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Anti-Seize CompoundsAnti-Seize compounds have been the cornerstoneof the JET-LUBE line of lubricants since the late1940’s. Through the years, JET-LUBE has ledthe industry in technical innovation and isconstantly searching for new ways to improveanti-seize technology.JET-LUBE premium anti-seize compounds providethe ultimate in protection and facilitate assemblyand disassembly of threaded connections.All products are engineered from the ground upto help reduce equipment downtime and totaloperating costs.High Temperature Anti-Seize10002 1/2 lb. Brush Top Can10004 1 lb. Brush Top Can10007 2 lb. Plug Top Can10041 12 oz. Aerosol10050 14 oz. Cartridge10091 1 gal. Pail10092 2 1/2 gal. Pail10093 5 gal. Pail10024 15 gal. Drum10029 50 gal. DrumKOPR-KOTE ® 10055 1/4 lb. Brush Top CanKOPR-KOTE ®High Temperature Anti-SeizeNSF (H-2) Registered Reg. No 120923JET-LUBE’s premium anti-seize is comprisedof metallic copper flake, graphite and otherextreme pressure, corrosion and anti-wearadditives. The copper/graphite synergism ofKOPR-KOTE makes it ideal for the majority ofapplications involving high temperatures, stress andloads. Compatible with most metals and alloys. Notrecommended for use on aluminum fittings, fastenersor oxygen service.Exceeds MIL-PRF-907EK-Factor: .1No VOCRated: -65˚F to 1800˚F (-54˚C to 982˚C)Recommended for:• Nuts and bolts, studs (B-7)• Fittings and shafts, machine surfaces• Fittings on steam turbines, pumps,valves, flanges, extruders and diesRecommended ASTM Specs* for Compatibility:A307, A354, A193/A193M, A320/A320M, F468,A563, F467NIKAL ®Extreme Temperature Anti-SeizeNIKAL ®Extreme Temperature Anti-Seize13655 1/4 lb. Brush Top Can13602 1/2 lb. Brush Top Can13604 1 lb. Brush Top Can13623 8 lb. 1 gal. Pail13613 20 lb. 2 1/2 gal. Pail13615 40 lb. 5 gal. Pail13624 120 lb. 15 gal. Drum13629 400 lb. 50 gal. DrumGraphite-free, pure nickel anti-seize is for use whereextremely high temperatures or reactivity is a concern.NIKAL is nearly inert and should be used wheneverammonia, acetylene and vinyl monomers are present.Also for use where copper or more reactive metals maycontaminate catalyst beds. Compatible with most metalsand alloys operating at 800˚F and above. For stainlesssteel and other nickel alloy fasteners and fittingsoperating above 500˚F where graphite on other materialsmay pose problems. Not intended for use as a generalpurpose antiseize.Exceeds MIL-PRF-907EK-Factor: .15No VOCRated: -65˚F to 2600˚F (-54˚C to 1427˚C)Recommended for:• Chemical plants and oil refineries• Sewage plants• Harsh environments.Recommended ASTM Specs* for Compatibility:A193/A193M, A563, A194/A194M, B633, A153,B696Burner tips | Heat Exchangers | B-7 Studs | Pipe Fittings | Reactor Bolts | Manifolds | Manhole StudsTORQUE GUIDEProper clamp load is an essential part of any bolted assembly for trouble-free operations. The clamp load is created by torquingeither nut or bolt. An anti-seize lubricant used on a bolt helps to develop greater clamp load for the same torque compared to anunlubricated bolt. An additional benefit is greater uniformity in clamp load among a series of bolts.04 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

EP GreasesJET-LUBE manufactures EP Greases to exacting ISO9001 standards with the focus on making a superiorproduct as opposed to maximizing yield. By usingseverely refined base stock and premium additivesin manufacturing, the result is a complete line ofEP Greases that surpasses our competitors’ productsin both performance and value of the dollar.PRODUCT PART # DESCRIPTIONNLGIGRADES SERVICE RATING BASE DROP POINT COLORLITHIUM30350 14 oz A multi-purpose bearingEP BEARING MP 30305 1 lb grease. Industrial all grade0°F to 325°F Lithium 350°F PurpleINDUSTRIAL GRADE 30316 35 lb suitable for bearing 2 (-18°C to 163°C) 12-Hydroxy (176°C)30324 120 lb applications. Smooth30329 400 lb butter, water resistant.All-purpose grease.Highly31050 14 oz adhesive to metal, goodCB-231005 1 lb mechanical stability and0°F to 300°F Lithium 390°F AmberSUPER-LITH 31006 5 lb resistance to heat, water, 2(-18°C to 149°C) 12-Hydroxy (199°C)Multi-Purpose 31016 35 lb oxidation, and heavy31024 120 lb loading. Use whereverhigh quality lubricant31029 400 lbis required.A highly adhesive33050 14 oz lubricant with33005 1 lb molybdenum disulfide#202 MOLY-LITH 33006 5 lb (MoS 2 ) for exceptional0°F to 300°F Lithium 390°F Blue-Blacklow-friction, high-loadMulti-Purpose 33016 35 lbcarrying ability. Extremely 2 (-18°C to 149°C) 12-Hydroxy (199°C)33024 120 lb resistant to heat,33029 400 lb weathering and oxidation.Chassis applications.WHITE LITHIUMGREASEWith PTFE5035050305503065034150316503245032914 oz1 lb5 lb13 oz35 lb120 lb400 lbMulti-purpose WHITELITHIUM GREASEwith PTFE for addedlubricity. Ideal formetal-to-metal lubrication.Inhibits rust and corrosion.Resists heat and water.All-weather formula.Ideal multi-purposegrease for extreme high31750 14 oz pressure, high temperature31705 1 lbJET-PLEX-EPapplications.Smooth31706 5 lb texture,heavy body,Premium0°F to 400°F31716 35 lb good pumpability in both 2Multi-Purpose 31724 120 lb hot and cold operating(-18°C to 232°C)Greaseconditions. Automotive31729 400 lb& industrial wheelbearing applications.A grease which is63050 14 ozideal for a multitude of63016 35 lb0°F to 325°FMARINE MP "on-board" applications.63024 120 lbResistant to water, 263029 400 lb(-18°C to 163°C)heat, salt-spray, etc.20°F to 350°F(-18°C to 190°C)Lithium12-Hydroxy390°F(199°C)Lithium 575°FComplex (302°C)Lithium350°F(176°C)WhiteRedPurple07 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

EP GREASESNLGIPRODUCT PART # DESCRIPTION GRADES SERVICE RATING BASE DROP POINT COLORCALCIUMARCTIC LowTemperatureAP-1 HighTemperatureAP-1W High TemperatureWhite GreaseAP-5 HighTemperatureTEMP-GUARD Ultra-HighTemperature350503500535006350163502435029315503150531506315163152431529316503160531606316163162431629250502500525006250162502425029318503180531806318163182414 oz1 lb5 lb35 lb120 lb400 lb14 oz1 lb5 lb35 lb120 lb400 lb14 oz1 lb5 lb35 lb120 lb400 lb14 oz1 lb5 lb35 lb120 lb400 lb14 oz1 lb5 lb35 lb120 lbAn extreme servicewithout solids for coldenvironments on highspeed service. Will resisthumidity, ice and roadsalts.Exceeds Fed.Spec.3454-TWheel Bearing Test.For auto, aircraft groundsupport and industrial use.A clear amber, smooth,non-melting, waterresistant,generalpurpose grease, offeringpositive protectionfor extreme service.Highly adhesive to metal.Similar to AP-1 but withlead-free zinc oxide foracid neutralization andto provide white colorfor easy visual filmcheck. Use wherever awhite grease is preferredand dark grease wouldbe objectionable.All the properties of AP-1plus micro-fineMolybdenum Disulfide(MoS2) to yield high filmstrength with lowcoefficient of friction.Provides heavy-duty,long life protection.Synthetic based greasewith MolybdenumDisulfide (MoS 2) andgraphite for extremetemperature applications.Non-melt formulawith no petroleumbased oils or additives.High film strengthwith excellent frictionand wear properties.2BENTONE22-65°F to 225°F(-54°C to 106°C)0°F to 550°F(-18°C to 285°C)0°F to 450°F(-18°C to 232°C)AnhydrousCalcium 12-Hydroxy-StearateBentoneBentone2 0°F to 550°F Bentone(-18°C to 285°C)SYNTHETIC1.5-10°F to 600°F(-23°C to 315°C)Synthetic285°F(140°C)Non-MeltNon-MeltNon-MeltNoneAmberAmberWhiteBlue-BlackBlackCC LUBE Clear CleanLubricant705507052370516705247052914 oz5 lb35 lb120 lb400 lbThis semi-synthetic, multi-purpose lubricant withPTFE is a clean, clear,odorless, non-toxic,non-staining,biodegradable and H-1NSF Registeredlubricant. Reducesfriction, extends machineand equipment life. ForFederally InspectedMeat and Poultry Plants.Excellent lubricant formost elastomers.1.50°F to 400°F(18°C to 204°C)Semi-Synthetic560°F (260°C)ClearSILICONECOMPOUNDDM73550735057350673516735247352914 oz1 lb5 lb35 lb120 lb400 lbSynthetic translucentgrease. Dielectriccompound for moistureprotectingignitionsystems, spark plugconnections, electricalassemblies, cableand battery terminals.NSF H-1 Registered forFederally Inspected Meatand Poultry Plants.2, 3 -70°F to 400°F(-57°C to 204°C)SyntheticNoneTranslucentJET-LUBE ® No. 337385073816738247382914 oz35 lb120 lb400 lbA Lithium 12-Hydroxystearatethickened silicone fluid.Lubrication of alternatorand starter bearings.For lubrication of plasticon plastic, plastic on metal.2-70°F to 400°F(-57°C to 204°C)Synthetic 420°F(216°C)Pink09 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Thread SealantsJET-LUBE’s family of thread sealants is formulatedfrom the highest quality raw materials to providemaximum sealing capabilities for all types ofthreaded connections. Whether your sealant needsare in plumbing, fire protection, industrial, foodservice, etc., JET-LUBE thread sealants offerunsurpassed performance and cost effectiveness.THREAD SEALANTS (For Anaerobic Sealants See Pages 14, 15)V-2 ®Plumbing GradePTFE ThreadSealantTFWIndustrial GradePTFE ThreadSealantTF-25Heavy Duty35555355023550435507355233551524055240022400424007240232401523502235042350723523235151/4 pt1/2 pt1 pt1 qt1 gal5 galA soft setting, vegetable oil based thread sealant containing a large percentage of PTFE and uniquenatural fillers. Ideal for a broad range of liquids, gases, refrigerants, etc., where immediate pressurizationis desirable. V-2 is non-toxic, environmentally safe and is approved for use by the NSF, UniformPlumbing Code (IAPMO), WFBS in the United Kingdom and UL listed in Canada. V-2 is extremelyresistant to water and approved for use on potable water lines. NSF Registration # 121265.Exceeds MIL-TT-S-1732Rated: -50°F to 500°F(-46°C to 260°C)Pressure: 10,000 psi2,000 psi gases1/4 ptExceeds MIL-TT-S-17321/2 pt Nondrying compound containing PTFE, that will not harden or crack in the pipe joint and provides for easy Rated: -35°F to 500°F1 pt assembly and disassembly. For use on steel, aluminum, brass, copper, iron, PVC, CPVC, and ABS.1 qt TFW contains no petroleum products, lead or harmful metals and is safe for use with potable water lines.(-37°C to 260°C)1 gal (FIRE SPRINKLER PIPING).Pressure: 10,000 psi liquids5 gal1/2 lb TF-25 is a non-hardening, brushable thread sealant for applications requiring maximum lubricating and1 lb sealing performance. TF-25 contains PTFE and graphite, plus EP additives making it ideal for badly worn2,000 psi gasesRated: -100°F to 600°F5 gal2 lb1 galthan 3 inches.and damaged threads. Effective on both ferrous and nonferrous metals. TF-25 has a wide variety ofapplications over extensive temperature and usage ranges. TF-25 is well suited for pipe diameters larger(-73°C to 315°C)TF-15 ® Formulated for sealing fiberglass pipe and use on the precision threads of linepipe subject to vibration,23023 1 galRated: -50°F to 600°Ffor Fiberglass 23012 2 galpressure, surge, and temperature fluctuations. TF-15 contains PTFE, graphite and other anti-wear(-46°C to 315°C)Pipe23015 5 gal additives. Tenaciously adheres to fiberglass and metal. Seals badly worn threads. Recommended bymanufacturers of fiberglass tubing and casing.Pressure: 10,000 psi liquids10 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Wire Rope & Open Gear LubricantsOG-HHeavy-Duty OpenGear Lubricant26050260162602426029cart.5 gal15 gal50 galWIRE ROPE AND OPEN GEAR LUBRICANTSJET-LUBE OG-H is made from highly refined mineral oils, a non-soap thickener, low-frictionmolybdenum disulfide (MoS 2), graphite, rust and corrosion inhibitors and extreme pressureadditives. OG-H is lead-free, environmentally preferred and suitable for both indoor and outdooruse. This formula is very tacky with high adhesive and cohesive properties. Easy to apply.Requires no heat to apply, unlike asphalt products. Uniformly dispersed, low-friction ingredients givehigh film strength, reduced starting torques, lower operating temperatures and extended equipmentlife. Use OG-H on exposed gears, on steam and power wenches, hoists, power shovels,enclosed chain, wire rope and cables, elevator tracks, etc., any place requiring a heavy-dutylubricant. NLGI Grade 3. Color - Black.Service Rating:0°F to 500°F(-18°C to 260°C)WLDWire RopeDressing andLubricant2854128510285162852428529aerosol1 gal5 gal15 gal50 galA highly adhesive, water resistant lubricant containing rust and corrosion inhibitors that preventmoisture from penetrating wire-lines, ropes, cables and sheave grooves. WLD penetrates strandwires and cores to replenish the original lubricant. Forms an impervious film that does not attractdust or dirt. Contains molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2) which reduces friction and wear betweenstrands. Ideal for use in salt water environments. Color - Black.Service Rating:-55°F to 300°F(-48°C to 149°C)WRLPenetrating WireRope Lubricant3404134010340203402434025aerosol1 gal5 gal15 gal50 galFormulated to penetrate to the rope core, ensuring lubrication throughout while providing a nondrying,non-tacky film to protect outer strands from rust and corrosion, as well as lubricating thedrum and sheaves. WRL produces longer rope life, reduced downtime, increased production and issprayable at low temperature. NSF H-2 Authorized for use in Federally Inspected Meat and PoultryPlants. Color - Amber.Service Rating:-25°F to 350°F-32°C ( to 175°C)GEAR-GUARDPremium PasteLubricantMP-50Premium Low-Friction Moly Paste1794117909199162800328007280232801328015aerosol1 gal5 gal1 lb2 lb1 gal21/2 gal5 galSpecially formulated extreme pressure lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2) andgraphite. It produces a thin, tough, durable and flexible film that extends gear life, reduces wear,does not sling off and is unsurpassed in its ability to withstand the effects of high pressure andshock loads. Use GEAR-GUARD to lubricate all kinds of open gears, heavily loaded bushings,bearings, fifth wheels and other equipment. GEAR-GUARD may be applied manually, withconvenient aerosol spray or automatically via centralized lubrication systems. Color - Black.Provides a low-friction shield to reduce bearing temperatures, protects working parts at slow orhigh speeds, and prevents galling, seizure and heat freeze. MP-50 is a concentrated paste with ahigh percentage of molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2 ) in a non-melting grease carrier that can beapplied by brush on uneven surfaces to increase load-carrying ability. MP-50 is an excellentassembly and wear-in compound and is recommended for use on gears, articulated railcarconnections, pipe joints, valve steams, U-joints and tools. This compound is non-melting and canbe applied at temperatures as low as 0°F(-18°C) where many lubricants solidify. MP-50 is waterresistant, withstands extreme weather elements and helps prevent rust and corrosion on exposedparts. Color - Black.Service Rating:-55°F to 300°F(-48°C to 149°C)Service Rating:-55°F to 300°F(-48°C to 149°C)11 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Penetrants and CoatingsJET-LUBE offers a premium line of Penetrants andCoatings and a select group of high performanceSpecialty Products which are extensively used in abroad spectrum of diverse applications. All of theseproducts feature the same JET-LUBE quality,reliability and performance standards that you expect.Available packaging includes convenient aerosolcans, environmentally preferred trigger spray bottlesand 1, 5, 15 and 50 gallon bulk containers dependingon product.769LUBRICANT®Penetrant/Lubricant3734137343275332753527529aerosoltrigger1 gal5 gal50 galINDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS• Meets U.S. MilitaryNonflammable blend of chemically stable, highly refined lubricating oils and special additives that provide Specifications:environmentally safe superior performance even when harsh conditions such as salt water or salt spray are MIL-C-23411A,present. Magical thin film tenaciously adheres to all metal surfaces to lubricate, penetrate, remove moisture and MIL-C-81309D,prevent rust and corrosion. Nonevaporative formula guarantees long-term performance. 769 LUBRICANT neverMIL-C-372Chardens or dries out, contains no silicones or fluorocarbons and aerosol uses safe CO 2 propellant. NSF H-2Authorized for use in Federally Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants. 35KV dielectric strength. APPLICATIONS:Industrial, Marine, Automotive, Food Processing and Residential.V V-P-216BNSF-(H-2)MOLY-MISTMoS 2 Dry FilmLubricant16041160151602516029aerosol5 gal15 gal50 galInstantly bonds dry form molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2) to ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, glass, rubber,wood, etc., without heating or baking. MOLY-MIST lowers friction, prevents galling, corrosion and metal-to-metalcontact. Reduces torque and power consumption. May be applied while equipment is in use. MOLY-MIST forms adry, thin, black film to enhance machined surfaces. Extensively used as a "running-in" lubricant on new equipment.Service Ratingto 750˚F (399˚C)RUST-GUARDRust CorrosionInhibitor13241132331323513229aerosol1 gal5 gal50 galForms a flexible, dry waxy film that seals out moisture to provide long-term protection from rust and corrosion onall metal and alloy surfaces even under harsh conditions such as water and salt spray. Excellent for use as aprotective coating on tools, machined parts, pipe, valves, fittings, aircraft fuselage, etc. Blue color to facilitateapplication.• Meets U.S. MilitarySpecifications:MIL-C-62218,MIL-C-16173DZ-PLATEZinc-Rich Galvanize60541 aerosol• Meets U.S. MilitaryCold galvanize aerosol spray stops rust and corrosion on any ferrous or nonferrous metal surface with galvanizeaction equal to that of hot-dip galvanizing. Z-PLATE is not a paint, but a 95% pure zinc compound that forms a Specifications:tough, durable and flexible metal coating. Z-PLATE features a non-clogging spray tip, is quick drying and is used MIL-PRF-26915Dextensively in HVAC, Marine, Mining, Petro-Chemical and related industries. NSF Authorized as a StructuralCoating.RENEWBelt Dressing50941aerosolDeveloped to meet the demands of today's industrial grade belts, RENEW eliminates problem belt slippage on allround, flat and "V"power transmission belts, auto fan belts and industrial and farm machinery belt drives.Chemically stable, non-drying and water resistant formula contains no 1.1.1 Trichloroethane or SARA listedingredients. RENEW may be applied while belts are in operation. NSF Authorized for use in Federally InspectedMeat and Poultry Plants.NSF (P-2)RegisteredRUBBERLUBRICANTMold Release Agent520435203352035trigger1 gal5 galWater based, environmentally safe with twice the silicone content of leading aerosol products. RUBBERLUBRICANT makes assembly of plastic and rubber parts fast and easy by providing a wet, temporary, slipperysurface and then dries to either a thin, protective film or is absorbed into natural or synthetic rubber. Excellent foruse as a mold release agent on all metal, plastic and rubber castings under even the most severe moldingconditions. Heat stable to 500°F. Will not melt or gum. Nonflammable.TERMINALElectrical ContactCleaner "CFC Free"60041aerosolSafely and quickly cleans electrical components and equipment without damaging our environment or ozone levels.TERMINAL will penetrate and remove dirt, grease and organic contaminants and then evaporate to leave a residuefreesurface. TERMINAL is nonflammable, has a high 28KV dielectric strength and is safe on all metals and mostplastics. USDA Authorized for use in Federally Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants.NSF (K-2)RegisteredPS TERMINALPlastic SafeElectrical ContactCleaner60042aerosolElectrical contact cleaner that's formulated with a blend of HFC solvents and propellants to safely and quicklyclean electrical and eletronic components and equipment. Nonflammable, dries quickly, 35,000 volt dielectricstrength. Safe on all metals and most plastics.NSF (K-2)RegisteredTOP GUNWasp and HornetKiller51541aerosolElectrical Grade TOP GUN eliminates wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and bees on contact. Powerful TOP GUNformula provides for instant knock down on contact and leaves a residual that prevents reinfestation. JET-LUBEtrigger nozzle allows fast, accurate, dense jet stream delivery from up to 15 feet of safe application in hard- toreachplaces. TOP GUN is EPA registered and has a 35 KV dielectric strength. Use TOP GUN Wasp and HornetKiller on HVAC equipment and enclosures, traffic signs, trees, cable television installations, telecommunicationsequipment, telephone and utility poles, in attics and under eaves, transformers, electrical and water towers.12 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Cleaners and DegreasersJET-LUBE manufactures a broad line of highquality cleaners and degreaseres which are availablein powered, aerosol and liquid form to meetvirtually every industrial, aviation and marinecleaning application, no matter how rugged.From work clothes to fuel injectors, from a cementfloor to the outside of a Boeing 747, JET-LUBEprofessionally cleans with a keen awareness of ourenvironmental responsibilities.CLEANERS AND DEGREASERSCLEAN-UPSafety SolventDegreaser61542615336153518 oz1 gal5 galA heavy duty, low foaming, chlorinated solvent that rapidly dissolves oil,grease, paint, tar and grime on contact leaving a clean, residue-freefinished surface.CLEAN-UP is a non acid, alkali free product that will notcorrode or damage metal surfaces. Apply full strength in a well ventilatedarea. Safe, nonconductive 29KV dielectric strength. CLEAN-UP is USDAAuthorized for use in Federally Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants. Idealfor cleaning items such as:• Appliances• Bearings• Cables• Cement• Chains• Engine Parts• Gears• Injectors• Machinery• Metal• Motors• ToolsCLEAN-UPPLUSOrganic SolventCleanerJET-LUBE ®5000 Water Based,Environmentallyand Ozone Safe7254272535725297104371033710357102915 oz5 gal50 gal16 oz1 gal5 gal50 galCLEAN-UP PLUS is a specially formulated, high performance blend of safe, organic solvents designed to quickly dissolve andrinse away dirt, grease, grime, oil, tar and wax while being both environmentally safe and ozone friendly. CLEAN-UP PLUSstarts working immediately on contact, breaking down and dissolving even the most stubborn contaminants without the use offluorinated, chlorinated or SARA listed ingredients. CLEAN-UP PLUS slowly evaporates while cleaning and leaves a residuefreesurface. Safe on all metals and most plastics. High 29KV dielectric strength makes CLEAN-UP PLUS an excellent choicefor cleaning.JET-LUBE 5000 is a water based cleaner/degreaser that uniquely combines nonhazardous cleaning agents with newlydeveloped emulsifying technology to provide a product that can effectively remove carbon, grease, oil and other organicdeposits while being both environmentally safe and ozone friendly. JET-LUBE 5000 is tomorrow's answer to today's cleaningproblems-totally effective, yet safe for our environment and atmosphere. Use full strength for maximum results in shortest timeor dilute with fresh or saltwater. JET-LUBE 5000 contains no1.1.1 Trichloroethane, Fluorocarbons or SARA listed ingredientsand is free of acids, alkalies, chlorides, ethylene glycol ethers, phosphates or TTO's (Total Toxic Organic Compounds). JET-LUBE 5000 is the safest and most effective cleaner/degreaser available. It can be used for heavy-duty parts degreasing,pressure washing, steam cleaning, ultra-sound cleaning or simply by brushing or spraying and then rinsing with water or wipingclean. Safe on all metals, most plastics, vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, carpet, wood and concrete.EASY-CLEAN ®RIG WASHConcentratedDetergent Powder3051940 lbEASY-CLEAN is a highly concentrated and biodegradable powdered detergent specially formulated to meet the equipmentcleaning needs of industrial, offshore, mining and heavy industry. A powerful, yet gentle detergent, EASY-CLEAN emulsifiesand solubilizes oil and greasy grime so that dirt and emulsion can be quickly washed away with water, leaving a clean surfacewith no residue. It removes dirt, oil and grime from equipment, floors and clothes. EASY-CLEAN is easy to use and will notharm painted surfaces or rubber. The low alkalinity of the formulation makes EASY-CLEAN ideal for washing clothes andcleaning hands quickly and effectively. May be used with either fresh or saltwater. A solvent such as kerosene or diesel fuelmay be added for extra cleaning power. Suitable for use as a steam cleaning compound. Caustic, abrasive and residue-free,concentrated, and economical to use.13 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

AnaerobicsTHREADLOCKERSTL-22 Removable Screwlock - Vibration proofing, low removaltorque compound for small fasteners (less than 1 /4”)requiring future adjustment or removal.TL-42 Removable Nutlock - Medium strength, generalpurpose threadlocker, which after curing is removablewith hand tools. Typical uses include coupling drivebolts, motor mounting bolts, construction equipmentnuts, and conveyor roller nuts.TL-71 Permanent Studlock - Chemically resistant, permanentthreadlocker/sealant. For use on bolts and studs upto 1” in diameter. Resists fuels, lubricants, and mostindustrial liquids and gases helping to prevent leakageand corrosion.TL-72 High Temperature Studlock - Permanent threadlocker/sealant resistant to temperatures up to 450˚F (230˚C).Gap filling formulation for larger diameter, coarsethreaded parts. For use on furnace mounting bolts,steel mill conveyor bolts, kiln and oven bolts.TL-77 Heavy Duty Permanent Threadlocker - High strength,high viscosity, permanent threadlocker/sealant forfasteners over 1” (25mm) in diameter. Ideal for largecoarse threaded studs, large gap or sloppy fitting parts.TL-90 Wicking Adhesive & Sealant - Low viscosity, penetratingadhesive /sealant. This low viscosity compound canpenetrate the smallest voids in assembled components.Once cured in place, a positive lock is formed helpingto prevent leakage.RETAINING COMPOUNDSRT-80 Maximum Strength Retainer - High viscosity, singlecomponent anaerobic resin designed for bonding rigidassemblies of all types. Excellent for locking bearings,keys, and splines, preventing spin and backlash.SEALANTSHP-45 High Pressure Sealant - Fast curing anaerobic sealantfor hydraulic and pneumatic fittings up to 2” in diameter.Resists water, most solvents, vibration loosening andpressures to 10,000 psi.PS-67PS-92Instant Pipe Sealant - High viscosity, fast curing paste.Provides immediate resistance to pressures up to 100psi and 10,000 psi when fully cured. Use on pressurevessels, air compressors, hydraulic systems, tanks, etc.High Temp Pipe Sealant - High viscosity, slow curingsealant containing PTFE. The solids contained in thissealant allow up to 150 psi immediate pressurization.The slow cure system allows for realignment of partsup to 24 hours from application.CYANOACRYLATESEC-100 Instant Super Glue - Medium viscosity, general purposesuper glue. Suitable for a variety of bondingapplications, but perfect for bonding rubber and plasticsto themselves or various combinations. Recommendedfor use on small gaps or relatively smooth surfaces.EC-GEL Instant Super Glue - Thixotropic gel formulation formaximum gap filling. Can be applied to vertical andporous surfaces. Will not migrate, run, or slump out ofbonding surfaces. Fills gaps up to .01” (.25mm).SIZES & PRODUCT CODES ARE AVAILABLE ON PAGES 28-29*EPOXIESRES-3 Kwik-Fix Rapid Epoxy - General purpose, rapidcuring epoxy. Fast cure formulation sets in 4-5 minutesand forms a permanent bond in 24 hours.EPOXIESJET-LOK ® II2-part metal filled epoxy for downhole drillingtools and restoring metal surfaces. Can bedrilled or tapped.14 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

AnaerobicsAppearanceGap FillChemical TypeViscosity cPsShear StrengthTemp Range˚F˚CFixture TimeFull CurePackagingEC-100Clear.006”/.15mmEthyl1003000 psi-65 to 180-54 to 8215 seconds24 hours.34, 1 oz.EC-GELClear.01”/.25mmEthylThixo Gel3000 psi-65 to 180-54 to 8245 seconds24 hours3, 20 gmRES-03StrawEpoxy15,0007800 psi5 min.24 hours1 oz.AppearanceGap Fill (Primed)Viscosity cPsMax. PressureTemp Range˚F˚CCure Time(Primed)PackagingHP-45Purple14,00010,000-65 to 300-55 to 1504 hours50 mlPS-67White550,00010,000 psi-65 to 300-55 to 1504 hours50 mlPS-92White350,00010,000 psi-65 to 400-55 to 20024 hours50 mlAppearanceGap Fill (Primed)Viscosity cPsTorque BreakPrevail (in.lbs.)*Temp Range˚F˚CFixture TimeFull CurePackagingTL-22Purple.005”/.1mm1200-1500100-20030-60-65 to 300-55 to 15015 minutes24 hours10, 50 mlTL-42Blue.005”/.1mm1200-5000100-20030-60-65 to 300-55 to 15015 minutes24 hours10, 50 mlTL-71Red.007”/.15mm450-550200-300250-350-65 to 300-55 to 15015 minutes24 hours10, 50 mlAppearanceGap FillViscosity cPsShear StrengthTemp Range˚F˚CFixture TimeFull CurePackagingRT-80Green.015”/.4mm1250-22003500-4600 psi-65 to 300-55 to 15010-30 minutes24 hours50 mlAppearanceGap Fill (Primed)Viscosity cPsTorque BreakPrevail (in.lbs.)*Temp Range˚F˚CFixture TimeFull CurePackaging*3/8”-16 Nuts & BoltsTL-72Red.007”/.15mm7000180-27020-30-65 to 450-55 to 23015 minutes24 hours50 mlTL-77Red.01”/.25mm6000-8000250-350200-300-65 to 300-55 to 15015 minutes24 hours10, 50 mlTL-90Green.004”/.1mm10-25200-100200-350-65 to 400-55 to 20015 minutes24 hours10, 50 mlSIZES & PRODUCT CODES ARE AVAILABLE ON PAGES 28-29*ProductTL-22TL-42TL-71TL-77TL-90RT-09EC-100EC-1500MC-100MIL SPEC#MIL-S-46163AMIL-S-46163AMIL-S-22473EMIL-S-46163AMIL-S-46163AMIL-S-22473EMIL-S-46163AMIL-S-22473MIL-S-46082BMIL-S-56050CMIL-S-56050CMIL-S-56050CGradeMNCVVKLAVVRAAN/AClass 2Class 3Class 2TypeIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII15 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

NSF (USDA ) RegisteredJET-LUBE manufactures a complete line of productsthat are NSF Registered for use in Federally InspectedMeat and Poultry Plants. Those products designed as“H-1 Authorized” are suitable for use where incidentalfood contact may occur and H-2 for lubricantsacceptable in non contact areas: JET-LUBE FoodGrade Products are used daily in a multitude of foodprocessing and related applications. JET-LUBE willprovide, upon request, NSF Registered letters on anyapplicable product. Available packaging ranges fromaerosol and brush top cans, spray bottles to one, five,fifteen and fifty gallon bulk containers.WHITE KNIGHT Food Grade Anti-Seize16402 1/2 lb BT16404 1 lb BT16423 1 gal16415 5 gal30150 14oz cart.30105 1 lb PT30116 5 gal30124 15 gal70550 14oz cart.70523 5 lb pail70516 5 gal70529 50 gal39541 aerosol39543 16oz trigger39533 1 gal39535 5 galFOOD GRADE PRODUCTSA premium anti-seize compound developed for use in applications where incidental contact is possible.WHITE KNIGHT, an aluminumcomplex based anti-seize, protects metal parts from seizure, galling,rust, corrosion and heat freeze bytenaciouslyadhering to all metal surfaces. Lead and metal free, nonstaining,water resistant, odorless, tasteless. Color - White. May be used with potable water.Service Rating:0°F to 400°F(-18°C to 204°C)NSF (H-1) Reg.FMG Food MachineryGreaseAn aluminum complex grease which is extremelyresistant to water; with Polymer additives foradhesive/cohesive strength, and anti-wear additives for metal-to-metal protection. FMG contains abacteriostatic agent to retard bacteria and fungus growth. Recommended for the lubrication of roller,needle, ball, journal and sliding bearings. Color - White. NLGI grade 2.Service Rating:0°F to 400°F(-18°C to 204°C)NSF (H-1) Reg.CC LUBE Synthetic LubricantA multi-purpose synthetic, long-lasting lubricant of unequalled quality and performance. CC LUBE isclear, clean, colorless, nonstaining, nondrying, odorless and unsurpassed in reducing friction,extending machine and equipment life and preventing the formation of rust and corrosion.NLGI Grade 2, but also other grades upon request.Service Rating:0°F to 400°F(-18°C to 204°C)NSF (H-1) Reg.MAGICWRENCH ®Super PenetrantMAGIC WRENCH is a USDA H-1 approved premium, synthetic product that may be used as a lightmachine oil, penetrating oil or rust preventative. Penetrates fast, is ozone safe, non-evaporative and isnon-flammable. Excellent for both food grade and non-food grade applications.Service Rating:-60˚F to 350˚F(-51˚C to 177˚C)NSF (H-1) Reg.Service Rating:-70˚F to 500˚F(-59˚C to 260˚C)NSF (H-1) Reg.FOOD GRADESILICONEAerosol50641 12oz aerosolAerosol spraystops sticking, squeaking and binding of moving parts, Will not gum or form unwantedresidues. Leaves a clear film that is moisture resistant, long wearing, odorless, colorless, nontoxic andnonstaining. Will not melt, freeze or become rancid. Use on equipment such as chutes, guides,conveyors, bottling machinery, slicers, ovens, freezers, knives, saws, etc.EMS Water Base FoodGrade Silicone52543 16oz trigger52533 1 gal52535 5 gal52525 50 galAn emulsified, multi-purpose product that lubricates, water-proofs and protects while being odorless,tasteless and non-staining. Stops sticking, squeaking and binding of moving parts. Provides a longwearing, clear film which will not melt or become rancid. Contains twice the silicone content found inaerosol products. Recommended for use on conveyors, guides, roller chains, racks, bakeryequipment, cookers and in packaging applications.Service Rating:-25˚F to 500˚F(-32˚C to 260˚C)NSF (H-1) Reg.769 LUBRICANT®PenetrantZ-PLATE Cold GalvanizedSpray37342 12oz aerosol37343 16oz trigger27533 1 gal27535 5 gal60541 12 3 / 4 ozaerosolMulti-purpose product that lubricates, penetrates, removes moisture and prevents rust and corrosion.Unequalled for use in harsh environments. Product is chemicallystable, nonflammable andnonevaporative, Aerosol uses safe CO 2 propellant. Color - Amber.Fights rust and corrosion with galvanic action equal to that of hot-dip galvanizing with the convenienceof on-the-job aerosol application. Z-PLATE is not a paint, but a 95% pure zinc compound whichpermanentlybonds with the base metal to form a tough, durable and flexible coating for long-termprotection with minimum surface preparation.Service Rating:-40˚F to 175˚F(-10˚C to 79˚C)NSF (H-1) Reg.MIL-PRF-26915D16 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

NSF (USDA ) RegisteredWHITE LITHIUMGREASECold Galvanized Spray50350 cart.50305 1 lb50306 1 gal50341 aerosol50316 galFOOD GRADE PRODUCTSA premium all-purpose grease which provides superior performance and protection for metal andmoving parts under anyuse. Penetrates and forms a long-lasting protective film to withstand heavyloads and high speeds, prevents rust and corrosion, eliminates squeaks and squeals and will not runor wash away.Service Rating:-0˚F to 370˚F(-18˚C to 188˚C)NSF (H-2) Reg.RENEW Belt Dressing50941 12ozaerosolDry, tacky film increases traction while permitting decreased belt tension for longer belt life. Willincrease power up to 50%. RENEW is resistant to water wash-off and performs effectivelyunder wetconditions. RENEW removes residual build-up and will not glaze or collect dirt. Maybe applied whilebelts are in operation. Excellent for use on flat, round and V-style belts.NSF (P-1) Reg.WRL TMWire Rope LubricantV-2 ®PTFE Thread SealantTERMINAL Electrical ContactCleaner34041 aerosol34010 1 gal34020 5 gal34029 50 gal35555 1/4 pt35502 1/2 pt35504 1 pt60041 12 1 / 2 ozaerosolProvides a nondrying, nontacky film on the outside of the wire rope to protect outer strands fromcorrosion while penetrating rope core to ensure internal strand lubrication when bending, flexing, etc.Extends wire rope life and productivity. Suitable for both drip and spray systems.Soft setting, non-petroleum based thread sealant for use with potable water, liquids, refrigerants,steam, etc., where immediate pressurization is desirable. V-2 is a water resistant, nonstaining, lowodor sealant which is nontoxic and environmentallysafe. Contains no lead or metals. Use wherever ahigh quality sealant is required.Formulated to clean electrical and electronic components and equipment quickly, economically andsafelywithout the use of environmental or ozone damaging CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbons). TERMINALis safe for use on all rubber, paint, metal, most plastics, glass and fabric surfaces. High 28KV dielectricstrength. Nonflammable, nontoxic.Service Rating:-40˚F to 175˚F(-40˚C to 49˚C)NSF (H-2) Reg.NSF (P-1) Reg.121265NSF (K-2) Reg.JET-LUBE ® 5000 Water BasedCleaner/Degreaser71043 16oz trigger71033 1 gal71035 5 gal71029 50 galContains no 1.1.1 Trichloroethane or SARA listed ingredients. Maybe used for heavy-dutypartsdegreasing, pressure washing,steam cleaning, ultrasound or bybrushing or spraying. Use full strengthor dilute where applicable. Safe on all metals and most plastics.NSF (B2–C-1)Reg.CLEAN-UPPLUS Water BasedCleaner/Degreaser72542 15oz aerosol72535 5 gal73529 50 galSpeciallyformulated blend of safe organic solvents in a convenient aerosol container with CO 2propellant. Designed to quicklydissolve and rinse awaydirt, grease, tar, etc., while beingenvironmentally and ozone safe. No 1.1.1 Trichloroethane. Safe 29KV dielectric strength.NSF (C-1) Reg.CLEAN-UP Safety SolventDegreaser61542 18oz aerosol61533 1 gal61535 5 galNonflammable blend of industrial grade chlorinated solvents. Excellent for rapidlydissolving grease,oil, wax, paint, grime, dirt, etc., from a broad spectrum of surfaces. Residue free, low odor cleaner hasa 29KV dielectric strength. Contains no 1.1.1 Trichloroethane.NSF (K-1)17 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Aviation Ground MaintenanceGOVERNMENT/MILITARY PRODUCT REFERENCE CHARTMIL SPEC NATO CODE NSN* PRODUCT NAMEConforms to McDonald DouglasCSD #1 Boeing D6-17487, Rev. 3Lear Jet LAS 1239Conforms to Boeing D6-17487,Rev. 3 McDonald Douglas CSD #1AMS 1526 Rev. BCLEANERSGREASESXG 261PS TERMINAL TMJET-LUBE 5000 TMDESCRIPTIONPlastic Safe ContactCleanerBiodegradable Cleaner/DegreaserMIL-G-18458B (SH)MIL-G-3545CG394/XG315S-722G-4609150-99-225-31339150-99-944-0603 (1qt)9150-99-224-9249 (500g)9150-99-224-8885 (3kg)9150-00-530-6814 (35lb)JET-LUBE #33 TMCHUCK GREASEALCO-EP-73PLUS TMAP-1 TM /AP-5 TMGrease, SiliconeAnti-Seize, MoS 2EP GreaseHi-Temp Bentone GreaseMIL-G-25537CMIL-10924DSAE-AMS-G-4343 (S/S MIL-S-4343C)MIL-PRF-10924GMIL-PRF-23827CMIL-PRF-24139AMIL-PRF-81322FMIL-G-25537CMIL-PRF-23586FFSAE-AS8660 (S/S MIL-T-8660C)* National Stock Number** Inactive - New Specification ForthcomingS/S SupersedesG366G403G392G354G403G354G450G395G366S-7369150-99-224-8885 (qt)9150-00-269-8255 (1qt)9150-99-224-1861(27lb)9150-01-197-7688 (tube)9150-12-125-9124 (tube)9150-00-985-7246 (qt)9150-00-180-6381(qt)9150-99-224-1797 (tube)9150-00-145-0268 (1gal)9150-00-944-8953 (1qt)9150-99-513-5131 (27lb)9150-99-943-9321 (tube)9150-99-224-7907 (3kg)9150-99-220-2421(50g tube)9150-99-244-8408 (1kg)Military Cage:OA307ARTIC TMCC-LUBE TMHi SpecSILICONE DM-3 TMLow Temp GreaseSynthetic GreaseSynthetic GreaseSilicone Grease18 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Aviation Ground MaintenanceANTISEIZELUBRICANTSGOVERNMENT/MILITARY PRODUCT REFERENCE CHARTMIL SPEC NATO CODE NSN* PRODUCT NAMEMIL-PRF-907EMIL-PRF-907EMIL-PRF-907EMIL-PRF-907EMIL-T-5544CA-A-59313 (S/S MIL-T-22361 (WEP))MIL-PRF-83483C (USAF)FED SPEC TT-S-1732A-A-58092 (S/S MIL-T-27730A (ASG))Conforms to GE Spec D6Y 6AZA-A-50493(S/S FED SPECVV-P-216C)MIL-C-81309E Type IIMIL-PRF-372DMIL-PRF-26915D (USAF)A-A-59295 (S/S MIL-PRF-62218B)MIL-PRF-16173E GRADE 1&2MIL-C-831309 (S/S MIL-C-23411A)MIL-PRF-16173E Grade 3ZX-13S-716S-1736ZX-54C620C632769 LUBRICANT ® Rust Inhibitor/CoatingDESCRIPTION8030-01-239-87038030-00-180-6315KOPR-KOTE ®SS-30 TMAnti-Seize CompoundAnti-Seize Compound8030-01-286-95368030-00-251-3980 (1lb)NIKAL ®550 T®Anti-Seize CompoundAnti-Seize Compound8030-01-044-5034 (1lb) Graphite Petrolatum Anti-Seize Compound8030-00-292-11028030-00-087-8630 (1lb)8030-00-209-8005 ( 1 / 2 lb)8030-00-201-0996(1pt)8030-00-515-2251(1qt)8030-00-889-3535 ( 1 / 2 ’’)8030-00-292-11029150-00-261-789 (1pt)8030-99-923-1633(400ml)8030-00-181-7603 (35qt)8030-00-244-1297 (1gal)8030-00-062-6950 (1qt)Zinc PetrolatumMoly PetrolatumV-2 ® /TFW TMPETRO-TAPE TMZinc Petroleum769 LUBRICANT ®Z-PLATE TMRUST-GUARD TM769 LUBRICANT ®Anti-Seize CompoundAnti-Seize CompoundThread Sealant (Paste)Thread Sealant (Tape)Anti-Seize CompoundPenetrant/CoatingCold Galvanizing/CoatingRust Inhibitor/CoatingPenetrant LubricantANAEROBICSGOVERNMENT/MILITARY PRODUCT REFERENCE CHARTMIL SPEC NATO CODE NSN* PRODUCT NAMEMIL-S-46163A**Type II Grade MMIL-S-46163A**Type II Grade NMIL-S-22473E, CCVMIL-S-46163A**Type I Grade KMIL-S-46163A**Type III Grade RMIL-S-22473E, AA* National Stock Number** Inactive - New Specification ForthcomingS/S Supersedes8030-00-181-7603 (50ml)Military Cage:OA307TL-22TL-42TL-71TL-90RL-80DESCRIPTIONRemovable, Small Screw lockRemovable, Nut Lock,Gen. PurposeChemical Resistant,ThreadlockWicking Adhesive & SealantHigh Strength Retainer19 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Marine ProductsJET-LUBE Marine Grade products are manufacturedto the most exacting naval standards demanded forengine room and deck services on ships spanningthe globe. Specify and ask for the best – JET-LUBEMarine Grade products are formulated and blendedexclusively in our ISO-9001 CERTIFIEDmanufacturing facilities in Houston for distributionby leading Ship Chandlers and Marine Suppliesaround the world.JET-LUBE Marine Grade products areunsurpassed in performance, quality and economy.MARINE PRODUCTSMARINE KOPR Copper Anti-SeizePaste09702 1/2 lb BT09704 1 lb BTMARINE KOPR Copper Anti-Seize Compound is manufactured to exacting Marine specifications and containsmicro-sized copper flake and graphite in a highlywater-resistant aluminum complex base grease. MARINEKOPR is fortified with anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors to ensure extra protection in extreme marineconditions. MARINE KOPR is recommended on all marine threaded and flanged connections to prevent galling,seizure and heat welding, and to reduce torque requirements. Prevents rust and corrosion over broadtemperature ranges.Service Rating:Bulk-65°F to 1800°F(-54°C to 982°C)MARINE MOLY MolybdenumDisulfide Paste65005 1lb PT65041 aerosolMARINE MOLY is a specially formulated molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2 ) Marine lubricating paste that provides alow friction shield by "plating" to metal surfaces to reduce bearing temperature, protect working parts, preventgalling and heat freeze. Verytenacious, it maybe applied bybrush or spatula to hot surfaces without running ordripping off, or byusing an aerosol container. MARINE MOLY is extremelyresistant to water, withstands extremeweather elements and helps prevent corrosion on metal exposed to water, steam, salt spray, etc. MARINE MOLYhas a 300,000 psi film strength.Service Rating:Bulk-300°F to 750°F(-149°C to 399°C)MARINE MP Multi-PurposeGrease63050 cart.63016 5 gal63024 15 gal63029 50 galMARINE MP Multi-Purpose Grease is a lithium soap grease that is ideal for a multitude of "on-board"applications where both economy and performance are important. This smooth, butter grease has an operatingtemperature range of 0°F to 325°F to provide "single grease" use for a variety of applications. MARINE MP Multi-Purpose Grease is water resistant, highly tenacious, and has excellent resistance to the effects of salt spray,heat, water, oxidation and other adverse conditions common to marine usage. As a result, this product will lowermaintenance costs and simplify inventory while providing excellent performance. NLGI Grade 2. Color - Purple.Service Rating:Bulk-300°F to 750°F(-149°C to 399°C)MARINE WIREROPE ANDHAWSERGREASE 34516 5 gal34524 15 gal34529 50 galMARINE WIRE ROPE AND HAWSER GREASE is an economical, high performance lubricant for wire rope,hawser and related applications requiring a water resistant, tenacious product that resists salt water spray,oxidation, humidity and other conditions conducive to Marine applications. Color - White-Beige. NLGI Grade 2.Meets MIL-G-18458B.Service Rating:0°F to325°F(-18°C to 163°C)MARINE WRL Wire RopeLubricant66010 1 gal66020 5 gal66024 15 gal66029 50 galMARINE WRL is a premium wire rope lubricant that penetrates to the core of the wire rope and coats the innerstrands to prevent friction and wear. This results in longer rope life, less downtime for rope changes andincreased productivity. MARINE WRL also provides a nondrying, nontacky film on the outside of the wire rope,which protects outer strands from corrosion, as well as lubricating the wire rope drums and sheaves. MARINEWRL maybe applied byspraying, brushing or automatic lube system. It is pumpable at temperatures as low as-25°F(-32°C), and its nondrying film remains flexible in most extreme weather conditions, which eliminates flakingand peeling. Color - Amber.Service Rating:-25˚F to 350˚F(-32˚C to 175˚C)SHEEN-FREE EnvironmentallySafe Wire RopeLubricant33720 5 gal33724 15 gal33729 50 galJET-LUBE SHEEN FREE's protective film is a nonhazardous, biodegradable, nonsheening preservative andlubricant ideal for the marine industry. The protective film cures to a soft, flexible, tack-free film that resists thebuildup of dust and dirt that cause friction and wear within the wire's core. The translucent, amber color of thisproduct reduces the housekeeping or custodial efforts over the old asphaltic, black oil type lubricants. JET-LUBESHEEN-FREE is ideal for standing rigging where a water resistant coating is necessary, and for running riggingwhere the performance is a must. It is also recommended for bright/black wire, stainless steel and galvanizedcables for mooring and lashing applications.Service Rating:-30˚F to 400˚F(-28˚C to 204˚C)20 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Water Well & HDD DrillingJET-LUBE Waterwell and Environmental DrillingProducts have long been recognized as the industrystandard. Whether the products are specialtylubricants, thread compounds and sealants usedon drill pipe collars, stabs, subs, wire and cable orthose products used on pumps, compressors, potablewater connections, etc., JET-LUBE products havebeen “tested tough” on rigs and job sites all over theworld for almost half a century.JET-LUBE has long been a member and activesupporter of the NATIONAL GROUND WATERASSOCIATION and will always endeavor to bringto market only those products that protect our mostprecious of natural resources–water.*KOPR-KOTE ®Premium Drill PipeCompoundNSF REGJET-LUBE 21 ®Drill PipeCompound10050 cart.10023 1 gal10012 2 gal10015 5 gal10923 1 gal10912 2 gal10915 5 galJET-LUBE's patented, heavy-duty, environmentally preferred drill pipe compound provides maximumprotection against galling, seizing and downhole make up under even the most challenging of drillingconditions. KOPR-KOTE contains copper flake, graphite, CZ-EX ® (JET-LUBE's extreme pressureadditive) and rust and corrosion inhibitors in a water resistant aluminum complex grease carrier. KOPR-KOTE is formulated to prevent excessive circumferential make up and assure full hydraulic efficiency.KOPR-KOTE contains no lead, zinc, PTFE or other materials, which may be affected by elevatedtemperatures. KOPR-KOTE is unequalled in providing thread protection in demanding environments.Formulated and blended from the same ingredients as KOPR-KOTE, JET-LUBE 21 is specifically forintermediate drilling conditions in softer formations. Environmentally safe, lead-free product can beused throughout the entire drill string "from the swivel to the bit"-on drill collars, tool joints, etc. JET-LUBE 21 is a medium priced compound and the professional product choice for all intermediate leveldrilling applications.JLS ®11923 1 gal JET-LUBE's most economical drill pipe compound. Designed from the same materials as KOPR-(JET-LUBE SPECIAL)11912 2 galKOTE and JET-LUBE 21 for use in light to medium drilling conditions in sandyformations. ExcellentDrill Pipefor use where a lighter dutydrill pipe compound will provide adequate protection and performance.11915 5 galCompoundLead-free and environmentally safe. 20423 1 galZ-50Z-50 contains 50% metallic zinc with special additives to provide maximum protection of tool joint20413 2 1 / 2 gal threads. Excellent for horizontal drilling and mining. Resists water wash off and prevents rust andZinc Compound20415 5 gal corrosion.J-75 ®24823 1 gal Environmentallypreferred, lead-free compounds specificallydesigned for percussion drilling. Bothformulations are highlyfortified to provide excellent resistance to shock, galling and seizure. Their antifrictionproperties are unsurpassed while providing easythread assemblyand disassembly. UnderJ-75 ® 24812 2 gal24815 5 galmake-up pressure both J-75 and J-89 literally"plate" and form a tenacious armored coating that& J-89eliminates metal-to-metal contact while penetrating voids, surface imperfections, and score marks toDrill SteelJ-89 TM increase thread life on steel bits, joints and couplings. J-75 (Brushable) and J-89 (Pumpable) DrillLubricantsSteel Lubricants will not run out or melt out of hot threads. Both products will reduce thread wear and24423 1 gallengthen steel and coupling life. J-75 and J-89 Drill Steel Lubricants are recommended for percussion24412 2 galrock drilling, road construction, logging, mining, coal drilling, pneumatic and tract drilling.24415 5 galKOV'R-KOTE ® 13923 1 galKOV'R-KOTE ® is recommended for drill string connections when a non-metallic product is desired in13913 2Non-Metallic Drill1 / 2 gal water well and environmental drilling. It is also suitable for percussion rock drilling, blast hole drilling,Pipe Compound13915 5 gal road construction, logging, mining and pneumatic and tract drilling.Service Rating0˚F to 450˚F(-18˚C to 232˚C)Service Rating0˚F to 450˚F(-18˚C to 232˚C)Service Rating0˚F to 450˚F(-18˚C to 232˚C)Service Rating0˚F to 385˚F(-18˚C to 196˚C)Service Rating0˚F to 450˚F(-18˚C to 232˚C)Service Rating0˚F to 450˚F(-18˚C to 232˚C)* KOPR-KOTE® is NSF Registered. Reg No. 12092321 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Water Well & HDD DrillingMONITOR WELLWELL-GUARD ®Synthetic DrillCompoundRD-NSynthetic Rock DrillOilDOPE BRUSHESTAPER - BEVELPITLESS ADAPTERLUBEWRLWire RopeLubricantCLEAN-UPSolventCleaner/DegreaserTOP-GUNWasp and HornetKiller18572 1 pt18523 1 gal18515 5 gal18033 1 gal18035 5 gal18031 50 gal03000 taper03500 bevelHigh performance thread compound designed for monitor well and environmentallysensitive drillingapplications requiring use of a petroleum hydrocarbon-free product. WELL-GUARD providesmaximum protection against galling, seizing and damage to threads while maintaining the integrityofmonitor well and core samplings. Test data on request.Premium synthetic rock drill oil for use in monitor well and environmentally sensitive applicationswhere the use of a petroleum hydrocarbon-free product is necessitated. RD-N provides lubrication forall makes of pneumatic tools and prevents premature wear on hammer bits. RD-N exceeds all currentEPA guidelines. ISO 100/SAE 30. Maybe used as a wire rope lubricant or hydraulic oil wherepetroleum-based products are not permitted. Test results on request.ACCESSORIESThread compound dope brushes, taper or bevel styles, 1 1/8" x 16" and 4" x 3". Can be used in 1, 2-1/2 or 5 gallon pails.71741 12 oz aerosol Preservative designed to aid in installation of pitless adapters. NSF H-1 Registered.preventative contains anti-bacterial/anti-fungal additive.34041 12 oz aerosol34010 1 gal34029 50 gal61542 18 oz aerosol61533 1 gal61535 5 gal51541 14 oz aerosolCorrosionNSF (H-2) Registered non-drying film penetrates to the rope core for long-term protection. May beapplied by spraying, pouring or with automatic lube system. Pumpable to -25°F(-32°C).Heavydutycleaner/degreaser. Fast working, non-flammable, residue free product formulated with anozone friendlychlorinated solvent. 29KV dielectric strength product.EPA Registered new formula kills wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and bees on contact from up to 15-20feet. Instant knockdown. Non-conductive 35KV formula provides total protection.Service Rating:-10°F to 400°F(-23°C to 204°C)Service Rating:(pour point):430˚F (221˚C)Service Rating:-40˚F to 400˚F(-40˚C to 204˚C)Service Rating:-25˚F to 350˚F(-32˚C to 175˚C)22 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

OIlfield ProductsDRILL COLLAR AND TOOL JOINT COMPOUNDKOPR-KOTE ®Drill Collar andTool JointCompoundService Rating:0°F to 450°F(-18°C to 232°C)KOPR-KOTE is the premier copper tool joint and drill collar compound bywhich all other compounds are compared/judged. High film strength andanti-gall properties coupled with high dynamic coefficient of friction help toprevent excessive downhole makeup.APPLICATIONS:All drilling applications including horizontal or otherhigh angle, heavy weight or high rotary table speedconditions.JET-LUBE 21 ®Tool JointCompoundService Rating:0°F to 450°F(-18°C to 232°C)JET-LUBE 21 is similar to KOPR-KOTE, but scaled down slightlyto allowgreater economic savings while providing a high dynamic coefficient offriction. Also utilizes a waterproof adhesive high melting aluminumcomplex grease base for long-lasting performance.APPLICATIONS:Tool joints in nearly all drilling conditions and drillcollar applications that are less severe than forKOPR-KOTE.POW'R-KOTE ®Tool JointCompoundService Rating:0°F to 450°F(-18°C to 232°C)KOV'R-KOTE ®Tool JointCompoundService Rating:0°F to 450°F(-18°C to 232°C)APPLICATIONS:POW'R-KOTE was designed as a metal free alternative to providecomparable performance to JET-LUBE's KOPR-KOTE. POW'R-KOTE Passes California Title 22. Forall drill stringutilizes a patented formula of graphite and other nonmetallic, components in any service.environmentally acceptable ingredients.KOV'R-KOTE was designed with the same patented blend of nonmetallic,environmentallyfriendlysolids and polymeric additives that are in POW'R-KOTE, but at altered ratios to produce frictional properties close to the50% zinc tool joint compounds. It is also a good sealant for OCTGconnections with a 10% increase in torques.APPLICATIONS:Passes California Title 22. Can be utilized on tooljoints for all drilling conditions and on collars inapplications less severe than KOPR-KOTE.Environmentally Acceptable SealantsENVIRO-SAFE ®Anti-Seize Thread SealantService Rating:0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C)Pressures to 10,000 psiDESCRIPTION: ENVIRO-SAFE is a high pressure sealant and antiseizecompound designed as a lead free, zinc free alternatefor API-MODIFIED and API-SILICONE. ENVIRO-SAFE sticks to wetor oily threads, and its high film strength prevents wear, gallingand seizure.APPLICATIONS: ENVIRO-SAFE is recommended for useon premium design casing, tubing, line pipe, flow linesand tank battery installations, and is designed to protectpipe during long-term storage.RUN-N-SEAL ®Metal Free Thread SealantService Rating:0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F(232˚C)DESCRIPTION: RUN-N-SEAL is a high pressure thread sealingcompound that is a metal free alternative for API-MODIFIED.The compound contains graphite and other nonmetallic, inorganic,anti-wear additives that are blended into a high quality aluminumcomplex base grease.APPLICATIONS: RUN-N-SEAL is recommended for use oncasing, tubing, line pipe, flow lines, sub-surface productiontools, and tank battery installation. RUN-N-SEAL will lubricate,seal and protect threaded connections of oilfield tubulargoods on makeup, in service and in storage.RUST-GUARD TMStorage CompoundService Rating:-20˚F (-30˚C) to 280˚F(138˚C)DESCRIPTION: RUST-GUARD is a unique specialty compoundspecifically formulated to provide extended, long-term protectionfor all metal surfaces from moisture, oxidation and corrosion.RUST-GUARD is recommended for use in all climactic environments.It is environmentally safe and contains no metallic solids.APPLICATIONS: Provides unequaled, long-term corrosionprotection even under the most severe climacticenvironments. Laboratory salt spray tests (ASTM B-117)show no rust or corrosion after 500 hours in a 20%salt solution.TF-15 ®Thread SealantService Rating:Temperature to 600˚F (315˚C)Pressures to 10,000 psiKOL’R-KING ®Drill Collar CompoundService Rating:0˚F (-18˚C) to 280˚F (138˚C)DESCRIPTION: TF-15 assures tight makeup at low torques, allows foreasy breakout without seizing, stripping, or galling. It provides apermanent seal and maintains joint efficiency under vibration andcyclic loading.Specialty Products Requiring Lead and Zinc ContentDESCRIPTION: KOL’R-KING Drill Collar Compound contains60% pure metallic lead along with CZ-EX˚ (JET-LUBE’s extremepressure additive).APPLICATIONS: TF-15 is recommended for use as a sealanton fiberglass tubing and casing threads. It is particularlyuseful in areas subject to H 2 S and salt water and inapplications subject to vibration, pressure surge andtemperature fluctuations.APPLICATIONS: KOL’R-KING is formulated specifically foruse on drill collars to withstand shock and extremepressure, prevent galling and seizure, and to prolongthread life. KOL’R-KING provides the protection necessaryfor difficult drilling conditions where high pressure,temperature, shock or vibration present problems.Z-40 TM , Z-50 TM , Z-60 TMTool Joint CompoundsService Rating:0˚F (-18˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C)DESCRIPTION: Z-40, Z-50 and Z-60 Tool Joint Compounds all containprime grade zinc dust and are formulated to contain 40%, 50%and 60% metallic zinc.APPLICATIONS: Z-40, Z-50 and Z-60 are designed to providemaximum protection of tool joint threads over a widevariety of service conditions, and ensure consistent rigfloor makeup and resistance to further makeup downhole.API-MODIFIEDThread CompoundService Rating:0˚F (-18˚C) to 280˚F (138˚C)DESCRIPTION: API-MODIFIED is a high pressure thread compound thatconforms to and exceeds the requirements of API Bulletin 5A2 andR.P.5A3. API-MODIFIED seals and withstands pressures to 10,000psi, resists wash-off and will not harden or dry.APPLICATIONS: API-MODIFIED is specially formulated tolubricate, seal and protect the threaded connectionsof oil country tubular goods on makeup, in service, andin storage.23 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Valve ProductsGate Valve ProductsProduct Applications Operating RangeEZY-TURN ® #2Gate Valve SealantEZY-TURN ® #4Gate‘Valve SealantEZY-TURN ® H2SGate Valve SealantEZY-TURN ® POLARGate Valve SealantEZY-TURN ® #3 ARCTICEZY-TURN ®Body FillPlug Valve ProductsAll-purpose sealant for oilfield applications. Resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons.Suitable for use in all lubricated gate valves.All-purpose sealant for oilfield applications that can be used to -40˚C. Resistantto aliphatic hydrocarbons.A thick, tacky sealant designed for oilfield applications where hydrogen sulfideis encountered. For low temperature use EZY-TURN POLAR.Synthetic based grease for use in arctic conditions where hydrogen sulfide ispresent. Resistant to both water and hydrogen sulfide.Synthetic near elastomer base provides widest temperature range with serviceresistance to most solvents, H 2 S and CO 2 . Most universal valve sealant.Petroleum-based grease for body fill applications in gate valves.0˚F to 450˚F(-18˚C to 230˚C)0˚F to 500˚F(-40˚C to 260˚C)0˚F to 400˚F(-18˚C to 204˚C)-75˚F to 250˚F(-59˚C to 121˚C)-70˚F to 500˚F(-57˚C to 260˚C)-10˚F to 400˚F(-23˚C to 204˚C)Product Applications Operating RangeEZY-TURN ® #3Plug Valve SealantEZY-TURN ® #5Plug Valve SealantEZY-TURN ® #6Plug Valve SealantEZY-TURN ® #8Plug Valve SealantJET-LUBE SiliconeCompound D.M. TMSealant for natural gas and other hydrocarbon service. Recommended forpipeline applications.General purpose plug valve sealant for hydrocarbon service. Resistant againstaliphatic hydrocarbons.General purpose synthetic based sealant. Suitable for use to -30˚F.Heavy-duty sealant containing ground PTFE particles for use in applicationswhere additional sealing power is desired. Suitable for use on scored or wornplug valves, threads, stuffing boxes and valve stems.Silicone-based grease for water and steam applications in plug valves.Expanding Gate Type Valves in Oilfield Production Applications0˚F to 500˚F(-18˚C to 260˚C)0˚F to 400˚F(-18˚C to 204˚C)-30˚F to 500˚F(-35˚F to 260˚C)0˚F to 500˚F(-18˚C to 260˚C)-70˚F to 400˚F(-57˚C to 204˚C)Product Applications Operating RangeEZY-TURN ® #12SealantEZY-TURN ® #22SealantStandard “peanut butter’ sealant for use in expanding gate type valves.General purpose sealant specifically designed for expanding gate type valves.Resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons.0˚F to 250˚F(-18˚C to 121˚C)-50˚F to 300˚F(-46˚C to 149˚C)Penetrant, Rust and Varnish RemoverProduct Applications Operating RangeEZY-OPEN TMValve PenetrantInjectable PackingsHelps to remove rust, varnish and other foreign materials for hard to operate orinoperable valves. Product is injected through lubrication ports and allowed tothoroughly penetrate the valve.-10˚F to 400˚F(-23˚C to 204˚C)Product Applications Operating RangeEZY-PAK TM #100WhiteEZY-PAK TM #115GreenEZY-PAK TM #120BlackEZY-PAK TM #125Arctic SealantContains a high percentage of PTFE particles for maximum sealing power.Contains a blend of solid fillers designed for efficient packing of gate and ballvalve stuffing boxes.Economical packing for use in hydrocarbon service.For use in arctic conditions. Resistant to hydrocarbons.-0˚F to 550˚F(-18˚C to 288˚C)-80˚F to 550˚F(-62˚C to 288˚C)0˚F to 500˚F(-18˚C to 260˚C)-75˚F to 550˚F(-60˚C to 288˚C)Valve lubricant equipment, fittings and accessories including high pressure hydraulic and hand lever grease guns – see JET-LUBE Valve Catalog.24 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

AerosolsTERMINAL TMElectrical Contact CleanerProduct Code 60041769 LUBRICANT ®and PenetrantProduct Code 37341MAGIC WRENCH ®Super PenetrantProduct Code 39541TERMINAL TM• Penetrates• Nonflammable• Lead-Free• NSF Registered• ProlongsRope/Chain LifeFormulated to safelyclean electricalcomponents andequipment. Penetratesand removes grease,dirt, oil, organic soils,etc., and then totallyevaporates, leaving aresidue-free surface.Safe on rubber, metal,plastic, fabrics, paint.• Cleans• NSF RegisteredWRL TMWire Rope and Chain LubeProduct Code 34041WRL TMWLD TMWire Line DressingProduct Code 28541WLD TM• No Heating Required• Nonconductive• Long LastingQuickly penetratesto the wire rope coreor between pin androller bushing formaximum rope andchain lubrication.Forms a nondrying,non-tacky, flexibleouter film. Willnot flake, peel ordry out.• Stops Rust/Corrosion• Service Rated: 350˚F(175˚C)A highly tenacious,adhesive lubricantcontainingmolybdenumdisulfide (MoS 2 )andgraphite. Penetratesand protects wirerope, cable and chain.Will not run, drip, orbe thrown off movingchain. Penetrates tothe core.• PreventsRust/Corrosion• Service Rated: 300˚F(149˚C)Multi-purposepenetrant, lubricant,moisture displacing,corrosion preventative.Nonflammable,non-evaporative forsafe, extended results.Contains no siliconesor fluorocarbons. Nonconductiveformulawill not interfere withelectrical circuits. NSF769 LUBRICANT ® H-2 Registered.• Environmentally • NSF H-2 RegSafe• Non-evaporative• Nonflammable • MIL-C-23411 and• Nonconductive WP-216B VVPRENEW TMBelt DressingProduct Code 50941Eliminates problembelt slippage onround, flat andV-belts. Increasestraction whilepermitting decreasedbelt tension foradded belt life. USDAH-1 Authorized foruse with incidentalfood contact.• NSF H-2Registered• Penetrates FastRENEW TMTOP GUN TM• NSF (P-2) Reg. • Nondrying• Contains no Tri 1:1:1 • Water ResistantKOPR-KOTE ®Copper/GraphiteHigh Temp Anti-SeizeProduct Code 10041Premium copper,graphite, anti-seizeprotects metal partsfrom seizure, galling,rust, corrosion andheat-freeze. Metallizesunder pressure.Will not run, drip, orsettle out. Lowersfriction, reduceswrench torque.KOPR-KOTE ® P. A. LUBE TM• Copper/Graphite• Color - Bronze• Lead-Free• Exceeds MIL-PRF-907E• Service Rated:1800˚F (982˚C)MAGIC WRENCH ®• Instant Knockdown• Kills on Contact• Accurate Applications• White• Anti-seize qualitiesMAGIC WRENCH isa premium, syntheticproduct that may beused as a light machineoil, penetrating oil orrust preventative.Excellent for both foodgrade and non-foodgrade applications.• Ozone Safe• Non-evaporative• NonflammableTOP GUN TMWasp and Hornet KillerProduct Code 51541Kills wasps, hornets,yellow jackets and beeson contact. Instantknockdown with aneffective range of 15-20feet with JET-LUBE ®trigger nozzle. Dielectric,nonconductiveformulawith no breakdownto 35,000 volts.• Nonconductive• Indoor/OutdoorPITLESS ADAPTER LUBE TMProduct Code 71741Preservative designedto aid in installationof pitless adapters.NSF H-1registered. Corrosionpreventative containsanti-bacterial/anti-fungal additive.Available in 12 oz.aerosol cans.• Safe on all surfaces:Metal and rubber25 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

AerosolsGEAR GUARD TMOpen Gear LubricantProduct Code 17941CLEAN-UP TMDegreaser/Safety SolventProduct Code 61542Z-PLATE TMZinc-Rich GalvanizeProduct Code 60541TERMINAL TMProduces a thin, tough,durable film thatextends gear life,reduces wear, andwithstands highpressure and loads.Used to lubricateopen gears, fifthwheels, bushings, etc.Contains molybdenumdisulfide (MoS 2 )and graphite.CLEAN-UP TMA heavy duty,nonflammable,chlorinated solventthat rapidlydissolves oil, grease,paint, tar and grimeon contact leavinga clean, residue freefinished surface.29 KV DielectricStrength.Z-PLATE TMFights rust andcorrosion with galvanicaction equal to that ofhot-dip galvanizing.Economical and easilyapplied. Recommendedfor marine, mining,petrochemical,offshore structures,HVAC installations.• All Weather Formula• Won’t “Sling Off”• EPA Safe Disposal• Quick Drying• Service Rated: 300˚F(149˚C)• Nonflammable• Low Foaming• Penetrates Quickly• Acid, Alkali-Free• Leaves No Residue• NSF (K-1) Reg.• 95% Pure Zinc• NSF Registered• Ideal for FabricateMetal• Methylene ChlorideFree• MIL -PRF-26915AWHITE LITHIUM GREASEWith PTFEProduct Code 50341WHITE LITHIUM GREASE• White in Color• NLGI Grade 2• NSF RegisteredMulti-purpose lithiumgrease, includes PTFEfor increased lubricity.Provides lubrication,rust and corrosionprotection, superiorEP characteristics andresistance to water inone product. Idealfor metal-to-metallubrication.• Service Rated: 350˚F(175˚C)CLEAN-UP PLUS TMOrganic Solvent CleanerProduct Code 72542CLEAN-UP PLUS TM• 29 K DielectricStrength• NonflammableCLEAN-UP PLUS is aspecially formulated,high performanceblend of safe, organicsolvents designed toquickly dissolve andrinse away dirt,grease, grime, oil, tar,and wax while beingboth environmentallysafe and ozonefriendly.• Safe CO 2 Propellant• Light Orange OdorFOOD GRADE SILICONEIndustrial GradeProduct Code 50641FOOD GRADE SILICONE• Nontoxic• Safe on Plastic• Non-staining• Colorless/ OdorlessStops sticking,squeaking, andbinding of movingparts. USDA H-1Authorized for usewhere incidental foodcontact is possible inprocessing plants,dairies, bottlingoperations, etc. Notfor use on areas tobe painted.• Conforms to FDARegulationCFR 21-178.3570IncidentalFood ContactRUST-GUARD TMCorrosion InhibitorProduct Code 13241MARINE MOLY TMAerosol Lubrication PasteProduct Code 65041MOLY-MIST TMDry Film LubricantProduct Code 16041RUST-GUARD TMForms dry, waxy filmthat provideslong-term, outdoorprotection on allmetals and alloys forup to 24 months.Highly resistant towater, humidity andsalt spray. Easilyremoved withpetroleum solvents.MARINE MOLY TMMARINE MOLYAerosol Grade is aspecially formulatedmolybdenumdisulfide (MoS 2 )marine andindustrial lubricatingfluid that providesa low friction shield.Excellent running-inlubricant.MOLY-MIST TMInstantly bonds dryformmolybdenumdisulfide (MoS 2 ) tometal and othersurfaces withoutheating. Reducesfriction and torque;prevents galling,seizure, corrosion,etc. Ideal running-inlubricant.• Quick Drying• Durable Coating• StopsRust/Corrosion• Water Resistant• Reduces Friction• Water Resistant• Heat Resistant• EnvironmentallySafe• Lead-Free• Quick Drying• Highly Tenacious• Heat Stable• Inert to Water, Oil• Service Rated: 750˚F(399˚C)26 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Product Listing GuideProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageANTI-SEIZESKOPR-KOTE ® 10055 1/4 lb. BT 4,6(Industrial) 10002 1/2 lb. BT 4,610004 1 lb. BT 4,610007 2 lb. PT 4,610041 Aerosol 4,610091 1 Gal. 4,610092 2.5 Gal. 4,610093 5 Gal. 4,610024 15 Gal. 4,610029 50 Gal. 4,6SS-30 TM 12555 1/4 lb. BT 5,6Pure-Copper 12502 1/2 lb. BT 5,612504 1 lb. BT 5,612507 2 lb. PT 5,612523 1 Gal. 5,612524 5 Gal. 5,612529 50 Gal. 5,6550 ® 15555 1/4 lb. BT 5,6Non Metallic 15502 1/2 lb. BT 5,6Petrochemical 15504 1 lb. BT 5,6Grade 15507 2 lb. PT 5,615523 1 Gal. 5,615515 5 Gal. 5,615529 50 Gal. 5,6NUCLEAR 14902 1/2 lb.NON-METALLIC 14904 1 lb. 6NIKAL ® 13655 1/4 lb. BT 4,6Hi-Temp 13602 1/2 lb. BT 4,6Nickel 13604 1 lb. BT 4,613607 2 lb. PT 4,613623 1 Gal. 4,613613 2.5 Gal. 4,613615 5 Gal. 4,613629 50 Gal. 4,6NIKAL ® 13555 1/4 lb. BT 6Nuclear 13502 1/2 lb. BT 613504 1 lb. BT 6WHITE 16402 1/2 lb. BT 6KNIGHT TM 16404 1 lb. BT 6(Food Grade)MARINE- 09702 1/2 lb. BT 6KOPR TM 09704 1 lb. BT 6ZINC DUST 26203 2 lb PT 6PETROLATUMANTI-SEIZEMOLY 27002 1/2 lb BT 6PETROLATUMANTI-SEIZE 27003 1 LB 6THREAD SEALANTSV-2 ® 35555 1/4 pt. BT 1035502 1/2 pt. BT 1035504 1 pt. BT 1035507 1 qt. PT 1035523 1 Gal. 1035515 5 Gal. 1035524 15 Gal. 10TFW TM 24015 5 Gal. 1024024 15 Gal. 1024029 50 Gal. 10TF-25 TM 23502 1/2 lb. BT 1023504 1 lb. BT 1022523 1 Gal. 1023513 5 Gal. 10TF-15 ® 23023 1 Gal. 10EP GREASESEP BEARING 30350 14 oz. cart 7GREASE 30316 35 lb. 7(Lithium) 30324 120 lb. 730329 400 lb. 7CB-2 TM 31050 14 oz. cart 7(Lithium) 31005 1 lb. 731006 5 lb. 731016 35 lb. 731024 120 lb. 731029 400 lb. 7#202 33050 14 oz. cart 7MOLY-LITH TM 33005 1 lb. 7(Lithium) 33006 5 lb. 733016 35 lb. 733024 120 lb. 733029 400 lb. 7WLG 50350 14 oz. cart 7,17(Lithium) 50305 1 lb. 750341 Aerosol 750316 35 lb. 750324 120 lb. 750329 400 lb. 7JET-PLEX-EP TM 31750 14 oz. cart 7(Lithium 31705 1 lb. 7Complex) 31706 5 lb. 731716 35 lb. 731724 120 lb. 731729 400 lb. 7ALCO-EP TM 37050 14 oz. cart 8(Aluminum 37016 35 lb. 8Complex) 37024 120 lb. 837029 400 lb. 8ALCO-EP- 37750 14 oz. cart 873 Plus TM 37705 1 lb. 8(Aluminum 37706 5 lb. 8Complex) 37716 35 lb. 837724 120 lb. 837729 400 lb. 8ARCTIC TM 35050 14 oz. cart 9(Calcium) 35016 35 lb. 935024 120 lb. 935029 400 lb. 9AP-1 TM 31550 14 oz. cart 9(Bentone) 31505 1 lb. 931506 5 lb. 931516 35 lb. 931524 120 lb. 931529 400 lb. 9AP-1W TM 31650 14 oz. cart 9(Bentone) 31605 1 lb. 931606 5 lb. 931616 35 lb. 931624 120 lb. 931629 400 lb. 9AP-5 TM 25050 14 oz. cart 9(Bentone) 25005 1 lb. 925006 5 lb. 925016 35 lb. 925024 120 lb. 925029 400 lb. 927 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Product Listing GuideProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageEP GREASES con’tKILN 75150 14 oz. cart 8GREASE TM 75116 35 lb. 8(Aluminum 75124 120 lb. 8Complex) 75129 400 lb. 8TEMP- 31850 14 oz. cart 9GUARD TM 31805 1 lb. 931806 5 lb. 931816 35 lb. 931824 120 lb. 9SILICONE 73550 14 oz. cart 9GREASE 73505 1 lb. 9DM-3 73506 5 lb. 973516 35 lb. 973524 120 lb. 9FMG TM 30150 14 oz. cart 8(Aluminum 30116 35 lb. 8Complex) 30124 120 lb. 830129 400 lb. 8CC LUBE TM 70550 14 oz. cart 9(Aluminum 70516 35 lb. 9Complex) 70524 120 lb. 970529 400 lb. 9MARINE MP 63050 14 oz. cart 7#2 (Lithium) 63016 35 lb. 7MARINE 34516 35 lb. 20WIRE 34524 120 lb. 20ROPE &HAWSER 34529 400 lb. 20GREASE TM(Lithium)JET-LUBE 73850 14 oz 9No. 33 TM 73816 35 lb. 973824 120 lb. 973829 400 lb. 9PENETRANTS – COATINGS769 37341 Aerosol 12LUBRICANT ® 37343 Trigger 1227533 1 gal. 1227535 5 gal. 1227529 50 gal. 12RUST- 13241 Aerosol 12GUARD TM 13233 1 gal. 1213235 5 gal. 1213229 50 gal. 12Z-PLATE TM 60541 Aerosol 12,26MOLY-MIST TM 16041 Aerosol 12,2616015 5 gal. 1216025 15 gal. 12MAGIC 39541 Aerosol 16,25WRENCH ® 39533 1 gal. 16,2539535 5 gal. 16,25CLEANERSCLEAN-UP TM 61542 Aerosol 13,2661535 5 gal. 13CLEAN-UP 72542 Aerosol 13,26PLUS TMJET-LUBE 71043 Trigger 135000 TM 71033 1 gal. 1371020 50 gal. 13EASY CLEAN ® 30519 40 lb. 13RIG WASHSPECIALTY LUBRICANTSGEAR- 17941 Aerosol 11,26GUARD TM 17909 1 gal. 1117916 5 gal. 11WLD TM 28541 Aerosol 11,2528516 5 gal. 1128524 15 gal. 1128529 50 gal. 11WRL TM 34041 Aerosol 11,2534010 1 gal. 1134020 5 gal. 1134024 15 gal. 1134029 50 gal. 11MP-50 TM 28003 1 lb. 1128007 2 lb. 1128023 12 lb. 1128013 30 lb. 1128015 60 lb. 1128024 180 lb. 1128029 600 lb. 11TERMINAL TM 60041 Aerosol 12,25RENEW TM 50941 Aerosol 12,17,25RUBBER 52043 Trigger 12LUBRICANT 52033 1 gal. 12TOP GUN TM 51541 Aerosol 12,25OG-H TM 26050 Cont 11Heavy-Duty 26016 5 gal. 11Open Gear 26024 15 gal. 11Lubricant 26029 50 gal. 11HIGH PRESSURE SEALANTSPS92-50 57566 50 ml. 14,15PS92-250 57567 250 ml. 14,15PS67-50 57666 50 ml. 14,15PS67-250 57667 250 ml. 14,15HP45-50 57966 50 ml. 14,15KWIK FIX EPOXYRES3-01 58278 1 oz. 14,15CYANOACRYLATESEC100 58565 10 g. 14,15EC100-28 58578 1 oz. 14,15MC100 58778 1 oz. 14,15EC GEL-20 59071 20 gm. 14,15THREADLOCKERSTL22-250 55667 250 ml. 14,15TL22-50 55666 50 ml. 14,15TL42-10 55165 10 ml. 14,15TL42-50 55166 50 ml. 14,15TL42-250 55167 250 ml. 14,15TL71-250 55267 250 ml. 14,15TL71-50 55266 50 ml. 14,15TL77-50 55366 50 ml. 14,1528 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Product Listing GuideProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageTL77-250 55367 250 ml. 14,15TL90-250 55467 250 ml. 14,15TL90-50 55466 50 ml. 14,15TL72-50 55566 50 ml. 14,15TL72-250 55567 250 ml. 14,15RETAINING COMPOUNDSRT80-50 56266 50 ml. 14,15FOOD GRADE LUBRICANTS H-1TERMINAL TM See Specialty LubesJET-LUBE See Cleaners5000 TMCLEAN-UP See CleanersPLUS TMCLEAN-UP TM See CleanersMARINEMARINE 09702 1/2 lb. 20KOPR TM 09704 1 lb. 20WELL- 18572 1 pt. 22GUARD ® 18523 1 gal. 22RD-N TM 18033 1 gal. 2218035 5 gal. 2218031 50 gal. 22DOPE 03000 Tapper 22BRUSHES 03500 Bevel 22PITLESS 71741 Aerosol 22ADAPTERLUBEWHITE 16402 1/2 lb. 16KNIGHT TM 16404 1 lb. 16FMG TM 30150 14 oz. cart 1630116 35 lb. 1630124 120 lb. 1630129 400 lb. 16CC LUBE TM 70550 14 oz. cart 1670516 35 lb. 1670524 120 lb. 1670529 400 lb. 16FOOD 50641 Aerosol 16GRADESILICONEEMS TM 52543 Trigger 1652533 1 gal. 16MAGIC 39541 Aerosol 16,25WRENCH ® 39533 1 gal. 1639520 5 gal. 16FOOD GRADE LUBRICANTS H-2769 See PenetrantsLUBRICANT ®Z-PLATE TMWLGRENEW TMWRL TMSee CoatingsSee EP GreasesSee Specialty LubesSee Specialty LubesV-2 ® See Thread SealantsMARINE 65005 1 lb. 20MOLY TM 65041 Aerosol 20,26MARINE 63050 14 oz. cart 20MP TM #2 63016 35 lb. 2063029 400 lb. 20MARINE 34516 35 lb. 20WIRE ROPE 34524 120 lb. 20& HAWSER TM 34529 400 lb. 20MARINE 66010 1 gal. 20WRL TM 66020 5 gal. 2066024 15 gal. 2066029 50 gal. 20SHEEN- 33720 1 gal. 20FREE TM 33724 15 gal. 2033729 50 gal. 20WATER WELLKOPR- 10023 1 gal. 21KOTE ® 10012 2 gal. 2110015 5 gal. 2110024 15 gal. 2110029 50 gal. 21JET-LUBE 21 ® 10923 1 gal. 2110912 2 gal. 2110915 5 gal. 21JLS ® 11923 1 gal. 2111912 2 gal. 2111915 5 gal. 21MINING & CONSTRUCTIONJ-75 ® 24823 1 gal. 2124812 2 gal. 2124815 5 gal. 21J-89 TM 24423 1 gal. 2124412 2 gal. 2124415 5 gal. 21Z-50 TM 20413 2.5 gal. 2120415 5 gal. 21KOL’R- 26523 1 gal. 23KING ® 26513 2.5 gal. 23WLD TM 28541 Aerosol 11,2528516 35 lb. 1128524 120 lb. 1128529 400 lb. 11EP BEARING 30350 14 oz. cart 7GREASE 30316 35 lb. 7OILFIELD See Oilfield CatalogPRODUCTSVALVE See Valve CatalogPRODUCTS29 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

Product Listing GuideProductProductNumber ContainerCatalogPageAEROSOLS...KOPR-KOTE ® 10041 12 oz. 6, 21, 25GEAR-GUARD TM 17941 12 oz. 11, 26WLD TM 28541 12 oz. 11, 25WRL TM 34041 12 oz. 11,17, 25WHITE 50341 13 oz. 7, 17, 26LITHIUM769 37341 12 oz. 12, 16, 25LUBRICANT ®RUST- 13241 11 oz. 12,26GUARD TMZ-PLATE TM 60541 14 3 /4 oz. 12,16,26TERMINAL TM 60041 12 1 /2 oz. 12,17, 25RENEW TM 50941 12 oz. 12,17, 25MOLY-MIST TM 16041 12 oz. 12, 26TOP GUN TM 51541 14 oz. 12, 25CLEAN-UP TM 61542 18 oz. 13,17,22,26CLEAN-UP 72542 18 oz. 13,17,26PLUS TMFOOD 50641 12 oz. 26GRADESILICONEMAGIC 39541 13 oz. 25WRENCH ®MARINE 65041 12 oz. 20, 26MOLY TMPITLESS 71741 12 oz. 25ADAPTERLUBE30 | JETLUBE | Industrial Products

INTERNATIONALLOCATIONJET-LUBE OF CANADA LTD.3820-97 St.Edmonton, AlbertaCanada T6E 5S8Tel: 780/463-7441Fax: 780/463-7454E-mail: jetlube@planet.eon.netCORPORATE OFFICEJET-LUBE, INC.4849 Homestead RoadSuite 200 (77028)P.O. Box 21258Houston, TX 77226-1258Tel: 713/674-7617Fax: 713/678-4604Toll Free: 800/JET-LUBE800/538-5823E-Mail: sales@jetlube.comWebsite: www.jetlube.comINTERNATIONALLOCATIONJET-LUBE (UK) LTD.Jet-Lube HouseReform RoadMaidenheadBerkshire EnglandSL6 8BYTel: 44-1628-631913Fax: 44-1628-773138E-mail: LOCATIONS:TorontoMontrealWAREHOUSE LOCATIONS:Los AngelesChicagoClevelandSeattleCasperASSOCIATEIndustrial Supply Manufactures AssociationJET-LUBE ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTSBECAUSE WE CARE


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