June 2010 update Newsletter - Henderson County Public Schools

June 2010 update Newsletter - Henderson County Public Schools

June 2010 update Newsletter - Henderson County Public Schools

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HCPSWhere Tomorrow BeginsJune 2010update newsletterInside This Issuefrom Superintendent Stephen L. Page------1Jason Rhodes,2010-2011 HCPSTeacher of the Year-----------------------------1from Superintendent Stephen L. PageA Journey EndsMy sixth school year withHenderson County Public Schoolshas come and gone. End of yeartesting has been completed. Thelast meeting of the year with myparent advisory council, teacheradvisory council, and studentgovernment officers have all takenplace. Students have been honoredwith academic, athletic, military, and community awards.The new 2010-2011 Teachers of the Year have been selected.Our 2010 graduates are looking forward to their future. Therest of our students are looking forward to the summer andno school. Teachers, support staff, and administrators canbreathe a short sigh of relief that another successful year hasbeen completed. But it will be short because preparations arealready underway for another school year.I have said this many times, “Henderson County PublicSchools is an excellent school system.” It is a system wherechildren come first; where parents are involved in their child’seducation; where people give countless hours volunteering;where people care about each other; and where communitysupport abounds. Henderson County Public Schools has thebest teachers, support staff, and administrators to be foundanywhere. Be grateful and count your blessings for havingthese people serve your child.Jason Rhodes,2010-2011HendersonCounty PublicSchools TeacherOf The YearWest Henderson HighSchool English teacherand J.V. baseball coachJason Rhodes is the 2010-2011 Teacher of the Yearfor Henderson CountyPublic Schools. Rhodesalong with the Teachersof the Year for the other22 schools was honoredat a luncheon on May2010 Career & TechnicalEducation Scholars----------------------------22010 Top Scholars-----------------------------22010 North Carolina Scholars------------2, 32010 Marker Science Scholarship III-------3Special Recognitions--------------------------32010-2011 Teachers of the Year--------------4Historic Johnson Farm Museum &Heritage Education CenterSummer Programs----------------------------4This publicationis part of our Strategic Planto provide good communications.6. SunTrust Bank sponsors the luncheon each year to honor theTeacher of the Year nominees for Henderson County PublicSchools, and to recognize the valuable investment educatorsmake in the lives of children. As the system-wide Teacherof the Year, Mr. Rhodes was presented a plaque and $1,000by SunTrust to be used for his professional advancement.I am proud of the many accomplishments made by ourstudents and staff during the years I have served as yoursuperintendent. It has truly been the best six years of myprofessional career. It has been my privilege to work withthe educators, the children, the parents, and the community.Together we have built strong working relationships that Iknow will continue for years to come. It has to because thework we do is for the children.You have an excellent Board of Public Education who worksdiligently for your child. This group of individuals took theselection of a new superintendent very seriously. Their numberone goal was to find a leader who will put children first in alldecisions. I know, without a doubt, that the School Board’schoice of David L. Jones is the right one. He has served in manypositions during his 32 years with Henderson County Schools.He has tremendous credibility and is a man of integrity. Heknows and understands the operation of our school system,and is a strong advocate for teachers and students.I leave with the confidence that the Henderson County PublicSchools will continue to be an excellent system, and willcontinue to build on the legacy of success for children. I wishyou all the best.Superintendent Stephen L. Pagepresents HCPS Teacher of the YearJason Rhodes with a check fromSunTrust Bank.A teacher of five and a half years, Mr. Rhodes has spent four and ahalf of these teaching English/Broadcast at West Henderson HighSchool (January 2006 until the present). He has B.S. in Communicationsand a B.A. in English from Appalachian State University and a M.A.in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.While trying to find work as a broadcaster, he substituted atNorth Henderson High School. This was when he realized thathe wanted to be a teacher, that he could make a difference in thelife of a child. He works to ensure that for four months whena student is in his classroom, he/she has one for-sure safe andhappy place where an adult will smile at them and say hello.Henderson County Public Schools1www.henderson.k12.nc.us

2010 Career & Technical Education (CTE) ScholarsNinety-eight Career and Technical Education (CTE)Scholars were recognized during an award ceremony onMay 19. Guest speakers included Superintendent StephenL. Page; School Board Chairman Ervin W. Bazzle; andstudent speakers Hayden Hawkins (East Henderson High),Meredith Ward (Hendersonville High), Kyle Gonce (NorthHenderson High), and Jacob Turpin (West HendersonHigh). The high school principals presented certificates andcords to their students. Pam Johnson is the Director of theCareer and Technical program.A reception preceded the awards ceremony. Studentsof the Culinary Food Program at East Henderson High(Instructor Karol Farlow) and North Henderson High(Instructor Mollie Lytle) provided refreshments. Studentsof the Agricultural Education Programs at East Henderson(Horticulture I Class, Instructor Joyce Pruitt) and NorthHenderson (Horticulture I Class, Instructor Gary Blackwell)provided the centerpieces. The East Henderson High SchoolOrchestra, directed by Elizabeth Terry, provided musicduring the reception.The 2010 CTE Scholars are: Reema Abdellatif, Kati Alexander,Sarah Armstrong, April Ashe, Lauren Ballard, Caitlyn Barnwell,Ethan Beddingfield, Jessica Blake, Casey Blankenship, ZacharyBowling, Catherine Boyd, Rebekah Brandt, Joseph Brittain, KelseyBrooks, Patricia Cantrell, Alyssa Carland, Yuririana Conejo-Perez,Niall Courtney, Shane Courtney, Chyna Cox, Colby Creasman,Wesley Curry, Reese DeMaras, Nathan Evans, Courtney Fowler,Celisa Glenn, Kyle Gonce, William Green, Matthew Hara,Hayden Hawkins, Kimberley Hensley, Tori Haynes, NatalieCannon, Rostislav Gorovoy, Tami Hinson, Hannah Hipp, KendallHolcomb, Jonathan Holden, Tyler Honeycutt, Emily Hopkins,Holly House, Katie Huntley, Brandon Jones, Richard Justice,Stetson Kaufman, Lori King, Morgan Lancaster, Josh Laughter,Rachel Levitt, Rachel Lockett, Jessica Lott, Arlet Marin, PatrickMaurer, Dustin Maybin, Terran McCrary, Paige McKinley, ErikaMcMillion, Jacob Medd, Jessica Mentz, Joseph Messer, AndrewMetcalf, Gina Mirkovic, Nicholas Morales, Tyler Morgan, KelseyLami, Ariana Hill, Brandi McLeod, Emily Nelson, AllisonNorth, Brianna Owensby, Rebekah Parr, Daniel Parsons, GarrettPellman, Kristen Phillips, Sierra Pischel, Matthew Pohl, AlexisReese, Cameron Rogers, Leslie Runyan, Jessie Russell, BiancaSanchez, Elizabeth Scholtz, Kirby Shipman, Shaundi Sides, AshleeSims, Rocco Speranza, Daniel Sumner, David Swanzy, MichelleTerenzi, Santana Tovar, Jacob Turpin, Cody Wack, Meredith Ward,Brittany Waters, Austin Weaver, John Webb, Chelsey Wilkie, andSylvia Wolfe.The mission of Career-Technical Education is to empowerall students to be successful citizens, workers, and leadersin a global economy. Competency-based courses are offeredin eight program areas, with each area having school-based,work-based, or community-based learning opportunities.The program areas are: Agricultural Education, Business andInformation Technology Education, Career DevelopmentEducation, Family and Consumer Sciences Education,Health Occupations Education, Marketing Education,Technology Education, and Trade and Industrial Education.The graduation rate for Henderson County students whocompleted a CTE pathway in high school last year was 90.1percent, which was the highest CTE graduation rate of allNorth Carolina school systems this size.2010 Top ScholarsThe 2010 Top Scholars Banquet was held May20 at the Blue Ridge Community CollegeTechnology Education and DevelopmentConference Center. This was the sixth yearfor the banquet that recognizes academicexcellence. The Henderson County Boardof Public Education and Carolina First Banksponsored the event. The top 15 students fromeach of the four high schools were recognized.Parents, principals, senior counselors, theSchool Board, Central Office Administration,Carolina First Bank Officials, HendersonCounty Sheriff Rick Davis, HendersonvilleMayor Barbara Volk, and other officials attended the event. The 2010Wachovia North Carolina Principal of the Year, Ms. Jan King (Principal ofGlenn C. Marlow Elementary), was the guest speaker.Music for the evening was provided by Henderson County Public Schools’strings teachers Tiffany King, Margery Kowal, and Elizabeth Terry; stringsstudents John Bunck, Kelly Meinhold, Brooke Walker, and Maddy Welch;guest pianists John-Paul Kimbrough and Robert Kirby; guest guitaristKathryn Kilpatrick; and guest soloist Jaqueleen Allen. East HendersonHigh School’s Air Force JROTC and North Henderson High School’s KeyClub assisted with the program. LIFETOUCH National School Studios tookgroup photos of the Top Scholars. The Henderson County Public SchoolsChild Nutrition Department catered the buffet.East Henderson High School’s Top Scholars are: Ariana Caroline Alderman,Leilani Victoria Ayako Doi, Chelsea Lorraine Goodman, Miranda Nicole Johnson,Jennifer Lyn Linkous, Dustin Samuel Maybin, Sarah Marie McDonald, PaigeElizabeth McKinley, Endi Morava, Mason Eldridge Morris, Georgia Ann Paul,Sarah Lauren Pisano, Kristen Briana Revis, Skylar Reann Warren, and AnnaChristine Zehr. Hendersonville High School’s Top Scholars are: Eleanor M.Crane, Anthony Joseph Franco, Addie Lyzbeth-Moore Hancock, Leigh CarswellHuffman, Kathryn Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Elizabeth Maria Mason, Colin JamesMichels, Patrick Joseph Munchel, Olivia Ruth Palmer, Daniel Victor Parsons,Andrea Mitchelle Rivers, Mallori Lin Vesely, Benjamin Hartwell Walgenbach,Annie Beam Wells, and Kathryn Lloyd Wells. North Henderson HighSchool’s Top Scholars are: Jura Mikayla Allen, Natalie Paige Cannon, JeremyJoshua Hickman, Jessica Dawn Hubbard, Kelsey Paige Jones, Khadija Khan,Brandi Nichole King, Stephanie Michelle Knowles, Matthew Eugene Lancaster,Dakota Rickman Medd, Jacob Gerald Medd, Gopali Urmish Patel, Neerali BirenPatel, Shannon Marie Russell, and Sarah Barbara Zucca. West HendersonHigh School’s Top Scholars are: Andrew Scott Adams, Ashley LaShae Ball,Ryan James Duckett, Kelli Jo Havener, Carly Elisabeth Holland, Elizabeth AnnHuntley, Morgan Leigh Lancaster, Kyle Timothy Obermiller, Joy CatherineOwens, Braden Matthew Rimbault, Jacob Charles Riportella, Ashley Marie Roy,Colby Dillan Thelen, Jessica Anne Tobin, and Jacob Edward Turpin.2010 North Carolina Scholars RecognizedOne hundred thirty-six students were recognized as North CarolinaScholars at the 26 th Annual North Carolina Scholars Luncheon sponsoredby the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce. From East HendersonHigh: Ariana Alderman, April Ashe, Leah Beddingfield, Tarrah Bishop,Colton Brackett, Rebekah Brandt, Josie Case, Yurirana Conejo-Perez, KelcieCornett, Joseph Davis, Leilani Doi, Chelsa Goodman, Meghan Hall, TylerHarper, Hayden Hawkins, Tami Hinson, Katherine Holbert, Jonathan Holden,Chelsea Hyder, Miranda Johnson, Stetson Kaufman, Nathan Levi, JenniferLinkous, Dustin Maybin, Terran McCoy, Sarah McDonald, Paige McKinley,Endi Morava, Heather Morgan, Mason Morris, Daisy Nava, Kristen Pace,Sarah Pisano, Hope Quinn, Alexis Reese, Kristen Revis, Bianca Sanchez, KaylaShipman, Elizabeth Shogren, Rebecca Sides, Michael Stepp, Carol Ward, Skylarcontinued on page 3Henderson County Public Schools 2 www.henderson.k12.nc.us

2010 North Carolina Scholars Recognized continued from page 2 p 2010 North Carolina Teaching Fellow Recipients:Chelsea Goodman (East Henderson High); Sarah McDonald(East Henderson High); Georgia Ann Paul (East HendersonHigh); Nicholas Sullivan (Hendersonville High); TaylorBryson (West Henderson High); Elizabeth Huntley (WestHenderson High); and Kyle Keith (West Henderson High).Warren, Brittany Waters, and Anna Zehr. From Hendersonville High:Jacqueleen Allen, Eleanor Crane, Anthony Franco, Kathryn Kilpatrick, AddieHancock, Leigh Huffman, William Huntley, Elizabeth Mason, MirandaMcFalls, Brandi McLeod, Colin Michels, Patrick Munchel, Olivia Palmer,Daniel Parsons, Andrea Rivers, Rose Stroup, Nicholas Sullivan, MalloriVesely, Ben Walgenbach, Annie Wells, Katie Wells, Brooks Walz, andMeredith Ward. From North Henderson High: Juan Allen, BrittanyBarnwell, Natalie Cannon, Alisha Condrey, Hannah Duncan, DanielleGoodhue, Sarah Holder, Jessica Hubbard, Kelsey Jones, Brandi King,Stephanie Knowles, Matthew Lancaster, Dakota Medd, Jacob Medd, GinaMirkovic, Paulette Morales, Gopali Patel, Neerali Patel, Jose Quebrado-Cleto,Shannon Russell, Haley Wall, Chelsey Alexander-Wilkie, and Sarah Zucca.From West Henderson High: Andrew Adams, Sarah Armstrong, AshleyBall, Taylor Bryson, Alyssa Carland, Katelyn Carpenter, Amie Cloer, CoreyCloud, Michael Chandler Coleman, Niall Courtney, Shane Courtney, RyanDuckett, Shannon Fennimore, Meredith Foster, Kimberly Freeman, CelissaGlenn, Kelli Jo Havener, Carly Holland, Bethany Humberg, John Kyle Keith,Lori King, Summer Kremer, Morgan Lancaster, Weston Landreth, PatrickMaurer, Matthew McMullen, Shelley Miller, Leah Moss, Erica Nix, KyleObermiller, Nora Ortiz, Joy Owns, Rebekah Parr, Kaylan Proctor, BrandonRimbault, Dustin Roush, Ashley Roy, Erica Shives, Olivia Springer, ColbyThelen, Susan Elizabeth Thompson, Melissa Vincent, and Madeline Welsh.2010 Marker Science Scholarship III Awarded to Jacob MeddJacob Medd, a graduatingsenior at North HendersonHigh, was awarded the 2010Marker Science Scholarship III.He will attend the Universityof North Carolina at Charlottethis fall and study ComputerScience. The scholarship willpay for tuition, room, board,and related educational costssuch as textbooks for the nextfour years as he pursues hisBachelor of Science degree. Jacob is the third Henderson County PublicSchools’ student to receive the Marker Scholarship given by Curt andSue Marker. The Henderson County Education Foundation managesthe Marker Scholarship funds.Jacob is in the top 15 of his graduating class. He is a member of theNational Honor Society and Key Club. He is active in SkillsUSA andplaced 8 th in Technical Drafting at the SkillsUSA Nationals in June 2009.Special Recognitionsp Benjamin Pruitt, a fourth grader at Mills River Elementary, is theNorth Carolina winner for Level I (Grades 4-6) in the Letters AboutLiterature 2010 contest. He wrote to Lynne Jonell, the author of Emmyand the Incredible Shrinking Rat. His letter will go on to compete atthe national level.p The 2010 Governor’s School East (located on the campus of MeredithCollege in Raleigh) attendees are: Katelyn Allen (Hendersonville High)– French; Katherine Chelena (Hendersonville High) – Drama; TrestanPeck (Hendersonville High) – Instrumental Music/Trumpet; and SarahHinshaw (West Henderson High) – Natural Science.p The 2010 Governor’s School West (located on the campus of SalemCollege in Winston-Salem) attendees are: Jacob Radford (East HendersonHigh) – Math; Kathryn O’Shea (West Henderson High) – Drama; andJoshua Wentzel (West Henderson High) – Social Science.p Sarah Pisano, a senior at East Henderson High, wasawarded the Erskine College Presidential Scholarship forthe Fall of 2010. This scholarship, valued at approximately$150,000, includes tuition, room, board, and fees, as well asa study abroad travel stipend.p Hendersonville High student Scott Ashcraft wasselected to participate in the North Carolina All StateHonors Band. He was the only student selected from HCPS.p The North Henderson High School Band wonOutstanding Overall Musical Ensemble at the HeritageMusic Festival in Williamsburg, Virginia. The band alsowon best overall group regardless of class; took home 4 outof 7 of the outstanding individual musician awards; andwon the opportunity to play next year in Symphony Hall inChicago. Steve Sigmon is the Band Director.p North Henderson High School AFJROTC UnitNC-20065 earned the Distinguished Unit Award for theAcademic Year 2009-2010. Lieutenant Colonel James Grigsbyis the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor of the unit. MSgt.Rich Trull is the Assistant Aerospace Science Instructor.p East Henderson High School AFJROTC Unit NC-934earned the Distinguished Unit Award for the AcademicYear 2009-2010. Lieutenant Colonel Rod Clark is the SeniorAerospace Science Instructor. MSgt. Michael Jensen isthe Assistant Aerospace Science Instructor. This is the 8 thconsecutive year the East High Unit has received this award.p MSgt. Michael W. Jensen, USAF, Retired, of EastHenderson High, was awarded an Air Force Junior ROTC“Outstanding Instructor Award” for the Academic Year2009-2010 by the Air Education and Training Command’sAir Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.p HCPS 2010 Counselors of the Year: Gloria Anderson(Upward Elementary)––Elementary School Level; BrendaTitus (Apple Valley Middle)––Middle School Level; andAnnabelle Hurd (Hendersonville High)––High School Level.p Hailey Cook, Hendersonville High, is the NCHSAA 1AShot Put State Champion with a throw of 38’ 10”.p Hailey Cook, Hendersonville High, is the NCHSAA 1ADiscus State Champion with a throw of 109’ 9”.p Hendersonville High students: Nick Knable, BrayanAguirre, Zac Stephens, and Thomas O’Connell are theNCHSAA 1A 4x800 Relay State Champions with a timeof 8:19.12.p Hendersonville High students: Tristan Endaya, CameronHill, Lucus Freeman, and Daniel Orr are the NCHSAA 1A4x200 Relay State Champions with a time of 1:29.64.First day of 2010-2011 school year for students:Flex Schedule – July 9Traditional Schedule – August 25Henderson County Public Schools 3 www.henderson.k12.nc.us

2010-2011 Teachers of the YearMandy DaltonApple Valley MiddleLisa ArsenaultAtkinson ElementaryAlice SolomonBalfour Education CenterJen ReedBruce Drysdale ElementaryAnna HollowayClear Creek ElementaryKathy BlackwellDana ElementaryKristen KelleyEast Henderson HighAdam DuncanEdneyville ElementaryDonna RobertsEtowah ElementaryJacqueline RaffaFlat Rock MiddleDoyle ChambersFletcher ElementaryCara VaughnGlenn Marlow ElementaryTom SavageEarly College High SchoolKim FisherHendersonville ElementaryScott MooreHendersonville HighDebra LanningHendersonville MiddleDebra LanierHillandale ElementaryEllen AllmondMills River ElementaryRachel WillinghamNorth Henderson HighSuzanne MeadowsRugby MiddleIsaac WellsSugarloaf ElementaryDena WolfeUpward Elementary“My skills are working with high school students. My workplaceand job allow me many opportunities to serve. In addition toworking extended hours tutoring and coaching baseball at WestHigh, I serve at school through a program called Steppin’ Up.This is a summer transition program for incoming freshmenthat I started with two other teachers. I spend many hourssupporting kids at West and believe this helps build a strongcommunity.” --2010-2011 HCPS Teacher of the Year Jason RhodesJason RhodesWest Henderson HighHistoric Johnson Farm Museum and Heritage Education Center Summer Programs.Call 891-6585 for details.“Children’s Art Workshop” – June 22-24 from 9:30–11:30 am. For rising 3 rd –5 th graders. Cost is $40. Registration required.“Grand and Me: A Hands-on History Tour with Animal Feeding” – July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. 10:30 am –Noon.“Teddy Bear Tea Party” – July 7 from 10:30 am –12 Noon. Adults $5.“Lego Blast” – July 24 from 10 am-Noon (Registration Required) For rising 1 st -4 th graders and 5 th graders -older. Students $5.5 th Annual “Storytelling at the Farm” – August 4 beginning at 10: 30 am. $8 per family, $4 per individual.Henderson County Public Schools www.henderson.k12.nc.us4

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