alyea of Silverfly Men’s Boutique located in the Metropolitan at1111 Metropolitan Ave., Suite 150 ( Thanks also to Caroline Cook of FROCK Shop for the use of her new shopspace, opening in January 2013 at 901 Central Ave. ( and Model: Daniel Stroupe • Photography: David LariCheck Jacket: Penguin, $225.00Shirt: Ben Sherman, $125.00Both available at Silverfly Men’s BoutiquePants: Odin New York for Target, available at $30.00Belt: Gucci, available at, $340.00Tie: Banana Republic, $65.00Devon Aire Nouvelle Riding Boot: Dover Saddlery,, $169.95Camel Topcoat with Velour Trim: Ben Sherman, $495.00“Brixton” Jean: Joe’s, $158.00both available at Silverfly Men’s BoutiqueCashmere Scarf: Louis Vuitton,, $640.00Grey Polo: H&M, $6.99Shoes: Saks 5th Avenue, available at Off 5th in Concord Mills, $75.00Vintage Khaki Army Belt: Value Village, $2.00Inset:Messenger Bag andWeekender: Ben Sherman,available at Silverfly Men’sBoutique, $175.00 eachVintage Military-style WoolOvercoat: Value Village, $9.99Inset:Shawl-collared Sweater with Chord Detail: Ben Sherman, $150.00“Russell” Jean: DL1961, $178.00both available at Silverfly Men’s BoutiqueDec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 11 recipesstir entertaininginspirationA dinner and dessert fit for your Decemberparty-hosting activitiesby Cecelia Thompson :: ModMealsonMendenhall.comCrowned pork roast overbrussels sprout potato hashAre you looking for a simple, seasonal,elegant and colorful meal for holiday dinnerparties this December? This might be it! I’dlike to say I’m selfless — testing out new recipesover Thanksgiving instead of cooking atraditional turkey — but, really, my family justdoesn’t like turkey. This year we had a smallercrowd, so we didn’t go all out with lamb andrib roast. We bought a small(er) crowned porkroast that needed minimal TLC. You couldbrine this cut of pork, but really it will be juicyand tender without any advance preparation.That’s what is great about meat on the bone.I made up a simple honey, mustard and herbglaze for the meat and we roasted it to justmedium. It was tender, juicy — and I’ll admit,there was some bone chewing (heck, it wasjust family!).With extra potatoes from a (very successful)Domino Potato experiment and someseasonal pick-ups from the market, I threwtogether a colorful and super easy hash tocompliment the pork. You could add any rootvegetable you have on hand but I’m a suckerfor any brussels sprout this time of year.Purple potatoes would be a really fun additionif you can find them! So, have fun with thisand experiment. If its colorful and cooked inbacon fat, your guest will most likely love it.Mustard, Honey and Herb Crusted CrownedPork RoastCrowned Pork Roast (4 to 5 bone)1 tablespoon Dijon mustard1 tablespoon grain mustard4 to 5 cloves of garlic confit — or roastedgarlic1 teaspoon fresh sage, minced1 teaspoon fresh thyme, minced2 tablespoons local honeysalt and pepperolive oilsee next page u12 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012

Holiday recipiescontinued from page 13Bring the pork roast to room temperature. In a food processor,combine mustards, garlic, herbs and honey. Taste forseasoning and add salt and pepper.Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Season with salt and pepper.In a hot skillet with a splash of olive oil, sear and brown theroast on each side. Add the mustard, honey and herb mixtureto the pork roast. Roast until the meat reaches an internal temperatureof 160 degrees. Allow to rest and then cut betweenthe bones to serve.Brussels Sprout and Potato Hash1 package brussels sprouts, halved3 sweet potatoes, cubed3 Yukon gold potatoes, cubed1 shallot, sliced4 slices of baconbutterolive oilPreheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cook bacon in a largeskillet. Remove bacon and keep fat in the pan. Meanwhile,microwave the sweet potatoes in a bowl for about 5minutes or until tender. At this point, you want to sautéthe sprouts and potatoes like you’re making hash browns.Add oil and butter as you need — remember butter addsflavor and oil raises the smoking-point. Sauté the brusselssprouts, sweet potatoes and yukon potatoes separately onmedium high. Add the shallots when you have room. Theywill all cook at different speeds. Once everything is brown,put them all on a baking sheet, add the bacon back in, andcook until tender.• • • • • • • • •Low CountryChristmas bowlAnother winter is comingto the southeast forcing allSoutherners to reach forcomfort foods and headtowards the fireplace.And, what could be morecomforting to a Southern girlthan a big bowl of cheesegrits? I think they evencreated a cliché acronymabout it.This recipe for “LowCountry Christmas Bowl”was inspired by a recipecollection titled “Comfortin a Bowl” in the January2011 addition of Real SimpleMagazine. Their recipe is asautéed mixture of andouillesausage and collard greensover cheese grits. After aliteral panic over the idea of purchasing and preparing collardgreens (which questions the ”S” in my “GRITS”), I grabbedsome baby spinach. I also added a couple of tomatoes andgarlic cloves that I had around the kitchen.Low Country Christmas Bowl1 cup low-fat milk3/4 cup quick cooking grits1 cup sharp cheddar cheese (or to taste)1 tablespoon butter12 ounces andouille sausage, sliced2 garlic cloves, minced2 shallots, sliced2 roma tomatoes, quartered1 red bell pepper, sliced1 bag of baby Holiday on 14Dec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 13

Holiday recipiescontinued from page a large cast iron skillet, saute the slicedandouille sausage over medium high-untilcrispy. Move the sausage to the side, lower theflame to medium and add garlic and shallot.Saute until slightly soft and add the tomatoesand peppers. Meanwhile, bring the milk and apinch of salt to a boil. Whisk in the grits on lowheat about 6 minutes until soft and creamy.Add the butter and cheese. Taste for seasoning(at this point, you will be tempted to add morecheese — and I don’t blame you)! Once thesausage and vegetable mixture is soft, add thespinach and allow to wilt. Serve hot on top ofpiping hot cheese grit!• • • • • • • • •Salted dark chocolate andpecan pieYou know the father character in the movie“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” that believesthat Windex can cure anything? I find it sofunny that almost every paternal figure identifieswith a cure-all. For my grandfather it’sNoxzema. We practically bathed in the stuffas kids. He claimed it would cure any wound,burn or bug bite — not to mention blemish!I’m not sure it worked, but I have very fewscares from my days spent in his home onthe Withlachochee River. This Thanksgivingmy Dad may have found his cure-all in edibleformat — golden syrup. The man wouldnot stop talking about it! He recently saw atelevision show hosted by Alton Brown aboutgolden syrup and, thank god, found a jar at theHarris Teeter or I’m not sure what we wouldhave done!Golden syrup is basically a sweetener likecorn syrup but made from cane sugar. It’s agreat replacement for honey — although I’mnot sure why anyone would want to substitutehoney. The best way to describe the flavor differenceis by tasting an American Coca-Colaand a Mexican Coca-Cola — you’ll be able totell that the Mexican variety tastes so muchbetter and natural with cane sugar. Try it, orthe golden syrup, it does make a difference.We tested the Golden Syrup in a recipe fora Chocolate Pecan Pie. I adjusted the recipe touse dark chocolate, golden syrup and sea salt.It’s basically a flourless brownie in a pie shelland that is nothing to complain about. Try it, usethe golden syrup and maybe you’ll be cured ofsomething (?) that ails you?Salted Dark Chocolate and Pecan Pie1 pie crust — either homemade or storebought1 and 1/2 cups pecans, toasted4 tablespoons butter6 ounces dark chocolate1/2 cup brown sugar3/4 cup golden syrup1 teaspoon vanillasea saltBake your pie shell in advance. Heatthe oven to 375. Melt butter and chocolatetogether. Add brown sugar, golden syrup andvanilla. Stir to combine and then add toastedpecans. Pour into the pie shell and bake forabout an hour or until set. Once set, removefrom the oven and sprinkle with sea salt.— Mod Meals on Mendenhall was startedby Greensboro’s Cecelia Thompson in 2009in an effort to seek creativity and expressionoutside the workplace.Learn more at reprinted with permission.Photos Credit:Cecelia Thompson/ModMealsonMendenhall.comqpollDo you plan to incorporatelocal or regional philanthropicgiving into your holiday giftingthis year?See the options and qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012

20 QuestionsBruce Claus, NoPoby David Stout :: Claus doesn’t live in the Tar Heel state, but the“confirmed bachelor” says his work with the familybusiness — an international manufacturing anddistribution non-profit — brings him to the area atleast once a year. His interests include decoratingwith gold and silver tinsel, faux fur fashion designand watching Christmas movie marathons onLifetime. Bruce is very excited to be featured in ourcolumn, he says, because his older sibling gets mostof the attention.“My brother is the quintessentialbear,” he explains. “He’s large and cuddly.Everybody loves him because he’salways jolly. But, then, why shouldn’t hebe. If he was the one living in the frigidconditions back home with six percentbody fat, things would be a little different,I dare say.” He quickly adds witha disarming elf-like grin, “Not that I’mbitter or anything.”What’s your favorite Rankin/BassChristmas special?“Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Mydear friend Hermey is featured in this one.I definitely believe in supporting “family,”which is why he’s the only elf I ever let near my teeth.Do you prefer live or artificial Christmas trees?I prefer decorated Christmas trees.What food do you most associate with your childhood?Cookies and milk, which constituted a well-balanced meal atour house when I was a kid. Obviously, I eat low-carb now.Can you fly around the world in a sleigh pulled by eightmagic reindeer?Yes, but why would I want to when I can fly to SydneyMardi Gras on my Visa Black Card?What’s your most embarrassing Christmas moment?When I was 15, we hosted the Snow Miser family forthe weekend. Their oldest son Jack stayed with me in myroom. One evening when we were called out for cocoa, mymom noticed a spurt of Jack’s frost in my hair.How do these “Christmas” films rank based onthe number of times you’ve seen them: “DieHard,” “Gremlins,” “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,”“Lethal Weapon”?This is a hard one. Probably “Die Hard” first,then “Lethal Weapon” followed by “Gremlins.”Although I’ve seen “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” theleast of these, I still love it. Val Kilmer’s belly inthis film rivals my brother’s.What type of underwear do you have onright now?Andrew Christian briefs. White with greenholly leaves and red berries.Did you have a Lite-Brite as a child?I grew up around the largest toy factory theworld has ever known. I had everything as a child.Do you eat gingerbread men?I have no prejudices or hang-ups. I eat every kind of men.What’s your favorite song by an openly gay artist?It has to be “Last Christmas” by Fruitcake!…uh, I mean Wham!(i.e., George “the gay one” Michael and Andrew “straight? Ithought he was the gay one” Ridgely).Are you more likely to wash Christmas dinner dishes by handor in the dishwisher?I’m more likely to call the elves in to clear the table while I do 30minutes on the stairmaster.Which pro athlete is the epitome of male physical perfection?Openly gay ice skater Johnny Weir. He can triple-toe loop intomy bed anytime.What household chore have you been putting off for muchtoo long?Shoveling snow out of the driveway and the living room.How many bumper stickers are on your car?I don’t have a car. I did put a large “Coexist” sticker on the familysleigh a few months back.Have you ever shaved off your pubic hair?I keep my entire body smooth. The elves are magic with wax.They’re also great at eyebrow threading.What is your favorite musical group with a femalelead singer?Emmet Otter’s Jug Band. I caught their act at Doc Bullfrog’srestaurant once and simply fell in love with Alice Otter’s voice.Gum drops, sugar plums or candy canes?I’ll take D, none of the above. Is it any wonder my entire familyis obese — look at how we eat! This is why my meals comefrom Jenny Craig.Would your ideal man ever wear flip flops?My ideal man lives in flip flops — and sarongs. I’m looking for apolynesian god to take me away from all this.Do you have any current magazine subscriptions?I’m an avid reader of Men’s Fitness and go through each issuefrom cover-to-cover.What’s your personal definition of a winter wonderland?Spending two weeks in February in Acapulco with Matt Bomer. : :Holiday Guide, Part II:Note the needPhilanthropy can be your holiday gift to your neighborIn the fall, qnotes published several wishlists from local organizations which choseto participate in our annual CommunityAssessment Survey. In the spirit of this givingseason, we’re reprinting the lists. Peruse themand see if you might have items you coulddonate or if there are particular items youcould purchase on behalf of the organizationsand their clients. In this merry season, the actof gift-giving can, for some, make all the difference.Spread the cheer and pay it forward.LGBT Center of RaleighLGBT-themed DVDs, CDs and books for thelibrary.Water cooler.Volunteers.A larger space for programming.Cash.Coat tree.Soft drinks and snacks.Landscape design and materials for the frontof the center.Digital projector.lgbtcenterofraleigh.comLGBT Center of CharlotteWe would wish to have more “stakeholders”in the LGBT Community Center, such ascontinuous givers and individual donors.gaycharlotte.comCampus PrideIncreased monthly donors at the $25, $50, $100and higher levels.Volunteers to help plan and implement local,statewide and national events.Further support and awareness of our localCharlotte efforts.campuspride.orgCharlotte Pride BandOther than one-time gifts, we seek additionalcorporate season sponsorships and volunteerswho are skilled in things such as media,fundraising and marketing.We also encourage and seek additional attendanceat our concerts so the public can seewhat Charlotte Pride Band is all about.We want anyone of any ability level whois interested in playing with us to come torehearsal.We also seek those who are able to provideconcert staffing and support, including settingup and breaking down the stage area andmoving percussion equipment.We also need assistance with ticket sales.We welcome suggestions for ways ourensembles can be involved in communityevents!charlotteprideband.orgGay Men’s Chorus ofCharlotteLong-term (three years) committed support forour partnership with Time Out Youth to placean outreach worker directly in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.(total of $10,000 per year)Storage space (music, props, risers,electronic equipment, etc.).Office space.Music stands.Eight handheld wireless microphones.Contributions to enable purchase of music,piano tuning, insurance renewals, program,ticket, postcard, etc., printing, chorus membershipfees, as well as being able to providepayment to musicians and more!gmccharlotte.orgTime Out YouthLGBTQ Books/DVDs (approrpiate for youth).Snacks and drinks for group room.Be sure to check out part one and more to our annual holidaygift guide series, along with other holiday stories, online for youth room.Art supplies.Cleaning supplies (toliet paper, hand soap,paper towels, trash bags).Personal items for emergency housing clients.Gift cards to Target, Wal-Mart or grocerystores (for emergency housing clients).Bus Passes.timeoutyouth.orgRAINProducts for client supply closet: laundry detergent,dish soap, multipurpose cleaner, toiletpaper, paper towels, deoderant for men andwomen, shampoo and conditioner, feminineproducts, dental floss and mouth wash, razorsand shaving cream.Bus passes.Gift cards of $10, $15 or $25 to a grocerystore, Walmart or Target.Office and other needs including newer computersand printers.Three laptops.Food for support group meetings.Food and beverage for— compiled by qnotes staffDec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 15

a& in the starsby Charlene Lichtenstein :: qnotes contributorDecember 8 - 21Venus and Mercury make their move intozesty Sagittarius. All this fiery energy makesour wild, little world more exciting. As long aswe are out and about, let’s do it with impact aswell as style.SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Gay Archerscome out into the limelight. Your confidence,grace and charisma are on the upswing, sotake a whirl while the energy percolates. It isguaranteed that you know exactly the rightthings to say at the exact right time. Spreadyour influence on an international level. Howfar can you go? It all depends how far youwant to go.CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) All that is hiddenis now revealed! Secret admirers make theirpresence known and your innate intuitionfinds unnoticed gifts and special opportunities.Send a love note to the universe andit will make all pink Caps the grand objectsof desire. But, don’t spend all your karmicfortune on lusty endeavors. What about communityservice and charity? Yeah, so whatabout it?AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) Friendships can leadto much much more. Not only are you led intothe orbit of certain special folks, but you alsoincrease your ability to charm (and manipulate)them. Goody. But, will you be able tochoose from the delectable array of possibilities?All sorts of acquaintances flock to yourshore and you will have to decide which oneis worth plucking from the sands.PISCES (02.20-03.20) The key to the corporatekingdom is yours for the taking. At least that iswhat you think. Set your professional destinyon course now. Guppies who fantasize themselvesstraddling the top of the corporate heapcan hitch their saddle and start riding. Makeyour best moves while the pinstripped sharksare vacationing. Plant your shark traps now.ARIES (03.21-04.20) Travel will have its romanticmoments as you conjure up all sorts offabulous getaways with all sorts of fabulousfolks. Proud Rams are ready for any adventureand find it in out of the way places. However,if you are on a tight budget, you can scratchyour itchy travellers feet closer to home with abalm of buddies mixed with exotic strangers.TAURUS (04.21-05.21) This time period adds alittle sugar to your cup. Queer Bulls are ablazewith passion. But, what can you do with allthis bottled up spritz? Leave it to fate and discovernew ways to enjoy your robust energiesto the fullest. Plan to make your social life thefocal point and gate crash all A-list soireés.Pop your cork with a crate of fine stemware.GEMINI (05.22-06.21) Pink Twins speak fromtheir heart and receive confirmation andaffirmation. Relationships blossom as theconnection between the two of you reachesnew intimate levels. Plug in and set the worldaglow. This is also a great time to seek, meetand greet. You know just what to say to getwhat you want. The question is, do you knowwhat you want? Uhhh…CANCER (06.22-07.23) Money talks, at leastright now when the job goes much moresmoothly and others take notice of your efforts.The trick is to maximize it sooner thanlater. Gay Crabs find themselves scoping thewater cooler for a new and needy up andcomer. Seeking lust on the job? Be careful offinding it! It will be difficult to avoid the aftershocksafter the earth moves for you.LEO (07.24-08.23) Your creative expression hitsa peak as the cosmos tickles your gay muse.But, don’t rely solely on your own artisticsense. Get out there and collaborate, especiallywhile you have the connective oomph.Romance is possible for proud Lions still onthe prowl. Roam the prairies in search of topsirloin. It is a meat market out there. Pack thehot sauce.VIRGO (08.24-09.23) Your home becomes ashowplace. Queer Virgins realize that evena meager home redecoration or an improvementmakes a great difference in how you feelabout yourself and your surroundings. Keep inmind that your efforts not only require beautyand harmony, but also utility. So, I guess thatmeans that the wagon wheel side table has togo. Oh, well.LIBRA (09.24-10.23) Charm oozes from everypore. Proud Libras make their mark withindelible ink. Any communication from anemail to a smoke signal is alluring. Don’t hide,baby. Come out and show ‘em what pride isall about! You are poised for greatness amongmere mortals. You attract the cream of thecrop as well as a few bottoms of the barrel.Oh, how to choose?SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) Money and powercollide. This time period has you countingpennies and slowly, carefully saving for amore secure future. Consolidate your holdingsand push for more. While the two energiescan be in harmony, proud Scorps find themselvestaking greater risks now to enjoy muchgreater-than-expected rewards later. Howrisky do you like it? : :© 2012 Madam Lichtenstein, LLC.All Rights Reserved. Visit fore-greetings, horoscopes and Pride jewelry.My book “HerScopes: A Guide To AstrologyFor Lesbians” from Simon & Schuster isavailable at bookstores and major booksites.daily news,blog postsand lgbt communityevent listingsgoqnotes.com16 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012

Dec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 17

ton the mapnightlifeSundayBarbeque & Bloody Marys, Bar at 316free BBQ from 3-6 p.m.The Sunday Social Spades/Card Games &House Muzik, Nickel Barfrom 5 p.m.-MidnightHouse Cast Show, The Scorpiowith DJ 4Real. 11:30 p.m.Woodshed Sundays, The Woodshedfree dinner buffet served at 6:30 p.m.karaoke, 9 p.m.MondayMovie Night, Bar at 316starts at 9 p.m.Monday Madness, Chaserspool tournament at 11:30 p.m. $25 cash prizeand $25 bar tab.Boxing & Monday Night Football, SidelinesFree Pool, The Woodshedall day.TuesdayKaraoke with Metro Mike, Bar at 316starts at 9 p.m.Pool Tournament, Central StationTwisted Trivia, Chaserswith Tiffany Storm & Brooklyn Dior.Showtime at 12:30 a.m.Trivia Tuesdays, Marignyhosted by Roxxy C. Moorecox 7 p.m.Midwood Madness, Petra’shalf-price bottles of wineKaraoke, The Woodshedstarts at 9 p.m.WednesdayGame Night, Bar at 316Team Trivia and Line Dancing, Hartigan’sstarts at 8 p.m.Karaoke, Petra’shosted by Rachel Houdek. 9 p.m.Wicked and Wild Wednesdays, The Scorpiofeaturing Tiffany Storm with DJ 4Real. 11 p.m.Pool Tournament, The Woodshedstarts at 10:30 p.m.ThursdayThursday Night House Party, Bar at 316Pool Tournament, Central StationRockin’ Well Thursdays, Chaserswith Valerie Rockwell. Show starts at 12:30 a.m.Free HIV Testing, Connectionsthe 2nd Thursday of every month. 8-10 p.m.Karaoke Night, Hartigan’shosted by Roxxy C. Moorecox. 9 p.m.Team Boystown, Marignystarts at 10 p.m. $10 cover after 11 p.m.Drink-n-drown.SpeakEasy Thursday Open Mic Night,Nickel Barfrom 9 p.m.-2:30 a.m.Karaoke Night, The Rainbow Infree for members. $5 guests. $6 under 21.Underwear Night, The WoodshedFridayHouse DJ and Dancing, Bar at 316Free HIV Testing, Connectionsthe 4th Friday of every month. 8-10 p.m.A-List Fridays, Marignyhosted by SugaWalls Entertainment. 10 p.m.Feel Good Fridays Dance Night, Nickel Barfrom 9 p.m.-2:30 a.m.Live Performances, Petra’sRoxy’s Rainbow Review, The Rainbow Instarts at 11p.m.Life’s a Drag, The Scorpiowith Tiffany Storm. 11:30 p.m.SaturdayHouse DJ and Dancing, Bar at 316The Angela Lopez Show, Chasersshow starts at 12:30 a.m.Live DJ, Hartigan’sKrewe Saturdays, MarignySexy Saturdays Special Events, Nickel Barfrom 9 p.m.-2:30 a.m.Live Performances, Petra’sUrban Variety Show, The Scorpiowith Elaine Davis. Midnight Don’t see your bar listed here?Submit your regularly scheduled events toeditor@goqnotes.comNightlife content the responsibility of eachbusiness listed.CommunityLGBT CommunityCenter of CharlotteSeeks to promotediversity, acceptanceand visibility of theLGBT communitythrough original andcollaborative programming and eventsand by providing an inclusive, welcomingand affordable environment for all.820 Hamilton St., Suite B11 1Charlotte, NC 28206704-333-0144gaycharlotte.comWhite RabbitNorth Carolina’sLGBT everythingstore. Complete lineof Pride merchandise,plus magazines,books, DVDs, T-shirts,underwear, swimwear, athletic shorts,hats, hoodies, socks, and more.920 Central Ave.Charlotte, NC 28204704-531-9988 . phone704-531-1361 . faxinfo@whiterabbitbooks.com2Charlotte & Surrounding AreaCharlotte-DouglasInternationalAirport10Wilkinson Blvd.ToddvilleRd.Billy Graham Pkwy.7429Tuckaseegee Rd.Morris Field Dr.Freedom Dr.Alleghany St.Bradford Dr.Ashley Rd.Andr ew Jackson Hwy.Rd.Old Steele CreekTuckaseegee Rd.Freedom Dr.29West Blvd.9W Morehead6Rozzelles Ferry Rd.St.Beatties Ford Rd.742777 112S. Tryon St.South Blvd.N. Graham St.77Dalton Ave.4 UPTOWN177E. 7th St.E. 5th St.E. 4th St.E. Stonewall St.S. Church St.S. College St.27774Atando Ave.N. Tryon St.2Seigle Ave.29N Davidson St.CordeliaParkHawthorne Ln.The Plaza8Matheson Ave.N. Tryon St.E 36th St.2311Central Ave.29The PlazaRd.Shamr ockEastway Dr.Eastway Dr.Kilborne Dr.Central Ave.Connections420 W. Main Ave. Gastonia, NCGaston Ave.Andrew Jackson Hwy.Baskin Rd.W. Airling Ave.N. Chester St.S. Chester St.tS. York St.N. York St.W. Garrison Blvd.N. Marietta St.W. Main Ave. E. Main Ave.2974ManchesterMeadowsPark122321Andrew Jackson Hwy.S. Marietta St.The Hide-A-Way405 Baskins Rd. Rock Hill, SCDavidLyle Blvd.77West Blvd.WestBlvd.YorkYnwswSseBilly Graham Pkwy.Rd. Rd.Billy Graham Pkwy.RenaissanceParkPressley Rd.S. Tryon St.Barringer Dr.7777S. Tryon St.Old PinevilleRd.South Blvd.5nightlife1 The Bar at 316316 Rensselaer Ave.2 Central Station2131 Central Ave.3 Chasers3217 The Plaza4 Hartigan's Irish Pub601 S. Cedar St.5 Sidelines4544-C South Blvd.6 Nickel Bar2817 Rozzelles Ferry Rd.7Marigny Dance ClubEmpire Lounge1440 S. Tryon St., Suite 1108 Petra's PianoBar & Cabaret1919 Commonwealth Ave.9 The Scorpio2301 Freedom Dr.10 The Woodshed3935 Queen City Dr.11 Blue Bar2906 Central Ave.12 Cathode Azure1820 South Blvd.Suite 106Rainbow In4376 Charlotte Hwy. Lake Wylie, SC49Bonum Rd.Montgomery Rd.Charlotte Hwy.Lake Wylie18 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012

Holiday travelcontinued from page 10BiltmoreAshevillechristmas.biltmore.com800-411-3812Take a tour of the Biltmore house and estatein all its decked-out holiday glory. Christmasat Biltmore has become an annual traditionfor many, with its dozens of Christmas trees,hundreds of wreaths and poinsettias andother decorations. Day-time and night-timetickets available for tours of the home andestate, including the gardens and Antler HillVillage and Winery.Sugar Mountain ResortSugar Mountainskisugar.com828- 898-4521115 acres. 20 slopes and trails. Peak elevationof 5,300 feet. Longest run: 1.5 miles.Wolf Ridge Ski ResortMars Hillskiwolfridgenc.com828-689-411172 acres. 23 slopes and trails. Peak elevationof 4,700 feet. Longest run: 3,700 SalemWinston-Salemoldsalem.org336-721-7300You can plan to peruse this historic Moraviansettlement on your own or sign up for guidedtours, including special Christmas candlelighttours throughout December exploring life inthe 19th century (18th century-period toursare available each November). Gift shops, anhistoric bakery, other eateries and the historicSalem Tavern (where President GeorgeWashington once stayed overnight) are allopen to the public. On Dec. 13, attend a specialMoravian-style Lovefeast at the historicSt. Philips African Moravian Church, whichcelebrated its 150th anniversary in 2011.Founded in 1823 and rebuilt in brick in 1861, St.Philips is the oldest African-American churchstanding in North Carolina. The specialLovefeast service will commemorate the firstservice held at the church on Dec. 15, 1861.Carolina skiingNorth Carolina’s mountains offer a varietyof choices when it comes to skiing. Somemeteorologists are expecting higher-than-averagesnowfalls this year, kicked off early byseveral inches dumped by Hurricane Sandy.Appalachian Ski MountainBlowing Rockappskimtn.com828-295-782827 acres. 12 slopes. Peak elevation of 4,000feet. Longest run: 2,640 feet. Resort also hasice rink.Beech Mountain ResortBeech Mountainbeechmountainresort.com800-438-209395 acres. 15 slopes. Peak elevation of 5,506feet. Longest run: 1 mile. Ice rink and snowsports center for children and adults withdisabilities.Cataloochee Ski AreaMaggie Valleycataloochee.com828-926-028550 acres. 16 slopes. Peak elevation of 5,400feet. Longest run: 3,500 feet.For more information on these resorts andmore, visit : :Photo Credit:WashuOtaku, via Flickr. Licensed Creative Commons.Sapphire Valley Ski AreaSapphireskisapphire.com828-743-76638 acres. Two trails. Peak elevation of 3,780feet. Longest run: 1,600 feet.Dec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 19

tell trinityby Trinity :: qnotes contributorWhen best friends leave you for boyfriendsDear Trinity,About two months ago my best friend got hisfirst real boyfriend. Now, we hardly talk anymore.I know he’s happy, but I’m losing my bestbud. Help!Left Out, Boston, MADear Left Out,First, let him knowwhat’s happening.Second, make himspend time with you.Third, give it time, aftera few months, hislove cloud will shift,he’ll want to reclaimhis pre-relationshipindependenceand soon enoughcome running back.Darling, friendsare like oceans,constantly moving— especially when the tides change.Dearest Trinity,I’m 20 and recently got a job with a museum.But, they want me to wear a suit. I’m not readyto become a capitalist clone. Help!Suit Sadness, Kansas City, MODearest Suit Sadness,I, too, had the same issue until one day myfashion design friend helped me put togethera “Kurt from Glee” style suit. You can have asuit that expresses you, just ask your boss ifyou can wear very fashionable suits and thenfind a store or a fashion student to personalizeyou one. And, remember baby,some people who never owneda suit would love to be in yourshoes. (See my cartoon forsage ole wisdom, sweetie.)Hey Trinity,I recently started dating a manwho told me, “He only getsgay when he’s drunk.” Do youthink this is a sign of a seriousproblem or is he just trying totell me he’s bi?Signs of Trouble,Rehoboth Beach, DEHey Signs of Trouble,I think it’s time you read the fairy tale, “ClosetGays On Drunken Days.” “There once liveda man named Joe Skunk, who was only gaywhen he got drunk. For when Joe had a drink,he started to think, ‘What I really do want isa hunk!’ Then one night Joe met the perfectguy, who he liked, but only when he was high.Though they had lots of fun, Joe got moodywhen they were done, so the guy told Joe, ‘Getdry or this is goodbye!’” In the end, pumpkin,whether Joe Skunk is gay, there’s way healthiermen you can lay so let him go, shake him offand be on your way.Hello Trinity,Lately, I’ve been seeing big, dressed up womenwho are actually straight men. I don’t understandwhy a straight man would dress as awoman?Seeing Is Unbelieving, Eugene, ORHello Seeing Is Unbelieving,At first I also didn’t understand them, but Ilearned in life that some folks meditate, someclimb and some crossdress. But, sweetie, justin case you’re still confused try,Trinity’s TranscendentalTips For How To Treat ATransgendered Being1. If a man: (straight, gay or bi) is dressed as awoman simply treat him/her like a woman.2. When dealing with any woman, biologicalor “Max Factor,” use politeness, charm andchivalry!3. If you find yourself staring do say, “Hello”,“Lovely day” or “Where on earth did youfind heels in your size?”4. Never be afraid or too close-minded to hanga& with people youdon’t understand!5. If you don’t understand why someone is“different,” then congratulations! Now, stopjudging and start learning!6. If the woman in front of you in line is over sixfeet, has long nails and talks in a baritonevoice, then I wouldn’t say anything to offendher!7. When you judge others harshly recognizethat you also probably judge yourselfharshly. It’s always about you!8. If you don’t have professional make-up tips,fashion know-how or acting credentials,then save your opinions for yourself!9. Why the Higher Powers That Be wouldcreate diverse cultures and alternativelifestyles is not necessarily for you tounderstand.10. Lastly, if you can’t beat ‘em and don’t wantto join ‘em then get in front of ‘em and makeit look like a parade!— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinityhosted “Spiritually Speaking” a weekly radiodrama performed globally and is now ministerof WIG: Wild Inspirational . by: WIG Ministries,Gay Spirituality for the Next Generation!wigministries.org20 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012

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Community Resources[Ed. Note — Each issue, qnotes will rotate various community resources and list them here. Thesecommunity groups are here to serve you and we know of no better way to simply inform the publicof their good works than by giving you the opportunity to connect with them and get involved.Don’t see your group listed and want to join in? Shoot us an email with “InFocus addition” in thesubject line to]AdvocacyCampus Pride704-277-6710campuspride.orgCharlotte Rainbow ActionNetwork for Equalityrainbowaction.orgEquality North Carolinaequalitync.orgHRC Carolinanorthcarolina.hrc.orgMecklenburg LGBT PACmeckpac.orgTime Out Youth704-344-8335timeoutyouth.orgArtsActor’s Theatre of Charlotte704-342-2251atcharlotte.orgCarolina Actors StudioTheatre704-455-8542nccast.comCharlotte Pride Bandcharlotteprideband.orgGay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte704-549-9202gmccharlotte.orgOne Voice Chorus704-529-2951onevoicechorus.comQueen City Theatre Companyqueencitytheatre.comGivingCharlotte Gay andLesbian Fund Country CharlotteQueen City Stompsoutherncountrycharlotte.comWesley Mancini Foundation704-375-4275, ext. 11MediaCreative Loafingclclt.comCharlotte Observercharlotteobserver.comCharlotte Postthecharlottepost.comPocket Rocket Guidepocketrocketguide.comQCityMetro.comVisit Gay Charlottevisitgaycharlotte.comSportsCarolina Softball Alliancecarolinasoftball.orgCharlotte Front Runnerscharlottefrontrunners.comCharlotte Nude Yogacharlottenudeyoga.comCharlotte Royals Rugbycharlotteroyals.orgQueen City City Tennis Clubqctc.org22 qnotes Dec. 8-21 . 2012

Dec. 7-8 • Charlotte‘Reindeer Games’One Voice Chorus presentes their winterconcert. The theme is a tribute to the LondonOlympics. Unitarian Universalist Church ofCharlotte, 234 N. Sharon Amity Rd. Dec. 7-8,7:30 p.m. Dec. 8, 2 p.m. $20/evening shows.$15/adult matinee. $10/child 8 • GreensboroWinter ConcertTriad Pride Men’s Chorus presents their annualholiday concerts. Mix of traditional, popand funny holiday favorites. Greensboro DaySchool, 5401 Lawndale Dr. 8 p.m. $15/advance.$20/door. 8 • CharlotteRAIN anniversaryThe Regional AIDSInterfaith Network(RAIN) celebrates20 years of service.Cocktails and horsd’oeuvres. Specialguests include JackMackenroth of ProjectRunway and MissAmerica 2010 CaressaCameron-Jackson.Tickets are $75 forindividuals, $65 for congregation tickets and$45 for young social leaders. CenterState @NoDa, 2315 N. Davidson St. 7 p.m. For moreinformation or to purchase tickets, 12 • CharlotteTwelve In TwelveJ.D. Lewis and his two sons, Jackson andBuck, will launch their new foundationto support volunteerism, following theirworldwide journey which took them to 12countries in 12 months for relief work. Thefoundation will exist to raise awareness,donations and supplies for organizationswith which they worked across the globe.The Dunhill Hotel, Harvest Moon Grille, 237N. Tryon St. 5:30-7:30 p.m. 13 • CharlotteLeaders honoredMecklenburg County CommissionerJennifer Roberts and Unity FellowshipChurch pastor Bishop Tonyia Rawls willbe honored with the Community LeaderAward from Grassroots Leadership.Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte,234 N. Sharon Amity Rd. Reservations canbe made at 704-332-3090 or via email 14-15 • CharlotteGMCC ChristmasThe Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte presents“The Last Big Gay Christmas Ever.” TraditionalChristmas classics with Hannukah comedyfrom the Maccabeats and a new commissionfrom Eric Lane Barnes, “The Shouldn’t BeCarols.” St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 1510 E.7th St. 8:04 p.m. $20. 15 • CharlotteTwirl to the World 2012Just Twirl parties up the holidays with theirfourth annual Twirl to the World holiday partystarting with a social hour at 8 p.m. followedby a night of dancing at 10 p.m. Admission is$5 with a new unwrapped toy or $15 without.Marigny Dance Club, 1440 S. Tryon St., Suite110. 15 • DurhamJingle Balls BingoAAS-C brings a bit of holiday flair to theirpopular Drag Bingo series. Join staff, volunteersand community members for this merrytime of fundraising and fun! Durham Armory,220 Foster St. 6 p.m. $20. 23-27 • AtlantaCreating ChangeThe National Gay and Lesbian Task Forcehosts its annual National Conference Equality, “Creating Change,” the largestLGBT conference of its type in the nation.The event marks the conference’s 25thyear, featuring workshops and seminars,appearances by national movement leadersand celebrities and Task Force ExecutiveDirector Rea Carey’s annual State of theMovement address. Conference will behosted at the Hilton Atlanta. Registrationis open now with details available your event toour new calendar!You can now submit your event to a special comprehensive community calendar presented by qnotes, the LGBTCommunity Center of Charlotte and Visit Gay Charlotte. Submit your event at and get athree-for-one entry. All Charlotte-area events will appear on each of the three calendars at qnotes (,the LGBT Center ( and Visit Gay Charlotte ( Third Tuesday of every month, except whenthere is specialized programming, plus monthly socials topromote networking and friendshipProgram: A wide variety of topics of interest to appeal to thediverse LGBT communityTime: After work with a cash bar social and heavy hor d’oeuvreswith dinner and program followingMembership: Visit the website for application options and benefits.Information: Call 704.565.5075or email businessguild@yahoo.comfor more details or write toThe Charlotte Business GuildP.O. Box 33371 | Charlotte, NC 28233www.charlottebusinessguild.orgDec. 8-21 . 2012 qnotes 23

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