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SRS-0208-350ContentsBulgaria Update. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3New Opportunities forMentoring and GlobalOutreach. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4Awards and Scholarshipcommittee is now acceptingNominations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5SRS-IMAST 2008. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 6SRS 43rd Annual Meetingin Salt Lake City ProgramCommittee Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 7Morbidity & MortalityUpdate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8Historian’s Corner. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9Corporate Support. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 11Vision StatementStrategic Plan2007-2008 Board ofDirectors & Committee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12Scoliosis Research SocietyMission StatementThe purpose of theScoliosis Research Societyis to foster the optimalcare of all patients withspinal deformitiesSRSNEWSPresident’s ReportMarch 2008George H. Thompson, MDPresident, Scoliosis Research SocietySince the last issue of the Newsletter theadministrative activities of the Scoliosis ResearchSociety (SRS) have been relatively quiet. Nowwith the completion of the American AcademyOrthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meetingwe will be entering a very busy administrative andacademic time. However, there are a few issuesthat I feel that you need to be informed about.You will probably be hearing more about thesethrough the various committee reports as well asyour discussion with members.UPDATED WEBSITE LAUNCHEDI’m pleased to announce that the updated SRSwebsite was launched on March 4. This hasbeen a two year project with considerable effortfrom Dan Sucato, John Smith, members of theWebsite Committee, and SRS staff. I think youwill be pleased with the results. The new site iseasier to navigate and contains a number of newpatient articles contributed by members of variouscommittees. There is also a link to an SRS historicalwebsite at Kansas University which contains atreasure trove of photos from past meetings,thanks to the efforts of Treasurer Nate Lebwohl.If you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you tolog on to and look around.FINANCIAL ISSUESAccreditation Council for Continuing MedicalEducation (ACCME)Based on a report from the Josiah Macy Jr.Foundation, the ACCME is reevaluating its currentguidelines for continuing medical education. InNovember 2007, this Foundation convened aconference to address complex issues concerningcontinuing education in the health professions.Participants developed a set of conclusionsand recommendations that can be found in theScoliosis Research Society • 555 E. Wells St., Suite 1100 • Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823 USA1Phone: 1-414-289-9107 • Fax: 1-414-276-3349 • e-mail: info@srs.orgMarch 2008Chairman’s Summary of the Conference entitled“Continuing Education in the Health Professions:Improving Healthcare through Lifelong Learning”.A copy of the summary can be obtained throughthe SRS office. A more detailed account of theproceeding will be available in a monograph that willbe published by the Macy Foundation late in 2008.Of particular concern to the SRS are the commentsregarding commercial support for CME activities,especially the recommendation that “Accreditedorganizations that provide CME should not acceptany commercial support from pharmaceutical ormedical device companies, whether such support isprovided directly or indirectly through subsidiaryorganizations…a five year phase-out should beallowed to make this recommendation”. This andother recommendations regarding funding couldhave a significant affect on SRS activities, particularlythe Annual Meeting and the International Meetingon Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST). Shouldthis recommendation be implemented and noalternative funding sources or methods be identifiedit could result in the cost of these meetings beingborne fully by the attendees. As an example, theAnnual Meeting in Edinburgh would have costeach attendee approximately $1,300.00. At thistime, these and other recommendations have notbeen modified or approved by the ACCME butwe are anticipating that changes in accreditationwill occur in the future. The SRS will need to beprepared to adopt new funding strategies shouldthis occur.Budget IssuesYour Board of Directors has been concerned aboutthe rising costs of our worldwide courses and theassociated costs with the SICOT Annual Meeting.Overall the SRS is doing very well financially butwe must be prudent in our financial planning.Presidential Report, continued on page 2

Bulgaria UpdateIn late 2006, the Osteotech CEO, Sam Owusu, approachedDr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, a member of the SRS GlobalOutreach Committee, about starting a surgical program inBulgaria to be patterned after Dr. Boachie’s FOCOS programin Africa. Sam identified the Osteotech program in Bulgariaas a humanitarian initiative to benefit the children in thecountry who were affected with spinal deformities. Osteotechhas had a very active bone procurement program in Bulgariafor its bone graft products and considere this initiative to bea social responsibility to the nation’s citizens.Dr. Boachie, accompanied by Dr. Paco Sanchez of Spain,made the first SRS site visit to Sofia, Bulgaria in January2007. Drs. Boachie and Sanchez were hosted by Dr. RomanHitchev and Professor Spaskov. The visit took them to severalhealth institutions in Sofia including National EmergencyMedicine and Trauma Hospital Pirogov and the UniversityOrthopedic Hospital of Gorna. The team was interviewed onBulgarian National Television and also met with the Ministerof Health, Professor Gaydarski.During these meetings, the SRS GOP Mission was discussedand all involved felt the Osteotech/SRS partnership wouldbenefit the children of Bulgaria and also help educate andtrain the surgeons in that country. We left with high hopesof getting the first clinic set up for pediatric spine deformitysurgery.A second visit to Bulgaria was undertaken in November 2007by Drs. Steve Mardjetko and Paco Sanchez as a follow-up tothe first visit and to review and complete arrangements madeby the Bulgarian counterparts and representatives of TokudaHospital which had been selected, after several negotiations,to be the facility where spine deformity surgery will takeplace.Dr. Nikolai Gachev, Medical Director of Surgical RecoveryServices at Osteotech and Dr. Stefan Georgiev, SurcialRecovery Coordinator at Osteotech, joined by hostsurgeons Drs. Vasil Yablunski and Luben Stokov, reviewedthe tentative program, and endorsed the commencement ofthe surgical program. The visiting team saw four patientswith spine deformities, did a complete tour of the hospitalfacilities and reported back to SRS GOP to prepare for afirst surgical visit in early 2008. Arrangements are currentlyunderway to organize industry support for equipment andspinal cord monitoring. The legal affairs representatives inBulgaria are working on getting accreditation from theirmedical council so that the American surgeons can performsurgery in Bulgaria.The dream of Osteotech and SRS GOP will soon becomea reality when the first Bulgarian child with spine deformitywill be treated and given back the gift of life with a straightback. Thanks to Osteotech for their generous contributionto the SRS GOP program and for the vision of CEO SamOwusu, to see beyond the shores of the USA to a far awaypart of the world.SRSCalendarFuture MeetingsSpine WeekMay 26-31, 2008 – Geneva, SwitzerlandSRS Day Wednesday, May 28, 2008SRS 15th IMASTJuly 8-11, 2008 – Hong Kong, ChinaSICOT/SIROT/ SRSAugust 24-28, 2008 – Hong Kong, ChinaSRS 43rd Annual Meeting and CourseSeptember 9-13, 2008 – Salt Lake City, UtahSRS Regional CourseSeptember 23 - 24, 2008 Cordoba, ArgentinaSRS/ Spinal Deformity Regional MeetingOctober 2-5, 2008 – New Delhi, IndiaAAOSFebruary 21-March 5, – 2009 Las Vegas, NevadaSRS 16th IMASTJuly 15-18, 2009 Vienna, Austria44th Annual Meeting & CourseSeptember 22-26, 2009 - San Antonio, TexasSRS 17th IMASTJuly 19-25, 2010 Toronto, Canada45th Annual Meeting & CourseSeptember 22-25, 2010 Kyoto, Japan3

New Opportunities for Mentoring and Global OutreachThe Emory Spine Center for Outreach and Medical EducationWilliam Horton, MDAn exciting new initiative is underway with collaboration betweenthe Scoliosis Research Society and Dr. William Horton fromEmory University in the area of global outreach. The GlobalOutreach Committee has fostered many efforts for both serviceand education. This complimentary program based at EmoryUniversity in Atlanta offers SRS members new opportunitiesfor education and outreach in the Peoples Republic of China.The Emory Spine Center for Outreach and Medical Education(ESCOME) seeks to combine mentored education and detailedskill-transfer training to facilitate the establishment of selfsufficient centers for spine care in second world developingcountries. The initial project will take place in China, but therewill likely be other programs in other developing countries inthe future.ESCOME will provide Chinese surgeons, who are interestedin developing specialized skills in spine care, a standardizedand University certified educational experience with clinicalmentoring to foster a mature and well rounded trainingexperience. This program is complimentary to the other SRSprograms that focus more on the service aspects of outreach.ESCOME is based at Emory University with collaboration ofthe Emory Global Health Institute, the Carter Center and theHalle Institute for Global Learning, and offers an educationalexperience certified through the School of Medicine. The partnersurgeons are selected in collaboration with the Dr. Guixing Qiuof the Peking Union Medical School Hospital and the Board ofthe Chinese Orthopaedic Association. It is anticipated that therewill be both Advanced and Basic level courses to accommodatethe different tiers of surgical background and ability that currentlyexist in China. Mentors are matched by the ESCOME MedicalBoard, and travel expenses are funded through ESCOME. TheESCOME project is currently accepting mentor applicationwhich can be found at OverviewThe educational experience involves four fundamentalcomponents: (1) the pre-course web-based core curriculum,(2) the University based skill-transfer education and laboratoryphase, (3) the mentor site visitation, and (4) the post-coursementoring and follow-up in China. The web-base curriculuminvolves a broad core curriculum of knowledge of all aspects ofspine care including cervical, thoracic and lumbar pathologies.The partner surgeons will have access to this core informationand gain competency in this standardized body of informationbefore they come to the United States for the skill educationphase. The second phase is about the details of educating insurgical techniques. This involves a three week stay in Atlanta atEmory University where the partner surgeons and the mentorswill be working together in highly supported surgical labs usingcadavers, live animals and surgical simulators. Both Advanced andBasic courses are offered which will focus on specific technicalskills and abilities that need to be mastered by any good spinesurgeon to compliment the cognitive piece that is covered bythe web-based curriculum. Once the three weeks in Atlanta arecomplete, the two partner surgeons assigned to each mentorwill then travel with the mentor to the mentor’s facilities foran additional one to six weeks of clinical visitation. During thistime the mentor will have the opportunity to focus on pearlsin both the OR and the outpatient office setting, and providedetailed instruction about patient selection and interpretationof clinical findings.Once the US phase of the program is complete, the partnersurgeons will return to their home facilities where they willreceive ongoing mentor coverage for the next two years. Thementors will be available by ESCOME supported computercontact with their two partners once a week for a few minutesto discuss any cases or problems that may arise. Mentors willalso travel to the partner’s facility in China four times over theensuing two years where each visit will include surgery and seeingpatients together as the partner surgeons mature in their ownpractice abilities. These critical site visits by the mentor to thepartner facility will allow for on-going education and evaluationof the effectiveness of the program and any obstacles that maybe encountered. Once the partner surgeon has successfullycompleted the core curriculum, the skills lab, and the two yearfollow up phase with the mentor they will receive a certificatefrom Emory University School of Medicine confirming theircompletion of the ESCOME program.Mentor Benefits and CommitmentsThe curriculum of ESCOME covers all types of spine pathologythat would be relevant in the developing world. This wouldinclude spinal deformity, but also common areas such asdegenerative disease, trauma, and infection. The mentors foreach course are specifically selected to create an optimal blendof different skills and backgrounds that each brings to the mixof a given course. This program does provide funding for thementor experience. As a mentor you have the opportunity todo something new and exciting in your career that will have alasting impact for thousands of patients in another region of theworld by helping a young emerging specialist become matureand self-sufficient. The other benefits of mentor participationinclude the fun of developing new professional relationshipswith all the other partners and mentors involved in the course,the ability to learn new pearls and tricks from fellow mentors aswell partner surgeons from China, the ability to get to know aforeign culture in a much more intimate and personal way, andthe ability to participate in the fascinating outcomes researchattached to the program.The commitments that you would be asked to make as a mentorwould be the following: (1) To spend three weeks in Atlantaduring the skills education phase of the course. During this timementors are funded to stay together in a very nice hotel near theNew Opportunities, continued on page 84

The Awards and Scholarship committee is nowaccepting nominations for the followingtwo awards:Walter P. BlountHumanitarian AwardThis award honors an SRS member who has provided outstandingservice to those with spinal deformity through generous actionsout of a sense of service to larger social and professional goals. Ifyou wish to submit a nomination, please complete the applicationform located on the SRS Web site under the Member’s only tab.The deadline for nominations is April 30, 2008.NEW AWARD!SRS Lifetime Achievement AwardThe Awards and Scholarship committee is pleased to announce thenew SRS Lifetime Achievement Award. This award will honor an SRSmember for distinguished service to the Society as well as significantcontributions to spinal deformity care. All SRS members are eligible toreceive the Lifetime Achievement Award, including Past Presidents;however special consideration will be given to senior members. Aplaque will be awarded and the recipient’s name announced at theAnnual Meeting the recipient will also be asked to sit with the SRSHistorian for a 30-minute interview.Nominations for this prestigious award will be acceptedthrough April 30, 2008. Nominating forms can be foundon the SRS Web site under the Member’s only tab.Visit for an applicationIf you would like to submit an article to the SRS Newsletter, please e-mail the articleto or vkalen@email.arizona.com5

SRS IMAST 2008Lawrence G. Lenke, MD ChairFollowing an attendance recordsettingSRS-IMAST meeting lastJuly at the Atlantis Hotel in theBahamas, plans are being finalized for the 2008 IMASTmeeting to be held in Hong Kong on July 9-11. As thefirst venture into Asia for the SRS-IMAST meeting, theoutstanding venue of this truly world-class city along withthe spectacular Hong Kong convention center situateddirectly on the Harbor will provide an unforgettablescientific, social and cultural experience. The scientificprogram emphasizing all areas of cutting-edge spinalsurgery will include approximately 150 free papers,each 4 minutes in length, selected from the hundreds ofabstracts recently submitted. Over 30 of the very popularInstructional Course Lectures will also be presentedby leading spinal surgeons from around the globe atboth breakfast and lunchtime locations. New this yearwill be a simultaneous-running fundamentals coursewith lectures covering all areas of spinal surgery andcorresponding workshops as well. The highlight socialevent will be held Thursday evening, July 10th as allregistrants and guests will be taken to the top of HongKong Island for a dinner reception at the world-famousCafe Deco restaurant where the entire facility is ours forthe night. This 2-story glass-walled structure has one ofthe most awe-inspiring views of Hong Kong and theHarbor available and will certainly be an unforgettabledinner experience that is not to be missed. Please planto join the expected 800 surgeons from around theworld at the 2008 SRS-IMAST meeting this July.Also, it is with great pleasure that Vienna has been selectedas the 2009 and Toronto as the 2010 destinations forthe SRS-IMAST meetings, both to be held in the monthof July. Please refer to the website for moreinformation about these exciting educational events6

SRS 43 rd Annual Meeting in Salt Lake CityProgram Committee ReportPaul D. Sponseller, MD ChairWith the Edinburgh Conference a recent memory, the SRS43rd Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City is already startingto take form. This year, 998 abstracts were submitted, arecord for a program which is not a combined meetingand it should provide a high-quality program. 222 of themwere for SRS consideration only and 187 of them were forIMAST consideration only. Reconstructive papers withless than 2 years follow-up are eligible for IMAST but notSRS unless they concern an Innovative Method. Papers areselected strictly on the basis of peer-reviewed merit, noton quotas by category. This year, 31 reviewers are gradedpapers on their areas of expertise. Each abstract was blindreviewed by seven reviewers. Reviewers are not allowed tograde papers on which they are a coauthor.We will have dual podium presentations this year. Thismeans one speaker will be ready immediately after another,saving transit time which will allow for increased paperpresentations!The top five clinical and basic science papers each will becandidates for the Russell A. Hibbs Award. The top-ratedbasic science papers will be grouped in one session to makeit easiest for all to hear them. Educational offerings will alsoinclude ICLs on the topics of 3D Classifications, and anAAOS course on communications (limited attendance). Athird ICL topic is still to be determined. The lunchtimesymposia topics will be Research Endowment, GrowingSpine and Global Outreach. The program will also includea presentation by the SRS Lifetime Achievement Awardwinner.The program planners met in early March to determine thefinal program and notifications will be sent out by April 10,2008. Authors of accepted oral presentations will be askedto submit a manuscript by July 21.We look forward to another meeting which will establish themost important new concepts in spinal deformity surgery.7

Morbidity and Mortality Committee ReportWilliam F. Donaldson III, MD ChairThe Morbidity and Mortality Committee has been workingon a new and more meaningful data collection process. As youknow, the M and M collection process will change in the nextfew years. The emphasis will be on reporting significant eventsincluding deaths, neurological events, and blindness in theperioperative time period.The committee is working on developing specific questions toask and put into the existing algorithm in our data base. Wewill still be collecting total numbers of scoliosis, kyphosis andspondylolisthesis cases in order to know the total numbers ofcases preformed and thus have a better handle on the incidenceof occurrences. The total cases will not contain the detailedinformation required of the significant complications cases.The number of total cases will be gathered primarily to act asthe denominator for case studies.The members will have an “opt out” payment option. However,the committee’s goal is to make the data collection as painlessand user friendly as possible to encourage participation. Thegoal is to have a new and focused M and M data collectionprocess that the members would view as relevant by this timenext year.At the March 4, 2008 SRS Board Meeting in San Francisco,the decision was made to suspend data collection for 2008. Thenext collection period will be patient data for 2009(due March2010). This will be the focused reporting detailed above onlyon patients with sentinel events (paralysis, blindness, death).John Kuzmiki will continue to manage the data base for theSRS.There is a significant amount of usable information in the Mand M data base that can be used for study. We want to keepopen the possibility of a member considering studies that couldbe grant funded and would expand on a specific topic. Pleasesubmit any suggestions or comments to Used Journals and BooksFor those of you either retiring or just trying to lighten your load, the SRS is collecting usedjournals and books to disseminate internationally when SRS members travel to meetingsor humanitarian missions around the globe. Our special thanks to Steven Mardjetko forcoordinating these efforts and providing a clearinghouse for these materials. Please contactthe SRS office if you have such educational materials to donate.New Opportunities — continued from page 4Emory campus. There will be social and recreational offeringsduring many evenings and on weekends. In addition to theprimary focus on high level surgical training, this course alsoseeks to provide a meaningful and personally transformationalexperience in sharing such an adventure with fellow mentorsand colleagues from China. (2) You will be asked to host twopartner surgeons in your facility for one to six weeks followingthe course. (3) You will be asked to commit to once a weekcomputer contact (15-20 minutes) with your two partners oncethey have returned home and (4) you will be asked to committo four funded trips to China over the two years followingcompletion of the skills education labs here in the UnitedStates. The cost of transportation to Atlanta for the course, thehotel costs in Atlanta and the cost of mentor transportationand housing during the trips to China would be covered bythe program. This program offers a unique opportunity tocontribute in a lasting way to the development of high qualityof spine care in areas where huge populations are un-servedor grossly underserved. As part of our Board of Directorstheme of “Creating a Legacy,” SRS members are encouragedto consider financial support to the Scoliosis ResearchSociety, service trips with various global outreach programs,or serving as a mentor in the ESCOME project. If you areinterested in learning more about the Emory Spine Centerfor Outreach and Medical Education or opportunities toserve as a mentor contact Dr. William Horton at the EmorySpine Center,, or the ESCOMEProject Coordinator, Lawrence McMurtry, 404/678-6305or

Historian’s CornerNathan H. Lebwohl, MDDo you have any photographs or othermaterials of historic interest to our society?The SRS Archives have been established, andare being stored at the Clendening Libraryat the University of Kansas. We are solicitingphotographs, memorabilia, artifacts andcorrespondence from SRS members and theirfamilies. To date, we have had donations ofphotographs, old programs, transcriptions ofpresidential lectures, correspondence fromformer board members, and even a skeleton!Soon our web site will be up and you’ll beable to view these materials via the internet.You can also visit Kansas City and browsethrough our collection in person.The photograph above was donated by Doctor Daniele A. Fabris-Monterumici fromPadova. It shows Joseph Risser applying a cast for the correction of scoliosis. Please thinkabout what might be stored in your photo collection or file cabinet, and consider sharingit with other SRS members. If you have material that you would like to donate, pleasecontact the SRS Historian, Dr. Nathan Lebwohl at 43rd ANNUAL MEETINGHousing RegistrationHousing registration is now open for the SRS 43rd Annual Meeting. The meeting will be held at the Grand AmericaHotel, September 10-13, 2008, in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Grand America has earned the prestigious AAA FiveDiamond Award for 2008. Little America is owned by the Grand America, but is a less expensive hotel and locatedright next door.Grand America Link: America Link:

SRS Member Receives AAOS Tipton Award forOutstanding Orthopaedic LeadershipServing as chair of one of the nation’s most prestigiousorthopaedic programs for 28 years, longer than any other inthe department’s 111-year history, and developing the firstComprehensive Review Course for orthopaedic surgeons areamong a long list of achievements that earned SRS memberMichael F. Schafer, MD the third annual Tipton Award.Established by friends, colleagues, and organizations throughthe Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation(OREF), the William W. Tipton Jr., MD Leadership Awardhonors the qualities exemplified by the late Dr. Tipton,including his commitment to mentorship, bridge-building,and collaboration. The award was given to Dr. Schafer as partof the AAOS Annual Meeting March 5-9 in San Francisco.Dr. Schafer, Ryerson Professor and Chair of the Department ofOrthopaedic Surgery at Northwestern University’s FeinbergSchool of Medicine, has been a member of SRS since 1978 andhas held leadership positions in SRS as well as in several otherorthopaedic associations. He served as a faculty member forthe AAOS Orthopaedic Educators’ Course from 1977 until1992, has been a volunteer mentor in the AAOS LeadershipFellows Program since its inception and was named to theAAOS Board of Directors on March 6, 2008.Dr. Schafer plans to use the financial portion of the award tohelp cultivate the next generation of orthopaedists throughestablishment of The William W. Tipton Jr., MD OrthopaedicSurgery Student Fund at Northwestern’s Feinberg Schoolof Medicine. The fund will provide five $1,000 stipendsto encourage interested medical students to explore acommitment to orthopaedics through observing surgery andconducting a research project. The stipends will be offered ona competitive basis.Prior recipients of the William W. Tipton Jr., MD LeadershipAward are Stuart A. Hirsch, MD in 2007 and Richard J.Haynes, MD, also an SRS member, in 2006.Call for AbstractsWorldwide Regional MeetingOctober 2–4, 2008Delhi, IndiaAbstract submission deadline:May 15, 2008Visit for detailsSRS EndowmentFund DriveThe Board of Directors is asking for 100%participation from all members of the SRS.We need every member’s support in order toprovide continued funding for spinal deformityresearch projects. If you haven’t already donatedor pledged to the SRS Endowment Drive, pleasedo so now. Donations should be sent to:SRS Endowment FundC/O OREF6300 N. River Rd, Ste 700Rosemount, IL 60018You may contact Gene Wurth or Megan Wilson atOREF (1-847-698-9980) if you have questionsor want more information on donation options.10

“...Together, nothing is impossible.”The SRS is pleased to acknowledge those companies who have provided financial support throughout the past year. This support has come in the form of gifts and grantsto the Annual Meeting, IMAST, and Global Outreach Scholarships for the Annual Meeting, the Edgar Dawson Scholarship Fund, SRS Traveling Fellowships, and theResearch Endowment Fund. We sincerely appreciate each of these companies, who are helping the SRS fulfill its goals of providing education and fostering research.Diamond Level SupportPlatinum Level SupportOsteotechGold Level SupportBiomet SpineSilver Level SupportKyphonBronze Level SupportAbbott Spine, Blackstone, Cervitech, Globus Medical, Orthovita, Paradigm Bio/Surgi, Paradigm Spine, SentientMonitoring, Showa Ika Kohgyo Co. Ltd., Spine Vision, Trans1, Zimmer SpineDonor LevelAllez Spine, Alphatec Spine, Biospace Med., Jackman Group, LDR Spine, USA. Inc.11

Vision Statement The SRS will increase its recognition domestically and internationally as the leading source ofinformation and knowledge on spinal disorders affecting all patients, regardless of age.Strategic PlanGoal 1. Funding: The Scoliosis Research Society will have a funding base large and diversified enough to ensure financialindependence in funding research and sound fiscal operating policies.Goal 2. Research: The Scoliosis Research Society will be the global source of research on spinal deformitiesGoal 3. Education: The Scoliosis Research Society will be the global source of education on spinal deformitiesGoal 4. Globalism: Through its members and programs, the Scoliosis Research Society will improve spinal deformity caregloballyGoal 5. Advocacy: The Scoliosis Research Society will be recognized as the leading resource for information and publicpolicy on spinal deformities.Goal 6. Society Leadership: The Scoliosis Research Society will operate in a manner consistent with its stature as thepre-eminent spinal deformity society.2007-2008 Board of Directors & Committee ChairsPresidentGeorge H. Thompson, MDPresident-ElectOheneba Boachie-Adjei, MDVice PresidentRichard E. McCarthy, MDSecretaryDavid W. Polly, Jr., MDTreasurerSteven M. Mardjetko, MD, FAAPPast PresidentsBehrooz A. Akbarnia, MDRandal R. Betz, MDJames W. Ogilvie, MDDirectors at LargeLawrence G. Lenke, MDB. Stephens Richards III, MDAzmi Hamzaoglu, MDJames W. Roach, MDCouncil ChairsEducation CouncilJohn P. Dormans, MDResearch CouncilPeter O. Newton, MDFinance ChairSteven M. Mardjetko, MDGovernance ChairDavid W. Polly, MDCommittee ChairsAdult DeformityWilliam C. Horton, MDAdvocacy & Public RelationsBruce E. van Dam, MDAwards & ScholarshipJay Shapiro, MDBMUS Task ForceJohn P. Dormans, MDBylaws & PoliciesEric T. Jones, MDCMEOheneba Boachie-Adjei, MDCodingRichard J. Haynes, MDEducationR. Jay Cummings, MDEndowmentJeffrey L. Stambough, MDEthicsDonald P.K. Chan, MDEvidence Based MedicineBrian D. Snyder, MDFellowshipDavid S. Marks, MDFinanceSteven M. Mardjetko, MD, FAAPGlobal OutreachMunish C. Gupta, MDGrowing SpineMuharrem Yazici, MDHistoricalNathan H. Lebwohl, MD HistorianIMASTLawrence G. Lenke, MDIndustry RelationsBehrooz A. Akbarnia, MDLong Range PlanningBehrooz A. Akbarnia, MDMarketing & Public RelationsAlan Moskowitz, MD12Morbidity & MortalityWilliam F. Donaldson III, MDNewsletterVicki Kalen, MD, Medical EditorNominating CommitteeCharles Johnston, MDNon-Operative ManagementTimothy A. Garvey, MDPatient Based OutcomesMark F. Abel, MDPatient EducationLinda P. d’Andrea, MDPrevalence & Natural HistoryMohammad Diab, MDProgramPaul D. Sponseller, MDResearch GrantKenneth M.C. Cheung, MDSRS/Spine LiaisonKeith H. Bridwell, MD, Spine EditorStudy Group Task ForceLawrence G. Lenke, MDWebsiteDaniel J. Sucato, MDWorldwide CourseKamal Ibrahim, MDSociety Office StaffTressa Goulding, CAE, CMP, DirectorMegan Kelley, IMAST Meetings DirectorAmy Miller, Program ManagerJenny Oliva, Meetings DirectorNilda Toros, Membership ManagerKevin J. Szpara, MS Administrative Assistant

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