pricing of international banking - CIC
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pricing of international banking - CIC

TERMS AND CONDITIONSCORRESPONDENT BANKS1 st of August 2011This edition cancels and supersedes any previous editions.Crédit Industriel et Commercial6, avenue de Provence75009 PARIS FranceBank RelationsTel : + 33 1 45 96 94 11Fax : + 33 1 45 96 94 15E-Mail: cic-international@cic.frShare Capital: Eur 608 439 888Trade Register: RCS Paris B 542 016 381Swift Code: CMCIFRPPhttp://www.cic.frBanque Fédérative du Crédit Mutuel34, rue du Wacken67000 STRASBOURG FranceTel : + 33 3 88 14 64 59Fax : + 33 3 88 14 70 90E-Mail: cminternational@cmcee.creditmutuel.frShare Capital: Eur 1 302 192 250Trade Register: RCS Strasbourg B 335 801 929Swift Code: CMCIFRPAhttp://www.bfcm.creditmutuel.frProcessing Centres:Paris- Cergy-Pontoisec/o Crédit Industriel et Commercial3, allée de l’Etoile95091 CERGY-PONTOISE cedex FranceLillec/o CIC Nord Ouest33 avenue Le Corbusier59000 LILLE FranceLa Roche sur Yonc/o Caisse Fédérale du Crédit Mutuel Océan34 rue Léandre Merlet85001 LA ROCHE SUR YON FranceLyonCM-CIC Services14 rue Gorge de Loup69009 LYON FranceNantesc/o CIC Ouest2, rue Jean-Claude Bonduelle44040 NANTES cedex 1 FranceStrasbourgc/o Caisse Fédérale du Crédit Mutuel CEE34, rue du Wacken67913 STRASBOURG cedex 9 France1

CM-CIC BanksSWIFT CODEBanque Fédérative du Crédit Mutuel:- 6 avenue de Provence, 75009 PARIS- 34 rue du Wacken, 67000 STRASBOURGVat Registration Number: FR48355801929Banque de l’Economie du Commerce et de la Monétique:34 rue du Wacken, 67000 StrasbourgVat Registration Number: FR48379522600Crédit Mutuel: all branchesCMCIFRPACMCIFRPACMCIFR2ACrédit Industriel et Commercial:6 avenue de Provence, 75009 PARISVat Registration Number: FR34542016381CIC Banque Transatlantique:26 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 75008 PARISVat Registration Number: FR13302695937CIC Est:31 rue Jean Wenger Valentin, 67000 STRASBOURGVat Registration Number: FR04754800712CIC Lyonnaise de Banque:8 rue de la République, 69001 LYONVat Registration Number: FR35954507976CIC Nord Ouest:33 avenue Le Corbusier, 59000 LILLEVat Registration Number: FR79455502096CIC Ouest:2 rue Jean-Claude Bonduelle, 44000 NANTESVat Registration Number: FR50855801072CIC Sud Ouest:42 cours du Chapeau Rouge, 33000 BORDEAUXVat Registration Number: FR20456204809CIC Iberbanco:8 rue d’Anjou, 75008 PARISVat Registration Number: FR763841221232CMCIFRPPCMCIFRPPCMCIFRPPCMCIFRPPCMCIFRPPCMCIFRPPCMCIFRPPCMCIFRPP


___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I - ACCOUNT SERVICESA. Account Maintenance Subject to arrangementB. Reporting• MT 950Free• Paper based interest statementsFree• Paper based account statementsFree• MT 940Subject to arrangement• E-reporting FILBANQUE/CYBERMUTEUR 25 per monthC. Investigations : enquiries (on posted entries or on payments received via a European Payment System)• Up to 5 daysFree• Between 5 days and 2 months after entry date EUR 40• Between 2 and 6 months after entry date EUR 60• More than 6 months after entry dateSubject to arrangement on real cost basismini EUR 150___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________II - PAYMENT OF DRAFTSA. Drawn on CM-CIC in France• In EUR (service provided under specific agreement)− Mandatory control with reception of MT110- non encoded cheques EUR 7- encoded cheques EUR 1B. Stop Payments EUR 40___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________III - PAYMENTS• All EUR instructions must be received before 12:00 CET for same day processingA. Interbank Transfers (MT 20x) Subject to arrangementB. Customer Transfers (MT 103, MT 103 +)B.1. For orders with particular instructions (For example: request for receipt, phone advice ...)Additional fee EUR 30B.2. For payments made by chequeFee charged to ordering bank EUR 30Fee charged to beneficiary EUR 304

B.3. PSD eligible payments ()1. EU Regulated Payments according to Regulation CE 924/2009 (up to € 50,000.00)CM CIC Banking Group's customersThird Bank's customersSHA BEN OUR SHA BEN OURFree for thesending bankand the beneficiary€ 3 € 5will be processed aspayment received withSHA optionSTP€ 5NSTP € 10 NSTP 13 NSTP € 15NSTP€ 7 with BBAN€ 20 without BBAN2. Other payments (in € and foreign currencies )CM CIC Banking Group's customersThird Bank's customersSHA BEN OUR SHA BEN OURFree for thesending bank€ 10 € 10will be processed aspayment received withSHA optionSTP€ 15(subject to arrangement)NSTP € 10 NSTP € 20 NSTP € 20NSTP€ 20 with BBAN€ 30 without BBAN if Countries AT: Austria, BE: Belgium, BG: Bulgaria, CY: Cyprus, CZ: Czech Republic, DE: Germany, DK: Denmark,EE: Estonia, ES: Spain, FI: Finland, FR: France, GR: Greece, HU: Hungary, IE: Ireland, IS: Iceland, IT: Italy,LI: Liechtenstein, LT: Lithuania, LU: Luxembourg, LV: Latvia, MT: Malta, NL: Netherlands, NO: Norway, PL: Poland,PT: Portugal, RO: Romania, SE: Sweden, SI: Slovenia, SK: Slovakia, UK: United Kingdomand if Currencies: BGN, CHF (Liechtenstein), CZK, DKK, EEK, EUR, GBP, HUF, ISK, LTL, LVL, NOK, PLN, RON, SEKfees are subject to arrangementB.4. Non PSD eligible paymentsCM CIC Banking Group's customersThird Bank's customersSHA BEN OUR SHA BEN OURBenededuct € 10 Benededuct STP€ 15NSTP € 20NSTP€ 20 with BBAN€ 30 without BBANOUR fees are subject to arrangementFor transfers up to EUR 50, fees are limited to 40 % of the payment order with a maximumof EUR 10 if BBAN is present, or EUR 20 if BBAN is incorrect, missing or incompleteApplicable to all payments: payment could be automatically rejected if there is no agreement oraccount with CM-CIC or in case of unpaid invoices.5

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________VI - DOCUMENTARY CREDITSFor CIC Group: documentary credits must be sent to CMCIFRPPFor Crédit Mutuel: documentary credits must be sent to CMCIFRPAA. Notification of opening of documentary credit, andstandby letter of credit 1 ‰ mini EUR 90B. Confirmation of documentary credit• For 3 months or part thereofSubject to special agreementC. Amendment of unexpired credit• Except in cases of increase of amount, confirmationor extension of a confirmed credit going beyond theperiod covered by the original fee EUR 95D. Taking up of documents• For each time documents are taken up 1,5 ‰ mini EUR 125E. Acceptance or undertaking to pay on a deferred basis• Charged in addition to taking up feeSubject to special agreementVII - GUARANTEES• For simple transmission EUR 110• With our guaranteeAs per agreementVIII - REIMBURSEMENT TO A THIRD BANK• At its request, for its payments made accordingto previous instructions received from the issuingbank, whether the reimbursement is related toutilization of a documentary credit or not EUR 110• Fee charged to the principal in the event of non utilization EUR 65IX - MISCELLANEOUS COMMUNICATIONS• Communication of accounting information for the auditingof accounts EUR 170• Confirmation of balances of accounts on specific request EUR 28• Interest statements other than usual issuance EUR 50X - OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES• To all our terms and conditions must be added, where appropriate,taxes, postage or cost of Telecommunications and all disbursementsresulting from the services of our correspondentsXI – OTHER SERVICESAs per agreementThe Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________7

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