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Contents• What Differentiates the Agency IT Company?• Partnership Ingredients• About The Agency IT Company Limited• Management Structure• How we achieve differentiation• IT is important• Brain Based Training• Summary• Client ReferencesThe Agency IT Company Limited, 25 Longford Street, London, NW1 3NY Tel: 020 7874 1700 Fax: 020 7874 1717

What differentiates The Agency IT Company?Experience of IT in AdvertisingOur years of experience providing IT support for the advertising industry havedelivered us a clear vision of what you want from IT.Understanding of attitudes to technologyWe know that your interest lies in how technology can help you to performyour job function better, and more cost effectively, rather than interest in theactual technology.Your requirementsWe have identified your prerequisite requirements.Firstly, you want your technology to work, all the time and never to be anobstacle to your business.Second, you want to be able to use your systems wherever you happen to be,whatever time it is.You want technology support from people that care about you, understandwhat you are trying to achieve and the immense pressure you are under. Youwant to be able to speak to someone that can help with your technicalproblem NOW. You cannot afford to wait; your business won’t, and neither willyour clients.You want your IT people to show you the best way to do things. You wantthem to be doing this as well as fixing your problems. You want to be able toview them as part of your team, not as the IT department that only show theirfaces when things go wrong.You want all of your team to create documents exactly the same way, so thatevery document has the same “look and feel”, clearly showing that you are allworking together as a team, under the same management.You want all your staff to know how to make best use of these productivitytools, so they can create the best work, in the shortest possible time.You have an important pitch; you have a million things to do; the last thing youwant is your technology to let you down. You need to be confident yourtechnical team are there for you, should you need them. If you do, then youwant them to react instantly, delivering immediate solutions that allow you toget back to what you should be doing.Now you hopefully have a clear idea of what makes the Agency IT Companydifferent from any other IT organisation you have encountered.The Agency IT Company Limited, 25 Longford Street, London, NW1 3NY Tel: 020 7874 1700 Fax: 020 7874 1717

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About The Agency IT Company LimitedWe are the only IT Consultancy in the UK and have been dedicated to theadvertising and media industry for the last decade• We only work in Advertising to guarantee we understand your business betterthan any other IT consultancy• We are based in Central London so we are close to our clients• We have been developing highly successful IT partnerships with agencies forover a decade• We guarantee financial predictability for IT expenditure• We help you to leverage advantage from your investment in technologysystems• We are passionate about Client Service to ensure you deliver• We keep your promises• We reduce your costsWe guarantee to remove the hassle of running IT• We deliver intelligence and capacity to make things happen using our provenstructured approach• We ensure you meet the impossible deadlines imposed by your clientsYou can rely on us to support you when you most need us• From years of working in advertising we know that work often runs beyond5:30. We understand this and are regularly involved in support of our Clients’pitch process, as well as offering our skills to make the presentation moreeffective, by making better use of presentation systems• We work with you on your pitch through the night and are with you when youare presenting (if you want us there)We liberate your creativity through technology• If you are confident your IT is going to work, the way you need it to work,whenever you need it, from wherever you are, you can focus on your real job,without worry• We empower you to make best use of your technology, so you can be thebest you can beWe give you IT that stays operational• By analysing the risk to business continuance and identifying your priorities,we design and structure your critical systems to be tolerant to faults, so theydon’t crashThe Agency IT Company Limited, 25 Longford Street, London, NW1 3NY Tel: 020 7874 1700 Fax: 020 7874 1717

The Agency IT Company LimitedManagement StructureMark DecentManaging DirectorDavid BoltonFinance / Operations DirectorCraig FisherNew Business DirectorMatt BazzaccoTechnical DirectorAdministrationMarketingSalesTechnical Support ManagerIn HouseTechnical TeamOn SiteTechnicalTeams

How we achieve Differentiation?A “people” industryFirstly, we select only the best technologists. However, more importantly, we select“people” as we understand that, like you, we work in a people industry. You specialise inadvertising, we specialise in IT for advertising.Staff trainingWe spend considerable time coaching our support analysts on the mechanics ofadvertising. We explain each department’s functionality and how they interface with otheragency departments.AccountabilityWe are totally accountable for what we do. We record in our fault management systemevery contact with your staff. This ensures that nothing is forgotten; workloads areproperly managed, based on clearly defined business priorities that are agreed with youat the start of our IT partnership and regularly reviewed during our monthly statusmeetings.The information stored in our fault management system can be analysed and reported onto identify equipment with fault trends or users that might require additional training.Manage the relationshipWe agree the level of service at the start of our relationship; it is then down to us to useour expertise to ensure that at least this level of service is delivered to you at all times.BUT the most important thing to us is that all of our clients are happy, sometimes thismeans forgetting the rulebook and making sure situations are addressed to everyone’ssatisfaction, in the shortest possible time. The one thing we hate is unnecessary red tape.Of course it needs to be there for both our best interests, but we know advertising wellenough to appreciate when that should be and when it shouldn’t.FlexibilityOur experience has shown that in advertising you have to be flexible. It is not a 9 – 5:30job; much of the most important work in an agency takes places between dusk and dawn.It is the most stressful time for staff and any IT problems that occur are the last thing youwant. We operate a flexitime approach with our staff and they are always prepared to beavailable, either in person, or at the end of a phone, during these times to ensure youhave an instant response/solution/workaround to any technical problem that might arise.Specialist skills in Advertising SystemsWe have skills in the specific Advertising/Media technologies you use. For example wehave over a decade’s experience with DDS/ Adserve / Adnet and other Agency systems.We appreciate that you use both PC and Apple Macintosh technologies; we support themboth to the same high levels, using our own staff, not third parties whom we cannotcontrol.The Agency IT Company Limited, 25 Longford Street, London, NW1 3NY Tel: 020 7874 1700 Fax: 020 7874 1717

IT is important• How long would your Agencysurvive if your technologyfailed ?• Email is today’s primarychannel of communication• The Internet is most agencies’prime source for researchdata• All Management reportingand accounting information isproduced using technology• Agency IT has over adecade’s experienceexclusively in advertising &media• We are people thatunderstand both advertisingand technology• We work like an agency andunderstand that work does notstart at 9 or end at 5:30

Brain based TrainingTraining is a massive element of what we do. We use a system called “BrainBased” training.As a result of our understanding of advertising, we bring together departmentheads to develop training plans for staff.The training is not based around the functionality of the product, research hasshown that a day’s training on Microsoft Excel is normally only about 5-8%effective.Our training is based around the job function and shows staff how the agencywishes them to produce specific documents e.g. a media planner will beshown how to create a media schedule using the agency’s automatedtemplates; Client Service staff will be shown how to create contact reportsalso using the agency’s automated templates. They will also be shown how todevelop more powerful presentations.Our Brain based training programmes have been found to be the mosteffective way of empowering staff, embracing your corporate image andgenerally improving morale, efficiency and better relations with the ITdepartment.All these elements build to improve/accelerate your Return On Investment(ROI).SummaryNow that you have a better understanding of The Agency IT Company youshould ask yourself some questions.1. Does this sound like the IT Partner I want to work with?2. Does my current IT team have the same level of understanding of mybusiness or provide the same level of service?3. What is The Agency IT Company’s telephone number?(Answer: 020 7874 1700)Thank you for taking the time to read this document.The Agency IT Company Limited, 25 Longford Street, London, NW1 3NY Tel: 020 7874 1700 Fax: 020 7874 1717


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