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GLENWOOD NEWS LETTER 4TH TERM.pdf - Glenwood High School

4th Quarter 2009THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOLFROM THE HEADMASTER’S DESKWe have come to the end of another academic year at Glenwood and it has been amost rewarding one for so many members of the Glenwood Family. We now moveinto one of the most exciting years for the School – 2010. The Centenary Year ofany school is very special and it will be no different for Glenwood.Planning for the Centenary is well under way and a comprehensive year plannerwill come out soon with all of the various activities listed on the planner. The Schoolis always a very busy place for so many of us and so 2010 will be much of the same.We have managed to keep the boys busy at Glenwood this year and there havebeen many success stories; not just those that make the news but also thosepersonal goals that so many of our boys achieve on a daily basis. These personalsuccesses must be celebrated by family and friends as we move into the time of theyear when families gather for special celebrations.I am looking forward to seeing the Matric results in early January and the plan at themoment is that the results will be available on the 6 January 2010 here at Schoolfrom about 11:00am.The rest of the school will have their reports well before the Matrics and I urge allParents to go through the report with their sons and plan the academic programmefor 2010; build on successes and work hard on apparent weaknesses. Parents andboys can be very proud of their combined efforts and I applaud those young menwho continue to find the right balance between sport, cultural activities andacademic progress. For those boys who did not produce results that reflect theirability, hard work lies ahead in the New Year.CRICKETI wish the boys travelling away to various inter provincial tournaments during thevacation all of the very best and certainly hope that we have some further SASchools' Representatives to applaud in the New Year.The school will be a busy place during the summer vacation for boys as we are athMatric Marking Centre until the 20 of December 2009 and so there will be noaccess to the school from the Mc Donald Rd entrances. All access must be throughthe front gate in Nicolson Rd. The fields and cricket nets are being upgraded –again, and there is a great deal of work going on in various classrooms to get readythfor the new school year on 13 January 2010. I thank all of the Staff involved in thevarious projects over the holidays for their commitment to Glenwood.I look forward to working with you and your sons again in 2010. Staff and variouscommittees will be putting in a great deal of work for our 2010 celebrations and Iurge you to get involved when and where you can.I wish the entire Glenwood Family all of the very best for the summer holidays and Iurge you to keep safe at all times. Be especially careful on the roads and watch outfor your loved ones at all times. I urge the boys to prepare themselves for anotheractive and rewarding year at Glenwood in 2010.Enjoy your time with family and friends over the festive season.Thank you for your support in 2009.TM KERSHAWHEADMASTERthGlenwood had another successful term when it comes to cricket. The 4 term isrenowned for bringing rain, but, except for the Westville fixture, most games werecompleted.One of the positives that came out of this term was the type of cricket thatGlenwood played with especially the A-teams showing a ruthlessness not seen fora while. Teams backed themselves on any field and weren't too bothered on whichcaptain won the toss.October, were selected to represent KwaZulu-Natal at various inter-provincialtournaments: S Sunkari (U/19), S Ramdin (U/19), S Bissoon (U/17), M Ramsaroop(U/17), P Subrayen, (U/17), Y Moonsamy (U/17), D Browne (U/17), R Wissing(U/15), L Padaychee (U/15), G Venter (KZN Mynahs)I wish all the players and especially our parents and supporters a blessedChristmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully we can build on what we achieved thisyear in our centenary year, 2010.Special mention must go to the coaches of these teams who put in all the extrahours to improve Glenwood's Cricket. One of the highlights was definitely thethresults against Maritzburg College in the 4 term with all the A-teams achievinggood wins against their counterparts. Hopefully in the future Glenwood will build onthese results with the lower teams improving on what was started this year.Congratulations also goes to the U/16A and C teams who went the whole yearthunbeaten and, the U/14A's also ended the 4 term unbeaten against qualityopposition.thThe 4 term also saw the conclusion of the GPL. By the end of the year thepopularity of the GPL grew so much that a fifth team could have joined. Well done tothe Barbarians of Divesh Sookdeo who became the inaugural winners of the GPL.Hopefully this tournament will continue to grow in the years to come.Our congratulations go out to the following pupils who, at the end of trials held inAndré SlabbertMIC CricketD Muller(KZN U/13 Scorer)Absent: Y Moonsamy(KZN U/17)KZN CRICKETREPRESENTATIVES fromleft to right: D Brown(KZNU/17),C Mattison(KZNU/19 Scorer), LPadaychee(KZN U/15), RWissing(KZN U/15), SRamdin(KZN U/19), SBissoon(KZN U/17), MRamsaroop(KZN U/17), SSubrayen(KZN U/17 V-C),S Sunkari(KZN U/19),WWW.GLENWOODHIGHSCHOOL.CO.ZA

TOASTMASTERS YOUTHLEADERSHIP 2009For eight Wednesday evenings, twenty one of our Grade 11 boys attended theToastmasters course run by Elaine Swanepoel of the Speakeasy ToastmastersClub. The mission statement for the club is: “To think clearly; listen attentively, to'Speakeasy' in a relaxed, friendly, fun- filled environment, and to developconfidence and leadership skills”.The results for the graduation dinner were as follows:stst1 Place Prepared Speech – Vishendra Naidoo; 1 Place Evaluation –stVishendra Naidoo; 1 Place Impromptu – Andrew L'Homme; Greg Louw andJackson Pretorius were given awards for the most improved speakers andVishendra Naidoo was awarded a certificate for leadership skill.Vishendra Naidoo, Keagan Pretorius and Andrew L'Homme were selected to goforward to represent their school in the semi-finals which was held on Saturday24 October. Curtis Swanepoel was asked to do the 'test speech' on the day.21 November 2009 saw the finals of the Toastmasters Speaking Competitionbeing held at Clifton College. Glenwood was well represented in the finals withtwo boys participating and strong Staff and pupil support.REMEMBRANCE DAYCELEBRATIONSMr Kevin Jordan took a group of interested boys down to the NMR RemembranceService on Wednesday 11 November 2009. They were very well received andtook great delight, as boys do, in getting up close with the helicopter and tank!After the service, the boys were allowed to inspect the General`s ORYXhelicopter.The following day Glenwood High School celebrated Remembrance Day on 12November 2008 at 11:00. Mr Jordan led the proceedings, assisted by the 2010Head Prefect, Gregg Louw and the acting prefects.It was more than 90 years ago to the day that an Armistice was signed at 11 am onththe 11 of November 1918 to end Word War I.The Glenwood service was attended by 4 Old Boy WW11 veterans (Cecil Ritson ,Dennis Ellis , Vic Hansel and B.J. Clark) and prominent guests from the military.V. Naidoo was selected to participate in the Prepared Speech Contest as well asin the Evaluation Contest.A. L'Homme was selected to participate in the Impromptu Contest.V. Naidoo did very well indeed but was unfortunately unplaced in the finalanalysis. His prepared speech, however, was very entertaining.A. L'Homme won the KZN finals of the Impromptu Speaking Contest against verystrong opposition.Well done Andrew.Mrs J CriticosMOTHERS’ CLUBGlenwood’s final Mothers’ Club get together was an evening befitting of thefestive season with some Moms coming dressed for the part.Flickering candles & lots of laughter welcomed both our regular Moms and someof the new “2010” Moms.We were treated to an amazing dinner, especially the wide range of desserts.The fun atmosphere for the evening was set with singing and dancing from bothLoren Lang & Catherine Hampton.The gift swopping added something special to finish off a superb evening.Mrs. S. McNeillTHE GAMES CHRISTMAS PARTYThe GAMES programme for 2009 came to an end with the annual Xmas partybeing held in the Victor Daitz Science Centre.Above the children enjoy their Xmas treats in the Form V Quad.WWW.GLENWOODHIGHSCHOOL.CO.ZA

SPEECH NIGHTThe annual Speech Night took place on Thursday, 22 November 2009. Theproceedings were opened with scripture reading and prayer by Jason Kershaw(Deputy Head Prefect) and Lindokuhle Ngcobo (Deputy Head Prefect and RCLChairman). This was followed by the Headmaster's report and performances bythe School Choir and Band.SPORTSMAN’S BANQUETThe annual Sportsman's Banquet took place on Friday, 23 November 2009 withMr Oscar Chalupsky as the guest speaker. During 2009 many boys representedKZN and SA teams in a vast number of sports.Mr Warwick Chapman (Old Boy and Entrepreneur) was the guest speaker and heassisted with the presentation of the prizes. Mzwandile Mbuyazi was awardedthe Max Sandler Memorial Good-fellowship bursary.Above: Jason Kershaw (left) and Ricky Schnetler (right) shared the Sportsman ofthe Year Award for 2009. Jason was awarded a Games Cap for SA Schools'Squash and Ricky for SA Schools rugby.TOY STORYAbove: Ruan Grobler, Head Prefect 2009 was awarded the following: AcademicHonours, the Grant Robertson Award for Leadership Excellence, the Don ChaseMemorial for the Boarder Head Prefect & the Owen Ritson Memorial for HeadPrefect.Toy Story is an annual charity campaign held by East Coast Radio during the endof the year to collect toys and money for underprivileged children and KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa.Glenwood High School’s commitment to community-outreach programmeshave always been of the highest standards and Toy Story 2009 was no different.Following from our success at Winter Warmth, Glenwood started collectingmoney and toys from late October extending into early December. TheGlenwood Family contributed tremendously and we have managed to raise asubstantial amount of money and toys for this initiative.The Prefects and RCL travelled with Mrs. Barnes to East Coast Radio onThursday, 3 December 2009 to hand the Glenwood contribution over to EastCoast Radio.Above: Gregg Louw (left) was announced as the Head Prefect for 2010 at theAnnual Senior Prize giving ceremony. Ruan Grobler, Head Prefect 2009, handsover his tie to Gregg.WWW.GLENWOODHIGHSCHOOL.CO.ZA

All your life at Glenwood you hear about this camp called T.O Strand. The 2009th5 Formers come back from it and you are expecting to hear all the stories butyou never do. All you get told is that that it's a long walk to freedom and as amatter of fact it's a long walk to fitness too. I don't want to give away too much inthis article about the events of T.O Strand because that would spoil the wonderfulsurprise each boy at Glenwood is waiting in anticipation for.The most appropriate way to describe T.O Strand is 'TOUGH'. The recipe forleadership is clearly displayed at T.O Strand and it goes something like this:make the going get tough so that the tough can get going. Everybody wants to bea leader when there are no odds against him, when there are no trials he needface but when there are problems, hardships and trials to face, the people whoare leaders are separated from the people who think they are leaders.T.O Strand teaches us about the power of unity. A leader is nothing and no one,unless he has the support of the people he leads. At T.O Strand you learn that inorder to be a greater leader than the rest, you need to serve your fellow manmore than anyone else - especially more than you serve yourself.T.O Strand comprises some really awesome activities that are fun and require allspheres of human capacity and talent – you see sides of people you never knewexisted.My personal experience of T.O Strand was what I would call tough. Through theexperience I realised that the only way to achieve the greatest success is withthe help of your friends, your fellow brothers. When your body gives up on you –the only thing you have left is the power of will to succeed and that is not easy –but – if you have 10 other brothers spurring you on, encouraging you andsometimes even carrying you, impossible is nothing.T.O Strand - getting every one of our brothers on the same level of thinking, withthe same goal in mind – and pushing each other further than the cerebral limitswe have placed upon ourselves.This experience makes a Glenwood Boy dig deeper than he has previouslydone.Nicholas GlutzGR 11 LEADERSHIPBEST SCHOOL RUGBYCOACHstSean Erasmus, the current Glenwood High School 1 XV Rugby Coach andSharks U19 Technical Analysis Rugby coach, was recently sponsored byDiscovery SharkSmart and nominated by the KZNRU, to attend the Jake White'sWinning Ways Coaching Course held at Kearsney College. The course is a newinitiative by Jake White and his World Cup Winning Coaching staff to expose allcoaches to the experience they have gained in their four year build up to winningthe World Cup. Coaches on the course are exposed to all of the training andcoaching material used by the Springboks whilst being coached by Jake White.Mr Erasmus was awarded the prize for the best coach on the course.SA HOCKEY COACHOF THE YEAR 2009Old boy and Staff Member, Mr. B. Carolan wasawarded SA Hockey's Coach of the Year.Mr Carolan's achievements for 2009 include:South African Interprovincial Men's Winners (KZNMen A), South African Interprovincial U21 Men'sWinners (SA U19), South African Interprovincial U21stIndoor Men's Winners (KZN U21 A), UKZN Men's 1side Winners KwaZulu-Natal League and SouthAfrica U18 Head Coach (Boys).SOFTBALLThe season got off to its customary shaky start, when the boys, through lack ofpractice, and a bit of arrogance, snuck a close win against Thomas More. It wasjust the wake up call we needed as from then we never looked back. Our closestopposition was once again Westville. This was meant to be their strongest teamin a few years, and it showed against all other opponents, except the GreenMachine! The boys showed true class in defeating a more physical and olderteam from Westville, 6-1. We then went on to defend our title as the top boys'school in the province, by remaining undefeated yet again.We managed to complete the Semi finals during the 3rd term. Unfortunately theFinals were rained out. It was decided to try and play the finals on the first Fridayof the 4th term. The u/16 games were completed and the final results were: U16/BDivision - 1st St. Henry's A, 2nd Glenwood B and 3rd Westville B.U16 A Division: 1st Glenwood A, 2nd Westville A and 3rd Thomas More A.The heavens opened up after these games and it was too dangerous to play thesenior games.The final results were thus taken on the league results. The results were asfollows:U/19 B Division: 1st Westville B, 2nd Hillcrest A and 3rd Glenwood B.U/19 A Division: 1st Glenwood A, 2nd Westville A and 3rd Thomas More A.At the moment we are in the process of selecting the KZN teams which will berepresenting our province at the Schools Summer Games which will be held inBloemfontein from 13 to 15 December 2009Above from left to right Jake White, Sean Erasmus and Eddie JonesMrs W AdendorffMIC SoftballWWW.GLENWOODHIGHSCHOOL.CO.ZA

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