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Republic of Senegal Position Paper - ViaMUN

République du Sénégal / Réewum SenegaalRepublic of SenegalPosition PaperThe position of the Republic of Senegal concerning the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictDelegate: Anne KösterThe Republic of Senegal, as a Muslim Country (95% of its population are Sunnite Muslims),recognized the Occupied Palestinian Territories - the Gaza-Strip (99,3 % Sunnite Muslims) andWestbank (75% Sunnite Muslims) - as a state. 1 Israel is as well recognized as a state by theRepublic of Senegal, who has a good diplomatic relationship to Israel. 2As the Republic of Senegal holds the Chair of the Committee on the Exercise of the InalienableRights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP) - represented by Paul Badji -, the Palestinian People aresupported by the Senegalese government. In accordance to the UN-Resolution 1397 from 2002 theRepublic of Senegal is in favor of the two-states-solution, which aims a peaceful living of Israel andPalestine side by side with secure and recognized borders. The Republic of Senegal welcomes theQuartet's Road Map proposed in the resolution 1515 in 2003 and calls on the parties to implementit. Furthermore the international support for and the assistance to the Palestinian people is activelypromoted by the state. 3After the death of Jassir Arafat the 11 th of November 2004 Mr. Ambassador Paul Badji said that Mr.Arafat has been for decades a powerful symbol of the Palestinian people's national aspirations,unity, steadfastness and courage. Badji regrets that Mr. Arafat had not lived to see the culminationof his life's struggle but is sure that by the inspiration of his leadership his work will be continued.The Republic of Senegal hopes that - with the help of the international community - the Palestinianpeople would carry on with efforts to achieve their inalienable rights in their own sovereign State,with a brighter tomorrow for the future Palestinian generations. 41

As a member of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the Republic of Senegal looks for aprotection of the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace andharmony among various people of the world. Especially because the current President of theRepublic of Senegal chairs the Standing Committee for Information and Cultural Affairs(COMIAC) of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, it is a principal goal of the state tosafeguard the unity of the Islamic Ummah and its cultural specificity. Therefor the Republic ofSenegal aims to protect the rights of the Palestinian People and to confront unfair campaigns againstthem. 5The friendly and intense bilateral relation between the Republic of Senegal and France in the fieldof politics and economics as well as in the field of cultural, scientific and technical cooperation 6leads to the educated guess that their positions concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are similarto one another. 7But in contrary to France 8 the relationship between the Republic of Senegal was not maintainedconstantly with Israel. Just in 1994 the diplomatic relation between the Republic of Senegal andIsrael were rebuilt after an interruption from the Israeli side because of the Yom Kippur War in1973. Within the Peace Building Process in the Middle East, the friendly relationship was renewedso that today the two states cooperate internationally on a solid base. The friendship between theRepublic of Senegal and Israel is especially based on commercial exchange, tourism and a freedialogue about important political questions. 9The president of the Republic of Senegal, Mr. Abdoulaye Wade, stated officially in 2008, that it isimportant for the conciliation of the conflict that Israel stops incursions into the Gaza Strip and thatthe Hamas ends its strikes against Israel. Wade, who was asked to mediate in the conflict, supports amaintained ceasefire in the conflicting areas and asks both, the Israelis and the Palestinians toarrange the quarrel. 105

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