Let's Celebrate!

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Let's Celebrate!

Let’s Celebrate!Michael StallingsHead of Civil EngineeringAuburn UniversityPh.D. University of Texas 1988

Who is Karl Frank?• First impressions are deceiving• A linebacker• A very yppatient person• The University is for the students• The Uneasy Rider• An engineer• A friend and mentor for life

What I learned from Dr. Frankbeyond fatigue & fracture mechanics• Southerners carry pocket knives• Check what’s happening at the limits• Don’t forget to point out the obvious• Don’t be afraid to do something new• Stand up and say what’s on your mind• Electronics & instrumentation

Softening20 t w≥ 12 in.

First Law of ElectronicsIt must be plugged in to work.

Second Law of ElectronicsIt must be turned on to work.

The future• Computers are great, but they willalways need people• Civil Engineering education facesgreat challenges– Distance between funding and practice– Funding for public universities– The struggle to become a researchuniversity

What made this program great?• People• Focus on Structural Engineering•Space• Resources

Thank You Dr. Frank!• For staying calm when I almost brokeyour thumb• For driving that cool car• For having confidence in me• For taking me in as a Frankie

Keys to a Great Retirement• Sometimes you must turnloose of one dream to reachthe next• 03 18 30 46 48 37

Conclusions• Learn from adversity• There are definite ripple effects in life

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