MAY 2012 - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office
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MAY 2012 - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

MAY2012A Message From YourSheriffHONORING THOSEWHO PROTECT & SERVE.Law enforcement officials across theU.S. take time each May to holdspecial remembrance ceremonies andappreciation events to recognize andhonor those who have, and continueto serve, in the law enforcementprofession. It’s difficult to expressthe depths of our appreciation for thecommitment and sacrifices of menand women who wear the badge.Many, including three of our own,have paid for their service with theirlives. It is important to say: “Weremember. We care. We will neverforget.” I want to thank all whocontributed to this year’s PoliceWeek events and all who continue tomake selfless sacrifices on the jobeach day.Sincerely,

OCSO LAW ENFORCEMENTOFFICER OF THE YEARNOMINEESCongratulations to Choctawhatchee High School Resource Officer Deputy Tom Henryand Deputy Heath Hehl. They are two of five local law enforcement officers nominated forthe Bridgeway Center’s “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for 2012.”The judges request nominations showcasing officers who display heroic acts, havehigh personal standards above and beyond the call of duty, and make significantcontributions to public safety.OCSO DeputiesTom Henryand Heath Hehl withSheriff Larry AshleyNominees:OCSO Deputy Heath Hehl,FWB PD Corp. Candy Galindo,OCSO Deputy Tom Henry,FHP Trooper Loren Slick, andEglin MSgt. Heidi Reilly of Eglin’s96th Security Forces Squadronwith Helen Hunt-Rigdon ofCongressman Jeff Miller’s OfficeCongratulations to this year’s winners—MSgt. Reilly and Corp. Galindo!

GOVERNOR APPOINTS SHERIFFTO STATE CITIZENSAFETY & PROTECTIONTASK FORCESheriff Larry Ashley attended the firstmeeting of Governor Scott’s new “CitizenSafety and Protection Task Force” this monthin Tallahassee, saying “Our ultimate goal isto make sure the laws and regulations wehave on the books provide the best level ofprotection possible for our citizens.”In the wake of the Trayvon Martinshooting, Governor Scott has tasked the new19 member panel with reviewing FloridaStatute Chapter 776 and any other lawsrelating to public safety and citizenprotection. He then wants the Task Force tomake recommendations to the Governor andLegislature on any suggested areas forimprovement.A Task Force website has been set up toprovide information and updates on thecommittee’s can also follow its work on Twitter@FLCitizenSafety and all meetings will bestreamed live PACKING GUN& BURGLARY TOOLS CHARGEDDavid LandesDavid VanwagnerAn Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputywho spotted two men in a golf cartbetween several closed businesses onMain Street in Destin found burglarytools, a gun, and drugs in theirpossession when he went to investigate.40-year old David Landes and 42-year old David Vanwagner, both ofDestin, face multiple charges, includingpossession of burglary tools andpossession of a firearm by a convictedfelon.The deputy spotted the pair aroundone a.m. near 230 Main Street. Henoticed a smoking device made fromtinfoil in plain view in the golf cart, andalso found marijuana and a 9 mmhandgun – along with a crowbar,handsaw, and flat bar – toolscommonly used to commit burglaries.

COLD CASECHRONICLEThe Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office still has an open investigation in anunsolved murder case dating back to October 1973. The body of Merle DeanLewis was found at his mobile home at 66 Brenda Lane in Mary Esther. He hadbeen shot once in the chest.One of the few clues is that neighbors reported seeing a white pickuptruck leaving the home the night of the slaying at a high rate of speed with itslights off.The murder is being profiled in the OCSO Cold Case Chronicles series.If you have information on the shooting death of Merle Lewis of MaryEsther in 1973, contact Investigator Jermaine Scott at the Okaloosa CountySheriff’s Office AT 850-651-7400 or Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers at 850-863-TIPS.To watch the Cold Case Chronicles video, which includes an artist’srendering of a possible suspect - just click on:

OCSORECOGNITIONSLifesaving Awards for DeputiesDaniel Hamilton, Kyle Lowrey &Marcus O’SullivanDeputy Rodney Frazier RetiresAfter 25 years of serviceCertificate of Commendation forDeputy Matt SelfDeputy Skip Wood RecognizedFor 20 Years of ServiceMobile Police Department SendsAppreciation Plaque to OCSO HonorGuard




SOME GAVE ALLALL GIVE SOMECHAPLAIN’SCORNERIn the month of May we stop to pay homage to those who made theultimate sacrifice. We make special efforts to remind the families of ourdeparted comrades that we have not forgotten them or the price they paidon that fateful day.But there is another group , “The All”, who give as well.Let’s look at that group - the guys in the garage who keep our vehicles onthe road, the men and women in Information Technology who keep usconnected, dispatchers who provide critical information to us in theaccomplishment of our jobs. Whether it’s the North, East, or CentralDistricts, the result is the same - men and women answering the call.Some rub elbows with evil. Some collect evidence while others catalogand store it until it is needed. Our courtroom security folks and screenersgo about their daily tasks with the same level of excellence as deputiesserving warrants to some remote address in the county.Yes, it takes “The All” to get it done. We enjoy many rights andprivileges because of those who have answered the call: The Call to Serveand Protect. So we thank the men and women in green, and rememberthose who you don’t see. When a deputy responds to a call, behind him orher are the mechanics, dispatchers, IT Specialists, Secretaries, HRSpecialists, Janitors, Crime Stoppers, Equipment Issuers, Range Master,and many other hard workers.At our recent luncheon, Rev Broadus sang a song, “May the WorksI’ve Done Speak for Me”. To the men and women of Okaloosa CountySheriff’s Office your works speak loud and clear. While it is most fitting tosingle out a time to thank you publicly don’t forget that not a moment goesby when we don’t need you and your team of experts. So when themoment comes and you wonder does anyone care? ……The answer isYES!OCSO Chaplain Larry Carter

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