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SINAMICS drives - Siemens

Sa fe, Co m m u n ic a tio n -Ca p a b lea n d E n erg y -Sa vin gSINAMICS G120, the modular frequency inverterSINAMICS drivesAn sw ers fo r in du st ry .

SINAMICS – the optimum drive for eachand every applicationThe drive family for drive solutions that are fit for the futureL ow voltag eF or b a sica p p lica tions F or de ma nding a p p lica tions F or sop histica te d a p p lica tionsMedium voltag eF or a p p lica tions w ith hig hp ow e r r a ting sSINAMICSG110SINAMICSG120SINAMICSG120DSINAMICSG13 0/G15 0SINAMICSS120SINAMICSS15 0SINAMICSGM15 0/SM15 0/GL 15 0V /f control V /f control/v e ctor control V /f control/v e ctor control/se r v o control V /f control/v e ctor control0 .1 2– 3 k W 0 .3 7 – 9 0 k W 0 .7 5 – 7 .5 k W 7 5 – 1 ,5 0 0 k W 0 .1 2– 4 ,5 0 0 k W 7 5 – 1 ,20 0 k W 0 .8 – 1 20 M WP u mp s, fa ns,conv e y or b e ltsP u mp s, fa ns, conv e y or b e lts,comp re ssor s, mix e r s, cr u she r s, e x tr u de r sP rodu ction ma chine s – e .g . p a ck a g ing , te x tile a ndp r inting ma chine s, p a p e r ma chine s, p la stics ma chine s,ma chine tools, p la nts a nd p roce ss line sT e st sta nds,crosscu tte r s,ce ntr ifu g e sP u mp s, fa ns, comp re ssor s,mix e r s, e x tr u de r s, cr u she r s,rolling mills, mine hoistsStandard eng ineering toolsSIZ E R – for simp le p lanning and eng ineering STAR TE R – for fast commissioning , op timiz ation and diag nosticsThe SINAMICS family offers theop timum drive for each and everydrive ap p lication – and all of the drivescan b e eng ineered, p arameteriz ed,commissioned and op erated in astandard fashion.SINAMICS –can tack le any drive ap p lication• W ide ra ng e of p ow e r ra ting s from0 .1 2 k W to 1 20 M W• A v a ila b le in low -v olta g e a nd me diu m-v olta g e v e rsions• S ta nda rd fu nctiona lity u sing a commonha rdw a re a nd softw a re p la tform• S ta nda rd e ng ine e ring u sing ju st tw otools for a ll driv e s: S IZ E R for e ng ine e r-ing a nd S T A R T E R for p a ra me te riz a tiona nd commissioning• H ig h de g re e of fle x ib ility a ndcomb ina b ility2

SINAMICS G120 –your future is modularThe answer to your increasing demands• For Safety Integrated functionalities:Integrated in standard automation, with less overheadin drive construction in a safety-related, integratedautomation and drives environment• For regenerative energy conversion:Thanks to the innovative Power Module with energyrecovery capability• For rough environments and stamina:Increased robustness thanks to a clever cooling concept• For problem-free installation, operator control andmaintenance:Engineering and commissioning with familiar tools( SIZER and STARTER), ensuring fast configuration andeasy commissioningThe SINAMICS® G120 frequency inverterfor the 0.37 to 132 kW outputrange has a modular structure andis equipped with a multitude of newfunctions, setting a new standard insafety, communication capability andenergy recovery for general performanceinverters.Flexibility within the world ofSINAMICS drivesThe flexible member of the SINAMICSdrive family, the SINAMICS G120, is perfectfor advanced applications involvinglow voltage. In combination with otherSINAMICS family members, it allows theuser to attain one-of-a-kind flexibility inhis drive technology.The new SINAMICS G120 freq uencyinverter is distinguished particularlyby its modular design (Power Moduleplus Control U nit and B OP) as well asby its numerous innovative functions,e. g. safety ( Safety Integrated), communicationcapabilities ( PROFIB U S, PROFINET)and energy recovery. With different versions(frame sizes A to F) in the 0.37 to132 kW output range, it is suitable for awide variety of drive solutions.D epending on req uirements, the G120is available as a cabinet-mounted variantwith IP20 or as a distributed compactdevice (G120D ) with IP6 5.Modularity –purchase only what is neededSINAMICS G120 offers flexibility basedon modularity for a future-oriented driveconcept, since every innovation step canbe made in the same system, minimizingcosts and overhead.SINAMICS G120 is selectable and scalableon an application-specific basis. Only thereq uired functions are included. Easyreplaceability maximizes service-friendlinesswhen system modifications becomenecessary.U ses in your applicationsSINAMICS G120 is particularly suitableas a universal drive for all trades andindustries in sectors such as automotive,textiles, printing and packaging andthe chemical industry as well as incross-applications such as conveyingand handling systems, steel, oil & gasand offshore, and energy recovery.3

Functions and benefits of the SINAMICS G120modular freq uency inverterFunction Benefits Applications• Freely selectable combination ofPower Modules and Control Unit• All combinations possible• Optimized system economy• Purchase of required functions onlyDrive functionsscalable for allapplications• Selection support system• Minimal learning overhead required• Module replacement duringoperation (hot swapping)• No recommissioning necessary, justsnap on the Control UnitModular, flexible and expandable• Future-oriented drive concept• User can accompany each innovation step inthe same system• Easy maintenance and servicing• Fast innovation cycles thanks tooptimized development• Service-friendly• Permanently high degree of inverterinnovation• PM and CU can be individuallyreplaced, no complete reinstallationnecessaryFunction Benefits Applications• Safe Torque Off to EN 60204• Protection against unintentionalstarting of the drive• Drive is set to Safe Torque Off• Protection against restarting requiresno electrical isolation between motorand inverterProductionmachines (packagingmachines,textile machines),material transport• Safe Stop 1 to EN 60204(sensorless – offered only bySiemens)• Fast and safely monitored Safe Stop• Independent and continuous monitoringguarantees the shortestresponse times in the event of a fault• No sensor requiredIntegrated safety functions• SS1 and SLS functions integrated(unique worldwide)• Simplified handling• Less complex construction of drives in asafety-oriented, uniform automation anddrive environment• Safety and protection for man and machine• Safely Limited Speed toEN 60204 (sensorless – offeredonly by Siemens)• Reduction and monitoring of thedrive speed• Independent and continuous speedmonitoring• No sensor required4

Function Benefits Applications• A uniform network configuration• Utilizes advantages of ITtechnology in operation• Reduced number of interfaces• System-wide engineering• Easy handling• Web services• Remote access• Software updates• Wireless communication withIndustrial Wireless LANRemote controlof productionmachines and drives(e. g. automotiveindustry)P RO FIBUS and P RO FINET as standard• Unique, directly integrated in the converter• High performance through higher number ofnodes and network topologies• Optimized engineering and configurationstructures• IT advantages now also usable in production• Improvements compared withtoday‘s systems• High performance, i. e. performancejump of up to factor 100 for motioncontrol applications• Significantly larger quantity frameworks,i. e. more nodes compared withestablished field bus systems• Integrated all the way down to the fieldlevelFunction Benefits Applications• Line-commutated energy recov eryfor all outputs• Pulsed resistor not needed• Brake chopper not needed• Control cabinet cooling system isnot required• Energy-saving up to 50 %Drives for conveyorvehicles, centrifuges,productionmachines with ahigh moment ofinertia• Low line harmonic distortion• Lower line current requirement:up to 20 % lower than withcomparable frequency inverters• Line-commutating reactor not required• Reduced conductor cross-sectionCapable of energy regeneration• Innovative Power Module, unique worldwidein this performance range!• Saves energy and space• Nearly 100% regenerative feedback• Line-commutated for all power levels• Hardly any system perturbationCompact design• • A compact, lightweight and low-costinverter with high-quality features5

Innovative functions of the SINAMICS G120modular frequency inverterFunction Benefits Applications• Minor switching losses(high fundamental frequency)• Low forward power loss(high efficiency)• High thermal loadability(small heat sink)• High speeds possibleStandardvoltage for newinstallationsin the basic• Very compact unitsindustries andin the processindustry• Enhanced robustness6 9 0 V variants in the program• Special SiC technology for 690 V converterwith worldwide unique advantages• Very compact design through integratedsine-wave filter• Compact due to integratedsine-wave filter• Pulse frequency 16 kHz• Very low bearing currents• Power unit with energyregeneration• Long, unshielded cables permitted• No bearing insulation necessary• Full benefit of energy regenerationFurther highlights of the SINAMICS G120 systemOwn temperature monitor for the inverter‘s semiconductor componentsCompact sizePlug-in connection terminalsData storage in BOP and MMC2-/3-wire technology(pulsed or static signals can be used for single commands)Simplification of fixed frequency operation• Inverter cannot be unintentionally overloaded• Lower probability of failure• Space-saving• Very service- and installation-friendly• Intuitive parameter cloning, fast exchange• Compatibility to other systems• Better usability50/6 0 H z switch • Intuitive fault avoidance thanks to pure software solutionIntegrated PTC/K TY motor protection possibleProfidrive 4 .0NAMUR requirements ( chemical industry) fulfilled• Reliable motor overload protection• Very latest profile for PROFIBUS users• Can be used for applications in the chemical industry6

Function Benefits Applications• Discharging of power loss exclusivelyover external heat sink• No electronic modules in the airduct• Self-cooling of the power electronics• Systematic convection cooling ofthe Control Unit• Air flow exclusively through theheat sink• Significant increase in robustness• Increased reliability• Independence from environmentalinfluences• Significant increase in service lifeand duration of useEnvironmentswith high levelsof climatic stressand air contamination(e. g. textileindustry)• Future-oriented design• Possible integration of alternativecooling conceptsCooling concept for increasedruggedness• Higher performance• Consistent convection cooling via externalheat sinks• Use also under extreme climatic conditions• Electronics modules coated extremelyruggedly• Coating on the electronicmodules• High-quality solution• Exceptionally long service life7

SINAMICS G120Integrated in a well thought-out,universal drive and automation conceptSINAMICS – the integrated drive familySINAMICS G120, like all SINAMICSproducts, matches perfectly with theentire field-tested portfolio of motors,switches, encoders and controllers fromSiemens.Safety Integrated:the integrated safety conceptThe function scope includes, forexample:• Functions for safe monitoring of speedand zero speed• Functions for safe work zone andprotection zone delimitation and forarea recognition• Direct connection of all safety-relevantsignals and their internal logic gatingFull integration of the safety functionsin control and drive technology ensuressystematic cost effectiveness thanks tointegrated engineering and higher availability.Safety Integrated protects humans,machines and the environment.8

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)TotallyInteg ratedA utomationoptimizes your entireproduc tion w orkfl owManufacturing Ex ecution Systems (MES)C ontrol• Process control, PL C• Human Machine Interface• Motion control, numeric control• Sensor technology, driv e systems• Safety Integrated• Industrial communication(PRO F IB U S, PRO F IN ET /Industrial Ethernet,A S-Interface)MES SolutionsG120The SINAMICS G120 is fully integrated in alllevels of Totally Integrated AutomationTotally Integrated AutomationWith its Totally Integrated Automation,Siemens is the only supplier to offeran integrated portfolio of products andsystems for all segments from a singlesource. TIA therefore supports companiesin the optimization of their production,process and plant procedures. Less engineeringoverhead when developing automationsolutions, lower life cycle costsfor plant operation and a significantlyshorter amount of time to market resultin a distinct increase in productivity andhigher investment security.Highlights at a glance• Safety functionality(Safe Stop Torque, Safe Stop 1,Safely Limited Speed)• Communication-capable via PROFIBUSand PROFINET• Innovative Power Module with highenergy recovery capability• Enhanced robustness thanks to innovativecooling concept• Modular, flexible and expandable• Engineering and commissioning withfamiliar tools (SIZER and STARTER)• Worldwide UL and CE certificationsTotally Integrated PowerSINAMICS G120 is part of TotallyIntegrated Power, the umbrella conceptfor power distribution in industrial automationand building services.9

Technical specifications control unit for the SINAMICS G120CU240 E CU240 S CU240 S DP CU240 S DP F CU240 S PN CU240 S PN-FSelection characteristicsMounting dimensions (W x H x D)in mm (information for PM:dimensions PM and CU)73 x 195 x 37 73 x 177 x 63.4 73 x 177 x 63.4 73 x 177 x 63.4 73 x 177 x 63.4 73 x 177 x 63Communication functionsPROFIBUS – – x x – –PROFINET – – – – x xRS 485 serial interfaces with USSprotocolx x – – – –RS 232 serial interfaces x x x x x –Safety functionsIntegrated safety functions inaccordance with Category 3 ofEN 954-1 or in accordance withSIL 2 of IEC 61508– – – Safe Torque Off (STO),Safe Stop 1 (SS1), SafelyLimited Speed (SLS),Safe Brake Control (SBC)– xElectrical dataSupply voltage 24 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DCSkippable frequency range 4, programmable 4, programmable 4, programmable 4, programmable 4, programmable 4, programmable– – – – – –Fixed frequencies 16, programmable 16, programmable 16, programmable 16, programmable 16, programmable 16, programmableDigital inputs6 programmable,floating, PNP/NPNswitchable9 programmable,floating9 programmable,floating6 programmable,floating9 programmable,floating6 programmable,floatingDigital inputs, failsafe – – – 2 floating – 2 programmable,floatingAnalog inputs2 parameterizable analog inputs• 0 to 10 V, 0 to 20 mA and switchable to –10 to +10 V (AI0)• 0 to 10 V and 0 to 20 mA (AI1)• both usable as additional digitalRelay outputs 3, parameterizable, 0.5 A,30 V DC3, parameterizable, 0.5 A,30 V DC3, parameterizable, 0.5 A,30 V DC3, parameterizable, 0.5 A,30 V DC3, parameterizable, 0.5 A,30 V DC3, parameterizable, 0.5 A,30 V DCAnalog outputs2, parameterizable,(AO0: 0 to 10 Vand 0 to 20 mA,AO1: 0 to 20 mA)2, parameterizable,(AO0: 0 to 10 Vand 0 to 20 mA,AO1: 0 to 20 mA)2, parameterizable,(AO0: 0 to 10 Vand 0 to 20 mA,AO1: 0 to 20 mA))2, parameterizable,(AO0: 0 to 10 Vand 0 to 20 mA,AO1: 0 to 20 mA)2, parameterizable,(AO0: 0 to 10 Vand 0 to 20 mA,AO1: 0 to 20 mA)2, parameterizable,(0/4 to 20 mA,0/2 to 10 V with 500 W)ElectromagneticcompatibilityEMC standard 68100-3FunctionsOpen-loop/closed-loop control methodVector, U/f (FCC)Operating functions Positioning deceleration ramp, automatic restart, flying restart, slip compensation, inching mode, kinetic buffering 3),motor temperature monitoring, and a lot moreProtective functionsConnectable motors• Motor temperature monitoring with and without temperature sensor• Load cycle monitoring• Power module monitoring• System protection functionsThree-phase induction motors and synchronous motorsMechanical dataDegree of protection IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20StandardsConformity with standardsCE (Low-voltage directive 72/23/EWG, Machine directive 98/37/EWG, EMC directive 89/336/EWG),UL, cUL, c-tick, ISO 9001, Safety Integrated, ambient conditions in accordance with IEC 721-3-2STARTERx x x x x xAccessoriesBOP (Operator Panel), PC Connection KitBOP (Operator Panel), Memory card (MMC card), PC Connection Kit1Only in conjunction with Power Modules of the type PM24010

Technical specifications power modules for the SINAMICS G120PM240 FS A-F (400 V)UnfilteredPM240 FS B-F (400 V)FilteredPM250 FS C-F (400 V)FilteredPM260 FS D-F (690 V)Filtered/UnfilteredSelection characteristicsPower output0.37–110 kW(for high overload - HO)0.37–132 kW(for low overload - LO)2.2–75 kW (HO)2.2–90 kW (LO)5.5–75 kW(for high overload – HO)7.5–90 kW(for low overload – LO)7,5–37 kW(for high overload – HO)11–55 kW(for low overload – LO)Rated input current (at ambient 1.7–204 A 7.6–204 A 13.2–135 A 12–46 Atemperature of 50 °C) 2Rated output current (at ambienttemperature of 50 °C)1.3–210 A (HO)1.3–250 A (LO)1.3–145 A (HO)1.3–178 A (LO)13.2–145 A (HO)18–178 A (LO)10–42 A (HO)14–62 A (LO)Mounting dimensions (W x H x D)in mm (information for PM:dimensions PM and CU)A: 73 x 173 x 210B: 153 x 270 x 230C: 189 x 334 x 250D: 275 x 419 x 260E: 275 x 499 x 260F: 350 x 634 x 372–B: 153 x 270 x 230C: 189 x 334 x 250D: 275 x 512 x 260E: 275 x 635 x 260F: 350 x 934 x 372––C: 189 x 334 x 250D: 275 x 512 x 260E: 275 x 635 x 260F: 350 x 934 x 372–––D: 275 x 512 x 260–F: 350 x 634 x 372Safety functionsIntegrated safety functions in accor d-ance with Category 3 of EN 954-1 orin accordance with SIL 2 of IEC 61508Safe Brake Control (SBC)Electrical dataLine voltage 3 AC 380 ... 480 V ± 10% 3 AC 380 ... 480 V ± 10% 3 AC 380 ... 480 V ± 10% 3 AC 660 … 690 V ± 10% 3Line frequency 47–63 Hz 47–63 Hz 47–63 Hz 47–63 HzOverload capability(in the event of high overload)0.37–75 kW:1.5 x rated current for 1 minwithin 5 min2 x rated current for 3 swithin 5 min1.5 x rated current for 1 min within 5 min2 x rated current for 3 s within 5 min90–110 kW:1.36 x rated current for 1 minwithin 5 min1.6 x rated current for 3 swithin 5 minOverload capability(in the event of light overload)0.37–90 kW:1.1 x rated current for 1 minwithin 5 min1.5 x rated current for 3 swithin 5 min1.1 x rated current for 1 min within 5 min1.5 x rated current for 3 s within 5 min110–132 kW:1.1 x rated current for 1 minwithin 5 min1.5 x rated current for 1 swithin 5 minOutput frequency0–650 Hz(U/f and FCC types of control)0–200 Hz(Vector type of control)0–650 Hz(U/f and FCC types of control)0–200 Hz(Vector type of control)0–650 Hz(U/f and FCC types of control)0–200 Hz(Vector type of control)0–200 HzPulse frequency4 kHz (standard),or 4–16 kHz in steps of 2 kHz (derating)C–E: 4 kHz (standard) or 4–16 kHzin steps of 2 kHz (derating)F: 4 kHz (standard) or 4–8 kHz insteps of 2 kHz (derating)16 kHz (standard)Converter efficiency 96–97 % 96–97 % 95–97 % 95–97 %FunctionsBraking functionsMechanical dataDynamic braking, DC braking, electromechanical braking,motor holding braking, instant braking, electronic braking,compound brakingEnergy recovery in regenerative modeDegree of protection IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20SoftwareSTARTER x x x x2The input current depends on the motor load and line impedance3500 to 600 V possible with derating11

Additional information on SINAMICS is provided addresses and contact partners are provided our A&D Mall to place your electronic order directlyvia AGIndustry SectorDrive TechnologiesP.O. Box 47 4390327 NÜ to change without prior notice 09/08Order No.: E80001-A250-P210-V3-7600DISPO 21501MK.SD.SU.SDG2.52.8.04 WS 04085.0Printed in Germany© Siemens AG 2008The information provided in this brochure contains merelygeneral descriptions or characteristics of performance whichin actual case of use do not always apply as described orwhich may change as a result of further development of theproducts. An obligation to provide the respectivecharacteris tics shall only exist if expressly agreed in theterms of contract.All product designations could be trademarks or productnames of Siemens AG or other companies which, if used bythird parties, could infringe the rights of their owners.

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