Department Mission and Vision - UCF Facilities and Safety ...

Department Mission and Vision - UCF Facilities and Safety ...

Department Mission and Vision - UCF Facilities and Safety ...


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Department Mission and Vision

Facilities Operations

2011-2012 Annual Report

The Facilities Operations Department provides quality facilities operations and services to the University

of Central Florida (UCF) campus community; while creating an environment that enhances the

opportunity to learn, discover and share. Facilities Operations’ vision is to use industry best practices to

be distinguished leaders in Facilities Operations for higher education.

Facilities Operations has gone through organizational changes in the last quarter of this year. Facilities

leadership is developing a new direction for each of the operational facilities groups. The result will be

the establishment and sustainment of the control and stability of work management processes, in order

to increase the effectiveness of how university resources are used.

Contribution to UCF Goals

As the Facilities Operations department looks to new goals and objectives for the immediate future, it is

important to recognize the many accomplishments of Facilities Operations over the past year and the

department’s contributions in support of UCF’s goals.

Offer the best undergraduate education in Florida

Postal Services continues to expand its services on campus, adding several new routes to the daily

schedule including five days per week delivery to the Lake Nona campus; twice weekly delivery to the

Daytona campus; and once weekly delivery to the Apopka Business Incubator location. Central

Receiving received and delivered 44,858 items for University departments, and processed $1,789,515.77

worth of orders for stock and non-stock items while maintaining an inventory of over $450,000 on a

min/max basis. Surplus Property processed and picked up items for 8,896 unique requests from

departments on campus and Central Stores continued to source products and services from local

vendors. Warehouse Services has relocated and redesigned the UCF Plans Room including the

systematic filing of engineering drawings, shop documents, O&M manuals, and other building records

for over 11,000 unique document sets. These are all searchable in electronic format for easy location in

pre-labeled environment-protected warehouse bins.

Housekeeping Services changed the second shift schedule on July 22 nd , 2011, to a Monday through

Friday work week, 3:30pm to 12:00am, to have a greater presence on campus when students, staff and

faculty are present. Recycling Services participated in the nationwide RecycleMania 2012 recycling

competition to foster awareness and increase recycling rates on campus and Housekeeping & Recycling

Services executed the campaign to put “Landfill” stickers on all common area trash containers

throughout campus.

Maintenance instituted a full time operational two-person team to pressure wash campus sidewalks. All

of the auditorium seating in Math & Physics #260 was recovered and springs were repaired for a savings

of $28,000. Maintenance purchased an 80 foot boom lift that will assist staff and allow for in-house

maintenance of the high exteriors of buildings on campus.

HVAC, in an ongoing process to accurately document in our new work order system (Asset Works), is

inventorying all 97 UCF HVAC maintained main campus buildings; including, to date, counting 3,000 total

individual pieces of HVAC equipment (AHU, pumps, terminal units, exhaust fans, etc.). HVAC

participated in the start-up of the new Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering

(MMAE) Lab building. This included verifying proper building pressurization, building walk-throughs and

verification of completion of punch list items after construction.

During the first week of the fall semester, Facilities Operations staff responded to a cooling failure in

CCIII server room when the temperature in the room reached 108-110 degrees, as well as responded to

a power outage in a number of buildings on campus which was caused by a Progress Energy power cable

failure. During the spring semester, Facilities Operations staff partnered with researchers in the BSL3

and Chemistry labs in Biology on March 19 th , 2012, in response to a major power glitch, when two main

power lines were crossed by Progress Energy. Facilities Operations had staff on site immediately in

response to the situation. Our staff also responded to water intrusion from a chilled water line break in

the Computer Science building on May 12 th , 2012, causing damage to floors, ceilings, carpet and UPS for

the servers on the second and third floors. HVAC staff repaired the break in the line. Emergency

services for water extraction, drying, etc., were required and executed, power restored on backup

generators until UPS replacement equipment was installed a week later.

Become more inclusive and diverse

Facilities Operations supports a diverse work force as well as a diverse university community. Facilities

Operations inventoried and compiled a list of family/gender-neutral restrooms on campus which was

submitted to SDES to assist those requiring gender neutral restrooms. Housekeeping Services and

Central Stores staff participated in the Purchasing Department’s Vendor Diversity Day with a booth

staffed at the event, which led to many viable leads for diversity vendors.

Facilities Operations Personnel/Training unit provided translation services for the Personnel/Payroll

office, Housekeeping and Recycling Services Unit, Facilities Operations HR liaison, delivery accurate

information of new policies and rules from Facilities and Safety. Personnel/Training delivered accurate

documentation during employee disciplinary actions; translation of the LAPER information quorum;

assisted new applicants with the application process and provided assistance to other departments as

requested, in a timely manner. Personnel/Training assisted with documentation during employee

disciplinary actions; translated the LAPER information quorum, assisted new applicants with the

application process, as well as assisted employees who are retiring. Served as a translator during the

various sessions in which the employee met with a representative from HR to complete the retirement

process. Translated a retirement form needed to assist employees in understanding the retiree options

(form sent to Paul Newman, HR representative, for future use).

Personnel/Training assisted Facilities Operations employees from various units and campuses during

Open Enrollment. Organized, planned and executed effectively and ahead of time, the development of

registering employees into our People First system, effectuating changes, additions, etc. Assisted with

250 forms, that included such changes/additions that were sent via fax and also mailed to People First

(per their request) in a timely manner, avoiding delays and confusion. Personnel/Training oriented new

employees in one-on-one sessions to deliver assistance with their benefits (medical); offer guidance to

understand their new position at UCF by providing print outs of basic information needed, such as a list

of our contact information, vendor list, My Benefits, basic forms such as LOA, MED CERT, Intent to

Return to work, sick pool, WC info Spanish/English, Optacomp, First Report of injury, Mini ER hand out,

UCF Employee Assistance Program, 403(b) contacts, FMLA handout Spanish/English, LTD standard

company form, etc.

Personnel/Training trained employees from Housekeeping Services how to utilize the www.my.ucf.edu

website in a series of classes (day shift and night shift). In order to deliver these classes, the Complete

UCF User Guide was translated and used to their advantage. Pamphlets were created (English/Spanish)

to make the process easier. Training will continue for Facilities Operations staff from other UCF locations

and be provided to other units in Facilities & Safety. Personnel/Training translated important

information for Facilities Operations staff, such as: Sick Leave Attendance policy, Facilities and Safety

tardiness policy, 2012 Facilities Operations goals, etc.

Be America’s leading partnership university

Facilities Operations partnered with Harris Rosen and his staff to identify maintenance concerns at the

Rosen College. An action plan was developed and executed to address the concerns. Facilities

Operations also partnered with Human Resources to develop, (required by Florida Statutes, Section

216.251 (2) (b) 2), the Return to Work Procedure. This procedure identifies a duty task list and criteria

for returning to work to allow employees on Workers Comp to return to work on light or modified duty.

Information Technology partnered with UCF-PD, Recreation and Wellness, and Student Government to

utilize the Kronos system for time keeping and payroll processing.

Recycling Services partnered, for the second year, with Athletics to enter and participate in the

Environmental Protection Agency’s 2012 GameDay challenge for the home football game on October

29 th . UCF had a 72.44% diversion rate. 12.88 tons of materials were generated from the football game,

9.33 tons were recycled and 3.55 tons went to the landfill. Facilities Operations partnered with ISES

Corporation to perform a Facilities Condition Index. Other state universities are performing similar FCIs

in an effort to show the continuing cost of deferred maintenance. Facilities Operations also partnered

with other State University System physical plant directors to prepare a collective response to the State

Board of Governors and the Legislature, regarding the risks and costs associated with budget cuts and

deferred maintenance of SUS buildings.

Facilities Operations partnered with the Partnership III Information Systems Technology group, United

Fire, and Environmental Health and Safety to resolve issues preventing the activation of the EB-35 Fire

Suppression System. This collective effort resulted in the suppression system being activated in July.

Warehouse Services partnered with local storage providers for the long term storage of Facilities &

Safety equipment and supplies off campus and worked with the Lake Nona Facilities Operations and

Central Stores to create a virtual warehouse for inventory of all parts and materials used at Lake Nona.

Lake Nona Facilities Operations performs weekly cycle counts on each department’s inventory, running

at a 99.3% accuracy rate.

Chilled Water Production assisted Facilities Improvements with the selection and installation of the

composite cooling tower and assisted with the purchase and installation of 3000 feet of 24” chilled

water steel pipe. Chilled Water Production also assisted Facilities Improvements with the selection and

installation of a new refrigerant lead detection system for the Main Utility Plant. HVAC assisted

vibration analysts from Siebein Associates, Inc., in gathering exhaust fan vibration data at CREOL in an

attempt to mitigate vibration in the building.

Cost Effectiveness

The Facilities Operations Surplus Program was launched to realize additional revenues from the sale of

surplus property. The new program recouped over $235,357.25 during the past fiscal year, which

represents over a 10-fold increase in revenues realized over the use of a dedicated surplus vendor as in

years past. The Surplus Property unit also processed 634 internal “adoption” requests for Universityowned

assets saving the beneficiary departments from spending budget dollars on new purchases.

Warehouse Services completed a renovation of the warehouse office space whereby Central Stores,

Central Receiving, and the Surplus Property units have been combined into one work area saving several

labor hours weekly in coordinating efforts between the groups. Postal Services partnered with Regional

Campuses to consolidate their postal operations into UCF Postal Services, resulting in the removal of

several postal metering machines from remote campuses for an annual savings of over $6,000 to the

University. Postal Services also partnered with Parking Services to reconsolidate their mailing efforts

back into UCF Postal Services, to save them effort and cost on their annual mailing of parking permits in

August 2011.

Lake Nona Facilities Operations reorganized an evening shift to a day shift to refocus work efforts,

resulting in savings of the 5% night shift differential. Housekeeping Services on the main campus

changed the second shift schedule on July 22 nd , 2011, to a Monday through Friday work week, 3:30pm

to 12:00am, to increase cleaning time and increase recycling on campus. Facilities Operations identified

fleet vehicles that will be shared by all of Facilities & Safety to increase efficiency and reduce costs. A

procedure was developed to allow employees to access available vehicle keys from a centrally located

Traka key box. Recycling Services generated $19,128 in revenue for recycled cardboard, plastic, paper,

aluminum cans, scrap metal, and newspaper. Maintenance Sign Shop installed a new computer sign

machine to allow for the unit to make their own door signs instead of contracting the signs out for

manufacture, a savings of $24 per sign. Chilled Water Production completed the installation of Chiller

10, a Trane 2000 chiller, at the Satellite Plant and cleaned the Main Utility Plant condenser water piping,

which concluded the annual plant maintenance. This includes chiller tube brushing and strainer

cleaning. Chilled Water Production also implemented a chilled water spill procedure and a refrigerant

monitoring procedure. Chilled Water Production removed and replaced four variable frequency drives,

installed a new chilled water loop make-up water pump skid, removed and re-wired six, large horse

power motors and installed a new chilled water loop chemical treatment station.


Facilities Operations Information Technology staff established a domain controller for all Facilities and

Safety computer infrastructure. HVAC implemented the use of iPads for HVAC supervisors, for

processing work orders in the field using the campus wireless network. Chilled Water Production

installed Delta controls at the Main Utility Plant and partnered with Sustainability and Energy

Management to install touch screen displays for the Satellite Plant chilled water equipment. The touch

screens display chiller support equipment failures, and will facilitate troubleshooting by informing the

operator which equipment failed. Maintenance managed the project to install a new security system in

the Burnett House and upgraded 14 elevator control/fire alarms.

Charitable and Intercampus Giving

Facilities Operations partnered with other departments in Facilities and Safety to help raise funds for the

United Way charitable campaign. A total of $2,952.73 in donations was raised by Facilities & Safety.

Facilities Operations staff also participated in the “I believe in UCF campaign”. Facilities Operations

partnered with UCF Housing and the Bithlo Christmas Neighborhood Center for Families (BCNCF) in the

11 th annual Student Move-Out Recycling Project. Collected and distributed 1604 pounds of clothing,

household goods and electronics to clients of BCNCF. Warehouse Services assisted the Facilities

Operations group by making space and vehicles available for gathering, sorting and delivering donated


Assessment Data

Facilities Operations drafted a comprehensive response to Section 3.10.7, Physical Facilities, of the

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation report. Facilities Operations

developed a survey to obtain information from university researchers regarding their backup power

requirements. The results will be used to inform researchers whether backup power is or is not

available. HVAC performed a heating assessment of Millican Hall and completed associated repairs.

Lake Nona HVAC assisted Vivarium staff in obtaining accreditation with AAALAC by providing critical

(HVAC) information.

Housekeeping & Recycling Services recycled over two million pounds of materials for an estimated

recycling rate of 29%. The University changed the Surplus Program this fiscal year and did not gather

the re-use material weights. Next fiscal year, re-use material weights will be included in the yearly

recycling rate because it is part of the “Recycle, Reduce, Reuse” mission of UCF Recycles. Housekeeping

Services also calculated housekeeping staffing allowances for all E&G buildings on the main, Lake Nona,

and Rosen College campuses.

Personnel/Payroll implemented Recruitment and LOA checklists to ensure all processes are carried out

appropriately and all documentation is received and processed in a timely manner. Personnel/Payroll

updated the Personnel Action Form (PAF) format to reflect additional information and provide more

detail to the approving parties in Facilities & Safety.

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