st. ferdinand church april 15, 2012 second sunday of easter divine ...
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st. ferdinand church april 15, 2012 second sunday of easter divine ...


Page Two Divine Mercy Sunday April 15, 2012MONDAY — April 16, 20126:30 AM – Most Forgotten Souls in Purgatory rq. Ann8:00 AM – Jeannette Vastalo rq. Friend7:00 PM – Mass in PolishTUESDAY — April 17, 20126:30 AM – People of St. Ferdinand8:00 AM – Stanley, Peter, Zofia Nowak rq. Melanie Nowak7:00 PM – Mass in PolishWEDNESDAY — April 18, 20126:30 AM – Mass in English8:00 AM – Peter Caravette rq. Family7:00 PM – Mass in PolishTHURSDAY — April 19, 20126:30 AM – Mass in English8:00 AM – Mass in English7:00 PM – Mass in PolishFRIDAY — April 20, 20126:30 AM – Mass in English8:00 AM – Mass in English7:00 PM – Mass in PolishMass IntentionsSATURDAY — April 21, 20127:00 AM – Mass in Polish8:00 AM – People of St. Ferdinand5:00 PM – People of St. FerdinandSUNDAY — April 22, 20127:00 AM – Ewa, Jan Kabat; Maria, Jan Budzioch oraz ichdzieci8:30 AM – People of St. Ferdinand10:00 AM – All St. Ferdinand School Students and Teachers10:15 AM – o zdrowie, Boże błogosławieństwo oraz opiekęMatki Bożej Ludzmierskiej dla wszystkichczłonków Koła Podhalan i Miłośników Tatr, ichrodzin oraz ich opiekuna duchowego – ks.Roberta; dziękczynna za otrzymane łaski zprosbą o Boże błogosławieństwo na dalsze lataprezesa Klubu Podhalan i Miłośników Tatr orazjego małżonki z okazji zbliżającej się 40rocznicy ślubu12:30 PM – Pauline Ramirez rq. Vega Family3:00 PM – do Miłosierdzia Bożego z prośbą o zdrowiemszczęsliwą rodzinę i błogosławieństwo Boże dlaDariusza5:00 PM – All NDHS Students and Teachers7:00 PM – O zdrowie, Boże błogosławieństwo i opiekęMatki Bożej dla malutkiej Zosi Kuta, jej rodzicóworaz dziadków; Franciszek Opiela w 11miesięcy po śmierciThe sanctuary lampsthis week are lit for:Recovery of Health for Anthony R. CocoRecovery of Health for Michael F. CocoMarriage BannsSecond:Doug Nagel and Natasha PrzybyloRest in PeacePlease remember to pray for the souls ofall our faithful departed, especially:Denis LoeschDEVOTIONSDIVINE MERCY CHAPLETDivine Mercy Chaplet is prayed in English everydayfrom Monday to Friday following 8:00 a.m. Mass.Please take a short break from your busy life and jointhe ladies in prayers. On every Saturday right after8:00 a.m. Mass prayer to St. Anne is being said.Please stop by the Church and offer to God at least afew moments of your time.EUCHARISTIC ADORATIONHeld each Thursday followingthe 8:00 a.m. Mass until 6:45p.mWelcome to our parish!If you are new to our churchor just visting, please stop andintroduce yourself. We arepleased to have you share inthis celebration of theEucharist. If you do not havehome, or if your church is nothome to you, we invite you tobecome part of our parish family. Please call or stopby our parish office to register 773‐622‐5900. We areglad you are here and hope you will join us.

April 15, 2012 Palm Sunday Page ThreeRemember in PrayerAs members of the parish faith community, it is our responsibilityto remember both in concrete and spiritualways those who cannot celebrate with us each weekbecause they are ill. Those who are sick in turn, rememberall of us daily in their prayers and in their sufferings. Weexperience many blessings because of their remembering us.And so...please remember in your prayers:Irene RoweAgnes GroeperJames GruberEd ClearyStanislaw CwiekaCarl VarsolonaEleanor LoscuitoJean BiddlecomMary AyelloFlorence MagroSharon MoodyPeter GruberJoseph GruberRobert AndrewsVita PratolaLuigi AveniaAnthony R. CocoVeronica SignoLottie ChraplaViolet Del VacchioRosalie & Tom AnastosMarie LucasEdward WaytulaPat OstrowskiWilliam KeleherArlene GarciaAgnieszka CwiekaDiana KrzyzanowskiBarbara PaskoGeraldine SpanoNick PaolinoTheresa DuvalAdam ShershenJohn AntosDomonic CaltagironeBernice LutkeJean StaniszewskiEileen GrecoJeff KeiserWalter SublettRegina CiucciKiana MarconiFred BrinskelleAloysius FitzgibbonsBogdan BidasSarafina DuranWilliam NapierJosephine CocoHelen KnappLaura SchofieldDolores LewandowskiCalvin UptonJulie D’AgostinoLuna FamilyMargery JanzBaby Briana JurczykowskiSusan MilostanRobert MalekJohn GrecoMichael F. CocoMaria PratolaJody PanekBettY HotcavegA Prayer for theArmed ForcesAlmighty God, stretch forth Your mightyarm to strengthen and protect the menand women of our Armed Forces. Asthey face the myriad of challenges and decisions that eachday is destined to bring, may they be anchored by their faith,protected by Your presence and comforted by the knowledgethat they are loved by You and by this community offaith. Grant that, meeting danger with courage, and all occasionswith discipline loyalty, they may truly serve the causeof justice and peace to the honor of your holy name,through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.Daniel GuziecSPC Jeffrey FoersterS/SGT David A. Domel Jr.Capt. Scott HelminskiOur Stewardshipof TreasureSUNDAY, APRIL 1, 2012Envelopes: $7,547.00Loose cash: $4,188.00$11,735.00Thank you for sharing your „TREASURE”with St. Ferdinand ParishBóg zapłać!PLEASE REMEMBER ST. FERDINAND PARISHIN YOUR WILL.“The community of believers was of one heart and mindand no one claimed that any of his possessions was hisown.” ‐ ACTS 4:32Stewardship calls us to recognize, just as the early Christiansdid, that none of our possessions is our own. Allthat we have – our health, our education, our skills, ourtalents, and our livelihood – are gifts from God. Thenatural reaction when someone gives you a gift is towant to give something back. What do you give back toGod?Thank you!The smallest act of kindness is worthmore than the grandest intention.~ Oscar WildeSincere THANK YOU to all who give their time to keep ourchurch clean. Thank you for your faithfulness anddependability. Please know that your help is very muchvalued and appreciated.May God bless you abundantly.Anyone interested in helping to clean our churchis welcome to join us:Mondays at 5:00 pm and/or Fridays at 10:00 am.BULLETIN ARTICLES DEADLINEThe deadline for submitting all bulletin articlesis 3:00 p.m. on the previous Friday precedingthe Sunday of publication. You may bring yournotices to the rectory in an envelope labeled“Bulletin” or fax to (773) 622‐5903. You canalso email it to: Thank you.

April 15, 2012 Divine Mercy Sunday Page FourThe Image? The Graces? Confession?This year I received so many questions in the run‐up to Divine Mercy Sunday that I hardly know where to begin.I need to know in what document of Blessed John Paul II tells us that the Image is to bevenerated on Divine Mercy Sunday. I need the direct quote so I can share it with a priest.The Diary quote doesn't mean much to a lot of people so I can't use those quotes to havea discussion.Well, the Pope never mandated that the Image should be venerated on Divine Mercy Sunday,but as your priest surely knows, the Holy See almost never mandates extra‐liturgicaldevotions of any kind, or even much in the way of liturgical rubrics (save for such basics askneeling or bowing at the consecration of the Host); in the Catholic Tradition these kindsof things are usually set by the local bishops and local bishops conferences and/or the customsof the priests and people. For example, the Roman Missal nowhere mandates thatthe Stations of the Cross must be done on Good Friday, but it is a widespread custom indeed!However, the Holy Father, Blessed Pope John Paul II, set the example himself for us bypublicly venerating the Image of The Divine Mercy numerous times on Divine Mercy Sunday.I believe it is fair to say that he did so publicly at least every Mercy Sunday from 1995onward, when he established a center for the Divine Mercy devotion at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Sassia, just a few hundredyards from St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, and blessed an Image for use in that sanctuary on that day. He also repeatedly praisedthe Image as an aid to devotion for all the faithful. For example, at 1995, after praying in front of the Image above the tomb of St.Faustina, he stated in his holily: "Anyone can come here, look at this Image of the Merciful Jesus, His Heart radiating grace, andhear in the depths of his own soul what [St.] Faustina heard: 'Fear nothing; I am always with you' [Diary, 586]. And if this personresponds with a sincere heart, 'Jesus, I trust in You,' he will find comfort in all his anxieties and fears."In short, to use the Image for prayer and devotion, and to venerate the Image on Divine Mercy Sunday itself, quite apart frombeing a request of Jesus Himself to St. Faustina (see Diary, 341), is simply a good thing to do, because it amplifies the beautifullyexpresses meaning of the Octave Day of Easter: the merciful love of Jesus for us, expressed above all through His death and resurrection,and our need to trust in Him — in other words, the very heart of the Gospel message itself!Some people ask me if it is necessary to attend the services at church to receive all the graces or can they just say all theprayers at home and still receive the graces.You are able to receive the plenary indulgence for acts of devotion to the Divine Mercy on Divine Mercy Sunday, as establishedby Blessed Pope John Paul II, from your own home if you are confined there by illness or some other impediment, but the extraordinarygrace of Divine Mercy Sunday promised by our Lord to St. Faustina can only be received through receiving Holy Communion,in a state of grace, with trust in the Divine Mercy, on Mercy Sunday. Nevertheless, if you are unable to receive that communiondue to illness or confinement of some kind, you can still make a "spiritual communion" at that time, with the proper dispositions,and our Lord will surely pour into your heart all the graces of Holy Communion that you need. He will not be outdonein generosity, nor let any barriers of time, space, or illness stand in the way of the outpouring of His merciful love! Saint Faustinaonce said that in her desire to be united with the Lord in the Eucharist, no geographical obstacles can ever completely get in theway: "I adore You without cease night and day ... even though I be physically distant, my heart is always with You" (entry 80).I have read the Diary and see the great promise of our Lord to those who would receive Communion and go to confession onDivine Mercy Sunday. I have heard that one may go to confession plus or minus a few days of the feast and it still counts. Theproblem is that I cannot find that anywhere in the Diary. Can you tell me if one absolutely has to go to confession on DivineMercy Sunday to receive our Lord's promises or if the Diary states otherwise?No, one certainly does not have to go to confession on the Feast Day itself. The confession is meant to be a preparation for receivingHoly Communion on the Feast Day, in a state of grace, with trust in Divine Mercy, so as long as one does not fall into mortalsin between that confession and Mercy Sunday itself, the confession can be days or even a week or more in advance of theFeast. Saint Faustina herself made her confession on the Saturday before the Feast day (see Diary, 1072).By Dr. Robert Stackpole, STD (Apr 11, 2012)Robert Stackpole, STD, is director of the John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy, an apostolate of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. His latest bookis Divine Mercy: A Guide from Genesis to Benedict XVI (Marian Press). Got a question? E‐mail him at

Page Five Divine Mercy Sunday April 15, 2012ORDER OF CHRISTIAN FUNERALSYour Life As A Sacred And EternalGift To Those You Love. The Knightsof Columbus Mater Christi Councilinvites you to hear Deacon GlennTylutki CCCE, Outreach CoordinatorCemetery Services from the CatholicCemeteries Archdiocese of Chicagoas he talks about the Order of ChristianFunerals. This 45 minute presentationcovers Vigil, Funeral andCommittal and some interestingfacts about Catholic CemeteriesArchdiocese of Chicago. The program will be held on Thursday,April 19 th at 7:00 PM in McManus Hall. If you askedten Catholics about our church’s teaching in these areas,chances are you would get ten different answers. Now youwill have a chance to hear some very important facts thatyou will want to share with your family. This is one of thoseprograms that you might want to have your adult childrenattend with you. This program is being hosted complimentsof the Knights of Columbus Mater Christi Council and refreshmentswill be served. Deacon Glenn Tylutki is a graduate ofSt. Ferdinand Grammar School. Hopefully some of his classmateswill be present to welcome him. For additional informationcontact Deacon Glenn at (708) 236‐5441.Attention Artists, Crafters, & VendorsThis is your invitation to participate in the 16th “Annual Artin the Park”, Arts, Crafts & Collectible Fair Sat. & Sun.,Sept. 15 and 16, 2012 at Portage Park (Irving & Central.Sponsored by the K of C‐ Tonti Council #1567. Entrance feeprior to May 1, 2012 is $80, and prior to August 31, is $ 100and after September 1 it’s $ 150. For information call 773‐530‐5182, or e‐mail: KofC_Art_In_The_Park@yahoo.comWe look forward to seeing you in September. Please shareour email and/or phone with your friends, crafters, artistsor vendors.LADIES OF ST. ANNEThe General meeting of St. Ferdinand Ladiesof St. Anne will be held on Wednesday, April18 at 11:30AM at St. Ferdinand Convent,5936 W. Barry Ave. This will also be outCARD AND BUNCO PARTY. The tickets willbe $4.00 per person. So for a fun times,please come and bring a friend, the morethe merrier. All are welcome. Please note:Coffee and dessert will be served. This is nota luncheon.PEACE THROUGH MUSIC –IN THE SPIRIT OF JOHN PAUL –CHICAGO 2012SPECIAL CONCERT IN HONOR OF THE ONE‐YEAR ANNI‐VERSARY OF THE BEATIFICATION OF POPE JOHN PAUL IIA special concert in honor of the one‐year anniversary ofthe Beatification of Pope John Paul II will be held onMonday, April 23, at Orchestra Hall in Symphony Center,220 South Michigan Avenue, at 8 p.m.The concert will feature music that Sir Gilbert Levine, oftencalled “The Pope’s Maestro,” has chosen to representthe repertoire that he performed on numerous historicoccasions for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican and in majorcities around the world, including the Papal Concert toCommemorate the Shoah (1994) and the Papal Concertof Reconciliation (2004). Performed on the program beingpresented in the spirit of unity, particularly among Chicago’sCatholic, Polish and Jewish communities, will beBogurodzica, an Ancient Polish Hymn, Edward T. Cone:Psalm 91 (1948), Bach: Magnificat, and Beethoven: SymphonyNo. 3 "Eroica".The concert will be recorded for broadcast on radio andtelevision around the world. Tickets are available beginningthrough the Symphony Center box office, 312‐294‐3000, or online at www.cso.orgGOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERARY MASSThe Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass willbe held on Sunday, September 23, 2012, at2:30 PM, at Holy Name Cathedral, 735North State Street, Chicago, Illinois. Couplesmarried in 1962 interested in attendingthis celebration should contact their parish to register.For further information call the Family Ministries Office at312.534.8351 or visit the website:“Lord, how I want to be in that number… whenthe saints go marching in!” Keep your marchtoward heaven strong by tuning in daily! Chicago950AM, Chicago West 930AM, or NW Indiana1270AM (Listen online

April 15, 2012 Divine Mercy Sunday Page SixAPRIL HEALTH EVENTSOur Lady of the Resurrection MedicalCenter will host the following healthevents. Call 877‐RES‐INFO (877‐737‐4636) to register or for more information.April 16 – Cataract and glaucomascreening; free.April 17 – Hearing screening; free.April 17 and 25 – Bariatric/weight loss information session;April 23 – Blood pressure screening; free.April 25 – Pacemaker/cardiac device support group; free.April 26 – Arthritis support group; free.April 26 – Telemedicine‐Advancing Healthcare for You. Lectureon how this technology is used to treat patients; free.Know someone with drug or alcohol issues? For help, callNew Vision, 773‐794‐8483. Know someone with pelvicpain? For help, call the Pelvic Pain Clinic, 773‐527‐5839.LAY LEADERSHIP PROGRAM:CALLED & GIFTED 2012–2013Are you seeking in‐depth knowledge of theCatholic faith? Take classes with top scholars andArchdiocesan leaders Study the Scriptures, History, and Doctrine of the Church Pray, reflect, and integrate at retreats and formation daysInformation Nights:Wed., April 18, 2012 Saint Xavier University7:00PM Andrew Conference Center, 1013700 West 103rd Street, Chicago, IL 60655Wed., April 25, 2012 University of St. Mary of the Lake7:00PM Prist Center (201P)1000 East Maple Avenue, Mundelein, IL 60060Contact Katarzyna Kasiarz, M.A., Associate Director, Institutefor Lay Formation, 847‐837‐4552 or Evening of Tribute Awards DinnerApril 19The University of Saint Mary of the Lake/MundeleinSeminary will be holding their Annual Evening of TributeAwards Dinner on Thursday, April 19th at the SheratonChicago Hotel & Towers beginning at 5:30 p.m. This yearwe will be honoring Michael and Jackie Winn with the2012 Francis Cardinal George "Christo Gloria" Award andReverend Robert E. Barron with the 2012 Joseph CardinalBernardin "As Those Who Serve" Award. All proceedsgo to the "Holy Land Study Pilgrimage" and otherseminary needs. For further information, or for an invitation,call (847) 970‐4830 or email mdiebold@usml.eduor visit our website Caldwell and Portage Park Postsof the American Legion5116 W. Irving Park Rd.Chicago, IL.presentsInformation Seminar on Veterans’ BenefitsFriday April 20 th , 2012 @ 3:00Are you an honorably discharged veteran? Are you the wife,widow or relative of someone who has served in the ArmedForces? Are you just interested in learning about the variousbenefit programs of the Department of Veterans Affairs? Ifso, please join us for a Veterans Benefits presentation byRaymond P. Toczek, current Commander of the AmericanLegion Portage Park Post #183. Drafted in 1970, Mr. Toczekserved as a military policeman for two years in West Berlin.After discharge from the service, he worked for 33 years withthe Veterans Administration as a benefits counselor. Nowretired, he works part‐time as an accredited representativefor the American Legion. Among the topics that will be coveredin Mr. Toczek’s presentation are: VA compensationclaims, VA home loans, VA hospital eligibility, burial benefits,survivors’ benefits, educational benefits, and VA pensionbenefits. Handouts will be available and there will be a questionand answer period. If you have any questions pleasecontact Mr. Toczek at 312‐980‐4264.Jesus and Men in the New Testament:Ways to be a Follower of Christ TodayA Retreat for MenSaturday, April 219:00 a.m. ‐ 3:00 p.m. Program8:30 a.m. Check‐In and CoffeeThe call to discipleship is the common vocationof every Christian. But what does discipleshiptruly mean?Rev. Anthony Gittins, C.S.Sp., will consider this question as helooks at some of the men in the New Testament who werecalled to be disciples. What implications can be discovered formen's lives today? How can one become a better friend,spouse, father, son, brother, partner or caregiver? What isrequired to be a follower of Jesus in the 21st century?Join us for a day of reflection, listening and fellowship.Discover what being a disciple of Christ means for your life!Speaker: Anthony Gittins, C.S.Sp., Ph.D.Professor of Mission and CultureCatholic Theological Union, Chicago, ILProgram Includes:Mid‐Morning Prayer, Presentations, Shared Reflections, Opportunityfor Silent Time. Your $25 Paid Registration is appreciatedby Tuesday, April 17 so that we may best accommodateyou. Includes lunch.To Register:Call: 312.421.3757

Page Seven Divine Mercy Sunday April 15, 2012SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 20128:00 a.m. — 1:00 p.m.ST. FERDINAND CHURCH3131 N. MASONSCHOOL HALLSADULTS: $6.00CHILDREN: $4.00Includes a Complete Breakfast of Pancakes, Sausages,Orange Juice, Milk, Coffee or Tea(also, scrambled eggs for the early birds!)SEE THE USHERS FOR TICKETS OR BUY THEM AT THE DOOR!!For more details call Ushers:Peter Holod: 773‐745‐1708Jeff Aloisio 773‐685‐8398Ben Kass 708‐452‐655914

April 15, 2012 Divine Mercy Sunday Page EightTHE WEEK ATST. FERDINAND PARISHMonday — April 16, 201210:00AM — Friendship Club (Convent 2)6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent 1/2/3)6:00PM — Troop #51 (McManus Hall)6:00PM — Chicagowskie Slowiki (Chapel)7:00PM — Knights of Columbus (Canning Hall)Tuesday — April 17, 20125:00pm — Radosc—McManus Hall6:00PM— Lednica (Chapel)7:00PM — Amazonki (Convent 1/2)Wednesday — April 18, 20129:00AM — Ladies of St. Anne (Convent 2)9:30AM — Wiggles and Giggles (Gym)2:30 PM —Jr. Legion of Mary (Convent 2)5:00 PM — OL of Perpetual Help Novena (Church)5:30 PM — Zawaternik (McManus + Chapel)6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent 2/3)6:00PM — Kropeczki (Convent 1)6:30 PM — Legion of Mary (Small Convent)6:30PM — Troop 51 Committee (Convent 5)Thursday — April 19, 20122:30PM — Jr. Legion of Mary Adoration (Church)6:00PM— Girl Scouts (Convent 1/2/3)6:00PM — Knights of Columbus (McManus Hall)7:30PM — Filareci Choir (Chapel)7:30PM — School Board Meeting (Cafeteria)Friday — April 20, 0129:00AM — Legion of Mary (Convent 2)6:00PM — Knights of Columbus (McManus Hall)6:30 PM — Pilgrim Virgin (Convent 2)7:00PM — Faustinum (Church)7:30PM — Youth Group (Rectory)Saturday — April 21, 20128:00AM — Polish Saturday School5:30PM — Holy Spirit Missionary Association (Convent)6:00PM— AA Meeting (Convent 4)Sunday — April 22, , 20128:30AM— School of Religion (School)10:00AM — Highlanders Club Mtg (McManus)12:30PM — Baptism in English (Church)4:00PM — Faustinum Meeting (McManus Hall)6:00PM — TORCH

Page Nine Divine Mercy Sunday April 15, 2012Święto Miłosierdzia BożegoŚwięto Miłosierdzia Bożego, ma najwyższą rangę wśród wszystkich postaci nabożeństwa do MiłosierdziaBożego, które zostały objawione s. Faustynie. Po raz pierwszy o ustanowieniu tego święta mówił Pan Jezus wPłocku w 1931 roku, gdy przekazywał swą wolę, co do powstania obrazu:Ja pragnę, aby było Miłosierdzia święto. Chcę, aby ten obraz, który wymalujesz pędzlem, był uroczyściepoświęcony w pierwszą niedzielę po Wielkanocy; taniedziela ma być świętem Miłosierdzia (Dz.49).Wybór pierwszej niedzieli po Wielkanocy na świętoMiłosierdzia ma swój głęboki sens teologiczny, którywskazuje na ścisły związek, jaki istnieje pomiędzywielkanocną tajemnicą Odkupienia a tajemnicąmiłosierdzia Bożego. Ten związek podkreśla jeszczenowenna z koronki do Miłosierdzia Bożego,poprzedzająca to święto, która rozpoczyna się wWielki Piątek. Swięto jest nie tylko dniemszczególnego uwielbienia Boga w tajemnicymiłosierdzia, ale także czasem łaski dla wszystkichludzi.Pragnę ‐ powiedział Pan Jezus ‐ aby świętoMiłosierdzia było ucieczką i schronieniem dlawszystkich dusz, a szczególnie dla biednychgrzeszników (Dz.699).Dusze giną mimo mojej gorzkiej męki. Daję imostatnią deskę ratunku, to Jest święto Miłosierdziamojego. Jeżeli nie uwielbią miłosierdzia mojego, zginąna wieki (Dz.965).Wielkość tego święta mierzy się miarą niezwykłychobietnic, jakie Pan Jezus z tym świętem związał.Kto w dniu tym przystąpi do Źródła Życia ‐ powiedziałChrystus ‐ ten dostąpi zupełnego odpuszczenia win i kar (Dz.300).W dniu tym otwarte są wnętrzności miłosierdzia mego, wylewam całe morze łask na dusze, które się zbliżą doźródła miłosierdzia mojego; (. . .) niech się nie lęka zbliżyć do mnie żadna dusza, chociażby grzechy jej były jakoszkarłat (Dz.699).Aby skorzystać z tych wielkich darów, trzeba wypełnić warunki nabożeństwa do Miłosierdzia Bożego (ufność wdobroć Boga i czynna miłość bliźniego) oraz być w stanie łaski uświęcającej (po spowiedzi świętej) i godnie przyjąćKomunię świętą.Nie znajdzie żadna dusza usprawiedliwienia ‐ wyjaśnił Jezus ‐ dopóki nie zwróci się z ufnością do miłosierdziamojego, i dlatego pierwsza niedziela po Wielkanocy ma być świętem Miłosierdzia, a kapłani mają w dniu tymmówić duszom o tym wielkim i niezgłębionym miłosierdziu moim (Dz.570).

April 15, 2012 Divine Mercy Sunday Page TenSPOTKANIE STOWARZYSZENIA MIŁOSIERDZIA BOŻEGO FAUSTINUMPrzyłącz się do Stowarzyszenia Bożego Miłosierdzia w naszej wspólnocie parafialnej, podejmując dziełamiłosierdzia każdego dnia.Zapraszamy na spotkanie formacyjne w piątek 20 KWETNIA na godzinę 7:00 wieczorem do kościołaCelem Stowarzyszenia jest:Dążenie do doskonałości chrześcijańskiej drogą ufności w stosunku do Boga i miłosierdzia BożegoPoznawanie i głoszenie tajemnicy Miłosierdzia BożegoWypraszanie miłosierdzia Bożego dla całego świata, szczególnie dla grzeszników, dla kapłanów oraz osóbzakonnych.W NIEDZIELE 22 KWIETNIA O GODZ. 15:00Stowarszyszenie Faustinum zaprasza do wspólnego udzialu we Mszy św. W intencji rozwoju kultu BożegoMiłosierdzia oraz potrzebnych łask dla naszych parafian. Zebranie wolontariuszy odbędzie się w tym samym dniu, po mszy sw. ogodz. 16:00 w Sali Mcmanus. Serdecznie zapraszamy!Marsz popierający ustawę“DREAM ACT”POKÓJ PRZEZ MUZYKĘ — W DUCHU JANA PAWŁA IIKONCERT upamiętniający pierwszą rocznicę beatyfikacjiJana Pawła II odbędzię się w poniedziałek,23 kwietnia 2012 roku o godz. 20.00 w OrchestraHall w Filharmonii Chicagowskiej.Bilety dostępne dzwoniąc na numer Filharmoniichicagowskiej 312‐294‐3000 lub wchodząc na stronęinternetowa:ąpią: Orkiestra i chór Filharmonii chicagowskiej.Koncert pod batutą Sir Gilberta Levine’a wielkiegoprzyjaciela Jana Pawła II i autora książki „Papieski Maestro”.W programie: Magnificat D‐dur Jana Sebastiana Bacha iSymfonia nr 3 Es‐dur op. 55 “Eroica” Ludwiga vanBeethovena. Chór orkiestry chicagowskiej wykona równieżnajstarszą polską pieśń religijną „Bogurodzica”. Do koncerudojdzie głównie dzięki staraniom wybitnego dyrygenta,który poznał Karola Wojtyłę w 1988 roku w Krakowie, gdziebył dyrektorem artystycznym tamtejszej filharmonii.Amerykański mistrz batuty poprowadził wiele koncertówpoświęconych Janowi Pawłowi II, min. z okazji 10. oraz 25.rocznicy pontyfikatu i podczas Światowego Dnia Młodzieżyw Denver. Benedykt XVI uhonorował Sir Gilberta Levine’aSrebrną Gwiazdą Orderu Św. Grzegorza Wielkiego i było tonajwyższe wyróżnienie dla osoby pochodzenia żydowskiegow historii Watykanu. W przedsięwzięcie zaangażowana jestArchidiecezja chicagowska, władze miasta Chicago, ArtInstitute, Chicagowska Rada Rabinów oraz stacja WTTWChicago TV . Koncert emitowany bdzie poprzez stacjętelewizją PBS do wielu krajów świata w rocznicę urodzinKarola Wojtyły, 18 maja.Z inicjatywy ArchidiecezjiChicagowskiej zostałazorganizowany marszpopierający ustawę “DreamACT”, wspierający młodychimigrantów. Katoliccy biskupiwraz z religijnymi lideramipopierają ustawę “Dream ACT”, która pozwoli przybyłymdo USA przed 15 rokiem życia studentom kontynuowaćstudia wyższe i umożliwi realizacje ich marzeń o zostaniupełnoprawnymi obywatelami USA, a zarazem twórcamistruktury społecznej i ekonomicznej tego kraju.W ramach tego programu organizowany jest marsz zudziałem polskiej młodzieży, który rozpocznie sięspotkaniem przy parafii Św. Łukasza (St. Luke) o godz.2:00PM, 29 kwietnia, 2012 (519 S. Ashland, RiverForest), marsz będzie zmierzał w kierunku UniwersytetuDominikańskiego (7200 W. Division St., River Forest) gdzieodbędzie się dalszy ciąg imprezy trwającej do godz.5pm.REJESTRACJA grupy polskiej młodzieży szkolnej do21 kwietnia 2012 pod adresem internetowym:polishdreamact@yahoo.comOsoby indywidualne lub rodzice z dziećmi nie podlegająrejestracji. Prosimy jednak o telefoniczne zgłoszenie osóbchętnych do udziału w imprezie w celach organizacyjnych.Tel. kontaktowy: Marian Wolski # 773‐732‐6521Anna Strek # 773‐715‐1987Liczymy na waszą pomoc, zaangażowanie i solidarność znieudokumentowaną młodzieżą.UWAGA! Prosimy o zabranie ze sobą polskich iamerykańskich flag.

April 15, 2012 Divine Mercy Sunday PageINFORMACJE POLSKIEJ SZKOŁY KATOLICKIEJ IM. ŚW. FERDYNANDARejestracja: Zapraszamy do rejestracji na nowy rok szkolny. Zarejestrować można w biurze szkolnym w każdąsobotę do 19 maja 2012. Szkoła dodatkowo oferuje naukę jezyka polskiego od podstaw dla dzieci i dorosłych, atakże wyrównawcze zajęcia językowe dla dzieci ze słabą znajomościa języka polskiego.Zjazd Maturzystów: Polska Szkoła organizuje Zjazd Maturzystów z roczników 1997‐ 2005, który odbędzie się w sobotę 9 czerwca2012 o godz. 6pm. Prosimy naszych Absolwentów o rejestrację, formularz zgłoszeniowy znajduje się na stronie internetowejszkoły. . Tel. S. Genowefa 773 889‐7979 wew. 10PIELGRZYMKA DO SANKTUARIUM MATKI BOSKIEJCZESTOCHOWSKIEJW MERRILLVILLE, INKoła Żywego Różańca wraz zopiekunem ks. Michałem Rosązapraszają na jednodniowąpielgrzymkę do Sanktuarium MatkiBożej Częstochowskiej u O.Salwatorianów w Merrillville, In wniedzielę, 13 maja, 2012.Bardzo serdecznie zapraszamywszystkich do wspólnegocelebrowania 95 rocznicy Objawień Fatimskich oraz DniaMatki. Bilety w cenie $35 od osoby można nabywać uczłonków Kół po każdej polskiej Mszy św. W cenę biletuwliczony jest przejazd luksusowym autokarem oraz posiłek.Wyjazd zaplanowany jest na godz. 8:30 rano z parkinguparafialnego oraz powrót około godz. 7:30 wieczorem.Aby uzyskać więcej informacji oraz w sprawie rezerwacjiprosimy dzwonić do p. Melanii 773‐637‐8784 lub P. Jadwigi773‐625‐8603Spotkanie Polonijnych Rodzin WielodzietnychDzisiejszy człowiek potrzebujeświadectwa otwarcia się na Boga i nażycie. Dlatego serdecznie zapraszamyrodziny wielodzietne z Chicago i okolicna uroczystą Mszę św., która zostanieodprawiona w niedzielę, 29 kwietnia ogodz. 1:00pm w kościele pw. Trójcy Świętej. Wspólniebędziemy dziękować Bogu za dar życia, prosić oposzanowanie go oraz o otwartość na ten wielki Boży dar. PoMszy św. odbędzie się spotkanie rodzin wielodzietnych w saliparafialnej.ZŁOTE GODYW niedzielę 23 września br., o godzinie 2:30 po południu wKatedrze Najświętszego Imienia (Holy Name Cathedral), przyulicy 735 N. State Street w Chicago,Illinois, odbędzie się uroczysta Mszaświęta z okazji 50‐tej rocznicyzawarcia związku małżeńskiego. Pary,ktόre zawarły związek małżeński wroku 1962 proszone są oskontaktowanie się ze swoją parafią w celu dokonaniarejestracji. Aby zasięgnąć dodatkowych informacji prosimyskontaktować się z biurem, 312.534.8351 lub odwiedzićnaszą witrynę internetową: dziękujemy wszystkim tym, którzypomagają w sprzątaniu naszej świątyni.Zwracamy się z prośbą o dalszą pomoc wcotygodniowym sprzątaniu. Spotykamy się dwarazy w tygodniu : w PONIEDZIAŁKI o godz. 17:00oraz w PIĄTKI o godz. 10:00 rano. Bóg zapłać!

April 15, 2012 Divine Mercy Sunday PageNIEDZIELA — 22 KWIETNIA, 20128:00AM — 1:00PMKościól św. Ferdynanda(Szkolna kafeteria)3131 N. MasonBilety:Dorośli: $6.00Dzieci: $4.00W zestawie śniadaniowym: racuchy (pancakes), kiełbaskiśniadaniowe, sok pomarańczowy, mleko, kawa lub herbata(dla rannych ptaszków: jajecznica)BILETY W SPRZEDAŻY U P. MARSZAŁKÓW LUB PRZY WEJŚCIU NA SALĘPo więcej informacji prosimy dzwonić do:Peter Holod: 773‐745‐1708Jeff Aloisio 773‐685‐8398Ben Kass 708‐452‐655914

April 15, 2012 Divine Mercy Sunday Page ThirteenA PANTOUM FOR THOMASCopyright 2012 by John B. Reynolds ( called him Didymus‐‐or Thomas (“twin”)‐‐And all of history knows him as the oneWho took it on the (faithless) chinFor doubting Christ had risen, God’s own son.Yes, all of history knows him as the oneWho wasn’t there that first day of the week.Then‐‐doubting Christ had risen, God’s own son‐‐He needed proof beyond the witness‐speak.He wasn’t there that first day of the week,When all the others claimed they saw the Lord.He needed proof beyond their witness‐speakBefore he could believe and get onboard.While all the others claimed they saw the Lord,This Doubting Thomas said, “Unless I see…”Before he would believe and get onboard,He sought a touch‐the‐wounds‐first guarantee.This Doubting Thomas said, “Unless I see…”And later, Jesus let him do precisely that.He brought his touch‐the‐wounds‐first guaranteeTo give his friend’s doubt something to combat.When later, Jesus let him do precisely that,By showing Didymus his hands and side,He gave his friend’s doubt something to combat,That Didymus might join the faithful ride.On showing Didymus his hands and sideThe risen Christ had something up his sleeve:That Didymus might join the faithful ride.And be not unbelieving, but believe.The risen Christ had something up his sleeveFor all of us, as well, so long ago:“Blessed are those who have not seen and havebelieved.”And these words are for you and me, you know?For all of us, this Christ knew long ago,Would live our faith with faith at times lukewarm;Those words, then, are for you and me, you know,To bring us safely home through doubting’s storm.By living faith with faith at times lukewarm,We take it, also, on the (faithless) chin.We’re like that guy, though, Christ broughtthrough the storm;They called him Didymus, or Thomas (“twin”).Support StaffMrs. Dorota Gołda, Parish SecretarySr. Bernadetta Gościniak, Administrative AssistantMs. Elizabeth Ceisel-Mikowska, Bulletin EditorLiturgicalMrs. Betty Hotcaveg, Lector CoordinatorDeacon Irv Hotcaveg, Coordinator of Eucharistic Ministers &Ministers of CareMs. Jane Lohrmann, Homebound Ministers of Care SchedulerParish CouncilMrs. Sophie Kass—President, Mrs. Mary Bucaro, Mr. Stan Mastalerz,Mr. Antonio Supan, Violet Del Vecchio, Tony Mangiaracina, HerbertMarros, Elzbieta Kata, Jan Bobek, and Rob Heidelbauer .ExOfficio Members: Dr. Lucine Mastalerz , Sr. Anna StrycharzParish Finance CommitteeMr. Tom Bucaro-Chairperson, Fr. Jason Torba, Mrs. Mary Ann Barnhart,Mr. Gene Szaben, ExOfficio Members: Mr. Martin Wojtulewicz-Parish Accountant, Sr. Bernadetta Gościniak, Dr. Lucine MastalerzParish Organizations and Prayer GroupsBoy Scout: Mr. Vince Clemente, CoordinatorFish Fry: Mrs. Pat Wenzl, CoordinatorFriendship Club: Mrs. Patricia Flynn, PresidentGirl Scout: Mrs. Joyce McGinniss, CoordinatorKnights of Columbus—Mater Christi Council:Mr. Tom Young, Grand KnightKnights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary: Jenny HartnettLadies of St. Anne: Mrs. Violet DelVecchio, PresidentSt. Ferdinand ParishLegion of Mary: Mr. Thomas Sobczak & Miss Aurora Almeida,Co-PresidentsLegion of Mary, Juniors: Mrs. Emma Camara, PresidentIrving Park Catholic Woman’s Club: Mrs. Dolores SchoeweMarket Day: Mrs. Connie Glorioso, CoordinatorPolish Altar Servers — Fr. Michael Rosa, ModeratorEnglish Altar Servers: Fr. Robert Pajor, ModeratorPolish Club of the Good Shepherd: Mr. Andrzej Parada, PresidentPolish Rosary Group: Mrs. Helena Lesak, PresidentPolish Saturday School: Sr. Genowefa Potaczała, DirectorPolish School Parents’ Assn.: Mrs. Władysława Mitoraj, Pres.Radość: Miss Marzena Kulesza, Music TeacherKropeczki: Sr. Anna StrycharzZawaternik: Bernadetta i Jan BobekSt. Ferdinand Athletic: Mrs. Linda WardSt. Ferdinand Polish Highlanders Club:Mr. Tadeusz Kulasik, PresidentSt. Ferdinand School Board:Mrs. Mary Ann Barnhart, ChairpersonSt. Vincent DePaul Society: Mr. Stanley Mastalerz, PresidentTeens of Our Church (TORCH):Fr. Michael Rosa—Youth MinisterThe “Faustinum” Association of Apostles of the Divine Mercy:Fr. Jason Torba, ModeratorUshers Club: Mr. Peter Holod, PresidentPro-Life Coordinators: Tony Mangiaracina, Helena LasakChapel Choir – Conductor Julie Kania 773-742-2611Word of Life — Dito Camara 773-344-8514Holy Spirit Missionary Association: Sr. Elwira DziukNotre Dame Athletics: Mr. Nicholas MarzecNotre Dame Board of Directors: Mrs. Dia Weil, Chairperson

St. Ferdinand Church5900 W. Barry Ave.Chicago, IL 60634Phone: (773) 622-5900St. Ferdinand Parishwww.saintferdinand.orgRev. Zdzisław (Jason) Torba, PastorRev. Robert Pajor, Associate PastorRev. Michał (Michael) Rosa, Associate PastorRev. Albert Judy, OP—PT Associate PastorRev. Raymond O’Connor, CMF — Weekend HelpIrwin Hotcaveg, DeaconRonald Weiner, DeaconENGLISHMASS TIMESPOLISHWeekdaysW ciągu tygodnia6:30 AM and 8:00 AM 7:00 PMSaturdaysSobota8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Anticipated) 7:00 AMSundaysNiedziela8:30 AM 7:00 AM10:00 AM (Chapel) 10:15 AM12:30 PM 3:00 PM5:00 PM 7:00 PMRECONCILIATION / SPOWIEDŹ ŚWIĘTAMonday—Saturday / od poniedziałku do soboty6:30 PM — 7:00 PMSaturday / Sobota8:30 AM — 9:00 AMFirst Friday of the month / Pierwszy piątek miesiąca6:00 PM —7:30 PMSt. Ferdinand School: 773 622-3022Dr. Lucine Mastalerz, Head of SchoolNotre Dame High School for Girls Office: 773-622-9494Irene Heidelbauer—PrincipalReligious Education Office: 773 622-3022 ex. 352Sr. Anna Strycharz—D.R.E.St. Ferdinand Polish Saturday School: 773-622-3022 ex 303Sr. Genowefa Potaczała — PrincipalChristian OutReach (COR): 773 622-9732Mrs. Lu Caravette, DirectorMissionary Sisters of Christ the King - 773 889-7979Sr. Anna Strycharz, Superior — Sr. Boguslawa Trus,Sr. Bernadetta Gościniak, Sr. Genowefa PotaczałaBAPTISM:For Children: a pre-Baptism class is required for Baptism of the firstchild. Classes are held in English on the first Wednesday of eachmonth at 7:30PM in the Church, and in Polish on the last Tuesday ofeach month at 7:30PM in the Church. Following registration, thesacrament of Baptism is celebrated in English on the second Saturdayeach month at 6:00PM and on the fourth Sunday of the month at the12:30PM Mass. The sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in Polish onthe first Saturday of the month at 6:00PM and on the third Sunday ofthe month at the 3:00PM Mass. Please call the rectory to register at773/622-5900.For Adults: Classes are taught through the Rite of Christian InitiationProgram (RCIA) on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM. Please call StanMastalerz, the RCIA Director at 773/865-4151 for more information.MARRIAGES:Must be arranged at least four months prior to theceremony. Please call the rectory.

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