PHOTOGRAPHS 1977-1979 - Lewis deSoto

PHOTOGRAPHS 1977-1979 - Lewis deSoto

PHOTOGRAPHS 1977-1979 - Lewis deSoto

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photographs 1977-1979LewisdeSoto

Photographs by Lewis deSotoLewis deSoto is a professor and head of thePhotography program at San FranciscoState University. He lives in the SanFrancisco Bay Area and New York City. Hiswork is in numerous public and privatecollections including the Museum of ModernArt, New York, The California Museum ofPhotography, The Los Angeles CountyMuseum, the Museum of Contemporary Artin Los Angeles and the Museum ofContemporary Art in San Diego.

BASHOBASHO means “place” in Japanese. This work, started in the 1977 and finished by 1979 represented my first one person exhibition ofphotographs in 1978 after a painting solo show in 1977 at the Inland Empire Gallery at U.C. Riverside in Riverside, California. All of BASHOwas printed approximately 6 x 9 inches and displayed raw, mounted like cards against a wall. The sequence of the works is long forgotten.This book recreates the exhibition how best I can remember with a few 1979 works that were not available at the time. Influenced by LewisBaltz and Ralph Gibson, the work was reductive in nature; I always used a tripod and the smallest possible aperture with the mirror locked upon my SRT Minolta camera. All work was printed the same without burning and dodging, using Kodak Plus-X, Agfa Brovira grade five paper.The work represents my efforts to bring my Zen Buddhist training to bear in creating photographs.Lewis deSoto 2004

.Riverside, California..

.Riverside, California..

Riverside, California..

.Colton, California..

.San Bernardino, California..

...San Bernardino, California..

.Colton, California..

..Riverside, California.....Riverside, California..

...Fontana, California..

....Riverside, California..

...Riverside, California.....Colton, California..

...Colton, California..

...Riverside, California.....Riverside, California..

....Colton, California.....Colton, California..

....Riverside, California......San Bernardino, California..

...Riverside, California..

....Riverside, California......Riverside, California..

....Colton, California..

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ContactLewis deSotolewis@lewisdesoto.netwww.lewisdesoto.netRepresented byBrian Gross Fine Art49 Geary Street 5th FloorSan Francisco, CA 94108415.788.1050gallery@briangrossfineart.comwww.briangrossfineart.comCopyright Notice©2004, publication, 1977, 1978, 1979 PhotographsLewis deSoto

BASHOPhotographs 1977-1979Lewis deSoto

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