Land and surface monitoring - INPE/OBT/DGI
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Land and surface monitoring - INPE/OBT/DGI

Land and surface monitoringJoão Vianei SoaresDirectorEarth Observations Branch

A history beyond 30 years“developing tools, recording satelliteimagery, distributing images and relatedsoftware”“analysing and keeping Brazilian societyinformed about its territory attributes andabout the dramatic changes in its landuse”

How we work...• R&D in Remote Sensing for terrestrial andoceanography applications• R&D in tools for analyzing spatial information

How we work...• Specifications of Brazil´s space programmissions• Development of ground segment for reception,processing, storage and distribution of satellitedata

How we work...• Strategic capacity building through a graduateprogram in Remote Sensing.• Capacity building with on-the-job training anddistance learning.

46 years in 2007INPE headquaters, , 2004, São José dos Campos, SP•

REMOTE SENSING DATA CENTER2008 Envisat Ground StationINPE – Cachoeira Paulista – SPRemote Sensing Data Center

Cuiabá Ground Station – 33 yearsSince 1973Brasil was just the third country to receive LANDSAT

Remote Sensing Data CenterLandsat MSSCBERS-1 e CBERS-2Landsat TM e ETM+ERS-1Spot 1/2/4Radarsat-1MODIS Terra e Aqua~ 10 TB~ 49 TB~114 TB~ 6 TB~ 2 TB~ 2 TB~ 36 TBTOTAL 220 TB ( ~2200 100 Gbytes HARD DISKS)

Rondônia, 1972

Rondônia, 1987

Rondônia, 1997

Data police and Software...Public good free data policeInternet access of data from RSDC +PRODES, DETER, CANASAT…Public domain SoftwareOpen source library for customized enduserapplicationsSignificant increase on the impact we make..

Free data access to foster societal benefitsEnergyhealthClimateWater ResourcesDisastersAgricultureEcosystemsBiodiversity

SPRING downloads (Top 20 countries)

Downloads 2007Products and ServicesInformation/AuditabilityProduto/Service Downloads User category Nº of UsersSPRING 8960 New users only 8960TERRALIB 2632 Downloads and new users 1123TERRAVIEW 5189 Downloads and new users 2485

TerraLib applications• Cadastral Mapping• Public Health• Social Exclusion• Land-use change modelling• Emergency action planning– Oil refineries and pipelines(Petrobras)

Social indicators Map

Cumaru do Norte (PA)Desmatamento 2005-2006Desmatamento 2004-2005FlorestaDesmatamento anteriorWall to wall maps of deforestation

Brazil’s system is the envy of the world…TerraAmazon

Região de Guarantã do Norte, Matupá e Peixoto de Azevedo / MTqueimadaSavanaFocos de calor

Figure 1. Location of the study area.Figure 2. a) Landsat TM acquired on 04 August 1994 and b) corresponding land cover/landuse map (grid is 10 x 10km, North is to the top).JERS Backscattering Coefficient σ ° (dB)0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20100JERS97 =1.40*Soil97 +1.52*Shade97 +1.43*Vegetation97-151.50R 2 =0.82806040Vegetation Fraction20002040JERS PredictionForestDeforestationBurned GrasslandBurned ForestFlooded VegetationSavanna60Soil Fraction80100JERS Backscattering Coefficient (dB)0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20-22-24-26-28-30Forest 94Deforestation 94Burned Grassland94JERS Backscattering Coefficient (dB)Burned Forest 94Flooded Vegetation94Savanna 94Forest 97Deforestation 97Flooded Vegetation97Savanna 97Figure 3. Multiple regression results for 1997 images.Figure 4. 1994 and 1997 JERS-1 SAR Backscattering values for the samples of the landcover classes.

a) JERS-1 SAR and b) vegetation, c) soil, and d) shade fraction images derived from Landsat TM data acquired in August 1997(grid is 10 x 10 km, North is to the top).

Área de Cana Safra e Reforma na Região Centro-SulSafra 2007/2008EstadoSafraÁrea de Cana (ha)ReformaTotalGoiás308.84019.451328.291Minas Gerais463.00720.159483.166Mato Grosso217.76219.913237.675Mato Grosso do Sul212.55114.406226.957Paraná514.67826.525541.203São Paulo3.946.370278.2014.224.571Total5.663.208378.6556.041.863

Área total cultivada em 20074,22 mi ha17,0% da área do Estado de SP2,57 mi ha3,95 mil haAumento de 53,4% (1,37 mi ha) em 5 anos

Almeida et al., 2006DetailedUrbanLandCoverClassificationSemantic Network : Descriptors – Medium Standard 1 & 2Medium Standard 1Asbestos TilesFrench TilesMedium Standard 2Asbestos TilesFrench Tiles

Population Estimates & Public PoliciesAlmeida et al., 2006Homogeneous Residential ZonesNon-Residential BlocksHigh-Rise Buildings 1High-Rise Buildings 2High Standard 1High Standard 2Medium Standard 1Medium Standard 2Low Standard 1Low Standard 2Favela (“Squatter Settlements”)Streets NetworkCloudsSão José dos Campos, SP, BrazilSouthernSector

MSS Landsat 1 - 1976

TM Landsat 5 - 1986

ETM Landsat 7 - 1999

TM Landsat 5 – 07/2006

CCD CBERS – 2 - 09/2006

SRTM 90 m

SRTM 14,25 m


SRTM/GeoCover ETM+ Landsat 7

Cartas Topográficas 1: 100.000


Reinterpretação CPRM

CBERS: an example ofsucessfull cooperation

CBERS-2BWFI 260 m (890 km)HRC 2.5 m (27 km)CCD 20 m (120 km)0.4 0.5 0.7 0.9 1.1 1.5 1.7 2.3 2.5µm

CBERS-2B Assembly at LIT (2006-2007)

Possibility of data gap…Science, 30 de março de 2007

CBERS distribution (01/05/04 a 01/08/07)Number of distributed images(145 Mb/image)Institutions (50% private)360.0005.400Scenes per week2.200Required time for answering10 min

CBERS free-of-charge Distributionto neighboring countries in 2006 (Cuiabá)52712751127034623585819ARGENTINABOLIVIACHILECOLOMBIAECUADORPARAGUAYPERUSURINAMEURUGUAYVENEZUELA17224183

CBERS Users (%)GovernmentR&DPrivate Sector23%26%51%


Tax enforcement using CBERS-2 (SEFAZ-GO)

CBERS-2 CCD, Minas Gerais, Brasil

• ImagemCBERS-2 emLouisiana,EUA• Gravador debordo

CBERS being considered as a potential gap filler for Landsat

CBERS na América Latina


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