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Advising Tips - Darton College

Academic Advisingat

Combination PlanSince 2000, academic advising at Dartonhas been accomplished by both facultyadvisors as well as a campus-wideAdvising Center.

Academic Advising MissionStatement• Darton College is committed to providingaccurate advising to help students identifyand clarify their educational goals byproviding appropriate information andplanning tools to ensure individual andcollective student achievement.

Goals for Academic Advising• Clarify educational, life, and career goals• Develop an appropriate educational plan• Select courses for each semester• Know campus resources, both academicand nonacademic• Know academic policies and procedures

Student Outcomes• The student will become a more independentdecision maker and learner.• The student will use academic and nonacademicresources on campus as needed.• The student will make progress towardachieving his or her educational and careergoals.• The student will have a connection with at leastone caring individual on campus.

What do students want most inan advisor?

• Accessibility• Approachability• Specific, accurate information• Advice and counsel• A personal, caring relationship

???????????Questions to Ask Students

Quote from Jennifer Bloom:One of the primary tools advisors have forempowering students t is asking questions.

What is your career goal?Make sure the student is comfortable withthe major he or she has chosen. Makesure the student has a catalog andunderstands the requirements for his/hermajor.

Quote from Jennifer Bloom:A good academic advisor will help studentsformulate a vision of what they mightbecome and then assist them indeveloping their life and career goals.

How many hours do you work per week?Suggested work/class load ratio:Work Load Class Load45 hours 6 semester hours30 hours 12 semester hours15 hours or less 15 – 17 semester hours

Where do you plan to transfer after Darton?(for students in a transfer program)Suggest the student look at the website forhis or her major at that university.Explain what the core curriculum of theUniversity System of Georgia is.

Keep in mind that students who are intransfer programs must make up CollegePrep deficiencies. Students in careerprograms do not have to make them up.

Do you want morning afternoon evening orDo you want morning, afternoon, evening, oronline classes?

If online, ask whether or not the student hasever had an online class before. Studentswho are successful in online classes havethe following characteristics:

* Are comfortable working independentlyd * Have experience using a computer –e-mail, work processor, Internet* Are comfortable asking an instructor forhelp when needed* Have been successful in previous coursestaken in a classroom

Do you have financial aid?Remind students of the date tuition is due.Encourage them to talk with a financial aidcounselor if they have questions.If they have a loan, they will need to take atleast 6 hours.

Make sure students know they must satisfactorily complete2/3 of what they sign up for.Registered for Must complete15 or more 1013-14 912 810 – 11 79 67 – 8 56 44 – 5 33 21 – 2 1

Do you need to be full time?Students who are still on their parents’medical linsurance need dto take at tleast t12hours (full-time status).Some other students, including veterans,may also need to be full time.

• Do you know your way around campus?• Map• Tour• Bookstore• Parking sticker• ID card

Things to Check

What is the student’s t’ major?Make sure the major the student has chosenis the one listed on the student’s academichistory on BANNER.Make sure the student takes classes towardhis or her major. Financial i Aid will not payfor students to take classes that are notrequired for their major.

What classes has this student alreadytaken?Go to the Darton website, click on My DC,then Banner Access. Type in the student’sID number and print out his or heracademic history.

Does the student have any College PreparatoryCurriculum (CPC) deficiencies?A student may have a deficiency in a subject areaif he or she did not complete enough courses inhigh school. These deficiencies will be listed onthe student’s academic history and can also befound at ZOAGARP. If the student t is in atransfer program, CPC deficiencies must bemade up by the time a student reaches 18 hoursof college credit.

Common CPC deficiencies areForeign languageNatural scienceSocial scienceMathConsult the Darton catalog to determine whatclass to take to make up a deficiency.

Does the student have any holds?The student must take care of anyAdmissions, Registrar, Business, orLibrary Holds before he or she can registerfor the next semester.

Does the student have a Learning Supporthold?Students who score low on a part of theCOMPASS placement exam must take anappropriate class in that area. Scores arenoted on the student’s s academic historyand also can be found on BANNER atSOATEST.

GUIDELINES FOR PLACEMENTReading64 and below READ 009765 – 73 READ 009974 and above No LS Reading requiredPlace in ENGL 1101 only if cleared both READ0099 and ENGL 0099

GUIDELINES FOR PLACEMENTEnglish50 and below ENGL 009751 – 59 ENGL 009960 and above No English requirementPlace in ENGL 1101 only if cleared both READPlace in ENGL 1101 only if cleared both READ0099 and ENGL 0099

GUIDELINES FOR PLACEMENTMath29 and below MATH 0097 IntroductoryAlgebra30 thru 36 MATH 0099 IntermediateAlgebra37 and above No LS Math required.Place in MATH 1111

NOTEStudents MUST take any required LearningSupport classes first.Some classes (such as lab sciences) requirestudents to clear Learning Support classesbefore taking them. Check the catalog.

Is the student required to take the First YearExperience (DART)?All first-time time, full-time freshmen must takeDART. Students classified as online onlyand those who have matriculated atanother college do not have to take DART.

Does the student have a Regents’ Test hold?Follow Regents’ Test guidelines. Students shouldbe registered for the Regents’ Test their firstsemester if they do not have to take ENGL 0099or READ 0099.

If the student has taken the Regents’ Testbefore and did NOT pass, he or she MUSTbe enrolled in the appropriate Regents’class.Did not pass Reading portion o - Enroll inRGTR 0198 – Regents’ Reading SkillsDid not pass Writing portion – Enroll inRGTE 0199 – Regents’ Writing Skills

Are there pre-requisites?it Check the catalog to see if there are any prerequisitesfor any course a student wants totake.Example: Both English 1101 and 1102 must betaken before a student can take American Lit(ENGL 2131, 2132), British Lit (ENGL 2121,2122), or World Lit (ENGL 2111, 2112)

Other examples:* MATH 1111 (College Algebra) must betaken before a student t can take MATH1112 (Trig) or MATH 1113 (Pre-Calculus)or MATH 2205 (Statistics)* PSYC 1101 (General Psychology) is apre-requisite for PSYC 2225 (AbnormalPsychology) and PSYC 2226 (SocialPsychology).

Does the student have an academic plan?

EDUCATIONAL GOAL: Bachelors NAME: Jim JonesTRANSFER GOAL: UGA ID #: 919000000CAREER GOAL: Executive at P & G MAJOR: Business AdministrationWORK HOURS: 15-20 WK Date: 10-13-10Fall 2010Spring 2011Reading 0099 4Math 0099 4English 0099 4Span 1101 CPC 3Math 0097 4English 1101 3DART 1000 2Total Hours: 14PHED 2Total Hours: 12Summer 2011 Fall 2011

What is intrusive advising?

Intrusive advising means seeking outstudents and providing them withresources before they realize they needthem.Intrusive advising has been proven toincrease the rate of student t success.

Intrusive advising includes:• Providing orientation for new students• Requiring students to see an advisor in orderto register• Working with probationary students to plana program of success• Talking with students about their life andcareer goals• Providing information and making referrals

Students who are satisfied with theacademic advising they receive tend tobe satisfied with the college as a whole.From TheCCCU Quality Retention Project

“Good advising may be the single mostunderestimated characteristic of asuccessful college experience.”R. J. Light

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