Memorial Day (May '10): I went to White Thorn ... - Echo of Infinity

Memorial Day (May '10): I went to White Thorn ... - Echo of Infinity

Memorial Day (May '10):

I went to White Thorn Lodge (nudist club) for Memorial Day. I had been looking

forward to it for some time. The night before I ended up staying up late waiting for my grandma

to come home from grocery shopping (so I could help her put them away), and so I didn't get to

bed until like one am. I then got up early the next day, at unfortunately 6:30am (was planning

on getting up at 7:30am, but my body had other plans), and so started to get ready. It was going

to be almost a two hour drive down there, and I wanted to get down there before the volleyball

funbowl started at 11am, which meant I only had an hour and a half to get ready. Anyway, after

a shower and food, I collected a few books to read, a few random objects for group activities

(mini-football, hacky-sac, etc), my sunscreen, towels, and etc, and unfortunately had to break it

to my grandma that I wouldn't be at the family picnic because I had some friends I was going to

visit down by Youngstown (a bit of a stretch, but not a lie either). After saying goodbye, I slipped

out the door and hopped in the car. I made a quick stop at a discount store to pick up a couple

energy drinks just in case I needed something to keep me awake during my driving time.

Thankfully White Thorn is right on the Ohio border, and so I didn't have to go through that many

mountains to be able to get to it. My drive down there was relatively easy, no doubt thanks to

time spent praying both before I left and while in the car. After finding the entrance to the place,

I had to admit White Thorn was definitely hidden enough that it didn't look like it would ever

have a peeping tom issue.

After arriving, I pulled up to the check-in desk. I wasn't exactly sure if you had to have

reservations, but I was a Northcoast Naturists member, and I heard they get a discount there, so

I figured between that and a fellow Northcoast Naturist that was supposed to be there that

weekend, that I would still be able to get my way in even if I had to wait a few hours for

clearance to come. But thankfully I got cleared no problem, and I even got a nice parking spot

as someone was pulling out just as I was pulling in the area. I wasn't exactly sure what the

procedure was for proper places to undress, although with the naked people everywhere, I

assumed it didn't matter, so I just undressed by my car. After putting gobs of sunscreen on, and

realizing how much sunscreen a nudist who stayed there would have to go through in a summer,

I sprayed on a little bug spray, grabbed my backpack, and set out to look around a bit. I had

arrived a little past 10am, so I had about an hour to wander around before the volleyball games

would start. I didn't wander too far- I noticed the sand volleyball courts, the pool, and then went

to part-way down the other end to where it looked like more campers and trails were, and then

decided to head back down to the pool. I stayed at the pool in a lounge chair reading until I

heard mention of the flag raising and volleyball sign-ups that were starting soon.

Before the flag raising, we were supposed to sign up for volleyball, so I did that and then

went to the flag raising, and then headed back to the volleyball courts to wait for the tournament

to start. By this time I had already noticed that there were at least a few people around my age

range there, which was a nice relief. After what seemed like an hour (and may have been), they

finally started calling the teams on the courts to play. Thankfully I signed up early, which meant

I was able to play in the first rounds. I bumbled around a bit until I found my team, and the

games began.

As far as the games went, I can definitely say I was on a good team. It was 6 six guys of

varying ages (myself included), and one college age female. The team was rather organized,

had a playing style that it followed (as compared to playing with random friends that often

leads to whoever getting it whacking the ball), and had people who were decent at both setting

and hitting the ball. We ended up being undefeated in the round robins before the main

tournament started (like 5-0), though humorously, we lost the first game that actually mattered,

as far as the tournament went, and so got knocked out right off the bat.

Now to some of the commentary that doesn't always get spoken. This outing was only

like my 6th actual social nudist event (that's what happens when one has to travel hours to go

to an event). I was surprised to see how many people were actually at the resort that day. We

had enough for 6 teams for volleyball, and there seemed to be plenty of people leftover

walking around, watching, swimming, or whatever. It was nice to actually see young kids

there, because all my other functions (events) were either all people that were typically older

than me, or where there was only like 1 kid that was maybe a preteen or teenager there, and

so it was nice to finally see more of the family dynamic going on. I also noticed that there was

what looked like a few teenage females, a few females in my age range, and a couple guys in

my age range. It was nice to know that I wasn't alone, and it was also nice to have not only

one female around my age there, but several, especially with them being fully nude. I don't

say that from an opportunistic perspective, but the closest fully nude female I had been around

that was anywhere near my age range before was probably a good 8 years older than me, and

that was one time, so this gave me the chance to be around people my age of the opposite sex

and to see how that dynamic was going to work out. Thankfully for me, I played volleyball

against 3 of them on teams, and so it at least gave me a chance to interact with them a bit. While

one of them was indeed attractive, and the others looked rather like normal females who were

nude. I noticed that there wasn't necessarily anything inherently sexually arousing about their

bodies. I mean, I still struggled between whether and when I should look specifically at them

because I was curious, and whether it was appropriate at all (to look purposefully out of

curiosity), but even when I did look, there wasn't any sudden arousal. I also noticed the more

natural I tried to be, just playing volleyball and allowing my eyes to go wherever they would

normally go (like in a clothed situation), that it seemed like the remaining awkwardness and

mild sexual connection that was still lingering from what I was taught growing up would fade

away. One thing I've noticed about nudism, is that for people to fully become adjusted to it, it

seems that social interaction, with dialogue between the sexes, is necessary so that the mind is

able to fully get used to the situation being entirely a docile one. Not that people's bodies

necessarily have issues with arousal, but more so so that people's minds get to the point that they

start to forget that both they and the person they are with are nude, because they are able to

focus on another person's soul, on the type of person they are, instead of just on the body that is

on the outside.

Also, I was playing volleyball for probably 2-3 hours the first go, and not once did I get

an erection around all that nudity, not even when I was facing the female I thought was

physically attractive (physically attractive as one might find a person in a clothed setting). I

did have trouble looking directly at the ladies when I was facing them sometimes, but not

because of arousal issues, but because I didn't want them to think I was perving on them,

as I didn't know where was normal to be looking at and what they might get offended by.

Anyway, the only time I did actually happen to get an erection was when I was on the back

porch by the pool. Actually, it happened more than once there. Every time I was just sitting

in a lounge chair, the kind that you can almost lay down in, and I was reading a book. I'm not

sure if it was the fact that I was resting at those times (not sleeping, just relaxing), or the

position my body was in, or what. I know it wasn't the book, and I wasn't checking out the ladies

at the pool. Thankfully, I was the only person on the back porch, and with my knees being up

a little, and the book in my lap, I doubt much of anyone was even able to see it, much less take

notice of it. Since no one was around me at all, I decided to just let it stay and not fight it, and

hoped that it would go down quickly. It didn't, and was there for a while, and so after getting a

little concerned that someone might come over eventually, I decided to mentally try to control

the muscles/blood vessels that were constricting to keep it up, and was able to successfully get

it to go back down. The strategy doesn't always work, as sometimes it makes up its mind that

it's not going anywhere, but thankfully it worked this time. And now for a paragraph break.

So those were the kind of thoughts that don't always get passed along to people in casual

conversation. As for the rest of the events of the day, during the breaks between the volleyball

games, I made an attempt to get to know the college age female that was on my team and the

adults sitting at the table she was at a bit. I didn't go over because I thought she was attractive

(I didn't think she was), but more so because she was both on my team, and also because she

was in my age range. I got to know a bit about her and found out one of other girls that was

there was her sister. She never really bothered to ask me any questions, so I think she was

apprehensive that I was some random guy trying to hit on her. I can understand that she might

have been coming from that perspective, and so I tried to be a bit more careful not to seem like

a creeper. Anyway, one of the adults that was at the table with her told me a bit of his

background and a story or two, so it helped the socialization a bit. After the volleyball

tournament was over, I decided to rinse off in the outdoor showers and then went to hop in the

pool. It's amazing how long it can take to get the majority of sand off your body after playing

a game of nude volleyball, though it's still more convenient than playing volleyball in

swim-trunks, because then you sometimes get sand up your shorts that stays with you forever.

After the shower, I headed down to the pool. I re-applied my sunscreen, though I noticed it

had been about 5 hours since I had done it last. Then after reading a little while the sunscreen

soaked in, I hopped in the pool to cool off. It was nice.

After sitting in the pool a while and reading a bit again, I heard people whacking around

a volleyball back up at the courts. I decided to go check it out since I was a little bored. I noticed

they were just getting done with a game as I walked up, which was good if I wanted to jump in

on one. Since I didn't really know anyone at White Thorn to go and hang out with, I decided I

might as well try to get in on another game. It also didn't hurt that the attractive female around

my age had been playing and was planning on continuing to play. Not that I was interested from

a possible dating perspective, as she looked maybe 5 years older than me and I sensed she wasn't

the kind of person I would want to get involved with, but it gave me more time to adjust being

around females my age. We played maybe 4 more games of volleyball, some of which was during

a time where there was a mild rain. We kept playing anyway, and it was nice, because there was

no worry about walking away with soggy clothing. After the games were over, it suddenly started

to rain quite a bit harder. I thankfully had covered my bag and towel with a plastic garbage can

lid, so it wasn't as affected as it could have been, but I still needed to get my stuff to dryer

ground, because I had books in the bag, and library books at that. After it started to downpour,

those of us who had been playing volleyball decided to go to the showers to really be able to get

the sand off. We did so, and then I headed back to my car. I was thinking of leaving, but then I

remembered I had food on me, and so I decided to eat, since I figured it was a good time to

wait for my friend to possibly text me, because I was hoping she would get back from her

vacation in time for me to drop by her house on my way back up to where I lived. After

finishing eat, thankfully there was a break in the rain, and so I popped outside my car and

got dressed, and then started back for home.

That was pretty much the whole experience. I didn't get a chance to visit my friend on

the way back home, as she was exhausted from just getting back, but that wasn't that big of a

deal. I did happen to hit a monster storm on my way home though, and the rain in it was so

heavy that I actually had to pull over to the side of the road at one point because I simply

couldn't see the road enough to drive. I was hoping it wasn't going to be another rerun of how

my January swim went, and thankfully it wasn't- I seemed to make it through the storm cloud

causing the monstrous downpour in about 15 minutes or so. After that, I got home (maybe

around 10pm), and went to bed. I found out the next day that I still got sunburnt on most of

my body, though thankfully the majority of it was light, with a few darker spots where I had

trouble getting or missed with sunscreen. It's worthy of note that I was using SPF 50, and so

now I'm totally not going any lower than that if I'm going to be doing nude recreation a whole

day in the future. And, of course, a last and final note- I want to mention that White Thorn Lodge

was a very nice place- between the pool, volleyball courts, the nice people, and the lack of

mosquitoes I encountered, I'd have to give it two thumbs up in terms of nudist clubs/parks that

I've been to (which is two, with the other one already having been closed for its regular season).

And that was my trip.

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