November 2012 - National School Public Relations Association

November 2012 - National School Public Relations Association

November 2012 - National School Public Relations Association

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South Central Region Chapter Reports – <strong>November</strong> <strong>2012</strong>Prepared by: Julie Zwahr, NSPRA South Central Region Vice PresidentDirector of Communications & PartnershipsLittle Elm (Texas) ISDjzwahr@leisd.wsGeneral OverviewChapters report more success with smaller, local/regional meetings to help defray the cost oftravel. Chapter membership numbers are not growing, but remaining consistent for now.Members are presenting more at Superintendent and Business Officials Conferences to boost thecreditability of the communications function.Environmental ScanThe political climate in South Central is dictating that many members’ time is being consumedcommunicating about accountability, budgets and charter schools/vouchers. While there does notseem to be the loss of positions as there might have been in the past, members believe there is anincrease of workload (social media) and expectation without any thought of adding positions.Mid-career professionals seem to be “burning out” or “barely hanging on.”VP Outreach and Travel• KanSPRA October 26-27 Conference in Wichitao Presented “Trending Now # Media” to chapter members• TSPRA’s February 18-21 Conference in Corpus Christi, TXo Plan to greet the chapter on behalf of NSPRA at the general sessiono Co-presenting “Find your seat at the NSPRA Table” with another regional VPo Co-presented “Live, Learn & Share” pairing Gen Y&X memberswith TSPRA Legends• OKSPRA Spring Conference is being planned. TBD.• MoSPRA is also being planned. TBD.Kansas <strong>School</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Relations</strong> <strong>Association</strong> (KanSPRA)Submitted by Tom Keil, KanSPRA presidentChapter Well-BeingKanSPRA membership has remained steady with a slight increase in membership from theprevious year. Membership will exceed the chapter’s budget estimates. The fall conference washeld on October 25-26 th in Wichita and should generate a significant profit for the association.We had 63 attendees this year, up from the 30 paid attendees at last year’s conference. Theconference also generated 5 sponsorships totaling $4,200 which also exceeded budget

projections. We continue to hold regular board meetings and regional meetings. The KanSPRAmembers are active participants and we have strong collaboration across the state.The board will participate in a strategic planning session in January facilitated by Patron Insight.The goals of the session are to review our mission, evaluate membership, explore ways we canretain members and determine how we can provide increased value to our membership.Chapter projects/collaboration effortsKanSPRA has been asked for the third year in a row to consider presenting a communicationsstrand at the Kansas <strong>Association</strong> of <strong>School</strong> Business Officials annual conference. The chapterplans to increase the use of the website and social media tools to actively engage members.The chapter has been a long-term sponsor of the Kansas Teacher of The Year award.Major chapter issues or concerns:As budgets continue to be reduced our members are doing more with less. Many members holdmultiple positions. As some communication departments have been reduced we will look fornew ways to engage district employees in non-communication position.Issues or areas that could use NSPRA regional or national supportSimilar to last year, declining budgets, misinformation on student achievement andcommunication continue to be a top priority for KanSPRA members. Communication aroundCommon Core, reporting positive results and seeking community and business partners will needto increase over the next year. Resources from NSPRA for developing consistent messagingacross the state would be helpful.State or local issues that NSPRA should keep an eye on<strong>School</strong> finance, upcoming elections and major tax cuts that go into effect January 1, 2013 will beimportant topics in the Kansas Legislature.Missouri <strong>School</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Relations</strong> <strong>Association</strong> (MOSPRA)Submitted by Zac Rantz, MOSPRA presidentChapter Well-BeingMOSPRA’s membership has held steady this year with a slight increase. We are noticing newmembers joining after several outreach and communication events. We are financially stable andare reaching out to our members by offering more scholarships to increase their participation instate and national events.Chapter Projects/Collaboration EffortsThe state organization is working together to reach out and increase our membership to 200people this year by focusing on the smaller schools and increasing our superintendentmembership.Professional Development Programs/ActivitiesOur professional development activities and programs include sharing the best practices among

our members at the regional meetings, which happen monthly throughout the school year. Weare also working on a PR/Communication boot camp for schools so those smaller districts canparticipate in a one-day workshop and walk away with a communication plan.Major Chapter Issues or ConcernsWe are finding that time and job constraints are limiting our members’ ability to participate inevents. So we are working on ideas to have smaller regional meetings and more e-meetings tomake sure we have ways for our members to stay connected.State or local issues that NSPRA should keep an eye onWe are noticing a trend of communication positions becoming more and more desired, but alsomore and more overloaded. This will continue to stretch our members and force us to developnew ways to serve them and provide them with information and services.Oklahoma <strong>School</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Relations</strong> <strong>Association</strong> (OKSPRA)Submitted by Stephanie Pool, OKSPRA presidentChapter Well-BeingOKSPRA membership is holding steady. We did a big push to invite prospective members to ourfirst meeting in September this year and nearly one-third of the attendance were non-members.We are still in the process of converting them from guests to members.Chapter projects/collaboration effortsRecent chapter collaboration efforts are focused at increasing membership and improving socialmedia tools to actively engage members.Professional development programs/activitiesWe have four professional development meetings scheduled for this year. Topics include Mythsand Truths about <strong>School</strong> PR, Importance of <strong>School</strong> PR Through Lessons Learned, Marketing &Messaging, Legislative Issues Affecting Education and a three-day spring conference.Major chapter issues or concernsAs budgets decrease and the face of education continue to change, public relations officerscontinue to do more with less. This is a time to come together, strengthen our membership andcombine our resources, not dwindle in numbers.State or local issues that NSPRA should keep an eye onVirtual and charter schools are becoming more popular and advertising is increasing. Since theseschools will receive the full student ADM (Average Daily Membership), an increase inenrollment translates to a decrease in funds at the public school level.

Texas <strong>School</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Relations</strong> <strong>Association</strong> (TSPRA)Craig Eichhorn, APR, TSPRA presidentLinsae Snider, TSPRA executive director+Chapter Well Being:Approximately 780 dues paying members to date ($45 late fee imposed on all dues collectedafter <strong>November</strong> 1). Membership is up! Exploring possibilities of accepting credit card paymentsand following a process suggested by our CPA to determine if it is financially feasible.All nine area vice presidents and education foundation chair report having hosted at least onemeeting in their respective areas during the 2011-<strong>2012</strong> school year with several areas hostingmeetings monthly and/or bi-monthly Executive Committee met on September 27, <strong>2012</strong>. Seeattached.Created a new strategic plan in June <strong>2012</strong> with objectives, goals, and strategies establishedthrough 2014. See attached. <strong>2012</strong> TSPRA Conference planning is well underway.Awards and Honors:Julie Zwahr is serving as NSPRA South Central Vice-President; Tamerah Ringo,Parliamentarian, represented TSPRA as one of ten judges for the selection of the Texas Teacherof the Year. Plans are to recommend Bonnie Ellison, Northside ISD, for NSPRA 75X75Recognition in honor of her upcoming retirement and years of service to TSPRA and NSPRA.Dr. Daniel P. King, Superintendent, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD, was named <strong>2012</strong> KeyCommunicator and received the award on September 30, <strong>2012</strong> during the TASA/TASB AnnualConference.Chapter Projects/Collaboration Efforts:Launched new website on October 8, <strong>2012</strong> The Celebrate Texas <strong>Public</strong> <strong>School</strong>s (CTPS) programhas been revamped to now include year round resources, ideas, and marketing materials to ourmembers rather than the traditional one week activities that are celebrated the first week inMarch. A sponsor has generously donated $5000 to award students in May with an elementarystudent video contest with students sharing “how they celebrate Texas public schools.” Thewinning entries will be shared with our Texas legislators. The contest will be launched at the2013 Conference in Corpus Christi. Electronic balloting for election of 2013-2014 officerscontinues through <strong>November</strong> 6, <strong>2012</strong>. This is our second year for electronic voting.TASB/TASA Fall Conference held September 28-30, <strong>2012</strong>• TSPRA provide seven concurrent sessions• TSPRA provide Resource Center in the exhibit hall• TSPRA presented <strong>2012</strong> Key Communicator Award during third general session• Served as judges for Texas Teacher of the Year and Texas <strong>School</strong> Business “BraggingRights” and will serve as judge for the HEB Excellence in Education program and Texas<strong>Association</strong> of Partners in Education contest.Continue to receive Star Awards entries through <strong>November</strong> 14, <strong>2012</strong>. Continue to accept <strong>2012</strong>Annual Conference registrations with an expected 500 in attendance.

Published nine e-newsletters since July <strong>2012</strong> Sent 16 email blasts since July <strong>2012</strong> Continue toreport statewide results of bond elections and TREs and posted on TSPRA website TSPRAnsserve as guest authors for four issues of TASA’s quarterly publication, Insight Initiated a plan for“TSPRA guest writers” to be a regular section of the weekly eNewsletter utilizing the journalismskills and expertise of our members Secured non-conference sponsorships to include EC meals,email blast, workshop lunches, professional awards, Star Awards Crystal and Platinum awards,and CTPS student video contest Signed contract allowing vendor to sell website and eNewsletteradvertising with intent of generating a minimum of $5000 revenue yearly Utilized Facebook andTwitter as additional means of member communication Managed 2011-<strong>2012</strong> fiscal yearmanaging QuickBooks in-house under the guidance of a new CPA Will be going to membershipfor bylaws and standing rules vote to determine the addition of a retiree level of membershipBylaws Ad Hoc Committee continues to explore the possibility of a bylaws/standing rulesaddition to include student levels of membership2013 TSPRA Conference:To be held in Corpus Christi on February 18-21, 2013 Preconference sessions to include: APRCertification Preparation, CFRE Certification Preparation, Rookie Boot camp, Google Tools,Adobe Photoshop (to include video editing) and Industry Trends in Automation and Production.Keynote speakers will be John Moore, Brand Autopsy (former Starbucks and Whole FoodMarking VP) and Aaron Davis, Aaron Davis Productions (motivational) Six distinguishedlecturers including Terry Abbot, Steve Knagg, Leslie Milder, Julie Ann Matonis, KristinZastoupil, and Joseph Hoffer 38 concurrent sessions and approximately 28 roundtablesRepeating the “Live, Learn and Share” session providing opportunities for rookie and veteranTSPRAns to learn togetherWill be providing CFRE credit for certain conference sessions (pending) Star Awardsimprovement and value adds resulting from <strong>2012</strong> Star Awards Ad Hoc Committee include:• Sponsorships for Platinum and Crystal Awards o Addition of Bronze level ofrecognition/award to Adde “Campaign” category to include: CTPS, marketing, socialmedia, and event separate from Crystal and Platinum awards• Additional categories to include video streaming, mobile app, external Enewsletter,internal enewsletter, and online donation webpage,• Added Certificate of Merit awards to Crystal and Platinum recognitions• Soliciting judges from outside of the Austin and San Antonio areas.Maximum of 30 exhibitorsSolicited over $42,000 in conference related and nonconference sponsorships with a goal ofsecuring $55,000 in sponsorships by conference. Four sponsored receptions – informal meet andgreet, welcome reception, and Star Awards reception and after celebrationOptional tours of the USS Lexington and Corpus Christi Aquarium Negotiation is taking placewith a vendor for a conference mobile appProfessional Development Programs/Activities:By October 30, <strong>2012</strong> will have hosted six Ammerman (media and crisis communication andpersuasion training) sessions since July 1, <strong>2012</strong>.

Statewide Issues for Which NSPRA Should Be Mindful:October 22, <strong>2012</strong> was the beginning of the school finance lawsuit in Texas. Five lawsuits onbehalf of about three quarters of school districts statewide have been filed in response to schoolfinance legislation passed by the Texas Legislature last summer. They charge that the way Texasdistributes funding to school districts is inadequate and inequitable.The 83rd session of the Texas Legislature opens in January 2013 with a new Commissioner ofEducation, new Senate Education Chair, new House Education Chair and a governor whom isforce-feeding a voucher system.Texas schools have been stricken with a flourish of heartbreaking misfortunes this fall. Crisiscommunications for so many of our members have involved tragic student deaths and injuries.

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