VE Competency Brochure - Christie Digital Systems
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VE Competency Brochure - Christie Digital Systems

INTEGRATED DISPLAY SOLUTIONSChristie integrated display solutionsChristie ® is the display solution expert whosolves customer problems through ouroptimal use of technology for simulation andvisualization markets. We understand thebig picture. We understand the complexitiesand challenges of integrating displaytechnology into your visual system needs.Whether a headtracked immersive CAVEenvironment with high resolution datasets,or a spherical screen creating an out-thewindowview, factors such as geometry,image blending and warping, resolution,color, brightness uniformity, latency andframe rates – are integral considerations.We leverage our exceptional products,knowledge and team experience to provideyou with a complete integrated solutionthat’s reliable, effective and sustainable andthat accurately addresses your requirementsfor high performance, high resolution visualdisplay systems.We listen and evaluate your needs and goalsto solve specific application challenges.Christie has the innovative technologies,engineering strength and integrationexpertise to offer completely customizedsolutions and turnkey visual display options.Our solutions minimize your initial investmentand the lifetime costs of your integrateddisplay system. We work with you to deliverthe most functionally advanced and intuitivedisplay solution. Whether you are anintegrator looking for a visual display partner,or an end user with demanding projectspecifications, Christie delivers applicationspecificsolutions.1

Customized solutionsthat answer your needsChristie’s ISO certified project management practicessee you through the design, installation, integration andcomplete training and support of your project requirements.Christie’s experienced team will integrate and install thesystem and fully train your employees and provide youwith ongoing support.INTEGRATED DISPLAY SOLUTIONSLeading-edge technology plusworld-class system integration expertiseThe complexity of today’s simulation and visualizationapplications poses a variety of display and image challenges.Christie’s integrated display solutions can produce images ofany size or resolution and meet almost any requirement. Asone of the industry’s leading technology providers, Christiehas identified the technological problems that our customersface and we’ve developed innovative visual display solutionsto resolve these issues.Our integrated display solutions can be either customizedor come as a standard preconfigured system.Create your solution from our:1-chip or 3-chip DLP projection technologyLamp or solid-state illuminationMotion tracking and interactivityReal-time 3D display graphicsInfrared NVG capabilitiesAnti-smear functionalityJiaoTong University - Shanghai, China, features a 1x3 curvedscreen, 2.5 meters tall by 8 meters wide that displays a blended,seamless image with a 90-degree field of view.Integrated display solutionsService and support – from concept to realityCompletely customized solutions ANDstandard turnkey visual displaysWorld-renowned, proven technology – Christie Matrixand Christie Mirage DLP ® -based projection platformsChristie Twist – Industry-standard warping andblending technologySystem integration tools – Christie AutoCal,Christie Advanced Color, Christie MotoBlendIndustry-leading service and support includes serviceofferings such as:Next day parts deliveryRepair and replacement24/7 remote monitoring of your displayand connected devicesReportingSoftware upgradesTroubleshooting and training2

Jenn Norton’s Tesseract exhibit -a CAFKA collaboration in theChristie Hive at the CommunitechHub, Kitchener, Ontario.TECHNOLOGYChristie’s 3D immersivetechnology at Weill CornellMedical College, New York, NY,enables visionary breakthroughsin biomedical research.Christie system integration toolsChristie offers system integration toolsas part of our complete display solutionpackage. Customizable, reliable andefficient integration tools that meet eventhe most demanding key visual environmentrequirements, Christie system integrationtools include:Christie AutoCalChristie AutoCal automatically calibratesvirtually any arrayed projection display, fromflat to cylindrical to spherical, and adjusts it toits optimized viewing configuration. ChristieAutoCal offers reduced location resourcerequirements and increased customerindependence in terms of maintainingmultiprojector displays.Christie TwistChristie Twist is a powerful tool that mapspixels to any projection surface withproper geometry and perfect pixel to pixelalignment. Christie Twist provides theenhanced warping and expert blendingrequired for arrayed projectors to operateas a single, uniform display – in bothvisualization and simulation applications.Christie MotoBlendChristie MotoBlend ensures your dark scenecontent (such as night time trainingapplications) is evenly maintained acrossthe entire display, without any residual lightdistractions or artifacts sometimes found inother multiprojector displays.Christie AccuFrameDeveloped specifically to address thesimulation market, Christie AccuFrameenables the customer to reduce perceptibleimage smearing due to image retentionand eye motion. Fully adjustable to supportvarious frame rates and environments, theunique advanced electronics in all MatrixSeries projectors come standard withAccuFrame to accurately display highspeed simulation content for the mosttrue-to-life displays.Defence Research and Development Canadaand the Canadian Forces Aerospace WarfareCentre have partnered to advance trainingmethods for the Royal Canadian Air Force.Recently they improved their state-of-the-artHercules Observer Trainer (HOT) by adding twoChristie Matrix StIM projectors.Christie Edgeless Graphics Geometry (EGG) -16 megapixel, 240-degree field of view displayfeaturing Christie AutoCal, Christie Matrix StIMand Christie Twist.Expert advanced warping and blending throughChristie Twist.With Christie AccuFrame. Without Christie AccuFrame.4

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