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Director’s TidbitsI believe it was back in July when member TomCotton approached me about maybe doing a HogRoast at his house. The first thing that came tomind was how great it was somebody wanted to stepup to the plate and do an event for the club, and theother was doing a monumental task of roasting ahog! Tom reassured me that his crew was up to thetask and all would be good. The only detail left waseither to do a covered dish or have the club furnishthe rest! Hoping it would be nice enough to ride, weelected to have the chapter buy so when October10 th rolled around, all we would have to do is showup! Well the day ended up being cool, but we had agood turnout of members. Some rode and somecame in cars. We had a corn hole tournament tokeep us entertained until we ate, and had to finish iton a FULL belly. The team of Rusty Miller/SteveGerberick showed Dell Saunders and me how theFrom “Ray-Mignon”game was played, with Steve putting on anexhibition to finish us off! Three 3-point throws in arow. Ouch!! Tom’s son and his friends did a superjob on the hog; it’s the best one I’ve eaten, and theseguys should be giving lessons! Oh yeah, we alsohad Biker Beans and Cheesy Potatoes (the ones thatwere missing at the cookout) done by Jim and BarbHarmon; they were also excellent! I would like tothank Tom and Ann Cotton for opening their hometo us and for arranging to have the hog cooked, theguys that cooked the hog, Bruce Kelly for helpingTom with the tables and chairs, and Jim and Barbfor cooking the beans and taters! Oh yeah, I forgotto mention the whole thing was FREE! That is whatthis club is all about, riding and eating with memberscoming forward for the benefit of the club.Thanks to ALL. THINK SPRING. Until then,LET’S RIDE TIM OWENSHow insane can one get? A backpack filled with tools and gear, rain gear with a hard hat and goggles, ropeand steel hooks, parachute and extra underwear. What am I talking about? I'm talking about 600 crazypeople including Santa Clause and two jail birds with men and women of all ages over 18 jumping off thehighest bridge in North America just for fun. Yes, jumping off an 850 foot high bridge over the New River.Route 19 is the route that this very large bridge is on in Fayetteville, West Virginia. The weather was cold andcloudy with 70% chance of rain for the weekend. The weather man was right this time. The roads to thisfestival were very nice. U.S. Route 60 is a scenic ride with nice mountain scenery and the curves andswitchbacks were fantastic. There were a couple water falls to stop and look at on our way there. We arrivedin Fayetteville and there were people parking everywhere while the highway patrol had most traffic flowingaround the crowds. Motorcycle parking could get you the closest to the bridge, otherwise you had a good oneand a half miles to walk. The last half mile you were walking through tent after tent of vendors and FOOD.Just like a street party, however security was very high. You walked through gates where you had to opencoats and any package you had. No coolers or backpacks allowed unless you were jumping!!! This festivalwas started because people would just jump off the bridge anytime they felt like it. Finally someone thought“hey, let’s make this a safe festival”. I bet revenue had something to do with it as well. Once we visited thebridge, it was time for food. I stopped at a church vendor and bought a kielbasa sandwich with all thetoppings. I also stopped at a group selling bakery goods for a cheerleader fund raiser. I bought some browniesand was ready until my next meal. Up until now it was just a drizzle; then it really started to rain hard.Leaving the bridge we headed to the H-D dealer that was on the other side of the bridge. The problem is to getto the dealer, you have to go clear around since the bridge was closed for this craziness. The route takesabout 55 minutes for what when the bridge is open takes 9 minutes. But the road and scenery are worth thedrive. We arrived at the dealer and this dealer is called New River Harley-Davidson Hico, West Virginia. TheFOOD sign caught my eye. We went in the dealer and found a big store. The 10% HOG coupon was a bonuswhen buying t-shirts. The HOG club had food for sale: 2 hot dogs or a bratwurst with biker beans, chips anda beverage for $5.00. GOOD DEAL! Heck, we had not eaten for almost an hour. It was back on the road oncewe ate. We followed the river back and stopped at a waterfall. Even in the rain we were not alone. Theparking lot was full with people taking pictures. The road we traveled was nice, which took us to Charleston,West Virginia where we spent the night. Charleston by the way is the location for the 2010 West Virginia HOGRally. Hummm...now there could be a fun ride for next year!!!! Looking for a few more riding days this year.SAFE RIDING! RAY PALMERVolume 24, Issue 11 Page 3

Mid Ohio H.O.G. ChapterChristmas PartyHighlights• APPETIZERS• DANCING• WHITE ELEPHANT• DINNER• MUSIC• PRIZESBRING A GIFT OFYOUR CHOICE ANDEXCHANGE WITH A GIFTWHERE: DEER RIDGE GOLF CLUB 900 Comfort Plaza Dr., Bellville, OHDIRECTIONS: I‐71 to Exit 165, South on Rt. 97.Watch for MO‐HOG sign near Comfort InnWHEN: DECEMBER 12th, 2009; Social at 6:00 PM; Dinner at 7:00 PMTICKETS: $10.00 PER MEMBER, $25.00 PER GUESTTICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ATHALE’S PARTS COUNTER.TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED BYNOVEMBER 28th, 2009Rooms available at Quality Inn,south of entrance to Deer RidgePhone 419‐886‐7000 for those who want toenjoy a night away from home.WIN A ROMANTIC 1-NIGHT JACUZZISUITE, GIFT BASKET & PARTY TICKETSfor Saturday night of party.• WINNERFLOYD & PAULA DAUBENMIER

January 9, 2010LEX LANES60 St.Rt. 97Lexington, Ohio419-884-2355FREE PIZZA FOR MEMBERS!Be there by: 4:00 pmTeams drawn at: 4:30 pmBowl at: 5:00 pm sharpCost: $10.50 per person for 3 gamesShoe rental INCLUDED in cost!AWARDS FOR: 1st place - Men1st place - LadiesCome One, Come All, It’s a MUST see!Experience many fascinating featsof talented bowlers!!!You must see it to believe it!!!Whether you bowl or not, come join the fun!

Season For RidingThe season for riding is slowly ending and I would liketo take some time and reflect back on this year’s events.This riding season has been full of short and long rideswith numerous intriguing events that I hope satisfiedeveryone’s taste. I measure our success through acollaboration of comments from riders, officer observationsand personal reflections made before, during andafter the rides. I believe a successful event includesplanning, safety, good weather and most of all memberWinterizing TipsIf you’re planning to put your bike into hibernationwhile the area transforms into a frozen tundra, here aresome storage tips to keep your bike in great shapeduring its long winter nap:• This is the fun part. Take your Harley for a final ride,and stop by a gas station on your way home and fill upyour tank. A full tank will prevent moisture, a.k.a. rust,inside your gas tank.• Add stabilizer according to the instructions on thebottle and let the engine run a few minutes. Moderngasoline has a shelf life of only a few weeks, and fuelstabilizer will help prevent it from breaking down andcausing gummed-up or varnished fuel lines, carburetors,injectors, etc.• Change the engine oil and oil filter, transmission fluid,and primary fluid while the bike is still warm.Replacing these fluids helps eliminate chemicals andparticles in the old oil created by combustion that caneventually break down the viscosity of your oil andcorrode metal surfaces.• Lubricate your clutch and throttle cables. Also lubejoints and pivots, such as side stand pivots, suspensionlinkages and brake lever pivots.• Check and service the battery, clean the batteryterminals, and connect a trickle charger or batterytender. When it is not being used on a regular basis, abattery will gradually lose its charge, especially if youhave installed a security system or stereo, which candrain your battery.Again, By Popular Demandparticipation. The responsibility of a safe ride is partindividual rider and the skills we learn riding with agroup. The MOHOG club has been outstanding inachieving this goal, and our record for avoiding mishapsis a reflection of everyone’s skills. I would like tothank everyone who has participated this year inproviding a season of great events, safe riding andawesome camaraderie. What will next year hold?Ride On! YOUR ROAD CAPTAIN, JIM HARMON• Inflate your tires to proper pressure, as underinflatedtires can hasten the appearance of flat spots. Unlessyou can store your motorcycle with all the weight off itstires, you should move your bike regularly and adjustthe tires in a different spot each time.• Clean and wax the bike to prevent corrosion andpitting caused by moisture trapped in dirt and grime.• If possible, keep the bike in a warm garage, out ofdirect sunlight. UV rays also deteriorate paint andplastic. Rubber is sensitive to ultraviolet light and yourtires can develop dry rot.• Use a breathable cover to keep dust and moistureout. Plastic tarps that don't breathe can trap moisturein, causing rust.• Store it out of the way in a low-traffic area, makingsure that the bike is locked up, and keep theregistration and other papers in a separate safe place.• Once a month or so, turn the engine over a couple oftimes to keep things loose and lubricated!These simple precautions will ensure that your belovedHarley-Davidson will be ready when you are, and willbe running next spring just the way you remembered.Be sure to use genuine Harley-Davidson parts andproducts when performing these winterizing chores toprovide optimum performance and protection.YOUR CHAPTER SPONSOR,LEE HALETom & Vicki Rich have organized a few nights through the cold months to playdarts for fun! This is NOT a MOHOG event. Just time for everyone to gatherand keep in touch with all our motorcycling friends! Location is J’Ville Pub inJeromesville, on the northwest side of the square. Teams will be drawn at 7:10pm and will begin playing at 7:30. Arrive early enough to eat if you like! Comeas many times as you can, whatever works for your schedule! Dates are: NOVEMBER 21st,DECEMBER 5th, JANUARY 16th, FEBRUARY 27th, MARCH 20th and APRIL 10th.Volume 24, Issue 11 Page 9

(MEMBERS ONLY)SaturdayFebruary 13, 2010J’VILLE’S PUB & GRILLJEROMESVILLESIGN UP FOR DARTS @ 6:00 pmTEAMS DRAWNTROPHY FORWINNERS!$6.00 BUFFET MEALSTARTING @ 5:00pmDOUBLEELIMINATIONBLIND DRAW FOR2 PERSON TEAMSAT 7:00pmPLAY STARTS@ 7:15 SHARP!BBQ Beef and Shredded Chicken Sandwiches,Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Chips,Cheese and Veggie TraysFOOD FURNISHED AND PREPARED BYDEB KRIEG—OWNERDirections: Pub is located west of the square in Jeromesville. From Mansfield,take St.Rt.30 East to junction St.Rt.89. Turn north to first traffic light.That's the square. J-Ville is located just to the west of the square!J-Ville Pub & Grille, 8 West Main Street, Jeromesville, OH 419-368-3184


H.O.G. Calendar - H.O.G. Calendar - H.O.G. CalendarDECEMBER, 2009 Activities♦ Saturday, December 12thChristmas Party, Deer Ridge Golf Club.Tickets on sale at Hale’s parts counter.See page 5 for complete party details.JANUARY, 2010 Activities♦ Saturday, January 9thMOHOG Bowling Tournament.See page 7 for complete details.Wet Weather Riding♦ January 29th-31stInternational Motorcycle ShowCleveland IX Center♦ Saturday, January 23rdTubing @ Snow Trails, 6:00 pm. Family Fun!Checking to see if we can roast hot dogs overthe fire. Stay tuned for additional infoFEBRUARY, 2010♦ Saturday, February 13thDart Tournament. See page 10 for more info.Fall and Spring are particularly wet seasons in most parts of the country, but that’s no reason to leaveyour Harley parked in the garage, especially if you are equipped with the proper riding gear andknowledge. Riding in the rain can even be fun if you are wearing the right kind of water-repellantapparel and know what to look out for on the road. Roadways are the most slippery for the first 15minutes after a rainfall begins, as that is when oil and other debris that has accumulated on the roadduring dry times rises to the surface and starts to run off. If you can’t pull over and wait out those firstfew minutes of a rain shower, the following strategies can help you keep upright and safe on wetsurfaces. The center of the traffic lane generally has the greatest buildup of oil, anti-freeze and brakefluid that has dripped from passing cars, so try to follow the right or left tire tracks of cars in front ofyou. Since roads are designed to slope to the edges to facilitate runoff, the area closest to the centerlineis less likely to accumulate puddles and has less oil, though the downside is that it puts you closer tooncoming traffic and exposed to more spray from passing cars. Riding too far to the right has its owndangers, however, such as dirt turning into mud, or wet leaves and other roadside debris. Don’t ride tooclose to the center paint strip, nor to the outside fog line, as such painted surfaces get especially slipperywhen wet! Be on the lookout for potholes, which when full of water look the same whether they are aninch deep or deep enough to swallow your front tire. Scan ahead for rainbows in standing water, as thisindicates a high concentration of petroleum. Intersections are dangerous territory since there is more oilaccumulation from cars idling while waiting for a light to turn, and can have more painted surfaces suchas crosswalks as well. Adding to the challenge, manhole covers are more likely near intersections andthey also become much more slippery when they are wet. Remember too that pulling up to a pump at agas station is more treacherous in wet conditions since not only do you have the liquid dripping fromcars as they fuel up, but the surface is usually smooth concrete and may have gas and diesel spills fromthe pump. Now that you are aware of the potential traps for motorcycles during inclement weather, thenext step is to safely maneuver through or around them. Riding a motorcycle in slick conditions requiresthe rider to make every movement s-m-o-o-t-h. Slow down and concentrate on making each input intothe bike gentle and gradual. Try to avoid turning the bike while you are passing over obstacles. Reducedtraction could cause you to slide. Don’t panic if the rear wheel slides a little. It may not feel stable, but aslong as the front tire is going where you want it to, physics will hold the bike up. Lastly, keep in mindthat riding in wet, cold conditions physically exhausts you more quickly, so if you start feeling achy orchilled, don’t hesitate to pull over and grab a cup of hot coffee and take a breather. Numb fingers andchattering teeth are distracting, and a distracted rider isn’t a safe rider. With winter coming on, thesetips apply to riding in snow and ice as well as in rain. Though it’s best to avoid riding in any wet,slippery conditions, if you travel there may be times when you get caught unexpectedly, but at leastyou’ll be prepared and know what to look for – and look out for.YOUR CHAPTER SPONSOR,LEE HALEVolume 24, Issue 11 Page 13

Mid Ohio HOGChapter #3804Hale’s Harley-Davidson1400 Harrington Memorial RdMansfield, Ohio 44903E-mail:Lee: lee@haleshd.comTim: goto2003@earthlink.netRay: pipefit@verizon.netBarb: bjh070301@earthlink.netwww.haleshd.comHillbilly Home Wrecking WeekendBoth Jim and I want to thank those who went to West By God Virginia to Hillbilly Hot Dog. We couldnot have asked for better weather and a wonderful turnout of riders. Twenty-four MOHOG membersroad to Huntington to see who in our chapter was going to tackle the “Home Wrecker,” the famous3.5 pound hot dog with everything but the kitchen sink on it. Nothing that I would ever want toattempt. Three pretty determined gentlemen who enjoy a challenge took the BITE, but came up short.Everyone got into the spirit of cheering our guys on. They didn’t make the time limit of 12 minutes toreceive a free meal, but within themselves they did pretty damn good. I know Tim Anderson was ourfirst to nearly finish, with Clovis Dye and Ray Palmer following closely with sweat beads rolling off theirforeheads. Teammates Tony and Pat John shared the home wrecker, excluding coleslaw, between themand finished it off. This doesn’t get you a prize other than a “Way To GO”! We even got to celebrateClovis’s 63rd birthday and the restaurant did a great job with singing. Can’t say I ever heard “HappyBirthday” to the tune of “The Beverly Hillbilly’s.” After our dinner we headed to the original restaurantof two old school buses and an ice cream shop. Everyone was glad we made the call to eat inHuntington. Still, dessert was delicious, just ask Ray. Eventually we headed to the hotel to findanother motorcycle group having a private party. That didn’t last long. We all gathered in the lounge tosocialize and have a few adult beverages. Some even brought in their own spirits. Sunday we startedwith a free breakfast buffet, then off to see the “Moth Man” at Point Pleasant, WV. It was a perfect dayfor a ride that ended up crossing the Ohio River six times in one day. Of course this was all intentionalwith the route that the Harmon’s laid out. Ha-Ha! After finally reaching Zanesville, we ate lunch atTumbleweed restaurant followed by our goodbyes. It was a long riding weekend, but one to remember.We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as Jim and I did. This club offers a lot of greatmemories and this was one. Until the next ride…Have a safe Holiday Season! YOUR EDITORVolume 24, Issue 11 Page 14

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