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Use and Assembly of the AZTEK Pro (pdf) - Rescue Response Gear

Use and Assembly of the AZTEK Pro (pdf) - Rescue Response Gear


the connecting and adjustments points, we have found what we believe to beeffective energy absorption. This theory was validated in 2001 through extensivedrop tests performed by Sterling Rope Inc.Mechanical Advantage SystemThe second basic tool of the AZTEKis a pre-rigged 5:1 pulley system or“Set of 4’s” (SOFs), a fittingnickname given to us from thelineman industry. This 5:1 pulleysystem uses two mini double sheavepulleys rigged on 9mm rope at theopposite end from the travel restraintsystem.Why put pulleys on your edge kit?Remember our simplicity/efficiencytheme on the use of equipment? We have always championed, when possible,“use gear that provides multiple uses”. The AZTEK exemplifies this theme. Outof one zipper of a side pouch the rescuer is provided immediate edge protection,and from a second zipper of the same pouch the rescuer/rigger can deploy thismini 5:1 (SOFs) in a multitude of rigging applications, including hauling systems,tensioned back-ties, tensioned guying for artificial high directionals, dynamicbrake racks, and dynamic directionals (approximately an 8’ throw when using thefull length of rope).Vertical Transportation SystemEspecially in the urban/industrial setting,the AZTEK provides a limited means ofsafe rappelling, ascending, and belaying.This option is extremely valuable to therescue endeavor in making rapid patientcontact. 9mm rope is more than adequatefor single person rappels. The belay caneasily be provided by a secondAZTEK.Ascending and self-rescues arepossible with the AZTEK bymanipulating the shock absorber, orby hitching the 9mm rope onto alarger diameter host rope.© Rescue Response Gear, 2012

In addition to rappelling and ascending, the 5:1 (SOFs) end of the AZTEK is theperfect primary attachment device for a litter attendant, allowing very rapid andeasy vertical adjustments. By repositioning the 6mm ratchet, the personal SOFscan be transformed into a 4:1cd scoop line for the foot end of the litter.Assembling the AZTEKAlthough the Expanded edge kit is made up of very simple components, theassembly method and knot craft is highly evolved. It is extremely important thatthe user fully understand this process.Components of the AZTEKThe central component of the edge kit is the 9mm rope.We would highly recommend a rope manufactured bySterling Ropes Inc. that utilizes a factory sewn attachmentpoint loop. This sewn version is somewhat stronger thantying a knot, and knots tied to the becket can sometimesget in the way of the ratchet prusik.Two Mini Double Sheave Pulleys with a minimum rating of22kN should be used.The carabiner at the fall arrest end of the kit should be anauto-lock type that allows for quick attachment. Shownhere is the Petzl Am'D Triact.Two 7mm Maillon Rapide Screw-links are used, one forthe attachment point at the becket of the pulley, and oneto the end of the shock absorber loop.© Rescue Response Gear, 2012

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